Glee Recap: A Star Is Torn

GleeTuesday’s Glee found NYC’s finest having to choose between their careers and their relationships — and, unfortunately, not everyone made the right decision. With only two episodes left this season, the stage is set for several major shifts in the Glee universe, including a potentially devastating split.

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STAR WARS | Rachel totally gave into the whole “if you give a mouse a cookie” theory this week when a Fox executive (Community‘s Jim Rash) invited her to ditch Funny Girl for a pilot audition in Los Angeles. Though her audition was about as tragic as the show itself — an insane combination of Grey’s AnatomyGame of Thrones and Guardians of the Galaxy that I would totally watch — Mr. Fox Executive offered her a development deal, explaining that the network would create a show around Rachel! And it’s a good thing, too, because Sidney isn’t exactly thrilled after she lied to him; no good conversation ends with, “Get the hell out of my office.”

(Side note: Given the reports about Naya Rivera being fired after feuding with Lea Michele, how ironic was their characters’ storyline this week? Not only did Santana go out of the way to save Rachel’s job, but she literally proclaimed, “No one is getting fired!”)

BLAINE-Y AND JUNE | Kurt and Blaine have faced countless obstacles since moving to NYC, but who’d have thought their biggest would come in the form of an 80-year-old movie star? Kurt nearly gleeked himself when he found out he’d get to perform for legendary socialite June Dolloway — played by Shirley MacLaine, who also appears to be a Directioner — but sadly, she only has eyes (and ears) for Blaine. She invited him to a swanky benefit for an impromptu performance of “Piece Of My Heart,” and for her encore, she insisted that Blaine break off his engagement from Kurt. He obviously didn’t relay that part of the story to his fiance, but it’s only a matter of time before this all hits the fan.

glee-santana-mercedesHOW MERCEDES GOT HER GROOVE BACK | Fearing her new album lacks inspiration, Mercedes turned to her old pal(?) Santana to help make musical “magic,” and it turns out all she needed was a healthy dose of “That Thing” to get the juices flowing again. Unfortunately, Mercedes’ producers weren’t feeling Santana’s vibe — they suggested she record with someone like “Carly” [Rae Jepsen?!] instead — but Miss Jones insisted Santana sign a contract anyway.

And now, we play the Rating Game…
Rachel: “Wake Me Up” — Rating: B
Mercedes and Santana: “Doo-Wop (That Thing)” — Rating: B-
Kurt and Blaine: “Story of My Life” — Rating: B+
Blaine and June: “Piece of My Heart” — Rating: C+
Rachel: “The Rose” — Rating: A

Do you think Kurt and Blaine can survive Hurricane June? Vote for your favorite song from this week’s episode, then drop a comment with your thoughts on Klaine’s future.


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  1. The Mangina Monolgues says:

    This show just keeps getting worse. There is nothing or no one to root for. Once loved characters are just too over the top and beyond redemption. The storylines are hodgepodge and the writing is horrible. Should have really ended it with the 100th episode. IF Naya Rivera has been fired, she should thank her lucky stars. I think FOX will end up pulling ti part way through the final season.

    • AdamJ says:

      Please don’t fire her just yet….Ratings winner idea b4 she goes…
      Naya Rivera topless on Glee = mega ratings

    • Rini says:

      Tbh we can still root for Kurt but he’s been too saintly, I think. I actually like the drama between Kurt and Blaine. I swear if Blaine breaks off the engagement, he will be the most hated character in TV series (I read the old list somewhere).
      I’m so waiting for what will happen to Kurt in the future. Huge things, I hope, in a POSITIVE way. When will it be his time, geez??

      • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

        I think Blaine needs to leave selfish Kurt :P

      • Jermey says:

        no one cares about this show anymore, so I doubt anyone will care if Blaine will dumps Kurt, let alone hate him enough to make him one of the most hated characters on tv ;)
        For the record – Blaine is one of the reasons I stopped watching the show. :)

        • Rini says:

          Yeah, I always fast forward Blaine parts. Is his acting+face expression I can’t stand. Too bad his screen time is more than Kurt, whose acting is the best in the show. (shame on Glee, when will they ever realize this huge mistake?)
          Even Blaine’s singing becomes so boring now,n predictable. I hope he will do whatever devilish advice that June tells him, so he will be thrown out of the picture for some time+stop singing on my screen, n gets his character totally failed to succeed.

          • sharialynn says:

            Ok. I personally think tht Blaine is pretty much the only one in the Glee world I like. Everyone else’s storyline sucks. Santana as the “Fairy Godmother” flitting around handing out advice and saving jobs makes me wanna puke! I think I shall leave the Glee world, and idk do laundry on Tuesday nights, until nxt season.

            Ok nvr mind I hate laundry.

          • Rini says:

            To Sharialynn below:
            Which one do u like the most? Blaine the jealous immature golden boy, the charming shallowy talented who wants the spotlight and whines about losing when Kurt his own fiance gets attention once in a million years, or him being the next rich lady’s charming pet, or the ex-cheater who’s almost become ex-gentleman if he breaks off the engagement?
            Nice choices, huh?

