Grey's Anatomy Recap: Before and Aftershocks -- Plus Your First Look at Burke's Return

Grey's Anatomy Season 10In this week’s action-packed Grey’s Anatomy, Derek’s sister shows up on his and Mer’s doorstep to find out what it takes to be… well, them; Richard surprises Catherine in Boston, then gets a surprise of his own; Alex decides whether he’s really going to join Dr. Butthole’s practice; and Cristina is dealt a blow that stings even worse than her Harper Avery loss. Told ya it was action-packed! Read on, and I’ll fill in the blanks.

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TWISTED SISTER | Early on in “Change of Heart,” Amelia arrives at Casa MerDer and reveals that she has gotten engaged to James. “Neat,” says Derek more or less. “Wanna baby sit?” With Zola and Bailey now taken care of for the day, Derek is able to schedule a romantic date with Mer in the OR. (Later, they also manage to squeeze in a conjugal visit in an on-call room.) But, before the Shepherds can consider moving Amelia in to be their nanny, they come home to find her a hot mess. “Our children,” Mer suggests to Derek, “broke your sister.” Amelia can’t do what MerDer do, can’t have what they have, she sobs. One day of trying, and she’s a wreck. Hey, nobody ever said it was easy being the McDreamys!

PREGNANT PAUSE | April spends most of the episode crying in surgery or driving everyone crazy by telling and retelling the story of her Big Fight with Jackson. But when she and her husband finally wind up back at their place together long enough to talk, she blurts out why she can’t just table her concerns about how they’ll raise their hypothetical children – it’s because they’re not hypothetical anymore. She’s expecting!

NEAR MRS. | Though Richard promises Catherine a romantic evening, she assumes he only flew to see her to ask why Cristina wasn’t given the Harper Avery that she so richly deserved. Which, come to think of it, is a good question. “She could never win that award,” Catherine explains, because she works for a hospital that the Harper Avery Foundation owns. Hell, Cristina did win, Catherine adds – she had the votes! But, for political reasons, she couldn’t take home the prize. Horrified, Richard admits the real reason he came all the way to Boston – he was going to propose. Operative word: was.

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HEART TO HEART | Meanwhile, at Grey Sloan, Cristina’s already thrown herself back into her work, and not a moment too soon. While she’s performing a transplant on Frankie with what turns out to be a “lemon heart,” as Alex puts it, Ivy takes a turn for the worse. Another ticker is located – and flown in by Alex and Arizona – but, rather than give it to Frankie, Cristina elects to give it to Ivy, who has a better chance of survival. (In fact, Ivy does pull through. Frankie, on the other hand… not so much.) Afterward, Owen finds Cristina in her scrubs in the shower. She did everything right, she says. She even made the impossible decision that the girls’ parents wouldn’t. And yet… “What’s the point,” she asks, “of anything?” In response, Owen tells her what Richard just told him – that she actually won the Harper Avery. Off this, she goes marching out into the night, sopping wet but newly determined. (To do what, exactly, we don’t yet. But determined for sure.)

IN SHORT | While Alex assumes that Arizona took him with her to pick up what turns out to be Ivy’s new heart in order to convince him not to go into private practice, he’s wrong – she doesn’t try to talk him into staying at Grey Sloan at all, she just wants one last memory of working with him. (It’s actually pretty sweet.) Just as Jackson is planning to cut funding for one (or some) of the doctors’ research, Bubble Boy’s mom freaks out and decides to discontinue Bailey’s experimental treatment. (Mind you, Bailey does still have the signed consent forms.) And finally, Leah panics during surgery, likely offering more foreshadowing of how she’ll be written off.

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Did you predict that April was pregnant? Hit the comments! (And if you missed the promo for next week’s big Burke/Cristina reunion, we’ve got you covered below!)

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  1. jenna says:

    I was silently screaming when i saw the promo, can’t wait!!!! I honestly think he will just be offering her a job though, not that they will be getting back together

    • ktbanks says:

      Agreed…but that was some real good editing. Lol.

    • Laura says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Burke is coming to offer a job. Not a relationship…. yet anyway;)

    • Goldie says:

      I really loved Burke and Cristina together but I hate that the voice over claims he was the love of her life. Season six, she tells Owen that she loved Burke but that she loves Owen more. Judicious editing here. I agree that this is work related request from Burke.

