Grey's Anatomy Recap: Unfinished Business

Grey's Anatomy Season 10 Burke ReturnsAll week, Grey’s Anatomy has been teasing us with promos in which Burke tells Cristina, “I want you.” But what does he want her for? A rekindled romance? A new working relationship? A spirited squash match? Since the title of this episode is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” I’m gonna go out on a limb and suggest that option A is off the table. But am I right? Read on, and we’ll find out together.

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FOREIGN INTRIGUE | As the hour begins, Richard calls a board meeting – minus Jackson – at which he encourages Cristina to appeal her Harper Avery loss, lest Grey Sloan continue to lose top talent and research money. Concerned about being further publicly humiliated, she instead accepts an offer to speak about her conduit trials in Zurich. And who should appear during her presentation but… Burke, who, unbeknownst to her until just then, was behind the invitation. But that’s far from the biggest shock that’s in store for Cristina. Burke doesn’t merely work at the hospital they’re in – thanks to a private donor, it’s freakin’ his! He doesn’t even need government funding! And, to put it mildly, the place is amazing. Like, so amazing that it makes Grey Sloan look like Briarcliff. It has 49 printers and a hologram-maker, for Pete’s sake. In other words, it’s the perfect place for Cristina to take her research to the next level and print a beating heart. Still, she’s reluctant to accept Burke’s offer to jump ship and make her dream a reality. It’s a ploy, she suspects, to get her back in his life. But she’s wrong. Burke’s now married with children, and so devotedly so that he never says the “I want you” line that we hear in the promo. (In fact, unless my ears deceive me – and correct me if I’m wrong – all he ever says is, “I don’t want you.” Neat trick, ABC Editing Department!) After trying desperately to reach Mer – and failing to do so – Cristina decides on her own to turn down the job. “I never wanted to work for you,” she says. “I wanted to be you.” And that’s when we get the biggest twist of all. Burke doesn’t want to work with Cristina, either. If he did, he says, the way he loved her, it would ruin his marriage. “I want you to take over for me,” he explains. “I’m leaving.” Cristina’s priceless response: “You’re offering me your hospital like you’re Willy Wonka and you’re handing me a chocolate factory?” It’s too good to be true. And yet… it is true. So, when Mer picks her up at the airport, she doesn’t have to say anything. Her person just looks at her and knows: “You’re leaving.”

MEANWHILE, BACK AT THE RANCH… | While all of this is going on, back in Seattle, Callie reveals to Derek that she’s taken their research in a new direction that eliminates the need for his sensors. She also notes that, as he and Amy prepare to separate conjoined twins who share gray matter, he treats his sister “like the village idiot.” Which, along the way, he realizes she is not. So, newly enlightened, he recommends that she take his place working with Callie. “But I don’t live here,” Amy points out (I’m paraphrasing). “Maybe you should,” he suggests (again paraphrasing).

IN A NUTSHELL | When the residents aren’t worrying about which of them is going to get the ax – or would that be the scalpel? – Stephanie deduces what Bubble Boy’s parents still don’t: that he’s recovering (and quickly!) because Bailey defied their orders and administered her experimental treatment. Without Alex around to bail her out, Jo makes a big mistake that lands her in hot water with Owen. Leah is – why, God? Why?! – put in charge of the drill during the delicate conjoined-twin separation and somehow doesn’t screw it up. During a dust-up with Jackson over the award debacle, Richard calls the hospital’s affiliation with the Harper Avery Foundation “a doomed marriage” – a term that hits a little too close to home for April, who overhears. But later, after she defends her husband to Richard, Jackson tracks her down in the chapel and sweetly reveals that he’ll be going to church with her and Baby Avery every Sunday – provided, of course, that they can get waffles afterwards.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Was Burke’s return all you hoped it would be? Are you satisfied with the way Cristina will be leaving? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sam says:

    I wanted more. Goddamn Isaiah Washington and his homophobia, Burke was by far the best love interest Cristina had.

    • Kath says:

      True this.

      • Stacie says:

        He was. But maybe that’s because it was only 3 seasons of them together and not all this back and forth nonsense that has been going on with Owen since they first got together. It was getting ridiculous with Owen, they were together and not together and married, not married then friends with benefits. It was enough. With Cristina and Burke it had a certain trajectory and kept moving forward until it ended. Who knows what would have been of that relationship if Isiah Washington wasn’t fired from the show, but that relationship being done in a finite matter makes it look a lot better than the mess that became of Cristina and Owen.

        • Lauren says:

          Agree! I HATE Christina and Owen at this point. It’s ridiculous.

          • jen says:

            i was rolling my eyes at the promo for next week, really feels like they are beating a dead horse right now with that relationship

          • sharialynn says:

            Hey People help me out. But didn’t Christina marry Owen to feel “normal” again after something had happened. What was it?? I’m I totally off here?? I remember Derrick was locked up and couldn’t be at their wedding.

          • jenna says:

            pretty sure it was after derek was shot and cristina had to perform his surgery (s6 finale)

        • Ugonna Wosu says:

          disagree. Crowen and all their messiness still looks a lot better than the horrid relationship Burktina were becoming.

