It's Official: Gwen Stefani to Coach The Voice Season 7; Christina Aguilera Back for Season 8

Gwen Stefani The VoiceIt’s official: NBC announced on April 29 that Gwen Stefani will temporarily occupy Christina Aguilera‘s swivel chair on The Voice, joining a Season 7 panel that also includes Pharrell Williams.

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As first reported by The Wrap in mid-April, Stefani will take Aguilera’s spot for Season 7, while Aguilera — who is said to be taking time off due to her current pregnancy — is now confirmed to return for Season 8.

Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are confirmed to return for Season 7, where they and Stefani will be joined by Pharrell Williams (who is taking over for Cee Lo Green).

Newcomers Stefani and Pharrell each will perform on The Voice‘s live May 5 telecast. next Monday.

What say you, Voice fans? Will Stefani make for a solid Aguilera replacement? Will she even better? Drop a comment with your thoughts on this reported shakeup below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Jenny says:

    YES YES YES.. The voice has the best judges ever!! True stars.

    • KR says:

      Christina is not a good judge. She can’t speak spontaneously without notes and her notes are inconsequential. Usher is an excellent judge and coach and I wish he’d stay. His comments are usually articulate and insightful. I don’t have much to say about Stefani. There are so many artists who could fill that spot. I’d prefer Christina just resign, frankly.

      • angie says:

        Yea and Shakira can’t think for herself period and what are you talking about she was an amazing judge last season and hello best voice team performance ever!

        • Julie says:

          This is just an ignorant comment. Shakira CAN think for herself, and she has proved it over and over this season. Yes, she has a language barrier and that is true with anyone that has ENGLISH as a SECOND language. That neither makes her stupid or unable to think for herself. She obviously recognizes that her co-judges are talented industry professionals and values their opinion. It does not mean that she does not think for herself. Obviously, your not on the show because you don’t have her talent, She is an international superstar! Maybe Christinas ego and bulldog personality fit more with your own personality. It is rude to say someone can’t think for herself when you have never spoken to her personally or do not know the specifics behind what the judges are required to do for the show. Remember, this is entertainment. All those antics between Adam and Blake, Usher, Christina, Shakira, those are tactics to boost ratings. Do not rip on someone personally until you actually know them and can make a real judgement based on real information.

          • Donna says:

            Ya you Julie. Ditto to everything you said. Much appreciated.

          • Moch says:

            I am fully support Julie. All coachs are perfect. I understand staying in that position is very hard for them to judge because all candidates are talents But they did the best.

          • Cindy s says:

            I so agree I saw Shakira at a voice taping and she was awesome and itwould be funny if usher was there with Christina because he would put her in her place

        • Terri young says:

          Shakira has a IQ of 140. That’s not too stupid

          • Angie says:

            yea maybe so but as judge she wouldn’t really press her button unless another coach did and let some amazing singer go that she liked just because the guys didn’t press their buttons. Christina was an amazing coach to Jacquie Lee and Mathew

        • Roseshanelee says:

          Personally… I love Shakira and Usher and both will be missed…. I’m tired of the change from season to season!!!!!

      • Mary Limoncelli says:

        Only a stumped person will say that! Christina is the best and will be the only best singer and coach she be back on 2015 .

        • Julie says:

          Christina can sing , YES, I agree. However, her DIVA personality, and EGO have gotten in her way and that was evident the first three seasons. She came back last season slightly different and that was because she had to earn her way back on the show. Barbara Streisand, Cher, Celine Dion, any of those women would be great coaches as they are TRUE TALENT. Christina loses her appeal when she opens her mouth and people hear the DIVA speak. Last season she did a good job coaching but the three seasons she was on prior to Shakira’s first season, she was horrible and all about her. If she can keep her diva inside and concentrate on using her talent to continue to be a good coach, she will win back the audience. I don’t hate her by any means. I say what I see and what I hear , like others. She struts around that stage asking for praise to the great christina, and thats a turn off to watch. She is not god, she is a person that makes good music for a living. This gives her no more holiness than you or I. She needs to realize that she is just a person that makes good money doing what she loves. This does not make her better than anyone else. The problem with Hollywood is that these stars think that stardom makes them deserving of things. You need to earn respect and consideration from your fans , who are the people that make you rich. You pocket book, looks and attitude don’t make you better than anyone. We are all the same, some of us just have stronger talent and different skills than others.

