Exclusive Grey's Anatomy Video: Isaiah's Back — Watch Cristina and Burke's Awkward Reunion

Reunited and it feels… like an ambush?

Isaiah Washington returns to Grey’s Anatomy next Thursday (9/8c, ABC) to help bring closure to the Cristina-Burke love story ahead of Sandra Oh’s departure, and we’ve got an exclusive first look at the ex-lovebirds’ first face-to-face encounter in seven years.

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Press PLAY below and watch Burke give Cristina the surprise of her life, then hit the comments with an answer to this question: Are you rooting for a reconciliation?

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  1. Lauren says:

    I always liked the character of Burke, and I always liked them together. I’m really happy he’s back for the end of Christina’s storyline. I read that some people are mad that Shonda allowed him back on the show – to that I say, the drama was 7 years ago, give it a rest. Yes, Isaiah screwed up – but hasn’t he paid for it enough? He has apologized and even did a PSA. Should the man be punished for the rest of his life? I’m fine with him getting some work.

    • dax says:

      i dunno.. but irrespective of the actor’s actions and its reactions – i just never liked Burke. he always wanted HIS version of Cristina.. and when Cristina changed a lot for him, he just left her selfishly (like i said, keeping real life things aside with Isaiah). Owen, on the other hand, has always loved Cristina for what she is, except the not-having-a-baby part.

      IMO, Yang should chose her career over EVERYTHING else – being true to who she is! But iof she has to end up with someone, let it be Owen Please – not burke!

      • B says:

        maybe its just me but wouldn’t it be more selfish of burke to go through with the marriage knowing that she is doing it to please him rather than something she truly wants? Burke wanted Cristina to become someone she isn’t, a theme that was repeated (albeit to a lesser extent) with Owen. Had Burke gone through with the marriage I believe it would end up similar to cristina’s first choice in the sliding doors episode

        • thatgirlp says:

          Exactly! Owen constantly wants her to be the mother of his kids know that she DOES NOT WANT ANY CHILDREN! Burke taught her a lot and tried to mold her into HIS IMAGE! Neither wanted to accept her for who she is.

        • Abby says:

          Marriage was never her real issue (weddings and dresses, yes, an issue) – the fact she married Owen is evidence enough that she’s fine with marriage. It was family (kids, PTA, etc) she never wanted. Burke left Yang for himself, because Burke wanted a wife. Yang will always be first a doctor, THEN a wife, and for seven years the only truth we’ve known (no evidence to the contrary) is that Burke left because he wasn’t getting what he wanted. Perhaps he’ll finally get to explain himself now, after seven years and Yang moving on. I’m not mad that Washington is back for a few episodes, but I’m annoyed that Yang’s storyline still supposedly needs Burke after all this time. I sincerely hope he’s back so Yang can tear him a new one and leave HIM wanting/devastated/embarrassed this time around.

          • jen says:

            i just rewatched this episode the other night so its still fresh in my head but burke says ‘i’m up there waiting for you to come down the aisle and I know you don’t want to come, I know you don’t want to come but that you will come anyway because you love me. And if I loved YOU, not the woman I want you to be, not the woman that I hope you’ll become. If I loved YOU than I wouldn’t be up there waiting for you, I would be letting you go’

          • Boo says:

            I completely agree with you!

          • Mel says:

            I don’t really get why Shonda needs Burke back in order to close out Cristina’s story? I never really like Burke, particularly how he left things with Cristina,

          • sarah says:

            Jen that quote pretty much says it all, as mentioned upthread there have been a lot of similar themes between cristina/owen and cristina/burke and that quote, although spoken by burke, easily could have been said by owen. I’ve always found the parallels between burke and owen to be quite interesting. Burke wanted to mold cristina into the woman/wife he wanted her to be but in the end was able to see that she wouldn’t truly be happy with the life he wanted and was able to let her go. Meanwhile Owen accepted the parts of cristina that burke wanted to change yet has been unable to let go of cristina although knowing thatthey ultimately want different things. With cristina and burke the big obstacle was the wedding, something burke wanted that cristina was willing to do for him. With cristina/owen the obstacle is children and as seen in the sliding doors episode if cristina was willing to have kids to make owen happy, although knowing how she feels about children, he wouldn’t be able to make the difficult decision to let her go.

