Arrow First Look: Laurel With a Bow and More Photos From the 24-Style 'Streets of Fire'

It is all hands — and bows — on deck as Arrow and Friends head into Season 2’s penultimate episode.

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In the CW drama’s “Streets of Fire” episode (airing Wednesday at 8/7c), Oliver rallies his team as Slade’s Mirakuru army attacks the city, while Felicity gets an important call from S.T.A.R. Labs and Thea comes face-to-face with her father – Malcolm Merlyn (returning guest star John Barrowman).

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In previewing the hour, executive producer Andrew Kreisberg told TVLine it has a 24-type feel, unspooling almost in real time “over the course of a very short span of time. Oliver actually starts the episode dressed as The Arrow and ends it dressed as The Arrow — and that’s kind of exciting for us, because we’ve never done anything like that.”

Add in the return of the presumed dead Dark Archer, and you get “a real roller coaster,” Kreisberg said.

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  1. George says:

    And the Laurel complaints in 3…2…

    • wrstlgirl says:

      There are legitimate complaints with this character, just writing is horrible at best.

      • Sara says:

        and off we go!

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Flying High :-)

        • Delirious says:

          Well, the character is just terribly bland. And the idea that she might become the Black Canary in the end just adds insult to injury, especially considering the current Canary. Sarah isn’t exactly a dream, she’s a lifeless badass, with very little depth, but at least she has the “badass” part. Laurel doesn’t even have that. So, if she’s just the “princess to be saved by the knight in hooded armor”, she’s too exasperating for the audience, and if she’s really to become the Canary, I see absolutely nothing that can make her properly play the part. No charm, no grit, no character…

          And as others have already said, it’s about the Laurel Lance character, not about Katie Cassidy. At least for me.

          • Dominator of destruction says:

            Sara has heaps of depth and even more future potential

          • Ray says:

            Agree, it’s not about Katie. Almost nobody likes Laurel, but it’s not Katie Cassidy’s fault…The writers made her a constantly angry, self-righteous character, and every scene she’s in feels more like a scene from ‘General Hospital’ than Arrow. Then they brought in Felicity, a funny & lovable character in stark contrast to Laurel’s constant negativity and Sara, a badass Black Canary. They cast an actress for Black Canary who’s a martial artist in real life, and a better Black Canary than Katie Cassidy could ever be. They show her defending the women of Starling City, then give her a League of Assassins backstory that makes her a believable equal with Oliver.
            So you have one female lead that’s lovable, humble, humorous & optimistic, and another female lead who’s a kick-ass martial artist and fights alongside Oliver as his equal. How is Katie Cassidy supposed to compete with that? Her character pales in comparison and is utterly unlikeable compared to every other female character on the show. The writers /producers only have themselves to blame for the Laurel backlash.

      • Christian says:

        Maybe you’re jealous that Laurel is prettier than you?

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Oh yes, she is prettier than me and I love it. You see I’m into pretty girls.

        • You find lifeless plastic pretty?

        • JC says:

          Yeah, half of the hate is because she is prettier than most of her haters! Bullies they never get tired of hating :P

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Just because someone dislikes a television character doesn’t make them a bully. But having said that, kindly explain how your hateful comments towards those who dislike Laurel are any different.

          • JC says:

            Disliking a fictional character is not “bullying”. That’s a ridiculous idea that’s popped up in fandom lately that needs to die. Nor is criticizing an actor’s acting “bullying”, anymore than criticizing the writing is. Both the writing and the directing are part of what makes up this fictional character, and both are equally open for comment. Now if people are making hateful comments about Katie as a person, or are going on twitter and Facebook and saying hateful things to her, or are harassing her fans, that would definitely cross a line. But simply criticizing a fictional character or an actor’s acting is not “bullying.”

          • JC says:

            Ok I may have exaggerated, not bullying, just intense dislike for the character and the actress. Still the fans should give her a chance, she was cast as Laurel for a reason, the producers must have seen something. I like Katie and I get how passionate the fans of Arrow are but sometimes it is just too much!

      • Josh says:

        Also she’s a woman who isn’t written to be “geek fantasy” like Felicity(who I love but well, she’s written for a geek like me so…)

        • Lizzie says:

          Wait wait wait WHAT! So you go for the over done, over acted Kristen Dunst MJ copy cat of a character. Versus a freakin genius with a sassy attitude. I just can’t with the Laurel lovers. Stop tying to make laurel happen, its not going to happen

          • Websnap says:

            “a freakin genius with a sassy attitude” who can’t act… when she was crying at Moira’s funeral reception, my eyes rolled so hard I almost had a seizure… she’s a poor actor in a good roll.

          • Josh says:

            Umm Felicity is my favorite character, right alongside Diggle…Laurel is a character I might come around to liking again(I like her in season 1, didn’t like her during first half of season 2, and am starting to like her again now). I never once said I like Laurel better than Felicity. In fact I said, I lov Felicity. So I guess I JUST CAN’T’ with whatever you are.

            Also have you seen Spider-Man? Or read MJ? I love MJ, so I take you saying she’s like Laurel as an insult since the characters are nothing alike. So that’s 2-2 for just missing the mark.

            My point is that Felicity is written to be a character I’d love. She’s geeky, she’s hot, she’s funny, she’s smart, she’s awkward, she’s uplifting….She’s the ultimate geek guy fantasy. Heck in a lot of ways she’s the ultimate guy fantasy(hot girl who just doesn’t realize how hot she is, so she’s a bit insecure and socially inept) I don’t deny any of that. But she’s still my favorite. I still love her. I just don’t deny that I love her because she’s pretty much written TO BE LOVED. She isn’t a complex or complicated character. She has no shades of grey.

            But that’s okay, because I love watching her, I think she gives each scene a boost and brings a much needed levity to the show.

            I guess I’ve never been one of those CRAZY fans who think all their favorite characters are amazing or someone who attacks others for (not) insulting them.

      • Lizzie says:

        No No No we need to stop saying that the writing for Laurel is not good. First season she was bearable, maybe it was cuz she was with Tommy and had good chemistry or maybe because she had good scenes. But Katie Cassidy still over acts every scene she does and on top of that her and Stephan Amell have no chemistry. He has better chemistry with the bow than with Laurel. Everyone needs to start accepting that Katie Cassidy was horribly missed cast, she’s not a horrible actress. Come on she was on the CW payroll for years and need a staring role for contract reasons. And it doesn’t help that she got a major face change this season that is distracting.

        No you can’t blame her for the crappy writing but has anyone thought it’s because she can’t deliver the good writing. Yes Katie Lotz is cringe worthy at points but she has heavier parts that seem more natural. So please lets stop blaming the writers for an actress that just can’t measure up.

        • It’s “miscast”. No cast was missed by anything.
          Lotz definitely has had some poor acting moments, agreed. Still better overall than K. Cassidy.
          I think you give the writers too much credit. “I know you like I know my own name” is not Cassidy’s fault. She HAD to deliver that line — it was in the script. Except, there’s no good way to deliver it.

          • wonderwall says:

            That line was simply pathetic. It’s like the writers don’t even care for Laurel or how ridiculous she looks/ sounds… How can they come up with brilliant things for Felicity and Digg (even Sara with her baby arrows quip) to say but not Laurel? Time after time she’s delivered horrible lines. Yep, I’m pretty much starting to think that the writers dislike Laurel as much as the majority of Arrow fans.

          • CBWBDK1 says:

            LOL! That line was hilarious!! WTF does that even mean?

          • Dominator of destruction says:

            I think Caity Lotz is the most under rated on the cast she always understands how her character should react with where her char is at a given time and has chemistry with everyone she has interacted with her scenes with Blackthorne in ep5 are some of my favourite scenes of the entire series so far

        • JC says:

          (This comment is going to be long – fair warning) I think it’s both. The writing for her character has been all over the map this season, and it’s like the writers undermine her with one hand while promoting her with the other and it just doesn’t make sense (like telling us that Laurel knows Oliver like she knows her own name when in the previous episode we saw that he got another woman pregnant right under her nose and she was totally clueless).
          But I also think Katie Cassidy’s acting has been terrible. I don’t know what she was like on other shows. Maybe she was fine. (I saw her for like two seconds on SPN before I dropped that show, but I haven’t been overly impressed by the Ruby clips I’ve seen on YouTube.) But on this show I quite honestly think her acting has, most of the time, been terrible. Even when she’s given good stuff, like the scene at the end of Broken Dolls with Quentin, it just felt so forced and uncomfortable. Everyone has been criticizing her scene with Oliver, and it was bad, but, just for an example, her scene with Thea at the beginning of this week’s episode was also (in my opinion) terrible. The sympathy she was supposed to be showing came across as fake and artificial. And that’s one of my biggest issues with the character. Laurel (nearly) always feels fake to me. Someone else used the term plastic and I think that’s a good descriptor. All her scenes seem artificial. I don’t know if this is an issue of the actress trying too hard or what, but when I’m watching Laurel, I never lose sight of the fact that this is KC acting. Whereas Caity Lotz may not be the world’s best actress, but she has been able to make Sara feel real to me in a way that Laurel never has been.
          Laurel as a character has had everything working against her from the beginning. She was given a terrible backstory with Oliver, and the whole lawyer helping the helpless thing just did not work. But even that could have been worked around I think if Katie Cassidy had not been (IMO) so epically miscast, and if there had been any real chemistry between KC and SA. And then they made the whole situation WORSE in season two by bringing in Sara as an amazing kickass Canary and by basically treating Felicity as the female lead during the first half of the season, so that a whole lot of the fandom (excepting the Laurel fans of course) went, well ok, this is what we’re doing now, and happily got on board. And now here at the end of the season it feels like suddenly they’re trying to back that train up and turn it around and suddenly make Laurel relevant again after working ALL FRICKIN SEASON to destroy her character, and people are going, whoa, wait a minute, we were happy with the previous state of things where she didn’t show up much – let’s go back to that. If they had never brought in Sara, or given Felicity so much attention, and had steadily worked on Laurel’s journey consistently throughout the season instead of ignoring her for the first half of the season and then doing that stupid addiction storyline which she got over in like two minutes, people wouldn’t now be calling foul on her suddenly being shoved into Team Arrow and doing stuff like saying she knows Oliver than she knows her name, and going out in the field with them and yes, shooting Oliver’s bow. If this had been developed organically all season long, there would not be the outcry there is now, and the writers have no one but themselves to blame for that.
          In my head, ideally, Dinah Laurel Lance would be a completely different character (played by a completely different actress). She would not be a lawyer – she would be a cop, maybe ex-military (I understand Dinah in the new 52 is in special forces). She’d already have a martial arts background. She’d have a wicked sense of humor and a tendency to already walk the line as far as legality goes in order to help people. And she would not have any history previously with Oliver – no high school sweethearts crap, no cheating, none of that. They would be from different backgrounds. And you could still have the cheating backstory for Oliver if you wanted to incorporate that aspect of the comics character, just not with a character you intended to be his endgame pairing. But that aside, this kind of setup would have given the character the backstory and skills to become Black Canary – she would just need the push to cross that line.
          That’s all wishful thinking though. That’s the character that I would have wanted to see, but that’s not the character we have on the show. As it stands now, Laurel doesn’t really have any of this. All she had right now is the name, and apparently, the writers’ determination to force her into her comic book role whether that fits with what they’ve done before or not.

          • JC says:

            And drat, I didn’t close my italics tag. :(

          • JC says:

            And I left something out….as far as Laurel’s journey goes, I don’t care how often they say that Sara is part of Laurel’s journey. Sara wasn’t needed for Laurel’s journey – in fact, Sara being on the show has hurt Laurel as a character more than it’s helped, because now Laurel’s journey isn’t her own. Whatever she does now is always going to be compared to Sara, and it’s not going to measure up. (And I’m saying all this as a huge Sara fan). Tommy’s death would have worked far better as a reason for Laurel to start moving toward Black Canary than Sara’s (presumed eventual) death will be, because then at least her journey would be her own and she wouldn’t just be copying Sara. Bringing Sara back just to kill her so Laurel can take over her role……for a long time I wanted to believe that the writers weren’t actually stupid enough to think that was a good storyline. But my faith is getting severely challenged on this point.

