American Idol Top 5 Results Recap: Shake It Up Baby Now! A Twist -- and a Shout!

photo-5Ugh, is there anything worse than a “shocking twist” in a reality competition series? I mean, I turned on American Idol‘s Top 5 results show tonight with the  semi-comforting knowledge there was a four-out-of-five chance I’d wind up shaking my fist at my television set — and possibly sending a strongly worded tweet to @JLo. (#iloatheyamami?)

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That said, I believe in one elimination per week — whether or not I agree with the vote — and I do not fancy the Judges’ Save, either.

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Here’s how it was supposed to play out:

* a Ford ad with the contestants all looking more stylish and relaxed than they do on stage
* a perfectly inoffensive performance from Keith Urban
* Randy Jackson, imitating one of the adults on The Peanuts cartoons
* either Sam, Caleb, Alex, Jessica or Jena experiencing his or her own personal “Red Wedding” — without approximately 97% less bloodshed and 22% more crying
* safe or eliminated, a shank-eyed stare from J.Lo toward Jessica Meuse — just because

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But nope, Ryan Seacrest kicked off the telecast telling us “a game-changer will happen live on this stage tonight” — one that none of the contestants would see coming.

Yep, because the Airport Hangar of Doom and the Psychological Torture of Rush Week weren’t enough, executive producer Per Blankens added another layer of terror on the Season 13 Top 5, asking them to make the following decision:

* Vote “yes” to keeping the group together for an additional week — and then to eliminate two singers next Thursday
* Vote “no” and send one person home tonight

Ryan began the tally with three “yeses,” the paused dramatically before continuing the tally. Jessica shook her head in dismay. Votes No. 4 and 5 were “nos.”


(Yes, you can now vote me off the island for using a Randy Jackson catch phrase.)

“I’m surprised — maybe that’s just me,” sighed J.Lo, who I’m sure reached her position of global superstardom with a kumbaya, “everyone’s a winner,” “I’m putting myself last” attitude.

“Jeez,” grumbled Harry Connick Jr., because that’s presumably what was on his cue card.

And then Ryan delivered the denouement: Sam Woolf received the lowest number of votes, and was therefore headed home — the correct decision, to be sure, but one that somehow felt a little nauseating in light of the emotional waterboarding we’d just witnessed. (Snap poll: Would we have gone through all this ridiculousness had Jessica been the lowest vote-getter? Discuss!)

I mean, if the producers really wanted a feel-good bit of drama, why not have the contestants choose between eliminating one of their own, or eliminating human barnacle Randy Jackson from his mentor position?


Somehow, I suspect Uncle PB to leak to TMZ that the entire outcome tonight was Jessica’s fault. (Dammit, they’re just determined to make sure she doesn’t get her hometown visit to SLAPOUT, AL, aren’t they?)

What did you think of Top 5 results? Were you dismayed or impressed by the “no” votes? And who do you think cast ’em? Take our poll below, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Danny says:

    That was an interesting twist. I liked it. My guess is Jessica and Sam voted no. She was shaking her head. I’m guessing Sam knew he was in the bottom 2 and didn’t want to be saved again. I think I would have voted no too.
    Though early on I was for Sam and Majesty, as the show went on I think the top 4 are the right ones. Whoever wins it now, I’m more than ok with.

    • If they are smart, and I think they are, I think Caleb and Jena knew they were safe this week 100% and decided to not take a chance about next week. Next week something can go horribly wrong and 2 of them would be gone and not the person selected tonight. There are too many variables and they played it the right. It maybe could have been Alex as well, but I really think it was the people that thought they were the most safe and that’s Caleb and Jena.

      • Danny says:

        But those 2 seemed to be more of the social ones. Jessica in the past has just bolted when sent to safety. Sam I felt just wanted to be out of there. I’m pretty sure it’ll come out how they each voted. I hadn’t really considered your angle. You could be right too. While I’m sticking with my opinion for now, I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

        • Joe says:

          Danny – I also think it was Jessica and Sam. She seems to be in it for herself and not as connected to the other singers and I think Sam wanted off the island if it were him.

          • Danny says:

            Joe- I’m glad someone is wrong with me. Apparently it’s been confirmed that Jena was one of the No’s. I’m not sure of the other one. I agree with your logic on why it would have been Jessica and Sam though.

          • Keith says:

            You are in it for yourself,it’s an individual contest

          • Some chick says:

            Jena and Sam were the no answers

          • AlyB says:

            I have to say I’m sick to death of people ascribing malice to every facial expression Jess makes. If she’s serious faced its because she’s hateful, if she’s smiling she doesn’t care about the other contestants, if she’s straight faced she’s aloof and disconnected. So many here have bought into the b@&$h edit the producers have foisted on her. It’s every bit as wrong as the heartthrob package they pushed on Sam that made him so uncomfortable he couldn’t relax into his music. These are all young people working hard to make their dreams come true. Jess included. She seems to get on with them all just fine. They all look nervous on the block and relieved when they’re saved. It was Jena and Sam that voted no. I’m glad they did. I don’t hold the votes yes or no against any of them. They’re all doing the best that they can. The producers are the evil ones. Putting them in this position was awful and wrong.

          • AlyB says:

            Ooops I had Sam on the brain. It was Jena and Alex, not Jena and Sam. I don’t hold it against them. I’m actually glad that they stopped this ridiculous attempt to circumvent the will of the voters. Why have us vote at all if they’re just going to keep saving the person we send home? There’s a discussion below about being benevolent by letting people stay another week. Well I get that view and see why some would have felt pressured to vote yes but honestly, a week in that pressure cooker knowing two were getting knocked out at the end of it is a brutal thing to face. The no votes spared the rest of them from having to go through that so just the one person, who should have been eliminated anyway, left instead of them all having to deal with the added stress of a double elimination. The producers should be ashamed of themselves for putting them in this position. The only wrong ones here are the producers that decided to do this.

        • Mac says:

          Chris Trondsen (PacificRim Video) reports Alex and Jena were the ones who voted no.

      • Akash says:

        Keith was devastated when they said it was Sam — he must’ve really been convinced Jessica was going home. Mark my words: the only time Jessica will see all three judges rise to their feet and clapping is when she goes home.

        • Aaron says:

          Barf – get off the “Jessica is a victim” train – it’s nauseating to read about it every week. The truth is that the judges are RIGHT about her – lovely voice, but not such a lovely performer. If she doesn’t want to take their advice that’s fine, but America doesn’t have to like her for not taking it.

          • Akash says:

            And yet America HASN’T eliminated her yet despite the judges practically begging us to each week.

          • Jill Moya says:

            Aaron…Lovely voice???? I disagree! Sounds awful to me.

          • Davey says:

            Can’t wait till she’s gone.

          • Owen says:

            It’s not just that the judges are “right” about her, it’s the presumption that they have no soul and are contracted to do whatever the producers say. These are big stars who would never have agreed to this show if part of it was duping these kids and the American public. How horribly cynical to even think this. For Slezak to infer this is wrong, insulting, and just so negative. That’s what really is upsetting. The negativity he puts out because the judges don’t agree with him and are not treating his favorite with the respect he thinks she deserves. As if telling her what they think is the truth is disrespecting her. As I pointed out last night, most of America’s other Idol bloggers agree with the judges. It’s all so stupid I’m beginning to guess he got lots of “hits” to this blog during the whole “Jennifer hates Haley” fracas, and is trying to repeat that success by drumming it up again this time with Jessica as the victim. But, again, IT IS NOT THE SAME!!

          • Kiki says:

            Gosh, I agree with this one thousand percent, and Owen, man, I wish I could give your reply post a two-thumbs up, too. What is HAPPENING to Michael Slezak? When he gets stressed about “his” contestants, the conspiracy stuff comes out. It makes me wonder if this is his M.O. in real life! I mean, it’s so freaking predictable that I suggest with all due respect and caring–and not as an insult or dig–that maybe he needs to talk to someone about using this conspiracy theory strategy as an uncalled-for defense mechanism.

            Michael, again with respect, I ask you to please get at least SOME objectivity back. How can you totally gloss over Jessica’s wooden performances? Great voice, but that’s not enough. I said this before–yes, Alex’s face doesn’t move, and Sam had issues, too–but THEY ARE/WERE NOT BEING FAVORED OVER JESSICA. And I agree with Owen–Michael, you are completely disrespectful to disregard the experience of these judges! They’re not puppets. That’s outrageous. All three of them are smart, capable people.

            And then there’s your battering ram approach to Randy (you have no idea what he’s doing off-camera). It’s so unlikeable, and as Owen said, negative. You’re taking the FUN out of this.

            Michael, please bring back the fun!!!!

          • neaorlean says:

            Yeah, that’s my opinion. To Owen and Kiki – I don’t know if you noticed, but Michael was all awesome before Annie’s recrap two weeks ago, and everybody went crazy about it for some reason, and now his recaps sound like hers. And I disagree on the lovely voice too, she doesn’t have a lovely voice, she has a somewhat unique voice and that’s why people generally either like her a lot or not at all.

          • Aaron says:

            Well, her voice may not be “lovely” to all, but I am glad I am not the only one who isn’t buying the “Haley Gate 2” that people are trying to sell. For me the main difference is that in addition to having a good voice AND being a good performer, the critiques that Haley received never seemed to have anything to do with what had just happened. In Jessica’s case they are usually spot-on. As for her still being there – I never under estimate the voting power of the south – they’ve pushed far worse contestants to the end before.

          • Kiki says:

            Country music lovers are all over–not just the South–and Jessica has the country vote all wrapped up. So it’s no surprise she’s still in.

            @Neaorlean, that’s actually really interesting…what you said about Michael coming back after Annie.

            Manufactured snark gets SO DAMNED OLD.

            Can we please just have some entertaining wit interlaced with astute critiques. Entertaining wit doesn’t involve name-calling or even sarcasm, necessarily. In fact, sarcasm is the lowest form of humor. While I love a good sarcastic remark, an overall sarcastic tone just makes me want to go to another room. Maybe it’s because I have teenagers (grin).

          • neaorlean says:

            Michael is singing the Poor Jess song with a few very loud backup singers, did anybody really think they only did the “twist” thing because it wasn’t Jess going home? What sense does that even make, just think about it. Everybody votes yes – Sam stays and Jess stays. One of them votes no – Sam goes and Jess stays, and next week she goes too (assuming she does go next week). So what do the producers have to gain from putting the weird twist “because it wasn’t Jess that was voted out this week” – if she’s going next week, she’ll go next week, but she stays this week, twist or no twist.
            @Kiki – she has the country vote, but she’s not that type of country singer that everybody that likes country listens to. Not Carrie Underwood country. And even people who like her style have a problem with her performances – she’s just not bubbly and likeable. And yeah, it’s easy to see that he changed after his week off, and not for the better. I hope we get the old Michael back soon. I agree with you 100%, that’s why I didn’t like Annie’s recrap (I refuse to call that thing a recap), some people think that making a sarcastic remark is super smart, and it could be, you know, once or twice, but the whole thing written in that manner gets old fast.

          • Danny says:

            I disagree on the judges- meaning I do think they’re bussing Jess, though this past week I thought they were fair. My reason for that is they do this to some extent pretty much every year to someone. It’s always a female too. To some degree or another they’ve done it to Elise, Haley, Siobhan, Allison, Carly, etc.
            Then add in they pick their favorites. Last year they gave a standing O to Amber when she was brutal. I’m rooting for Jena. I’d really enjoy seeing someone from Michigan win this thing. I think Jena is one of the 4 who should be in contention. Still, even I’m baffled by some of the positive praise she gets.

