Scandal's Columbus Short Not Returning for Season 4 -- Read His Full Statement

Columbus Short ScandalHarrison Wright is officially hanging up his Gladiator shield. Columbus Short on Friday confirmed that he won’t be returning for Scandal‘s upcoming fourth season.

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Short released the following statement on Friday:

At this time I must confirm my exit from a show I’ve called home for 3 years, with what is the most talented ensemble on television today. I would like to first thank [creator] Shonda Rhimes for the opportunity to work with such an amazing cast. Thank you GLADIATORS, who have supported me throughout my entire career and of course to ABC and Shondaland for allowing me to play such a pivotal role in the Scandal series. I have enjoyed every single minute of it. Everything must come to an end and unfortunately the time has come for Harrison Wright to exit the canvas. I wish nothing but the best for Shonda, Kerry and the rest of the cast, who have become like a second family to me in such a short amount of time. For this, I will forever be grateful.

The Season 3 finale ended with Rowan, newly reinstated as Command, holding Harrison at gunpoint with Tom, leaving his fate in question. Now, with ABC not picking up Short’s option to return, it appears Harrison’s fate has been sealed.

This news comes after a difficult few weeks for Short, who was accused of threatening wife Tanee Short.

Gladiators, what’s your take on a Harrison-free Scandal? Drop a comment with your reaction to the news below.

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  1. kathy kingsley says:

    love,love, love Scandal and the whole cast!!!!!!!! I can only say it takes two to tangle, what did his wife do to put him in such a rage? it is a crying shame he is leaving the show but maybe it is for the best til he gets it together. I wish him and his family all the best and may God bless him.

  2. Sharia says:

    I think he was the best looking guy. I’m glad he made a statement in support of his friends and co-workers. That said if his problems weren’t interfering with his work, then what the heck man. Sadly I think that Scandal has moved away from fixing “scandals” so I guess his character wasn’t needed as much.

  3. Shirley jenkins says:

    Big mistake it’s not fair he will be miss

  4. j says:

    I am not happy that Columbus Short is being “axed” out of the show!!!! What happens in his personal life is just that PERSONAL!!- He is an excellent actor and should remain one of the gladiators. When has anyone in Hollywood, or America not done something wrong??? This is his job and he does it well. Please leave him on the show.

    • Stephanie says:

      Exactly. It is not our business. We hearing abuse but where is the proof? With the whole Chris Brown fiasco the pics were out the same day. As I stated before if our lives were put under a microscope n our actions determined if we worked. How many of us would be jobless today? I threatened my husband bodily harm n death but 15 years later he still here untouched but still making me mad, lol. But, i love him. We fight, get over it and go on with life. No public opinions needed.

  5. Vanessa says:

    This is BS everyone has personal issues it’s terrible I agree with someone how many people threaten to kill there spouse. I hope he can come back later I love him on the show he was Olivia’s right hand man this sucks he is going to be missed.

  6. If he were white it be swept under the rug, because he’s black, his problems at home are colateral trouble. Then every guy who tells his wife to stop running up the credit card or else or stop leaving the house half naked or I’ll kill you in that case would fill jails nationwide. Scandals pretty tacky anyway, that crazy cave man character dry humping that broad last week in the office was disturbing. All the characters are sexual deviots, its over shadowed the main story line.

  7. Denise says:

    Harrison is truly a Gladiator. I will miss him. He played a great role. Don’t think his character can be replaced by anyone. His on screen chemistry with the rest of the cast is what made the show. Anyone new won’t have the same chemistry. Best of luck to Columbus in the future.

  8. pfarmer says:

    Think they should put in in the hole for a season. Let him get his family issues together and bring him back with a bang. Sounds good to me.

  9. sally says:

    a show, “one that i love to watch that is,” that’s about cheating, murder, and every other sin possible is dropping a great actor for allegedly threatening his wife? do we know if it was true or what the threat was, maybe the threat was he was going to leave her and she cries wolf, whatever it is it not your job Shondra to judge, just as it wasn’t with the Washington guy. have you seen or heard what the chicago cub owner is doing and people like donald trump, the koch brothers, and now the owner of the los angela clippers? but worst than that is watch how it is going to be swept under the rug with, i apologize for what i said, it was inappropriate and i am truly sorry pain i may have caused my african american friend and families. then all will be well, and life will go on and they will get richer faster than before.

  10. sally says:

    here’s what i suggest that, harrison is not killed, but put in the hole to brainwash and train him to become one of the b6

  11. Renee says:

    I wonder if this means the return of hot and handsome Stephen (he married Georgia and moved to Boston, remember?).