          • sharialynn says:

            Back to Rini:
            1st the whole Blaine as a cheater was just stupid & misplayed. Kurt was the one who had a history of reaching out to other people when feeling neglected (check out the Whitney episode). 2nd let’s remember he just graduated High school he’s got a high school mentality. Yes, his jealousy was childish but he’s a child.
            3rd Shirley picked Blaine. Kurt was the one PLANNING to be someone’s lap pet. So there ;p

          • Rini says:

            Are u a 12-year-old or a real june dolloway? You’re practically blinded by blaine, its ridiculous LoL.
            If he’s a child then he shouldn’t want to propose first. A person who proposes must grow up. Cheating is a dumb line? Well,Kurt looking for attention is also a dumb story coz Blaine ignored him for days, again fr his insecurity coz he’s afraid Kurt would leave him.
            Blaine cheating also coz of insecurity or maybe hormones. His Jealousy,same. So any smart viewer will see the red line here. Blaine never grows up. Kurt has been tortured the whole season1+2, cheated on season 4 after the cheater encouraged him to go, so I want to see Kurt succeed way more than blaine, and honestly I’m getting more sick of Blaine coz of you.
            You reminds me more of his faults. And his acting, yikes. His singing is downgrading too except the ones with Kurt, looking at ratings given

          • sharialynn says:

            RINI: ur cute. U make my conviction to Blaine tht much stronger. I’ve read some of ur other post and U just don’t like Blaine. I can accept that. But come on isn’t Kurt’s goodie-goodie act just over the top. Now that being said I think that Blaine was way too young to propose. CAUSE HE’S STILL A CHILD! I got kinda lost on who’s side you were on with the whole cheating thing in ur post. But following this convo I’m sure ur still standing gaurd I front of Kurt’s ivory tower. I personally dont think there’s anything wrong with taking advantage of opportunities that come your way. It’s not Blaine’s fault he’s got swag, albeit old lady swag, Kurt’s just not spotlight material. Still, I think we want the same the death of Klaine.

          • Rini says:

            Tbh I still like Klaine together, coz honestly I can’t stand watching blaine acting alone.
            Like I said, I always fast forward his scenes, except the ones with Kurt in it.
            I just can never see any right thing in what you say,actually. Blaine is still a child so its right for him to do all the things he did but not Kurt? You’re not being fair. You put all the blames of their fights on Kurt. I think that’s a wrong impression you got from the show.sure Kurt is not always right but your words seem to show that its okay for blaine to act wrongly+immature, n not Kurt. They only have 1 year age difference.

          • Rini says:

            Tbh I still like Klaine together, coz honestly I can’t stand watching blaine acting alone.
            Like I said, I always fast forward his scenes, except the ones with Kurt in it.
            I just can never see any right thing in what you say,actually. Blaine is still a child so its right for him to do all the things he did but not Kurt? You’re not being fair. You put all the blames of their fights on Kurt. I think that’s a wrong impression you got from the show.sure Kurt is not always right but your words seem to show that its okay for blaine to act wrongly+immature, n not Kurt. They only have 1 year age difference. Everyone in a relationship should grow up,otherwise it won’t last. 19 yo isn’t a toddler,so its wrong to always think he’s right just coz he’s maybe younger. Its a lesson in life. Kurt is being mature n everything n you seem to blame all on him. See,its this kind of view to life that’s wrong, n based on a tv show we can learn a lot fr living our own lives. If a child acts wrongly than we must tell them that its wrong so they won’t do t again, especially if they hurt other ppl. Blaines in the world need to learn that else he lost their Kurts.
            Its not right of an excuse that they act the way they do coz they’re children. Especially not 19-20 yos who are willing to commit as a couple,have sex already,n living away from parents. I think your reasons are wrong ways to perceive from this tv show n also a wrong way to see life in general, that’s why I’m still commenting you.

          • Rini says:

            Also to Sharialynn: all the comments above are for you, sorry accidentally hit post button so it got doubled, but pls read the last one coz its the complete one.
            Addition: they were too young to be engaged, many people were opposed to that,also the actors behind (Chris+Darren). But I guess the show wanted it happen anyways, for reasons.
            So for the future, I’m okay for anything happening for this couple, but fans especially those who watched from season 1 really wish to see Kurt getting the success he deserves, as his forte. I want to see both of them having their own ways in life and learn their mistakes and admit that they’re sometimes wrong. I also really wish that CHris just get more screen time+good storylines that can show his true acting+performing talents.

          • sharialynn says:

            Dude (Rini) -I’m not saying that Baind is always right in his actions just understandable. If Kurt wants something he goes after it. That’s all well and good “yay for Kurt”. But when Blaine is handed something he’s the bad guy bcuz he takes it. Not fair. Don’t get me wrong I dislike Kurt, not Chris love Chris, only bcuz plp think he’s so mistreated by Blaine. Maybe if they had elaborated on the cheating situation I might agree but I don’t. Life is what you make it if Curt wants to shine look at the plp around him; none of whom are whipped puppies. It was his idea to bring Blaine along. Did not Blaine ask him would he care if he moved to NY? I believe he did & Kurt ok’d it. My granny says “if u wanna picnic u don’t invite the rain”. Going back to the beginning whenever Kurt has had a chance to shine he kinda blows it. Before u bite my head off look at what I mean 1) When he wanted the solo w/ the Wobblers 2) the duet that cost the Warblers the win. 3) his audition for Romeo 4)his NYADA video app. His character is just not leading man material. In every relationship there is an alpha personality that’s Blaine. Heck, some plp go on set and some paint the sets. Give Kurt a paintbrush.

          • rin says:

            I hope you meant that Kurt’s like that, in terms of the writing of the Glee writers, coz all those scenarios are made up by the writers. I mean, it’s possible if Kurt be shown as leading man material and so on. It depends on the script. And Chris can show that very well, I believe. And to correct this, I think you should watch “Tested” in which Kurt looks very leading man material – even Blaine says so in the voice over while eating those snacks in the NYADA dance room. I know who your favorite is between those two, and I still think you – like many people- are blinded by Blaine’s charisma, so you forgive the whole cheating and acting like a child attitude. This is what I said in my previous comment and you didn’t follow it up.
            Kurt has been acting very supportive and we can all see that he wants to be good by asking Blaine to join him. That’s good morale, not being stupid.
            The way you say it just seems that he supposed to act diva-ish like Rachel. Well, that character is not like that.
            to answer your points:
            1) The solo for Warblers >> I think he did great, but not warbler solo material coz warbler is an acapella group.
            2) The duet >> The song Candles was CHOSEN by Blaine, not Kurt, and hell everyone knows that song is NOT winning material. That scene was for New Directions to win-end of story.
            3) Audition for Romeo >>Not Romeo, but West Side Story >> again the script wants him to lose, right? that’s the story line.
            4) NYADA app >> I think this one is fine, great even, a lot of ppl really asked back then as to why he failed, but we all know that he’s deemed to fail, in order for the story to lead into something else in season 4. It’s no fun if both Rachel & Kurt to be accepted into NYADA. And Rachel got nothing else to do, while Kurt has other talents which is fashion. That’s the story.
            So it’s all in the writing, it’s no use to argue about fictional characters anyways.

