Revenge Recap: Better Off Wed

Revenge Season 3In this week’s Revenge, Pascal proposes to Victoria (and she says oui), Emily puts her binge-watching of Homeland to good use, Nolan gets even with Javier, and Conrad… Lord love a duck, he does something so horrific, I actually LOL’d from shock. So keep reading. We’ll get there…

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TODAY THE ROLE OF CARRIE MATHISON WILL BE PLAYED BY… | Almost as quickly as Pascal slips a ring on Victoria’s finger, he’s abducted at gunpoint by Aiden and taken to Emily, who reintroduces herself as Rebecca Stone, a Homeland Security agent so dedicated to bringing down the Graysons that she doesn’t even seem to notice how badly mussed Frenchy’s hair got when he was grabbed. (Not to worry – he fixes it during a commercial.) Though the detainee won’t cooperate, the exercise isn’t a total waste of time: Nolan’s examination of Pascal’s cell reveals that his evidence against Conrad is a bluff, and by threatening to involve Margaux, Emily is able to coerce him to wear a wire to the MyClone launch and get a confession out of Papa Grayson.

LIMITED ENGAGEMENT | After Victoria finds the phone number that Emily gave Pascal and discovers that it rings the Feds, she confesses to Daniel her fears that her fiancé might turn her in. “I’m sure he’d never betray you,” he replies, trying (and failing) not to sound bored. But it turns out Daniel isn’t bored at all. In fact, he’s so interested that he runs straight to Conrad and, together, they hatch a hare-brained scheme to thwart Pascal. At the party, Victoria, sensing impending disaster, gets all misty-eyed when she kisses Pascal. “Seems like you’re actually getting what you deserve,” Emily manages to say even though her tongue is, as always, lodged in her cheek. As for the launch of Javier’s program, it’s a train wreck. (That’s what happens when you “Macstab” Nolan.) For instance, when he asks his Charlotte clone what she wants to do for her birthday, it responds, “Get high and party!” So, in short, it sucks to be Javier. (Daniel cans him.) And it sucks worse to be Margaux. (This mess all happens seconds after her father has announced that she’ll be his successor.) But the very worst – and best – is yet to come…

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BLADES OF GORY | Per his plot with Daniel, Conrad beats a hasty retreat from the bash, leading Pascal to the rooftop heliport. (Somehow, Emily is only seconds behind them, even though they take the elevator, and she’s on foot.) When Pascal refuses to stop pushing Conrad to incriminate himself, Conrad shoves him into the blades of the chopper. You read that right: straight into the chopper. When Victoria arrives on the scene, she is, as you’d expect, hysterical. She even tries to attack Conrad, like a Real Housewife on one of those reunion specials. But since the pilot corroborates her ex’s story, there’s nothing she can do except wonder whether Daniel tipped his father off and again call the Feds… only now the number “Rebecca” gave Pascal has been disconnected.

CABIN FEVER | In the B (C? D?) plot of “Revolution,” Charlotte receives a letter from David that Victoria writes off as being from a crackpot out to torment their family. Not satisfied with that answer, Charlotte takes the missive to Jack, who takes it to Nolan, who traces it to a cabin in the Berkshires owned by a guy named Kurt Renner. Armed with this intel, rather than attend the blowout at which her brother and boyfriend are guests of honor, Charlotte treks to the cabin with Jack and discovers that it’s full of research on David – which obviously, David being David, David wouldn’t need. So Charlotte decides that Victoria was right and the author is just a nut. (Why Jack thinks it’s okay to steal a ring from this nut’s cabin – even if its initials are D.C. – I’m not sure. Also, why someone – presumably Kurt – was lurking inside the cabin and later outside the Stowaway, I couldn’t say. All the better to kidnap Charlotte at the end of the hour? In any case, she does get kidnapped by a masked man.)

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Were you surprised to see Conrad kill Pascal in such spectacular fashion? Hit the comments!

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  1. N says:

    Great episode! Yay!

  2. Dan says:

    Great episode. That’s two solid outings in a row.
    1. Emily had Charlotte kidnapped- to force the Grayson’s hands.
    2. Daniel will be dead by the end of the season.
    3. Victoria will find out who Emily is creating the final season epic feud of Victoria Vs. Emily- or both working together to take down Conrad.
    Please don’t have David Clarke be alive. That’s too much.

    • KC says:

      I really hope #2 happens.