          • nica says:

            JC, I couldn’t agree with all of THIS more. I wasn’t going to comment, but the thing is, I signed on to an Arrow as a KC fan–I did like her in Supernatural. But on Arrow, I just couldn’t get behind Laurel Lance. I actually stopped watching until I read all about Felicity being a series regular. I thought that was interesting, so I binge watched on Netflix, and I loved the trio. (Diggle, Felicity, Oliver). Then, they brought in Caity Lotz, and while I didn’t think she was a great actress, it’s true: she brought Sara Lance to life. AND she had chemistry with everyone on the cast (not romantically with SA–I don’t think anyone can hold a candle to EBR in terms of romantic, sexual chemistry, but I saw potential with Helena, McKenna, Shado, heck even ISABEL whereas all I’ve seen with Laurel is cringeworthy chemistry–but in terms of GA/BC fighting scenes, Caity Lotz and Stephen Amell are a convincing crime-fighting duo). I LOVE Sara Lance now…and if they get rid of her for Laurel’s journey…I’d lose too much faith in the writers and producers to continue watching.

            I can see they are trying so hard to retcon Laurel’s character. My problem is that it feels forced and contrived. For example, why would Blood timestamp his document? The file was open…if it was the filename in a finder window, you’d see a timestamp…but it doesn’t show up at the bottom of the actual document. So that was stupid, but okay, they needed her to find out, so I can forgive that. But then they write that stupid speech about how she knows him in his bones, and it was SO BAD. Ridiculously, unbelievably awful writing and acting. Then, they have her save him…he couldn’t have used the special arrows ahead of time? No, because Laurel HAD to save him, even though he should have been able to handle that situation himself. Then in the next episode, she’s suddenly learned how to use a bow and arrow? And I couldn’t agree more that every time she’s on the screen, I’m aware that it’s KC acting as Laurel. Say what you will about Caity Lotz and Emily Bett, but they sell it as Sara Lance and Felicity. You can give David Ramsay two lines in an episode, with him standing in the background the rest of the time, and he always sells Diggle’s character 100%.

            I loved KC on Supernatural–I do think there are roles she does well. I’ve read lots of praise for her Melrose Place role, but on Arrow, she manages to turn every scene she’s in soap opera-ish. I do think she was miscast. I think they cast her because at the beginning of the show, she was the biggest star–she got great reviews on Melrose Place and Gossip Girl, so they thought she’d be able to carry the show. Then they cast SA and didn’t bother screen testing the two…and then they wrote them the most toxic backstory to set up their romance. It took one short scene with another actress to get people talking about the romance on Arrow, and she was meant to be a one-time guest star! I don’t think people would have responded to Emily Bett if Laurel had clicked. So there is a big problem with Laurel, and the more they try to save her, the more Arrow-as-a-show suffers. Their dumbest, most contrived plot points and the worst dialogue they have ever delivered mostly had to do with Laurel–I say mostly because the secret lair and Mirakiru cure are both equally stupid (Oliver, if you had a secret lair in case the foundry got compromised, you should have told your partners, Diggle and Felicity, especially seeing as Slade already attacked–and compromised–the foundry–they made Oliver not only dumb, but downright stupid TWICE; first he doesn’t tell them about the cure, then he doesn’t tell them he has a safer place for all of them to plan their attack against Slade).

          • JC says:

            nica, yeah, I agree with most of what you’re saying. (I’m pretty sure SA was cast first before KC though). But yes, I’ve always maintained that Olicity would not have been a thing if Oliver and Laurel had worked like they were supposed to, and while I’m sure Felicity would still be popular, if Laurel had clicked with the audience I don’t think we’d be having the same discussions we are now. In my experience, the shipping portion of the fandom usually focuses on the lead characters, and having the major fandom ship form around a minor (at first) recurring character is, while not unheard of, fairly rare. But from the first episode, Laurel was pretty consistently singled out as the one thing that didn’t really work, and the writing has only made it worse, not to mention them bringing another Canary (seriously guys, how did you think this was going to play out?) and doing so much blatant teasing of Olicity in the first half of the season that the Olicity shippers got their hopes up? What made them think that was a good idea? No one likes a bait-and-switch. Seriously, this is all giving me some nasty Smallville flashbacks, and that’s never good.

          • nica says:

            I read somewhere Katie Cassidy was first because she had been the lead on a CW show before…but I could be wrong. I know they definitely were NOT screen tested.

          • JC says:

            I had heard that too, but when I researched it, it turned out it wasn’t true. SA was cast first. However, you’re right that they weren’t screen tested. There’s an interview somewhere with Stephen Amell where he says that that he didn’t read with anyone that ended up in the cast. He read with someone who was being considered for the role of Tommy, but it wasn’t Colin Donnell. Which makes it all the more interesting that they were so careful to do chemistry tests when casting Caity Lotz, Grant Gustin, and Katrina Law.

          • MW says:

            I initially skipped over your comment because I didn’t have time to read all that, but I just came back to it and WOW, YOU NAILED IT. Great analysis, and right on the mark.

          • zoe says:

            I LOVED this. I think one of the HUGE mistakes the show made with the love story was going down the “tell, not show” route. They TOLD us Laurel and Oliver had an epic love, but then showed us something completely different (she pushes for them to move in together, he gets on a boat with her sister). It’s like they assumed that because they started the show telling the audience certain facts (“these two are each other’s first love…they have a lot of history”) we were all supposed to just nod and say “yep, okay. I get it.” Only the audience said, “Waitaminute, I don’t get it…why were they together?” And then Felicity came into the picture, and a whole bunch of people said, “Hey, I could get behind THIS.” So I think you hit the mark. If they had given them a different backstory, maybe it would have worked. If they had shown us their first meet, and the sparks that flew, and the relationship that developed, maybe there would have been more acceptance. And I also have to agree that maybe if they had screen tested the two leads, and found a good match in terms of chemistry, they would have sold the canon love story better.
            As a comic book fan, I wanted to ship Oliver-Laurel, but as a TV viewer, I couldn’t. I thought him stumbling, all nervous asking McKenna out for a date was endearing; him confessing who he was to Helena had possibilities, and then babbling Felicity entered the picture, and it took me a looong time, but eventually, I came to see the potential there too (eventually). Heck, when he was talking to Isabel in Season 2 (before I found out she was evil), I even liked THEM together. And with Shado…I loved him with Shado…the way they unraveled that and developed that ON SCREEN made so much sense. That relationship was organic and believable. I didn’t quite get it with Sara…but then there is the island, and I can see how being with someone who had been through the same thing could work. But the difference is, in all these relationships, they showed me why these two characters should be together. Sure, a few of them turned out crazy, and none of them worked out, but I could have gotten behind any of those relationships. In contrast, the Laurel-Oliver love story just sickens me. He cheated on her repeatedly and then got someone else pregnant, but hey, she knows who he is in his bones. Again, they’re telling us things that make no sense based on what is actually on the screen! She had no idea who he was until a few episodes ago! And, come on, Oliver was a different person before the island, so the idea that he was always THIS guy is sickening to me because all we’ve seen and heard is that he’s a selfish, spoiled playboy. The island was his crucible; it changed him. So why are they now trying to push this idea that Laurel always saw this version of him when it didn’t exist before? If Arrow is about Oliver’s hero journey, why are they discounting that he was a different man pre-island? They’re negating the journey and the crucible that the last two seasons have built up!

          • JC says:

            zoe, I totally agree. They keep telling us that Oliver and Laurel have this amazing connection, and showing us something completely different. If they wanted us to buy into Oliver and Laurel’s love story, they needed to show it to us. Not just have her make ridiculous statements like “I know you better than I know my own name” and the audience’s knee jerk reaction is “uh, no you don’t.”

          • Ruby says:

            I agree with your assessment, but would like to add that I did watch Katie on Supernatural and thought she was pretty fantastic on that. It’s like she’s forgotten how to act or something on Arrow…the scene where it was very clear for me was when Slade told her that Oliver was the Arrow…her reaction to that was so terrible I couldn’t believe it. I *want* her to be better, but with every scene she does it’s becoming more and more clear that they really should just get rid of the Laurel character…everything else about the show is fantastic, and then it comes around to her and it’s like a black hole of suckiness. And Katie herself doesn’t seem invested in the show at all…she never appears with the other cast members and doesn’t seem to promote the show at all, while the rest of them seem to love it just as much as the fans do.

        • O-Town says:

          First off, I really hope you’re an actress, a theatre major, or the chick who lost the part of Laurel Lance to Katie Cassidy because otherwise, you’re just being hateful mongerer. I love Katie Cassidy. She’s a good actress. The writing, to an extent, plays into how she emotes/says her lines. Can’t blame her entirely. Sadly, we haven’t seen you act, nor do we know of your expertise in chemistry between actors who are to conjure up a lifetime of memories to back up the care and concern they have for each other, when they get like one or two scenes together and most of the time, she’s supposed to play conflicted knowing that the Arrow, who puts himself in danger constantly since returning from that traumatic island business, is her ex whom she loved.

          Please spare us the “I know chemistry and bull haha on Katie Cassidy being a victim of bad writing” that you can’t get off doing. It’s just demeaning.

          • JC says:

            Are you an actress or a theatre major? Because if not, your assertion that Katie Cassidy is a good actress is nothing more than simply your opinion, just like Lizzie’s opinion that she is not a good actress. People have a right to state their opinions, especially in a place like this which is specifically for talking about TV, something probably less than 1% of the commenters on here have any personal experience with, other than the hours we spend watching it. The place would be pretty dull if only “qualified people” were allowed to comment.

          • wonderwall says:

            O-town, you don’t need to be a theater major/actor/actress in order to see if two people have chemistry. All you need are eyes (in Slade’s case, one good eye) and a well functioning brain (you know, to process what your eyes reflect).

          • zoe says:

            “I know chemistry and bull haha on Katie Cassidy being a victim of bad writing”
            Where did JC say that? Stephen Amell himself said network executives don’t know when two actors will just click on screen (or something to that effect), but “it did” and “they’re glad it did” (on his chemistry with Felicity). So, basically, what the quote means is that chemistry is largely determined by the viewers. The executives, actors, show runners etc. couldn’t predict it, but the viewers showed them what DID click. So to say that JC cannot voice his/her opinion is moot–any viewer should be able to say whether they think two actors have chemistry. And I’m going to give MY opinion: I agree. For me, the chemistry isn’t there. In fact, I cringe at most of their scenes together. I don’t know any other television couple who I have disliked onscreen together as much as Laurel and Oliver.

          • JC says:

            zoe, thank you, but I think O-Town was responding to Lizzie’s comment, not mine. :)

    • abz says:

      I was just about to say the same thing.
      Honestly, it’s really tiring to read all the hate on this site for Laurel. I still like the character. Sure, she may not always be the most well-written lately on the show, but I think Katie is a good actress and at least one of the better ones on the show.
      Many people who don’t like her seem to have some valid concerns about her character, but I think a lot of them also just like to hate her for the sake of hating her and because so many other people hate her.

      • Katie says:

        I totally agree, why are people so mean?
        I think she’s very pretty and a fine actress, also lets be honest, it’s not like any of the acting in Arrow is going to be winning emmys or golden globes anyway.

        • kath says:

          The acting is not going to win Emmys because it’s a fantasy show and they never do (see Tatiana Maslany who blew every other actress out of the water and and still didn’t even get nominated).

          But there have been a number of good actors on the show. Susanna Thompson, Paul Blackthorne, Colin Salmon, all three of these have turned in Emmy-level performances. Stephen Amell has really got better, his scene with Moira at the end of the last episode and the one with Diggle & Felicity in City of Blood were nuanced and very good. But he turns into a block of wood in scenes with Laurel and for that reason if no other the show should be limiting her involvement with Oliver.