          • Sharia says:

            I agree. I’m pissed people keep asking for them to get back together. She’s her own woman in her own right. I wish she could be with someone who respected that she knows her own mind. She’s not a family woman, please someone correct me if I’m wrong, but didnt she marry Owen to feel “normal” again. That doesn’t exactly sing out “I want to be a wife and mother”!

          • ram says:

            I would argue that burke left yang for himself, I think at that point he realizes that the cristina he loves is no longer the cristina standing in front of him. In that wedding scene we no longer see the badass surgeon we were first introduced to but a ‘porcelain doll’ bride complete with painted eyebrows. Other than burke as far as we’ve seen, cristina has been the one to end a relationship, she ended it with colin marlow and although it was a mutual feeling SHE was the one to end it with owen. Shonda loves parallels and symmetry I am willing to bet that by closure we will see cristina rejecting burke’s (professional) offer.

      • carrinebchaud says:

        why people assume reconciliation between burke and yang means relationship, why can’t it be just two adults leaving everything in the past to start professional relationship geared towards excellence in medecine?

      • Ninna says:

        Yeah, Because Owen is the perfect example of a man that never tried to get HIS version of Cristina! Except that NOT. That guy was trainwreck in her life. He never loved her as she was or even understood her, and tried to change her core into what he wanted independently if that would make her happy or not. When he couldn’t change her, cheated on her to get at her. Glad she’s about to kick him to the curb. Not soon enough.

        • O-Town says:

          I thought they both agreed to end things and even now, Owen has accepted that Cristina doesn’t want kids. He’s accepted her, as she wants to be. I don’t get where you understand Cristina kicking him to the curb. They’ve been separated for a while now and are good friends, with the exception of the recent hook-ups. Owen is a good guy and stuck by Cristina. Burke skipped town, of all things. Overly dramatic much? It was so bad he had to leave town on his wedding day. Please tell me you don’t think Burke is the better man because you’re clearly not watching the same show everyone else is.

      • Mildred says:

        Owen and Christina never fit.

    • Mimi says:

      I agree 100%. The man has made his restitution. We are human and we all make mistakes. Let’s all move on. He is a wonderful actor.

    • jenna says:

      I don’t care if they get back together romantically or professionally…heck I wouldn’t even care if he causes the terrorist attack in the finale! Burke was a unique character and personality on the show and i’m glad to see him come back for an episode. Isaiah and Sandra had great chemistry and I loved the dynamic between the two characters

    • skylar says:

      I have to agree. We have all said things we regret saying, none of us are innocent of that. I always enjoyed Burke’s cocky self assured role and he was the perfect match for Christina. They had their differences, but he understood her and they had the same medical drive. I will miss Chriistina as she is the reason I started watching the show to begin with.

    • River says:

      Well said.

    • Mildred says:

      Isaiah really could back, and yes to reconciilation.

  2. iammusic says:

    I haven’t watched Grey’s regularly for several years (not since George was killed off), but I am SO excited to see this reunion.

    • Stacie says:

      Ya gotta think if he had left the show on good terms, he would have been asked back a ton earlier than this. Although then maybe he wouldn’t have left at that time. Isiah Washington did some bad stuff but Burke was a great character. I wonder how the whole show would look if he had never left/been asked to leave. It’s crazy how much has went down since he has been gone.

      • Ninna says:

        If IW wouldn’t have left the whole show would look like what it looks now. Owen came in to take the arc story it was meant to Burke and fill in the open spot. So, Burke would be now in Owen’s shoes.

  3. Emy says:

    Burke can’t come and go fast enough. No reconciliation please.