          • Clearly you didn’t watch the last season that Christina was on because that wasn’t the case at all. Sure Christina has had a few hiccups in the past but that was also due to the fact that she was provoked by Adam and his team (that’s one contestant who used to work with Christina) Its funny though that people can talk so much crap on her but she has and continues to hold her own. She has true talent she was the youngest to be on the 100 best voices of all time by the Rollingstones magazine and had been dubbed the “voice of a generation” clearly you named Streisand and Celine Dion (who loves Christina btw) who are way older than her, she blows the completion out of the water in comparison to her peers. Clearly you are insecure to feel the need to dilute her talent based off the fact you’re uncomfortable with a woman who has the same hustle and game as a man. Adam has just as big of an ego, yet no one says anything because hes a man, yet when a woman like Christina does it its deemed as DIVA behavior, it astonishes me that you can pass so much judgment on her yet somehow preach that “we are all the same” get over yourself.

          • colleen says:

            TOTALLY agree on Christina Julie. She has one of the most incredible voices ever but I don’t like what she brings to the show. She is a total Diva and a lot of her comments seem insincere…..everything is about her. She actually seems immature to me. I would be good with her not returning.

          • Shay says:

            Totally agree with Julie! When the voice first started and I found out Christina was a coach I was so psyched, but when she started coaching it always ended up being about her. She’s so focused on being the diva of the show. I can barely tolerate her now, Shakira is by far the best female coach so far and I’m excited to see how Gwen turns out. I wish Christina would honestly just resign.

          • Kirk Kelley says:

            Xtina can flat out sing her a## off…but as far as actually caring about the contestants, hell no…it’s all about what clothes she can wear…after she treated Tony Lucca with so much disregard and pretended to not know him it proved to me that she’s a low-class chica from the hood…Shakira cared and tried her best…a really good judge…Usher was great and “the boys” (Blake & Adam) bring a great side-show to the Voice…

      • BrewsterFly says:

        I disagree about Christina!! She has been very good and last season upped the ante! She was very smart with song choices and gave good advice to all of the contestants. She’s WAY better than Usher and Shakira with working with the contestants. However, I am really looking forward to Gwen! She was an amazing mentor on Idol years ago, so I’m expecting great things! Pharrell, on the other hand…eh…can’t get much worse than Cee Lo, right?!? plus, Usher acts like he’d rather be somewhere else half of the time.

      • Julie says:

        I like the combination of judges, Blake, Usher, Shakira, and Adam. I think the show is fun, and I really believe this is the first season we saw true coaching and mentoring happen.

        • Mick says:

          I agree with you, Julie. I appreciated the kindness of all the Judges, and how they treated the singers. I also agree that Shakira and Usher were excellent coaches, and I will miss both of them this next season.

        • Diana says:

          Yes. I think they are awesome together They compliment each other.

    • Angela says:

      I like the 4 judges that are there now. I truly believe they work really well together to make the show entertaining. I do not like Christina or CeeLo and really truly wish they would not come back. Wish Shakira would stay!

  2. knd says:

    I’ll take Gwen any day over miserable Christina!

  3. m says:

    can’t wait!

  4. Deena says:

    This is excellent news.

  5. Jess says:

    I hate the double standards when it comes to Christina. These overweight housewives really do hate women who hold their ground. I’m glad Christina is taking a season off to focus on her pregnancy and music. Smart move.

  6. alistaircrane says:

    Well I hope this means No Doubt has a new album they can cross-promote while Gwen’s on The Voice. They’ve been recording it since late 2012!

  7. K says:

    Can’t they just keep Shakira

    • alistaircrane says:

      It’s too bad they won’t allow two female judges at the same time. Gwen, Shakira, Pharrell and either Adam or Blake would be a fun mix.

    • Bryce says:

      That’s what I thought Shakira’s point was

    • Cassandra says:

      I’d be all about that. Looks like I’ll finally take a season off watching The Voice.

    • Kristal Watters says:

      No please lose Shakira. She can’t recognize true talent to save her life. Anyone who can put Deja and Kristen on this show is just baffling. The producers have to work overtime to make her look good. They need to focus on putting on a good show instead of writing intelligent words for Shakira to learn.