            Lopez is proof that lots of $$ doesn’t mean you have integrity. She’s already super rich, but didn’t she go sing for some king who hates the US? She lip syncs her songs, which is a fraud. A few seasons ago she tried to make us think a recorded performance was a live one. Why would she lie about something like that? That’s something that no one would even care about. The very next week Steven Tyler did a video to promote his new song and everyone was fine with it. She’s basically used AI to promote herself.
            I’m disappointed in Keith and Harry. I had really thought they were going to elevate Lopez and her antics. Instead it seems as if they’ve went down towards her level. They’re not totally in the moral gutter she is, but they’re closer to it than when the season started. They’re actually legitimate artists. Keith was real good last night. Why would they let trash like her influence them?

          • Matrix says:

            If it wasn’t obvious that there is a bias against Jessica before by the judges, Keith Urban’s reaction last night should tell the true story. It’s not like Lazaro made it through while someone more worthy got eliminated. You may prefer Sam over Jessica, but you have to at least admit there is comparable talent there. Jessica making it through, in no way justifies a judge collapsing face-to-table in dismay. Keith, you are a great performer, song writer and musician – but you should give up the judging gig!

          • neaorlean says:

            @Matrix (I had to scroll forever for the reply button) Being sad or disappointed that somebody is leaving doesn’t mean he wanted somebody else to leave instead. The judges have been sad and disappointed every time somebody goes home, Stop reading more into it than there actually is, they’ll be sad for Jess too. And stop making it all about her, people, this is getting on everybody’s nerves. Even people like me, who didn’t mind Jess at all, are starting to dislike her because of all the fuss and the conspiracy theories. Nobody’s out to get her.

          • Dakota says:

            But what about Sam and Alex who show not one ounce of personality or charisma? I’m not dissing them, just saying that compared to them, Jessica is a powerhouse. Just look at judges faces last night and tell me there wasn’t an agenda. Now that Sam is gone, I can live with whoever ends up winning, tho do have my 2 favs. Maybe to help you guess who they are, I’ve probably been to 70 concerts in my life and outside of an occasional James Taylor, they have mostly been Aerosmith (17), Adam Lambert (11), Stones, Led Zep, BillyIdol..heehee, Poison, and various hair bands. Okay, I’ll admit to a Tim McGraw and a Toby Keith, but only because guy I was dating was hot and very persuasive!

          • neaorlean says:

            @Dakota – Jessica is NOT powerhouse. Do you know what powerhouse is? Candice Glover is powerhouse, Jessica is not, and she gets sharp and screamy on the high, long notes, and to me she sounds like a goat with her shallow vibrato. And Alex has personality – that IS his personality. He has a strong personality that just isn’t liked by everybody.

          • Mary says:

            I like her and she’s my favorite, so what I don’t like about a lot of your comments about her is that they are so highly personal. I think all five of those people last night can sing well, and we all can have our faves. I don’t attack Jena, who I could say is a “oh, aren’t I so darn cute” kind of girl, or Caleb, or Alex, “Oh, he looks like a wooden stick up there” or “He’s not the best looker on the show” (He’s fine and looks like most people)and by saying those things I’m kind of demeaning those singers and myself. Sam just needs a course of stage skills and not by Randy (who I truly can get really mean about because he just needs to go home) Also, she’s got that “country” vote like it’s a less intelligent group of people unlike “pop” people and the “rock” people or the “artistic” people. Michael makes a living doing this and since it’s his column he can like whoever he likes. If you don’t like his comments, go read someone else. The guy at EW who hates everyone might be more your style. Also, here’s my take on JLo – she’s just inherently, and, probably unconsciously just doesn’t like women who have any sex appeal like Haley did. She likes cute little girls. AND Jessica is there because more people like her than you all who don’t. So, people, be polite.

          • Matrix says:

            To neorlean: sorry not buying it. Haven’t ever seen Keith react to an elimination this way before. And if Jess is eliminated, we will see how he responds. If he would have been equally disappointed no matter who got eliminated, his reaction would not have been so dramatic. That would make no sense. So it’s not about everyone making it about Jessica, we are just observing what’s going on and making intelligent interpretations. Could we be wrong, sure, but what you are saying makes less sense than my interpretation. By the way, I’m not big on there being a big conspiracy, but I do feel the judges individually have a higher bar for Jess than the others

          • neaorlean says:

            @Matrix – thing is, you simply can’t know how these people think about each other – maybe Keith just liked Sam a lot and he wanted him to stay one more week, but that doesn’t mean he’d rather Jess was voted out, who’s saying anything about her anyway? He might’ve wanted Alex to go instead, why are we all not talking about Alex? Jennifer Lopez was sad to see CJ go, because she liked him, not because Jessica should’ve left instead. Her fans make it all about her, and we’re all just tried of the drama.

          • neaorlean says:

            How they feel* about each other, sorry, today I sound like I see English for the first time.

          • Matrix says:

            @neaorlean: You may be right with your theory and you are definitely right that we can’t know what the judges are thinking. But it’s hard for me to believe Keith would have really wanted Caleb, Jena or Alex (and not Jessica) to go given his commentary.

          • neaorlean says:

            @Matrix – I guess, but I just think that if Keith (or anybody, for that matter) didn’t want Sam going home, it wasn’t because they wanted Jess to go home instead, it was because they just didn’t want Sam to go home. Problem is, and that’s why we had last night’s drama, that TPTB are simply not allowed to try and make rules up just so they could keep somebody they like in. It has nothing to do with Jessica or anybody else – they just liked Sam for some reason.

          • sandi says:

            She does take her advice but it makes her uncomfortable. But please, Alex could use some advice. I think he is really talented but an AWFUL performance wise. I voted for the first time this week and it was for Jessica.

          • neaorlean says:

            Well Jessica needs to get comfortable with it if she wants to be a successful musician. She could also not get comfortable and be a broke one. :) Alex has a chance to be successful even if he doesn’t start moving around – after the show the other day I checked a few concerts on YouTube – of Ed Sheeran, Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Phillip Phillips, and they all mostly sit behind the mic and sing. They are more comfortable with it, but they also have years of experience. Alex will probably relax a bit more at some point, but there’s not enough time on the show. But that’s his style, and it is double standards there, but a man could make it like that in the real world, and a woman couldn’t. That’s why they keep making her move – it’s their job to try and help her make it. Alex is like Phillip minus the face expressions (which were a huge part of Phillip’s appeal, if you ask me, besides his voice and being artistic, Alex also is). His Say Something was even staged like Phillip’s Volcano.

          • Mercedes S. says:

            Aaron, during Hollywood week, anything Jessica said or did was edited to make her out like a shrew. Some people bought it. Personally I’m tired of the judges’ denigrating her every time she performs… just as I’m tired of the constant approval of GenaJena now matter how off-key she is.

        • firenzix says:

          Harry himself said he doesn’t clap or stand after any performance, so Jess exiting would be the only time there would ever be all three judges rising to their fee and clapping….

        • HTGR says:

          Heck you could see all of the judges react oh no as soon as the save everyone was turned down. They didn’t even need to hear.

      • Tess says:

        Two things though that indicate how at least three of the contestants likely voted – Just before they went to break, you could hear Caleb immediately say to the others that they should all vote yes and Alex sounded like he was saying I don’t know to that… then when the votes were being read, after the three yes votes Jess was shaking her head no just before the first no vote was read like she knew there would be at least one no vote. Of all of them, Jess probably knew she had the least to lose with this by voting to go ahead with the results since she must’ve known if she was the lowest vote getter then the producers wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of coming up with this sad attempt at a second save. It was pretty clear to me as soon as Ryan told us what was going on that it must have been a producer’s pet that was going home and Jess is clearly not one of their pets. And Alex was praised especially for his second song and was the highest charter on iTunes of all of them so I could see him being willing to take his chances. Caleb, Sam, and Jena may have still been praised by the judges but they all had at least one weak performance that could’ve made them wary of their chances or thinking the twist meant a front runner might be going home which, especially in the case of Jena and Caleb, would make them think it could’ve been them.
        Whichever two ultimately did cast the no votes though get a big thank you for not destroying what little credibility the show has left by leaving it up to America’s votes to decide. And I’m happy to not have to hear about Sam being a heartthrob anymore. His time had come.

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          I saw exactly what you saw Tess, for sure Caleb wanted to keep the group together and Alex definitely was saying no to it, And it makes sense, Alex had to feel he was safe this week after he got such a positive response on Say Something, so why not get rid of one more contestant. I think Caleb was clearly pushing for the group to stay together. But you’re right, for whatever reason TPTB came up with this ridiculous twist, I’m very glad it didn’t work, the show is already hanging on by a thread, this stupid little gimmicks don’t help.

          • Cheryl says:

            I guess the way I look at it with Caleb…it is an obvious ploy so that people would not expect that it was him. Think about it…if you were going to vote no, but you did not want people to think that you were voting no, try to convince them to vote yes. I think that it was Jena and Caleb, because it was already confirmed that Jena voted and no and Caleb can not be trusted.

          • BabyFirefly says:

            @bobsaccamanna – Why can’t Caleb be trusted? It’s since come out that it was Alex and Jena who voted no, did you have another reason for stating that, or was it before the votes came to light?

          • BabyFirefly says:

            Oops, sorry Bob, that should have been directed at Cheryl.

          • Keith says:

            Caleb can’t be trusted ? This is Idol not Survivor

        • Stillkn says:

          Exactly! What an obvious attempt to save Sam again. Jessica rocks, IMHO. Jena has a great voice but she is the Adele accent is to copy cat for me. If she would ditch that I’d like her a lot more. Alex is a good artist but I couldn’t listen to a whole album of his slowwwwwed down stuff. So imo Caleb and Jess are the most ready for prime time with Caleb being the clear winner. Just wish the show and it’s judges would stop trying to manipulate the results. One save for an obvious mistake is okay but only for a real mistake. Sam shouldn’t have been saved.

          • Aaron says:

            Caleb being the clear winner? Interesting – especially since he is the only one left to never chart on iTunes. Although, this being American Idol that would make sense – the winner rarely burns up the charts so Caleb would certainly fit that.

          • Name This Tune says:

            @Aaron. iTunes is not the only benchmark. Caleb was trending #1 on Hulu yesterday. For the whole site. We’re living in an On Demand world and the one who created the buzz on Wednesday was Caleb.
            Of the 5 contestants left, the YouTube views were
            1. Caleb
            2. Alex
            3. Jena
            4. Jessica
            5. Sam
            People don’t buy iTunes. Because you can watch it for free anytime you want on YouTube.

      • says:

        NO NO NO! Caleb said before break that they should all vote YES. That was clear on tv. No way bottom 2 vote NO out of fear so Jess and Sam vote YES. So confident top dog and worried bottom 2 all vote YES. Jena and Alex both had good reviews and felt safe. Both have to be afraid of Jessica who might just wake up and take them both out if her performance and stage presence suddenly rise to match her far superior vocals ( no one fears Sam). Jena looked absolutely wooden at announcement of NO votes and Alex made no eye contact with camera after Sam’s farewell performance. GUILTY! I hope Jessica paid attention to Keith’s performance and gives a blowout performance that even the overly crtical judges have to acknowledge. Jena’s vocal tone is hollow and Alex’s pinched look and weekly coffeehouse style is wearing thin. Caleb showed a little weakness in his first choice (someone needs to introduce him to Meatloaf) and no rocker has ever won Idol. I have always thought Jessica’s voice made her the best one to face off against Caleb, but she is too detached in her performances, making her fodder for the judges remain delusionally ga ga over Jena’s loud but hollow and poorly articulated vocals.

      • Mark says:

        AI. Is really struggling this year with talent. Not that there awful, but rather just ok. Thus we see the show employing more gimmicks to keep interest alive.

        I personally feel that Alex and Sierra(X Factor) and Christina Grimme(The Voice) blow any of the contestants on AI this season.

        • MAB says:

          I love Alex &Sierra and am waiting for them to drop an album. I think they should have at least put a single out before too much time passes. The longer they wait the harder it is going to be for them to have success. People move on.