            I’m just promoting that the writers should do something with Kurt to make him shine the way he’s supposed to be. He’s talented and all. All the previous episodes show that he’s getting better but this one put him + Blaine into square 1 – a repeat of season 3 West Side Story audition. I see who’s your golden boy is, and I agree he’s charismatic and all, but he’s irritating at times, and not the one many people want to see winning, based on the beginning of Glee.

          • sharialynn says:

            Ok, so here’s the deal. I love Blaine. I love the attitude he brings. I love the song choices he’s given. I have always liked Kurt. I think everytime I’m behind him and ready to see him reach out to be the “star, I know Chris could play, he falls short. I agree it’s writing. The personality of Kurt is freakin annoying. I feel like he (Kurt) just doesn’t deliver. Where Blaine has the follow thru.
            I mean I know you’ve referred to ratings and what hve u. I really couldn’t give two $hi+$. I don’t let reviews tell me what movies to watch, dont let downloads tell me whos hot, dont let ratings tell me what to put on my tv & Don’t let critics tell me who I like. I likes what/who I likes.

          • Rini says:

            You don’t need to say bad words. I never need you to follow me or any reviews. You commented on my comment and I disagree with you so I had my say. I liked Blaine season 2+3 but somethings about his whining etc in season 4 up to now that makes me sick (maybe the acting). His charisma covers all bad things he done and my point is he’s not perfect and not always generating bad attitudes. Kurt generates more good attitudes than him, in terms of morale and friendships. He’s been through very good sad storylines. Sad, not happy ones. Kurt hasn’t been written to have stellar success, n I really wish to see that in season 6 as vengeance to his bad days in season 1,2,3,4. Blaine has never lost so we don’t feel a huge satisfaction seeing him succeed coz we never see him down. He’s just stay gold all seasons and I think everybody needs a great switch. I think all arguments against this are invalid coz they’re facts. :D
            And no, I don’t refer to ratings. I just need to see fictional justice played on my screen. I think we all do. Kurt has so many fans, like Blaine n Rachel, so why not his spot and big break that we see next? Thanks.

          • sharialynn says:

            U so might not believe me. But the cussing was my BF typing while I drive.(Safety First). I didnt even know what u meant till i reread the post. I have enjoyed our convos. All my peps are Blaine-iacs too. So I liked hearing your point of view. Plus, he’s officially fired from phone duty. Considering I never apologize – well I mean it.

          • rin says:

            That’s okay, I believe you. Just a bit straightening up, I wasn’t speaking my point of view. Those are mere facts about Klaine’s story line. They are “facts” no matter how bad we want to make it not happen – but they happened.
            And if one doesn’t like the storyline, that’s thanks to the writers of Glee. If we see again this episode “The Backup Plan” we can see how odd Kurt has become, from the mature person in ep. 16-17, how come he got switched 180 degrees with Blaine in regards of confidence, again? That completely makes no sense, tbh.
            It makes more sense if Kurt delivers just fine, but June just got charmed by Blaine.
            There’s no need for Kurt to be told as acting so silly on stage and everything, regardless of how excited he is to be able to perform for June. That’s just not him, remembering the level of maturity his performance has become, from the last solos that he sung.
            Next week we are going to see episode full of Kurt for once in a while, a break from all the Blainey storyline :D.
            Well, if you need to see the kid who wins everything, than Blaine is alright. But tbh we don’t feel that great of satisfaction seeing Blaine succeeds, coz he never failed.
            Everything handed to him in gold. even NYADA – without us seeing his audition. I guess the writers would love to see Chris crying so beautifully all the time against Blaine smiling – coz it won’t be prettier if the other way around for them :p.

        • Steph says:

          Considering Blaine’s record and the VERY supportive manner in which Kurt has behaved (with some hiccups, yes), if Blaine dumped Kurt, I’d celebrate AS Kurt. Kurt should immed call Elliott, Adam, Dave K and Sebastian and have a party. Blaine would end up miserable and alone & deserve every second. Kurt would NEVER allow someone to treat Blaine the way Blaine keeps allowing Kurt to be treated.

          • sharialynn says:

            Check my post to Rini above. I think it works as a reply to this also. :)

          • rin says:

            Yes I agree with you. that will be how Blaine would live if he dumps Kurt. Gosh, he was the one after Kurt so much, arranging all those over the top proposal and all, apologizing and whining and all.
            What a drama. And yet people including Sharialynn here and June Dolloway (well she doesn’t know him before) are still mesmerized by the whole charming smile. So charismatic people can be forgiven for having bad+irritating attitude. Ironic.

        • sharialynn says:

          RINI: I think I mentioned my love for Chris. I would support him coming into his own. And i am willing to concede that it’s writing but isn’t all t.v. writing. They are all characters and I happen to love Blaine. He’s got the charisma. Um, that’s what your supposed have. Duh.