  2. hilary122 says:

    How did the writers, Shondra and especially Caterina Scorsone, miss that her character’s name on Private Practice was Amelia not Amy?? That ruined that whole plot point for me. TV Line should have realized that in their review as well!

    • ggny says:

      Derek calls her Amy

      • Ash says:

        I’m more pissed about the fact that on PP, Amelia has already been taking care of Henry (and was so good with him that Addison asked her to take care of him if anything bad were to happen to Addison) yet here they’ve made her apparently at a loss with Zola and Bailey. I’m really over Shonda contriving reasons for Amelia’s visit at the expense of her character development.

        • Kvivik says:

          There is a difference between babysitting one kid or more than one. Especially when one is an active toddler and the other a small baby. My brain explodes when I do (thankfully, I never want to have kids or I’d be just as bad as she was).
          To me, this doesn’t ruin her character, it makes her more human.

          • Ash says:

            I’ll accept that taking care of two kids is not the same as taking care of one, but you’re forgetting that Henry and Zola wouldn’t have been too different in age. It’s still too much of a stretch to me. And I’m not saying that this “ruins” her character, but that, again, Shonda is wiping away what we already know about the character just so that she could have a reason to contrive a new storyline. First say that Amelia is great with Henry only to turn around later to say no, she’s not managing so well with the Shepherd kids, just to give Derek something to start talking to her about, is less than convincing to me.

        • Jen says:

          So you can’t conceive of a person being completely fine babysitting one child, but kind of freaking out when babysitting two with the objective of considering parenthood. It is conceivable to mentally freak out. I mean if you have kids, did you go through any self doubt wondering if you would be a good parent, that’s something everyone does no matter how well they are with children, because it is different when its your children. So in this episode Amelia is testing her parenting and imaging herself in Mer Der’s life, and she’s mentally freaking out. That doesn’t mean she couldn’t handle it, she obviously got through the day without problems. She just holds herself to high standards and mentally feels defeated and incapable. Completely normal and believable.

    • Sheila says:

      Hey there, I have a friend whose name is Amelia officially, but we all call her Amy…just throw in’ that out there.

    • Babygate says:

      It’s pretty common knowledge that Amy is her nickname. That’s even the way it was shown on Meredith’s phone last season. There’s no discrepancy.

    • Sarah says:

      In her first episode on a Private Practice, Addison calls her Amy. Amelia asked to be called “Amelia” because she wanted to be taken seriously in her role as neurosurgeon.

    • Bryce says:

      I’m more concerned with how we didn’t get an update on the practice!!!!!!

    • twilight123 says:

      It’s been pretty well covered at this point. But Derek has ALWAYS called her Amy. It’s part of the reason that she insisted on being called by her full name (Amelia) on Private Practice- to distance herself from being “Derek’s little sister”. So no discrepancy at all.

    • Sara says:

      You know who else is named Amelia and goes by Amy? Amelia Pond.

    • Rob says:

      How do you not know how to spell SHONDA seeing as how you seem like a fan of her work?

    • Mary says:

      I loved Amelia on PP, but last night’s epi didn’t do her justice. I wish there was more of her.

    • K. sta says:

      Amy is a nickname for Amelia. In Private Practice they established that her family used to call her Amy when she was little. Addison even called her as Amy a time or two on PP

  3. trainwreck says:

    I love Cristina Yang! I adore the character to pieces! but She better not end up with that ungrateful Burke! I would rather have her walk in the sunset alone!

    • Alichat says:

      Thank you. I am really bothered that they open the promo with “He was the love of her life.” Uh no. I believe Cristina has said that Owen is the love of her life, which is what makes them not being able to be together more heartbreaking. It would be more fitting that she leave on her own….not with anyone else.

      • jenna says:

        i took it as ‘he was the love of her life’ at that moment in time (S1-S3) not that he is still the love of her life after owen

      • Bryce says:

        Right. He “was.” As in that changed. Duh.

      • DarkDefender says:

        Total red herring to make people think (and they are fooling no one) that he wants her back in a relationship when he really will make her a job offer, at a place where she can win the Harper-Avery.

    • Babygate says:

      I am so relieved to see I’m not the only one with no love lost for Burke. I could do without him showing up at all but I do understand that his return gives Cristina closure so I will accept it, but I still don’t have to like it.

    • Bryce says:

      She won’t. She’s going to work for him. It’s going to be just like Dana Delaney’s reappearance in the Desperate Housewives finale.