    • chris says:

      I second this! This episode made me feel quite nostalgic. Grey’s was so good in its earlier seasons. :(

      • sharialynn says:

        I love them on screen together. Thanks to video streaming I treated myself this weekend to reruns. If i were the type that cries at the movies i think i would have teared up when Burke walked in saw Christina dancing and joined in. But i degress, I think they just click. Still, I’m proud that Christina won’t be working under him, that she will be shinning all on her own. I think it’s a perfect and respectful departure. I wonder ifTeddy could come back and take her place. Remind me, is she in the army??

    • Annie says:

      Oh God, no. Just – no. This was PERFECTION. I am SO happy they didn’t put them back in a romantic scenario but kept it all about the work, while still allowing her a chance to reclaim her power. And I adore the way they’re setting up her exit – out of all the characters, she’s the one I want most to go off somewhere fabulous and just be awesome.

    • Larc says:

      After he walked out on her at the altar, Christina would have to be a total idiot to get involved with Burke again. And idiot is one thing that Christina decidedly is not.

      • Ninna says:

        I don’t know, She accepted that Owen moron back after everything he did to her. Well, it was her deepest low…what can I say! In general she’s a smart girl.

      • Sam says:

        Realistically, they’re both at different points of their lives 7 years on and problems they had before could have been worked on. C’est la vie.

    • Some chick says:

      If this episode proved anything it is that Isiah Washington can’t act.

    • carrinebchaud says:

      yup, that exchange “are you done?” “no” followed by 15 seconds of silence wow!

    • Rose says:

      Isaiah Washington was not homophobic. He used the word the way some men do as a synonym for “wimp” and he directed that word at Patrick Dempsey, NOT T.R. Knight. He was so unaware of the level of offense the word generates that he used it on camera in an interview. “I never called T.R. a f****t”.

      • brycealexander says:

        This is the weakest argument for something not being homophobic ever. The f-word and “wimp” are not interchangeable ever. My fellow gay men are not wimpy; they are strong in the face of all transgressions, however small or large.

  2. Ren says:

    I wasn’t sure how I would feel about Burke’s return, but I found that to be kind of exactly what I wanted when I didn’t even know I wanted it.

    • TvPeong says:

      I agree. He built her a hospital. Awwwww

      • Josh says:

        See I hate that. I want to see Cristina build her own hospital not be gifted one by her ex. Once again Shonda says “Behind every successful woman, is a man she can’t live or succeed or breath without”

        • Ashley says:

          I didn’t see it like that at all. Burke giving Cristina the hospital certainly wasn’t a “gift”, it was a sign that she had finally become Burke’s equal and with this hospital Cristina has the chance to “build” it even further and surpass him. I really think in terms of endings for her character this is a fitting one.

          • Perfectly, and well said. That is exactly how I felt and agree 100%. Perfect ending for them!

          • Mike says:

            Josh vs Ashley.
            Man vs Woman
            This is a man’s world
            But it would be nothing, nothing
            Without a women or a girl.
            Sorry, I’m singing.

          • Josh says:

            I don’t know. I see your point. Maybe I’m just sore about what happened to Olivia. She’s lost everything that made her who she was. Now she’s just waiting for the day that Fitz could build her a house and she can make jam while he goes to work. Yes, she built herself into this superwoman to give it all up for jam and Fitz.

            So when I think “here have a building” just brings me back to Scandal and the shell of Olivia Pope.

          • Andrew Hass says:

            I agree.In a way it might have been Burke’s way of challenging Christina to run the hospital even better than he did.I think this a great exit for Christina and leaves the door open for her tor return one day.

        • Isaac says:

          When has Shonda ever said/implied that? I’m pretty sure she’s very of the “You don’t need a man to be successful” mentality.

        • H.Houston says:

          You totally missed it. He wasn’t giving Cristina a hospital because she needed a man to give her something. He gave Cristina a hospital as his ultimate act of love for her. He even said it in the episode… that the way that he loved her would destroy his marriage. He never got over Cristina, he settled on someone else because he knew that she would never be the wife he wanted even though she will always be the woman he wants.

          • Phi says:


          • neha says:

            I don’t think he ever said that he settled. He said that his wife was the “love of his life”. I think that the love that he had with Cristina was all-consming, and therefore, would never have allowed him to be the doctor that he wanted to be. But, that doesn’t mean that he loves his wife any less; it just means that the love is different.

          • joe says:

            burke said that his relationship with cristina was all consuming, at seattle grace their personal life was just as much their professional life since they were both in cardio, both had an intense drive and had a deep trust that no other pairing has since had (she was literally his hand). Burke obviously loves his wife but cristina is his equal and I don’t think he would be able to clearly define their personal/professional relationship since it was one and the same in the past

          • mary says:

            joe thats an excellent way to put it, and gives more depth to some of his more immature behavior in earlier seasons e.g. withholding surgeries

      • Babar says:

        He didn’t build her a hospital, he handed his hospital over to her. There’s a difference.

        • Alex says:

          Yeah,handing the hospital over to her is worse! God forbid that Cristina is capable of building her own hospital or getting one as a gift from someone other than her ex.

    • Rook says:

      I know I’m in the minority but I was never a fan of Burke even before Washington’s “scandal”. I found the episode great closure for Cristina.