    • kath says:

      Burke was a jerk to her when they were dating, and he’s a jerk to her in this clip. (Also that was a pretty stupid question about the long term effects.)

      Wrap it up and get him out of her life. Cristina always deserved so much better.

      • B says:

        its actually a very relevant question and is one of the biggest discussions in regards to the use of bioprinting in the real world

      • FeedingOnYourTears says:

        Burke was totally a jerk. He yelled at her in front of their friends at a party about killing their baby and slammed dishes around and told her to grow up when she didn’t want a baby.


        • thatgirlp says:

          I strongly agree. Owen and Christina relationship is just too torturous to watch. Knowing how much they care for one another and that IT just would not work…ever! I liked Christina with Burke more…just saying!

        • Abby says:

          Why does Cristina’s story need to end in her ending up with a man? Isn’t the essence of Cristina that she doesn’t NEED a man? Why is there an assumption that the only alternative to a Burke reconciliation a happy-ever-after with Owen?

          • Jessy says:

            Cristina obviously enjoys men. But, she doesn’t need a man…just look at all the relationships she had. Burk’s return doesn’t do a thing for me as a viewer,

        • Ninna says:

          …and cheated on her on Joe’s right in front of the hospital his wife worked to tame her…

    • Jena says:

      Ha…Ditto to that :-)

  4. S says:

    I always like Burke too! I hope they do get together – at least work together and then you know they have a chance!

    • Tammy says:

      I think he is there to offer her a job. Not sure about a love connection but maybe they will hint at one. She can’t win an Avery if she stays at Seattle Grace (Grey Sloan Memorial) so she has to leave. She realized there was no way a relationship with Hunt will work out well in the end. So she needs to move on where she can complete her study and get the recognition she deserves. Also there is a funding issue for research projects, hers going to another hospital helps free up some funds. I don’t want to see her go but I hope the send off is a much needed positive one for Christina.

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      I hope not. They should work together and that’s it. The ship sailed…long before he even left!

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        I hated the way he treated her even BEFORE he proposed. I’ll never forget him blaming her for the tremors saga. As if he didn’t have a mind of his own, as if he wasn’t the TEACHER and she the STUDENT. He should be embarrassed, “my student made me do it”.

  5. I haven’t watch in a long time but I’m definetly watching this EP

  6. spindae2 says:

    Can’t believe this is really happening. I loved their chemistry and I was so sad when Burke left and woah it feels like ages!!!
    And comparing Burke to Jaha (The100) is proving to me what a great actor Isaah is, what a different feeling.

  7. His leaving was part of why I stopped (That and how ridiculous season three go, seriously Meredith in purgatory?) but it’s been a long time. I would kind of like Christina to recognize she doesn’t need either Owen or Burke and become her own woman.

    That being said, i’m so glad that they are bringing back Burke so that they can bring all of Christina’s loose ends back up.

  8. jenna says:

    cannot WAIT for this episode to air :D I doubt they will get back together romantically but I loved the chemistry between the 2 characters

  9. Courtney says:

    Not awkward in the least. I checked out on GA a few seasons back but I’ll definitely be watching this one.

  10. pamill says:

    I don’t think there will be a reconciliation, I think Christina will be killed in true shondafashion. My bet is the mother of three will lose her mind and kill her, the writers spent a curiously high number of episodes on that arc so I’m guessing this will be its big finish. Hopefully I’m wrong.

    • Carrie says:

      Christina will not be killed off. Shondra will want to bring her back for the series finale. Perhaps in her new job she will win a Harper Avery, competing against Meredith who knows she cannot win and is thrilled to be reunited with her bestie….perhaps…but mark my words she will not be killed off ala George or Lexie, who asked to be let out of their contracts early or Izzie, who (well y’all know what KH did). Sandra Oh gave Shondra the time to create a compelling story for Christina’s departure – not winning the HA will motivate her to take her career and her research to another hospital – and the family of heart patients has shown us how far Christina has come, both in her skill as a surgeon and her bedside manner – she was devastated by the loss of the patient, not the loss of the award. I cannot wait to see her reunited with Burke in a professional capacity – he was her mentor and now she is his equal and perhaps even better than him – hoping he says something like that to her.