      • HTGR says:

        Kristen did pretty well tonight. Also she can’t force people to pick her. The contestants seem to know surprisingly little about her so she tends to have a harder time during the blinds. She stole Tess this season and she is awesome. Sasha was pretty great last time.

      • BrewsterFly says:

        I was with you until you bad-mouthed Kristen! She’s my favorite right now (most consistant). However, I CAN NOT stand hearing Shakira blather on after perfomances! She says nothing while saying way too much!!

      • Julie says:

        Ok, remember, Shakira grew up in another culture. Her language barrier does not make her stupid. She is an international superstar, She writes music, performs the music, produces, choreographer, and wardrobe. She is very intelligent. She has 20 million followers obviously because she is a HUGE star! Don’t confuse her respect and proper etiquette as being stupid and untalented. Maybe you should learn more about her before you judge. She has a great soul, and seems to be a very kind person willing to help her team. I think her team is doing pretty well.

        • HAP says:

          With Spanish as her native tongue, she speaks fluent English and Portuguese, and can converse in Italian, French, Catalan and Arabic. She has sold over 125 records. What a dud, huh?

        • Terri young says:

          And Shakira’s IQ IS. 140 , far from stupid. She’s a genius ! Terri

    • Lavon says:

      I agree I really like her she seems very interested in the people she works with.

    • Chuck says:

      I AGREE 100%

    • ginn says:

      yes the should keep shakira and usher they are perfect with blake and adam they have soooo much connection and should be given the choice to stay or go

    • angie says:

      Shakira can’t think for herself it kind of irritating.

      • Julie says:

        Don’t confuse collaborating with other artists as not thinking for yourself. A good coach will always collaborate when evaluating people. Obviously you have no coaching experience.

        • Angie says:

          When it comes to choosing her artist or did you miss the blinds when she would really like an artist but let them go because none of the guys would pick them

    • Christine says:

      I love Shakira as a Judge on the Voice!! Please DO NOT replace her with Gwen I can barely remember her let alone any of her music and would rather have Shakira there at least she will not wear revealing clothes and dumb things in her hair like she is 5yrs. old. What really gets me is that Christina always has to get up on stage and sing with her choice of picks and then out does them not cool…Shakira has class and dresses not like a $2.00 street walker…Hate having to share my name with her even though I like some of her music but not all…

      • Julie says:

        I don’t like Christina either. She tries to be the center of attention, she acts like her voice makes her super human. Sure, she can sing, but so can many other people and she isn’t the greatest female artist of all time. I find Cher, Whitney Houston, and Celine Dion to be way better singers than her. I like the fact that Shakira is elegant, sweet, and down to earth. She doesn’t try to take the spotlight from her team like Christina. I have to say. I won’t watch Christinas return season. I can’t stand her attitude.

        • NotVirgin Mary says:

          “Cher” Stop right there. LOL
          I’m sorry, I can’t take you seriously. Yes, Cher has a great voice, but Christina is the voice of a generation. Whitney is a fantastic singer, but what made her great wasn’t the technical stuff. Christina is a better singer. I would think Celine and Christina are close, but I wouldn’t say one is better than the other.
          Have you seen her last season? She was a great coach. I could nitpick more things with Shakira than you could Christina. Her attitude is fine, you people just over-analyze everything she does.

        • Angie says:

          Shakira miss I won’t choose an artist because none of the guys are pressing their buttons. Or act like she’s the only female coach of the voice to ever have to deal with four guys. Or the one that happens to use a lot of Christina’s methods of winning over an artist. Or the one that all of sudden wanted to do a country duet with Blake(hmm wonder who did that first). Besides Christina was an amazing coach to Jacquie and Mathew.

  8. steven says:

    To this day, I still don’t know what a Hollaback Girl is.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Let’s try to pretend her solo career never happened. Gwen’s the lead singer of No Doubt!

      • steven says:

        Some of her solo songs are ok, like Cool, Rich Girl, and The Sweet Escape. But yeah, let’s forget the rest.

      • Temperance says:

        Why? Her solo material is pretty great. She just need to stay away from urban music.

        • alistaircrane says:

          Not as good as No Doubt’s music.