      • JC says:

        She brings gravitas to the show, I guess some people cannot appreciate talent with beauty :)

        • Gerri says:

          I am sorry but she is not beautiful enough to put up with her poor acting, she has no chemistry with any of the characters, she drains life from every scene she is in

          • JC says:

            She is beautiful in my opinion but that’s the beauty of being free, you can say whatever it is that you like! I respect your opinion so respect mine as well ;)

      • Gerri says:

        I have to say I totally disagree with you, she is not a strong actress, she has zero chemistry on the show, she is the weakest link for certain, Morira was portrayed by an incredible actress, LL is not, they need to realize she was miscast from the beginning and move on, she totally deflates every scene she is in, she is unable to make even one Arrow moment believable and the sooner her role is lessened the better for the show, everyone I know (dozens of fans, not all Olicity shippers) fastforward through her painful attempts at delivering her lines, she can’t bring it I am sorry but that is how a lot of folks feel, watch her horrific performance at the graveside, my husband said it best they finally found something the actress can do, stare blankly, notice there is no emotion, no feeling, no though, just nothing , you wouldn’t think she knew the woman and her family for over 8 years , she literally drains the life out of every Arrow moment she is featured in, no emotional connection to anyone on the show,

        • abz says:

          Chemistry is in the eye of the beholder. Glad we don’t all have to share the same opinion. I think she is a very beautiful and good actress who hasn’t always been given the best material to work with on this show.
          Bottom line, the writers are the ones who will choose to keep her or not. If you stop watching then that’s your choice. I’d like to see her stay and have the writers work on improving her character more and giving her a new direction and goal.

    • Jenny says:

      I think making her character aware of Team Arrow was the best thing done in a long time. She is the ultimate Black Canary, like it or not. I haven’t particularly been fond of Laurel’s character arc or Katie Cassidy’s acting but for the first time I’m excited about her story.

      • Not excited about K. Cassidy being BC.
        Agreed that she is not the worst actress ever — but the overacting does need to be reined in.
        I can think of ways Laurel — the Laurel we have now — can work on the show. They don’t include BC. I don’t mind her knowing about Team Arrow, though. That was interesting.

    • Disappointed Fan says:

      I want to join Laurel’s amazing rehab program. Addict & drunk to superhero overnight!

      Laurel being Black Canary makes no sense. Sara’s had YEARS of training with the League of Assassins. If it just takes a few self-defenses classes, ANYONE could be Black Canary.

      And btw, forget accuracy, it takes a great deal of upper body strength to even pull a compound bow – But I’m supposed to believe this ex-addict toothpick of a girl can do this & hit her target on the first try. This instant transition they’re pulling with Laurel will ruin the show for me. I just can’t go there.

      • speedy says:

        I want to join Laurel’s amazing rehab program. Addict & drunk to superhero overnight!

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I LOVED this comment.

  2. andrearb says:

    So how are they going to explain Laurel with the bow? She’s been secretly taking lessons? She’s a ~natural~? I won’t be surprised at anything at this point since EVERYTHING about Laurel is unearned.

    • aunni says:

      roy was training with sara bt he was terible laurel really..?? why are they shoving her forcefully is beyond me, like they are beging the viewers to stop watching n made them jobless after s3

      • chrissy says:

        Some internet fans are hilarious and just sad. More Laurel will mean lower ratings? lol as if!

        By the way I was at Calgary expo and the fans there liked both Katie AND Laurel. Happy that the writers dont listen to this crazy online fans.

        Keep doing what you are doing writers. Even if the forced Felicity/Oliver scenes are a little to much sometimes.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          LOL, any credibility your comment had was completely destroyed with your last sentence. You’re no different than the crazies you speak of.

          • Josh says:

            I wouldn’t say the last line does that. While I do like Felicity and Oliver scenes, I never want them together(I don’t want Felicity reduced to a “girlfriend”, I want her to be awesome interrogator woman). Plus, I think I’m more of a Felicity/Diggle fan myself.

          • Scotty says:

            Actually, the fact that you think credibility is lost with the criticism of Olicity just highlights how backward and hateful Olicity fans are. You hate Laurel for the sake of hating her when actually, Cassidy is a good actress who has done the best with what the writers have given and been a real trooper despite all this horrendous cyber bullying by haters who hide behind their computers and say nasty, out of line things. Lauriver fans do NOT treat Felicity this way. I really like Felicity but the scenes where they position her inches away from Oliver and in his personal space seem so forced and inorganic that it’s painful to watch. I don’t like the pairing but I don’t hold it against the character or the actress. Grow up. I personally love Katie and Laurel and am SUPER excited to see her more involved and kicking butt.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Scotty, I am not an Olicity fan. I don’t ship, period.

        • There are still people who like to wear white hoods and burn crosses. Doesn’t mean they’re right or have excellent judgment.

          But it’s not at ALL a far cry to say Laurel suddenly becoming Black Canary will cause many people to turn off Arrow. It’s true. That’s a definite fatal jump-the-shark moment the show is facing.

          I think Katie Cassidy deserves a place on Arrow … just not as BC.
          I think Felicity deserves better than a guy who has slept with (in this order):
          Lance sister, Lance sister, baby mama, Lance sister, Lance sister, dad’s mistress, Lance sister.

          • msnyder1985 says:

            Not to mention, psycho Helena. Who IMO Olliver has had some of the best on screen chemistry with.

          • speedy says:

            I think it may be: Lance sister, baby mama, Lance sister, Helena, Lance sister, Dad’s Mistress, Lance sister. And yes, when you put it THAT way, no one named Lance should end up with Oliver. And if they try the Oliver-Felicity route, I hope it’s after they’ve fully fleshed out Felicity and given her a backstory and her own plot lines that don’t end with Oliver’s seal of approval (“You’ll always be my girl, Felicity.”) So, right now, I agree: Felicity deserves better. But down the road, I’m okay with them being together if Oliver steps up and becomes someone who deserves her. There is a difference between the girl he cheated on taking him back (after he pursued a relationship with her sister…in present day…and got someone else pregnant while dating her) and one of his best friends eventually giving him a chance. One should be filed under “that ship has sailed”; the other has potential, depending on how it plays out.

          • G. says:

            Oh god, I forgot about psycho Helena!!

    • Nate says:

      It’s called helping. It’s not that damn hard to use a compound bow. You just have to have a really good aim

      • Texan says:

        No way could this ex-addict, toothpick of a girl even PULL a compound bow. Certainly not a bow with enough weight to kill a person, and most certainly with ZERO experience. It’s completely ridiculous.

        • Raul says:

          Sorry, but I’ve known some lithe gals get deer with a pass through kill on a Mission Riot at 50 lbs. My boy’s Matthews Genesis – a 20lb compound – gives 6-8″ penetration on a closed cell foam target at 10 yds easily – with just a target tip. More with a clean shot. Put a bodkin or hunting tip on it and it’s certainly a lethal weapon.

          Bow kills are all about shot placement. Now there, your comment about experience are spot on.

    • Carla Krae says:

      She’s holding it. That doesn’t mean she’s going to be good with it. People are REALLY jumping to conclusions.

    • kath says:

      Laurel can do *anything*. She’s the bestest of the best, she knows Oliver better than anyone else (even if she hasn’t figured out he’s been lying to her for 7 years) and Oliver was always thinking of her, even when he was asking Sara to move in with him in the last episode. Roy couldn’t shoot arrows even with his mirakuru strength but Laurel can.

      I really wonder about the producers of this show, and whether their love for Laurel has addled their brains.

      • She can do anything — except figure out who Oliver is. ;)

        • Hmm says:

          Except that she did figure out who Oliver is? So I’m confused by that.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Um, no she didn’t. Slade told her who he was. But yet she knows him better than anybody. HA! Whatever :-)

      • MW says:

        Laurel knows Oliver ‘better than her own name’ but he hasn’t told her one detail about the FIVE YEARS he spent on the island where he completely transformed as a person.
        Dear writers, your audience is not full of mindless idiots. We do require some occasional logic in a show.

    • mb says:

      Have you ever tried archery? Drawing a bow requires average strength. Hitting a target requires decent aim. If there’s one thing this season has shown us its that Laurel knows how to aim and shoot. Throw in the very real possibility she’s using a trick arrow like Ollie used to drop the first redshirt and the scenario got completely plausible.

      • msnyder1985 says:

        Were you using a training bow? And that was Arrow’s bow not a compound. That has got to be at least an 80 lb test bow. No, I don’t think she is going to be able to notch an arrow first time using it.

  3. chrissy says:

    Im happy to see laurel part of the group. i love how shes slowly becoming the strong woman she once was. Im enjoying her journey to becoming BC once again.

  4. Riana says:

    Well maybe Laurel took archery at some point. I know Thea did as proven by the archery trophy she has. Or it could be luck

  5. Olivia says:

    There it is! Laurel sucking away all my excitement for the final episodes.

  6. Liz says:

    How is Laurel even nocking that arrow? A bow’s resistance is very specific to it’s owner. A friend of mine is half of Oliver’s size and I can barely pull back on his. There is no way anyone other than Oliver (or Diggle and his guns) could do that. No offense Laurel.

    • Riana says:

      Sara already used his bow though.

      • Liz says:

        Yeah but Sara is a trained assassin that can do the salmon ladder. So she’s obviously on the stronger side. I’m just saying from personal experience that using someone else’s bow is tricky. Maybe a compound bow is different. I’ve only ever used pretty basic hunting bows.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Stephen let me handle the bow on set. A compound bow has a “hinge”-type gizmo that, after applying just a bit of pressure, eases the bow back the rest of the way without proportionally incremental resistance.

      • Liz says:

        Thanks for the explanation Matt. As someone who has dabbled in very basic archery practice I was super confused by her magical strength all of a sudden. :)

      • Allison says:

        Nice try, Matt, but you can’t explain away this mess. I don’t care what “set secrets” you try to justify with.

        • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

          Oh, OK. Polite.

        • mb says:

          That’s not a “set secret” its how compound bows work. You’re ignorance as well as your bad manners are showing.

        • Raul says:

          Uh, that’s not a set secret, it is the design of a compound bow. It’s called the “let off,” varies with the bow and may even be adjustable for a bow. For example, an 80lb bow with a 75% let off only takes 20lbs of pull after the break. And the initial draw before the break is usually not that far. Drawing the bow isn’t primarily a matter of arm strength, either. It’s back and shoulders. And breathing.

          I might have trouble buying Laurel using GA’s recurve bow, but no problem with a compound.

          This photo makes me wonder if this was the reason they switched him to a compound this season?

        • Mary says:

          Since you have such a problem with this break in verisimilitude that you have to almost insult the webmaster, I am going to ask you how you feel about Oliver’s ability to shoot arrrows through tennis balls without missing a single one? That is something that no real archer could accomplish, I assure you! Neither is it possible for any human to catch an arrow with his bare hands, as both Malcolm and Helena did. There are hundred of other totally unrealistic happenings and plot details on “Arrow”, but I have yet to see anyone havign any problems with them. Maybe it is because it is Laurel that you find this plot detail so unrealistic and even (for some odd reason) reprehensible?

          I’m sure that you will assure me that you’re not a Felicity/Olicity fan (because that would make your posts biased), so I’m sure you won’t mind if I offer a few examples of Felicity magical and totally unrealistic hacker abilities?

          Felicity is a Hollywood hacker, who moves her little manicured fingers over a Window’s tablet and in five minutes retrieves the information that it would take a highly skilled computer tech/hacker hours to find. She is also a card shark, a jewerly expert, adept at defusing bombs and proficient in Russian…in fact, she is a regular Mary Sue (or a Felicity Sue!). And yet, I don’t see her fans endlessly complaining on comment sections like these about how the producers give her all kinds of magical abilities! So, excuse you if your whining seems a bit petty and hypocritical. Either you accept that this is a fantasy show, or you apply the same standards to every character. You can’t use the “magical powers” shtick to belittle Laurel, while disregarding all the other characters unrealistic abilities…

          • Mary says:

            I corrected some of the errors in this post…

            Since you have such a problem with this particular breach in verisimilitude that you have almost insulted the webmaster, I am going to ask you how you feel about Oliver’s ability to shoot arrrows through tennis balls without missing a single one? That is something that no real archer could accomplish, I assure you! Neither is it possible for any normal human being to catch an arrow with his bare hands, as both Malcolm and Helena have done. These are only a few examples of the hundreds of totally unrealistic happenings and plot details on “Arrow”…and yet I have not seen anyone having any problems with accepting them. Maybe it is because it is Laurel that you find this plot detail so unrealistic and even (for some odd reason) contemptible?