      Sidebar: There have been many celebrities forgiven for transgressions in a far shorter span of time than Isaiah Washington. Paula Deen for example, Rush Limbaugh (on a daily basis) and many of our elected officials say and do far worse and are back at it weeks later. Yes, he said a poltically incorrect thing to a castmember that is no longer there. He has done his time (and then some). Personally I am counting the minutes to get my Burke fix.

      • pamill says:

        Well, technically she COULD still bring her back for the series finale even if her character is killed off.

      • Abby says:

        Point of order: Izzie was never killed off (in spite of the toxic relationship she had with Shonda)…

      • Abby says:

        I still haven’t forgiven Paula Deen. Why would I? She’s a shrewd, unfriendly businesswoman who hid her diabetes until she could find a way to profit from it (by securing that deal for diabetes pills), knowing it was her fatty, unhealthy cooking that contributed to her disease, and put her fanbase at serious risk, also. Besides, I hear she’s a (she says reformed) racist. Paula Deen is still a pox upon the Earth, and that hasn’t changed. Isaiah Washington may not have changed his beliefs towards the gay community, but he did not work in Hollywood for many years, struggled to pay bills, and unlike Deen saw what it was really like to suffer the consequences of your actions. Provided he no longer voices his opinions of the gay community, I have forgiven Isaiah for his outburst. So, too, it seems, have his former coworkers, who disliked him as much as TR Knight for being not only a homophobe, but an arseholl.

    • Lauren says:

      I figure that if Shonda was gonna kill her, she would have won the Harper Avery. Shonda is after all a romantic. When George died, he and Izzie had that elevator goodbye thing, Lexie and Mark ended up together before dying. She likes to give her characters what they want most in the world before she kills them. Well, series regulars at least.
      Personally, I like Owen better than Burke but it may just be based on time invested in the couple. I can’t believe how fast time has flown and I’m crossing my fingers that her departure doesn’t mean cancellation.

  11. ggny says:

    Burke was a great character it sucks what happen with the actor back then. Grey’s would be a much different show if Burke never left

  12. Aimee says:

    I’m still a loyal watcher of Grey’s. I figure as long as some of the regulars are still there (Meredith, Webber, Alex, Bailey, Derek) I care enough to still follow and I have to say I am excited to see Burke come back. I always loved Burke. I am guessing this is set up only with Sandra Oh as Cristina, but would love it if his character was also in scene with the other original cast members. It would be a really nice moment. I never fail to tune in, so I’m going to be there, but this episode has me really excited to see what happens. I’m glad her’s back for this. Thank you for the great sneak peek! :)

  13. Frankie says:

    This is going to be amazing.

  14. Cortney says:

    I am so unbelievably excited for Burke to be back! I love him so much and I love him with Cristina and I think it will be such a perfect fit for the farewell of Cristina because he was such a huge part of her character development. I cannot wait for Burke, I love the character and I love Isaiah Washington. Everyone really needs to give it a rest and move on from what happen 7 YEARS AGO! He is a great actor and I can’t wait.

  15. Dil says:

    Regardless of the personal drama, one episode is the most I can tolerate of Burke.

  16. Pat says:

    I am not rooting for a reconciliation, between these two, but unfortunately, it looks like they maybe headed towards a working relationship. Her heart is with Owen. She has invested more in Owen then she had with Burke. I really do not know why Shondra brought him back. They always throw around the word closer and as far as I am concerned Christina moved on from being left at the alter by Burke and from having her heart broken. Yes, he was mad and heartbroken when he found out about what she did with her pregnancy, so I look at it this way, it was so very obvious that they were never meant to be together and they have been apart for years and Christina has moved on without Burke being by her side and I think Christina’s departure could have been done without his presence on Grey’s.

