The Following Finale Recap: Chapter Closed?

following-s2finale-325The Following wouldn’t have been The Following if it hadn’t ended its second season with death.

So naturally, Monday’s finale included the demise of psychotwin Luke — but not Claire or Joe, as many fans predicted.

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Here’s what went down, in a nutshell:

• While Ryan waited to show himself in the church, Joe killed Pastor Tanner’s kid and Ryan fielded a call from Luke, who said he’d trade Claire for Joe — alive.

• During the chaos of the police entering the church, Ryan and Mike snuck Joe out the back and into a cop car — but not before Ryan got in one good punch, because, y’know, mortal enemies and all.

• One of Joe’s followers caught up with the car and rammed it from behind, nearly killing both Joe and Ryan. But when the acolyte helped Joe from the car, Joe took the man’s gun and shot him, then helped Ryan from the wreckage.

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• Carroll and Hardy made it to the twins’ New Jersey mansion, where they saved Claire from hanging just in time for her to freak out at seeing Joe… and for Luke to gas them into unconsciousness. When they all came to, the twins put the men through a game of Russian roulette that risked Claire’s life many times over and ended when Mike shot Luke from outside. Luke exited with Claire; Joe freed himself with a convenient table knife and took off, as well.

• Joe found Claire and begged her forgiveness, which definitely wasn’t happening. Ryan, Max and Mike pulled the serial killed away and pointed their guns at him, causing Joe to cry “Do it!” — it started out as a goad but turned into a plea. However Ryan got a hold of himself, turned his gun away and told Mike to call the FBI.

• Luke died, thanks to a shot from Max’s gun, but Mark grabbed his body and ran off with it. Mike and Max later made out.

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• Ryan was all ready to start things up with Claire once more, but she turned him down — despite their mutual exchange of “I love yous.” “Go build a future for yourself, Ryan, whatever that is.”

• Joe was taken off in chains, but not before Ryan told him, “You won’t be seeing me any more,” talking up how his new life wouldn’t include the killer.

• Back in New York, Ryan celebrated by having his traditional post-“I captured evil” dinner of Chinese, then woke in a sweat after a nightmare that Mark was in his apartment. Meanwhile, the twin was actually loading his brother’s body into a car driven by… someone we don’t see. “Thank you for coming,” Mark says. “I didn’t know who else to call.”

And… that’s the season? That’s the season! What did you think of the episode? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Pat D. says:

    My God…they managed to top themselves in levels of awful.

    And yet, I’ll be waiting for next January, LOL.

    Perhaps my favorite part of the episode was Claire, who vowed that she would never feel safe, never be free until there was a bullet in Joe’s head, concluded that Ryan “did the right thing” by leaving him alive. Oh my. Just amazing.

    Even Mike couldnt hide his astonishment of the ludicrousness of Ryan’s explanation “Because this needs to end.”—yup, by leaving Joe alive to escape from prison yet again, you sure ended it, Ryan.

    And boy, I was so pissed that they left one of those annoying twins alive. They aren’t particularly scary or anything–just incredibly annoying to the point where I was rooting for Joe to get free and horribly dismember both of them. Now we get another season of one of the twins. Bleh.

    But, I just cant stop watching.

    • Simon says:

      I feel the exact same. Find this show so awful but I just cannot look away. And yeah Ryan’s reason made total sense, haha c’mon!? Really?! This is such good bad TV.

    • ? says:

      Where did Claire get that tear gas grenade in last week’s episode? Anyone? Anyone?

    • A- says:

      I kinda understand why Ryan didnt kill Joe..I mean they are kind of so much alike and as Joe wouldnt have kill Ryan just for the sake of chase and thrill Ryan I think has that connection too with Joe and killing him would mean ending that weird comradeship .
      This season wasnt my favorite.. I hate these irritating annoying twins. I wished they both had died in the end.. Ugh cant bear them in another season!
      The best part in whole season was Ryan and Joe chemistry but yeah it should end too..New season should have been new story but alas that’s not going to happen :(

      • Annie says:

        I’m totally OK with him not killing Joe. That was the morally correct thing to do. What I cannot fathom is Claire’s bizarre “I’m your past!” explanation as to why she and Ryan couldn’t be together. I mean – what in the WHAT now? That makes no sense. NO sense.