    • Em says:

      I am really hoping that he is saying “I want you” in a purely “I want your medical skills” way and not in a “love of my life” way. He burned that bridge when he let Mama Burke shave off Christina’s eyebrows.

  4. Sarah says:

    Getting back with Burke….that’s just stupid! I don’t care if I’m in the minority, I love Cristina and Owen. When Cristina leaves, it’s going to be like Denny dying….I have no idea how I will emotionally handle it.

    • Cory says:

      Remember Promos are only to get you to come rushing in to see what the heck is going on lol. The people of Grey’s don’t make the promos, ABC does. Someone stated in a comment above they think it’s a Job offer and I am inclined to agree.

  5. ggny says:

    Wonder what Grey’s would have been like if Burke never left/got kicked off the show

    • Bryce says:

      I do too, but I think it really propelled Cristina’s character and led to some of Oh’s best work. I think it was a blessing in disguise.

    • Guest says:

      I wonder how long Grey’s would’ve lasted if Washington had gotten the role of Derek. Or how things would’ve gone if they didn’t decide to create Alex at the last minute for Justin Chambers.

  6. Sara says:

    While the Farewell to Cristina arc is shattering me emotionally, I’d like to appreciate the fact that the next episode is titled “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. I think Cristina is going to turn down Burke, and it’s obviously going to be the end of her and Owen.

    • Paulette says:

      That is so sad because I think Christina and Owen were an awesome couple. I hate to see it end like that because I just love the way those two ALWAYS find time for one another because they love each other. I am going to miss that a lot. As for Burke, I never liked him in the first place and I hate to see him return. Let me throw this out there…………who do you think Arizona will ask to be the father of the baby she and Torres wants? Any good guesses?

  7. Lara B. says:

    Um…consent can be withdrawn at any moment, even after signing the form. If Bailey does anything after the mother tells her not to, she can, and deserves to, be sued.

  8. Amber says:

    Okay, so I kind of saw the Christina thing coming….remember in season 7 when Jackson took himself off the Chief’s trial because he knew it could never win an Harper Avery with his name on it? But I thought it was stupid because why would they even nominate her if she couldn’t win? Ugh this is millionth time Shonda’s repeated a storyline. Either directly or in a roundabout way. Maybe it’s time to let the show go.

    • Babygate says:

      I remember S7 and the mice trial and it still did not occur to me that Cristina would be cheated in such a way. And Webber explained pretty well why she was nominated. It was clear that she was the star and her nomination brought a lot of good publicity and positive attention to the hospital and the foundation as well. And since this is the first time anyone in the last 10 seasons has been nominated for a Harper Avery, I would disagree that the storyline is being repeated.

      • Amber says:

        I get why she was nominated. I legit mean I pushed the thought out of my head because I thought it was a stupid plot point and because I thought they would give Yang the one thing she’s always wanted before she left. And yes it is a retread of the Jackson/Webber story. Doctor does award worthy work but doctor won’t get recognition they deserve because award worthy work somehow has name of foundation giving award near it. The Webber story didn’t make it as far as this on but it’s the same thing.

      • Goldie says:

        Burke had already left, but in season four he won a Harper Avery award. It sent Cristina down to the bowels of the hospital to cut on cadavers and sing “Like a Virgin” on a loop. Remember Little Grey doing the “OW!”? That was wonderful!

  9. Miss Rozie says:

    Seriously? All she has to do is say yes … we heard those words before, by the love of Cristina’s life, Owen Hunt. The chaos in the Sheppard household is very silly for ALL the money they have. I get that they are trying on their own but they clearly cannot do both. AND the worst is knowing that Cristina did win the Harper Avery Award – this is dumb, she’s a board member too – WHY would she have been up for the award in the first place when everyone KNEW she was a board member? Kinda silly – she has given her ALL to her profession & patients & she didn’t get that award & she realized just what she gave up for it & it turned out like this. And Owen did the fully clothed shower scene back in S5 fabulously. Not sure why Cristina had to do it – zero impact imo. And April pregnant? WOW!

    • jenna says:

      this isn’t the first parallel line between burke/owen, its really interesting to see the difference in cristina’s answers

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think the reason Mer/Der didn’t have a nanny is because Meredith didn’t want to be her mother (all work and not raising her kids).. But after Bailey was born she realized she didn’t want to give up surgery or the opportunity to get a Harper/Avery or some award for research. The compromise was Derek would give her the year to shine at work and then they would trade. But the POTUS stepped in and put a monkey in the wrench (so to speak). I would guess that they will get a nanny for next season, things will run smoothly and they will have some other crisis happen.