          • Rini says:

            So you confirmed, charisma is all that matters covering bad attitudes + bad acting. I also said that if the writings want it, could be the other way around. In “tested”, Kurt is way more charismatic than Blaine. I’m so dissapointed with the storyline now, its like putting Klaine into square 1 of their relationship, like in season 3. So out of ideas. Kurt is better than that silly showcase. To think about that again, confirmed, the writer of this episode is clueless. Blaine is good but viewers want to see Kurt wins professionally.

      • Martoukian says:

        I would hate to see Blaine break it off for some dumb reason, but I also don’t think Kurt and Blaine are a believable couple. Plus, I find Kurt pretty irritating.

        • Rini says:

          I don’t know what believable means to you but seeing Glee, the other couples are more non-believable, including Finn+Rachel back then. Maybe the adults are more real but they are no fun to watch. Tbh I think the Blaine side of this relationship needs improvement.
          And about Kurt being irritating, maybe u only watch glee a couple times in some parts, or its just personal opinion. I also find Rachel, Sam + mostly Blaine very irritating at times.

    • Cheri says:

      Totally agree with you. This one was a loser. I love Shirley MacLaine, but, the entire story lines were way off. Did not like. I keep trying to like Glee, but, still, can’t. NY has so much potential, but the writing is so bad.

    • Chris G. says:

      Exactly. This is the same M.O. for all Ryan Murphy shows.

  2. jj says:

    A B+ for “Piece of My Heart”? Did you actually listen to it? It was hands down the worst song ever on Glee. It was embarrassing.

  3. AngieD says:

    I think the writers just couldn’t figure out what to do this year after Cory died. These last few episodes seem to be an attempt to realign the original plan for the final season. I am enjoying the show now that it’s focused back on the original cast.

    • Tal says:

      More like they couldn’t figure out what to do last season. That was one big ClusterF***. They never should have deviated from that original S1 core cast like they did last season.

      • sharialynn says:

        This show has been so sad so so sad since the originals graduated. I can’t remember one standout moment/song that didn’t involve someone from the original cast. Now they are sucking the life out of them. I wonder if they just don’t want us to miss them when they go off the air.

  4. TJM says:

    WTH are they doing to Rachel? She goes from dreaming about Broadway for her entire life, getting her dream role to being bored with it after 3 weeks? It so obvious RM doesn’t give a rats butt about the this show anymore. It’s just sad! The only redeeming thing about tonights episode were the 2 Rachel solos A+ on both IMO, the Sancedes duet and no Sam in the episode was fantastic! Wish they all were Samless!

    • Andy Swift says:

      I actually missed Sam this week. And I enjoyed the Naya/Mercedes duet, but the performance was so boring. And I love that song!

      • karenb says:

        I missed Sam too Andy.

        Yes-completely ironic with the Lea/Naya/Rachel/Santana drama! The change in Santana’s personality was startling. I kept asking myself who is this chick and what has she done with Santana?

        • netta says:

          It’s not ironic, it’s where the gossip was cribbed from. Why make up new rumors when the script will do it for you? Too bad the writers aren’t much good any more, we might get more consistent characters and a better level of gossip.

      • Not me says:

        The less Sam the better. I lost all respect for Chord Overstreet when went on Ellen and announced his intent to replace Cory just a few months after Cory passed. Sorry but after that I can’t stand the sight of Sam or Chord.

        • Matt says:

          I had to go look up the Ellen clip. If you watch it, what he was saying wasn’t intended to be nasty or about himself. It was about how great Cory was to everyone and how it made him feel like he needed to step up and try to help fill that hole. Not a huge Sam fan, but it didn’t seem worthy of that kind of reaction.

        • Andy Swift says:

          I think that may have just been an unfortunate/awkward choice of words on Chord’s part.

          • Gunny says:

            it was an inappropriate comment to make and I think he meant it. I just wasn’t sure if he was talking about himself personally (Cory) or about Finn on the show.

      • Akash says:

        I love Mercedes and Santana too but they can NOT pull off Lauryn Hill’s flow and swag. In general, this show should only do original arrangements of hip-hop/rap songs (indeed, they should do that for EVERY song). Otherwise it just looks/sounds embarrassing.

    • Ashley says:

      It looks like they’ve basically given up on actually writing Rachel true to her character and have decided that her story is just going to be a dramatized version of Lea’s.

      • TJ says:

        Except Lea has never walked away from a Broadway show and has never been unprofessional. No idea what they are thinking with Rachel but they destroying her character. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. They destroyed Finn along with Finchel last season, only Rachel is left to destroy.

        • Gunny says:

          I think a lot of that was prompted by the “manager” who told her she did not have a face for television and movies. So, when someone offered her a chance at one she jumped on it. Most of Rachel’s dumb decisions are based on insecurity. Probably true of everyone.

        • sharialynn says:

          I so AGREE! Rachel from Lima who has been dreaming of Broadway forever, and once told Finn that Broadway was about the work you do and not the work you’ve had done!, would never skip off to L.A. in the middle of a show. So bogus!

        • Sol says:

          This Rachel that was written in this episode is not the Rachel that has been created and molded into whom she is now. I cannot see her turn on a dime on a whim and on a moment of insecurity again after she finally reached her dream. This is the laziest writing I have ever seen in Glee. So not impressed. I couldn’t stand Rachel’s story season 4 either. So, I’ll revel in the fact my next favorite character to Finn reached her goal of Fanny. Now, I’m happy and stop watching this gunk Glee puts out. Glee is ruining itself. Ruining its best character, IMO. We’ll see what the scenario might be about season 6 will be, before I choose to watch again. This episode was a huge miss or a mistake. I didn’t care for the music either. But, I do like Shirley MacLaine. I remember watching her when I was a kid. Love her.

      • Rini says:

        I just realize that’s somehow right. So much unnecessary drama going on, that it looks so weird or not sensible at all. They are maybe targeting teenagers audience who will scream each time an incident happens on screen.