    • Lauren says:

      I thought the exact same thing about Claire – she’s just the worst.

      • Tenney says:

        Agree! I can’t stand Claire and was hoping and hoping that the game of russian roullette would end poorly for Claire. I want Claire to go away and never,ever, ever, ever come back.

        I think I’m in the minority, but I actually liked the twins. They’re totally creepy and psychotic. .I think I’ve just about had enough of Joe Carroll. I hope the new season has a new crazy cult leader to follow.

  2. Ryan says:

    Wonder if the person driving the truck is Carrie Cook? The finale was a let down. The last few minutes just fell flat.

  3. xomareen says:

    Meh, pretty lackluster finale. But I never watched the show for its brilliance anyway.
    I am glad that they didn’t kill Mike, but now I actually have a reason to tune in again next season. You still have a hold on me The Following, damn you.

  4. Lexie says:

    I thought the best parts of the episode were the scenes between Joe and Ryan. Those two have the best chemistry on this show and I really hope next season we get to see more of that.
    Also in the recap Luke dies and then Mark drags his body out of the room. Luke can’t drag his own body away :-)

    • Stephen S. says:

      I think we will. They have to come up with a way to bring Joe back next season. And I think it’ll be by once again forcing Ryan and Joe to team up again. Maybe against the living twin or maybe another new bad guy.

      • Cameron says:

        They kinda painted themselves into a corner. They can’t really break Joe out of jail again. As much as I like James Purefoy, I feel like his character is pretty played out. I realize we will see him next season, but the next should be the last for him. Find us a new compelling killer, unlike the boring killer twins family this year, that can carry the weight of the series.

  5. greade1121 says:

    I think it was Agent Gina Medez driving the truch

  6. alistaircrane says:

    Honestly, if Joe and Claire had died, it would have been an exact repeat of last season. Kevin Williamson has a three-year plan for the show, so I do hope he wraps things up next year. I can’t believe this serial killer show came from the same guy behind the genius Scream franchise!

  7. webly3 says:

    Claire survived? Well, they’ve solidified my viewership for next year. Ryan not killing Joe though. Ryan needs to go to an insane asylum if he thinks not killing Joe is the right thing to do. It will all start again. He should know that it was renewed for a third season! I’m incredibly shocked that no one the audience liked bit the dust. Last year, the only people confirmed alive were Mike and Emma. This year it’s like the complete opposite.

  8. bob says:

    “Luke died, thanks to a shot from Max’s gun, but Luke grabbed his body and ran off with it.”

    Luke ran off with his own body after he died? Um, okay.

  9. Benjamonster says:

    This Following absolutely needs to keep Joe in prison next year and have a different villain. This show is afraid to take major chances. Every major plot twist (Joe’s death, Claire’s death, etc) has turned out to be a red herring. God knows which supposedly dead character was driving the car with the twins. This show needs to stop moving in circles and start moving forward

    • johnhelvete says:

      The Following is the type of show that is tailor made for a “villain of the season”. A lot of actors don’t want to be tied down to a 7 year TV contract even if the show is 15 episode a season, but I bet a lot of actors would be willing to do The Following for one season, if the money is good lol.

    • Pat D. says:

      Purefoy/Carroll is really the only thing this show has going for it. Bacon looks like he’s checked out, Nielsen/Lily was a bleh character, the twins are just annoying.

      • johnhelvete says:

        Maybe they should kill of Bacon then and replace him with another lead. I don’t really care how great Purefoy is if I was writing for The Following because if I was the writer, I would have a new character as cool as Carroll in season 3 and find a very good actor (male or female) to replace Purefoy.

      • jerrired says:

        See I disagree. I’m unbelievably tired of Joe. I hope he stays locked up this time too, and they just get a new villain, and Ryan was the highlight for me this season, until the end. Not killing Joe was probably dumbest move in TV history. But the Joe-Ryan scenes tend to be comedy gold, so I’m guessing the show will find a way to make those happen some more next season, which most likely means another escape by Joe. Ugh…

        • Jenn says:

          I think they should do a ‘Silence of the Lambs’ theme in season 3. Brand new villain, keep Joe locked up, and have Ryan visit Joe for “help”, like Clarice did with Hannibal Lecter. I love the chemistry between Ryan and Joe, but we need a new villain!