    • ColdFusion says:

      I may be misreading your comment, but Cristina is a member of the hospital’s board, not the board for the Harper Avery Foundation.

  10. Sara says:

    I am seriously annoyed by that promo. So, if Burke is “the love of her life” why have they been shoving the epicness of Owen and Cristina down our throats for what, 5 or 6 years now? What a complete disrespect to that relationship and storyline.

    • dil says:

      i know right! they could have just said that she was in love with him…and not piss us of even more with that statement… but i think when he says..’all you have to do is say yes’ ..i think that is when would realize that burke doesnt even hold a candle in front of her love for owen..or atleast i hope this is why they made him say that line..

    • Mike says:

      WAS the love of her life. WAS. WAS. WAS PEOPLE! WAS!

    • jackie says:

      No they said he WAS the love of her life.

  11. Babygate says:

    After the disastrous first half of this season, I have to admit I’m impressed with how they have turned the show around. With the medical cases we are being given enough time to get really invested in the stories and feel for these families. Cristina’s journey is winding down in a masterful way and Sandra Oh is giving it her all. I wasn’t surprised about April’s pregnancy because I had read the sides, but I like the twist. I love that Webber went all parental when it came to Cristina and forced Catherine to tell him the truth and I love that Owen in turn told Cristina. You could see the relief on her face when the realization hit her that she hadn’t failed after all. Brava!!!! Sandra is showing us all the reasons why we hate to see her go. I love my girl Callie but why does she have to be mean to April? And why did Arizona give her the stink eye when she came in looking for toothpaste? Not nice. Especially since April was the only person who didn’t judge her after she cheated. Only thing I’m really not liking is Bailey’s arc. And Shane did it again. Pushing Leah to do something that he didn’t feel comfortable doing. I am so glad he’s leaving. He’s a reprehensible human being.

  12. I don’t think the Burke/Yang reunion will be romantic. I think it will be professional. Yes Cristina loves Owen, but that relationship is at an impasse. Her career will be permanently stalled if she stays and of all people Burke know her talents. I think it’s the perfect out for her and makes sense for her character.

  13. Mary says:

    If Bailey goes through this with i (which I believe she is). Isn’t she doing the same thing that Meredith did with messing up a research project?

    • Babygate says:

      Not really. The people on Derek’s trial wanted to get the treatment. Meredith just switched out the envelopes to make sure Adele got it. What she did was wrong but she didn’t give her a treatment without her consent. Bailey, on the other hand, is going specifically against the parents’ wishes to administer a treatment they do not want and no one knows anything about in terms of side effects, etc,. Bailey is in essence using the kid as a guinea pig in spite of the parents’ withdrawing concent.

  14. John says:

    I agree with almost everything that you said…except that I’m starting to reach the point where I think I’m actually going to miss Shane. Ever since Grey’s came back from the winter break, it’s been a complete 180. And that scene in the stairwell with him & Leah? Call me crazy, but I think I saw a hint of Cristina Yang in him when talking/consoling her. Different strokes for different folks I guess, but to call him “a reprehensible human being” is a bit much all things considered.

    • John says:

      I meant this as a reply to Babygate’s comment, not as a standalone comment. Apologies.

    • Babygate says:

      Disagree. All things considered he still hasn’t really fessed up to what he did to Heather. He manipulated Cristina for his own benefit and disrespected attendings without being called on it. He did it last night when he kept pressing Arizona except that she didnt fall for it and refused to engage him in a conversation that was not his to have. And he pushed Leah because he was afraid of a bad outcome so he set her up to fail instead. A few weeks ago when Cristina left him in charge of her patients he couldn’t be bothered so he tricked Stephanie into doing his grunt work while he took a nap. And then easily took the credit for keeping the patients alive. None of this screams honorable, IMO.

  15. sigh. says:

    Was i surprised about the Kepner pregnancy? Nope. They have been spelling it out with all the ‘hypothetical’ nonsense the past episodes. My friend even guessed how she’d tell JA (“they aren’t hypothetical anymore’).
    Also, not surprised because nobody at that hospital seems to use contraceptives with all of these “oops” babies. Wish the writers used a different tactic for couples.

    Am I happy about the “surprise”? Ugh. I think you can figure that out..