      • Ben says:

        Washington’s “Scandal” – my goodness, your comment had me confused about which Shonda show we were discussing for a second…

      • Annie says:

        Agreed, Rook. Completely. They let her reassert her own strength, closed off that open loop, and set up her dream-job exit quite adeptly. I really enjoyed last night’s episode, and I haven’t felt that in quite awhile with Grey’s.

      • Ugonna Wosu says:


    • Julie says:

      I’m just glad it looks like they’re not getting back together. I am sad she’ll be so far away from Mer. I knew she was leaving but at least thought her character would remain on the same continent. It’s like Emily on Criminal Minds all over again.

    • AprilD says:

      Exactly this. Perfect. I like that he had moved on and had a life and was happy with it and wanted to move on with it. I loved that he thought so much of Cristina to have her take his place. I EVEN loved the added confessions from him that he loved her so consumingly that he’d fall in love with her again if they worked together and he didn’t want that. Just as I suspect that’s why she wouldn’t want to work with him again too. Too much temptation there to fall into old patterns. I loved the episode. And yes, watching the S3 finale before with so much nostalgia. Callie when she was still weird & twitchy, GEORGE! IZZIE! Addison. Rebecca/Ava! Sloan and the intro of Lexie. *Sigh*

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        actually, she told us why she wouldn’t want to work for him. You’re overly romanticizing it. The days of being his student and his inferior are over for her. She’s ready to be on top. To be the best. She’s tired of his “dangled carrots”.

  3. Tony says:

    -The spark was still there


    -This episode made me realize what Greys has been missing since Addison, Burke and Sloan have been gone: More older, very distinguished doctors/characters.

    • Kath says:

      I guess we needed that juxtaposition of s3 against s10. Vintage!Grey’s was better by far.

    • Mary says:

      I felt the same way. Which is why I appreciate episodes when they have brought in distinguished doctors that can still teach our main characters something. Seeing them humble make them more human.

    • jenna says:

      my thoughts exactly! The chemistry between isaiah and sandra is fantastic, wish we got to see more. On a side note is anyone else bothered by how everyone seems to suddenly have advanced degrees in biomedical engineering

      • winfield says:

        Refresh my memory here…how many degrees does Cristina have?

        • joe says:

          she has a phd and an MD however i think jenna is referring to to the research everyone seems to be doing (burke, cristina, callie) which would require advanced engineering degrees.The one that really bothers me is bailey, there is no way she would have the lab experience or education to be doing the type of research she is (trying) to do, its COMPLETELY out of her field

          • Scotty_Dog says:

            I am so glad you said that about Bailey! Its doing my head in – as somebody who works in a lab i can say that Bailey would never ever be qualified or suddenly able to do that! Its been annoying me since last season! Other points: gonna miss Mer and Cristina’s friendship so much, Derek’s sister is kinda annoying the whole woe is me thing she has going on – i get she had problems with addiction (I never watched Private Practice) but no successful surgeon in their 30s would care so much about what her brother thinks of her! Hoping April and Jackson are now over their issues for now – I liked the baby names business but I feel like Callie will find out next week she can’t have another baby so they won’t bother trying with Arizona instead. I am kinda liking the residents now (as a group i mean Stephanie still kinda bores me brings nothing to the table!) I hope Shane is the one fired and Leah leaves on her own account (we all know they are leaving!). I kinda hope Grey’s next season backs off from the research. I dont care about it that much. I get the doctors want to be the best they can but its all a bit much!

      • B says:

        agree! medical shows were a lot more fun when I couldn’t catch all the inaccuracies. What bothered me was that burke’s billion dollar investment wouldn’t go as far as the show made it seem. Don’t see why a number value was even added when its going to be an unrealistic one

        • Wilma says:

          All of Shonda’s shows are like that. Don’t you remember when Izzie was having sex with a ghost because she had a brain tumor. When fans complained Shonda said…just wait and it will all make sense. How disappointing for her that none of it did and she was widely criticized by fans and the medical profession. This show is the fantasyland version of reality. Over the top and ridiculous.

    • Tav says:

      Agreed, Burke (in particular) always had a sort of gravitas that made you believe he was a doctor and elevated the show/material to something more substantial. With only Webber, Bailey and Shepherd left to carry that mantle the show sorely needs some more Addison/Burke/Sloan-types in the mix.

  4. sladewilson says:

    The Spark was still there and it was an AWESOME episode. Perfect in so many ways. Everything was addressed and bought into play and left with that true sense of who these two people were and are…. Oh man, say what you want, I would love for Isaiah Washington to return for a couple of episodes and meet up with a couple of the old crew…

  5. Tony says:

    I also kind of speculated Shonda was gonna throw in a family for Burke. Which is why I was surprised when a little part of me was saddened when he turned those picture frames around

  6. Babygate says:

    I never liked Burke and I hate that this episode actually made me admire him. Its a very poetic end to Cristina’s journey to have her take over his work and take it to the next level. She will finally become what she wanted to all along. I enjoyed this episode so much I wont even complain about the brief screen time my faves had. Nicely done.

  7. Afan says:

    More!!!!! Seriously, those actors’ chemistry was like they only had a season apart. I cheered I did get a little misty. Can we please have main character leave riding happily into the sunset (available to return when the show ends). LOL.

    • Elizabeth says:

      “meet up with the old crew…” Do you suppose it was coincidental that Christina and Burke’s interaction was completely separate from the rest of the cast? I wondered if Shonda desperately wanted to bring him back for closure, but that none of the rest of the actors would agree to work with him but Sandra?