      • Amy says:

        I agree – Purefoy is a fabulously nuanced actor – every mini expression is perfect, every slight twitch of his face conveys something. I would hate to see him die or be replaced – he’s the villain you love to hate – Purefoy has created an extremely compelling character.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Really? I can’t stand James Purefoy! I hope he has an extremely reduced role next season.

        • tripoli says:

          Never thought I’d agree with you on anything but I too can’t stand Purefoy. Never really got the hype over him.

  10. Tyralt says:

    I think Claire was driving the truck.

    • jag says:

      Same here. This is the only credible option except if a new character enters. Clair is hell bent to kill Joe and having one angry twin on her side is a good tool. I want to turn the tables completely like what they did with Hannibal. Let Joe be imprisoned but very afraid of the people who will try to murder him. Clair could have here own following and Ryan… Who’s Ryan?

    • Beth Rank says:

      I disagree. I think it was Carrie.

    • dvmom says:

      I think so too. Claire is the only one who could have called the twins and clued them in to the meeting at the inn, so there has to have been a pre-existing connection there.

      • DB says:

        The twin (don’t remember which one now) was surprised to see Claire, and had no reason to fake that, so it doesn’t make sense that Claire called the twins. Claire could have told Carrie (since she may have insisted before agreeing to go on the air with the poem) the details of the meeting. Also, Emma was angry with Joe about the Claire situation, and she knew how to get a hold of the twins. She may have told the twins about the meeting. Even Joe could have thought the meeting was a trap, so he may have tipped off the twins and sent Emma (he has just been using her and she was seriously questioning him) there to get rid of them all at one time. Many interesting possibilities.

  11. Lisa says:

    Wrapped up a little too nicely for me personally but it was a really enjoyable season. I’ll be tuning in for what is (most likely) the last season.

  12. Ali says:

    I really want to watch this but I can’t. The first episode of the first season showed a dog being tortured so I stopped. A pal who watches just filled me in that there is yet another scene in a recent episode of an animal being tortured. She wouldn’t tell me more as she knew it would upset me, so, I guess I still can’t watch it until this crap (animal torture scenes) stops. I really loved James Purefoy in ROME but I guess I’ll have to watch him another show after this show ends.

    • Really? says:

      Really?!? It’s just a TV show. (Spoiler: TV shows aren’t real. Neither is Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy) It’s not like the animals are being harmed in any way whatsoever. They have SPCA on set for all animal scenes to certify that no cruelty of any kind is committed on the animals. There’s only a couple of scenes with animals in the entire series.

      A show depicts serial killers, murder, cults, mass killings, torture, sex, rape, all of HUMANS (Humans > Animals) and you don’t watch it because a couple of animals are “harmed”. Your supreme logic and intelligence astounds me.

      • Sara says:

        You say this as though it’s uncommon for people to be turned off by the torturing of animals on TV. It’s not that anybody is convinced an animal is being harmed in the making – the majority of people are not that naive. I know I had problems with those scenes. If I wasn’t already invested in this show, I would have turned it off. I know what happens in the first few minutes of House of Cards and because of what happens, I will not watch it. Just because it’s not real, doesn’t make it any easier to watch. I cry every time a dog is “put down” or “dies” on a television show, or in a movie. It does not make me illogical or unintelligent. I am consciously aware of the fact that it is not actually happening. Frankly, I think it is your callousness that is astounding.

        • kathryn says:

          I agree with you, Sara. I had to flip the channel during the series premiere (and FF once I rewatched on Netflix), and the same thing with the scene this year. I am a huge animal lover, and I know it’s fake, but can’t watch regardless. However, that said, it IS a good show, and those 2 scenes out of 30 episodes shouldn’t turn you off totally. Give it a try, and just know to skip those scenes (if you see an animal, time to FF). I enjoy the show, and can forgive it for those scenes establishing the kind of crazies we are dealing with, but it doesn’t mean I need to watch them. :)

          • kathryn says:

            I also can’t watch house of cards just because of that first scene, as well. To me, animals>humans.

