Gracepoint Exclusive Photos: See Anna Gunn & David Tennant in Fox's Broadchurch Adaptation!

Cloudy with a chance of chilling. That appears to be the forecast for the two central detectives (played by David Tennant and Anna Gunn) in Fox’s highly anticipated Gracepoint — at least based on the following exclusive character photos.

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Tennant stars as Detective Emmett Carver in Fox’s adaptation of the acclaimed British mystery Broadchurch, in which he played a “virtually identical” lead investigator, albeit with a British accent.

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Emmy winner Gunn plays Detective Ellie Miller, a happily married wife and mother who gets passed over for a promotion on the titular seaside town’s police force, then must quickly grapple with her first murder case — one that makes her look at her hometown and her loved ones through a different prism.

Other high-profile members of the Gracepoint cast include Nick Nolte, Jacki Weaver, Michael Peña, Jessica Lucas and Sarah-Jane Potts.

The 10-episode drama is currently filming on Vancouver Island in Victoria, for broadcast during the 2014-2015 season.

Check out images of Tennant and Gunn’s characters standing on Gracepoint’s beachside cliffs below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!


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  1. Superheroic says:

    “I am not your companion!”
    “Beg to differ.”

  2. Aimee says:

    I still can’t believe that they remade this. It’s not even a year since the original aired (which was fantastic BTW and didn’t need to be redone)

    • Sorry but it has been a year and it has nothing to do with “needing” to, it has to do with wanting to. There is a difference, I’m happily broadminded enough to enjoy both, sorry you aren’t.

    • lechatnoir says:

      Never heard of it but I’ll defo check it out. On another note Anna Gunn has the resting face of a p***ssed off dieter . Hers must be very strict .Po’ thang .

    • mrspeel2 says:

      I agree! I really enjoyed the original and don’t see any reason why someone thought it would be a fine time to redo it. Much as I love David Tennant, I think I’m going to pass on this program.

      • LenaR says:

        Think the accent thing is going to sink this one. Given the debacle with the Rex pilot, even if DT’s accent is halfway decent, the youtube evidence out there is going to get dragged out for laughs and likely to be the focus. Going to be hard for this to rise above other new shows in the works which have stronger casts and fresher angles such as Battle Creek etc etc.

        Also not hearing much buzz about the show which is not a good sign. Seems to be people are focusing on their next projects already looking at the Twitter and other tidbits on the internet. The project never looked likely to be successful anyway but think Tennant will end up carrying most of the blame (particularly the accent problem) regardless.

        Pity as Tennant is a decent actor and although often sniffed at for his TV and stage work by critics in the UK (glaring and obvious snub in particular for Richard II in all the main theatre awards), still has a strong fan base here in the UK so should continue to get reasonable work when he returns. Hoping for a cameo in Broadchurch 2!!

        Matt Smith will be the Doctor to really crack the US though. The Gosling film should open up lots of mainstream and indie opportunities and he is spending most of his time at the moment in the US doing fan conventions and making contacts and considering projects. A really big talent and a darling of the UK critics (and from all reports a complete darling in real life as well).

        • lechatnoir says:

          i think 90% of UK actors trying to mimic US accents , they sound terrible and don’t get me started on the Faux Irish accents . Either do it somewhat ok but then they lack of a natural “punch” or they turn it into a caricature . This is distracting as hell . Freddie Highmoors and the likes . They not only look ethnic but they sound like it too. It is the same language, i just don’t understand why they need someone to change his accent.

          • LenaR says:

            Absolutely. Why hamper a project by forcing the lead to adopt an American accent when previous evidence suggests they will struggle to pull it off. Why not simply put in a little backstory about migrating as a kid from Scotland or simply cast an American actor in the role in the first place? Plenty of good actors available in the US as well as Brits and Canadians and Australians who have proven ability to do believable US accents. It makes me wonder why Tennant was put in the role if they weren’t willing to tweak the script a bit to suit him. Maybe it was a favour as part of the deal to get the US rights as Chris Chibnall is a mate of Tennant?

            I suspect further failure in the US will hang over Tennant’s reputation to add to the ill fated Rex pilot and the box office bomb of the vampire film. These failures are always dredged up in the media in the UK whenever Tennant’s career is mentioned and paint him as falling behind others whose stars are on the rise in the US like Cumberbatch, Freeman, Hiddleston and Michael Sheen et al….

