Sophia Bush Talks 'Heart-Wrenching' Chicago Crossover, Lindsay and Severide's 'Connection'

Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire Crossover Spoilers A major event is about to rock Chicago — and maybe bring Detective Erin Lindsay and rescuer Kelly Severide even closer together?

In a two-night crossover event airing this week, NBC’s Chicago Fire (Tuesday, 10/9c) and Chicago P.D. (Wednesday, 10/9c) teams are called to action when the city is rocked by a bombing at a hospital. The “heart-wrenching and beautiful” script has echos of the tragic events that took place in Oklahoma City in 1995, says P.D. star Sophia Bush, whose steely Detective Lindsay is thrown off her game.

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But it’s Severide who will lean on Lindsay when he goes through an emotional test of his own, reveals the actress below.

TVLINE | You signed up for one show, and you got two jobs.
[Laughs] I did. I actually got three jobs. I played Detective Lindsay on SVU as well. I got more bang for my buck than I expected.

TVLINE | Are you completely exhausted? I imagine it’s a lot for your workload.
I’m really tired. [Laughs] But it’s a good kind of tired.

TVLINE | In the past, you’ve done teen soaps/relationship dramas and comedies. Did you have a desire to play a cop?
I always had a desire to be doing work in the action/adventure space. Whether that was doing a really high-octane show like this that involves a lot of stunts and training or, I’ve said time and time again, when they’re ready for a female Batman, I’m in! That’s actually not even a joke. It’s really the truth, but it goes into the humor that exists on our set and with all our coordinators. The cops that we work with, they’re the real-life Batman. These guys are plain-clothed superheroes that are out, busting their asses every day to keep the rest of us safe, and we don’t know most of what they’re doing.

TVLINE | What’s bringing the two shows together for the big crossover?
The idea was looking at, historically, things that happened that shocked people and that have been difficult for us to handle in our country – [such as] domestic terrorism. Rewind the timeline and look at something like Oklahoma City. All of us, in our generation, we were so personally touched by the events in New York [on Sept. 11, 2001]. What does that mean? And why does that happen? We always expect things to happen in war, far away, and then when they happen in your backyard, what does that mean? Our bosses said, “We want to talk about this. And we really want to honor the first responders” because a lot of us now know these people. They said, “When you see the set, it’s going to remind you of Oklahoma City.” I got the chills, head to toe, and thought, “OK, this is a major thing that we’re talking about here.” They did a heart-wrenching and beautiful job with the script. It’s tough, it’s beautiful and it’s really something.

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TVLINE | Lindsay is such a strong, stoic character. Does this event shake her up a little bit?
Absolutely. There’s no way [to see] devastation on a level like that and not be thrown off your game a little bit. One of the things that I love about Lindsay is her Spidey sense. She’s got this sixth sense about her because she grew up in such a rough neighborhood and had a rough life. She’s very attuned to small changes in people’s behavior around her, and it informs the way she does her job. But when you’re getting inundated by so much energy and so much trauma and so much anxiety, it can shut down your ability to sense things in the way that you are used to, and Lindsay goes through that in this episode.

TVLINE | Are any of the main characters in danger?
There are some people in danger. I don’t know what details I can give you about it. The writers did not pull any punches on this episode, I can tell you that.

TVLINE | Is there anyone new from Fire that Lindsay gets to interact with this time?
I get to have a pretty nice interaction with Mills, which is exciting because Charlie Barnett is one of my favorite humans. I have a little time with Mills and Cruz. It’s cool. Those guys are our family. To be going through all of this with them and to be doing our jobs even though they’re very different, side by side, it can be an emotional experience because I’ve become so close to everyone on that show.

TVLINE | I was hoping for some Lindsay/Shay scenes. Is that something we might see before the end of the season?
I really hope so — if for no other reason than I just have the world’s biggest crush on Lauren German. Any time I get to spend time with her, I’m stoked.

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Chicago P.D./Chicago Fire Crossover SpoilersTVLINE | We have to talk about Severide and Lindsay. What was your reaction when you found out that you were going to have this romantic storyline that spans two shows?
I was excited to do it, because I don’t think it’s been done before. I just thought, “What an interesting idea and concept.” Character-wise, it’s really fitting. You hear from everyone on social media that Lindsay’s the female Severide, which I had joked about with our bosses. When they pitched the idea, I was like, “This is perfect, because he’s never met a woman like her.” They can go toe-to-toe. I think the fans are really responding well to it.