          • Jason says:

            Her Solo music is awful and I’m one of her biggest fans. The producers sucked everything that was cool out of Gwen and turned her into just any other pop singer! The last No Doubt album was pretty bad as well! Not awful, just boing!

          • alistaircrane says:

            I think the band knew that too…they postponed their plans for a tour and have been recording since late 2012.

          • trainwreck says:

            Listen to “Early Winter” – one of her best tracks from her solo career – which in my opinion was one of the highlights of 00’s!

      • Mikael says:

        Love. Angel. Music. Baby was a great album, start to finish (in my opinion) The Sweet Escape was only ok with a few great songs but was ultimately forgettable. I would actually welcome another solo album.

  9. C.H. says:

    I love Gwen Stefani, don’t get me wrong, and am very excited by this. But another fake bleached blonde female, really? They try to hard to fill their quotas.

  10. jenferner8 says:

    My mom’s cousin once removed, may have to start watching the show!

  11. Viajero says:

    Does this mean that Shakira will not be back for Season 8? I do not approve.

    • alistaircrane says:

      God forbid they have two female coaches at the same time, right?

    • MattArmando says:

      She will be back. The regular panel will remain intact as…
      FALL: Adam, Christina, Pharrell, Blake
      SPRING: Adam, Shakira, Usher, Blake

      It’s just that Gwen will fill Christina’s spot THIS Fall season as Christina wants to take one more season off. Christina will then return for the 9th season in Fall 2015.

    • Kristal Watters says:

      Shakira sucks. She literally has the worst talent on her team right now. The only thing she did right was lose Deja, who she never should have picked to begin with. I’m tired of watching the show trying to make her look good. She needs to go.

      • chrisnine11 says:

        Shakira isn’t going anywhere. Gwen is taking over for Christina who is on a different “judging rotation”. So it will be Adam, Gwen, Pharrell and Blake. Then it will be Adam, Shakira, Usher and Blake. Why are you so upset because Shakira has people on her team that you don’t like?

        • angie says:

          Um read the article buddy season eight is spring time Shakira won’t be on for two seasons unless they decide to have two female coaches which I doubt will happen

      • Blackwater says:

        Well, it’s after the fact, but I’m so glad to see Shakira leave. I found myself fast-forwarding through all of her commentary because I just found it annoying. She seems intelligent, obviously talented, and beautiful, but didn’t coach anybody to ultimate success (an indisputable fact). Shakira was unable to attract, coach and retain the most talented singers who could take it to the very end.

    • Julie says:

      I agree, I really like her. I find her to be true blue, and always willing to be positive. Coaching is about mentoring. A good coach (leader) does so through positive reinforcements. If you spend alot of time telling people what they do wrong in stead of showing them how to do it right, you will get nowhere. She doesn’t let ego get in the way of coaching, and I love that.

  12. Fernanda says:

    I really love her, underneath at all..!!!

  13. andri iona Ciccone says:

    Christina, Shakira, Gwen Stefani : they ‘re all madonna kabbalists. Paltrow agreed to temporarily hush up while Gwen Stefani begins to whip it up.

  14. Douglas from Brazil says:

    I hope NBC got rid of Shakira, I can’t stand her, she’ s just another latinq trying to be a cool american girl.Get lost Shakira.Go back to your territorial husband.

  15. MattArmando says:

    I gather that the REGULAR judging will remain AFTER this upcoming Fall season right? with…

    FALL: Adam, Christina, Pharrell, Blake
    SPRING: Adam, Shakira, Usher, Blake

    Gwen will most likely just be used as a filler here-and-there whenever Christina decides to break again.

    • Annie says:

      Sounds about right. I’m just hoping Usher will keep returning

    • Philip says:

      Well, if you read the article it looks like this upcoming 2014-2015 season could end up being
      Fall: Adam, Blake, Pharrell, Gwen
      Spring: Adam, Blake, Christina Usher.

      They state that Christina will be back for Season 8 in the spring so Shakira could be pushed out next year.

      We’ll see what happens closer to the first Blind Audition tapings

  16. David4 says:

    And Pharrell Williams is joining?1 This is awesome news. Not a huge fan of the show, but I watch it as background filler and this is very awesome casting!