          • Broadchurch was wonderful, mainly because of the actors involved. However, the reason they are re-filming it is to make it more relevant to Americans. More people in the US will watch it then. I love the fact that they are actually using David Tennant again instead of substituting another American actor. He will be fine. He is an actor, after all. He’ll be great… as for the accent, no one will probably notice except for the fangirls who know how he actually sounds… I doubt many viewers will even know he’s British (er… Scottish)… Looking forward to it.

        • I don’t think there’s going to be ANY problem with his accent, he usually does accents while working. I don’t know what happened with “Rex is not your lawyer” but there are a lot of pilots that doesn’t air and it’s not fault of the main actor (I can see some problems with his accent back then bit that was ages ago) and there are also a lot of great shows that just get one season or less even tough they are great.

          And there are a lot of british actors that make brilliant american accents, like Tom Hiddleston, Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Laurie, even Hugh Dancy… So, David Tennant is not going to be an exception.

          He’s going to be brilliant as he always is, and I’m very excited waiting for Gracepoint :D
          Yeah, because he is a brilliant actor.

          • LenaR says:

            Anyhoos, guess I’ll give it a go if it comes to UK cable at some stage. I do like Tennant but think he makes very poor choices in the roles he takes and has missed the chances to do quality material in favour of quantity. Apartfrom Broadchurch, his TV work after he left Who has been a series of critical and rating duds with some complete stinkers like True Love, the comedy quizz show, The Politician’s Husband and Spies of Warsaw and a couple of so so things like The Escape Artist. All of the movies have been embarrasing shlock as well. I wish he’d take a leaf out of John Simm’s or Martin Freeman’s books and only pick quality projects. You don’t have to work all of the time They are both riding high and have much more respect in critical circles while Tennant’s CV at the moment has two likely further film bombs – the cartoon cat thing and the family holiday one and this TV series which inside word has already declared DOA. Such a pity!

          • melanie says:

            hi I agree with u he will b fantisc in it can’t wait to c him again miss cing him on tv

        • Blixie says:

          I strongly doubt that. Rex was five years ago, and no one’s ever seen it apart from a single 90-second clip leaked online which I doubt anyone apart from hardcore Tennant fans/haters would bother to look at. No one considers a pilot not being picked up a “debacle”, as most pilots aren’t. Plus Tennant only had a few days to prepare the accent for Rex, as they changed where his character was from right before filming. Tennant is massively critically acclaimed in the UK – within the theatre industry he’s widely considered one of the finest Shakespearean actors of his generation, hence his two very prestigious positions with the Royal Shakespeare Company, and his TV work has been critically acclaimed too. The head of BAFTA mentioned him recently as one of only four actors in the UK whose name alone can get a TV project greenlit. Matt Smith I agree is an excellent actor and has achieved great success for a relative newcomer – his recent fringe play was pretty good – but I think it’s far too early to predict his future. His one US project has struggled to find distribution and, at least in the UK, he is mainly only known (by audiences and critics) for Doctor Who.

        • Fan of DT and MS equally says:

          LenaR, is there some particular reason you are spamming every single Gracepoint article and forum online with the same poorly-concealed rants about how much David Tennant sucks and how it’s such a shame that all his productions have been so terrible and how he’s such a laughing stock and how the critics hate him and how he has no integrity, and how Matt Smith is soooo sooo sooo much more talented and successful? Not to mention the lies and outright vicious attacks you’ve made about DT on other forums, and claiming to be British while using American words and spellings that Brits don’t use?

          Why are you even talking about Matt Smith on an article for a show he has zero connection to? It’s obvious that you are an obsessive Matt Smith stan who loathes David Tennant, so why don’t you be honest and just admit that you hate him and are desperate to see Gracepoint flop, rather than pretend that you’re a DT fan who thinks it’s just suuuuuuuuuuch a pity that David is such an untalented giant loser asshole?

          • laura says:

            LenaR, I suppose is Ms Eileen Rodgers,the MS fan that usually loves to say disagreable things about David Tennant on papers. Don’t know why she hates him so much, maybe oine day she would be so kind to explain

        • I’ve heard it and it’s fine.

