Keep or Cut: The Shows You Most Want Saved!

TV Cancellations Renewals 2014The votes are in, and if TVLine readers have their way, the 2014-15 broadcast TV season will continue to be populated by Synthetics, S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and Bravermans.

One month ago, we invited you to cast your vote to KEEP or CUT (or render No Opinion) any of 28 network “bubble” shows that had yet to be renewed.

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The chart below shows which percent of those who expressed an opinion voted to KEEP a show. (At the time, a few midseason series were too new to throw into the mix; their polls have been added below.)

But first, a few other Fun Poll Facts:

* The polls receiving the largest total number of votes were, in order, Beauty and the Beast, Almost Human, The 100, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and About a Boy.

* The shows receiving the highest percentage of “I have no opinion/I don’t watch” votes (thus suggesting a general ennui) were Mind Games, Growing Up Fisher, The 100, Crisis and About a Boy. Conversely, the bubble programs eliciting the strongest opinions were S.H.I.E.L.D., The Mentalist, Almost Human, Beast and Revolution.

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Review the results below, then vote in our “midseason straggler” polls.

Renew Cancel Poll TV 2014

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. wyliesue62 says:

    Revolution! Please!! PLEASE! :(

  2. SkyeWardFan says:

    Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    The Goldbergs
    About a Boy
    The Crazy Ones

  3. Ncooke says:

    Almost Human is fantastic! I hope it gets lots more seasons even more than fringe

  4. Nate says:

    They better renew Nashville!!! I don’t want another Smash mishap

  5. Barb says:

    Only show I care about is Almost Human. There are a lot of little threads that popped up during the episodes that could easily be concentrated on in another season. Heck, why not go the Sleepy Hollow route and maintain a shorter season to plug in during repeat redux time.

  6. Just keep:
    Agents of Shield
    Almost Human
    The 100

    Believe and Crisis are good too but i not particulary a big fan.

  7. Rich Abey says:

    – Given how strongly SHIELD is ending the season, at least quality wise, ABC would probably renew it. But I’m sure SHIELD wouldn’t have been in trouble in the first place had it not aired in NCIS’s timeslot. So hope they change the time slot if the show is renewed.
    – Hannibal is a definite must for renewal. Given the sheer quality of the show it’s too valuable to be lost for NBC. Even if it’s not renewed it would surely find another home.
    – Community & Almost Human 50-50 chance for renewal, though I heard AH is getting some good critical reception lately (personally I feel they didn’t do enough in the first season to deserve another).
    – It’s surely time for The Mentalist to end. Creator Bruno Heller is leaving for another show, the Red John mystery is finally put to rest & Lisbon is about to move on from Jane. Time for a graceful ending.

  8. ken says:

    What about Castle????

  9. Ann says:

    The Crazy Ones

  10. Thea says:

    Pulling for Nashville, Community and The Crazy Ones. S.H.I.E.L.D. has been a LOT better lately, and with Marvel and the Whedons in its corner I’m feeling pretty confident in its renewal.

  11. Amber says:

    I wish networks would see this list. They don’t seem to take into account the millions with no Neilson box.

  12. DavidSask says:

    FOX best be reading and announce renewal on Almost Human so glad it came out in lead!

  13. Ruiroxo says:

    Nashville, The carrie diaries! Please!

  14. maud says:

    Keep Almost Human
    L&O SVU!!!!

  15. Adele says:

    Keeping fingers crossed for Beauty and the Beast.

  16. Nick says:

    SHIELD has been amazing since the Hydra stuff got going. Hopefully people will realize the slow start was partly because they weren’t allowed to amp things up until The Winter Soldier hit theaters.

  17. JJSask says:

    Please keep the mentalist….fav show!

  18. pbh says:

    Please keep Almost Human, and Shield they are both different and entertaining instead of all this reality stuff.

  19. Cindy says:

    Almost Human/Mentelist/Believe Keep these Please

  20. Echo Lyons Lyons says:

    please Keep Intelligence ( AND Believe Tv Show Very good Do not canceled!

  21. Lisa Ray says:

    C’mon guys mixology is good! I love the way each characters story is told. Now that’s some good writing and it is hilarious! Save, save, SAVE!

  22. dreamlife613 says:

    Star-Crossed: My biggest problem with this show is Aimee Teagarden. She and Matt Lanter have no chemistry and she’s not a very good actress. I much prefer the actress who plays her best friend. I still think it is a good show, because of the alien culture.