  17. MattArmando says:

    Supposedly, Gwen has ALSO been in talks to join RISING STAR as a judge (ABC’s new summer singing series)… per Deadline.

    • REALLY? says:

      Wow, THAT is good TO know, and I thank you for THE spontaneous CAPITALIZATION that helped me understand YOUR simple comment.

  18. will says:

    I’m not going to make any assumptions about how she’ll do as a judge and mentor until I see her, but I think I speak for several of us when I say…..why not Jill Scott?

    • fizzle says:

      I don’t think that Jill Scott has enough star power or name recognition, which is unfortunate because she was easily the best guest mentor for this year’s battle rounds.

    • BrewsterFly says:

      I wish it could have been Gwen AND Jill! Gwen was terrific on Idol and few years ago and we all saw Jill this year on The Voice!!

    • NotVirgin Mary says:

      Please. I need it. Like, can she get a #1 hit and be a judge? PLEASE?

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  21. HBH says:

    Am i the only one thinking the Voice has gone downhill? I’ve become bored of it and the fact that the winners barely make fame is just sad. I think Cassidee Pope and Danielle Bradberry are the only ones who actually gained something from the voice out of the previous winners.

    • RyanC says:

      I get your point, but really, with the rare few exceptions, talent show winners never really go on to have huge careers. That’s not a trait that’s unique to The Voice.

    • John Anthony says:

      I know what you mean. They have got to stop using so many professional back up singers and road professionals as contestants. This is a turn off immediately. The shows are geared to find new talent not semi-professional performers who have been around for some time. Some of the really great finds have not performed professionally at all like Carrie and Jackie Evanco as well as Susan Boyle. That’s what draws fans to these shows. The chance to see someone rise to the top from their first live stage performance.

      • Timmah says:

        Totally agree. And unfortunately this season is the shaping up to be the most pro-heavy that I can remember.

      • NotVirgin Mary says:

        If you want that, go watch American Idol right now. Pfft. I’d much rather watch Kat Perkins every week than everyone on AI right now.

  22. tara17 says:

    Might just tune in now, love her.

  23. Miranda says:

    It’s becoming blatantly apparent that The Voice producers are averse to the idea of having more than one female judge on at a time. It’s appalling actually. And nonsensical.

    • alistaircrane says:


    • John Anthony says:

      I agree Miranda. Shakira and Gwin would be a really good paring. I’m not a Christina basher so I wouldn’t mind seeing Christina pared with one of these two as well.

      • Jason says:

        Or maybe possibly the show has a budget and can’t afford both Shakira and Gwen. Pharell while being successful is not a superstar and is probably much cheaper than Gwen and Shakira. Think before we speak people. You know what they say about assumptions.

        • John Anthony says:

          The Voice pays the judges each year. They also decide which pairings judge each season show and can easily pair the judges as they choose. They have to take into consideration their availability I’m sure but the money is already set for 2014 for both shows once NBC approves the shows for the up coming year.

        • Enrique says:

          Says the person making an assumption that individuals aren’t thinking before posting.

        • Miranda says:

          Sorry but everything you (ironically) assume in your reply is kinda whack. Pharrell is not a superstar? LOL!

    • greysfan says:

      I agree and it resonates world wide for the whole brand. Every country that has The Voice has 1 female and 3 male coaches from what i can tell. Its ridiculous. I don’t understand why we can’t have 2 female and 2 male coaches. What is so wrong with that?

      • kg says:

        Some countries don’t follow this. The most recent versions of the Dutch and Chinese shows had 2 female judges, and there are probably a few others with a similar 50-50 ratio. But you’re both right – there’s no reason why there can’t be more than 1 female judge.

    • I hear Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey are available.
      Or how about Demi Lovato and Kelly Williams?

    • Timmah says:

      I find it kind of amusing. Blame network executives and their obsession with demographics. It’s the same thinking behind why they replaced CeeLo with Usher, and now Pharrell.

  24. robinepowell says:

    What about the fact that Gwen Stephani will have a new baby at this point? I don’t remember when she’s due, but still, why not stick with Shakira again?

  25. Miranda says:

    Also why are they sticking to a ‘type’ with Cee-Lo and Christina’s replacements.