      • gailer says:

        Caleb is the cockiest guy to ever be on Idol, so I definitely think he was one of them. Sam, the other because I think he truly wants to go home to his dog and senior year or what’s left of it.

        • claudia says:

          I actually think Caleb is the nicest & most down to earth of them all. He is very young & comes off to me as a little naïve. I think he forgot for a moment that it is a contest when he encouraged a yes vote. There are multiple reasons why the no votes were the correct ones – and only one reason (friendship) for the yes votes.

          I’m not saying this because he’s my choice for the winner (he’s not) but because the last thing I’d ever think about him is that he’s cocky. You’re letting his confidence on stage influence you. Listen to his interviews.

      • Twinkletoes says:

        Actually i read on another website that Jena openly admitted that she voted no, and they figured by process of elimination, that Alex also voted no. If you go back and watch, right after Ryan made the announcement Caleb looked to the others and said “so…yes?’ (as in should we all vote yes?)
        The same website also noted that they talked to all 5 contestants afterwards, and they all agreed that No was actually the right decision ultimately ( I agree too) If i was a contestant i wouldve voted No and hope everyone would do the same. Why prolong the agony?

    • Whats a shame is how it effects the votes next week , I wonder if there is something about the demographics in the vote that they wanted to make sure votes currently going to SAM could not go to another singer ,,

      • Stormy says:

        I think they didn’t want to announce who the other bottom singer was.

        • Tom22 says:

          Interesting. We should remember that the producers have much much more information and understanding of voting patterns that they have years of un-shared data on.
          They actually have data like “this person who votes for X also votes for Y”
          They can review past vote totals week to week over the years to see if there is an opposite rebellion increase in voting when judges try to overtly “steer” voters
          They might have they might have statistics that fans of someone suddenly reaching the bottom when they never had voting far more.
          In that “Machiavellian” wild-ass-musing I still can’t really guess their strategy though.. and I use the term “wild-ass” because while I raise it, I’m not really sure they’re always that manipulative and or have just given up on it because it hasn’t worked well enough and maybe even backfired.
          Given what we’ve seen as more sophisticated fans left as the audience of the show dwindles,
          >>>they might just have figured out that only good singing will retain the audience<<< and leaving chips where they lie letting the perfomers do well is a better course than clips with personal attacks or setting up singers for failure…at the cost of a poorer quality musical content relative to The Voice if the sabotage that way.
          If I really wanted to be nice (and maybe I am) maybe they wanted to keep it a more level playing ground by showing less about voters intent?

      • Davey says:

        I am a voter for Sam and Alex. Next week nobody is getting my votes. Disgusted.

        • lostinthought says:

          Same here. Next week, my votes would have gone to Alex. But he looked like the other “no” vote. He and Jena screwed over their “friends.” Not something I want to support. They should have been confident enough in themselves and their performances/rankings to not purposely step on other people. Every week Jena says how close they all are and how she doesn’t want anyone to go home. Looks like those sentiments were completely fake and false. She would’ve been fine regardless as would (likely “no” voter) Alex. This is another aspect performing that the judges should have mentioned. Your audience has to like you. If not, they stop sending votes or dollars your way.

          The show probably saw that the people voting for Sam were voting only for Sam. Because of AI’s anemic ratings, the producers didn’t want to lose more viewers. It looked bad, but I understand financial decisions on their part.

          • daezyg says:

            How exactly is that screwing someone over when someone is eliminated each week anyway? They already saved Sam once. He already seemed like his level of uncomfortability in the presence of our panel of puppets was at it’s peak, and he looked like he wanted to jump ship.

            If they all voted yes, then they’d have to REALLY screw two people over with a double elimination next week. Sam was no doubt going to be one of those people along with Jessica (unless he did something amazing and put on a performance with Caleb’s energy combined with his perfect pitch and Alex’s artistry).

            All I see in this comment is “OMG! Jena didn’t want to change the format so they could all stay together and two people could experience emotional turmoil next week! She’s such a b*tch! I’m not voting for her because she didn’t want two people to experience emotional turmoil next week!”

          • lostinthought says:

            @daezy By the end of next week, two people would have gone home regardless. In choice A, everybody would get another week of national exposure. In choice B, some (most likely the frontrunners Alex, Jena and Caleb) would get more national exposure and better odds of winning. And one person would not. This was classic game theory: should I vote for all of us to benefit or should I vote for myself benefiting? It’s a selfless vs, selfish decision. To put it another way, let’s say choice A was that everyone gets to eat now, but next week two won’t get to eat. Choice B was 4 out of 5 of you get to eat. 1 doesn’t get to eat now. If you’re all hungry now, then the right thing to do is to vote for all of you to eat now. I get that most people won’t agree, but the decent thing to do is to vote for everyone benefiting. But this reality tv and most people want to watch drama not decency.

          • daezyg says:

            I’m just going to have to severely disagree with you here. In your example, two people still don’t get to eat next week. It doesn’t matter if they get hungry then, because they don’t have a choice and can’t eat. Them eating now won’t save the two who can’t eat in the next week. So why postpone that event after everyone’s already been eating well and saved up a good amount of food so they won’t completely starve when winter comes? To me, letting one person not eat was the better decision. Since everyone’s been eating well for the past few months, they probably won’t starve during the winter.

            I think you get what I mean here. Sam was eliminated with a decent following and a chance to stop being typecast as a heartthrob by our favorite panel of obvious puppets, so I think he might be happy he didn’t get to eat this week. You obviously love a good underdog story, so you’re not going to vote for Jena because she didn’t let everyone eat this week even though everyone who was there was eating well anyway. I think her decision to vote no wasn’t intentionally her trying to benefit herself. She probably didn’t want to see two of her friends go in the same week. Double eliminations suck for people who’ve bonded over a set couple of weeks. She could have kept them around for another week, but with that on your mind, wouldn’t it just put you in a funk anyway? Losing one probably seemed like the lesser of two evils. Of course I’m just guessing. Judging from what we learned about Jena over these months, I’d say there’s a good chance it could be correct.
            Her decision was going to benefit her either way because there was no chance she’d be eliminated, so I don’t get why that’s such a big deal. She’s a front-runner. It probably would have benefited her more if she’d voted yes to solidify why she is for another week and why Sam is not, and Jessica who will probably be eliminated because of AI’s tradition of singling out one girl every year. All of them have plenty of exposure, so Sam is going to be fine. Idol made sure he didn’t really need the extra week. In fact, I’m pretty sure the producers wanted him to win because he’s so easy to market. He’s going to be fine.

          • lostinthought says:

            @daezy That last line (drama not decency) doesn’t refer to you or anyone specifically. Just a general comment about reality tv viewers

          • lostinthought says:

            daezy, I understand your reasoning. It’s possible that this reasoning was what led to the no votes. I’m sure that something along these lines will be aired on next week’s episode. But I don’t believe that was the real or instinctive motivation. Why wouldn’t someone want to spend another week with both friends? Is it preferable to spend one more week with one instead of two? Is it preferable for one of your friends to get national exposure instead of both of your friends getting it? I do like that in your scenario, the decision comes from a good place. Because it seems like many people are rooting on the two no voters for being competitive and cutthroat; They’re cheering on the notion that two would step on their friends as a positive. Sam is talented, but how many fifth-place finishers have truly made it over the years? I wish him all the luck. There really wouldn’t be a good analogy (too many complexities ), so my example (not analogy) was oversimplified to point out the win/lose effects.,

          • davey says:

            I’m not withholding my votes for Alex next week because I’m mad at Alex. I’m mad at whoever voted no. I think a lot of people who are happy with the outcome last night wanted Sam to go. I wasn’t one of them. And I have every right to be mad.

          • firenzix says:

            So here’s the deal….option 1….no one goes home this week, you need to be better than 2 others to advance next week…..option 2….1 goes home this week, you only need to be better than 1 other to advance next week. Seems like a no-brainer to me, since it is a competition, not summer camp.

          • lostinthought says:

            @Davey They all gave on-camera interviews about the way they voted. Alex and Jena voted “no.”

        • lostinthought says:

          I read on another news outlet that the “no” votes are confirmed to be Jena and Alex. Next week, my votes will be going to either Jessica or Caleb or both. It’s sad that most people would reward bad behavior. “It’s great to screw over other people. Let’s reward you for it.” I bet people would feel differently if it was Jessica who ended up going home.

          • Mark says:

            I’m very confused about this “bad behavior.” The rules are that someone is voted out every week.

            This season the show saved the lowest vote getter (Sam) already once. They tried to dupe the contestants into doing it a second time tonight. Then what? With a double elimination, he was assured an exit next week anyway.

            It was an insane ploy by desperate producers. If I knew which three idiots voted “Yes”, I’d vote only for the two that voted “No.”

          • lostinthought says:

            @Mark I agree with you about the producers, but not the contestants. The producers did the wrong thing and then two of the contestants did the wrong thing. I understand that for the producers, it was probably financially and ratings-motivated. FOX is circling the drain right now with respect to ratings. See my answer to daezy above. That’s the best that I can explain my line of thinking.

          • pmcd says:

            The contestants should never have been given the option. Voting Yes made no sense. They should all have voted No and not given into the manipulation. The two who vote No should be applauded not vilified.

            They certainly have three of the top four right. I don’t really care for Caleb’s screaming. Not my cup of tea. He’s not in the same category as the other three. I would really like Jena more if she toned down the phoney accent. It’s very distracting. Talented though. Jessica has a really nice voice, maybe the best of those left. It’s completely unfair what two of the judges have been doing to her week after week. Alex is just a really good musician. Always look forward to his stuff. Both he and Jessica should disregard anything the two rather obvious judges rattle on about.

          • Jaszy says:

            You make no sense. Why would you not rather have just one person go home this week instead of losing 2 people next week? Someone is to go home every week anyway, so why not just keep it that way…with one person going home!
            And it’d be funny if one of the people you liked actually ended up voting ‘no’, so you’re not going to vote for them now?
            There was nothing bad about two people voting no! Those kids shouldn’t have even been put in that position and now you’re upset because two people didn’t want to give in…or for whatever reason they voted no, that will probably never be fully clear.
            So you really can’t say that they were screwing anybody over, there might have been other reasons…

          • Jaszy says:

            my comment was directed towards lostinthought

          • lostinthought says:

            @pmcd The contestants should have never been put in the situation. But given that they were, why wouldn’t they vote to the benefit of all five? Just because you’re put in the a bad situation doesn’t mean you can’t do a good thing for everyone. Saying that the producers’ bad decision justifies two contestants bad decision doesn’t make sense either. One bad deed doesn’t justify another. So they screwed over the producers and in the process, their friend. Was it worth it? Not something to be applauded.

          • lostinthought says:

            @Jaszy You’d have to ask the producers why the change. As I replied above, national exposure for both is why it’s better for both of your friends to stay. For a person who wants to make it in the music business, one week of national exposure is priceless. Also, you get to spend another week with both. If you personally had the choice as to whether to give one of your friends what they wanted most. Or to give two of your friends what they wanted most. Wouldn’t it make sense to give it to two of them? I would want to. Take the producers’ decision out of it, b/c the producer decision was already done and out of the contestants’ control. What was under their control was advancing their friends or themselves or both their friends and themselves. Like I said, it’s game theory. You’re right that I could be totally wrong, but so could you. I’m sure AI will spin and script their way out of it either way.

          • Jaszy says:

            lostinthought…..but do you realize that they DID NOT make a Bad decision?!?!? The rules are that someone is supposed to go home anyway! They did not screw their friends over! WHat about that don’t you understand? Only one can win anyway, it can’t both be Jena and Alex…so what’s your problem with them voting no? And how is having a double elimination the best decision over just originally having one leave like it’s supposed to be?
            In the end, America voted, not Jena or Alex….so therefore, AMERICA voted to send Sam home, not Jena or Alex!