        • johnhelvete says:

          Do you also get just as upset when a human being is either tortured or killed on TV?

          • Sara says:

            Both my mom and I find torture scenes really hard to sit through. We often fast forward them, or skip the episode entirely – a few episodes of Criminal Minds, Rookie Blue, SVU, etc. Some story lines are certainly harder to handle. I can’t tell you why animal scenes affect me the way they do – all I know is that they do even though I know it’s not actually happening. And most people I know tend to feel the same way, where they don’t want to see a dog “die” on TV or in a movie and when they do, it often results in tears. *Shrug*

          • tardisrepairman says:

            Some prefer to think of waterboarding terrorists as baptism as well…

      • alistaircrane says:

        You have no heart. Torturing/killing animals is even worse than doing the same to a human because animals are voiceless. They are at the mercy of these sick, twisted individuals. I advise you to become more compassionate and go vegan.

    • Bella says:

      I just looked away, it’s not as though you didn’t know what was coming this time around with the cat, so I quickly averted my eyes for a few seconds and then looked back.

    • bryan says:

      You don’t mind them killing people, but God forbid them hurt a dog? That makes perfect sense. You probably should t watch any more as in the second episode someone also ate a ham sandwich…

  13. nate says:

    I love how Joe looked Ryan when they were trapped at the table lmao

  14. Kerri says:

    I think Claire is the driver! She wants joe dead. That is who I think anyways. Anyone else feel the same?

  15. Ashlie says:

    I thought the finale was awesome! This show is always full of intensity and suspense. Although, I agree, Ryan should have killed joe. I think he chose not to because of that whole scene where they were at the table thing about redemption etc. and also, he and joe admire each other and respect each other for some twisted reason. But anyway, I’m more concerned about who was driving that truck. Gina was killed by Leslie bibbs character, Gemma or something, before she killed herself. Right? So it’s not her. I don’t think Carrie would betray Ryan. Even for a story. UNLESS mark told her something different than what actually happened and made it like they were victims to joe. I don’t know. I think it’s someone we have only met briefly and wants revenge on joe as well. Any other suggestions as to who was driving?!?!?

  16. Ashlie says:

    I stand corrected. She was hospitalized but never pronounced dead. After doing some research online, it appears she plays a pivotal role in season 3. But I’m not convinced she is the driver. She had no connection to the twins and why would she help them?

  17. kathryn says:

    I immediately thought it was Gina Mendez driving, too. Anyone remember what kind of car she had? Remember that ep where they suspected her and she went to car, but then tried to ditch them by taking a cab to her crazy ex-gf follower Jana’s house. Or possibly Carrie Cook, but she had no interaction with them, as far as we know. Mendez may have had access to the twin that was in federal custody for awhile. Guess we’ll find out next January. And I LOVE the Ryan/Joe scenes.

  18. Lila says:

    Don’t be so sure it’s not Carrie. Lilly owned the TV station at one point and it’s very odd that he’s left her unscathed. Let us not forget season 1 his neighbor dated him as a way to get close and kill Ryan eventually. it’s quite possible Carrie is in on it. I can’t believe nobody has brought up the fact it’s completely illogical the twins even knew about the inn. Again, who knew? Claire, Carrie and Joe.

  19. Mike says:

    So in the end, after 2 years, Ryan has learned nothing. Joe has escaped from prison twice; he has minions all over the place, including prison; and Ryan is willing to send Joe back there???? As I said, he has learned nothing. Is this supposed to be Ryan’s redemption? And Claire, who thinks she is safe now, walks away from the man she loves, the guy who risked his life repeatedly to save her, for some vague “we must move on with our lives” reason? P-u-h-l-e-a-s-e. Next season will be entirely predictable as Joe manages to escape, yet again, and goes after Claire. BORING! Regarding Season 3, as they say on Shark Tank, “I’m out!