      • Marc says:

        I am fervently hoping so as well, nobody keeps getting what they want so easily, while being so annoyingly and blatantly conceited about it without getting an awful but glorious comeuppance; plus, it still sticks in my craw that he hasn’t experienced one ounce of suffering for shooting and manhandling Emily.

      • Pix says:

        Well, he’s learned how to breathe with his mouth closed, so there’s not much more potential character development left for him… ;) but, seriously, I hope he goes and in some ridiculous way at that (too bad they used up the chopper blades on Frenchie)

    • Would hate for Victoria and Emily to work together…although I have always enjoyed the idea that Victoria is essentially an okay person who does horrible things.

    • Marc says:

      II agree with you about hoping that Daniel Clarke remains dead. It would completely lessen the impact of the pain, all the suffering and sacrifices that Emily has gone through to get justice for him. It would basically mean that her revenge scheme would be all for nothing.

    • Melanie says:

      Of this episode I liked Emily pretending to be Homeland Security. Although, to your concerns,
      #1 Unclear about it
      #2 Def. needs to happen. Or Emily needs to consider him as a treat. Hope someone goes in Margaux’s face “told you so”. I’m surprised Victoria didn’t notice he was lying. I guess as his mother she wants him to be on her side.
      #3 Not gonna happen on the fact they will be helping each other. They hate each other more than anything. Victoria is probably putting that all on Emily’s fault for Pascal’s death and will go after her. I think there is a upcoming- probably next season- big scene where Victoria explains of she felt about the young Amanda Clarke because she always looked like she hated her even at 5.

    • wingsstef says:


      1. It could be Emily but it could also be Conrad.
      2. Danny Boy is a sleaze, but he might not be one to die yet, that might be for next season.
      3. I am really hope Victoria and Emily team up happens to take down Conrad. They don’t need to be friends just convenient allies.

      • wingsstef says:

        Sorry, but I left out. Yes, I am sure Margaux will feel the sting of “I told you so” if she does not already do. She already seems to feel that her father’s “accident” was not one.

    • nate says:

      well david clarke is bound to be alive…havent heard the rule of tv? “if there’s no body, they’re not dead”

    • winks says:

      I think Conrad is the character I want to see offed eventually but Daniel, while a dufus, does not inspire death for me. I’d rather see him completely ruined, jailed, etc. Have to live his long life in misery.

    • The letter J says:

      Please, please, please number 2. Daniel needs to be killed off.

    • Lexy says:

      This!! Especially #2.
      I just hope that David isn’t alive, cause that not only is jumping the shark, it’s killing your own show. I think they will want us to believe he is, up until the very last moments of this season.
      They also released a promo pic of Ems and Vicky at a gravesite. Could be anyone at this point.

    • elizabeth says:

      I really hope that victoria and emily DO NOT work together and remain enemies. Victoria has also been part of this conspiracy. just because she feels guilty doesn’t mean she should get away with it. she could have easily gone to the police and confessed bt just like the others, she let conrad control her. i want victoria to go down with daniel and conrad. i really hope david clarke isn’t alive and convinces emily to forgive. let him stay dead.

  3. Jim says:

    The scariest, bloodiest and most shocking episode of Revenge…ever.

  4. Marilee says:

    I loved this episode! It was so twisty and like the Revenge of old! Loved it! The only weak spot was that Pascal and Margeux proved tonight to not have any brain cells.

    Does anyone know the song playing at the end? I liked that song!

  5. trooperwife says:

    Glad Pascal is gone, could never understands a word he said…hope Margo is next….

  6. Dee says:

    Man I was shocked at Conrad. 1st I thought he might have figured Pascal was wearing a wire and took him up there to have the chopper drown out any confession made but then he went and pushed him!! WTF!!! Wow….and Daniel why he confides in either of his parents with any intel found out is news to me!!

  7. Prissi says:

    Good predictions on all three. Good episode… love Nolan’s wardrobe…he is the best. I do hope Aiden is not killed next week……Emily was sure crying over someone in the promo last week.

    • DD says:

      which promo, i didnt see Emily crying in the one i seen

      • Prissi says:

        Go to Revenge TV Fanatic and pull up April 2 episode about Emily talking about filming that day and she was crying just heartbroken over someone who dies in the finale. I also, saw the teaser.