            Since I’m positive that the posters who have been complaining about Laurel are not Felicity/Olicity fans (because that would make their posts biased!), I can’t imagine that they will mind if I offer a few examples of Felicity’s magical and totally unrealistic abilities…

            Felicity is a prime example of a Hollywood hacker, who moves her little manicured fingers over a Window’s tablet and in five minutes retrieves the information that it would take a highly skilled computer tech/hacker hours to find. She is also a card shark, a jewelry expert. as well as being adept at defusing bombs and proficient in Russian…in fact, she is a regular Mary Sue (or a Felicity Sue!). And yet, I don’t see her fans endlessly bitching on comment sections like these about how the producers give her all kinds of magical abilities just to prop her character! So, excuse you if your whining seems a bit petty and hypocritical. Either you accept that this is a fantasy show, where ALL characters have unrealistic abilities or you apply the same standards to every character. You can’t use the “magical powers” shtick to belittle Laurel, while disregarding all the other characters’ unrealistic skills….

      • Alia says:

        I’m kind of surprised that this hasn’t been said yet, but… OMG, YOU GOT TO PLAY WITH THE BOW!?! AWESOME!!! :-D

    • dryad says:

      The bow she’s using is a compound bow, most don’t require a lot of physical strength to draw. That’s the whole point of the pulley system on the bow, to make it easier to draw and hold without sacrificing the power of the shot. If she were attempting to use a recurve bow that was used by Oliver, I could see where there might be an issue with her being able to draw his bow.

  7. Justin says:

    The more Laurel is promoted, the more I don’t want to watch this show anymore.

    • enri says:

      Exactly! I’ve tried to like the character…but I can’t .

      • Justin says:

        I’ve just stopped trying at this point.

      • ruby says:

        stop watching! Oliciers think this show is about them! lol

        • Olivia says:

          I’m not an Ollicity shipper at all nor anti-Katie , and I hate the way Laurel just suddenly forced herself into the main action. Remove the fact that she’s supposed to be THE leading lady and future BC (awful idea to replace Sara, btw), does Team Arrow really need the assistance of Laurel Lance at this point? Maybe she’ll help save the city with her terrible lines (“Starling City, I know you like I know my own name!”)

        • Jess says:

          I don’t know about others, but for me, it’s Laurel that is the problem. It has nothing to do with shipping Olicity or whatever. I just haven’t grown fond of Laurel and I do not want Laurel/Oliver together at all because I feel nothing when I watch their scenes. I don’t even care who Oliver ends up with in the end. I think he’s too damaged at this point to even have an endgame and I definitely don’t see Laurel as a possibility and I never really have. I don’t find that Katie and Stephen have any chemistry and although Katie is an ok actress and is good in some scenes like with Blood and Quentin, things seem to halt when she’s in a scene with Oliver.

          I don’t want to stop watching because I think the other aspects are pretty strong. However, it is the character of Laurel that is making me personally annoyed and I feel like it’s harder to stick to some episodes when she is the primary focus, especially when they continuously keep her in the background unless they need to shoehorn her character in somewhere to remind us that she exists as the female lead. I kind of liked her last season (not with Oliver). Now I can’t stand her in most scenes. What happened?

          • Olivia says:

            To me what happened is this: While the writers are creating Laurel’s “journey,” it became glaringly apparent that she can be written off and the story could go on seamlessly. Well, except for the importance of her name to the comics. She was left out for most of season 2 and I, for one, didn’t miss her. Even Oliver, who is supposed to be her one true love, didn’t even seem to think about her all that much. I’m not shipping anyone with Oliver but I love Sara’s Canary. I just don’t think Laurel could be a better version. I’m willing to see if they could pull it off in a few seasons, but that would probably mean assassinating other characters (literally and figuratively) I’d rather see more of.

  8. Rook says:

    People should be excited about Laurel with a bow. Instead of cowering in the corner and waiting for the Arrow to save her.
    We want Laurel to be a better character, this is a start.

    • Justin says:

      What some of us want is Laurel gone.

      • Rook says:

        Well I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so the next best thing is making the character better.

        • wonderwall says:

          I’m not really interested in the writers wasting precious screen time on retconning her character. I’d be more interested in them delving into other more enjoyable things like Diggle and his years at the military, Felicity and her backstory, Thea and her ever so precarious relationship with Oliver, Sin and her backstory, etc… Laurel has had 2 seasons to grow, she’s had so much screen time at the expense of the other characters development like Digg and Felicity and quite frankly, that makes me hate Laurel more.

      • Valerie says:

        Yeah well lots wanted the character of Lindsay gone in CSI NY and she was in the series finale. Producers don’t always listen to fans however numerous and loud they are. As much as I agree that the character has many flaws and the actress isn’t the best, I go with it because I like the show.

    • JC says:

      Yes I agree, her transformation is already exciting in my opinion. I’ve been a fan since season 1 and I am waiting for her to be the Black Canary.

  9. Ms Thing says:

    I agree, Laurel has been so far underwritten. But I am open to see how her character will grow in the future. I am more tired with all of the whining of anti-Laurel / Katie. Enough of the hatred and bullying.

    • Alia says:

      You know, I’m not sure what the problem with Laurel is. I don’t really think it’s Katie Cassidy’s fault, because I’ve enjoyed her in other things, including Supernatural, in which she successfully played a tough, badass character. I think it’s a combination of bad casting (someone more believably athletic would probably be better), lack of chemistry with Stephen, really badly written dialogue, and the fact that the powers that be just don’t seem to know what to do with her ever since Tommy died. But whatever it is, it’s just not working. I really don’t want her to become Canary.

      • Alia says:

        And now that I’ve thought about it more, I think it’s really two things: the lack of chemistry with Stephen (and I don’t ship him with anyone else in particular, before someone brings that up) and the fact that the writers don’t know what to do with her this season. I didn’t mind her last season, when she had Tommy to play off of. They were actually quite enjoyable together.

        • kath says:

          I’m going to add a third thing, which is that she doesn’t know how to play “good Laurel”. She’s good in the addict scenes (I thought her comic turn at Verdant was one of her best scenes on the series).

          She’s good in scenes with Paul Blackthorne because he rehearses with her a lot and I liked her with Colin Donnell last season. Ruby on Supernatural was tough and badass and she knows how to play those kinds of characters but when Laurel is good or Katie Cassidy doesn’t know Laurel’s motivation, she doesn’t know how to play the scene and it comes off flat.

          They didn’t chemistry-test her with Stephen Amell before hiring her and it shows.

  10. Jesse says:

    Laurel is awful. Which is a shame because her character in the comics is awesome. I think it’s a combination of the acting and writing. She was so annoying and just a couple of episodes ago she starts to be strong and fearless. It’s gonna be a while before ppl like her

    • azu says:

      Agree with most things you said but 1. I disliked katie’s acting from the first moment she was introduced in season 1. 2. She is only manageable as a guest star or recurring character. 3. Her acting is so angsty and so immature. 4. Why are the writers so busy trying to force her down our throats? 5. She is the reason I’m going to first read the recap for the finale first before deciding whether to watch or not

      • Gerri says:

        you can still watch and enjoy the show just be like most of the fans out there fastforward whenever she appears, it makes the series so much more delightful

  11. Allen says:

    I’m confused by all the Laurel hate too, I’ve actually found her story pretty interesting. I actually feel like the Oliver/Felicity scenes are the forced ones…why does she always have to be 2 inches from his face when they talk? Chemistry doesn’t exist simply because two characters are forced into camera frame by breathing on eachother, but maybe that’s just me.

    • Ella says:

      THIS! Felicity being positioned two inches from Ollie’s face does NOT create chemistry. It does nothing, actually, except make me CRINGE. That they’re having to force it does not say much about the possibility of any romance naturally or organically working between the two them. Laurel and Oliver, on the other hand, can stand several feet away from each other and still have outstanding chemistry. Even their FIGHTS have chemistry.

      • Gerri says:

        you must be watching a different show because Oliver has absolutely zero chemistry with Laurel, in fact those are Stephen A worse delivered Arrow moments, just watch and really observe, KC has no connection to any character she is in a scene with, my friends (both men & women and not all Olicity shippers) survive by fastforwarding through her boring, bland, not exciting character, losing her would make the show 10 times better, right now she drags it down

      • speedy says:

        So…Oliver-Felicity were pre-nominated for best onscreen chemistry for the People’s Choice Awards. They didn’t make it to the actual nomination, but this was for their scenes back in SEASON ONE (I like Oliver and Felicity…but it took the first half of season 2 to make me root for them…I wasn’t a shipper in S1). I would disagree that anything is being forced between EBR and SA. That being said, I can understand that you don’t see the chemistry and it makes you cringe…because that is EXACTLY how I feel when Oliver-Laurel are on screen together (in Season 1, I didn’t ship Oliver with anyone…I did, however, enjoy Laurel and Tommy together). You are certainly as entitled to your opinion as the rest of us are to ours.

    • wonderwall says:

      Chemistry is in the eye of the beholder I suppose. I didn’t see any with Laurel/Oliver though. That scene literally made me want to change the channel! She’s extremely stiff around Amell and vice versa… I mean look at his face when she hugged him… It looked like he was being tortured :p

    • andrearb says:

      Gotta love how the Laurel haters use perfectly justifiable reasons to dislike her, but Laurel lovers ALWAYS have to put Olicity in the middle of their arguments.

      • comicbookfan says:

        THIS. I didn’t come on the show to ship…in fact when I read about Felicity and Oliver, I was kind of put off by it (I’ve come around to “maybe” based on some moments in S2…but honestly, I’m more on the anyone-but-Laurel-team). But what really gets me is when Laurel fans chalk up the criticism of the character to Olicity shipping. No, I think there is a real problem with Laurel-as-a-character as a literature/creative writing major. She has been inconsistently written, and while I can see they are trying to “fix” it (which I commend them for), I think it has made things worse. They wrote her a pill-popping, alcoholic storyline that had potential, but then she recovered from it overnight. Then, they wrote her as angry at her sister and Oliver which is perfectly justifiable, but then suddenly she’s dishing out relationship advice. They wrote her a kickass early in S1, beating up Max Fuller, and then several times after that, she plays the damsel-in-distress. Now, they’re writing her as saving Oliver’s ass. Yeah…I think I’m done trying to figure out who she is supposed to be, and I’m certainly done trying to invest in her development and care.

        Give me Sara Lance as BC any day.

        • JC says:

          Hahaha yes count me as another one on the anyone-but-Laurel team. My Arrow OTP is Oliver/not!Laurel. :D

  12. Allison says:

    Tune in next week as the writers of Arrow but the coffin to bury their terminal show in.

    This show is like the death of a young person who had potential and something to offer the world but died before their time. If the writers cared as much as the fans, they could have avoided this mess.

    • johnhelvete says:

      I don’t really care for Laurel and think the actress is mediocre at best. However, it is frankly insulting to imply that the writers do not care about their own show as much as the fans. There are comments all over the place for every show that picks apart minor details, “plot holes” and “jumping the shark” etc. If I wrote for a TV show, I would never go on twitter or a message board to see what the fans are saying about the show.

      • johnhelvete says:

        Forget to mention another one that message board fans love to bring up “lazy writing”.

        • Allen says:

          I completely agree with you! I can guarantee that the writers care more about this show than the fans, it is their livelihood after all. I’m just glad some of my favorite shows were around before the height of message boards, I cringe at the thought of all the “fans” complaining about Buffy.

        • There has definitely been lazy writing. This is a truthful criticism.
          Doesn’t mean the show isn’t still enjoyable.

          But the show being enjoyable doesn’t mean the writing isn’t lazy at times.