    • Caroline says:

      I think Rachel’s move from Broadway to Fox TV show is based on Lea’s move from Broadway to Glee.

    • The Beach says:

      In all of Glee’s history of nonsensical story lines, this one sending Rachel to slip off to LA during her initial run of her dream role was the worst…absolutely ludicrous. Who is writing this drivel?

    • Martoukian says:

      I find the whole Rachel in a hit remake of Funny Girl plot to be ridiculous. She would be perfect for Funny Girl, but there’s a reason they haven’t done lots of big revivals of Funny Girl–it would be really dumb on Broadway today. It was a great performance by Barbra Streisand, and a few good songs, but not much else to make it worth remaking.

  5. Lory says:

    I just wonder how two characters from this season can disappear without a reference or explanation. Why wouldn’t the writers come up with some kind of reason why they are suddenly not on? Seems kind of inept as far as story lines go (oh I am talking Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert whom I both enjoyed).

    • Gunny says:

      Or that none of her parents came to the show or sent flowers. Rachel is really missing an adult in her life. I wish Idina would call her or something.

      • Petygeri says:

        Um, Rachel is not teen anymore. She graduated in season 3 so she is practically in her 20s. So she doesn’t need an “adult” in her life.

        • Rini says:

          Yeah, that’s why she’s written to fail seeing reasons and making mistakes. That’s normal actually. In other sides of the world where 20 yos still listen to adults, they have less stupid mistakes to make. Maybe less fun, though. I think that it was a mistake that Rachel’s parents weren’t written into Opening Night Last week. In real life, it doesn’t make any sense that you remember your teacher but not your parents!
          For Kurt-blaine; I swear I start to see blainee getting all the spotlight n Kurt just watches n being sidelined, that’s the moment I stop watching for good. Kurt is too talented+too kind to be treated/written like that.

      • sharialynn says:

        I agree. She might be grown but she needs someone to give her some advice. Who better than the missing mom that left for Broadway dreams. Plus, I was really looking forward to seeing her dads. There’s no way in heck they would have missed her Broadway opening. I was hoping they would at least cameo.

  6. Katy says:

    Rachel absolutely CAN NOT leave Broadway for television unless she manages to get out of her Funny Deal contract with everyone happy otherwise she will be sued, and her name will be ruined. Maybe she should let Santana take the role over if she wants to move to LA and have a development deal so badly.

    • LOL says:

      But it’s GLEE where they don’t care about anything but the next whim.

      • Katy says:

        But….but…her name would be mud in Broadway season one Rachel Berry would be livid 0_0

      • Dan says:

        That whole story made no sense. The character of Fanny would have one “official” understudy and at least one other female cast member who could cover the role in case of emergency. In “Wicked” each lead character has a standby and an understudy. When “Legally Blobde” was on Broadway there was an understudy for Elle and one or two others in the cast who could play the role. Not to mention the ignored fact that Rachel has a contract with the producers and she has a talent representation contract with her agent, yet she is booking auditions on her own? Good thing she didn’t get the tv role otherwise there’d be lawsuits all over the place. I thought the NYC shows were an improvement until this week.

        • Caro says:

          Dan, your post is spot on! Ryan Murphy has destroyed any believability that Glee ever had and is now just writing garbage!He needs to step away and let someone else run the show!

        • Mena says:

          Glee writing is nothing but B S. And they know it. They fly by what’s been hit by a fan. Glee has gone down hill fast. Viewers lost interest in the show over the seasons. It’s not as good as it once was. The writing. They have never used any common sense, continuity, or realism to their input of creativity or lack of it. This is Glee now. Glee was wonderful.

      • Jasper says:

        I have read a lot of criticisms, some valid and some not, about Glee, but THIS COMMENT is the best one ever. So, so true and beautiful in its simplicity :-)

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, one minute she’s all ticked off at Santana for showing interest in something that has been her lifelong dream, and the next she’s willing to risk this big dream of hers the first time some TV guy calls (though, then again, if the TV guy’s Jim Rash…:D)?
      She should’ve listened to Kurt this episode, no question. And I understand that interests change and it’s easy to be lured by Hollywood projects, but it’s just so bizarre to see Rachel, who throughout the entire series thought of nothing but Broadway, ate, drank, and slept Broadway, worked her *ss off for Broadway…suddenly considering risking it all like this. It just feels so sudden the way they’ve been writing it, and doesn’t really make sense (I know, I know, it’s “Glee” we’re talking about here…).

  7. EJ says:

    This show has got to finally end next season with Rachel waking up being served breakfast in bed by Finn (we just see his back, of course) and it turns out she dreamed the previous 50 episodes.

  8. Linz says:

    Would it kill Glee to have something good happen to Kurt for once? We get it, Blaine’s the golden boy, but Kurt needs a win.

    • Gunny says:

      He will get it next week. We all know they will break up Kurt and Blaine just like they did Rachel and Finn. Then people can wait for the make-up.

      • Rini says:

        Spoiler ALERT!!! Next week’s episode (the one that Chris Colfer writes) does not give a big picture of what he will be doing in season 6, unlike Blaine’s story line. Tbh, as much as I dislike Blaine the character, the actor’s acting & the major plot, I must say that this storyline where he wins something over Kurt is something Glee will do. Because if the other way around goes for Kurt, the drama will not be as big. (no offense, blaine stans/fans).

        But I REALLY HOPE Kurt will get much bigger stuffs and story lines happening for him, cause his character deserves that so much more than any other, and also because Chris Colfer is the best actor in this series with much higher caliber of quality compared to others (no arguments is valid).
        It’s always a great experience to watch his acting.