  12. India Vincent says:

    He needs to use this time to get a hold of his anger issues. He was accused of domestic violence twice in his marriage. His wife even needed a police escort at their house for him to retrieve his things. I’m glad they got rid of his character. True his personal life has nothing to do with the show but when your personal issues overshadow the work, its time to go.

    • herman1959 says:

      Correct India, and in addition, he punched a man at a social function and knocked him out for which he is being charged with assault. All three incidents happened within a 6-month period. Columbus Short has serious anger management issues which he chose not to deal with, therefore, I’m not surprised he is leaving the show nor do I feel sorry for him.

  13. CM says:

    I thought this was just a bad rumor. I am so sorry to see him go. His character is very relevant to the show. Very talented guy What is going to happen without him? Really upsetting for the show!!! Wishing you the best…

  14. Nydia says:

    Sorry to see him go. He is one hell of an actor and the eye candy off the show.

  15. Judy Seward says:

    The young, actor, that played the late Fitzgerald Thomas Grant IV, was Jack’s, son in lost! He was his kid in the alternate time! Very cute and handsome young actor! I’ll look forward to seeing him in many other shows!

  16. Deb says:

    NOOOOOO….I love him, Scandel will never be the same…

  17. Melanie says:

    You continue to kick off members of Olivia’s team who will be left?

  18. Irene says:

    They need him and the show should really consider bringing him back. Just throw him in the “hole” for a couple of episodes — until he fixes his personal issues — and bring him back!

  19. Rose says:

    LET THOSE IN THE TV NETWORKS AND HOLLYWOOD WITHOUT SIN AND WITHOUT THE NEED FOR HELP AND FORGIVENESS IN LIFE CAST THE FIRST STONE. The is a real series breaker going into the fourth season of The Best TV Series Of All Times! Why can’t we be more supportive of gifted black male actors when they need help with anger management or rehab therapy to resolve their personal issues just like the athletes or other male races do. Instead of us damaging or destroying their careers. While other actors like Charlie Sheen and others have had their major melt down life issues played out in the public eye also and they are still on tv network series. Removing him could really hurt the ratings of the show and more importantly could signify that unfairness on the networks among racial issues is still alive and well. He is one of the most gifted talents on the show and a real GLADIATOR just as Denise stated below. His on screen chemistry with the rest of the cast is what MADE the show so credible. Anyone new will definitely not have the same chemistry, intensity or credibility that his character has portrayed and that is still needed in moving forward for the fast paced shocking effects of the series that started out with a perfect cast. I am just saying.

  20. Gwen says:

    It’s so sad that this is happening to such a talented actor , his PRIVATE LIFE IS HIS OWN. People should focus on the show and not what happens off the screen. KEEP IN MIND IT’S ALWAYS THREE SIDES TO A STORY. His way, her way and the truth. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK. The show want be the same. Shake my head to noisy people who can’t get a life.

  21. Well, he didn’t have the kind of role that is going to hurt the show. He can be replaced, and the show will go on.

  22. Tish says:

    This is old news. Good job, Yahoo! Anyway, what are they going to do? Kill him off, or bring him back in a future season? I want to know that.

  23. alicia says:

    Wrong move. Harrison still had a story to be told. Not fair to leave it open.

  24. meka says:

    Personal life should not be a reason for being let go from employment. The actor threaten his wife in a heated argument but never acted on are losing a vital character in the show. May not watch anymore.

    • abz says:

      Lol He is not a vital character to the show at all. His presence on the show was pretty pointless. They could have hired any actor to play the character and keep him as a background character. I highly doubt the show will suffer without him.

  25. Maria Xenos says:

    Columbus Short is an excellent actor and everyone has personal problems that he’ll stand accountable for. He should reconsider coming back to Scandal as he was the original and made it look real. He needs to deal with his personal troubles but that’s not to say he can’t do that and have a job to go to – which bother way is a healing tool. Please come back, Idon’t want to see any of the original gladiators gone. Apologize to Ms. Rhymes and ask for your job back. We want to see you back

  26. nana says:

    i don’t think Harrison should coz he is like the glue that holds the gladiators together..

  27. Dena Darling says:

    That’s too bad….I hope they don’t draw it out….the show should start with them already having his funeral.

  28. Denise Robbins says:

    He may need to sit this season out in order to get his issues resolved.But, maybe they will consider resurrecting his character in the following season, he was a significant part of the cast and storyline. Maybe they will allow to return as a B613 operative. Now that would be interesting.