    • magickster says:

      Barry Sloan, who plays Aiden, has committed to another American tv series. This doesn’t bode well for Aiden’s health.
      I too would love Daniel to be taken down a peg or two.

  8. Alichat says:

    How very Raiders of the Lost Ark, Revenge. I saw it coming, but I thought….”nooo…..that’s just my pop culture brain going into overtime. Surely Conrad is just going to push him off the top of the building.” They really needed to wire Pascal with vid and not just sound. Also, Margeaux is seriously gullible. And OMG, I can’t wait until Conrad tells Victoria that Daniel was the one that ratted out Pascal to him. Victoria confided in mini-Conrad and lost Pascal over it. Congrats Vicki….you sold out David Clarke to protect that pathetic waste of a son. Also, I think I would have liked it more if Nolan’s little data mining trick was actually a legit flaw in the programming. I think it would make the sting of Daniel cutting him loose sharper, where with this set-up, Javier will blame Nolan and not really acknowledge that he was taken advantage of by Daniel and Margaux.

  9. Tamara says:

    So the police investigating wouldn’t wonder why Pascal was wearing a wire? Unless Conrad removed it. I kind of hate the idea of Victoria catching onto Emily. I wanted Emily to take them ALL down. Unless this is part of a new master plan. Also, how long until Margaux figures out Daniel’s timing into pushing her to get a public commitment from her father was very convenient?

  10. Merissa says:

    As soon as I saw Conrad and Pascal standing next to the helicopter, I immediately said aloud “He’s gonna push him into the blades!” Lol this show is so crazy, but that’s probably one of the reasons I keep watching

  11. Merissa says:

    Oh, also, my semi-implausible theory is that Emily tries to recruit Victoria to take down Conrad…how crazy would it be if those two worked together to take someone down??

    • Melanie says:

      Not gonna happen for a long time. They hate each other. They’ll to go over many fights and open conversation (i.e. while knowing Emily is Amanda and being open about these days she was in love with David) Otherwise Victoria is going after Emily.

  12. Emily cannot be fooling everyone. Stop watching the show.

  13. MoodyAmerican says:

    So i binge watched 5 seasons of The Good Wife this month, which has nothing to do with my comments about Revenge. Just wanted to share. Its such a great fudging show.

    But this ep was great! M.Stowe was everything! I appreciate the helicopter scene, I can imagine we all said he’ll probably push him, but I wasn’t expecting him to actually do it or the show to take it there and once again M. Stowe.The story telling seems to be consistent and not as clumsy as the first half. Im like actually excited for the finale.

    • Jess says:

      I agree with all of what you said. And I binge watched all 5 seasons of The Good Wife too! Well, I started last summer but hey 5 seasons is a lot and I have other shows to binge watch as well. x)

      • schu says:

        I did this too! I guess I wasn’t the only one pulled in by The Good Wife this season! I don’t know why I haven’t always been watching!

  14. B says:

    Victoria and Emily are def teaming up next season! Team Vemily!!!!

  15. Sam says:

    I’m still so disappointed at the character that daniel has become– very far from the promising beginning of the show and now just feels so out of character.

    • Kim says:

      It is amazing how far he has come and how much I hate him now! By this season, it makes sense, after his ruthlessness as Head of Grayson Global and because he knows how Emily has manipulated him (although he seems to have forgotten all about Sarah now). However, they originally turned him dark too fast. Way back in Season 1 I never understood how he could just align with his parents so easily after he found out what they did. It seemed out of character then, at least it wasn’t fully explained, so I still think it seems a little fake now. I never saw him as a complete innocent–he was raised by Victoria and Conrad and very spoiled–but he at least had more conscience!

  16. Marc says:

    So I guess Daniel took Manipulation 108 in between trying to murder Emily and reuniting with that ex he almost killed in that car crash. Can Margeaux be any more gullible, it’s frightening how she so easily falls for the blatant manipulations of the smuggest a-hole on TV. I kept yelling, “connect the dots ya stupid twit!”

    • Iakovos says:

      I had hoped there would be one Grayson who was the good one and do lament Daniel’s descent into evil. Guess it is Charlotte who will carry the goodness torch though she is not a true Grayson as is Daniel. Will Jack eventually be found out to be a Grayson, Conrad’s son?