TVLINE | Executive producer Matt Olmstead told me that Lindsay’s going to play a big part in Severide’s life in the finale.
Yeah, he goes through something that’s a big test for him emotionally. He winds up leaning on Lindsay, which I think is pretty indicative of the connection that they share. They’re both very tough and very detached. They have these interactions, and then they bail, and then they come back, and then they bail. There’s no pressure to it. You really get a little view into the way that they care in the finale, and there’s some connecting that happens in the crossover as well.

TVLINE | There were hints of something between Lindsay and Jay at the beginning of Chicago P.D. Is there still potential for them?
We put the kibosh on that. We see them both start exploring other options because the option of one another is not going to fly. But I don’t think that means they care about each other any less.

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  1. Tina B. says:

    This makes no sense?! Why tease Lindstead if the EP’s had no intention of letting it happen? I like Lindstead WAY better than Linseride. What does this interview mean? They are never going to revisit Lindstead?

    • sarah says:

      I think they were going to have Erin and Jay get together at the start but then decided not to! I too prefer Jay and Erin but any extra time I get to see Kelly I am fine with too!

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  3. sarah says:

    I love Chicago Fire and Chicago PD! I am so excited about the cross over!
    In the previews you see Shay gets hurt,
    I love Kelly and I like Erin but I really prefer her with Jay but that will not be happening from what Sophia says.

  4. Hmm says:

    They should un-kibosh Lindsay and Halstead. SO much chem there; seems like a waste not to explore at some point.

  5. Tommy says:

    I think Lindsay and Jay might be on pause just for now. How long can they really hold up a relationship that spans two series and do it justice without taking away from the main story lines. Give it a season or two and I bet Lindstead will be revisited when they see how bad the fans want it. The longer they wait the sweeter the payoff for the fans.

  6. Beth says:

    I love seeing Sophia play a character like this. I liked Brooke on OTH but Erin Lindsay fits her personality so well. I am so excited for this crossover event and I really enjoy the two worlds of PD and Fire intersecting in the episodes. I don’t think it’s a ploy as some have said in past articles, I just think it’s smart writing.

  7. Mandy says:

    As an OTH fan I have to point out the genius of having posted the Ashley Rickard’s article right before Sophia’s. I am so excited for this crossover event! I love Linseride!! Severide was who I imagined Sophia’s character with when I found out that she was cast in PD.

  8. wrstlgirl says:

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing this cross over for weeks, really looking forward to it. Just please don’t let it be all about Dawson and her whoa is me crap. I’m sick of everything being about poor Dawson.

  9. sara says:

    I was really hoping and looking forward to seeing Erin and Jay make a go of it, even though they were warned not to! I just don’t think having her with Severide is going to work long term since the characters are on different shows and bringing them to the other’s show may mess with the storyline of both shows.

    • megan shaw says:

      I totally agree. They knew each other for like 3 episodes. Then there was this huge big gap and it was as if they didn’t even know each other. Plus it’s very clear that Erin is more in love with Jay and he loves her too. The fact that they deny their feelings for each other only makes it more obvious. Why cant the director see what’s right in front of him?!

  10. Ally Oop says:

    I don’t watch Chicago Fire so all this crossover stuff is very confusing to me. I started watching PD specifically because of Sophia Bush. I am really disappointed that Lindsay and Jay won’t be put together.

    If this crossover stuff keeps continuing I might just quit watching PD. If tried Fire a couple times but it just didn’t hook me enough to continue.

    • Beth says:

      It’s a shame you gave up on Chicago Fire because it’s a fantastic show and the entire cast chemistry is awesome! I don’t see crossovers ending especially since they work with most of the audience who watch both. I think you will love it after tonight if you watch the CF episode because if you wait until PD it won’t make sense.

  11. Anna says:

    Lindsay and Severide may work in the short term, but I see no story, drama or conflict to perform a beautiful relationship, I prefer Jay and Erin in long term, and be together in the same show, there is also this relationship of “partners” to be explored.

  12. Julia H says:

    I do not like Lindsay and Severide together … maybe because they are so similar characters, do not add anything together. While Jay and Erin, there is a balance, that sexual tension, their banter and partnership, I really hope they do not lose much time in this relationship crossover, and bet on a couple of CPD!

  13. mcljess says:

    i love how she doesn’t think this romantic arc between two shows has been seen before… Buffy/Angel? Obviously she’s not a geek lol.

  14. Mary P says:

    I love Erin and Kelly together. I think that it could actually work out. The cops and fireman have to interact when it comes to any emergency call so it is not hard to make Erin or Kelly have scenes together.I do not think they will be a every-episode-thing like Dawson and Casey, but I am okay with that if that means focusing on the storylines. Plus if the fans really like Erin and Kelly together, which enough of them do, then the writers will work something out. I do think that Lindstead will happen though. Probably when Linseride has a bad time, such as breaking up or fighting. I am not ruling Lindstead out even if I prefer Lindseride. Still- Lindseride is endgame for me.