  20. raerae says:

    Emma comes back to life (mark was hovering over her alot)
    Claire wants to kill Joe
    The agent gina who didn’t die
    The reporter carrie
    Possible truck drivers hmmmmm…

    What men could have been driving the tuck?
    Btw…Mike is getting pretty evil
    Ryan couldn’t kill Joe
    B/c Joe has said it enough times that they are one
    If one dies the other goes too
    Metaphorically speaking of course

    And doesnt kill him to be able to maintain any little conscience he has left
    And max is a bad actress but she killed the she stays

  21. Alex says:

    The driver of the SUV that picked up Mark/Luke is the Ryan’s sponsor from AA from the first episode of the season or it’s Lily’s assistant at the art gallery. It wouldn’t be Claire, Joe’s in prison and she said Ryan did the right thing by not killing Joe. It wouldn’t be Carrie Cook, they don’t have a connection to her, that we know of. But, Mark said he had met Ryan at an AA meeting. My bet it is Ryan’s sponsor.

    • Monni says:

      Or the girl Ryan had a little interest in (from AA) – now with Claire off the hook, he could get things where he left of, and would never suspect of her…

  22. Carter says:

    This was horribly bad.

    I’m soooooooo bored of Joe. His best episode was this one, interrupting the twins at the table. Other than that 3 minutes, he nearly put me to sleep all season.

    Anyone who says that Ryan respects Joe is crazy. And they don’t have a comraderie either. Ryan hates Joe, but didn’t kill him because he doesn’t WANT to be like him. No other reason. But he should have just shot him in the face and then decided not to be like him AFTER he killed him ;-)

    I was convinced that Emma may not be dead. It seems far fetched, but something makes me wonder. So I thought that she may be driving the truck. But Ryan’s AA sponsor is an interesting thought.

    People are saying that Claire is driving the truck and that Claire has a connection to the twins. That is seriously the dumbest thing ever. So dumb that I feel dumb responding to it. What connection does she have to them other than being hung by them, and then used as a donkey in their game of Russian Roulette?? Now they’re phone pals??? Now she’s riding off in the night with them? Gimme a break.

    Max and Mike….saw that coming…though if she ran 10 feet further she could’ve gotten Mark as he was walking as fast as a turtle through the opposite door. Totally stupid.

    I lose brain cells when I watch this, but Kevin Bacon is good, and he’s the only reason I still watch

  23. Michael Grooms says:

    The Following is the television equivalent of sadomasochism. It hurts to much to watch it but I cannot stop myself from loving it.

  24. Ashlie says:

    He, Ryan, doesn’t want to be considered like joe. And to kill out of redemption is not something he wants to do again. I don’t think Claire’s the driver. There’s a website that lists all the characters and their status and Luke as well as Emma are both listed as deceased. Even if Emma survived and it’s wrong, I don’t think she would team up with twins. Although, mark is the one who developed a “relationship” with her. Hmmm… I don’t remember what vehicle gina did drive in that episode where she dithes her car, but I do remember it having a pop up type trunk. So it could be her, but that is not her car. I agree that it’s possible it has something to do with the AA meetings but I just think it’s going to be someone who has been involved in some way through out the show. Claire, although I don’t think would be a likely suspect, has to have some alternative plan after telling Ryan to move on. If you people don’t like the show, why do you continue to watch and then invest so much time discussing it? This episode was really well done in my opinion. And guess what, all you suckers will be back to watch next season to see who was driving!! Win for fox!
    As for the inn and the twins knowing where is was- I asked the same question to my husband. He said they were following Emma.

    • inmyopinion says:

      What about the guy that was Joe’s mentor – he plays Hollis Doyle on Scandal…could he be the one driving the truck? That’s who I came up with immediately, but do not see him listed on these comments anywhere…what’s his status? Was he convicted/jailed for anything?

  25. Ashlie says:

    Revenge. Sorry. He didn’t want to kill joe for revenge. Not killing him was his redemption. ***

  26. Alanna says:

    Max and Mike alone ensured I will be coming back next season. :)

  27. Overthinking says:

    My $$ is on Emma is the one driving the truck. Are we really sure that she died given Claire had to “kill” her twice. Just hearsay from one of the crazy/ier twins and Claire never really answered Joe’s question when the topic came up. You would think the creepy twins wouldn’t leave Emma’s body behind since they would love to do the creepy ritual of having her body at the dinner table with Joe and Ryan (talk about taking crazy to a whole new level). Yeah next season the writers will make us believe that Emma has nine lives that is why she never died. This show is such a trainwreck that is why most of us cannot look away.

