Almost Human Cancelled By Fox

Almost Human CancelledKennex and Dorian’s human-android bromance is coming to an early end, as Fox has decided to cancel Almost Human.

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Fox has opted not to renew the futuristic crime drama — which starred Karl Urban, Michael Ealy and Minka Kelly — for a second season, our sister site Deadline reports.

In TVLine’s annual Keep or Cut survey, Almost Human had received the strongest support for renewal, with 88 percent of those who tendered an opinion voting to save the sci-fi series.

TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard is thusly updated.

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  1. Genie says:

    noooooooooooooooooooo Doriaaaaaaannnnnnnn sob

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    And so it begins :-( Unfortunately I see more bad news coming in the next few weeks.

  3. Carrie says:

    I’m really disappointed. No more FOX for me. This was the last straw. :(

  4. Carlos says:

    WELL DONE Fox !!
    Thank you ,

  5. JimC says:

    If you have a favorite show on Fox…be afraid, be very afraid. Even though it’s been renewed, I’m already fearful for Sleepy Hollow.

  6. Roberta says:

    I know that Fox can create a good syfy show (Fringe, Firefly, The Dollhouse, to name a few), but rarely do they keep them past 1 season. Why make them if you aren’t going to give them a chance. They should read TV Line’s Cut or Keep survey, then they would have realized that there is an audience out there that wants this show to survive. I liked the pairing of Urban and Ealy, they were very entertaining and the storylines seemed to improve week to week. Shame on Fox. Shame!

  7. JimC says:

    Hey Fox!!! Here’s a great idea….let’s cancel a fun inventive show like Almost Human and instead rehash a show you already canceled years ago. It’s so stupid, it just might work……

  8. christopher bee says:

    stupid clowns of morons, they never learn, they never see diamonds in their palm.
    Fox is just a slimy braindead cheap reality nonsense channel with no clue at all. Hate it.

  9. A. D. says:

    This sucks….was a great show! Damn FOX!

  10. Paul says:

    Maybe Netflix will pick it up for another season, they seem to be good at that lately.

  11. Too bad. Lovely & original show for a change, Naturally it gets cancelled.

  12. Tran says:

    So upset about the cancellation of Almost Human. The series will be remembered forever and always and Minka Kelly has found herself yet another failed series like the Charlie’s Angels reboot back in 2011.

  13. Scotty says:

    Noooooo! I loved this show :( UGH, why Fox?!

  14. worthymagic says:

    I’m sorry it was cancelled. The person who said that the rights should be sold to SYFY is right on the money. That would be a great spot for it. I think this is the first shoe to drop. I expect CBS to cancel The Mentalist in the next 2 weeks, and then NBC to cancel Law & Order: SVU. I pray I am wrong on the last 2, There was just an article a few days ago that Almost Human was going to be renewed, and now this happens. Let’s hope that SyFy does pick it up.

  15. Ghostwolf says:


  16. Fox sucks big time, their news one sided and now the network for good shows is no worse than their news stations!!!! I also enjoy Bones, suppose you’ll drop it too!!!! I refuse to watch Fox again…….

  17. Ghostwolf says:

    Not surprised – FOX supported it just like Firefly. How about a cable network pickup please? It had so much potential.

  18. ree says:

    I stopped watching any shows from fox a few yrs ago because they pretty much cancel everything that looks good to me

  19. Apples says:

    Watched the pilot, thought it was a stinker. Urban was more robotic and wooden than his partner (snarf!) and Minka Kelly is a terrible actress (much as I loved her in FNL). Not surprised at all.

  20. dellface says:

    Bummer! I really liked this show. I started watching because of the cast and continued because I liked the characters and the show. This SUCKS!

  21. stevespikes says:

    Great goin’, FOX! Bring on a show as a mid-season replacement for for a true piece o’ crap, and cancel it before it had a real chance.
    Netflix, if you’re reading this, please pick up ALMOST HUMAN.

  22. lovemunkey187 says:

    Over here in the UK this hasn’t started showing yet.
    It premieres next week.

    Is it worth my while tuning in?

    • Bunai says:

      Yes it is worth it. The set up is humanity and technology and connection. I can only hope that UK fans support it and that the show is aired in production order.

    • Dooger says:

      I would recommend not watching… watch something greater like Continuum. Watch the pilot to see if you like the gimmicky future cop show formula (it’s just another CSI, NCIS..type sow that’s cyberpunked). Don’t expect a story to span the episodes, or any.

  23. D says:

    Seriously! I’m in denial as this was a smart and well done show. Boooooooo!

  24. dkwilley says:

    I had hope, because even though my heart was NEARLY broken year after year with Fringe, they DID come through for once….but, of course, they haven’t on so MANY others. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FOX!!