  9. kd86953 says:

    Well, I loved it. Another fantastic episode of NYC-only Glee. I enjoyed the Santana/Mercedes scenes so much –those two have ALWAYS been fierce together. I’m glad they were reminded of that in this episode. Santana helping Rachel and their subsequent scene absolutely gutted me in the wake of all the drama. Santana is SUCH a good friend to Rachel. The Kurt and Blaine stuff was great –all I’ve wanted was to see their relationship –and we did!! A lot of people complained in season 3 that Klaine seemed more like “bros” than lovers. Not the case anymore! June is playing such a great villain to their relationship. We all know Blaine will pick Kurt but I’m very much looking forward to that resolution. Also next week’s episode? GIVE IT TO ME.

    • Tiggs1978 says:

      OMG! Someone posted something positive in the comments! That very rarely happens here in bitter/angry central – so refreshing to see! :D

      • kd86953 says:

        It’s easy to get bogged down in the negative comments on here so those of us who actually enjoy and love Glee –faults and all– should make our opinions known! :)

        • LADY_in_MD says:

          Hey now there are three of us made it halfway through the comments of hate and then found this yes the show has it’s faults but I still watch for the songs and enjoy a show I’ve been watching since day one :-)

      • Angela says:

        It’s a miracle! *Chorus of “Aaaaaaahhh…” echoes from somewhere*
        Seriously, add me to the list of people who liked this episode overall, even if I was wanting to yell at a few of the characters throughout (see my comments about Rachel up a short ways) :p.

    • Gunny says:

      I enjoyed it also. Great songs, good laughs, and confusing character changes. I was also thinking it was weird knowing the drama of the week to have the script for Rachel and Santana. It was almost a make-up conversation with Santana acknowledging she’s not a good friend but wants to be. (something like that – I didn’t watch it again). I hope this happens because they make interesting friends. That is two shows in a row that I have loved.

      • Angela says:

        All I will say about the whole thing with Naya and Lea is that I hope it’s not true or greatly exaggerated or something, and that they can manage to work things out. I was liking the moments Santana had with Mercedes and Rachel tonight, and I want more of them.

  10. Riana says:

    Glee would have been better off going the Degrassi route and cycling out the old cast members, making the show about the Glee Club, but they failed to create enough original characters for Season 4. Everyone says Ryder was a lot like Finn, but he’s actually more like Season 2 Sam. Now it’s too late to save it.

    • cc says:

      They tried that in season 4, it did not work. They somehow admitted that it did not work by saying the newbies did not pop like they anticipated. But because of that little experiment people gave up on the show, and they aren’t coming back.

      • Tess says:

        It’s hard for new characters to pop when you refuse to let go of the old ones though. I agree that had they thought from season 1 that they should constantly turn over a certain number of cast members (where a couple New Directioners graduate each season and get replaced by new characters the following year) it wouldn’t have had as big an impact once they decided their core characters were too old to still be in high school but they were so tied into their stories they couldn’t just let them go off to college or anywhere else without following. The show lost focus once they felt the need to spend time away from the music room to follow the grads in their post- high school lives. It definitely seems like what little structure they did have worked out from last season was lost with Cory. They may well have been better off asking Fox to allow them to end the show with “The Quarterback” episode rather than try half-heartedly to honor the remainder of that contract… given the ratings since then, I would bet the network would’ve been okay with it.

        • sharialynn says:

          I agree. I think the public would have accepted “quaterback” as the last show. Now I feel like this is a “Saved by the Bell” grasp. When all the kids end up in the same place together never really moving on. But I guess when you live in tv land you can do stuff like that.

          • netta says:

            Good observation. Even in NYC it all still seems very high school, the same rivalries and the same types of conflicts, the same players slotted into whatever they do. I find it feels wrong, NYC should have brought more new things.

    • Glee says:

      That was what they tried in S4 with the Newbies and they failed badly. They failed so badly those characters didn’t make it past the their first season without becoming props by the second to being written out after 34 episodes. Too late to save it happened in S4 when they went away from the core S1 cast and spent the S4 on the Newbies and Blam and continued when they lost Cory.

    • dan says:

      I agree with this. The newbies failed, but they should have committed to them and let the older characters go. I love Rachel and Kurt and Santana, but they should have committed to one or the other.

      • cc says:

        And their ratings would have bombed earlier and they would not have been renewed.. Glee did not realize how much the characters were loved by the audience. They thought it was just the story that people liked. How wrong they were. My guess is that they were planning on franchising by putting in new students every year, but people were not buying it. Why do people think they stretched the school year, they realized that when the remaining original cast graduated, no one would care about the Lima side. And now , no one really cares about any of it, just too late. And maybe Finn not being there adds to people not watching, too.

    • sharialynn says:

      All the new characters were just repeats of old cast members with less talent.

  11. hk says:

    Rachel continues to sing snooze worthy solos, just another week on Glee.

    • Jase says:

      Seriously. Lea has an AMAZING voice obviously, but I always laugh out loud whenever Rachel has to just stand there and fake pathos as she sings AT someone rather than TO them. And of course that’s exactly what most of the forum posters and the two mo’s running this site love the most. It’s hilarious.

  12. vdofan says:

    Holy Cow! Blair’s cousin, Geri is a Fox executive?!?!

  13. Akash says:

    “Kurt nearly gleeked himself…”

    Something tells me he’d been gleeking himself a lot before he met Blaine, if you know what I mean.

  14. Carlie says:

    Loved Rachel’s solos this week, I’ve been missing them! But I have no clue what the writers are doing with her storyline. There is no way Rachel would get bored of Broadway so quickly. I could imagine her getting tempted by all her stardom and the attraction of TV, etc but the real Rachel would stay true to her dreams of Broadway and her committments that she’d made.

    • Gunny says:

      I think it was the “face for radio” comment by the manager that caused her to over-react. It was a comment that young Lea often heard when she considered tv and people told her she was too ethnic for tv.