  15. Danna_Iuliana says:

    Where has she seen fans responding well to Erin/Kelli? :))) on all the boards I’ve been people want Erin/Jay. I too agree Jay is end game and it will be that much sweeter when it happens.

  16. bean says:

    I understand why people really want linstead but honestly, I’m excited for Erin n Kelly! I wanna see where it could go. They have interesting chemistry that I can’t wait to see! I get frustrated when there’s no scenes between them. I used to be all about jay n Erin but I really wanna see where lindsay n Kelly go. I feel they could be great together

    • Julie says:

      I’ve never watched Chicago fire and really started watching PD because of Sophia Bush. I can understand the reluctance of the writers putting Sophia and Jay together. At least at this point. It paints them into a corner if they do it but if they tease it long term without a definitive answer to the will they or won’t they question, it may polarize fans, a la Tony and Ziva on NCIS. I think I like this option at least for now and also feel like I need to go back and catch up on CF at this point too if it’s anywhere near as good as PD.

  17. phuong says:

    i did like jay and lindsay at first but kelly and lindsay are really cute together as well i look forward to see what happens.

  18. Cat says:

    I actually like Erin with Kelly, and how they aren’t going the route of Erin and Jay. I love shows that partner up a man and a woman and doesn’t have to make it sexual at all. Though they hinted at it. One of my favorite partner pairings never had this whole need to hook them up and that was Jason Walsh and Casey Schrager from a show called The Unusuals. And Danny and his partner Baez on Blue Bloods. I guess I’m just different lol

  19. Jenna says:

    Very much looking forward to this! Love Sophia Bush, and I think the Lindsey/Severide connection is intriguing. I’m excited to see how it’s handled.

  20. Day says:

    Here’s the important thing I would like to know: Must you watch both episodes to follow the plot, or is it okay to just watch one and not the other? PD never really did it for me.

    • Tania says:

      You don’t have to watch the other, well besides the 2 night event, you won’t miss much. Minor details really. Is not necessary to watch the other show. Some people are actually doing that and is going fine.

  21. LJ says:

    There are so many Linseride fans out there! Jay looks twelve, sorry, but he does. Also, Erin and Jay look like brother and sister. No, Erin needs a real man…Kelly all the way!

    • Robigna88 says:

      I sooo agree with you. Lindsay needs a real man, not Jay that looks like her younger brother. And honestly I really don’t see all this connection and chemistry between Erin and Jay. I mean have you seen the way Kelly and Erin look at each other? That’s chemistry and it’s strong. If you can’t see that it’s just because you are not able to be objective about it. So please stop being Linseride haters, be honest and objective and say the truth: Lindsay and Severide are meant to be. They belong together. They complete each other! And just for everyone information, there’s a lot of Kelly/Erin fans out there. They’re just more quiet than Linstead fans.

      Of course this is just a personal opinion. Have a nice day.

      • Cris says:

        Since I like Kelli too, I would be ok with this pairing if they would develop the Jay/Erin relationship as well even if just as partners. My problem is with the fact that bc of the Kelli/Erin thing we don t get enough Jay/Erin, for ex when you have a Jay centric episode like the one ab the murder of Lonnie I would have wanted Erin to be there for her partner, in stead we have her kissing Kelli, was it really necessary to have Kelli crossover in that ep, that was suppose to be ab Jay??.

        • orlandina88 says:

          This thing about the episode is another story and somehow I agree with you about that. I’m sure we’ll have Jay/Erin moments as partners and friends but I really can’t undestand how people can say that Lindsay and Kelly have no chemistry. I mean the crossover episodes final scene with them shows perfectly that they have strong strong chemistry. The hospital scene shows how they care about each other and the first scene between them in the crossover, shows how both are almost scared about their feelings. Erin Lindsay is truly the female version of Kelly Severide. They are perfect together because they understand each other’s needs, feels, ways and vulnerabilities. I refuse to see a character super badass e so full of shades like Erin end up with Jay. I’m sorry, but Jay has nothing to do with Erin romantically speaking. Of course that’s my opinion and of course the writers will do what they wanna do, no matter how long we talk about it. And everyone sees things differently, but honestly… with Erin and Kelly they have the chance to do something different, something new, something very beautiful. It’s full of ugly tv show’s couple out there but this is one of the best couple ever. I’m sure Erin and Jay will care about each other but in a different way, with a different complicity, the partners that always have each other’s back kind of complicity.