      • Allison says:

        It may be insulting but it is true. The writers have said they don’t plan things out. They don’t know their characters histories well enough so they have not just plot holes but plot craters. A casual viewer could probably write well enough to fix many of their glaring mistakes.

        Let’s talk about one with Laurel. They keep having her speak crap about knowing Oliver better than anyone else does. She doesn’t know the most important aspects of his life. The writers use dialogue to brainwash you to believe Laurel “knows” Oliver while if you watch the show you can see the truth which is she doesn’t.

        Arrow writers are some of the worst in the business. Fans always find things to complain about regardless of the show. However, Arrow could be better written by teenagers who write English assignments.

      • aunni says:

        ppl complain bcz they care, u wont see me complain abt tvd coz i stopped watching the show n dont care..its simple

        • John NYC says:

          No, people complain because they can.

          • wonderwall says:

            People complain because it’s the only way they can let their frustrations out? :)

          • sara says:

            I have to agree: people complain because they care. And I think the show appreciates that there are complaints because buzz is buzz. Even negative buzz is buzz. Look at the American Idol thread which goes up to 600 comments. I haven’t read those comments, but I’m sure there’s a lot of “whining” going on there too. You know what that means? There are a lot of people passionate about the show.

            THAT is what writers and show runners want. I’m a writer and I will tell you that while criticism STINGS more than I can verbally express, when people are passionate about the direction a story is going or invested in a character arc, it feels great. And when I read about things that aren’t working, it tells me what to change/improve on next time–assuming I’m in a good mood and willing to let go of a character or storyline…or retcon the crap out of it, which usually blows up in my face, to be honest. Feedback is helpful, period. Now, of course the writers/showrunners aren’t reading through this thread, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be allowed to talk about what is working/not working for them. I think the showrunners/actors/writers appreciate that there is buzz for their show….when an article link has lots of comments, aren’t you more inclined to click on it to find out why? I know I am, even when I don’t watch the show…and there are a few I’ve checked out because of the buzz surrounding it.

  13. Mark says:

    The thing about these pics are for me –all season we have been building to this battle with Oliver / Black Canary and now the action starts Sarah is Awol what has been the point of building Sarah’s character only to have her run off at the last minute to make Laural shine. To easy and lazy I mean we all know Laural has to become Canary want it or not but why waste a whole season building a character only to assinate it because her character would be to fight, not run….

  14. ruby says:

    Seriously, Laurel haters are whinny and immature children! lol the show is not bad you only think that because the fan service is not happening! LOL at your faces! this show is called Arrow! not Olicity! yeah i ship Laurel and Oliver but i do not watch only for that! this show is one of the best on tv! you are ridiculous! annoying shippers

    • Liz says:

      Not one of the people in this thread have mentioned any sort of “shipping” with Oliver. No one has said they hate Laurel because they love Olicity. Yet here you are. Bringing shipping into a conversation. Yelling at annoying “shippers” when that has zero to do with any of the actual comments. And yet the “Oliciters” are the ones stirring the pot.

      • andrearb says:

        Laurel stans always try to use the “only olicity shippers hate Laurel” when no one ever uses that to justify their hate.

        • ruby says:

          And people like you and yes some olicity fans always try to find reasons to hate Laurel!

          • wonderwall says:

            Hating Laurel for the sake of hating laurel is wrong, but if they have valid reasons for hating her then I don’t see why that’s a problem? And from what I can see, almost everyone on this column who doesn’t like Laurel has a reason.

          • andrearb says:

            Except that everyone has given justifiable reasons to dislike her. Nice try, though.

          • Kate says:

            Yep keep trying¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ You Laurel fans always chalk up the criticism of the character to Olicity shipping. no to why there people who had perfectly justifiable reasons to dislike her , I think there is a real problem with Laurel as a character . She has been inconsistently written, and while I can see they are trying to “fix” it , I think it has made things worse. They wrote her a pill-popping, alcoholic storyline that had potential, but then she recovered from it overnight. Then, they wrote her as angry at her sister and Oliver which is perfectly justifiable, but then suddenly she’s dishing out relationship advice. When she can’t even save her own relationship with Oliver and Tommy in the first Place. But keep reaching like Always.

      • ruby says:

        Well i can bring any subject on a comment section! And don’t bring the victim card here, Olicity fandom hates Laurel and it’s a fact! I have seen many olicity fans bashing the character and worse katie!

        • wonderwall says:

          “Olicity fandom hates Laurel” Here you’re basically implying that everyone who supports Oliver/Felicity hates Laurel. Then you go on to say “I have seen many Olicity fans bashing the character”, MANY. Not all. Please stop generalizing.

          I support Oliver/Felicity’s relationship. But I don’t bash. And the fact that you think I do (as a result of that sweeping statement you made there) kind of offends me.

          This is why we don’t generalize a group of people and marginalize the people who actually share thier valid concerns in an adult manner.

          • ruby says:

            Please, hate comes from someone! The hate exists, even for the actress!!! Who is hating then?? Yeah i know not everyone who is olicity hates Laurel but you know that some Olicitys sent hate right? do you know tvd fandom? Delenas and klarolines are the same!

          • wonderwall says:

            I agree. The hate exists. But not everyone in a ‘fandom’ does it. Which is why you should stop generalizing. Also, how do you know they were all Olicity shippers? Unless you checked every single one of them then you can’t say that.

            Just please stop generalizing. It inspires hate and vitriol. And stop trying to make all of the Olicity shippers look like demons. While some of them are immature (I mean every ‘fandom’ has their fair share of immature brats), not all of us are.

            I’m starting to think that this is a CW thing…

          • ruby says:

            I am not generalizing. I know not everyone hates Laurel because they ship Olicity, but a large fanbase of the respective ship hates Laurel just because she is in the way! I am sorry but some people are always trying to give reasons to hate her that are not valid, like Laurel giving orders to team Arrow when none of that happened, she wanted to talk with Oliver!! What is wrong about that? If you have a tumblr, you will clearly see the amount of hate this character has..I don’t judge all Olicity shippers but the ones who hate Laurel and the actress are the ones who make other Oliciters look bad, not me!

        • Olicityfan says:

          I’m on Tumblr, and I really feel the need to come out and defend the Olicity fandom. Most of us do NOT consider Laurel a threat. We see what we see, and we believe in our ship…we focus on Oliver-Felicity, not Laurel, just as Lauriver shippers do not consider Felicity a threat. There is not a single thing about Laurel on my dash–there is, however, a lot of Oliver-Felicity-Diggle GIFS, art, and fanfics. And I would say the same is true for all the blogs I follow.

          The Olicity fans who bash Laurel/KC are in the minority. Please stop chalking up dislike for this character to a fandom that is actually pretty awesome most of the time. Most of the posters who mention their dislike for Laurel are saying they are not shippers…so why is Olicity still getting the brunt of the blame?

          (Hmmm…my first time on a message board, and now I think I’ll just stick to what shows up in my dash to escape all this unwarranted Olicity hate). Olicity fan out!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Try not to lump us all in one basket. I cannot stand Laurel and I don’t ship. Ever. Not this show or any show, no no no, never :-)

    • Marz says:

      Not everyone who dislikes Laurel ships Olicity. I personally prefer Felicity and Oliver as friends, but I can’t stand Laurel. I used to think that if the writers just gave her something to do, I would like her, because it’s hard to like any character who’s main purpose was a
      point in a love triangle. Now that they’ve moved past that and have started to give her this arc, I realized I just don’t like her. I don’t think she adds anything to the show that isn’t already covered by other characters, something which was proven to me when the writers reduced her to brief appearances during her recovery. We already have Diggle and Felicity to be Oliver’s friends and partners, Sara for the love interest and superhero stuff, Det Lance for anything to do with the law. The only way the writers can make Laurel useful is to somehow make the other characters incompetent or just hand Laurel the information with no real justification. They could get rid of Sara to make Laurel the Canary, but I really hope they don’t do that. I personally would resent Laurel even more for replacing a beloved character, and I don’t think I’m alone if the comments are anything to go by.

    • Just out of curiosity, why do you think Laurel deserves to be with someone who has screwed her own sister, behind her back, while they were dating, on multiple occasions? (And also slept with his father’s mistress and has a secret baby somewhere)

      • Gotta say, all of what I just wrote makes me hope Felicity finds someone nicer than Oliver. He’s a decent guy overall, less so in the bedroom … but I like Felicity enough that I think she deserves better than “decent”.

      • Jon says:

        That’s nothing compared to the list of comic book Oliver’s sins. The writing is just being true to the character of Green Arrow. Though in the comic he eventually changed his womanizing ways.

        • Hey, it’s Ollie’s “right” to be a douche when it comes to relationships — I still find the character interesting and still like Stephen’s portrayal of him.
          What I’m trying to point out is the utter stupidity of a woman who comes to post on TVLine and hates that some people want Oliver to end up with Felicity, but thinks she’s some kind of nouveau feminist for loving the “wonderful love story” of Laurel and Ollie. As pointed out several places elsewhere, HE CHEATED ON LAUREL. WITH AT LEAST TWO WOMEN WE KNOW OF — including HER OWN DAMN SISTER!

          Frankly, if you’d want someone to end up with a guy like that … you are either kinda gross, or just really dense.

      • wonderwall says:

        Maybe the reason Oliver has sex with almost every woman on screen is because he’s trying to compensate for the 5 years he didn’t :p Damn that’s a long time not to have sex.

      • Amber2 says:

        I think the toxic backstory is the big mistake the writers made. It doesn’t matter how good/bad/ average Katie is as Laurel, I can’t buy into her “story”. Story is powerful and that’s why there is so much angst over the show And we have these fandom debated. It doesn’t matter who we “ship”, a story that has the lead character betraying his “love interest” in so many fundamental ways, loses me. If Laurel was an intelligent, together woman she wouldn’t keep going back there – even if she still loved Oliver as a friend- unless it was another form of addiction. But then it would be addiction, not love. I think that Oliver needs to be redeemed relationally but if it happens with Laurel the story won’t have an underlying sense of truth. I like Oliver and Felicity together and my husband totally ships them (giggle). I think Felicity would make a great saviour for Oliver but even if the writers don’t do down that path, the story would lack truth if the endgame is Laurel.

  15. Bri says:

    Laurel fan here. I’m ready for her to become the Canary already!! With that said, there is NO WAY she could pull the strong back on Ollie’s bow!! Bow tension is something you set to a personal level. A buff man would have a much higher tension than an average lady could pull. Something like this normally wouldn’t bother me, but it’s a show with massive amounts of archery! I can believe in Mirakuru, but not a girl pulling back The Arrow’s bow, lol.

    • dryad says:

      The bow she is using is a compound bow, designed to not require a lot of physical strength to draw. It doesn’t take much effort to draw and hold, thanks to the pulleys.

      • aunni says:

        when general ppl will watch the show, will laurel explain on screen that folks its a compound bow..!!!

  16. sladewilson says:

    It’s hilarious how many folks especially on this site absolutely hate the character of Laurel Lance. It’s not so much people hate Katie but y’all have a serious hate on Laurel… I don’t get it. To be honest, the one character that annoys me to abnormal heights is Thea. Ugh, that child just grates my nerves but I love Willa. She’s a good actress. Plus, let’s be really clear – the writing and plotting this year is LIGHT YEARS above last season. I got a news flash kids – you can actually tolerate Laurel and still ship Ollie and Sara and it’s okay. I know, unbelievable right? Well, it’s true. You can still ship Ollie and Felicity too! OMG, now he’s just speaking crazy!!! Arrow has improved across the board – give them their due and stop holding onto old grudges…. Enjoy the fun, kiddies…

    • kath says:

      I thought the writing was great up until the Christmas break. But after Three Ghosts, it’s gone downhill like crazy to service the Lance sisters storylines.

      The problem is that the way they write Laurel, how special she is, how she understands Oliver like no one else does, ruins the character of Oliver.

      In the last episode, Oliver told Laurel that he wanted to tell her every day that he was the Arrow. Really? When he was having sex with Sara and asking her to live with him, he was wanting to tell Laurel his deepest secret?