  17. Karin says:

    Is good move to see him back to bring closure to her character what they had was good he taught her a lot, but aside from that i think romantically Owen brought something special to her character and we saw another side of her with Owen … She learn to really love and rely on him too…we shall see what happen ..in my heart she belongs with Owen but happy and excited for next week episode

  18. abz says:

    This is very saddening. Seeing Burke back. Seeing Cristina and Burke together again (although not romantically I hope). I’m really starting to feel it that Cristina’s leaving. I wish she’d at least return as a guest star in future seasons like Kate Walsh did.
    Of all the characters that have come and gone on Grey’s. Izzie, George, Addison, Lexie, Mark, Teddy, etc., it’s been sad, but I’ve kept watching and still remain interested. But I just don’t know with Cristina. This character is seriously everything that has made Grey’s amazing. even moreso than Meredith Grey IMO (even though I still love Mer). She’s my favourite and I’ve spent ten seasons watching her. Probably the longest show I’ve ever watched. For all Shonda’s mistakes with Grey’s, creating Cristina Yang was the best thing this show has ever done and hiring the lovely and talented Sandra Oh just made it even better. One of the best TV characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. I’m looking forward to these last few episodes, but I seriously have no clue how good the show will be without her.
    And I’ll seriously be pissed if Shonda kills her off. Like extremely pissed!!!

  19. N says:

    Glad he’s in her life!

  20. JustAnotherBangFan says:

    I’m so freaking happy to see Burke on my television screen. This has been 7 years coming for many of us and this reunion is anything but awkward- the teacher is testing the student. I haven’t followed Grey’s or spoilers much since Burke has been gone- it’s nice to see that some mediocre TV columnists attitudes never change. #bitter

  21. Abby says:

    How are you going to leave someone at the alter and then just casually stroll down the stairs at a lecture asking serious questions years later? Raw deal, Burke. Raw deal.

  22. Jessica says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes. I do not want a reconciliation though. I was a little annoyed with the preview that refers to Burke as the love of her life. I do not think he was the love of her life. I think that Owen is the love of Cristina’s life, but sometimes love isn’t enough. And saying that, honestly, I love Cristina, but you could argue that herself and surgery are the loves of Cristina’s lives. I don’t feel that she and Burke were meant to be at all. I can see the need for closure there since he just disappeared on her. And I think it will be interesting for him to see her now in an advanced professional capacity, whereas she was just an intern before. I also can see how they’re writing her off, which makes perfect sense, and I won’t be at all surprised that Cristina will make that choice. She wants the Harper Avery. She can never get it if she stays at Grey Sloan. She is a skilled enough surgeon, as well, that she needs to expand her wings. These last episodes for her will have me bawling for sure! Looking forward to it and not at the same time! lol

    • Dann says:

      That’s what i think, too. It’s going to be amazing seeing Burke see how she is know, because as you said, when they met he was her boss and she was just an intern. And Cristina, more than anyone, deserve the harper avery, so does Meredith. Can’t wait to see!

  23. That’s what I am talking about. I don’t care one way or the other if Cristina and Burke reunite romantically (I highly doubt they do). But I am glad to see Burke again, and I believe he will offer her an amazing job that will facilitate her exit. He’s obviously heard of her research, and seems to have much interest in it. Cristina is no longer his student, but his professional equal, and it will be exciting to see them work together professionally. He seems to appreciate and have respect for her work, and she held her own in that questioning, even though she was undoubtedly spinning emotionally.

  24. greysfan says:

    Professionally i always liked Burke and Cristina working together but personally the way he left her he doesn’t deserve to have her. I am really hoping that Shonda has done this as Cristina’s way out as a professional job offer not because of Burke and Cristina getting back together.

  25. ME says:

    I like that Christina’s story is coming full circle as far as her career is concerned. Burke was her initial mentor, and now the student has become the master. I am not hoping for a reconciliation with Burke or Owen because they only wanted to be supportive of her if she did what they wanted her to do. I believe Shonda will stay true to character and have her leave for a career opportunity of a lifetime. If this is the case, the only thing I’ll be sad about is the separation of the twisted sisters.