    • Cee Craig says:

      I will watch David Tennant anytime in anything, even a remake of something he already did. Such a good actor.

  3. RD says:

    and we all know who did it

  4. DebLG says:

    I loved Broadchurch. I’ll probably watch this but not with the same bated breath.

  5. qj201 says:

    I bet they change who the killer is. I mean the way they set it up in the original up until the last episode it could have been any number of people. But for the same heavy emotional impact (OMG that scene in the finale with Olivia Colman just killed me!), the killer will have to stay in the same “family.” (about all I can say without being spoilery).

  6. It may not have necessarily “needed” to be remade, but ANY Tennant is a good thing in my book! :)

  7. I’m absolutely thrilled! Tennant is too good to not go global and this is a great way for him to spread his wings. While I own Broadchurch and watch it often (it’s one of the most perfect series I’ve ever seen) I’m no snob and am open minded enough to enjoy both.

  8. floflo1 says:

    I think I read the ending is going to be entirely new. I loved the original but the ending was a bit wonky.

  9. Eric says:

    Not to be nitpicky, but in Broadchurch, David Tennant used his native Scottish accent and not a British one! I’m hopefully optimistic about this adaptation because Dave is awesome in everything he does. I think Broadchurch was amazing and recent enough that an American remake wasn’t necessary, but who knows? It could end up being nearly as good.

  10. EJ386 says:

    Only reason to watch this version is David Tennant. I hate the whole “let’s remake this awesome show”, but if he signed up there has to be something to it.

    • karen says:

      I love Tennant and am so happy he is doing American tv. I hope someone grabs him for a show of his own afterwards.

      • EJ386 says:

        He will have be a lead in this…

      • Linda says:

        Me too. I’m happy to see his career taking off so well both in the UK and the US. We have Broadchurch 2 to look forward to next, then depending on Gracepoint’s ratings maybe another season (Fox have said they want it to become a long-running show and they’ve already taken out a multi-year rental for the locations, so they must have some confidence in it!) and then another play at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

  11. laura says:

    I loved Broadchurch, and ready to love Gracepoint. David Tennant is such a great actor, I completely trust him. And the rest of the cast is really good. Can’t wait to watch it!

  12. Rick Katze says:

    Broadchurch was unbelievably good. If you haven’t seen it, you should.

    While I expect Gracepoint to have more of an American twist, I hope they do not try to tone it down or homogenize it. That would be a mistake. If it works, I would love to see BOTH shows continue.

  13. Hannah says:

    Scottish is British…

    • at the moment yes. Scottish accents are British. However, perhaps not for very long (Scotland is voting on leaving the UK and fending for itself). :D

      • Linda says:

        FWIW David Tennant is anti-Scottish independence and strongly identifies as being British as well as Scottish. Whenever an interviewer says something like “you’re Scottish but you put on a British accent on Doctor Who” he will always stop them and say “no, you mean an English accent, Scottish accents are British accents because Scotland is part of Britain, I am Scottish and British.” Literally like a dozen interviews I’ve seen him do that.

  14. Cate53 says:

    Broadchurch was THE biggest hit show here in the UK thanks to the terrific cast (I love Anna Gunn but she has big shoes to fill to match the brilliant Olivia Coleman) and writer Chris Chibnall’s twisty turny script. His involvement has me hopeful for this remake, and a good US cast too. They can’t have the same killer though so I hope they build the same suspense and atmosphere

    There is no such thing as a ‘British’ accent, and Tennant’s was full on strong Scottish – his native accent. Is he going to be a American? Hope that isn’t too distracting. I also wonder if he is going to quite as dour and miserable here!

  15. M says:


  16. Tennant Fan says:

    In some of the Gracepoint publicity shots of David, he almost looks like he is channelling Clint Eastwood. A much more attractive version, mind you… It’s definitely not a comparison that I ever expected to make. Maybe it is just the serious expression with the narrowed eyes. But it will be interesting to see how David plays an American cop.