  29. Cathy Durant says:

    Columbus Short is a great person. He will be missed from the Scandal Cast. I feel he should have been allowed to handle his personal affairs privately because couples often fight. In many cases spouses do not handle the sudden success of their mates very well and go out their way to bring them down. Columbus is a good person and most likely this situation will kick him higher. Keep climbing Columbus you’re great and I wish you the best. Trust me the show needs you more that you need it. The pressure on is to maintain high ratings in the upcoming new season. Be blessed, go back to making great movies. Cathy

  30. Veronica says:

    Sorry to here that you will not be back.Get your life together and I hope you and your wife and make a go of things. Much love.

  31. Queen936 says:

    I think it’s awful that he’s not returning,his personal life is his own business and there’s two sides to every story,abc is a bunch of hypocrites and always ruin the the good shows.Shonda should take her shows elsewhere,then she won’t be forced to fire good actors like Short and Washington..

  32. gloria says:


  33. Remy says:

    C’mon now is this really a surprise? The stuff with his wife. The stuff with him socking a guy over his wife…Seriously? Even if he had a regular 9 to 5 his behavior would have cost him his job. No employer wants this kind of attention. Let alone a popular TV series. Let’s hope that he has learned a few things: 1- to control himself, 2- got some help on how to better express his anger, and most importantly 3- When to walk away from a bad relationship!

  34. beverly stewart says:

    so sorry to hear this good luck in the future

  35. brenda daniel says:

    I love Columbus short in scandal. I’m sorry he’s leaving but it just won’t be the same without him. shonda, please don’t make too many changes where no one will want to keep watching it. I look forward to it every week. bye Columbus.

  36. Sandy says:

    It’s no one’s business except Shonda. If she wants him gone, she’s the boss. They’ll write a great script around his departure and all will move on. It’s TV guys…

  37. sharona says:

    Why are you REposting this from April? This is NOT brand new information?

  38. BYE and seek help says:

    Columbus has abusive issues with his wife that he needs to straighten out, he has done
    some awful things also involve another woman into his wife home.

  39. Pam W says:

    Shondra makes ALL decisions regarding who will be leaving the show. I really like Columbus Short in the role of Harrison. I am sorry to see him leave. I would hope that his character’s departure is not related to his personal life. We all have issues, but for those of us who are fortunate not to be celebrities and in the public eye, no one focuses on us. Good luck to you Columbus in future endeavors

  40. Lea says:

    I think it is sad that they let him go…He was Olivia right hand that helped her. Personal business and life is just that…If it has not interfeered with his acting and the show…who are we to judge him. Bring Him Back Please!!

  41. Didi says:

    He’ll truly be missed. So handsome… hope they find an adequate replacement :)

  42. Gwen says:

    Im really upset that Columbus short is exiting the show. It is unfortunate that when actors or entertainers of color have personal issues examples are made of them. This is evident with Gary Dourdan from CSI, Isaiah Washington from Greys Anatomy and now Columbus Short. All of these men are great actors. Its sad that people will threaten to boycott when Duck Dynasty made stupid but no one is threatening to boycott Shorts exit. I am truly contemplating boycotting Scandal. Myonly deleima is that I am a Fan of Kerry Washington. There are too few shows that have more than one African American in a starring recurring role. This is an atrosity that should not be ignored.

  43. mona collins says:

    That is horrible-Harrison was THE LEADER of The Gladiators!

  44. Eric J. says:

    I was bored with his character so I wish him a great farewell.

  45. Brian Ford says:

    The character of Harrison I think is important to the series. I hope that they Re-think letting him go. I have always thought of him as the second in charge of the “FIRM.” he really added a different level and other story lines could have been fed off it. It is a shame that this might be the change that ends the series. All good series have the right support cast that makes the show so good. When you go back and look the series that last for years keep the same people and the ones that end up being cut change the cast that got them there. Just saying!!!

  46. cynthia says:

    I really think it is a shame he is being punished for personal issues in his life by being deleted from the show. How many actors/actresses are in the news or paper regarding personal issues they are having in their lives but they continue to perform in movies, sitcoms, etc.

    Harrison is an extremely talented actor and I wish him the best.

  47. Ava says:

    I will wish Harrison would’t have to leave the TV show. I love his character he play on Scandal. He is a true gladiator. He will be miss.

  48. lawanna says:


  49. Keith says:

    Who cares? ABC are within their rights to fire and hire who they please, particularly over some lowdown crap like this. I’m wouldn’t be surprised if his behavior violated a morals clause in his contract. Ship him out and bring someone like Mekhi Phifer on.
    He’s an excellent actor in need of solid work now I’m sure.
    You other dumb actors who make as much money out there – be on your p’s and q’s outside work – it could just as easily happen to you.

  50. Clunda says:

    I love him to death, I really do. Was hoping and praying that he would stop before it got to this. I am so saddened by this piece of news. Can’t say that I am surprised by it. I guess Shonda had to do what they needed to in order to protect their image. Too sad.