      That Oliver, such a douche and scuzzbag. When he’s in a relationship with Laurel, he’s sleeping with Sara and any other girl he can bag. And when he’s with Sara, he’s thinking about how special Laurel is.

  17. Claire says:

    Ugh, Laurel again? Look, I like almost everything else about the show, but Laurel is the weak link and for some reason they always circle back to her. On paper, she’s great – she has the combination of goodness of heart (Felicity) and strength/badassery/willingness to stand up to Oliver (Sara) that Oliver needs – but onscreen? The actress, and the details of how they’ve played out her story arc, have made her completely unsympathetic to me. UGH.

  18. Jared says:

    I LOVE seeing Laurel with the bow. I’m really liking her storyline with team arrow towards the end of the season.

  19. Glenda says: I on a “Robsten” post.?..all the hate…people..Clue: .it’s a fictional fun show about superheroes that include the character of Laurel becoming Black Canary..The creators and writers have story plans for 25-50 episodes outlined. .you can suggest positive changes you want without hating on what you don’t. j/s

  20. kath says:

    Knowing how divisive a character Laurel is, why do they put out promo pictures featuring her so prominently? There seem to be a lot of people ready to give up on the show, it’s hard to believe the producers can believe these pictures will make them eager to tune in.

    That first picture is great though… Laurel in her bright red target jacket, standing separating Oliver from his Team, So much said about the way the show is going in just one photograph.

    I’m glad Kreisburg is excited for it because this doesn’t excite me at all.

    • wonderwall says:

      I think they’re using it as a test to see if people’s opinion about Laurel is changing and use the ratings for next week to be any indicator. If viewership rises, then I think they’ll take it as a positive sign towards Laurel, if it declines then they’ll think the opposite??? I think that’s the only way to explain it!

  21. wonderwall says:

    While I’m not a fan of Laurel, by any means she’s not really on my radar at this point (maybe it’s because I really don’t care about her and her so called ‘development’ at all).

    I do have one concern I’d like to voice though. While I didn’t like that Laurel practically forced herself into the team, I’ve learned to accept that she did because it’s basically a part of who she is. She’s stubborn and can’t stay away from the action. However, when I saw the first image it sort of worried me. I really don’t like the distance between Oliver and his team in it. It just doesn’t feel right!They’re usually huddled up and awesome. Which makes me worried that Laurel’s probably going to get in between Oliver and the team at one point. I also don’t really think Digg and Felicity like her, you could just feel the steeliness between them in the foundry. I truly hope this doesn’t happen because we only just got our trio back!

    Also, I’m surprised at all the hate going on in this column. YOU GUYS. NOT EVERYTHING IS ABOUT SHIPPING. Let’s not generalize and blame all the Olicity/Lauriver shippers. It’s a childish thing to do. Instead how about we have a nice adult conversation? How does that sound?

    • Gerri says:

      This isn’t about shipping. the truth is tptb could kill the show with too much LL the numbers drop drastically whenever the Lame Lance sisters are highlighted, LL is a losing plot line, KC is not a good fit, she is a weak actress and is not the least bit believable, her fans are limited, she needs to be reduced to a guest star tye of role not highlighted, she brings down the show’s momentum, most people fastforward through her painful and inane screen moments, she is not an asset to the story, also the problem is she has zero chemistry with Oliver and anyone else on the show

      • wonderwall says:

        At the risk of sounding ignorant, what does TPTB mean? I’ve seen it a lot and I’ve always wondered what it meant. But no, I do share your concerns. I wasn’t talking about the people who are respectfully voicing their opinions, I was talking about the people who are making this about ships (Ruby is one of them). And it’s not about ships :/

      • neatbow says:

        I think they know they run the risk of a ratings drop when they feature Laurel/Lance sister. They must have anticipated “Birds of Prey” would not be well-received, because that was one of the episodes almost the entire cast live-tweeted. So…I definitely think they are wary about featuring the Lance sisters too prominently.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        I agree about the Laurel stuff but the Sara heavy eps have been some of the best this year Crucible,League of assassins,Heir to the demon and the promise

  22. [shrug]
    I’m looking forward to the 2-hour finale.

    At this point, Laurel, Sara, Felicity and Amanda Waller can be in a pile of bodies by the finale, and I’d still watch next season, just to see what happens next.

    Sometimes, the writers let me down … but usually, I’m very satisfied at the end of the hour.

  23. Cala Lilly says:

    ….. No one else things SLADE is the one ruining this show? WOW. His ENTIRE revengenda against Oliver is STUPID. Shado did NOT love him. She wasn’t even WITH him. It’s so, so stupid. Not to mention Sara and Oliver’s stupid fascination with her is dragging down the show so much. If Slade and Sara aren’t gone or dead by the finale I don’t think I can handle watching season three. I just don’t CARE about anything they’re doing and it’s making the show so hard to watch. Bring back the suicide squad! THAT was actually interesting!

    • justonething says:

      Slade is a pretty awful villain. Especially in comparison to Malcolm Merlyn, who sold the whole wife dying and wanting to rebuild the Glades storyline with so much charisma. I could understand Merlyn’s motivations…but Slade’s are just stupid. I hope he doesn’t make it past season 2. I agree he’s a terrible character, but I can’t say he’s ruining the show because he isn’t on enough…although he did kill Moira. Yep, I agree. Slade’s ruining the show.

  24. Justin says:

    I’m not looking forward to Arrow at all anymore. I just want to see if Isabel and Sara are killed off because if they are, I’m done.

  25. Ruba Zahran says:

    looks like our precious Arrow has a habit of juggling sisters #teamSara

  26. TootyFrooty says:

    I don’t mind that people don’t like Laurel. But it’s just, some of the reasons given are just so f*cking ridiculous. I mean, really? It’s like some people are meticulously searching out reasons to hate on her. It’s pathetic.

    Anyway, since Laurel doesn’t make or break this show for me, I will surely be tuning in. I’m looking forward to that father-daughter face-off.

  27. Cindy says:

    seeing these pictures with laurel are making me not to look forward to next week show. I don’t like laurel and giving her more screen time is not helping matters.

  28. chewit says:

    I love your captions Matt!

  29. rrwell says:

    I don’t like the fact that the writers know people can’t stand Laurel but they are going to shove her down our throat whether we like it or not. I know what the comics say about her but for those of us who love the show she just doesn’t fit in!!!! I don’t know if it’s her the writers or what but she just doesn’t have what the others have. I have watched since day one and own the first season on bluray but if they keep shoving her at us I don’t know if I will watch all of season 3. Oliver, Diggle and Felicity can only carry the show so far……It’s called Arrow not the Laurel show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Jake says:

    WOW, do you all need some cheese with your whine?

  31. Joey Padron says:

    Excited to see this episode next week!

  32. Liz says:

    Looking forward to Malcolm’s return! He was a great addition to the show in season 1.

  33. RichieS says:

    It is not surprising so many on here rate Katie Cassidy as a poor actress when one considers her lineage. Her grampa Jack Cassidy was in his day considered one of the biggest hams in tv and her dad David whenever faced with an acting moment just shrugged and started belting out ” I think I love you “.

  34. Hmm says:

    I think a lot of people here are neglecting to remember the training Laurel has on her own. Sure, maybe it’s not crossbow training, but Laurel’s father is a cop, and she’s no doubt had multiple self defense classes. Even in season one, we’ve seen her able to put up a decent fight. I think it’s possible she has a knack for picking up defense strategy.

    I for one am super excited about all the photos. Really looking forward to the episode and seeing Laurel be a part of the overall story again. Also curious to see if Malcolm and Ollie team up to defeat Slade. Think that will be interesting, and plausible considering Malcolm might “care” about Thea (in the loosest meaning of the term).

  35. sarah says:

    I can not wait for this episode!

  36. Kiane says:

    I’m no Olicity shipper at all. I like them as friends. I don’t feel any drawn factor/magnetism between Oliver and Laurel. Oliver and Laurel look like they’re forced to be together. Oliver had more tension with dark Helena than he did Laurel. It’s a shame what they did to Helena.

  37. Pat says:

    Looking through the photos, all I can say is that it looks like I will be going crazy. I cannot wait and I hope that this showdown will turn out great for Oliver and Company. My heart is already palpitating from anxiety waiting for the finale.

  38. RAC says:

    This fandom is so nuts. I swear I cannot go to a single message board or thread without children fighting over Laurel/Katie.

    Do you people know that Katie is a real person. You talk so vile about her like she is not. I am ashamed of this fandom. I cannot even enjoy discussing it with anyone because it’s one complete bash-fest.

    Me and my wife love Laurel, she is the smartest and most level headed one of the bunch. Yet all I hear is Laurel sucks, Katie sucks, blah blah blah.

    Most of you are acting like children. Next time you post something so hateful read it aloud to yourself. Then see how ridiculous it sounds.

    I want to enjoy my favorite show on TV but the fandom is insufferable.

    • JDC says:

      Well said RAC

    • Gerri says:

      my husband and I totally disagree with you in fact he said it best when he said they finally found something that actress can do stare blankly, watch the graveside scene in 2 x 21, no emotion, no feeling, nothing but blah she 1s like the weakest link on the show Laurel Lance may interest you and your wife I have no idea why, I know a lot of fans not shippers who fastforward through her terrible and painful delivery of lines. she has zero chemistry with anyone in the cast, epecially Oliver, focus on her Arrow and kill the series

    • wonderwall says:

      I sort of disagree with you on Laurel being the smartest and most level headed… I would describe Laurel as strong, stubborn, and incredibly stupid for going on the mission without anyone knowing. Didn’t she learn her lesson last season when Tommy died? There’s a reason why Oliver didn’t want her to go. He can’t look out for her as well as fight an army of super soldiers at the same time. In the end I think she might be more of a burden than anything else.

      I hate how Laurel didn’t think about how being there not only puts herself in jeopardy, but it puts Oliver, Digg, AND Felicity in jeopardy too. It was extremely selfish of her to go against Oliver’s wishes like that because her being there really makes it difficult for Oliver to focus on his mission. I swear to god, if Laurel is the reason Felicity or Digg gets hurt, even by proxy, I don’t think they’ll ever be able to redeem her character in my eyes again. I know that’s a sweeping statement, but it’s the truth.

    • JC says:

      Please point me to where people are “talking vile” about Katie on this post. No one that I have seen here has attacked Katie as a person. But her acting is part of what goes into creating the character of Laurel Lance, along with the writing – therefore it stands to reason that if the writing can be criticized so can the acting.

      • tvcrit says:

        I don’t get it…who has been bashing KC on this thread? Because I’ve read threads where she is bashed, and that’s not what I’m reading here.

        This happens on ALL shows, not just Arrow. What works for some doesn’t work for others (have you gone on TVD and Glee comments lately?)…and everyone should be allowed to voice their opinions. Laurel is a polarizing character, I agree, but criticizing the character is not the same as bashing Katie Cassidy. And criticizing the acting isn’t either…Writers get criticized for what they write, and actors will get hate/love for how they bring a character to life. I am a teacher and I get criticism…my husband is in IT and he gets criticism. It is a reality of any profession.

    • Despite being almost completely amoral, I would have to say Moira Queen was the most level-headed of the bunch (assuming we mean women on Arrow), and Felicity is definitely a genius compared to Laurel (but not all that level-headed).

      So … yeah. Are you really paying attention to this show? is my question.

    • You are not wrong! Thanks for posting.

  39. jack says:

    Dont like laurels character,am at this point very sick of it and I feel she is dragging this show down,but I keep watching the show for oliver,slade and other more interesting characters.

  40. abz says:

    I think that part of the reason she’s getting so much hate is because so many people loved the introduction of Sarah Lance as the Black Canary (myself included….I like both Laurel and Sarah) and they view Laurel as a threat to that which is why they’re hating on this character so much. I don’t remember seeing this much hate toward Laurel pre-Sarah.