          • Jules says:

            So you are willing to punish 2 singers who you think “turned on their friends”? Are you kidding me? The last time I checked this was an individual competition! Some of you peoples logic just baffles me! The right person went home and even if it had been delayed one more week (which honestly is one of the most asinine twists AI has ever though up) Sam would still be going home. You could tell that he wasn’t surprised and almost relieved. I’ts absolutely foolish and downright immature to punish another singer(s) because you think they made a wrong move.

          • AngD says:

            How are anonymous votes confirmed?? That’s pretty wrong when they were told their votes were anonymous and now it’s spread all over the internet. They had to make a snap decision on live TV. Give these kids a break. Would I have kept them all around? Yes, but two people didn’t. Let it go. SHESH.

          • Mary says:

            Grow up it is not bad behavior. It is a singing contest and everyone wants to win. You are just perturbed because it was the singer you wanted in. HOW many chances should a contestant get for God sake. He wasn’t ready for this competition, now he has the tour to maybe help him out of his shell and then school to perfect his craft. I bet you wouldn’t be this upset if it was someone else. One week wouldn’t have made a difference he was going to go. Personally I give them credit for not changing America’s vote. I wouldn’t believe everything you read by the news outlet either, it is called publicity. Unless Jena and Alex say on national TV it was them it is an assumption. Personally THANK YOU to the contestants to have the backbone for going with
            the VOTERS CHOICE. They have the whole summer together and believe me Sam got more exposure than he should have due to the save.

          • Aaron says:

            How can it be confirmed that a anonymous vote was by a certain contestant? It was ANONYMOUS!! And who says they are all “friends”? This IS a competition – it’s American Idol, not Friendship Idol.

          • oriolemom says:

            There was no “Bad Behavior” by the contestants, unless it was that they didn’t all hand Ryan back the ballots with NOTHING circled. This was a horrible little blackmailing stunt by the producers. It should never have happened and it’s stellar that it backfired. I applaud Jena and Alex for doing the RIGHT thing, and keeping the show true to it’s original roots of “viewer votes”. Voting for the remaining contestants is neither about rewarding bad OR good behavior related to this pathetic incident. It’s about their particular talent. Grow up people. Life is REAL. This is a COMPETITION with RULES, and two people abided by them. Good for them.

          • Matrix says:

            Yes, I don’t get the bad behavior comment either. It’s a competition. It’s great that they’re friends, but in the end, only one will be left standing. It’s silly to change the rules in the middle of the game and, make no mistake about it, it could have changed the results.

          • DJ says:

            I’m with Mark. Saying “no” doesn’t make Jena or Alex a bad person. Frankly, if I were them I would have done the same thing! Think about it:

            In saying “no,” you have an 80% (4/5) chance of surviving Top 5 and a 75% (3/4) of surviving the Top 4.

            In saying “yes,” you’re guaranteed a spot next week, where you chances drop to 60% (3/5).

            So unless you think you’re in trouble now, I think it’s best to roll the dice and say “no.” Now, I’m sad to see Sam go too (like I am for anyone who makes it this late in the competition), but it’s also wrong to blame Jena and/or Alex for his elimination. He was going home anyway, before this ridiculous twist came up, and probably would have gone home next week if the stunt paid off. It should have never been an option in the first place. They have enough to worry about without adding this on top of the pile.

          • Keith says:

            Bad behavior? It was all just a ploy by FOX to generate publicity,why punish the others because they wanted to keep things the way they were?

    • Ben says:

      I agree Danny. While Majesty and Malaya deserved top 6 spots, imho, over Sam CJ and Dexter, this is the right top 4.

    • GuitarBlue says:

      Sam looked happier than he has been to-date – and performed well . If Sam and Jessica have any access to vegas odds and a number of polls around the net — they both knew they were a huge gap below the other 3 — and would just as soon go home now, and get out of the kitchen.

      • grandma Jane says:

        I totally agree with Ben about this being the right top four. Also about Majesty and Malaya. And GuitarBlue, I think Sam was relieved! He did look happier. I think he was getting in over his head. I’m not a country music fan, but I did like Keith’s performance. And he IS cute. ( even if he’s young enough to be my son!).

    • Mjsblog said it was Alex and Jena that voted no and Jessica, Caleb and Sam that voted yes.

    • aud says:

      Sam posted on his twitter account that everyone should “stop hating” on Alex & Jena. I would take that to mean that they are the 2 people who voted no, resulting in him leaving the show.

    • Foxfire says:

      Jessica should have voted no as well. She had to have known that it wasn’t her going home or they would never have made the attempt to save her. I knew she was safe the minute Ryan announced the ridiculous game changer.

      • HTGR says:

        Yup that she is different than some here try to make her out to be and she also got a trace scared by Randy’s games right before (he always dogs the person going the home the most, so he can seem prescient (and to stick negative feelings in viewers heads about who that want that done to) so when he dogged her the most….). But yeah as soon as they announce it I knew Jessica was safe and Sam was a likely goner (although maybe, maybe Alex).

    • Jessica did not vote no… Alex and Jena did… but I think they were right in doing so… otherwise all of America’s votes would have been for nothing. We get enough of that with “The one and Only Save”. One more time The AIL Team was trying to manipulate our votes.

    • HTGR says:

      Come on Danny, you’ve seen the show long enough to know this was no twist. It was a cheap desperation move and as soon as they announced you knew 99% Sam was going home or 1% Alex was going home.
      Also notice how Randy didn’t even mention how Jessica totally came alive for the last half of her first performance or her duet and finally brought the full it factor, they just slowed the Lana tune and he dogged her performance connection energy again. He just focused on her second performance, which was a really tricky thing for her in that it is so hard to do a Lana song the way they’ve been wanting Jessica to come alive. She actually hit really well for the first part, quite some trick she pulled off there, not quite as connected once she stood up, but I mean even Lana only connects on that part really from the crazy voice things she does for those parts and unless you have that exact voice for those unusual bits it’s kinda tough. I mean Lana’s face and eyes are zombie-like when she does her songs and half the emotion comes from very unusual vocal tricks that even she stumbles a lot with live so it seemed unfair for Randy to pick on her for that for that song and fail to mention how she finally broke through and trully let go and connected and energized out for the last half, and way for sure, last third of her first song and her entire duet with Caleb afterwards (they were both great and Jessica had a ton of connection and stage presence start to finish on that one and you could and she was beaming and felt it.)

  2. Max says:

    To whoever voted no,
    I love you.
    Sincerely, Max

    P.S. It was totally Jessica

    • Danny says:

      Max- Yea, she didn’t exactly have a poker face about it eh?

      • S. says:

        Uh the opposite actually. Some people heard on audio that Caleb said yes and Sam said no. I wasn’t paying attention but I guess they blurted it out. I don’t see Jess voting no, partially because she had a reaction of “you s.o.b. that voted no” when the first one was said and also she probably thought she was going home. It’s in her interests to vote yes. If Sam indeed said no, and Caleb did say yes and Jess said yes, that means Alex or Jena said no.

        • Lisa says:

          But Jessica was shaking her head no before Ryan even announced that there was a no. Jess seems to be pretty straight forward, and I think she was not afraid to stand up and say she said no.

          • Mary says:

            I think Jessica thought it was her did you see her shock face when they announce Sam as lowest votes. She was shaking her head because she was hoping everyone voted yes to keep them together and a no would be someone goes. I knew there was a no the way Ryan took so long to say it. I give credit to the those two no. Producers plan Backfired, good. I’m laughed when Jlo said she was shocked, really I bet she would of voted NO if she was put in that position.

        • Calli says:

          Your interpretation of her behavior and reaction is completely different than mine; that’s why all the speculation about who voted in any particular way is just guess work. We’ll never know unless they tell us how they voted.

      • FatalRonin says:

        I completely disagree. She was totally shaking her head in a “I can’t believe Alex and Sam voted no, those **********” kind of way. It was totally obvious to me. I think she thought she was going home, so she was upset that someone voted no.

        When they went to commercial before the Vote of Doom, Caleb looked at Alex and said something like “We gotta vote yes, RIGHT?!?” and Alex shook his head and said something like “Um, I don’t know….”

        No way Caleb voted no. No way Jess voted no. I think it was Alex for sure, and probably Sam. It’s hilarious if Sam voted no and then got voted off.

        • Lisa says:

          Then why was her head shaking before it was announced?

          • FatalRonin says:

            Because she knew there were two no votes! The contestants were all talking about it before the commercial break, and presumably continued to talk about it during–Ryan encouraged them to discuss it. She had to have known that two others had cast no votes.

            To me, she was reacting as if she was angry that someone voted no.

          • Lisa says:

            To me, she was reacting like she was happy to stand her ground.

        • MamaLis says:

          Jena was the other no. Apparently “word” is out from Idol. So it was Sam and Jena.
          Leave Alex alone.
          Also, at first pass I might have shaken my head “I don’t know” too. It’s a lot to ponder. TWO in one week is a big deal. Doesn’t mean he voted no. It means he considered the implications.

          • Zack Quinti says:

            word is out it was Jena and ALEX, so give Alex a pat on the back.

          • Mary says:

            If that is true so much for being anonymous and the producers screw the contestants again. I want to pat the two that had the Backbone to make the Producers plan to keep Sam the ladies man (HA) around. A role he was clearly not comfortable in. I highly doubt Sam would of voted No because I think he knew he was in the bottom.

    • Ben says:

      I feel pretty sure it wouldn’t be Jess. Why would the person in the bottom 2 the last two weeks vote no, feeling like it was probably them on the chopping block? Most likely to be two of the other four, I reckon.

      • Lisa says:

        Probably because she HAS been in the bottom 2, yet not voted off. So, saying yes tonight, would most likely land her chopped next week.

        • Danny says:

          Lisa, I don’t think Jess would have strategized it like that. If it was her, my guess would be she just wanted it over with. For what it’s worth, I actually liked the twist. I’m also glad someone said no. Hope that makes sense.

          • Lisa says:

            Oh, I totally agree. It seemed contrived from the time it was announced. Any one of them could have realized that their own head could be on the chopping block next week. I just think Jess said no, because she shook her head no before it was announced there WAS a no, and frankly, I’m proud of her for it. There’s only 5 left, cutting 2 in one week, anyone’s head could be there. Ample reason for a no. They played the peer pressure game, and lost.

      • Max says:

        You see, i perfectly see your point. Just two things:
        -Jessica’s Poker Face (she is no Lady Gaga)
        -Isn’t it more entertaining to believe Jessica did it?

        • Danny says:

          Max- I hadn’t thought of the entertaining aspect of it. Hmmmm, maybe something else for the people who don’t care for her to jump on her about? Would that work?
          Oh, and Jessica is TOTALLY Lady Gaga. I fully expect her to have 20 dancers, come out in skimpy outfits, and shake it like a you know what. (ok, that was a joke, and not very funny, but I’m not erasing it)

        • GuitarBlue says:

          Jess and Sam both know they are the bottom 2 of the 5, just from all the web info and past bottom 3 -2 chairs, save, etc. I would not be surprised that bath Sam and Jess voted no, just to get it over with now, if they were the bottom vote getter. …………………………………………………………..

          They are in a pressure cooker and also don’t want to go through anymore critique’s of how they are too stiff and not the total package. Sam probably also felt it would not be right, as he was already saved before – so did not want to “tag-along” again if he was the bottom vote getter. He looked actually happy that it was over for now.

          • claudia says:

            Jessica WAS NOT in the bottom two. No way. They deliberately didn’t say who it was & don’t you know they would have been delighted to put her in The Stools of Doom again? After the no votes they had no choice but to send Sam home but they very neatly avoided saying that one of their favs (I suspect it was Jena) didn’t get the votes. Jessica charted pretty high on iTunes so I really don’t think it was her. Jena had a pretty bad night on Wednesday. I couldn’t understand a word on her 1st song & her 2nd was a disaster.