    • Beth says:

      I really agree with this. I am always a fan of a love story coming full circle, but Christina’s love has always been cardio and her career. The most satisfying moment to me would be Burke to say he is proud of all she has done because he was her mentor and not her lover. What will be sooooo heart wrenching is when she says goodbye to Meredith, her real soulmate.

  26. Goodness no, she should NOT take him back. He was a manipulative jerk to her. Taking away or not giving her surgery’s if he didn’t get his way on something….

  27. Jamie says:

    It’s funny how everyone’s fine with taking Isaiah back, but heavens forbid they brought Katherine Heigl back. I mean being rude is SO MUCH WORSE than being a homophobic t[not going to finish the word].

  28. Sara says:

    I hope Cristina stays independent. While I loved Cristina & Owen in the beginning of their relationship, they became a very volatile match. Burke & Cristina were just as toxic. But I think people should realize the name of the episode is “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s how it will go in the episode, I strongly believe she isn’t getting back together with Burke OR Owen. Burke will offer her a way out of Seattle and that’s that. I want them to focus on the goodbye between Cristina & Meredith, and a bit between her and Alex. Cristina & Meredith’s relationship is and will forever be one of the best parts about this show.

  29. Rj says:

    It’s nice they brought him back. Now if only they’d let Katherine heigl do the same! Just can’t watch Alex without Izzie.

    • liz says:

      If isaiah’s episode does well ratings wise (and by the looks of it, it will) I wouldn’t be surprised if KH came back for an episode as well. They both said things they shouldn’t have 7 years ago, TR has since forgiven isaiah, hopefully shonda has forgiven KH

  30. DD says:

    Its about time Burke returned, I haven’t watched the show since he was fired / left. I refused to watch it. He had one of the best roles on the show. Its obvious,…… so many disliked his role. (Good acting and good writing). I was so happy when I heard George was killed off. His role was boring. Burke had/has a great roll and it will bring some freshness back. I’m back to watching it. It was BS why they fired him anyway.

  31. laurel says:

    I am very excited about Burke’s return. I always wanted closure between Burke and Cristina.Looking for next week’s episode

  32. JustMoiMeandI says:

    Give me the episode number. I will return for this… Burke was the most electrifying character on that show… Such a shame everyone else on that show was so perfect and completely without fault that they agreed that IW losing his job was the answer to what happened all those years ago.

  33. kamotion says:

    Sandra Oh is amazing. The look on her face when she recognizes Burke’s voice and then sees his face is fantastic. I, too, am happy Burke has returned. Isaiah Washington commands the screen

  34. Susan says:

    I have no watched one episode since Isaiah Washington (Burke) left Grey’s Anatomy. However, as soon as I found out Burke was returning, I couldn’t set my DVR fast enough! I loved Burke and Christina together and I have been waiting patiently for seven years for them to be reunited. Kudos to you, Shonda Rhimes, for making a great decision!!! Burke and Christina are the best characters you’ve ever imagined!!! Eat your heart out Izzy!!!

  35. Azerty says:

    I hope Burke will have scene with other characters, Derek for example. Back in season 1 and 2, way before Mark, Addison, Owen, Arizona, etc. Burke and Derek were the only badass titulars and they had a pretty interesting relationship. I guess he won’t ask about Izzie and George since the actors were on bad terms but Burke’s character wasn’t just about Cristina, he had other storylines with other character. That could be fun if he finally became chief of surgery and Derek didn’t because he hated it in S6. And a scene between Owen/Cristina/Burke could be fun too.

  36. TeamBang says:

    Omg. I am SO excited for Cristina and Burke to be reunited!! I am keeping my fingers crossed that they end up back together. I have never liked Cristina and Hunt together and Burke and Cristina have always been PERFECT. LIke the promo says: he was the love of her life and I believe they need to end up together.