    • sigh also says:

      The writers can’t use a different tactic when they have run out of ideas for the show. Speaking of which the actual writing for this show was horrible tonight

  16. Amy says:

    Predictable. I wondered a long time ago how Christian could be up for a Harper Avery (I too remembered Jackson pulling his name off the trial). Makes sense she could never win while working there. I totally called it a week ago that April was only freaking out because she was pregnant and now the issue was “real.”

    • mooshki says:

      It’s idiotic that no one at the foundation explained to her that she would basically be ineligible. If there’s a conflict-of-interest problem, just say so!

      • Saabgirlatx says:

        Exactly. It would have to have been in the application paperwork – at the least. Lazy writing, not exoecting us viewers to put 2+2 together.

  17. Mary Grace says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song from the promo?

  18. Hayes says:

    I don’t know about y’all, but Rebecca Field has been killing it with her acting during this arc.

  19. Kaliera says:

    Are we supposed to forget that Amelia works in a place where Addison has a baby the same age as Zola? That Charlotte has triplets! Naomi has a baby just a little older than Bailey? She’s never babysat for them before? She has to go to Seattle to see people with careers and family?

    • Michelle says:

      Ok, I think you are overthinking–more than anything Amelia freaked out and needed to be away from James, I think the excuse of seeing how Derek and Meredith are coping was just an excuse. (And maybe I’ve thought about this too long too)

    • Shaun says:

      She don’t want her friends see her fail.Also she was criminally underused this episode.Is she back next week too?

    • Ash says:

      I’m totally with you. I can accept Amelia freaking out and therefore wanting to get away from James for the time being, but I cannot accept that she has somehow regressed into an imbecile with children when she has indeed been shown on-screen to be great with Henry.

      • Racheal says:

        Lets not forget that Amelia has carried a baby to term and got all ready to be a Mom before finding out that the baby had no brain, then delivered it to have his organs donated; all while getting clean and sober. Its hard to believe that she would be so upset over caring for the kids, somenthing more has to be going on.

    • Babygate says:

      I agree that it was a stretch, but I give it a pass because taking care of other peoples’ kids is not the same as taking care of your own and last night all Amelia was thinking about was that this could be her life. Permanently. And it made it real for her. Still, not the strongest plot device to bring her on board.

  20. JJM says:

    I don’t think Burke WANTS Cristina back romantically at all, but rather professionally. I think he’s the head of cardio (or possibly the chief of surgery at a hospital) and wants her to join their staff. It would make sense and why she says yes, as she’s stated before (back in season 6) that she missed Burke because she loved having an amazing teacher.

  21. Metoo says:

    What a waste of having Amelia back. I certainly hope she’s around for more than one episode.

  22. dil says:

    the look on cristinas face when she walk out the hospital was the first real scene that i consider the beginning of the cristna yang leaving seattle arc…for me at least..

  23. Klaroline says:

    For all the hate I’ve had for the Burke/Cristina story line, I love how he says her name!

  24. greysfan says:

    Great episode leading up to Cristina walking out of the hospital at the end was the beginning of the end for Cristina at the hospital. Then we had that promo with Cristina and Burke. I saw it coming a mile off. Its how she leaves the show. I have always said he was always the perfect guy for her professionally but not personally. I do hate the fact he left her at the alter and always will but they were a great team. The last few episodes of the season are going to be really really sad. The moment she leaves its going to break me.

  25. animegirl31 says:

    I kind of thought April was pregnant because she was freaking out so much last episode, though I wasn’t sure if they would go for it.

    Liked the episode after all, I liked how fierce Meredith was about Christina and I’m happy with Karev’s decision.

    Buut, I kind of disliked Callie a little bit, she was so mean to April, like she totally didn’t decamp to the McDreamy’s – kid in two – when she fought with her wife. Different circumstances, sure, but it often surprises me the lack of compassion everyone exhibits in relation to April – she was being annoying, sure, but in general everyone but Owen and Jackson always treats her like she’s stinking up the place

  26. Sara Leigh says:

    Fierce, sassy, feisty Meredith FTW. She’s so awesome!!
    Loved all the MerDer we got, they are so perfect – and I agree with another poster, the reason why they didn’t got a nanny was never surprising to me, especially after Meredith grew up with nannies she doesn’t want her kids to grew up with strangers too. My guess.
    I want Meredith to go back to Neuro.
    Loved to see Amy :)

    • Emma says:

      I loved Meredith in this episode too! “They’re bone heads” LOL
      I miss the Cristina/Meredith interactions of the past, I hope we get some more of that before Christina signs off.