        • Ben says:

          To be fair, I haven’t actually WATCHED the show yet.

          • Zack Quinti says:

            don’t let that stop you, your view can’t be any worse than the others

      • Tess says:

        Actually, I would think Jess would be smart enough to realize that they wouldn’t pull a stunt like this if she was the one going home since tptb don’t seem to like her enough to want her to still be there, they wouldn’t give her an opportunity to stay if they knew she was the lowest vote-getter. She had to know they’d only do this for someone they wanted to stick around longer to give them an extra chance (a front-runner who somehow didn’t pull in enough votes or someone the show wanted more people to support that just wasn’t getting it – neither of which describes her at this point). She was the person up there with the least to lose by voting no… and her head shake was before the no was announced, like she knew it was coming. She had to be one of the no votes.

        • Mary says:


    • Akash says:

      Yeah I’m convinced it was Jessica and Jena. The former had more to lose by a double-elimination and the latter has a competitive streak about her. They were probably looking at each other all, “Girrrrrl, let’s get one of these dudes outta here.”

    • Erin says:

      I’ll sign that letter, too Max. Jessica HAD to vote no. She has to figure that she might be able to pass along this week and at least have another chance to wow the unwowable judges next week, but if two were going home next week, she’d have scant chance to escape that one. THANK GOD EITHER WAY, I need one to get going each week. Keep this show regular, ya know?

    • Danny says:

      Max- This would make one of those neat witness things. Ya know how different witnesses view the same incident totally different? Or like those school projects where they have you witness something, write it down, and then have ya say what ya saw 6 months later?
      We kind of get that on this board anyway in terms of how people perceive the judges comments.
      I regard to this, wow that I know Jena is a no and am figuring Alex is the other one, I’m viewing Jessica’s head shaking in a different way. Before I had viewed her head shaking as she voted no and it was a give away. Now just an hour or so later I re-watched it. Now I view it as she already knew someone voted no (they were discussing it during the break I’m guessing) and isn’t happy with it.

    • Carol T says:

      They interviewed the 5 contestants and Jena and Alex were the two no votes.

    • rac says:

      I agree with max–it was a mean spirited manipulating stunt the producers tried to pull–these are kids for goodness sake! Glad it back fired–yea No voters!!

    • Better do some research… Was not Jessica….. Alex and Jena voted no.

  3. American Idol tried so hard to save Sam again. I am proud of the 2 contestants that decided to do the right thing and eliminate someone tonight. Sam deserved to go home and now we are left with an outstanding Top 4.

    • MC says:

      God bless those two individuals, regardless of their identity. Also, Michael is correct that Per Blankens would not have created this “twist” if Jessica had been last in the votes for this week.

      • Erin says:

        But why do this twist when it was Sam in last again? He’s like the Zombie that doesn’t know he’s dead, and the production are like his clingy family in denial. Let Him Go!

        • Lunakit says:

          Ha haaaa… :-)

        • The Orginal Lemon says:

          LOL, Best comment of the night. ;-)

        • MC says:

          Okay, I wasn’t in favor of the “twist.” You might have misinterpreted my comment. I was saying that the “twist” would never have occurred to Per Blankens if Sam wasn’t about to be eliminated. I was simply pointing out that the whole scenario never would have happened if Jessica had been last in the votes. In other words, I’m supporting Jessica over Sam (although I really don’t care very much about either one of them).

          • Erin says:

            Oh I got you on this. I agree that they would not have offered this twist had it been Jessica, I am only questioning them (not you) on a having the twist where it i is not revealed only to save Sam again. They’re so frustrating.

        • syb says:

          LOL. Applause for that one.

    • Danny says:

      I’m not so sure that whoever voted no did it because they wanted to do the right thing. I don’t think they really thought about it. You had said Caleb and Jena may have voted no as to not take any chances. I’d be inclined to agree more with that logic if it was them. If it was Sam I think it’s because he was just ready to go home. Jessica and Alex I’m not sure of the reason they’d vote no if it was them.

    • Erin says:

      I just don’t believe in saving people twice. Just like they should never use the Judge’s Save on a Wilidcard. Like Slezak, I’m not crazy about the judges save altogether because talent shakes out over time regardless of another week or two on the show.

  4. Jobless says:

    No idea what the point of that was, it reeked of blatant producer manipulation I somehow doubt that they would’ve done that if Jessica had the lowest number of votes rather than Sam. I’m glad two of the Top 5 had enough sense to shoot them down. The ironic thing is that Sam didn’t look the least bit sad to be leaving, it seemed like he was ready to be done.

    • Danny says:

      Jobless, yea it’s a long grind for some of these kids. Every year it seems like a few of them are just ready to go home. That’s ok, I understand that they miss their family, friends, etc. Plus, if you get eliminated in 4th place I don’t think you get to go home for that week. So after 11th and missing the tour, 4th is probably the worst place to exit at.

      • HTGR says:

        It depends. Haley ruined TPTB plan’s so they had all top four do a home tour since they had already planned some events for James (and Haley was the only one they ‘forgot’ to get some extra material for either that week or the week before)!

    • MAB says:

      I really think TPTB never expected anyone to vote no. It was actually funny.

      • Jobless says:

        I loved that too. Everyone looked stunned, I think they just expected to guilt trip everyone into voting yes.

        • Lisa says:

          That’s exactly what they expected. These are kids. Most would vote yes, simply to avoid the guilt of being the one that took the opposite stance. Thankfully, there are a couple there with good heads on their shoulders.

          • sheba says:

            If they are smart, the contestants will get together and make a pact to respect each other’s votes and protect whoever voted no in order to put up a united front.

        • kelly says:

          Did anyone else notice that there was no exit package for Sam? Were they that sure it would be a yes vote? Funny if that was the case.

          • Mellie says:

            I didn’t even think about that. Wow, they really *were* sure…

          • Oh wow, I didn’t even think about the fact that they didn’t have an exit package prepared for him! That is hilarious that the vote caught TPTB by surprise.

          • Lisa says:

            Peer pressure can be pretty powerful. I think they counted on it.

          • marie says:

            Wow, good point. I honestly didn’t notice that. I’m SO glad that little trick of the producers backfired, NOT because I have anything against Sam (he was not at all my favorite, but I wish him no ill), but because I am disgusted by the producers trying to screw with the voting results.

          • neaorlean says:

            I noticed. They obviously didn’t even consider the chance that some of them vote “no”. They didn’t even have enough time at the end, it was rushed and awkward the way Ryan said who gets voted out, sounded a little bit like “OK then, you spoiled brats, if you can’t appreciate the gift we’ve given you, Sam goes home”. But I think he was relieved and happy to go home, I even posted that here somewhere.

          • aud says:

            Good catch! I didn’t even notice that until you pointed it out.

          • HTGR says:

            Yup, ‘reality’ tv for you folks! Just like a few seasons ago where they had to dash to get footage that they ‘forgot’ take for one contestant and just like the had to have an extra visit put in because they had already pre-booked part of a visit (and was mad when the voters, just barely over-turned their plan).

      • HTGR says:

        Hah, yeah they were soooo shocked, the judges were freaking out, the producers.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree with you 100% (can I go higher). Honestly, I’m a bit outraged that they did that. I’m completely convinced that it was done ONLY because they knew Sam was being chopped. The same would not have been offered if it was anyone else. The fact that it was blatant manipulation is the reason I am outraged. Many people have claimed in the past that the producers try to manipulate the results. I’ve always taken it with a grain of salt, because people can tend to cry ulterior motives (without much proof), if things don’t go the way they think it should go. Of course, the more that get together with those claims, the more it grows. However, the veil is off, and this time they really screwed themselves. I do NOT believe it was a coincidence. The judges, Ryan Seacrest, and the producers may as well have started jumping up and down screaming “We want to save Sam”. So, yeah, I’m pissed. In one night, they just provided credibility to those that have claimed that the show tries to fix the results. #NOTcoolatall. Convincing evidence AI. All reasonable doubt is gone.

      • McFudge says:

        I’ve never bought into the idea that votes are out and out fraudulent. However, it’s always been clear that the show can be manipulative, especially in editing and judging.

        • GuitarBlue says:

          Exactly. I read a book written by 2 people who were formally insiders of the production of Idol. They said about the same.

        • HTGR says:

          yeah it’s true. I mean I’ve even heard from friends in a contestant’s town (one they didn’t like so much) that the local news shot the real events but Idol didn’t show that on TV and they re-shot and edited in fake stuff more to push their agenda. So the footage on Idol nationwide was different than the local footage shown on real news channels.

      • Danny says:

        Lisa- if you’re In It To Win It, Randy will let you go up to 1000%.

    • Stormy says:

      ITA. I think he’s going to make some serious money on the tour and going to college in the fall. Enough is enough. I think he wants a break before the tour.

      • Danny says:

        Stormy, I don’t think they get paid that well do they? I’d heard it was like $1000 per show or something. A lot of $$ for a teenager, but I’m guessing pretty minor compared to what his grandparents have. I do agree on the part about he just wants a break from it.

        • Stormy says:

          So, depending on the number of shows, he’ll make between 30k to 50k for a 3 month gig. That’s darn good for a summer job before starting college.

          • GuitarBlue says:

            Some info I read a couple years ago said that the summer tour usually grosses $50,000 in earnings or more for each of the contestants on the tour. They get pay for the shows plus a cut on t-shirts and other things sold at the concerts.

          • HTGR says:

            That is darn fine chunk of change.

        • GuitarBlue says:

          @ Danny, as per the book on Idol, I gave it away and don’t recall the full title, but American Idol was in the title and two authors – Barnes & Noble.

      • Jak offen says:

        Sam is a dilettante and should have been booted and bootstrapped weeks ago!!!

        • Stormy says:

          Sam is an 18 year old that is recognized by millions of people and he’ll probably make more on the three month tour than you will make for the whole year. And no one knows who you are. Lucky us.

    • Erin says:

      I don’t like that this now may put a rift in this group of friends. All being young some “yes” voters may be very idealistic and really be pissed at the “no” voters. Where do they go from here? I guess they have to come clean and say who voted what and why. I wonder if they’ll film that meal?

    • Calli says:

      Well, this twist sure has people talking. We’ve got folks who hated the twist, folks happy that two people said no, folks mad and blaming whichever Idol they like least for sending Sam home, and all sorts of speculation and opinion flying around. Who’s going to bear whatever negative fallout that there might be? The contestants getting tweets from pissy fans who are convinced they said no. Hopefully, they’ll get more support from those who think it wasn’t a fair thing for the producers to do to them.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Sam keeps his emotions bottled up. Remember he did not look happy at the praise at his audition. He obviously has some deeply bottled up emotion, likely due to his parents not being there for him. Sam actually let loose a bit in his finale. He will be the biggest star of this group, after he has been in therapy and learns that showing emotion is both healthy in singing and in life.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        I imagine he lives by a mantra that goes something like this:
        “Don’t let them in, don’t let them see/Be the good boy you always have to be/Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let them know.”
        Somebody needs to help him let it go.

        • Jessamine says:

          Up vote!

          I think you’re dead on. I’m hoping Sam takes a couple of years off to go to college and come to grips with his childhood. I love his voice and hope he makes popular records, but not at the expense of his emotional well being.

        • MamaLis says:

          Sam is MUCH more relaxed in the Idol videos when the group is hanging out. I have a feeling during Michael’s interview we’re going to see a whole different side of him.
          One that HATED the “girlie, heartthrob, feelings and butterflies” label!”

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Yeah, you’re right. I just couldn’t pass up a chance to make a “Frozen” reference. 😄

  5. David says:

    This was producer rigging if I have ever seen it. I am so glad that two people voted no!