  37. Jerri says:

    Never liked Burke. Enough said…

  38. des says:

    I love Burke and i think he really loved yang back then because he gave her her “freedom”; Freedom that will surely help her to attain excellence.
    He knew and understood yeng’s personality; it was actually more of a sacrifice because she knew yeng’s priorities and aspirations. Becoming a good surgeon was indeed her prior goal beyond everything else. She is an independent woman; Burke accepts that and respects that so she let her go. He truly loved her though i’m not quite sure who yang loves. I wish it’s Burke anyway. I love Burke’s personality both as a surgeon and as an ordinary person. :)

  39. I love that they are bringing back Burke but I wanted her to end up with Owen. That doesn’t seem likely now that she is leaving :(

  40. lgbfl says:

    Always thought the Burke character was kind of wooden and I was not unhappy to see that character leave the show. To have Christina and Burke suddenly get back together on a romantic basis would be very weird and a “where the heck did THAT come from?” kind of moment. I would feel like the regular writers went on vacation and substitutes looking to make names for themselves decided to stick in a “shocker” storyline that had no connection to anything that had happened over to the past few years. I’m very disappointed that Sandra Oh is leaving, but I can understand someone getting tired of doing the same character for years on end, even if it is an interesting character and a perfect match. Just not sure the show will be worth watching after she’s gone. The tug-of-war that she and Owen have had between their feelings for each other and what they want out of life felt to me like one of the most sincere and gut-wrenching storylines on the show… and the timeline has not been rushed like some of the others. Now, if Christina could just take Callie & Arizona with her….

    • River says:

      Really! Burke’s character on the show was great. He is simply a brilliant actor. Give credit where it is due. I am going to enjoy seeing him back on the show.

  41. Trista says:

    I don’t think this will be about Burke wanting Christina romantically. I think this will be about Burke wanting Christina’s talents and knowing that her relationship with Grey Sloan cost her the award that she coveted most – will believe that now is the right to time to swoop in and get her to follow him. He will be right!

  42. cassie birnell says:

    I am so excited for this episode. I love the Burke and hope that they do get back together. They were so good together. Grey’s Anatomy was really good when Burke was there and now bringing him will make it better.

  43. Cheryl says:

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’ve always loved Cristina and Burke together and I was very sad when his character was written off. I am truly hoping that Shonda is putting together a spinoff with Burke and Cristina; I will totally watch! Those two belong together. I never cared for Owen, Burke and Cristina belong together!!!!

  44. Belinha Batista says:

    Estou torcendo para que a Cristina fique com Owen a química entre os dois é linda..

  45. R says:

    Well, I want her to slap him on the face. Or punch him hard!!!
    Things happen for a reason, though. Cristina was pushed to challenge her own limit when he left her AND failed to give her well-deserved credit upon winning an award. She then met Owen and together they have been AMAZING! They are the love of each other’s life- they are soulmates! and look at Cristina now. She’s grown so much, matured and now much better person and surgeon. Proud of her!

    • River says:

      No matter what, we all have to agree that Burke was a great character on the show. He is really an amazing actor. It has been seven years and we have forgiven people ( Actors) a chance who have done worse than he has. He who is without sin cast the first stone. My gooness! what if God was like us, we would all be dead. We need to learn to forgive and move on. Burke and Cristina had chemistry on the show. I have not watched since he left the show, but I will surely be watching it on Thursday, yes I will.

  46. I don’t think he is there for romance. Christina was just up for an award he won. She is now his equal. I think he’s there for a job offer and she is going to take it. She always said he taught her so much.

  47. kay johnson says:

    People Burke left because he knew Christina was a better surgeon than he would ever be

  48. Krystan says:

    I loved the character of Burke. And I love Cristina. I don’t want them together romantically, but I think they would be an outstanding team professionally.

  49. vonni says:

    I know they should get together. At the same time in order for them to be together, they have to be who they are. They became my super couple of the show.