  27. Michael Grooms says:

    I don’t think Burke is coming back to hook up with Cristina. He is probably coming to offer her a job on a project of his and now since she knows that she will never win a Harper-Avery award in Seattle, she will be more than happy to leave. As for April and Jackson’s new baby, I saw that coming from a mile away giving how she was reacting to the “hypothetical baby” question.

  28. sara says:

    I’m so ridiculously excited for Burke. Just watching them interact again. OMG. “He was the love of her life,” ASDFGHJKASDFGHJK I love you ABC. I hope he offers her a job and she leaves with him. Then they can hook up off screen. lol

  29. CJ says:

    Can I just ask..what is with the HORRIBLE soundtrack? The 80’s songs are very distrating to the dramatic moments of the show. “We Built This City” as Cristina exits the hospital? Lazy

    • Babygate says:

      Until I read this comment I didn’t realize how appropriate the song is. Think of everything Cristina has built in that hospital. The friendships and relationships. The science. The difference she has made, just as Sandra took the show to the higher levels in terms of performance. She did build it and now she’s leaving. It’s incredibly sad but appropriate.

    • jenna says:

      I agree I haven’t been enjoying all the 80s songs, they don’t seem to fit as well as the songs used in earlier seasons. I’m curious why shonda and co decided to do in this direction for the entire season

    • Goldie says:

      I don’t like the 80’s songs either but I HATE that they’re using covers and not the originals. One of the things I always loved about this show was the amazing and eclectic music selections. They have sucked this year. IMO.

  30. Caroline says:

    Everyone can just calm down because when Burke said “I want you, Cristina” in the promo, he means professionally. He’s offering her a job somewhere that she can win a Harper-Avery award. In an interview with him, he says point blank that him and Cristina are not getting back together. That would completely ruin the show and I’m sure even the creators know that. It’s going to end with Cristina leaving to take that job with Burke.

  31. bj says:

    Sandra Oh is amazing! I loved that scene at the end and the song too. And I completely agree with your comment, Babygate. You said it perfectly.

    I confess to skipping a lot of episodes this season because the show just isn’t keeping my interest any more. How many weeks of Derrick and Mer being overwhelmed and having no sitter can we put up with? They’re well paid doctors for heavens sakes. Get a live in nanny and find some other plot points to deal with.

  32. H.Houston says:

    Mer and Derek –
    I really hope the visit with Amelia turns the light on for them that they need to hire a full time nanny to help them out. I know Mer has baggage dating back to the crap with her mother but truly it shouldn’t take her this long to at least admit that if both, Derek and Mer, are going to be highly successful they must do what other highly successful parents do and hire a nanny. I loved their “date” day. The tie ins the show is doing to connect the viewers to how everyone used to be at their core is wonderful.
    April and Jackson –
    I had a suspicion the reason why she just couldn’t let it go was because it wasn’t just a dream anymore, but it was something she was going to have to deal with head on very soon. [As an aside – I loved Callie telling April to stay out of her uterus, reminded me of Mark]
    Richard and Catherine –
    Tonight there were truly three heartbreaking issues – this was one of them. Richard KNEW deep in his soul Cristina should have one the HA. Watching him right at the beginning when he said he wasn’t there for that answer the viewers could see it in his face it bothered him. Catherine was in the wrong – goodness was she in the wrong. She initially tells Richard that there is an impartial committee that votes. Then she tells Richard “She won, she had the votes” and then leaves the most important words out of the the sentence “But I vetoed the board and gave it to the next one in line”. Even though she doesn’t say it Richard knows, he knows that Catherine is the reason why Cristina didn’t win. On so many levels this is upsetting about Catherine. She knows as a woman and as a surgeon how much tougher, stronger, and more dedicated women have to be to come out on top in their line of work. Politics aside, money aside, she knew that Cristina was the true recipient of that award and she stole it away from her. She stole it. Mer’s line from last week’s episode comes back into play when she is talking about how when her mother “won” the award she would come home and tell Mer that she “hadn’t won the award, she had earned it”. Catherine stole that from Cristina. The fact that she doesn’t see that and Richard did in those moments speaks volumes about them as friends and as a couple.
    The Heart Children –
    Another of the three heart breaking moments. No parent should ever have to lose a child. These parents are horrible, to scream at Cristina to make the decision, then she does, and she knew what needed to be done. That speaks volumes about her as a doctor, as a woman, and to the sheer amount of growth she has made.
    Leah and Shane –
    This was an interesting little insight. I think Leah will finally decide a less messy version of medicine is what she needs (meaning not surgery). Shane may very well head off with Cristina. When she figures it out in her mind that she will never win the HA or maybe be taken as seriously as she should be staying at GSMH – she may just take him with her.
    Bailey –
    Oh girl…. don’t. Just don’t.
    Cristina –
    I have loved watching Cristina grow. I have loved watching Sandra Oh grow with this character. The old Cristina would never have teared up over the outcome with the kids (remember how she was when she worked on Teddy’s husband when he died on the table BEFORE she knew who it was). The look on her face when Owen told her that she had won – that she had the votes. It was heart breaking, sad, and painful. But she is a Cardio Goddess (sad smile) and she KNOWS what she needs to do.