    • Ben says:

      So true. There really was a genuine producer bias towards Sam. I don’t know why. He improved some, but was clearly about to be out of his depth from now on.

      • Lisa says:

        Simply put…lots of tweens and teens voting that probably wouldn’t vote if he’s gone.

        • Ben says:

          But, if they aren’t voting enough to keep him there in the first place… which they patently weren’t, this wasn’t some isolated ‘shock’ elimination.

    • Danny says:

      David, I actually liked the idea. Don’t ask why but I’m glad it was brought up. Having said that, I’m also glad that someone voted no.

  6. MAB says:

    That was unbelievable. I think it was Jena and Caleb who voted no. They were pretty secure in being safe this week and didn’t want to take a chance of having a bad week next week. I really think the whole thing was stupid anyhow. I can’t. Believe they tried to save Sam a second time. I also wonder who else was in the bottom two.

    • Stormy says:

      I disagree. I think the other person in the bottom was Jena and since TPTB want her in the finale, they managed to send Sam home without saying who else was lowest.

      • MAB says:

        You could have something there. It could have been Jena or even Caleb in the bottom two and they did not want that made public. It could have even been Alex but he is not one of the chosen two.

      • Wendy says:

        I was so hoping Jena was the one going home. lol I think it was her, but they let Sam go instead. I’m bitter. I’m happy for Sam, he can now be anyone he wants to be. No more trying to be the heartthrob of the season. :)

        • Stormy says:

          Oh, I think Sam was the the lowest vote getter. But I think the second lowest was either Caleb or Jena and TPTB didn’t want that known. This way they wouldn’t have to reveal it either way. No elimination = no results given. Sam elimination = same thing.

    • Lisa says:

      I think Jess, because she shaked her head no before Ryan stated the first no. I also think Alex. I think they both voted no, because they have each been in the bottom 2, yet not voted off. So, I think they weighed up the possibility that it would mean they would be 1 of the 2 going home next week, and realized it wasn’t worth it.

      • AprilD says:

        Yea, Alex & Jess is my guess. Jess with that give away and Alex who seems to me to be the no-nonsense guy. Sam would vote yes because he either 1. Didn’t want to let anyone down who’d go home or 2. Figured it was him. Jena & Caleb which seem to be the more social of the group would vote yes to keep everyone together another week.

      • MAB says:

        Alex was. Never in the bottom three ot two.

  7. crusty says:

    Producers tried to save Sam twice, moreover, I guess Sam and someone else was bottom two…if it was Jessica they would have said it.

    • GuitarBlue says:

      Did anyone notice that they quickly flashed a picture of Sam and Jessica behind Ryan as they were getting down to elimination??

  8. Gina says:

    I truly think Sam was one of the no votes. I think he wanted off this ride and away from the toxic swaybots. Nice kid…too early for this competition.
    And, I think anyone who voted no made the right decision, frankly. Enough of this torture already.

    • Laura says:

      Yeah, Sam took his elimination so well I think you might be right.

    • Danny says:

      Gina (or is it Jenna?) I think you’re spot on. I had the feeling Sam just wanted out of there. It’s like he wanted to be a singer, and the show kept trying to make him into something he wasn’t with all the girls and such. He didn’t want to play the part any longer. It was like trying to fit the proverbial square peg into the round hole.

    • GuitarBlue says:

      I also believe Sam voted no.

  9. Laura says:

    Caleb is the no brainer for me for voting no but I’m not quite sure who the other no vote was.

    • S. says:

      We need to go back and listen to and watch that moment again to see who reacts but before the break people claimed they heard Caleb say yes.

      • FatalRonin says:

        My wife and I went back and watched it twice and Caleb clearly said “Yes” to Alex, and Alex shook his head no. It’s totally obvious.

      • Danny says:

        Caleb was saying yes before the commercial break I was under the impression that they discussed it some during the break.

      • I saw and heard Caleb trying to convince everyone to vote “yes,” and Alex seemed uncertain. I didn’t notice anyone else.

      • Fran V says:

        Caleb was most definitely urging people to vote yes. I think the no votes were Jena and Alex.

  10. kevin r says:

    Classless move to invalidate vote just cuz Sam was bottom dweller.

  11. IMHO says:

    Why would Jessica and Sam vote no? Jess has been in the bottom two. Sam already had to be saved once. Jena is a 17 year old. It had to be Alex and Caleb.

    • S. says:

      I could see Sam wanting to play fair and thinking it’s the right thing to do to let the voters decide. Plus if he thinks Jess is in the bottom he might wanna try to crack top 3 next week. I think he felt he needed to do the right thing. Gut feeling. If true, kid’s got integrity, I’ll give him that.

      • GuitarBlue says:

        Yes, Sam has been ready to step-out of this mill now, ever since he got saved to begin with. He doesn’t like the “heartthrob” casting and is tired of hearing that he needs to jump & jive when he sings, doesn’t connect, etc. Sam is the happiest man on Idol right now. And he voted no, knowing he would probably get the ticket home.

    • Vetle says:

      I agree with this. Either way, it does not matter if people are mad about the no’s or whatever.

      1) The NO puts the vote back in the viewers’ hands, which is the premise of the show.
      2) If someone was mad at a certain contestant for voting NO, they probably weren’t voting for them in the first place.

    • Ben says:

      I voted Caleb and Jena because I felt like those were the 2 whose personalities suit a no vote the best. Alex seems more like an ‘I just want everyone to be happy’ kind of person to me. Jena and Caleb strike me as people who don’t want to manipulate the competition, and if it means they go home so be it. I could see Jena voting no even if she suspected that the reason for it happening was that the elimination was going to be a shock (and thus that she might be in danger).

  12. SuggahNyerTeeth says:

    Thank god 2 of them had their heads on straight. #IdolManipulationFail still LMFAO

  13. Stormy says:

    What a transparent pile of S***! Sam & Jena in the bottom 2, so they try to pull a fast one and get a week’s reprieve. Ain’t buying their nonsense for a minute. They want a Caleb Jena finale and didn’t like her numbers this week. So they found a way not to divulge who the other one in the bottom was. What a crock!

  14. Woodmeister says:

    Bravo to whoever voted no to this not very subtle attempt to keep Sam around one more week. This is the right top 4 and I am fine with whatever happens from here on in.

  15. Mike says:

    Gotta be Jessica & Jena.

  16. Kevin says:

    Yay! Jessica is in the top 4. Let’s make it top 3, people!!!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Yay! A positive comment. Thank you, Kevin!

    • Carl says:

      Agree!!!! I HATE this type of manipulation. Do they really think we are so stupid not to get their game? How insulting. Because Jess didn’t receive the lowest votes, they had to pull a fast one. This show has lost all credibility. The judges looked pissed when there was a no and I luh ya papi said “I’m surprised!” Right! Let’s all place nice. Give me a break. Jess all the way. Sick of this BS.

  17. M says:

    What an absolutely evil idea. Just when I thought they couldn’t do something that was flat out more disrespectful to the process than the airport hanger.
    Grossly unnecessary drama, double eliminations are evil as well.
    As for who I think did it? Unsure.
    I doubt Caleb did it, he’s auditioned for the show how many times? Double eliminations are not a chance he ought to be taking for the streak he’s on.
    Totally unsure about the rest, I just feel Caleb is the least likely.

  18. Well I’m pretty sure Caleb said something about voting yes before cutting to the commercial break. So I think it was Jena and Jessica that voted no. Jess doesn’t have a good poker face.

    • LLA says:

      I’m kind of glad it came out that it came out that Alex & Jena voted No. Read so many comments that Jess wanted to leave & doesn’t have the competitive spirit or that she’s a nasty person. It made no sense for her or Sam to vote No last nite– I can’t understand why people would think otherwise.

      It’s a competition so I get that Alex & Jena didn’t want to take any chances. If Jessica has stellar performances next wk–it could knock one of them out. (Same if it was Sam) I think they all knew that those two were probably the bottom 2.

      It was generous of Caleb to vote yes–i think Sam & Jess would have still voted yes if they weren’t bottom dwellers. but, u never know.

      I hope the producers little prank doesn’t cause a riff with the contestants cause they will be touring together

  19. Pk says:

    Unbelievable. Think the judges and Ryan were more shocked than anyone; they obviously thought no one would vote no. My conspiracy theory is they wouldn’t have given them the option if Jessica was going home. I applaud the two who had the guts to just say no! Stop the madness! And since they didn’t announce who the bottom two were, I’m guessing the second lowest was Jena. Just a hunch.

    • Pk says:

      P.S. It also annoys me that “they” think they were doing the contestants a big favor. Hollywood groveling is unbecoming and it amazes me to see the judges’ reactions when the votes were revealed. Not everyone wants to succeed by sucking up to whoever is in power. It’s a win for “the little people”. Ha!

    • McFudge says:

      I don’t know who the other B2 was, but it doesn’t matter. They just didn’t want to show that Jessica WASN’T in the B2.

      • Christina says:

        I totally agree! This episode was SO MANIPULATED! I think they wanted to 1. Buy Sam another week. and 2. Prevent revealing that Princess Jena was in the Bottom 2 and Jessica was on the rise again. I believe Jessica is prevailing against their blatant attempts to sabotage her at every turn by giving strong performances and it is reducing them to desperate measures!

        • Gina says:

          AND, did you notice the oh-so-subtle Jessica slam during Randy’s “review?” They’d like us to think Jessica was on her way home but…I think she wasn’t in the bottom 2 at all. And, God forbid they let us know that bit of info!

      • Shana says:

        I agree with you: they didn’t want to reveal the “other” B2 contestant. Jessica looked surprised when Sam was voted off. I’m happy with this Top 4.

    • tealeaves says:

      @Pk, I agree with everything you said. My guess is Jena was second from the bottom, and this allowed them to not name the bottom 2. I am also glad someone did go home.
      As much as I like all 5 of these contestants, I vote for the show and I am not a fan of the show manipulating the vote results after the fact.

      • Mary says:

        I think it might have been one of the other guys and didn’t want to reveal because they have never been in the bottom two. Personally I think it was Jessica and they were upset Sam was the lowest and wanted to keep him.

  20. Kaba says:

    Had I been in the competition I probably would have gone with no. Seeing double eliminations on the voice is ridiculous enough. A single elimination is just much less stressful. Why put the top 5 through something so idiotic? The save is enough.

  21. Diz says:

    I’d say Caleb & Alex voted no & good for whoever did!

  22. danin says:

    So majority didn’t rule or did I miss Ryan saying they needed unanimous vote??

    • Lana says:

      @danin, yes Ryan said it needed to be unanimous so only 1 no vote would have stopped the travesty that Idol tried to do.

  23. Sara says:

    I’m actually relieved for Sam. He still has the tour ahead of him so he has some time to chill before that. I think he could be great some day given his beautiful voice and songwriting ability (not to mention that unlike poor Alex he’s not hard on the eyes). This process is such that he was tossed into the deep end of the pool and he was clearly not prepared for that professionally or personally. I think this is a great point for him to bow out while on an upward trajectory in terms of evolving.

    • marie says:

      What do you gain by gratuitously disparaging Alex’s appearance? Is that really necessary?
      Not just this one comment, but seriously, the world would be a better place if people could simply always be kind.

      • Sara says:

        It’s not gratuitous. I’m a fan of Alex and if he writes/sings great music (which wouldn’t surprise me) I’ll be happy to buy his album(s), but I find his facial expressions off-putting and while he’s pleasant there’s not a giant dollop of charisma to offset that. Singers can be plain or not handsome in an interesting way but facial expressions that distract can be an issue in an era where music needs to have a visual aspect. If I were an exec I would sign Alex to develop as a songwriter but def not as a live act. You can dislike this reality all you want or wish people wouldn’t mention it but it’s going to be an issue for Alex even if he wins.