    • JC says:

      There was hate in season one – just go back and look at some of the comment sections on season one articles. But yes, I would agree that Sara adds an extra layer to the whole thing. Sara has been a threat to Laurel’s role on the show since she came on, and Laurel is a walking talking death sentence hanging over Sara’s head (since most seem to believe she will die in order for Laurel to take over the BC role). So yes, it adds an extra layer of frustration to the whole thing, for fans on both sides. There are people like yourself who are fans of both and believe they can both coexist on the show, but I think many people like myself believe it will eventually be one or the other, whether that’s this season or down the road. And for a Sara fan like myself, the choice is obvious.

      • fanficlover says:

        I wonder about Sara: did they bring her on because KC wasn’t working in the role? Or did they always mean to resurrect her? Because I know they screen tested Caity Lotz…so they knew she and SA had chemistry, but they must have anticipated that her clicking with SA would work against KC. Honestly, I have been on a lot of boards and there is much more support for Caity Lotz at this point…I read a lot of fan fiction, and what I find most telling is that Sara Lance is much more popular there than Laurel. I know fan fiction writers are a very small percentage of the viewing population, but it’s just a trend I’m noticing (based on Twitter, fan boards, Tumblr, and fanfics) where even a character who has just been introduced, with less overall screen time, is more popular that the actress who was there from the beginning.

        I’m a huge Sara Lance fan. I love Caity Lotz in the role, but I have to agree that I may have gotten on board with Laurel if I had never met Sara. If I had to choose one–as JC has mentioned–my choice is Sara too. Caity Lotz just fits in with the rest of the cast. I love her in scenes with Roy, Felicity, Diggle, and Quentin. And the action scenes–I mean, I couldn’t ask for anything more in that department. She’s flawless as BC. But when they cast an actual martial artist in that role, they must know the backlash once they transition the role to just a “regular” actress.

        • JC says:

          I wish I knew what they were thinking when they brought Sara on, because it makes no sense to me. I mean, I am a major Sara fan, but from the perspective of trying to make Laurel’s character more accepted, it was the absolute worst thing they could ever have done. There was a huge chance, considering how disliked Laurel already was, that Sara would become more popular and thus increase the backlash on Laurel. Honestly, that’s why for a long time I thought bringing her in was a back door way of easing KC out the door. I know what they said “this is all part of Laurel’s journey” etc etc, but I figured they wanted to bring her on and see how she worked out and if she became popular (which she did), then they would find some excuse to write Laurel out. I don’t think that anymore – obviously they are still intent on keeping KC – but why go to such lengths to handicap an already unpopular character? Nothing about it makes sense to me.

          • wonderwall says:

            I’m pretty sure that if they use Sara’s character as a prop for Laurel’s journey by killing her, it’s not going to make fans like Laurel any better. It’ll probably make all the Sara fans hate Laurel even more because of it. I mean, why spend the majority of a season building her up only to kill her? I don’t want anyone to die at the expense of building Laurel’s character. That would be the absolute worst and it won’t make her anymore likable or relevant to the plot. Sorry, but just because Laurel has ‘Dinah’ in her name, doesn’t mean she’s the black canary. A name is just a name and shouldn’t hold meaning. What should hold meaning and what should matter is who the character is, what her personality is like, and what she represents. And right now Laurel is nothing like BC in the comics. It seems to me that people are so held up with her character because of her name and I think that’s stupid. A name is just a few letters strung together and that doesn’t/shouldn’t represent who a person/character is.

            I truly hope that the EPs and the writers know what they’re doing with Laurel because they’re really treading a fine line when it comes to her. There’s no room for stumbling. But if she’s heavily focused on next season, I don’t think I’ll watch. Sorry, I already fast forward all of her little scenes… Right now I don’t mind because she only takes up 5-10 mintues screen time… I don’t want to have to fast forward most of an episode.

          • JC says:

            But if she’s heavily focused on next season, I don’t think I’ll watch.
            Yeah, I think I’m there too. I said on the comments to City of Blood that if that was a sample of what we were in for next season, I’m out. That episode was kind of torturous for me.

          • speedy says:

            “City of Blood”–to me–was the worst episode of the whole two seasons. I loved Felicity and Diggle in it, but I hate mopey Oliver and it had way more Laurel than I could stand. Plus, the idea of her being part of Team Arrow just ruined it for me for the same reason. If I can’t fast forward through her scenes without missing scenes that have my favorites in them, what’s the point in watching?

            My biggest issue, though, is that they developed the team dynamic of Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle BEAUTIFULLY for most of the season, and then went in a completely different direction. They replaced what was working (for me, it’s the trio) with what wasn’t working (Laurel)…so yeah, if this is the direction they’re going in, I’m using the extended hiatus to get invested in some new shows. I hear great things about The Blacklist and Orphan Black…

            But man, am I sad about (possibly) losing Arrow!

          • JC says:

            @speedy, I think Time of Death might be worse for me, just because of how they treated Felicity’s character in that episode, plus the Lance family drama on top. But City of Blood might be second.
            Haven’t tried Orphan Black, but I’m enjoying Blacklist, though I’m currently three episodes behind. Maybe I can get caught up this weekend. :)

          • speedy says:

            Oh yes…Time of Death was AWFUL. A perfect example of how they misunderstood what Felicity fans loved about her. And that terrible Lance dinner. So it ties with City of Blood.
            Actually, City of Blood might be worse. Depends on what the next two episodes look like, but if that was the preview for next season–Laurel joining Team Arrow–I’m not watching S3…so City of Blood will be the beginning of the end and I will always look back at it and remember how much I hated it and how it shifted the course of the show into something I could no longer watch. :) I’m excited to catch The Blacklist now, thanks. Orphan Black is on Amazon so I think I’ll start that this weekend.

  41. Dan says:

    Laurel and her whiny voice is painful to watch.If the writters want to force her down our throats then am done with arrow.

  42. Paula says:

    Laurel is by far the weakest character on the show.I am really loosing interest in the show.

  43. Fran Field says:

    I watch Arrow to be entertained and I’ve noticed that whenever Laurel shows up, I stopped being entertained and started being annoyed. The character’s behavior rarely make sense and the actress’s performance is wooden at best. In many scenes, Cassidy is so distractedly bad, I find myself trying to figure out what specifically is going wrong with her acting rather then paying attention to the actual information being conveyed in the scene. My sense is that Cassidy is best at playing a sort of bitchy, tough girl as those have been her best work on the show. She is too blank when she tries to be nice or just do natural conversational moments. Her vocal acting is serviceable but her face never moves from the eyes up and the rest of it doesn’t move much other. I would guess she is frozen by too much Botox, but she seems so young for that. I watched a clip of her as Ruby on “Supernatural” and was shocked to see her entire face moving. She was actually fine in that role, but then again she was playing a rather unlikable character which seems to work better for her.

    As to Laurel claiming to know Arrow, better than anyone when she obviously doesn’t. I think that is entirely intentional. Just when she has made peace with accepting Ollie with Sara and being the Arrow, she is going to once again get the rug pulled out from under her when she learns of Ollie’s child conceived back when they were dating. I guess we are supposed to be frustrated that yet again there is another roadblock in the way to their eventual happily ever after, but yeah, it is just beyond ridiculous. The writers should never had made Laurel have a relationship with pre-island Ollie, because anyone who would have been in love with that guy was a moron. Having Laurel despise Ollie because he was playboy who toyed with his sister and got her killed on his boat would have been more then enough reason for her to hate him and it would have given their relationship a credible way forward by having her learn over time that he truly has become a different person than the one she knew.

    • JC says:

      Having Laurel despise Ollie because he was playboy who toyed with his sister and got her killed on his boat would have been more then enough reason for her to hate him and it would have given their relationship a credible way forward by having her learn over time that he truly has become a different person than the one she knew.
      I like that – that would have been a great idea.

      • zoe says:

        Fran–that was it for me too. They negated Oliver’s hero journey with that stupid speech. Basically, the gist of the speech was, “I always knew you had this in you.” Um. WHAT? Didn’t Oliver sleep with Max Fuller’s fiancé during the rehearsal dinner? And wasn’t he in a relationship with Laurel then? Then he got someone else pregnant. And he cheated on her with her sister. It sounds like he was always a playboy and this was the norm for him. So I’m supposed to believe pre-island Oliver, who got kicked out for FOUR schools (because, I assume, the guy DID know how to give up) is the same guy who risks his life for the city every night; who won’t sleep with his gorgeous IT girl/assistant who clearly has the hots for him (not a fan of pining Felicity, but it’s established she’s attracted to him) because he doesn’t want to hurt her? THIS is the same guy? So what was the point of giving him the island backstory? The five years of “nothing good” happening? What was the point of Oliver saying, in the episode before this, that he couldn’t believe in hope right when he returned for Lian Yu? Because that experience was so traumatizing and changed him SO MUCH. All that set-up and character development down the drain for the worst episode ever delivered: “I know who you are in your bones.” She didn’t even figure out he was the Arrow! Slade told her! What’s even more annoying is at the beginning, in Season 1, she says “You really have changed” and Oliver–to get her to stay away from him–says “No, I’m the same. Stay away from me.” Dear show, it’s only been two seasons. Please try to keep track of what you put on screen just LAST SEASON.

        • I think we will be talking about the “I know you like my name / my bones / my nail polish / my inappropriate choice of blazer pantsuits for crimefighting” speech and Foundry scene for YEARS to come. And how bad it was.

          • zoe says:

            Yep, pretty much. It was just so contrived, it’s hard to get over. I can buy that Oliver was always a good man, but that he would never have given up? His dad had to kill himself because even he could see Oliver WAS giving up on that life raft. I hate when shows assume the audience is stupid, and lately, Arrow has been doing that a lot–the Mirakiru cure, the secret lair, the Laurel-knowing-him-more-than-anyone crap of a speech, then showing up in a red jacket (I mean, I hated Felicity showing up at the bank in a skirt and heels in Time of Death, so wardrobe choices while on a mission are a show issue, not a Laurel issue).
            Furthermore, everyone on the show has suspected Oliver of being the vigilante. Lance did, in season 1. Diggle always gave him the side eye. Tommy asked “What happened to you on that island?” and pointed out how strange it was the vigilante showed up at a building next to a party Oliver threw. Moira, apparently, knew since The Undertaking. Felicity had her suspicions. You know who NEVER questioned it? LAUREL. (And Thea, but she never claimed to know him in his bones).
            Please stop assuming I’m stupid, Arrow. You put a smart show on the air, I paid attention…and now I’m being punished for that because I remember what they put on the screen and now they’re switching directions and wanting me to just go along with it without questioning it.

        • Fran Field says:

          That is a very good point, regarding Laurel’s speech to Ollie negating his heroic journey. Even if they are choosing to position Laurel as the person closest to him, her speech makes no sense within the context of the show thus far.

          I have to wonder where the push to through Laurel into the center of things is coming from, since it obviously isn’t working to the show’s advantage. At first I thought it might be due to contractual obligations to the Cassidy. Lately I’ve been wondering if maybe DC Comics is insisting that Laurel must be the Black Canary and Oliver’s true love.

          • JC says:

            I don’t think so. I might be wrong, but from what I’ve heard, DC Comics has been very supportive of Sara as Black Canary.

          • Amber2 says:

            I agree re the weakening of Oliver’s heroic journey. The whole point of the story so far is about how a self centred, narcissistic, rich boy becomes a hero. And it is obvious that Laurel has never had any idea about what Oliver was and is like as evidenced by her first push to have them move in together in the flashback. She ‘knew’ him then but she didn’t have a clue. It’s just really bad writing. I feel sorry for Katie as from the beginning the show runners gave her a toxic storyline. I don’t think that can be fixed by sudden turnarounds. I think the redemption of Laurel involves moving on from Ollie – completely. She can be a strong character but I don’t see how she can be strong and be with Oliver.

  44. Laurel Lance was so totally BAMF and she is slowly turning into the Black Canary, Thought it was a great episode, can’t wait for more of the development of this character and the death of another of one. Arrow is just getting better and better for me. It is about time. More and more however I finding Felicity becoming a caricature and her social awkwardness absolutely cringe worthy, her immaturity is astounding.