    You have to either be an African-American male pop/urban artist or a bottle blonde, sexy female singer to replace either of them.

    I don’t believe the producers are not thinking along those lines.

  26. Kristal Watters says:

    Thank goodness Shakira will be out. She doesn’t know or have any talent whatsoever. The contestants she put through(Deja for instance) have been truly baffling. And the producers scripting her to make her seem knowledgeable and intelligent has been laughable.

    • Leea Beea says:

      She has lots of talent, and Shakira knows more and has done more now, than you EVER will your whole life. She has a near genius IQ (140), speaks 3 languages fluently (6 languages total) and plays at least 3 instruments. She certainly knows music theory and knows what she is saying when they give her her “scripted” speeches.

      Shut the hell up….I’m tired of seeing your 5 or so posts on here bashing her and making her seem like a dumb, talentless nobody.

      • Ingrid says:

        couldn’t agree more

      • dcg4us says:

        I agree. Shakira probably knows more about the US and its history than most people that were born here. The reason is because she is interested and took the time to learn. Her language knowledge is obviously all her and is not just a script she memorized. I’d like to see her stay. I don’t see anything wrong with her actions. I think they (bashers) are just green with envy. I like Christina too. I actually like just one woman on the panel. Queen of the chairs ;) I think the guys would act differently with two women and I don’t want them to. It will be interesting to see how Gwen does. Looking forward to it but I do want C & S to come back.

    • HTGR says:

      She has sold more than probably the other three current coaches have combined.
      Her IQ is probably twice what yours is (most likely the highest of any of the coaches/judges that they have had on any singing show). She went to a pretty solid school, UCLA. She speaks 3 languages well and a few more somewhat.

  27. voiceswriter says:

    Reblogged this on Voiceswriter and commented:
    I love Gwen, she would bring an interesting dynamic to the show.

  28. "A" is Alive says:

    So, where does that leave Shakira for the Spring 2015 season? Maybe she decided not to return after this current season? I doubt it but we’ll see. I personally believe they should keep all 3 females and the 4 males they do have unless someone drops out. Maybe they could have someone Mentoring on the side while the others are the Judges? That way, they could still be in the season and work with the contestants. And then switch it up the next season. Would be pretty cool. :)

    • "A" is Alive says:

      Side note; It would have been cool if they had 2 different Judging Panels as well. Like if Cee Lo had stayed on, the original judges could have done one season (like in the Spring) and the other 4 new judges could have done the Fall season. But even so, they could find another replacement and add him to the judges and still have 2 different panels. That could also be a better solution. And while doing so, giving each judge time to breath to do something different during the Spring or Fall. Hopefully, that’s what they’re aiming for come 2015.

      My suggestion:
      Spring Season (Starting 2015):

      Fall Season (Starting 2015):

      This gives fans the chance to see different panels per season. I know I’ve wrote a lot, but I think its time for something different and just wanted to voice this as well. Forgot to add it to my original post.

  29. Jane says:

    I approve

  30. Davey says:

    Rather than complain about Sharkira who is delightful why can’t Blake take a vacation? I guess they love country on The Voice.

  31. Mika02 says:

    Omg so watching!

  32. Ruiroxo says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! XTINA! Get Rid of Shakira(No Hate)! Let Xtina Stay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. DavidSask says:

    Add me to those that say the panel should be even! 2 WOMEN, 2 MEN! A&B also need to take a vacation from the show as well!

    • Kat says:

      NO WAY..ADAM & BLAKE MAKE the show what it is.Usher is lots better than Ceelo ever was too…love that trio..One gal is fine with Me,just so its not Miley or that Niki M….

      • dcg4us says:

        100% agree Kat.

      • Sarah says:

        I think it’s great to have Gwen Stefani as a judge!!!!!! I also think they should have PInk for a season as well. I definitely want to keep Adam and Blake, they make the show great!!!!!! Usher is an amazing coach and even though I am hot for Blake’s sexy ass, it would be nice to have Usher win this season…….

  34. Kaba says:

    Don’t get the Christina hate anymore.
    Vastly improved season 5.
    Glad it’s Gwen Stefani though, this should be interesting

  35. gabe says:

    Anybody but Christina. Someone needs to tell her the show is not about her!