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        I agree, marie. There was a time when appearance was certainly helpful and didn’t hurt singers, but it wasn’t nearly as important. Goodness, would Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, and even Cher (before she had all the work done) even have a shot at stardom today?

        • Lana says:

          DET, forget Cher what about Sonny! If looks counted so much we would not have had soo many awesome Roy Oberson songs (what a voice).

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Ha! Good point about Roy Orbison, Lana!

          • Stormy says:

            “Video killed the radio star” The Buggles

          • marie says:

            Yes, it seems that nowadays being “hot” is, regretably, more “important” than ever. Makes me really sad. DET and Lana, you have a point about the artists you mention; their looks would, I think, definitely count against them today (although I always thought Joan Baez was very beautiful, but that sort of supports my point that beauty really should be in the eye of the beholder, rather than judged by some arbitrary but highly-promoted social norm). Janis was actually a sex symbol back in the day; that would never be the case now.

  24. toadily says:

    When the group was asked to caucus, you could see Caleb say yes and Alex say no before the cut to commercials. Why would Jessica vote no?

    • Danny says:

      I saw Caleb say yes, but missed Alex saying no. I think if Jessica voted no it’s because she’s simply had enough. My vote was for Jessica and Sam saying no, but I missed the thing with Alex.

    • Jessica would vote no for the same reason I would. A single elimination is better than a double.

    • Matrix says:

      Maybe because she wanted to maintain the integrity of the competition. I’m glad there were at least two who didn’t want to change the rules in the middle of the competition.

  25. Mary says:

    Interesting, they really wanted to keep Sam around didn’t they. Now I believe this is the correct four and I am so happy 2 of the contestants had the backbone not to fall for this stupid ploy to keep him around. Producers FAIL ha.

  26. There is no way that Jessica was behind this. Why would someone who was in the bottom two just last week vote for “someone” to go home this week? Come on. That could be suicide. I suspect it was either Caleb and Jena or Alex and Jena who voted this way. And as it turns out (Jessica Top 4!) I’m glad they did.

    • Stormy says:

      I think Jessica is a straight shooter and won’t fall for the producer’s BS. I think she’d feel that if she was lowest, OK, fair dinkum.

      • GuitarBlue says:

        I also think it was Jess and Sam, they both felt like they are ready to go if it’s time, rather than act as if they want the show to go on, regardless. Sam was happy to get off the merry-go-round at this point. He had already been saved, bottom 3, etc., and did not want to infringe on the chances of the others. They are all friends, and he just did what he felt was right by voting no.

  27. John says:

    That was random, and it feels so wrong on so many levels:
    -When it’s this late in the competition, if you’re bottom, you should be out.
    -Since 3 of the 5 voted yes, I honestly feel that they should’ve kept Sam. It may be 3, but it’s a majority of the final 5.
    I’d bet anything that Jessica and Jena voted no.

    • Mary says:

      I am glad they went all had to agree. The judges save is that way so this stupid ploy should be the same. I bet they never thought contestants might have voted no, so next year watch out if they use is again it will be majority rules. I guess this is AI version of Hunger Games.

      • Thea says:

        If they try again and go for the majority, I hope the contestants all say No. That way they can stick it to the man AND not have crazy fans tweeting them about how mean they are.

  28. webly3 says:

    These producers/judges hate Jessica. It pisses me off because she’s great. :(

  29. Jessamine says:

    I just hope that Ryan’s instructions were crystal clear to the contestants, because I wasn’t sure what a “yes” vote meant versus a “no” vote. I was so gobsmacked by the whole thing that I missed Ryan’s cues. It would be a bummer to have accidentally voted the opposite way of what one intended.

  30. Brigette says:

    It wasn’t Caleb. Didn’t you guys hear him talking to the others, saying “Yes”? My vote is Jessica, because she’s a no-nonsense lady, and I think she wanted to get this show on the road. Also you could tell by her face. The other was Alex, and I’m thinking for the same reasons. I don’t think Jena and Caleb voted no b/c I think they think (and may be right) that they are going to be top two regardless, so they may as well have another week with all their buddies. Jena and Caleb would actually have the LEAST to lose by voting yes.

  31. McFudge says:

    This was evil. I’m going with Jessica, who was ready to accept the inevitable….or possibly figured if she was lowest, this wouldn’t be happening. Also Caleb, because he’s a grown-up, or Alex, because still waters run deep.

  32. marie says:

    Another commenter has already said exactly what I was thinking, that the producers were SO determined to try to save Sam again; I also thank the two clear-thinking contestants who voted “no” to producer shenanigans (I don’t, however, care to speculate on who they were). I am SO against making up the rules as you go along, a/k/a producer manipulation; that’s one of the reasons I got fed up with The Voice early on in its run.

    Sam was the right choice to leave this week (heck, he was the right choice to leave the first time he was voted off: I have no love for the Save either).

    Now it gets difficult. The season started out slow and for a while it seemed we had a weak field of contestants, but I think we are definitely left with the correct final four and a very good final four.

    • Danny says:

      Though these wouldn’t have been my 4 picks back in top 13, I do think you’re right. These are the right final 4. I’m rooting for Jena, but will be happy with whoever wins.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        My initial Top 4 were Majesty, MK, Alex, and Sam, with maybe Jena sneaking in there. Wow, how things can change…

        • GuitarBlue says:

          Well, you got Alex and Jena with Sam getting real close — so you did very well.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Yes. But to think about how far back Majesty and MK fell…shame. Wasted potential. But I’m going to see them on tour, where they should be more in their elements.

  33. Rex Master says:

    I love it when the producers plans backfire. I wonder if they are going to reveal who voted No. It could have a negative impact on the contestant who voted No.

    • Danny says:

      Rex- I would think it would have a positive impact on whoever voted no when people find out who it was. Unless it was Jessica of course. If it’s anyone else they’ll play it off as an outstanding Idol contestant with high morals. If it’s Jessica it’ll play out as she’s this no fun party pooper.
      Since there’s 2, if one of them is Jessica it’ll be because 1 had morals and even Jessica’s party pooping ways couldn’t bring that person down.

      • GuitarBlue says:

        If the producers think it will help them promote certain ones over the other to reveal it, who voted no, then they will give Ryan a script for it. Otherwise, it will remain buried. But I am pretty sure Sam voted no, and was ready for the bus home and get some rest from the grind.

  34. Victoria St. James says:

    That was definitely an attempt to rig. They knew that Jessica was safe and someone else was going home so they wanted to try to keep someone in over her. I am a die hard fan of this show, but this is really testing my patience and it is so obvious. I love Jessica and it pisses me off they are doing this.

    • Christina says:

      They are doing everything in their power to try to make sure Jessica doesn’t reach the finale. It is actually quite hilarious she’s still there as they’ve been actively trying to get rid of her for a month now using every method in their arsenal and I know it just annoys the HELL out of them! Oh well, either way, she ALWAYS gets my votes. I absolutely adore pretty much every thing about her, but most importantly she has my favorite voice in the competition!

      • Owen says:

        How would this Yes/No vote keep Jessica out of the finale. I still believe the producers could care less who is in the finale? Why WOULD they care? I do believe Keith and Jennifer want Jessica gone. They don’t like her, or at least her performances. But why the producers? What does it matter to them? I would think they would want one of the few who actually could have a career in the finals, yet Caleb, who is the least likely for a recording career (yet oddly has the best voice, the music business is weird) would seem to be the one “pimped” if Jessica is being “dissed”. Honestly, someone, tell me what is in it for the producers to want Jessica eliminated?

        • Owen says:

          Oh, and I understand why they would WANT to keep Sam in, he’s better ratings. That’s why the stupid, stupid game tonight. I am aware of and completely acknowledge producer manipulation (I don’t think the judges are in on it however) but I don’t know why some people think they are manipulating a Jess-free show.

      • JayNC says:

        I usually cast votes for several singers depending on how well they do, but next week I am only voting for Jessica, period.

        • Jaszy says:

          That’s the spirit! But really, I’ve been doing that all along. I only voted for who I wanted to win. I like them all, but Jessica is who I want to win.
          But I would definitely not mind if Jena won!

  35. Jon says:

    Pretty sure Caleb voted stay together bc right before they went to commerical break he turns to Alex and says stay together but it seemed like Alex might have sayed No….my guess is Alex and Jessica were the two

  36. Ayelet says:

    Okay, so I don’t actually watch the results shows and I am therefore super confused right now. So, if three people voted “yes,” is Sam still going home? Did the vote need to be unanimous rather than a simple majority?

    This all sounds super unnecessary. So you know, right up Idol’s alley.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Like the Judge’s Save the vote had to be unanimous. It was three “yes” votes to keep the group together and to a double-elimination next week and two “no” votes to go ahead and do a single elimination tonight. Since the vote wasn’t unanimous Sam went home because he had the lowest amount of votes.,

  37. Jill Moya says:

    I knew it was coming! Just wish Jess would leave already. Well, we are left with a young rocker who has a big face and looks 35, A sad looking face who looks like he needs a toilet, a girl who you can’t understand any word she sings and finally a singer with fake smiles, horrible personality and a high pitched cat-like voice, that flutters like a goat! What a final 4 Too bad. The worst talent ever on ANY TALENT SHOW! I hope AI survives another year but bad ratings may result in cancellation. Oh well, Harry’s antics sure didn’t help and the talent is very, very week at best! The judges let through sub-par talent and let go of superior talent throughout the show! No reason Briana Oakley isn’t here and again, I’ll say, any panel that would let the world’s worst singer, Briston Maroney go through to the top 15 boys, needs their heads examined! Plus, Maroney lied….first his great great grandfather owned his guitar originally, then it was his great grandfather. Which was it? If non of you have heard him sing, go to You Tube. He sounds like a drunk animal of some sort….Can that be singing????? It is, but it’s hard to believe that’s a human being singing.

    • Renee says:

      @Jill Moya – I can’t imagine what a miserable person you are. I certainly don’t like every contestant but’s that’s a lot of just sheer venom. ‘drunk animal – hard to believe that’s a human singing’??? why on earth would you be this hateful about performers – especially teenagers for god’s sake – who are just trying to live their dreams. maybe you need to get one of your own. karma is real so you should start putting at least a little positive energy out there – if you can.

      • Danny says:

        Jill, I’m glad you enjoyed the show too. See ya at the Finals.

        • Jill Moya says:

          Danny, it’s funny, many people yesterday said Jess sounded like a goat, farm animal etc. I mention an animal and I’m terrible to commenters! As far as the finals go, and I’m not bragging but the way I sing and look, I WOULD WIN AI! I’ve had a great career and I still occasionally perform. I don’t sing under my name, obviously. But I know music and I speak the truth. When I was younger I was told to enter AI but never did….should have, looking back. I know talent and this year is very weak. Different people have different opinions! These are my opinions I have stated in my comments. I’m brutally honest, that’s how I am.Thank you.

      • Jill Moya says:

        Renee, I may be harsh but I speak the truth! I’m sorry if you disapprove, but before you criticize me, take a listen to Briston Maroney…PLEASE! This top 4 is terrible! I give credit where it’s due…as simple as that.

        • Owen says:

          You believe you “speak the truth”? You sad, sad creature.

          • Jill Moya says:

            I’m a a sad sad creature? Stuff it! If you love Briston Maroney so much, contact AI and declare a drunk sounding horrible singer THE WINNER! After hearing this current top 5, maybe he isn’t so bad!

        • Mellie says:

          Your opinion =/= the truth. It only = your opinion. Trying to pass it off as a fact is ridiculous. A fact would be when a singer is flat or sharp. An opinion is if dislike their tone. Welcome to the world!

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          Why do you keep bringing up Briston Moroney, Jill Moya? What am I missing?