      • Elizabeth says:

        I don’t know why it put my comment under this one….this was supposed to be a reply to “sladewilson” several comments up.

        • sladewilson says:

          The only person I think might have a problem with Isaiah would be Patrick but beyond that – I doubt it. Of course, the interaction I would most want to see would be Burke and Derek. I believe Burke only had one person in mind to take over his hospital and take it to the next level. And he was the ONLY person would could provide another and more insightful perspective on winning a Harper-Avery. Their last scene was incredible. I think no matter what, he’s the only mentor she had that she still realizes he never wanted to hold her back but to truly become the physician she’s destined to become…

          • Alex says:

            Anyone who’s against homophobia should have a problem with working with him.

          • sladewilson says:

            I actually believe people can be enlightened and changed for the better. I think Isaiah is on that road, no matter how he got there. I truly believe that he would still be on the outside looking in if he hasn’t had a significant change in his heart and soul. So, Alex – if that’s the case, would you still hold his past transgressions against him?

          • abz says:

            @Alex: After seven years, I think people should learn to let things go if the person has seemingly made the effort to change. We are not perfect people. We have all acted wrongly in some way or another. For me personally, if I see someone making an effort to change and learning from their mistake then why continue to punish them forever for his past mistakes. This world is forever moving forward and its better if the people who make these awful mistakes learn from them and try to be better than if they were to just continue on making these same slurs a habit. I think he clearly has been learning from that mistake especially after seeing how that incident has had an effect on his career and how he pretty much became irrelevant after Grey’s.

      • joe says:

        i doubt that, ellen pompeo posted a friendly picture of her with IW (presumably from the table read)

      • dlr929 says:

        Exactly my sentiments. Props to Shonda for coming up with a way to satisfy those of us who wanted to see Burke and Yang have closure, but not have him seen with any other character.
        Their story was isolated and appropriate for this occasion. Very well done indeed.

  8. Jenna says:

    my only complaint with this episode is that the music was AWFUL! Overly dramatic in some parts, not enough drama in others and don’t see why they used like a virgin on the show again

    • Missy says:

      Like a Virgin was the song Cristina sang in season 4 in the morgue with Lexi when she was trying to get over him leaving her at the alter. I think it was kind of like a full circle moment to have it play in that scene.

    • Scotty_Dog says:

      totally agree! Grey’s used to have some cracking songs many of which i have on my ipod but the second half of the season these covers have been so bad!

  9. Chrismcg says:

    Completely loved it! The chemistry between Burke and Christina, even after all this time…this was a classic Grey’s episode and it was amazing!

    • sharialynn says:

      I loved it. Long reign Christina! This was what she always wanted for herself. Burke owed her for saving his a$$. But she earned this. She can never feel like he “gave” her anything.

    • Alice says:

      Seriously, it was intensely perfect. As someone who loved their interaction and wondered how they would react face-to-face after so many years, I thought it was mature, touching and very real. Burke admitted as he always loved Cristina in an elemental way and she came full circle in that defining “now I am done” moment. I respect Shonda for that…we no longer have to wonder. As for IW and that unfortunate situation, just let it go and appreciate that this is a man who owned this role and that when the cameras started rolling, he was able, with his equally talented partner, able to create magic on screen.

  10. John says:

    Kudos to Sandra Oh and Isaiah Washington. They made this episode fantastic.

  11. H.Houston says:

    Their story came full circle. Remember how Burke was – remember what he wanted Cristina to do – to change, to completely be something else, to be the wife, the mother, the family person and she only wanted to be like him – the surgeon, the cardio god… they have switched positions.

  12. J says:

    Shonda officially owns my soul. Everything about the episode was perfect and ending the episode with Like a Virgin was such an amazing callback that I instantly starting balling.

    I realized that one of the main reasons I’ve actually stuck with Grey’s through the years is for Cristina/Sandra and I’m going to be so sad to see her go.

    • Jack J. says:

      What were you balling? Watermelon? Honeydew?
      OH! You meant “bawling.” Got it.

    • trainwreck says:

      I agree .. when Like A virgin started playing, it was such perfection! i remember how Cristina reacted by shutting her self in Morgue when Burke won Harper Avery in s4… and now to come a full circle, it was satisfying.

      Although this means death sentence to Crowen :/

      • CMarie says:

        That music choice was perfection. Absolutely perfect reference to her previous Like A Virgin meltdown, and cue for the tears to start running. For all the bad episodes there have been in this series, she is really doing Cristina’s story justice here, and it reminded me why I still tune in every week.

      • sharialynn says:

        Thank God (or whatever u believe in) for tht. I think that was always a train wreck. Stuff, situations, good sex, Owen keep pulling them together but I don’t think it was love. I mean how many times did they break up cause she walked away?? Can you please take the hint?!?!

        I mean I don’t even watch the show all hat regularly and I got that!

  13. Amy says:

    I thought it was great, and made for a satisfying departure plan for Cristina. The music was awful- the worst in a string of terrible/nonsensical songs in recent episodes.

    Did Burke’s voice sound totally different to anyone else?

    • Isaac says:

      I actually thought ‘Like a Virgin’ placement was perfect.