  25. Melody Paris says:

    So many questions unanswered. This really sucks.

  26. GeoDiva says:

    What’s on the other side of the wall? Now we’ll never know!!! Ugh!

  27. Ram510 says:

    I’m shocked there’s so many comments on this shows cancellation so quickly?! With so many comment you would’ve thought the show had produced more viewers each week, but it didn’t

  28. Lindsay says:

    Saw Karl at SLC comic con. He wasn’t really happy doing TV. Said so in his panel. Felt he didn’t see his family enough. So better to end series than have a star be unhappy playing the roll IMO

  29. sladewilson says:

    I’m not happy about this at all. Fox, ugh… you just make some of the most bonehead moves ever….

  30. NattyBumpo says:


  31. Soopah Soopah Soopah says:


  32. Joey Padron says:

    Sad it got cancelled. It was a good show.

  33. Nicole says:

    I hate this, it started out so well for them to keep it, then Fox just gave up on the show. Damn them for getting me sucked into another show and then cut it.

  34. GildedRose says:

    What a shame. They had good chemistry between them with potential to find its grove with a 2nd season. See? THIS is why it’s impossible to invest in any new show. You can’t get attached cause they get cancelled. But if you don’t watch & wait for the “good shows” to rise to the top for renewal… they get get cancelled because everybody’s waiting. LOL.

  35. lilu says:


  36. L says:

    This show never really worked.. interesting premise but didnt do much with it… Whatever happened with his ex-girlfriend being a terrorist? They just dropped that whole storyline and it became a bore afterwards.

    • Dooger says:

      There is suspension of disbelieve and there is just dumb plot holes but the introduction of stories and the storytelling was awfully dealt with, like the example you gave. Reminds me of that awful NBC ‘Awake’ tv show a few years ago that I gave up on about 5 episodes in.

  37. Bring Back Almost Human! says:

    SUCK IT FOX!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Liz says:

    NNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I absolutely loved Almost Human. It had so much potential and the cast was friggen fantastic. OMG Fox. I gave them a second chance because of how well they treated Fringe, but I’m sorry. Clearly the network is a one-scifi wonder. My AH DVDs will join my sad sad sad pile of cancelled-to-early scifi shows.
    This is just ridiculous. Sleepy Hollow is literally the only thing I watch on Fox now. Won’t be checking out any of their new shows and I mean it. When September roles around I’m not going to forget this. I’m done with them.

  39. Diz says:

    This is BS. It was my favorite new show of the season. It makes me not want to even tune into Jack Bauer on Monday.

  40. Kay says:


    The show’s misfortune was that it was on Fox.

    That leaves Bones as the only FOX show I’ll be watching next season.

  41. TinLV says:

    I think everybody complaining here should be writing to Fox.. I think I’ll go do that right now.

  42. Rubyrose675 says:

    I LOVED this show. It boggles my mind how many piss poor shows are out there but THIS gets cancels. This kiss of death was Minka Kelly who acts no better than an android in my opinion.

  43. regina says:

    Damn show got better and better as the season went on. And equal to The Following in numbers at the end. So they renew the following and cancel Almost Human. *shakes her head* not too smart are they?

  44. Dooger says:

    ‘TV by the Numbers’ bubble watch are usually spot on for ‘Cancellation Predicted’. They had AH as it from about 3-4 episodes in. Therefore I’ve given up on Intelligence and The Tomorrow People(the later I actually gave up because it’s tween/kids tv & poop). Not given The 100 a go as it’s been described as a poor man Battlestar Galactica.

  45. Almost Human was botched by FOX , it had a great cast but it was a mistake to release the episodes out of order as the ratings proved

  46. NIKHIL says:

    It was on the cards.Procedurals were good but there has to be serialized arc for show to go on..

    • sabretruthtiger says:

      There was. The relationships between John and Dorian, between John and the smoking hot detective, and there was the mystery of his backstabbing ex.

  47. rick says:

    So exhausted by Fox. They always cancel the shows with heart! Never support long enough in the modern age of delayed viewing…
    This show has dedicated viewers… included😁

  48. James says:

    Sci-Fi seems to struggle where psycho crime shows don’t, they go on forever. Shame because overseas sci-fi viewers don’t count as far as American networks are concerned. Karl Urban was good value with his more human version of his Judge Dredd character.

  49. Kat Lynn says:

    It never fails. I get interested in a new show and it gets cancelled.

    • Seal says:

      It’s absolute _hite they’d cancel something AWESOME! Most shows these days sucks A_se, and they want to kill the good. Fox, man, what the heck!?