      Loved Nolan’s own revenge play on Javier. And points to the costumer who foreshadowed the helicopter slice-and-dice with Nolan’s blazer! :-)

  17. MJ says:

    I disagree about Daniel — I’m starting to like where they’re taking his character. He’s definitely a terrible person, but at least he’s coming into his own evil, rather than constantly being controlled by Victoria or Emily. I hope he doesn’t die just yet, I’d like to see a little more of how this rogue Daniel develops, what his agenda is, and where his loyalties lie. Also, could there be an impending romance with Margaux?

    • Nosey says:

      Agree, although I never liked Daniel and her together, Daniel’s character is on queue,he is a Grayson, the audience just saw him become a Grayson. He is definitely Conrad’s son, I don’t want him killed yet either. Killing a major character is yet another mistake by Revenge, if any character should be killed, is Aiden, the writers did a horrible job w/ his story line, if his character fitted into the plot, I would not mind him, maybe Daniel will kill Aiden, but hands down, the writers did an excellent job w/ Daniel’s character.

  18. Kathy says:

    Once they got on the roof I thought “Well someones going over the edge”. Then when I realized the chopper was there I thought “Hmm who’s jacket is going to get caught and pull them into the blade ?” NEVER thought Conrad would have PUSHED Pascal into it !! Great effects with the blood splatter ! Damn !

  19. Doug says:

    Who is Kurt?

  20. Karen says:

    THE clan Grayson maybe as murderous as the parents Pope on Scandal. Danile is showing the nut doesn’t fall too far from the tree and Marquax needs to watch her own back because Daniel had that Dollar sign gleem in his eye as he comforted his almost step-sister. When this series wraps up Emily and Jack should sail off into the sunset with Jack’s son. Aidan is unfortunately doomed because he is on Victoria’s list of how to get Emily. I love this show!

  21. Ella says:

    I seriously do not want Victoria and Emily to team up next season. To me, Victoria is the most despicable character on TV right now. Conrad is also evil but he plays it delightfully and doesn’t really make any excuses for who he is. Victoria on the other hand, claims to be inherently good and maternal and repentant but is actually, easily, the more revolting human being of the two. Emily deserves better, she deserves her revenge.

    • Melanie says:

      Agreed with all! I understand that on a certain point of view, Victoria was first directly targeted by Emily, but she did nothing good to deserve not to be her revengista target.

      • wingsstef says:

        Victoria’s biggest crime in the plot was letting people get away with what they did. Followed very closely with being a traitor to David. Which is pretty much goes hand to hand., She did not know Conrad had a hand in killing David. In fact when she found out she decided to tell the feds, but then Conrad blew up that plane. Victoria has been a coward perhaps twenty years ago. She allowed her insecurities to make her do very selfish things. It is not as insecure now, but she might be frighten at some degree. Conrad went killed another lover of hers, this time right in front of her. I don’t think Victoria is evil.. Just very selfish at times. Selfish and traitorous characters of course can be very infuriating to the viewer, yet at times Victoria expresses remorse. The only person she actually killed was because she thought he was going to hurt Daniel, and we found out that was connected to Conrad as well. Conrad on the other hand seems to be a sociopath. No remorse. And seems to get off on the pain he deals to others. Scary.

    • Nosey says:

      I don’t think she is any different than Victoria. Everyone on that show deserves their Revenge. I don’t think Victoria makes excuses, can easily say Fauxmily makes excuses. I think both Victoria and Fauxmily are both victims of major hurt and are so much alike. I think Fauxmily focuses too much on Victoria when she needs to be focused on Conrad.

    • Kim says:

      The bad thing about Victoria is that she is still making excuses for her actions rather than taking responsibility for them. She even says so in this or a recent episode that “she had to make the choices she did”. It may be feel that way, and I sympathize at times, because I understand why she does what she does. It is usually to protect her family and its interests. That may be so, but what right does she have to hurt OTHER people, even if it ultimately protects HER family? The people she hurts have families too. I think Conrad is less sympathetic yes, but ultimately he also rationalizes what he does for the same reasons. Emily does also, when there is “collateral damage”. I hope the show continues to explore these moral dilemnas because it is so interesting when it does!

      • Nosey says:

        Victoria is not the only person who hurts others to protect their own, I don’t know one character on this show who does not do that. The only one maybe Nolan, I have never known him to hurt anyone, Nolsn retaliates but have not known anyone else to suffer as result of his revenge.