      • Rook says:

        It reminded me of the time Cristina sang it in the OR, so I thought it was perfect too.

        • jj says:

          reminded me of that moment as well however I didn’t think it fit with the scene at all.

          • jj says:

            agree! I can get behind the symbolism of using the song, burke finally ‘acknowledged her’ after failing to in his harper avery write up however it was still very distracting. They should have used a cover with a completely different arrangement

          • mary says:

            i agree with both of these comments

          • jj says:

            I apologize, my reply was meant for a comment upthread made by Jenna Re: my only complaint with this episode is that the music was AWFUL! Overly dramatic in some parts, not enough drama in others and don’t see why they used like a virgin on the show again

          • joe says:

            jj I agree, I liked the symbolism with the song but it was very distracting and didn’t fit with the tone of the scene

      • Babygate says:

        IMO it was the instrumental parts that were off. It was competing with the dialogue with how loud it was. And to make it worse the tone was too dark. It sounded like the track to an old Hitchcock movie. It was awful and very distracting.

    • slizabeth says:

      Grey’s music these days is pretty much “just slow down an 80’s song and sing it kind of sadly.”

    • Elizabeth says:

      I agree that Burke’s voice sounded totally different. I commented to my husband during the episode that it sounded a little like the actor forgot what the original cadences of Burke’s voice sounded like.

  14. Isaac says:

    Left me wanting more.
    I wanted a whole conversation about what happened on their wedding day. I wanted Burke to come to Seattle and interact with Meredith, and Derek and bump into Owen and Burke ask around “Where’s O’Mallie?”. I wanted Burke to have stayed exactly the same expecting everything to be the same, not grow into a character I actually felt sympathy for.

    But for Cristina’s sake I loved Burke showing up. It caught her off guard and Sandra Oh KILLED IT! I’m sure Cristina and Burke talked more that we didn’t see, but as a long-time devote to Grey’s I love the conversations of events that happened in the past.

    Ah, if I was Shonda….

    • Amber says:

      It was a little weird he didn’t ask about anyone. Even if you weren’t bfffl with them, there still has to be a little part of you that’s curious about their lives. But maybe that’s just me and my love for gossip.

  15. otomen87 says:

    You know you can refrain yourself from posting this “recap”. I mean finish writing before post it.

  16. LaLa says:

    Closure – that’s the exact word for me. I loved this episode. What I loved most was Burke’s acknowledgement of Cristina’s talent and accomplishments. I realized I wanted to hear that. Also, recognize that Burke KNEW THAT CRISTINA could never be a homemaker type of wife and accepted that AND walked away when he knew it. He still loves her, but he walked away. #messageOwen
    So, what will Grey Sloan Memorial do, now that they want out of their relationship with the Avery’s?

  17. Yank says:

    I know Owen has not been the best. I sat there watching the episode feeling bad for him because the chemistry betwixt Christina and Owen can never match what Burke and her experienced (unless there’s a fan or icicle). Honestly, I loved this episode. Thanks Shonda She deserves this type of exit; great writing!

    • joe says:

      it was interesting and refreshing to see the chemistry difference between burke/owen and burke/cristina. Cristina and burke were electric

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      why is it so impossible for you Burktina fans to say “I feel the chemistry between so and so is better”, as opposed to stating “its better” or “can never match” like its a FACT??? Its getting annoying. I feel Owen and Cristina are way hotter. See how I said it? Good. Practice that in a mirror.

      • MelJ says:


        I agree!! I feel and see Crowen’s relationship as one that makes more sense, because they were on the same level! Cristina wasn’t the young, impressionable intern who wanted to be her “God-like” attending, who by the way, pursued her first! Rather, she’s sort of come into her own now, she’s gotten up off the floor and she’s connecting with Owen on a personal level, without mixing her admiration for his skills… Though she was pretty impressed with the whole pen-for-a-tracheal-tube, staple-gun incident…

        People start rooting for some couples and forget to see the big picture and how Burke left Cristina and she lost both the man she loved and her teacher… And let’s just remember that he completely erased her from his life, not even bothering to acknowledge her help not only with research but also talking things through with her… Yeah, Burke was kind of a jerk in that aspect… Then he brings her to Switzerland and pretends nothing bad ever happened? Yeah, Burktina fans, wake up and smell the coffee.

        • sharialynn says:

          Ok. I’ll give you guys the fact that Burke was a jerk. He left and never talked it out with her (um,he was fired). I was pissed that he never thanked her for being his hands(but how many teachers thank students? MAYBE thts how he saw it).
          But Crowen, come on. Their hot together, yep. But after how many times has Christina ran from, broke up with, not to mention TRIED TO TRADE him. I think she finally fled the country just to stay out of the supply closet. She wanted more for herself.

          • MelJ says:


            Actually, according to Sheperd, on Season 4 episode 1, Burke turned in his tow weeks notice and left. He wasn’t fired. Cristina did crazy things only because she was afraid she would lose herself again… Yes, he insisted he wanted kids and freaked out when she had an abortion, but he has changed and is willing to let go of what he thought was his dream so he can have her.

          • sharialynn says:

            Sorry. I meant Washington was fired.
            I believe Christina ran off to Mer’s not long after being married. Paraphrasing that after getting married to Owen she was supposeda feel normal again.