          Sorry for any error, I’m writhing from Italy :)

      • maravilloso says:

        I can’t agree with you. You say that people should stop hating on Kelly and Erin, but you just do this on Erin and Jay. I don’t know how you can say that Lindsay and Severide are meant to be if they have even scene when they decide to be together. I watch PD and Fire and for me it just doesn’t make sense. And if you don’t see any connection and chemistry between Erin and Jay you must watch different show that I watch. They have great chemistry and if you think ditrent you just wrong. It’s ok that people ship different couple, but you just can’t deny that Erin and Jay have great potencial and probably some day end together. I mean, even Erin says this in 1×06. So ship whoever you want but don’t say bad things that about other ships. We have only one season so everything can happen.

  22. Sofia says:

    I like both Linseride and Linstead, nothing wrong with that. I feel like people don’t watch TV properly or something though, I mean even though they’re not doing Linstead now, doesn’t mean they won’t ever, and honestly if they happened now, what would you have to look forward to in the future? Look at the show Bones, they teased Bones and Booth forever, several seasons later, through lots of drama and story, it happened. I know we’re all about instant gratification, we like something and we want it right away, then we get it and then we’re like “now what?” More often than not, the story that leads up to it, whatever it may be, is far more exciting.

    So for now, I’m gonna enjoy Linseride because I think they’ve got something good and there’s a nice connection there. And if Linstead happens later, great. I’m happy either way. It’ll probably happen someday, but for now, just enjoy the stories and the journey of their characters because these shows have wayy too many amazing characters to focus just solely one thing. ;)

  23. Martha says:

    I started watching CPD and thought the couple would be Erin and Jay, did not understand this “connection” with her ​​Severide, only after I attended CF thinking that had something else there but did not see anything too, there is no building there … why I do not like, although I like the characters individually.

    It seems that the producers want to use Severide and Lindsay to promote the shows, and a “unique” relationship …. there is much fanservice, two popular characters together, I do not particularly see grace, obviously have chemistry …. but I prefer the relationship she has with Jay, he’s a character with so much potential and I think the connection most genuine.

  24. Sharon says:

    I wish they’d stop trying to force me to watch PD. There is no justifying the Voigt character no matter how they try. He took a hit out on Casey for chrissake and they not only let him out of jail, they put him in charge of a unit. The undercover BS is just that. I can’t take the show seriously. I don’t want to watch another show to find out what happens on one I do care about (CF). Knock it off!

    • Ok just to clarify, everyone knows Voigt is really a good guy, right?? He’s really, REALLY deep undercover [we saw this in the CF episode ‘Let Her Go’…

    • Max W says:

      I agree, I’m ok with superficial interests or a crossover per season, but this build “relationships” between characters and compel the audience to watch the two shows to know what is happening, it is very annoying and I hope they stop!

    • Sarah says:

      That’s my biggest issue with PD. I love Fire and I enjoyed the Voight storyline last year but I don’t understand how PD hasn’t addressed the fact that he put out a hit on a firefighter for a personal vendetta. I get that they’re trying to re-mold him into a good guy who cares about the people in chicago etc. etc. but I thought they should have addressed that issue head on in some way.

  25. Vanessa says:

    I love erin and kelly together! They have great chemistry. I see jay and erin as good friend, nothing more.
    And personaly i love the crossover. Both shows are great!

  26. jaelyn96 says:

    I do not like Erin/Kelly either, I see nothing with them, just to get more ratings for both shows. I want her with Jay as well, she has chemistry with him. I just hate that when erin/kelly started on CPD/Fire, that it seems they had to have Erin cut all interaction with Jay even as partners just so This crossover romance will work.they have had hardly any scene together. I do not think this crossover romance will work because it will take time from storylines on both shows. we hardly got to learn about the CPD characters because they focused too much on this relationship. And well I gave up watching Fire because the crossovers are beginning to annoy the crap out of me.

  27. Terra Patterson says:

    What building was used as the hospital that was bombed in the crossover episode?

  28. Sarah says:

    I’m fine with Lindsey and Severite for the time being but I really would like to see jay and Erin get together at some point in the show I think they’re both really cute together first of all and I think it would really involve some action to the show as well like with voyd not wanting them to be together or maybe they start being more over protective of each other during calls like I think they can really make the show even more exciting and interesting then it already is

  29. megan shaw says:

    No offense to Lindsay and Severide but the build up to their relationship seemed rather short. As far as I recall they knew each other for like 3 episodes. There was also a hige gap where Severide didn’t even mention her name and it was as if they didn’t even know each other. And then bam they’re a thing all of a sudden.

    I prefer the relationship between erin and jay mainly because it feels as if he knows her better. And also because that relationship will have a longer build up which means they would have gotten to know each other better than erin and severide.