    Almost Human: I only want to see it come back if they plan on delving into the mythology hinted at in season 1. The show’s procedural storytelling is not good enough to hold my interest.

    Is Resurrection really on the bubble? What about those great ratings when it debuted??

  23. Alfonso Rodriguez says:

    Almost Human should be kept and given a full season next time around. It it smart show, has good acting and there are several situations in some episodes that promised further development of interesting story lines (i.e. the mysterious wall that divides Chicago, and the mad genius played that John Larroquette). It is a smart show and should be given a better chance. Hannibal is an acquired taste, it is dark, superbly acted, with a complex cinematography and complex characters. I hope that it gets the seven years story arc development that the producers were planning. Maybe it should get more publicity to raise the public’s interest further. Lets face it, we have available many channels and with shows for every taste. A show that is as dominant as an NCIS (one of my favorites) is now rare because the viewing public is too diluted. But if campy shows like Arrow and Vampire Diaries are popular because of the juvenile (and somewhat brainless) appeal, shows for more mature audiences should be given a better shot. Producers should take in consideration that many times viewers tape the shows for later view (like me) due to time or work constraints and that does not show in their statistics. Also multiple showings of some programs may help a particular show. I also make heavy use of ON DEMAND and somehow that could be monitored for a producer’s numbers before axing a show.

  24. Amanda says:

    I hope Agents of SHIEZLD is renewed. It is SOOOOOOOOOO much better in this last month. I’m glad I stuck with it and would like to see Trip added as a permanent member of the team. Ward is finally interesting (Hail Hydra) and I’m enjoying his scenes with Skye, whereas before I thought they were painful. This show is just getting good. It needs another season!

  25. Kat says:

    Enlisted, surviving Jack, Almost Human, About A Boy

  26. Keith says:

    tell a&e not to cancel Glades need to know who shot Jim

  27. mattyc says:

    Community 6 seasons and a movie!!!!!

  28. Derrick says:

    I’m shocked people stll want to see BATB. That show is dead.

    • Guest says:

      I agree with you. I cannot believe the stupidity of most people saying and thinking that Beauty and the Beast will be renewed when they know full well it won’t. I guess they were drinking some delusional juice. And before all of you say these excuses “It has 44 episodes in the bag” and “It does well internationally”, Let me ask you delusional people 2 questions 1. WHY would and/or should The CW waste their time on a low-rated show when they can do better on a different show? 2. If it was really popular internationally why is it NOT popular in the US? continuing 1. IF they renew Beauty and the Beast then The CW will make (In Jon Miller’s voice ) the worst network decision in the history of the television business! And critics has been giving generally unfavourable reviews ever since it first started airing! I feel bad for the cast and crew who did the original tv series and i feel bad for Disney who did the animated movie. And one more thing, The CW took it off the schedule and it will air in June where it could possibly take on games in the NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals. Right after upfronts is all said and done. Once Beauty and the Beast is into the cancelation abyss, get over it quickly because I don’t want to hear you “Beasties”(Really?) cry like little babies. Derrick, i agree with you This show will be eliminated from 2014-2015 contention. Believe that and DEAL WITH IT, “Beasties”! (Saliva “I walk alone” plays)

  29. Josh says:

    Goldberg is best sitcom on TV right now

  30. Terri says:

    Star crossed !!!!! My daughter and her friends are addicted. Monday night at 8pm is get out of the house and run for all adults in my house!!!

  31. I don’t know if I missed it but what about ” the, following” , Elementary, also I like Hannable, and some others who I think should be added

  32. Cathy Viviano says:

    For the love of God, please cancel all the reality shows except the bachelor/bachelorette, dancing with the stars, say yes to the dress, fashion police.

    Keep Modern family (it’s hilarious!!!).

  33. drew096 says:

    please keep:

    hart of dixie (great show, no idea why its on the bubble)
    friends with better lives (great cast; give it a chance)
    trophy wife (tv needs more family shows)
    crazy ones (need to see syndey & andrew together)
    dads (not sure why i like it, but i do)

  34. Ash says:

    Surviving Jack is gold!!

  35. Sean Thorton says:

    One of the worst things that a station does is start moving shows to different days and time slots. Loyal watchers get frustrated and stop watching.

  36. Sharl says:

    Almost Human is a refreshing change from the usual cop formula and “reality” show…hope it sticks around.