  28. JayDeeeee says:

    the license plate on the SUV at the end started with “DDS”…any dentists that we are forgetting about in the show?!

  29. Calvin says:

    As awesome as the show is, I was totally disappointed in finale. I don’t mind Joe living, but both twins should have been killed spectacularly. And that bitch Claire should have gotten killed as well. After all Ryan went through for her and the way she dumped him is really crappy. And Carrie Cooke must have been driving truck, who else is alive!

  30. Steph says:

    I couldn’t believe that Claire turned down Ryan. That REALLY disappointed me. However, I was worried that we’d lose (1) Max or (2) Mike in this episode, which would have ROYALLY angered me. But I agree with what others are saying. After all they’ve been through, the “I’m your past” nonsense was absolutely stupid.

    I wondered who the heck on the ending as well. I also noticed DDS on the license plate. I don’t recall a dentist. There was the teacher that taught Joe, but they already got him. I believe he was a doctor. I’ve also wondered about Carrie Cook. I wondered off and on if she was going to turn out to be a bad guy and in on it. I can’t really imagine who else it’d be.

    But then again, they may be introducing us to a brand new character even.

    Now I was REJOICING to see Emma dead. If they bring her back, I’m going to be furious. 2 seasons waiting on that witch to get hers!!!!!

    • Ashlie says:

      I think you may be right in introducing a new character. Similar to HIMYM, I think it will be someone we’ve seen but not linked to anything in past episodes. The twins are adopted, perhaps another family member we don’t know of.
      I, like you, was thrilled to see Emma get the ax. If they bring her back somehow, I will likely lose interest bc of how unrealistic it would make it all. I know, it’s super believable now ;) lol
      I read an interview that joe did and he acknowledged Emma’s death and his reaction when he found out they were killing her off. So I think she’s gone for good.

  31. KylA says:

    I think it was Carrie driving and the connection is she is the twins sister. They made a comment that he had no family left to reach out to. Y bother putting that in there unless the twist is he does still have family out there.

  32. Mike says:

    It probably won’t even get to the point where joe gets to jail cause someone with the FBI or somone there Is gonna be there for him again

  33. Alice says:

    Amazing ending to a far better season! I was terrified the entire time they would end it super predictably, with the death of Joe, Claire, Weston or Max.

    Anyone else totally think it was Carrie driving the car?!?

  34. ladd says:


  35. R W Hirsch says:

    I think that JR Ewing is driving the truck!

  36. Claire was driving the truck.

  37. Nikki says:

    Did anyone notice the tag on the car that picked up Mark and Luke? It’s a Davenport tag number. Wasn’t Roderick the sheriff of Davenport in the first series?

  38. Jesse says:

    Maybe Joe will have a Silence of the Lambs esque-arc next season; helping Ryan from prison catching that **** of a twin + what was obviously his father in that car.

  39. Angelina says:

    It’s Carrie Cook.
    Claire told one person (on screen) the meaning behind that secret poem & when/where her and Joe wrote it. And that was Carrie Cook, the reporter who read the poem aloud on the news.
    Someone told the twins when and where to show up at the Inn, where Claire & Emma fought to the death. (womp, womp, Emma lost.)
    The ONLY people other than Joe, Claire, Emma & Emma’s cult friend that knew about the inn was Ryan and Carrie Cook (the reporter)
    AND Carrie Cook was obsessed with the Joe Carroll story, like Lily Gray. In the past, Carrie Cook took advantage of Ryan’s alcohol abuse to get all the juicy details for her book, she was always showing up where Ryan was, Carrie Cook knew Ryan was in AA & Mark (surviving psycho twin) told Ryan at the table that they had met previously at AA.
    Also, only Joe Carroll & his cult screwed with Carrie Cook, never Lily Gray or her psycho kids. When Ryan & Joe enter the house to save Claire, they enter that room with all the Ryan/Joe details all over the walls, there were a few bits on the wall from Seasons 1 & 2 that only an insider would’ve known AND they never wrapped up Carrie Cooks storyline. She had an intimate, close relationship with Ryan. They’re not going to not touch on the fact that the last you hear of her is her reading the poem on the news & that Ryan chose Claire over her.
    Carrie Cook is somehow tied into Lily Gray’s inner circle. She’s either the boys bio mom & she gave them up due to having them at a young age or she’s one of Lilys pet projects.
    Boom. You’re welcome.