  33. Elaine SDA says:

    I am HUGE fan of this show. I may not like all the
    events happening, Im still hooked because I find the characters emotionally interesting.

  34. Cheli says:

    Oh god I don’t think I will ever be ready to say goodbye to Christina

  35. Lori says:

    I have to believe that Shondra is not naive enough to believe that we as fans would truly want a Burke Yang reunion after the horrible ending she wrote for them when Isiah left the show.

  36. sladewilson says:

    I can’t wait for next episode!!! Burke is back!! And I don’t believe they are trying to hook them up romantically but also remember his utmost respect for Christina’s skill. He always knew she would excel. One of the few people she still admires professionally is Burke. This should be interesting and a smart walk off for Christina. She’ll probably say no at first but for her last episode, something will happen to change her mind…

  37. N says:

    Loved this episode! Hate for Yang to leave

  38. Emma says:

    I was thinking how awful and selfish of Bailey to go against bubble boy’s mom’s wishes and give him the experimental treatment just to keep the funding for her research. But then it occurred to me that she wouldn’t ever be able to reveal that she did that or she would lose her job and then the research funding becomes a moot point. Therefore her only motivation would be to cure bubble boy and allow him to live a normal life. I can get behind that. Especially after losing his playmate Frankie, that broke my heart.

  39. Mary Ann says:

    Wondering if Jackson the Father of April’s baby, or Matthew is ??

  40. Pat says:

    I really do feel sorry, for Christina. To have to make the decision about which child would receive that second heart was unbearable, but she knew what the decision had to be and it was the right call. The look on her face when the Mother went off on her because her daughter died but the other one was saved, was heartbreaking to watch as Christina’s eyes welled up in tears. Then she finds out why she did not get the award. So that sealed her fate as far as leaving the hospital. I am going to miss Sandra Oh and her character of Christina. As for April, it really gets me mad when she is running around the hospital telling whoever will listen that she and Jackson had this huge fight. Really??? It was April who went nuts while Jackson sat there and listened to her. He answered some of her questions in a calm voice but not her she kept raising her voice as she always does when she is upset. So please, writers calm this character down because it really is getting annoying, to me anyway!

    • Terry says:

      just getting annoying? she’s been uber-annoying to me from the get go. besides she doesn’t deserve to live happily ever after after what she did to Matthew.

  41. Azerty says:

    So I know the end of the season will be Cristina centric but we haven’t heard about contract renewal and I am afraid Alex’s resignation could be his exit if Justin Chambers decided to leave. Losing Cristina is already horrible but Cristina and Alex? Not happy.

  42. David says:

    It seems like they are setting the stage for the possibility of more than Yang leaving. Bailey might be risking her career with her choice and with Alex leaving it does set up reasons for them to not be there next season. I hate how much they have changed the Baikey character over the years. She is supposed to have always been the moral compass but that’s changed and her character is not what it was. She should still be yelling at people!

  43. S88888 says:

    I had some crazy thought that April would be pregnet so I was shocked when she actually was

    And Cristina is way over Burke if he shows up to offer a relashionship she would pro bialy say no she likes own

  44. Kay says:

    . Jackson is a sweet, sweet man and I love him and April together. Get off the poor girl’s case. The writers need to give her character a break and allow her some dimension and nuance instead of harping, harping on religion all the time. This is a highly educated woman. I cannot believe she is one dimensional. A and J would be super parents.