  37. Karen Darden says:

    Betrayal was a great show that was cancelled….wish it would be picked up again. .any voters for its survival?

  38. Eric says:

    Almost human is one of the best new shows that has come along in ages and is TV for all viewers a good family night and the actors are some of the best on TV.

  39. Starhero999 says:

    Well out of all the shows on this list the only ones I care about and watch are Revolution and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. But I do sometimes watch Believe which isn’t bad either.

  40. allend406 says:

    Agents of shield has become a really good show, but most people have already tuned out and don’t know. Need to have a huge appearance on the and advertise the hell out

  41. Kate says:

    Keep ‘Beauty & the Beast!!,’The 100’!! and ‘Mind Games’!

  42. Shirley King says:

    Resurrection and Believe, Love these two new shows !!!

  43. BB Harrison says:

    I like Almost Human and Shield, if a 67 yr old lady counts. :). Thanks for asking.

  44. Calm says:

    I loved BATB first season. And I became quite the fan! It had a great blend of actors, storylines and entertainment, but above all else was the incredible chemistry and love between r lead stars, Jay Ryan and Kristin Kreuk who play Vincent and Catherine. Season 2’s presentation of a this “new direction” was a horrible mistake that greatly damaged this show’s foundation and took away half of its already small but devoted fan base. I wont even go into all the bad decisions that were made S2, pointless now. Honestly out of the 16 episodes already aired I would only want to re~watch 4 at most~an I am a woman who loved this show! My gut and reality tells me BATB is cancelled. I’ve felt it for awhile now. It just has not be officially announced yet. The fans r loyal and passionate indeed, but I must say at times it has been a bit too much4 me, a little insane perhaps. The trending lately has been over the top too much lately, the begging for a Season3 over and over again! I just can’t. I want to say to the Beasties which I will always be in my heart enough please. It’s become borderline insanity now. Though Jay and KK appreciate r support I seriously don’t think either one truly cares if they r Hottie of the Week, Alpha Male or Girl on Top. They’ve got more important things to do with there time and their lives and frankly so do I. I love this show for what it has been but I think that when June 2 comes we will see the completion of the CW’s version of Beauty And The Beast. I am at peace and have been for a while. I actually want to see Jay and Kristin branch out to a more mature network or possibly movie roles, maybe even do some producing of their own. When cancel is announced i predict another whirlwind of insanity for some, not I. Just greatful and will enjoy what’s left and move on. Thanks to all the remarkable cast and crew for all ur efforts.

  45. KTB says:

    Please save “Hannibal”. I don’t know what I’ll do without my weekly Mads fix.

  46. kristi says:

    I love Revenge, The Blacklist, Chicago Fire, About a boy, Fisher, Nashville, Parenthood

  47. PARENTHOOD is by far one of the most QUALITY shows on TV. The situations with Max bring true perspective to the ever-growing diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders. The Braverman family is REAL: They have problems, they have triumphs. What about the horrible divorce rate in this country? This show depicts marriage difficulties with importance placed on what is best for the children. This new generation of children that America is raising is plagued by the “every other weekend” disease. This, in turn, directly affects grades & social skills. Come on, America: Let’s get back to placing value on a show that is actually “Real”. This show portrays the life of a family with a high reality factor, unlike most “That could only happen on TV” shows. The icing on the cake: Parenthood has not only drama but true comedic value! PLEASE KEEP IT COMING!!!

    • Janice Smith says:

      My thoughts exactly, Jennifer! You really hit the nail on the head! Parenthood is one of my family’s favorite shows (our children included). We will be greatly disappointed (even angered) if NBC doesn’t get their priorities straight by hitting the “Renew” button. I just read this morning that the “Jury’s still out”. Join us in the fight for PARENTHOOD, America!

  48. Drew says:

    Bring back Almost Human and Believe!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. ChristieLeeChristieLeeq says:

    Friends with Better Lives is hilarious and getting better every week. Husband and I both hope that another network picks it up. It reminds us of Friends but without saying “it’s a knock off” It’s just funny and the characters all have room to grow. Thiis is too good to lose. The only new comedy we liked as well was Mom.We both said we wish they’d finally cancelled Two and a Half Men rather than lose this diamond in the rough. Come on FWBL

  50. lizbeth says:

    I love this show .. please keep it going .. i would love to see this show again..