  22. Liz says:

    Daniel seems to be turning into a sociopath. He’s gotten away with so many things now that he thinks he’s above the law and can keep getting away with things, even at the expense of people he should love. I really hope he dies soon. I can’t imagine that Conrad is going down until the end of the show, but he is an even bigger sociopath than his son. I really hope that ABC gives them an end date so that they producers can wrap everything up nice and neat.

  23. azu says:

    I truly dislike Victoria. She destroyed the Clark family – father mother and daughter. And she lived very comfortably until Emily came and started harassing her and her evil family

  24. Luis says:

    Given this show’s short, but bizarre history, it would only make sense for David Clarke to turn out to be alive.

    • Aiya says:

      I would love nothing more than for David to be alive (in the end) and he & Emily team up and take down the Graysons, ending in a series finale where Emily’s about to shoot Victoria and David comes out of the shadows and does it for her.

  25. molly says:

    Revenge has turned into a comedy…how predictable was the helicopter scene? I had a great chuckle. Nolan is the only one who is a truly unique and likeable character. Surely everyone knew that there would be impending doom when we saw victoria happy? She can happy. Im always bemused by the writers constantly introducing new characters…why kurt? To extend the season? David clark cannot be resurrected ..and I know everything is possible in tv land..but that would really be a cop out and the whole series…pointless!

    • Nosey says:

      Agree too predictable. I did not think it made any sense for her to be Homeland Security, shortly after her fake pregnancy reveal which Pascal was a part of. Also, while she pretended to be Homeland Security, I knew Pascal was going to die in that episode, he would not be able to keep his meeting with “her” a secret. Plus it was obvious he was going to push him in the blade. What did not make sense about the episode is how the pilot or anyone can believe it was an accident. No one walks that close to a helicopter blade. Plus won’t they even suspect a former lover could kill the new lover and make it look like an accident. This was as bad as Conrad looking at his building last season before it blew up. I know Conrad stoops this low, but don’t make his “accidental” killings look so far fetched!!!!

    • wingsstef says:

      I don’t know if it would necessarily be a cop-out. I mean Emanda might actually think he’s dead. Also he might have been doing his own Revengenda all this time. I would be okay either way though. However imagine how angry Emanda would be if David was alive all this time without telling her? She would be happy too but also absolutely ticked off. It would be yummy.

  26. Tennisnsun says:

    I think David Clarke should still be alive. How delicious that all these shenanigans were for absolutely nothing. What an oops!!

    • wingsstef says:

      Yes, it would be fun to see. Both Emanda and Victoria…will have very strong reactions. However the look on Conrad’s face, will be priceless. In fact, if David is alive I will be all smiles if he is the one that kills Conrad.

  27. Paulette says:

    I do not want David to be alive. That would be too much. I want Daniel and Marquax to become the next golden couple only to be destroyed by Daniel. I don’t thank Daniel needs to die. I think maybe somewhere down the road he will realize what his family has done and maybe he and Charlotte will find out all the truths and really unite. I am so glad Jack broke up with Marquax. I didn’t like her from the start. When is all said and done, I think Jack and Emily will end up together and be very happy. I really like Nolan a lot and I hope he eventually finds someone who will truly love him. He deserves that. I want Victoria to go down hard. I also want them to bring back Patrick. Maybe he and Nolan could really get into a real relationship. Nolan deserves to have a “true love” at last. I am hoping Victoria and Conrad the worse possible. I know they will get theirs and I can hardly wait. I love this show. I love how Emily can kick serious butt. So, don’t let David to alive, don’t kill of Daniel, get rid of Marquax after Daniel wipes the floor with her, find a true love for Nolan, keep Charlotte the sweet girl and keep Jack the great guy he is. Not to much to ask right?

  28. eli says:

    i hope emily and victoria don’t work together. just because she feels guilty about what happened doesn’t mean she should get away with it. in that case, lydia, mason, and etc were all threatened by conrad. if they are on emily’s revenge list, victoria should be too. what’s funny to me is that victoria gets mad at others for playing a part in david’s coverup when she also is covering up conrads secrets. just because she isn’t part of the actual crime doesn’t mean she’s not guilty for keeping quiet. she has been a willing participant in making people shut up whenever the truth was close to coming out.

    what would be a good twist would be emily pretending to work with victoria and both of them put conrad away for his crimes and then at the very end, emily turns to victoria and says, “victoria, you didn’t think i forgot your part in this, did you?” and have her arrested with nolan, emily, charlotte, jack laughing at her.