    • martina says:

      Felicity is immature? Hmmm. There’s something I’ve never heard before. But I have come to expect Laurel fans to put Felicity down to prop Laurel up. Seriously, what is it with Laurel fans? They either blame Olicity or attack Felicity right after touting how “awesome” Laurel is?

      • wonderwall says:

        If you look at the comments above, people literally are writing essays about how Laurel is a poor character, yet Laurel fans can’t really defend her unless they bring in Felicity or even Sara or even blaming the Olicity shippers. I’d once like to see a Laurel fan defend her without having to bring in Felicity hate. I’d like to read an insightful view about why Laurel is a likable character to them. But alas, I’m beginning to think they don’t have any/enough reasons to write such a thing.

        As for me, I could most definitely write an essay as to why I love Felicity and keep Laurel out of it. I can even write an essay about why Laurel is a terrible character and leave Felicity out of it. IDK why Laurel fans can do the same… It’s beginning to be very comical.

        • An essay? Really? What the hell would that prove. However, I’ve discussed this subject at length, so i don’t find the need to every time news item talks about Laurel to write a 2000 word review.. Also Laurel fans are sick of this constant barrage by Olicity/Felicity fans, we’ve come to realise that no matter what we say we won’t change your opinion, as you won’t with us. So really what is the point. However, I have noticed as Laurel has dark period has come to an end more and more fans are either loving Laurel or voicing their opinion.

          I also notice that the level of intensity of issues around Laurel seems to be when there is a threat to certain a ship. Yes Olicity fans have been theorizing the problems with Laurel, however everything they have predicted about Laurel has failed to come true. That’s because until now they didn’t think Laurel was going to play a big role in Arrow. Well wake up and smell the roses, as Laurel is becoming the Black Canary, she’ll continue to have story lines (something Felicity doesn’t really have) so the get the hell over it.

          On a final note, I bet EBR must be truly disappointed at the comments made by the fans that follow her. So I suggest to these fans that you take some notes out of her book and be more humble and accepting of others, and leave the hate at home.

  45. Trish says:

    Seriously? Ok a few things: When did it become bullying to dislike or be sick of a character? That’s a pitiful excuse to get people to stop hating on FICTIONAL entities or essentially bend to your will. You’re basically labeling real people and bullying them as well. REAL PEOPLE. All I know is, I’m beyond pissed that this chick that I’ve grown completely apathetic toward, is now all up in the mix of the ONLY reason I watch the show. My holy trinity, Oliver/Digg/Felicity, original team Arrow is why I watch. Two season’s later and I still can not relate or tolerate this Laurel chick. With each iteration they give her, she becomes even less appealing and more annoying. And this would be fine if the show would ease up on their obsession with her. I mean, I get it, it’s a comic book thing, ok, fine. But guess what, I’m a television viewer, I don’t care about the damn comic books or what happened. All I know is that I have NEVER been the type of fan to like who I’m ‘suppose’ to like on a show. Nor will I apologize or feel guilty for liking what makes me tune in. At the end of the day, now that my Moira is dead, Felicity & Diggle are all that I care about. They can kill every single character on this show except these two and I wouldn’t bat an eye. Kill either one of these people and Arrow would be a faint memory for me. But a few things to note, the show should really stop telling the audience things that simply do not match up to what is shown. And if you have to explain so much in EP interviews, you’re not telling the story properly. Just my opinion.

    Here is what I see, Laurel being BC after caving so early on and making Sara such a good one, epic fail for Laurel’s viability in that role with the Arrow fandom. Shoving Laurel down our throat and showcasing primarily her during a time that should be about Moira’s violent murder and the villain that killed her should be Team Arrow’s only focus, also epic fail. This is not the time to spend more episodes trying to make me give a damn about Laurel. I resent it. Slade just infiltrated the lair and killed Moira, WTF does that have to do with this character? I will never get this logic. Furthermore, her presence in the lair could have been fine, but what happens as soon as she’s there? It’s all about more Laurel drama, she dismisses two fan favorites like they were somehow the interlopers to the lair, the place that is home to their little family dynamic, another epic fail. Add that to the fact that Felicity & Digg have served as family to Oliver, moral compasses, and his conscience in his quest to be something more from day one…having her waltz in there with that ridiculous speech about how well she knew him, was just too contrived/forced. She has no clue who post island Oliver is or she would have picked things up about the changes in him just as Moira did. RIP Moira Queen. I need to see this character show some humility, because she just comes off as someone with a stick up her bum and better than others when everyone else is focused on heroism, selfless acts, and fighting bad guys for a greater good. Meanwhile she comes off as all about me around so many heroes. I mean look how easily she felt she could just walk in and expect to be the one to “be his eyes and ears”, WTF did she think Digg & Felicity have been doing for almost two years? Cut the sense of entitlement. Then they give Oliver that great line, “This started with the three of us, and that’s what we need to go back to”, two minutes later, they insert her in there anyway. Just, no. If they want to keep this character, she just can’t be all over the place, This is not a show about her. This is a show about the journey of Green Arrow, that is what I signed on for. Not the Arrow & the-maybe-one-day BC, show.

    Arrow has got to find a balance between character driven stories, a balanced show, and action. Agents of Shield has managed to really pull through in this regard. No one cares or even knows who the ‘leads’ are over there, because it doesn’t matter. That is how well the ENTIRE CAST is written for on that show. Maybe that’s the problem with Arrow, no one should CARE who the leads are because it’s so damn well written for each and every character. THIS is the problem I have with Arrow. Stop trying to tell me who the hell to love or watch for. And I’m sorry, but anyone who is arrogant enough to tell people, “If you don’t like it, stop watching, clearly isn’t paying attention to the rate at which Arrow is loosing viewers. I’ve also heard the arguments of, I don’t know why more people aren’t watching this show, it’s that damn great. I agree, at times it is, but guess what? People are tuning out more and more because there is no consistency. Everyone has a reason. Discrediting fans because of their reasons, is silly. The show needs all the fans they can get, so they need to stop with the heavy handing writing, over-the-top plot points, and write a BALANCED damn show for all. Spending episode after episode on fixing one character gets very old, very fast and in the end builds resentment for fans of other characters that are left without any character development or story-lines. Just my honest opinion. P.S. Are we ever going to get back to Diggle & H.I.V.E? Or was there no room to add that this season along with Felicity’s back-story? I know more about Isabel than I do Felicity at this point. Yet I’m sure we’ll be given room on the show this season to see Laurel break a nail onscreen if the show-runners felt it would endear her to the fans.

    • JC says:

      I wish there was a “like” button for posts like this. ;)

    • kath says:

      ITA. I wish the EPs would realize how much of the audience feels this way.

    • maria says:

      This is it for me. The more they push her in a way that handicaps other characters (I find it very hard to believe that Oliver would revert to the same person he was after Tommy died, give up the Arrow, and leave Thea to grieve alone, but when I saw that cringeworthy foundry scene, I realized they had to bring Oliver down so they could prop Laurel up and write her the most contrived speech I’ve ever heard), the more I just want her gone–it’s one thing to develop her character, but to ask Oliver’s partners, who have been by his side for two years to leave and then to have her be the one to convince him to fight back? It’s beyond ridiculous. Sure, Laurel fans will argue the epic love, but the show hasn’t shown us that! They’ve shown us that Oliver cheated on her repeatedly, got someone else pregnant, hooked up with her sister and asked her to move in with him, told her he gives up on her, etc. While almost everyone else suspected Oliver (Lance and Tommy in S1…Diggle and Felicity were suspicious, and Moira knew), Laurel had no clue! She had to be told, but she’s claiming she knows him. It’s such shoddy writing.
      They did it again when Laurel “saves” Oliver when he had those explosive arrows in the first place; why didn’t he use them when he saw the soldier? Because he HAD to be incompetent, so Laurel could save him. Please, show. The moment you make Oliver a moron, repeatedly, at the expense of your most problematic character, you’ve lost me. Honestly, I’m done. The showrunners might be in love with Laurel, and I have no doubt she has her fans. I’m just not one of them.

  46. Amber2 says:

    Yes, it seems like the show runners are suffering from a weird form of schitzophrenia when it comes to their character arcs. They are brilliant people and in the past have crafted some edge-of-my-seat viewing but they, to pardon the pun, seem to have lost the plot!

  47. Mary says:

    A typical tumblr anti-Laurel meme:




    Posted in the #laurel lance tag, which is supposed to be for the fans (and there are a few. believe it or not!).

    I am fully aware that many of the commentators here are not at all Olicity shippers, and hence have no ulterior motives whatsoever with their criticism (apart from wanting to tell the world how much they dislike Laurel and what a failure Katie Cassidy is). However, as far as parts of tumblr goes, this is a pretty accurate description of why Laurel shouldn’t even be on the show…

    • anca says:

      And, yet again, although we are not all shippers and this is a TV forum, the Laurel fans have brought up OIicity and the Tumblr wars. Bravo. You’ve really made your case. Thanks for the non-contribution to the conversation.

  48. Mary says:

    I get the impression that some fans are getting so extremely upset about Laurel’s ability to draw a bow (in a promo pic!) that they have to go on long rants about how terrible she is and how she is being “shoved” into the team (while the other team members had to go through a lenghty apprenticeship to qualify…NOT!). Therefore I thought I’d make a list of highly unrealistic abilities displayed by the OTHER characters on “Arrow”, as well as some fantastical plot details that could never have happened In Real Life:

    Arrow can fly between buildings, but actually carries no cable with him. Especially in season 1 episodes.

    Sara can spiral down from great heights like an aerial acrobat, but never carries any ribbon with her.

    Felicity can pull up stuff in literally a few strokes on the keyboard, when realistically hacking would need more keystrokes than that.

    Mirakuru can heal you right before your eyes.

    Arrow can shoot an arrow dead on and stop an rocket launcher. (Season 2 Ep 04 Crucible)

    Felicity has the strengh to pull the string from Oliver’s bow in 1×14 (The Odyssey) when Oliver himself had to splash a lot of water bowls before he gain the enough strengh to do that

    Felicity can defuse a bomb after reading about it on the Internet once.

    Felicity apparently can’t hack a Spanish language phone but can hack a Russian language database although she has shown no indication of knowing Russian.

    Mirakuru and the fact that it can bring people back from the dead. Mirakuru and the fact that, despite healing Roy’s shot through hand, it couldn’t heal Slade’s eye.

    Now I’ll just sit back and listen to you whine and moan about these totally unrealistic abilities for a while….And if you don’t find anything to complain about, I will enjoy seeing you explain why you don’t find anything wrong with these examples, while still being indignant and snarky about how the horrible, horrible is Laurel is able to shoot a bow and thus having the audacity to save Oliver’s ass for the third time this season!

    • kath says:

      It’s not that Laurel can pull a bow, that’s the latest manifestation. It’s that the show is putting her into special snowflake status.

    • Brigid says:

      Felicity pulled a bow but never shot an arrow. I’m pretty sure she would have failed miserably if she had. I mean, they even showed Roy being terrible at it.

  49. Anissa says:

    Really?! Felicity is about to go do a major operation and she wears heeled booties? Yes I know she’s not going to fight, but running seems like something she could very likely need to do…sure she looks all Alias spy but come on, she knew this was happening. It’s not like she was drafted at the last second (like Laurel, who while wearing a less than ideal pantsuit, at least is in flats). Plus she’s not exactly known for her coordination skills…

    • Brigid says:

      Okay…the show is really awful at getting their ladies dressed for any mission. Felicity shows up at the bank in Time of Death in a pencil skirt; Laurel shows up in a bright red coat; Sara wears a push-up bra in her Black Canary costume. Doesn’t matter what they’re doing so long as they look good.

  50. Mary says:

    Oh, I forgot two major unrealistic abilities pertaining to bows and arrows:

    Helena and Malcolm are able to catch flying arrows with their bare hands.

    Oliver has such an amazing aim that he can shoot arrows through tennis balls without missing a single one (something a real archer is NOT able to do!). In general, I would say that Oliver’s perfect aim is totally unrealistic by real world standards.