    • marie says:

      I’ll give you this much, “Jill Moya,” you certainly are persistent, and you seem to have an endless supply of aliases and, more impressively, you seem to find endless ways to spring up again (like an unwanted weed) despite the site administrator having banned you (from what I’ve read here in past columns). I hope you some day find some peace and contentment in your life.

  38. AlyB says:

    When Ryan announced the twist I just knew Sam was the lowest vote getter. They wanted to save him again and I bet the production staff is freaking out that 2 of them wouldn’t go along with the program. There’s no way Jessica would have voted no since she probably was as worried as a lot of us here were that she was going to get cut. Right before they cut away to commercial I heard Caleb say “yes? Come on yes” I have a feeling it was Jena and Alex that voted no. I don’t blame them. That was an awful thing to do to them and I’m glad their little producer’s last ditch plot to save Sam blew up in their face. Does anyone really believe that if Jessica had been the lowest vote getter, they’d have pulled that stunt? I think we have the correct final 4.

  39. CJ says:

    This is the moment AI jumped the shark – when it turned into Big Brother.

  40. toadily says:

    Caleb clearly said yes and Alex said no before commercials. Why would Jessica vote no? Probably Sam stepped up predicting the result and ready to go.

  41. CK says:

    I know I might get hate for this, but out of all the cruel things the producers have done this season (Randy as a Judge, the top ten room of doom/run to the stage, the decline of the judges, that freaking facebook vote), this one actually tickled me. It’s awful too, but at this point, I’m not really in it for the music anymore. Making the kids stabbed each other on stage is just mean, but haha mean.

  42. metintodd says:

    The whole way the twist was handled was so wrong. It was a 3-2 vote, majority should have ruled to keep everyone around another week. Don’t call it a twist if it has to be a unanimous vote. That was never going to happen. All you’ve got left now are some hard feelings among the remaining contestants, who clearly weren’t on the same page with the vote.

    • Mary says:

      Judges save had to be unanimous so if they are going to do this stupid ploy I agree with it had to be unanimous. I hope the contestants are mature enough to realize that this is a competition and frankly I bet the four remaining are relief that the other two had backbone to make this decision. At least I would be, but I would of voted no too.

  43. Belinda says:

    IT WAS JESSICA WHO VOTED NO! She is pure unadulterated EVIL INCARNATE. You can tell by looking at her face. She laughed and smiled and shook her head when they were reading the results!!! Please don’t let her get to the FINAL THREE IT WILL BE BLASPHEMY!!

    • FatalRonin says:

      Completely disagree. The look on her face, to me, said “I can’t believe someone voted no.” She was pissed! She thought she was going home tonight. I really think she voted yes.

    • Jill Moya says:

      Belinda, I’m with you 100%! She is evil, ugly, stone-faced and has the worst attitude and disposition of anyone I have ever seen….ANYWHERE, not just on television! AMERICA…GET RID OF THIS CONCEITED HANGER ONNER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ( BEFORE NEXT WEEK, LOL )!

      • Owen says:

        this is satirical, correct? Cause if it isn’t, its pretty stupid.

      • marie says:

        I guess “Belinda” is another of your aliases, and you’re replying to yourself. I feel rather sad for you; you must be a very unhappy person.

        • Jill Moya says:

          Marie, first people accuse me of being 3 others, now I answer myself! Please! I am myself, 1 person and to be honest, these accusations make me smile. Would anyone want to do this? Be that childish? I guess it’s possible but that is not me. You can believe what you want, but rest assured, I am not one who plays games and because I am negative at times, that does not mean I’m other people.

    • McFudge says:

      That made me giggle.

    • Danny says:

      How can someone else who’s on a show with Lopez be considered Evil Incarnate? The Devil himself would be on the 2nd team All Rotten list when Lopez is in the building.

    • Fancy says:

      @Belinda, you are on this board why? If Jess voted no, it was because she wanted to keep the rules fair and get on with it. She is not evil. She does not post nasty comments about what an evil witch you are, on a public blog. Get a life already!!!

    • Woodmeister says:

      Jill, Jill, Jill,
      Did you forget your meds again? You scare the young uns when you forget to take your meds!,

    • DAG says:

      Evil incarnate and blasphemous. Geez – she isn’t the antichrist. She’s just a young woman trying to win a singing contest. Exagerrate much?

    • AlyB says:

      “Witch”? “Blasphemy”? And you can tell she’s “evil” just by looking at her face? LOL You’d have fit in beautifully back at the Salem witch trials. Give it a rest. I love Jess. I’m beginning to hope she wins this thing.

      • Cinderella says:


        • LeahKittyS says:

          Oh, look, I’ve started a trend that Disney princesses are now getting into. Awesome.

          • Cinderella says:

            To solidarity. ; ) To Disney princesses and real princesses who write about pirates.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Cheers. :)

          • Cinderella aka JENAinCAPS says:

            Thanks for finding a peaceful place for me to read your fan fiction. Although I couldn’t post at deviantart without becoming a member, I did enjoy the ambiance there. I was comfortable, more comfortable than Alex was when leaving Sam behind in the tower. I certainly hope Jessica doesn’t get left behind at the next tower.  

          • Thea says:

            @Leah, re: Cinderella mentioning your fic: I was wondering where it went! Any way you could link it again?

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Sorry Thea, somebody won’t let my post it here anymore. You’re gonna have to make like the crew of the QUEEN HALEY and follow these clues:
            1. Go to
            2. Look on the left hand side at the box entitled “Newest Deviations.” There should be four boxes with writing. Click on the top left one, it will have yesterday’s date on it 5/1
            I’ll post these instructions every week. It takes up a lot less space and keeps the hecklers away.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Wow. I thought I was watching “American Idol” and here I was watching “The Exorcist” all along.
      What a surprise.
      Did a bunch of crazies from EW invade when I wasn’t paying attention?

      • Lana says:

        @DET that was funny. However I sure hope its not “The Exorcist” as I have a phobia with that ever since I saw that movie when it first came out. I was 17 at the time and I still can’t watch anything to do with it so please Jill don’t make Jessica possessed!!

      • marie says:

        L-O-L!!! “…a bunch of crazies from EW”!

    • Nichol says:

      More than 1 person voted NO! So I guess you think there are 2 people who must be ‘evil incarnate’. So silly.

    • tealeaves says:

      Rewatch the clip. Jessica is the person who is tense and worried as he is reading the results. There would be no reason for that if she knew a No vote was coming because she made it! There would be no reason for her to shake her head No before it is read if she knew there was at least one No vote. She was nervously anticipating it. She thought she was being sent home and she did not want that.
      Whoever voted No, it was their right. All they did was vote for the rules to stay as they already were.

    • Meri says:

      So, she’s the evil one, yet you are writing nasty comments about someone you don’t know on a public page. Irony at it’s finest….

  44. Adam Fachry says:

    Tonight proved that they would’ve done anything to keep Sam in the competition until he wins the whole thing. What if he did get to the finale and lose? Would they somehow extend another week of competition so the voters could vote harder for him and defeat the unannouced real winner? SMH.

    • Danny says:

      Adam- Does that mean you wouldn’t want an AI Christmas Special- Sam vs Caleb/Jena/Alex Volume 158 for the AI title?

    • Stormy says:

      I don’t think it was to save Sam. I think they found a way to not reveal that Jena was in the bottom two and they have been pimping her for the finale all season. With this “Twist” they got away with it either way. If it was unanimous no votes revealed, if not only the lowest revealed. Win/win.

  45. Name This Tune says:

    At the end of the day, we have to get to one winner.
    A little producer manipulation to pique your interest. Because the ratings on results night are in the toilet. I don’t see any point to it.

  46. LeahKittyS says:

    Sorry, guys, for some reason the system is letting me comment, but not post the rest of my story. So to whoever wants to read the next installment, just follow these steps:
    1. Go to (this is my profile)
    2. On the left hand side, there should be a box titled “Newest Deviations” and four squares with writing. Click on the top left one. It should be labeled with the name of the story.
    3. If you would like to comment on it, feel free to do so either here or there.
    I apologize for the inconvenience.

    • Danny says:

      In tribute to Guest above: Upvote- reading it now.

    • Lana says:

      @LeahKittyS thanks I will go there after I read some more comments on the “shocking twist”. I just hope I can do it as I do not navigate as well as most. I don’t even facebook. lol

    • Lynnette says:


    • Danny says:

      Leah- I commented over there.

    • Danny says:

      Under Wood Valley. Clever. And we know Jessica wasn’t moving very fast because she doesn’t move her legs. So she’s probably not the best one to be suggesting they move quick.

      • LeahKittyS says:

        LOL Danny. I don’t think it would matter even if she were in a wheelchair. If there are evil pirates after your blood, you want to get out of there in a hurry. I’m sure the real life Jessica wants to take of running whenever J-Lo opens her mouth to speak.

      • Dave says:

        your bs is hilarious!

    • nathalie says:

      hi leah thanks for that your story made me feel better

      • Cinderella says:

        Interesting that you should mention feelings, Nathalie, because I actually felt peaceful reading Leah’s fan fiction at it’s new location tonight. I’m embarrassed to admit that the twist on Idol tonight stressed me out, even though it’s only a TV show for Pete’s sake, right? Checking in on the Idol kids adventure was relaxing for me. I’d even say soothing.

    • Thanks! Please remind us next week so that I don’t forget how to get to your blog. I had a stressful moment last night thinking, “How in the world is LeahKittyS going to work this into the story?!” LOL.

    • Thea says:

      Oops, disregard my early post then lol. I’ll check this out in a bit.

  47. CK from DC says:

    My theory is Jessica and Sam, Jess because she realized this would benefit Sam (and she’s in it to win it). Sam because even he’s tired of the manipulation and the swaybots and trying to be something he isn’t, and he just wanted to go home.

  48. Lynn says:

    My guess for the no votes are Jess and Sam simply because I think each believed he/she was the lowest in votes and was probably ready to go home. Both probably know they have no chance at making top 3 or winning. Take a few weeks off and then come back for the finale..

  49. Jill Moya says:

    These antics were a lot of bull. You don’t change things! Just like in season 6 when J. Sparks received the lowest number of votes and was set to leave. Then it was announced that for the very first time the following week would combine the current weeks votes and the following weeks votes! Of course She ended up winning, robbing Melinda Doolittle who was superior. Second place Blake was awful. I knew Sparks was going to win right after they failed to rightfully eliminate her. Same on X Factor when he went to Mellanie Amaro ( not sure of spelling ), to her house and said “he made a mistake”. What a bunch of Rubbish. These antics aren’t fair to other singers. Oh well, can we expect less from Simon Cowell??????? Anyway, I am sure Jess was other on bottem 2. I pray she leaves! She’s so smug and thinks she’s God’s gift to men and AI, when she is not good looking….period, OL’ STONEFACE!

    • crusty says:

      If Jessica had the second lowest vote count they would have announced the bottom two

    • Jerry says:

      There is no way Jordin Sparks was supposed to leave that week. She got announced as last, because they wanted to make it seem like it is indeed the most shocking elimination of all time (as Ryan has announced), only to then announce that she is also safe.

  50. girl_3 says:

    This reminds me of the scene in the movie Quiz Show when Charles Van Doren loses 21 on purpose and the NBC producers send David Garroway out on stage to talk him into taking a “cultural correspondent” position on the Today Show to continue to capitalize on his popularity. I cannot believe TPTB were that desperate to keep Sam around. I wouldn’t be surprised if he were one of the no votes, the reluctant heartthrob to the end. I hope he reveals his vote in the press conference tomorrow (if not before).

    Oh, and no way in Hades they’d have done this for Jessica. My gut says she voted yes because she thought the same thing and assumed she was safe.

    I am good with the remaining four. I just wish the producers would quit trying to manipulate the outcome. It hasn’t worked in the past and it didn’t work tonight.