  15. jr. says:

    So Rachel pitches that her tv show be a show about a GLEE club, and the last episode of next season, reveals we have been watching her tv show all along.

  16. dan says:

    I’m thinking that next season will be Rachel’s TV show, and Glee will go meta. It will become a TV show about them filming a TV show about a Glee Club, and she’ll get some of her friends to play versions of themselves, laughing that no one who plays a teenager is actually a teenager. Maybe they’ll even cast Andrew Rannells as his character from The New Normal, and make the show “Sing.”

    Just a guess …

    • Gunny says:

      I like this idea. It wouldn’t need to be about a Glee club but it would be a clever idea to see them filming a tv show.

      • Rini says:

        no way. no offense, but tbh it will be so boring and only for fans. no one else besides die hard fans are going to watch this show. We don’t need a biography show of a 20-something actress who is only famous in the USA.

        • dan says:

          I’m not offended. I’m just guessing what I think they will do, not saying I love the idea. I’m of the opinion that they should have let the characters all graduate and move on, to me the show at its heart is about a high school Glee club, not Fame in New York.

    • Jase says:

      That would be the BEST thing Glee has done in years! Having Will watch a successful TV show from Ohio not only starring his kids but about what he meant to and did for them would be a great/poignant way to end the series. But of course, it’s way too clever for Ryan Murphy.

  17. Wire Dream says:

    As if One Direction songs aren’t heinous enough, did we really need Kurt shrieking one of them?

  18. Caro says:

    First Rachel ditches her Opening Night cast party and now she lies to her producer and is ready to leave her dream job as Fanny Brice – are we really supposed to believe this? Rachel has a contract for Funny Girl and an agent – why would she tell her producer that she is going to LA for an audition for when her contract expires? Rachel has always been a drama queen but she has always had ethics – this is not like her at all! I did appreciate Rachel’s solos though…

  19. Seanny says:

    Are they planning a shift to LA just so they can do all of their “on-location” shots for cheap on the Paramount lot? The audition scene was funny though.

  20. Kalee says:

    Oh look, Blaine–the most Mary Sue-est Mary Sue–gets something great easily handed to him again. Riveting story.

    Scary stuff with Rachel. Although I hope the Funny Girl storyline doesn’t just crash and burn considering this was her dream.

    • Molly says:

      It’s ironic that someone would talk about a Mary Sue getting everything handed to them on this show and have that person not be Rachel Berry, one of the biggest and most obvious Mary Sues on TV.

      • T. says:

        But at least Rachel is shown actually struggling. Sure she’s a diva and bite the hands that feed her, but it’s not like she gets handed opportunities on a silver platter constantly like Blaine does and doesn’t win things so easily. She wasn’t given NYADA or Funny Girl on a whim. Heck, Glee’s time table had Funny Girl taking at least 7 months to get off the ground.

  21. Molly says:

    It’s so obvious that Chris Colfer hates Darren Criss that it’s awkward to watch them on screen…I actually used to like Klaine a lot, but I almost want them to break up now because their chemistry has become so painful.

    • Rini says:

      It’s not obvious on screen tbh, this comment like yours only come from people who has this thought going on in their minds. I do suspect that is what going on, but not from Chris to Darren but the other way around. If we see Darren’s tweets, we can read that he always promotes everything he works on with everyone, EXCEPT all the things he does with Chris i.e screens, shootings, songs, etc.
      Chris seldom tweets his works and rarely mentions his Glee cast mates so it’s not a surprise he doesn’t mention Darren. But to Darren, that’s very suspicious. He can tweet so much about other cast such as chord, Lea, etc, but never on Chris.
      And don’t bother throw negative thoughts on my comment, btw, because I’m only stating facts. You guys can check the truth by yourselves.

  22. Dee says:

    I don’t watch this show…I think it is awful….but all of the comments are very entertaining!

  23. Adam says:

    Again I am tired of these story lines where they have Klaine against each other how many ftimes are they going to repeat this nonsense over and over they could have done a solo story for Blaine where he succeeds on his own without putting Kurt’s talents down in the process. The writers really need to come up with stories where they are totally equal where they both succeed on their own without it being contest. Also June had no right to tell Blaine to live his personal life.

  24. James says:

    When I comment, I want to be a cheerleader for GLEE, but this was one of the bad episodes of this season. On the plus side, the performances from the crowd, amazing, as always, but the stories this week were weak and it made me feel bad. There was potential in the Santana-Mercedes subplot, it could have been great, EXCEPT WHERE WAS SAM AND BRITTANY? (While on the subject, Artie, as well?) The Klaine stuff this week took all the luster out of their growth as a couple from the last four episodes and put them back at square one, just wrong. The Rachel story was just a peek into the world of a lot of ambitious, unfeeling people, Rachel included, and that made me sad, because I’ve invested so much in caring about her. Before I wrote this, I counted on my DVR the number of episodes that I saved and really enjoyed this season. It was 9 out of 18. I deleted the others ones right after I saw them, this one will disappear as well. I am looking forward to next week’s episode because this will be our chance to see how Chris C. really feels about GLEE and his co-stars, especially Blaine (Darren) who I look at as his emotional heartbeat. If Chris sees this, yeah, I’d like to believe you love them. SIlly me I know, but it’s why I keep coming back week to week even when the shows aren’t great.

  25. dcl33 says:

    How did this show get 6 seasons? The writing it atrocious, the story lines are all over the map. The personality transplant department in lalaland is working over times for this show. Just end the show already!

  26. KevyB says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make this continue! Make Santana go away forever! Make Kurt and Blaine break up! Make Rachel screw up her lifelong Broadway dreams for some all-of-a-sudden television dream! Keep trying to make Mercedes interesting! Then I will have absolutely NO reason to watch this show next season! I barely have a reason now.