    • Monni says:

      It’s possible – (just like the female character on season 1, who got close to Ryan, i forgot her name now..). I wouldn’t like the idea to see Carrie on 3rd season, she had a weird way to look at things.. her expressions, her way to speak, i’m definitely not his fan, and i’d rather to see Ryan alone than with her….
      Her story isn’t finished (she ain’t dead yet), so yea, It’s a possibility…

  40. EJ says:

    I think they may have chickened out re: the “dinner” scene-iI thought the corpses of Lily Grey and Mandy would be sitting at the table.

  41. Steve says:

    Do we know who the twins father is? Could that be who was driving the truck at the end?

  42. Monni says:

    Ryan and Joe were awesome together, that bonding moment when they enter the twins’ house was a blast!
    I understand why Ryan didn’t kill Joe – despite the fact they’re almost the same person, Ryan said he needed forgiveness, because he killed his father’s killer, and if he killed Joe, he’d be in the same position all over again, seeking 30 years of forgiveness.
    Claire giving up on Ryan in the end was just stupid. She said she couldn’t stop thinking about Ryan, but in the end, she dumps him..? After 2 seasons, she finally thinks like Ryan that she is his past and she needs a life..? Dumb. Just dumb.
    Max and Mike..needless to say that was obvious that would happen eventually, but i have to say, Max’s actress is very weak. She’s pretty, tho.. They could’ve cast someone who has better acting skills…
    Emma’s death.. Well, I wanted her dead since episode 1-1, so I was thrilled about that. She could’ve suffered more – it was way too quick..
    Anyway, i’m looking forward to see season 3 in January.. I hope the show do not lose this appeal between Joe and Ryan, and do not show that annoying Carrie Cooke again.. Boy, she was extremely annoying, even more than the twins..

  43. cathy says:

    I love love love how people keep complaining that Ryan should have killed Joe and next year there should be a new bad guy (or other variations of that scenario). Do you get that the show is about Ryan and Joe? The whole show – it was written around Ryan and Joe. Why would they kill one off?

  44. Eric G says:

    Anyone else notice that the van used to ram Ryan and Joe off the road, had not a single scratch or dent (or even bent license plate) on the front of it as they pulled up to the mansion afterwards?

  45. Jared Johnson says:

    Jacob from season one. Its his father that’s driving the SUV

  46. sol says:

    I think they’ll use Joe next season not as a villain but as a consultant on other serial killers. the thing that everyone agrees is that Joe must come back, because otherwise it’s not the same show, but breaking him out of prison is a bit boring so they’ll just have to find another way to keep him in the game.

  47. NeilEddy says:

    Maybe it’s claire & she wants Joe dead so she teams up with the twin to get him.

  48. Steve says:

    Interesting. I like it. That might explain why she pushed ryan away so he would not be any where around when it happened. I still didn’t see any answer as to who the twins father was/is?

  49. It can’t be CLAIRE, she left with FBI. It can’t be EMMA, Claire stabbed her & she fell out a 2 story window & splat…..her head opened up & a blood pool developed. Emma would not have been physically able to drive. As far as CARRIE is concerned, how is she going to find the twins on a back road buried on 300 acres & no GPS ? WHO is left ? Hmmm….was “mouse” killed by the twins? But then she can’t drive…soooo who ???? That leaves the lady FBI agent but here again they would have to have prior knowledge of the 300 acres….the only people who knew were the twins, lily (she’s dead). Very perplexing. Maybe somebody Lily was tight with at the Art Gallery.

  50. Dane says:

    The twins were actually triplets and Carrie Cook is their sister. That’s my prediction. Had to be someone we know, and has to be a twist.