  18. N says:

    I loved seeing Izzie, George, and Lexie! Loved Sandra. Not crazy about Burke’s fancy hospital…

    • Isaac says:

      Where was Izzie, George and Lexie in this episode? Was there a ‘previously on’ I missed? Or are you talking about the Burke/Cristina wedding episode that aired right before on ABC?

  19. david says:

    I hate that he calls her Amy and not Amelia

  20. Antwon says:

    It’s been seven years and they still got it! The chemistry is still there. I really liked this episode. The dialogue was really good. They both had their say. I also liked the surprise that he didn’t show up at SG…she was lured to Zurich and there he was! She would be a fool not to take the job. It’s everything she wanted at a state-of-art facility and she would have ALL the funding she needs.

  21. Bwhit says:

    Burke was the love of her career because he taught her to be a cardio god. Owen is the love of her life because he helped be a little more human, but neither are who she will end up with obviously. I have loved the character of Christina but the most heart wrenching moment will be when she has her last scene with Meredith. On a side note how badass was it when April put Webber in his place when he was attacking her man?!?

  22. Jason says:

    Small point but did anyone notice that a 90’s song was thrown in towards the end at the bar? New Radicals “Music in You”. Thought it was all strictly 80’s till end of the season

    • Alichat says:

      Last week had a cover of Duran Duran’s ‘Ordinary World’, which is from the early 90s, so it sounds like they weren’t completely true to the 80s when picking the songs.

  23. david says:

    Wow Fantastic episode and i didnt think ill like it. I wish we can get the other sister to join derek and Amalia

  24. H.Houston says:

    You totally missed it. He wasn’t giving Cristina a hospital because she needed a man to give her something. He gave Cristina a hospital as his ultimate act of love for her. He even said it in the episode… that the way that he loved her would destroy his marriage. He never got over Cristina, he settled on someone else because he knew that she would never be the wife he wanted even though she will always be the woman he wants.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      YOU missed it. If anything, your point is pretty much the same as the author’s. He gave it to her cause she’s the best. She’s the only one who he thought was worthy of taking over, as he told her in his office. The “love” he was talking about was his reason for not working WITH her.

  25. Jennifer says:

    Burke is ass, he show Cristina he has a happy family, so what!! ,hope Cristina won’t take his offer

  26. sara says:

    loved the episode except for one thing. if, as burke implies, christina has been keeping tabs on the work burke is doing since he left, why would she be so surprised to see him in zurich? it seems like she should at least be somewhat aware of burke and his hospital with an amazing amount of resources.

    • Alichat says:

      Well, Burke said that, but she never agreed or acknowledged that, so I got the impression that she really hasn’t been keeping up with what he’s been doing.

      • abz says:

        I got that impression as well. A lot has happened to Cristina in seven seasons (shooting, plane crash, PTSD, etc.). Maybe occasionally she came across a research article of his but I don’t think she actually followed him as much as he did her.

    • Mary says:

      I totally agree. In this day and age, it’s impossible not to keep track. She loved him and I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t want to know what he was up to. Plus, he’s doing such great things I’m sure it would be all over in medical publications. Other than that, I loved the episode.

      • sharialynn says:

        I think because she loved him & because of the way he played her when he won his Harper Avery, she would have made it a point NOT to know what he was up too. Stated over & over, their love & their work went hand in hand.

  27. Suzette says:

    I really enjoyed tonights episode and I am sooooo glad Christina is leaving. I have never liked her since the very first episode. She has always thought she was better than anyone else. And the reason she has no relationships is because she thinks of herself and no one else.

    • Tom says:

      Well, Suzette, you are officially the only person in the world who feels this way. Cristina has been widely known as one of the best parts of the show since the very first episode. So, clearly you don’t really think too much of the show in general then.

    • abz says:

      Without Cristina Yang, not even Meredith Grey could have made this show last for 10 long seasons. Cristina is such a deeply complex character and one of the best I have ever seen on television and your simplification of her character in your comment is just an insult. She is one of the main reasons for the success of this show and the fact that she is pretty much the only original character so far to get a truly beautiful, emotional and NON-DEADLY (I mean it, Shonda!!!!) farewell is a testament to the significant impact she has left on this show.

  28. A says:

    Jackson = heart melting. Adorable

  29. Tiffany says:

    Burke got a wife and kids and Lexie got nothing but eating. That Really SUCKS.

    • Marge says:

      THIS!!! I was thinking the exact same thing! George and Lexie are dead while Burke is well and happy…. After all this time I’m still really disgusted by this it’s so unfair!!

  30. greysfan says:

    I loved this episode. Its going to be sad to say goodbye to Cristina but if this were any doctor they’d jump at the chance to follow their dream. Its a good way for her to leave the show and of course it means she will still be able to come back once and a while i would like to hope. Like i said last week i’ve always loved the chemistry between Burke and Cristina professionally. They work so well together. The big downfall for me is this is his way of giving her the ultimate gift because of what he did to her. So that kinda put sour grapes on it all but i loved this episode. To the other stories having Amelia back with Derek is great. I really hope series regular next season.

  31. abz says:

    This episode was so amazing and beautiful. I absolutely loved it. Seeing Burke again made me so nostalgic. The chemistry between Cristina and Burke was still as present as ever. It was such a refreshing change from seeing her only with Owen. I’m glad they went the non-romantic route. It seems like a really fitting way to send Cristina off. It’s gonna seriously be an emotional final two episodes.