  27. Chloe says:

    Rachel Berry is the most unrootable character in history. How the heck is she suposed to learn if every time she rightfully gets a punishment, the gets a reward right after? And don’t get me started with Special snowflake Blaine. His performances are average at best.
    There’s a reason the ratings are sinking. Not everybody is in love with that freaking spoiled brat and the overated leprechaun! Sancedes (and Gary Dourdan) were the only interressing thing in that episode. If they leave next season, I’m out. I didn’t start watching the show to see a bunch of pretty white people getting told that the sun shines out of their butts.

    • Rini says:

      I totally agree with your first paragraph!!
      Why are all the whiny diva people get the goods and the humble, kind and talented ones don’t?
      Is the show tryin to tell that the only thing matters is charisma?

  28. What’s with all the negatives? Ever heard of Fair Weather Fans? If you hate it so much, stop watching! I actually enjoyed the new additions from last season, and the characters in New York. Not a single moment of Glee has me whining about anything. Cory dying caused a severe fracture and the show had to scramble. Suck it up, haters to the left. And Andy Swift, your ratings suck. Do-Wop totally gets an A. :)

    • Molly says:

      Have you ever heard of hate watching? Glee is a fun show to do that with because it’s just so ridiculous and most of the characters have become so unlikable.

  29. Iakovos says:

    GLEE started off so strong but it seems the show is ADHD! I reviisit time to time and am surprised by sudden shifts and over-the-top stories and lack of character arcs. Not too mentuion the sudden ins and outs of guest stars and Always like the musical numbers but the series as a cohesive narrative over time? Not so much.

  30. I.R.E. says:

    This last night’s Glee episode lost. Last night’s The Mindy Project episode won FOX Tuesday Night!

  31. amadeline says:

    I feel so sorry for the whole cast of Glee. Instead of growing up they all get dumber and dumber. Last night was horrible. Bring back Adam Lambert!

  32. Dennis B says:

    1. I enjoy watchig glee but I have not been a huge fan from the beginning. In fact, I watched several of the 1st season episodes in syndication and enjoyed the music and not the show.
    2. Prior to changing nights, there were a lot of people on this site, who commented that they waited it back on Tuesday night. Well they got their wish and the ratings are no better. A really good show cann have great ratings no matter what night it’s on TV.
    3. The past few weeks that the show has focused on the New York characters have been some of the best this year.
    4. ### Rebranding### The show needs to take a page out of One Tree Hill’s playbook and do a small time jump which can give them many new stories to tell or show what it is like to make it in the entertainment industry as a 20 something growing up at this time in history.
    5. I guess that FOX gave glee a 2 year renewal based on a story outline that looked promising to the network. Sadly they lost Cory shortly before filming started on this season. Instead of moving the premiere back a week, like I believe they did, they should have pushed this season back to 2014.and saved themselves from all the long breaks within the season.
    I would keep going, but this is probably too long for most.

  33. Dennis B says:

    For those of us who loved watching “The Facts of Life” I thought it was funny a couple of weeks ago when Sam was watching it on TV. So was it a strange coincidence, that we had Geri Jewell (Blair’s Cousin) from the same show last night or can we expect others from the show.

  34. No More Blee says:

    Each Week Glee is starting to convince me more and more that Ryan is trying to Turn it into the DaLea show! Rachel and Blaine bore me to tears and is awful, I do not know why we have to put up with Blaine when he can easily disappear like many characters before him did, Mercedes ex boy friend for example, yeah let Blaine leave like he did, we do not need him, Kurt do not need him, he is wasting screen time and plot lines and songs on a character that pisses everyone off and ways Kurt down. Rachel is annoying but she has a purpose to be here, Blaine do not. He has no point other than Klaine. Can Klaine end and he leave please? Maybe if we stop getting the Blaine or Rachel show each week and cut down Rachel screen time after getting rid of Blaine people will stop leaving. I am not saying Ratings will be like the good old days, but we wont be loosing hundred of thousands of viewers per week, just saying.

  35. The Black Guy From Season 1 & Ken Tanaka says:

    I think it’s pretty obvious that everyone involved with GLEE is just counting down the episodes left. The “creative” team is completely out of ideas and the show hasn’t had quality episodes since season one. As others have alluded to, Ryan Murphy has no creative staying power. The quality of ALL of his shows declines after the first season: Nip/Tuck, Popular, AHS and, the worst offender of all…GLEE. Changing focus to NYC was going to save the show but the ratings are worse than ever and the show is just plain bad. Why hasn’t FOX stepped in and forced a showrunner change? The current team obviously doesn’t have it in them to make it a success. GIve it to someone who can make something out of the final 24 episodes since they are going to be produced.

    FOX is in real trouble and GLEE is just one of their many concerns but Glee’s ratings are approaching CW levels. In stating that he has open offers to all former series regulars shows how desperate he is. He’ll just throw them all together and see what comes out. None of the actors from GLEE has found any real success outside of the show (yes I know about Diana Agron’s movies…all of which have failed, and I know about Colfer’s books…big deal) The show is dead, now just bury it.

    Oh and they must be spending a fortune on gauze or vaseline to put on the camera lens when they film Jane Lynch and Shirley Maclaine’s scenes….The restaurant scene between Blaine and McLaine was particularly dizzying when they would switch between the 2 characters it was like filming through a bee keeper’s mask.

    • Rini says:

      I don’t know what your problem is but although your comment about the show may be partially true, the actors have found their way outside glee.its not like they can accept all offers, being still tied to Glee with rigorous schedule. And if getting long terms book deals like Chris is not big enough for you, then you’re just a self pity prick who stands on jealousy of other’s successes.
      All Chris, Lea, Darren even, have found their way to their forte outside Glee.