  36. LuvCherLuvXtina says:

    I’m HAPPY Gwen is filling in while Christina takes another season off. She & Christina are good friends and I think Gwen will have a similar rapport with the 3 male judges. Shakira can go for good as far as I’m concerned. I LOVE Christina as a coach, artist, and person but if she never came back to the Voice it would be ok. I’d rather see her on tour & promoting her next album. The Voice will never be what it was without the original 4 together at the same time.

  37. Madonna says:

    The best is yet to come !!!!!!!!!

  38. suzy says:

    thank god nbc wised up and axed that naked ass beatch!!!!!! I was sick of looking at those tiny tits pushed up to her chin!! she’s rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. She would have NEVER won…NEVER! Thank thank thank that her and CELO are history!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully the replacement can wear some clothes and act right.

    • angie says:

      if you’re talking about xtina she’s returning for season eight and Shakira isn’t rude she doesn’t really think for herself but she isn’t rude

  39. Jason says:

    This well be my last season watching this show. This show used to be judged evenly by the coaches and the fans. This season we get the coaches top the picks because they obviously think America is not smart enough to choose the most talented artist. Shakira was a great addition to the show. This show had lost what made fans most attracted to it; the fans felt like they were party of the show before, and that we helped pick America’s Voice. Now…It’s a shoe about the coaches.

    • HTGR says:

      Yeah but considering the people put Tess bottom three and the coaches had her in the top set, maybe they have a point hah.

  40. The voice if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Long time Voice fan best yet.

  41. Michael says:

    I would love to see Stevie Nicks take a chair every once in awhile on The Voice. But she is going to be pretty busy with the new Fleetwood Mac tour. But after that? It would be great!

  42. Helen Gordon says:

    Gwen Stefani? EXCELLENT CHOICE!!! Although Shakira is cute, I find her totally boring and ineffective! Love Gwen Stefani! Even better choice then Chrisitna Aguilara who is toooooooooooooooo full of herself!

  43. luvCherLuvXtina says:

    NBC is gonna continue to lose ratings on The Voice as long as they continue to switch judges! This past Monday the ratings dropped 15% and were the lowest ever for a Monday! Shakira wouldn’t know a talented singer if she was hit over the head with one. The original Four Blake, Adam, Christina, & CeeLo consistently brought in the highest ratings whether anyone likes it or not! I can see The Voice ratings continuing to fall until it falls off the air in the next few years.

    • John Snowowl says:

      I don’t think it is the judges that are losing the ratings, it’s when the public votes and then they have the twitter thing which is completely unfair as the west have to vote before they get to see the show. If they are going to have something, it should be fair to all. Also NBC thinks that the people watching are stupid and need to be told over and over what is about to happen, when the fun part used to be watching and not knowing what was going to happen. The other thing that are making the ratings go down is not allowing every singer the same amount of air time, some that don’t even make the show during the blinds got more air time than some that did. NBC needs to rethink and go back to the way it was at the start, everyone equal time.

  44. Marcinho11 says:

    Adam and Blake need to take a break.

  45. J. says:

    Love Gwen and Christina. I’m honestly getting sick of Blake and Adam, they should take a season off.

    • Terry says:

      I love it. They’ve had 3 guys and a girl for so long how about 3 girls and a guy. Christina, Gwen, Shakira and Pharrell or Usher for Season 8. Let’s Go!

  46. Julie says:

    Shakira is a true artist. She is very talented and is an international superstar. To say she can not identify talent, what? She has done a great job with her team. This is the first season that I can say the talent was so strongly equal. Her team has come a long way and she is very passionate to help them and teach them. She may not have the “Bull Dog, I am great” personality that christina has but she is a damn good coach. She is also just as big of a star as Christina, a world renowned artist that has performed for heads of state.

  47. Carolyn says:

    i enjoy The Voice! The coaches are great as long as Blake and Adam are there!

  48. Maria says:

    I love Shakira as a judge She really knows music ,talent , and has a wonderful voice. so talented! I hope she continues to come back . I will miss her Blake Adam Shakira Usher have a great bond together , I love these 4 coaches

  49. Pam says:

    I love the team as they are so sorry to see ant of them replaced

  50. Carol says:

    I love the coach combination this year! They work well together. Never loved CeeLo or Christina