    • abz says:

      Oh and Shonda better have devoted at least a five minute scene between Cristina and Meredith in the finale. I’m gonna be so mad if they don’t do that and have the majority of the finale be about Crowen. Cristina is leaving and Crowen is done and I could care less about their send off. The only relationship that truly needs to be dealt with in the finale is the one between the twisted sisters!!

      • chris says:


      • greysfan says:

        THIS! Agree 100%. Time to put that Crowen storyline to death already.

      • GS says:

        I personally hope Owen is a victim of the terrorist stuff that’s supposed to happen. His character grates and he never ‘got’ Christina at all. I’m ready for that to go swiftly into the night. After watching the wedding episode before this, it reminded me of just how awesome the friendship b/w Christina and Meredith has always been. That needs to be the focus of her finale not Owen. I’m so beyond over that mess.

        • DarkDefender says:

          Considering what Burke said about him and Cristina being the same type.. And needing that stable force to be there at home so they can “work” their magic as surgeons.. Would completely play into Her remarrying Owen and him leaving with her.
          Having said that, the preview making it look like he was going to propose again to her – total red herring.

          • H.Houston says:

            It might be a red herring.
            But… If Cristina was in charge and Owen was “just” a doctor and not the head of the hospital and dealing with all of that… it would work, the dynamics of what he wants would work. And she really truly does love Owen. He just needs to brove to her that he loves HER the way she is.

          • jo says:

            I saw that as being true for the life burke wants (family and kids) however since that isn’t the life cristina wants I see her being with someone equally busy and driven

        • Ugonna Wosu says:

          outside of wanting kids, how has he not “gotten” Cristina?

  32. Lauren says:

    I think it really speaks to how much Shonda likes Cristina that her exit from the show is not only done alive and without character defamation, but by receiving the hospital that will make every wish she’s ever made come true. I’m gonna miss her next season, but having Amelia around will be really great. I like that I already know and love her so it doesn’t feel like out with the old in with the new. A very tactful way for Shonda to start rounding out the empty slots for next year. Grey- Sloan is officially in dire need of a cardio rockstar now though.
    Also, I hope Leah is the first one to go, even though she got the burr holes right…Imma hold out hope.

  33. Tom says:

    I made it through the wilderness. You know I made it through.

    Never have there been truer words sung.

  34. Rob says:

    Burke holding the picture of the heart in his hand was such a beautiful reference to his scene in the OR in the S3 finale practicing his vows with Addison. Loved all the callbacks to the earlier seasons with Burke and Cristina. Hate Burke now and wasn’t crazy about the tone of his character. He seemed very arrogant and not Burke-like until he talked about his all-consuming love for Cristina and then that was the Burke that I remembered and felt things for. Emotions everywhere.

  35. Bella says:

    Disappointing !!! I’d have loved to see them reconcile and work together at the new hospital (well the thought of them doing so as we wouldn’t see it).

  36. NickiN says:

    Wouldn’t think I’d be OK with Cristina leaving, but somehow I am. Onto the next adventure!! Great ep.

  37. leo21 says:

    I can’t get over that staredown!

  38. Kryzzy says:

    I love every scene with Burke and Cristina. We can’t deny the fact that these 2 characters have an amazing chemistry. He is one of the best characters on this show and Im glad Shonda found a way to bring him back even for just an episode.

    It doesn’t matter if he’s married because at the end of the day, Preston Burke loves her. He will always love her and they both hold a piece of each other’s heart.

  39. Michael Grooms says:

    Waffles, is there anything that they can’t do?

  40. Hege says:

    Man, I am SO disappointed!!! I really, really hoped that they would rekindle and get back together. But he’s married?! What.. no!..

  41. alex says:

    i love that he knew she would phone meredith, also the last scene between the twisted sisters showed how deep their relationship is. Meredith knew without Cristina even saying anything. Personally although I love meredith/derek and cristina/owen or cristina/burke, the best most meaningful relationship on that show is meredith and cristina. I always liked burke and i think it was the perfect way to bring him back. The chemistry was still here, and its obvious theres a part of him that will always love cristina. I’m actually very happy with how shonda is doing cristina’s departure – she’s doing it right.

  42. Mary says:

    I liked the episode but what didn’t make sense for me was the fact that Christina had no idea that Burke wound up in Zurich. Wouldn’t she have kept tabs on him after he ditched her?

  43. T. says:

    That would be a proper send off for Cristina, taking her research to another level. I absolutely digg this.

  44. LuvGreys says:

    Not gonna lie … I was thrilled when Burke told Cristina he was very happily married. I think Yang has it in her head that no man will ever truly get over her, hence the reason she pretty much knowingly sabotaged Owen’s relationship right when it was getting serious. Cristina has very clearly made medicine her true love. She needs to be at peace with it and let her men be happy.

    It was a great episode though and I’m even more curious how Cristina *really* ends up leaving.