  17. Rebecca L says:

    David Tennant is an Emmy winner as well. He won for his voice over work as Huyang, the master who taught young jedis-in-training how to build their lightsabers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

  18. Mazee1 says:

    I personally hope they changed the story to have a different person whodunnit. But I’ll watch either way. Can’t have too much of the DT’s :))

  19. Nichole says:

    While I believe David Tennant and Olivia Coleman made Broadchurch the success it was last season and am greatly looking forward to the next UK season, I have a lot of reservations about having David play the essentially the same character on a US version of the show so soon and while the UK version is still running. Will watch either way, but it’s going to take some very good writing and acting from Anna Gunn to even come close to the UK version. Who knows though until it airs, just one of those things. I love the US version of Shameless but not the UK, love the UK version of The Office, but not the US, so anything is possible!! :)

    It is a shame though to see so many new original shows in the US fail to capture the public’s interest even though they have great concepts. The amount of remakes of non US shows being made in recent years is starting to seem like laziness on the part of network executives, especially those on free to air networks, they water them down so much to meet broadcasting standards and a lot of the humour in British shows especially is just lost.

  20. bj says:

    The 10-episode drama is currently filming on Vancouver Island in Victoria?

    Victoria is the capital city of British Columbia, Canada and is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island .

    I like the stars so I might give it a go. I still think they should have waited a bit to redo it.

    • Gelli says:

      They are filming it all over the Victoria area. I walked down the hill to see one of the shoots yesterday. We do not have typical Canadian winter temperatures, more like southern England but much drier in the summer. Better weather than David’s West Coast Scotland. This doesn’t stop some of the LA crew & cast wearing Arctic survival suits though!

  21. Georgina says:

    Hope it comes out on DVD too. I enjoy everything that David does. He sure is a busy man.

    • Tennant Fan says:

      It would be fantastic if they released a compilation of David’s earlier work in Region 1 format (compatible with US DVD players) timed to coincide with Gracepoint release. There is unmet demand which will only increase as his US fan base expands beyond Doctor Who.
      Of course that all depends on copyrights etc. We all know that corporate and legal obstacles are easily overcome with sufficient financial motivation… Hope someone recognizes the economic potential, because the US is going to have an epidemic of the DTs. :)

  22. LG in U.S. says:

    I just love DT and am super excited about Gracepoint. We just finished watching Broadchurch and it was awesome ! I do have misgivings about DT having an American accent, though. It just won’t be the same and I don’t know why they are doing it. I was wondering if they would change the ending. I guess that makes sense!

  23. LV Sunny says:

    In the U.S., via BBC America, we didn’t get to see the version of Broadchurch that the UK and Canada got to see. We only saw about 70% of the storyline. Maybe with Gracepoint we’ll finally get to see those back stories. And they’ve stated that the ending will be different, so we won’t know whodoneit.

  24. Mary says:

    Apparently this will be 10 parts so the characters may be more developed and it will have a bigger budget. Plus there was a lot of talk about in the US people not understanding the accents on Broadchurch and giving up (which I don’t get but whatever). I know that this time DT put in the work on the accent and worked with a voice coach for months while doing Richard II at the same time. I think it will be worth watching. And for those who think that UK actors do horrible accents…there are a number of them already on TV and I bet you don’t even know that they are from the UK because their accents are so good. DT is good at accents as long as he puts in the work.

  25. anniem says:

    Tennant with an American accent will sound odd to me at first, but no more odd than it was for me, the longtime Hugh Laurie fan, when House first started. By the second ep I was used to it, will probably be the same for me with DT.

  26. lj Chandler says:

    Didn’t see the original, though it sounds like I need to. However, stop hating! I cannot wait to watch this show and it is because of David Tennant. He doesn’t even have to talk to get me to watch it. Open minds people!

  27. dreamlife613 says:

    I missed Broadchurch during its original run and when it came out on Amazon/iTunes it was very high priced (something like $30 for the short season); I wish BBC America would air it again or put it on demand.

    Anyway, I’ve been a fan of Anna Gunn since Deadwood (loved her on Breaking Bad), so I’m going to check out Gracepoint.

  28. Rick Katze says:

    Broadchurch was indescribably good. Hopefully, while the remake allegedly will not be the same story exactly, I hope that they do not tone it down.

    PS: If you haven’t, go get the British version. Highly recommended.