    • Mel J says:

      I don’t think Cristina sabotaged Owen’s relationship with what’s-her-face… Owen did that when he realized that though he always wanted the white picket fence with the adorable wife, 2.5 children, and a puppy running around, he was not going to be happy with that any longer. He would give all that up to have Cristina, because that is who he wants now. Hence my opinion that he was braver than Burke, who ran away scared without a word of good bye. I think the only reason he reached out to Cristina is because he thought she’d be vulnerable and hurt (like Cristina would ever be like any other girl) after losing the Harper Avery.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      Burke is SO happy that he said he can’t work with her without “chasing her”. Yes, he’s truly happy. LOL. He’s with his poor wife because she gives him what he needs and stays out of obligation. Shonda made that clear. But hey! He can stay there!

  45. GS says:

    Well I was one hoping for a reunion but that wouldn’t have been true to her character. She is all about being the best cardio surgeon ever so she probably will never have the happily ever after relationship. But it will be awesome to see her leave and know she will get what she’s always wanted. She won’t be dead like so many others. Seeing Burke just made me long for the old days with George, Lexie, Izzy, Addison, and Sloan not to mention when Bailey was the Nazi. Still love it but the original core was still the best. I’ve never been a huge Christina fan but these episodes are killing me! I just really hope there’s more Meredith/Christina in the last 2 episodes than Christina/Owen b/c if last night showed anything, it’s that Owen was and will never be for Christina. He doesn’t ‘get’ her and it’s so old watching the push/pull game.

  46. mj says:

    This episode was freaking awesome!! Gave me back all the love I had for Grey’s in the early days. Love Burke and Cristina.. Also I think this is a proper send off to the character

  47. It was a fantastic resolution and evolution of the Burke/Christine relationship. Just a wonderful episode!

  48. Mel J says:

    Great episode! I didn’t get to watch last night, but I just finished watching it and O-M-G!! Acting was superb! And I’m so proud of the way Cristina has grown up… enough to stand up to Burke and tell him a few truths, to reach out and get the closure she needed.

    Yes, I agree, Burke will probably always love her as she was the perfect complement to his life; and when he says his surgeon wife gave up her career to be at home with the kids, I could see a bit of sadness in his eyes. The truth is that Burke and Yang would have never made it… what he most wanted was not what Cristina could give him, and I think that’s why he loved her in the first place. One of the reasons he’s giving her the hospital is not because he loves her (though I know he does), but rather because she is like him, passionate about her job, brilliant surgeon, and she’s given her life to the profession. It is only logical that she would be the perfect choice to replace him. And another thing, if he was not so in love with his wife, he wouldn’t even offer to give up his dream hospital to make her happy. He certainly wouldn’t have done it if he was with Cristina.

    I see many of you are looking down on Owen, but let’s face it, he was braver than Burke because he actually tried to make it work! He tried so hard, and though he didn’t succeed, at least we know he helped shape the Cristina we see now. And Cristina found her more human side with Owen, this, I believe has made her an even better surgeon.

    Looking to the future, if Cristina has this amazing hospital with all the state-of-the-art equipment she needs to take her research to the next level, is it possible that some of the other surgeons might end up going with her later on, like at the end of the series? Think about it, Cristina will have everything the other doctors dream of, without government oversight, and without the limitations that being owned by the Avery Foundation has placed on Grey-Sloan Memorial.

    • joe says:

      I don’t see one as being braver than the other, just another example of the many parallels between burke/cristina and burke/owen

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      THANK YOU! Someone who gets it!

      • MelJ says:


        You’re welcome! The truth is that I’ve followed Grey’s since the beginning and I’d like to think I know the characters pretty well… I’ve actually been in the same situation as Christina so I get where she’s coming from… Thanks for the appreciation!

  49. Tilley says:

    First Grey’s episode I’ve watched in years and it totally brought the nostalgia. Will likely watch next week but then I’m out again … who are some of these new people?!? And why are complete morons (ie the new interns or residents or whatever they are) allowed to hold scalpels? That’s Terrifying! Bailey isn’t the Bailey I remember. Why is Alex suddenly a supporting character to the brunette girlfriend? And in a private practice? Meredith hasn’t changed too much but something seemed off. Missing 4 seasons will do strange things to a person.

    Essentially: I miss old Grey’s. Sigh. It’s a shell of its former self. But for Cristina I will watch one more … I want a scene with the 3 remaining originals though. I know Cristina and Meredith will get a proper parting, but i need one more “Evil Spawn” moment.

    • sharialynn says:

      Tilley: I checked it out for the last couple weeks on Hulu, I really quit watching when Mark couldnt get past “goodie/goodie Lexi- who i hated! But they have totally mangled the character of my people. Bailey’s nice now, idk did thy do that so Mer could be the scary one? I don’t think it was called for. Callie’s no longer the fun, crazy ” dancing in her underware” woman Webber caught. All the characters are the freakin same. It feels as if this show is just limping along. Kinda the way ER did till it was just kinder to shoot the old dog.

    • DarkDefender says:

      @Tilley .. It’s called character development. You should look it up.

      • sharialynn says:

        I understand character development. But you can develop a character without loosing what made them special or interesting. Look at Christina – she’s always been ambitious. But they added some compassion. I feel like some of the characters didn’t go thru a build they went thru a demolition.

        • Wilma says:

          Losing…not loosing. I can’t tell you how many times I see this. How can you visualize the word lose and thing you need to add another “o” to make it loosing. That’s not even a word.

  50. Lauren says: