American Idol Top 6 Results Recap: Maybe I Didn't Vote for You, Quite as Often as I Should Have

american-idol-top-6-results-recap-who-went-home-jessica-cj-alexAmerican Idol‘s Top 6 results show kicked off beneath an ominous cloud — and not just because Grumpy Cat sat frowning in Ryan Seacrest’s arms and Keith Urban came disguised as the world’s sexiest undertaker.

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Nope, I found myself descending into a full-on anxiety spiral around lunchtime, when the official Idol Twitter account warned fans to prepare for a “shocking” outcome following a Wednesday performance show in which four out of six remaining contestants got up out of their chairs when the Idoloonie Nation screamed, “COME ON! Are any of you worthy of following in the footsteps of Candice Glover, Phillip Phillips & Co.?!”

Surely, Jessica Meuse, Caleb Johnson, Jena Irene and Alex Preston had to be safe, right? And surely, the days of Prof. Harry Connick Jr. teaching “Intro to Intonation” to C.J. Harris had to be coming to a close, no?

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What did Idol‘s social-media guru mean by “shocking,” anyway? Maybe J.Lo was planning to show up in a loose sweater, boot-cut jeans and flats? Perhaps Harry had vowed to go 30 minutes without blatantly calling attention to himself? Was “mentor” Randy Jackson going to cough up a throat nugget of wisdom? (Sorry — that last sentence went too far: The word “wisdom” has a restraining order requiring “Randy” to keep a distance of 100 words or more at all times.)

With a churning stomach and a brain full of “I swear to God, I will never watch this show again,” somebody other than Keiran dimmed the lights, and we got some answers:

Sent to Safety (in chronological order)
Sam Woolf (¡¿him!? ¡¿already!?)
Caleb Johnson
Jena Irene
Alex Preston

Bottom Two
C.J. Harris
Jessica Meuse (EVEN AFTER HER EPIC “JOLENE”??? sigh.)

Finally, it was time for Ryan to give the final verdict. But first, he asked the judges how they felt about the Bottom 2 — then suggested the ludicrous idea that J.Lo had “championed” Jessica as much as she had C.J. (I guess in the same way I “championed” Danny Gokey as much as Allison Iraheta back in Season 8. Mmm-hmm. I went there.) J.Lo blandly noted that “We have to get down to one winner.” Harry lied that the results are “always” a surprise. Keith sold a small piece of his soul by pretending Sam’s performances were on par with Alex, Jena and Caleb’s — leaving Jessica and C.J. as righteous candidates for elimination. (To which I have a one-word response: Click here to see it.)

Before the axe got swung, Jessica raised her chin and said she regretted nothing: “I’m always true to myself.”

And then, the eliminated contestant was announced: C.J. Harris.

The Alabama native managed to get out most of “Can’t You See” before beging swallowed in a hug from his family and his fellow contestants.

The End. (Brought to you by some random Ford advertisement that outed Jessica as a natural blonde.)

On that note, I turn it over to you.

What did you think of Season 13 Top 6 results night? What did you think of the Bottom 2? Why was there no Bottom 3? Was the right person booted? Sound off on all those questions and more in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rex Master says:

    Why is Sam not in the bottom 2. WHY?????

  2. GOWINGS says:

    People like Sam. Get over it and stop pouting like a little baby.

  3. Kojin says:

    America got the right bottom 2. Stop proclaiming “Jolene” as a standout because it isn’t even one of Jessica’s best. Her original song is her best one.

    I like the top 5. I don’t know how long Sam can last but at least he made top 5, so “booyah” to people calling his save a waste and predicting he’ll leave the week after getting it.

    And lastly, the idol gods have heard our prayers and has eliminated CJ. I still begrudge him, that placing should have went to Majesty, but its all cool now. :)

  4. jaded says:

    Sam is a “heartthrob.” And Jena is still young. But Jessica? Oh she’s pretty and a young adult and sings fantastically and JLo will never stand for that. Haley is an example of what happens to pretty and talented singers.

    • karen says:

      Uh, Jena’s pretty and young. JLo has no jealousy issues with this young up and coming contestants. She is calling it as she sees it. She’s been a fantastic judge this year. I agree with most all of her comments…

      • Jill Moya says:

        Jena pretty? Who are you looking at?

      • Caleb says:

        With perfect make-up, wardrobe and lighting, Jena is a 4 or 5 at best. Jessica on the other hand is very nice to look at and her tough personality makes her even sexier, which explains why a large chunk of the middle-aged female voting demographic irrationally hate her, think she has a “bad attitude” and is a bitch. The same women hated Haley, hated Pia, hated Siobhan, hate every attractive girl on the show and try to pick apart their personalities and analyze their every movement looking for a reason to demonize them. In the meantime, they throw support behind non-threatening, not-very-attractive teen girls like Jena, Lauren and Jordin (who is hot now but wasn’t while on Idol), and non-threatening, not-very-attractive adult women like Crystal Bowersox. It’s like the Idol tradition. On the Idol Facebook page you’ll see hundreds of these women foaming at the mouth about horrible Jessica is and how she is rude here and rolled her eyes there and thinks she’s better than everyone else and blah blah blah. It’s so annoying and obvious they are JEALOUSSSSS.

        • The Other Leah says:

          a 4 or a 5… :( Good thing I’m married.

        • The Superficial Man says:

          wow- Caleb- you’re preaching to the choir ! I have also noticed how most female Idol contestants get every little part of their personality picked apart. You almost NEVER see a male contestant get their every little move picked apart. Guys like Dexter will always do well in the voting because they seem “down to the earth “. Remember that male contestant that one season who got crucified on the Idol message boards because he never moved around and stood in place all the time ?/ Oh wait- just kidding- I can’t think of ANY male contestants that get picked apart like Jessica does for not moving around a lot. My daughter commented last season how the mother of a friend of hers really disliked Angie Miller because she was “selfish” Really ??? where does a person get that from ?? I think my daughter’s friend’s mom hated Angie because she was a great singer and was gorgeous and had a killer figure. In 12 seasons of the shows the females who have won are: Kelly ( awesome singer but non-threatening ) Fantasia ( not attractive in my eyes ) Carrie ( great singer but when she was on the show in 2005 she was built like a farm girl ) Jordin ( non-threatening ) and finally Candice Glover ( about as non-threatening as you can get ). Some people think teen girls do most of the voting but I have also always though the over 35 -female demographic votes the most and I also feel that there are many who won’t vote for women unless they are unattractive, full-figured or non-threatening. Like yourself I also really liked Pia and Siobhan and Haley- others I rooted for even though I knew deep down they would not win were Hollie Cavanagh, Angie and Didi Benami and Brooke white.

  5. darcy the slutty twin says:

    I was shocked by the results. I thought CJ Harris would win this whole thing, and the whole world’s ears would bleed. I was so nervous for Jessica that I didn’t realize I’d ripped off Dexter’s wifebeater in my anxiety. Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban are to blame for Jessica’s placement in the bottom two. I can’t believe how those two just gloss over CJ’s off-pitch performances but keep on praising his ability to connect to the audience. How can the audience connect to his performances if their ears are bleeding? Meanwhile, they keep on harping on Jessica’s performance style, especially Mr. Nicole Kidman. If standing there and singing is what Jessica is comfortable with, then why change that? Jessica would look even more uncomfortable if she wore short shorts, pranced around the stage and squatted through “I Luh Yah Papi.”

    • GuitarBlue says:

      yeah, and J. Lo likes to do those “risque” moves in her videos too, even did one on the idol spot a while back. Jessica probably isn’t into the dancing part of things.

    • Say what? says:

      I didn’t get the term “wifebeater” at first. Most of us just call them “dago tees”.

  6. jessie says:

    I hated that Jolene performance. Jessica, Sam and CJ were the worst last night so the bottom 2 was spot on for me. She has an amazing voice but I feel nothing when I watch Jessica perform. Idk what it is.

    • Philip says:

      Sam and Jessica were both better than Alex and Jena this week! Alex’s rock performance was terrible and so awkward to watch, and Jena butchered Carrie Underwood’s song.

  7. GuitarBlue says:

    If this show was based just upon their “pure singing” ability, rather than casting format and resultant popularity contest — we would have seen at least some other people in the top 13, like Malcom, Brianna — and even with the current crew, would have seen more MK,, maybe Majesty and another, rather than some who were recently eliminated..

  8. Timmah says:

    We’ve seen the Sam script before. Every season, there’s somebody of marginal talent that they build up for whatever reason and then when TPTB decides it’s time for them to go, they rip them apart mercilessly. I almost feel bad for Sam knowing what’s coming.

    • Cheryl says:

      What is tptb?

    • GuitarBlue says:

      Are the Judges not completely impartial and equally constructive and supportive of each individual and unique talent?

      • darcy's evil twin says:

        Overall, I think the judges have been very good this season but I believe they were a little too nice to CJ and a little too hard on Jessica. They’re judging singing and performing so there will always be things that are quantifiable (like pitch) and things that are more subjective, like the arrangement of a song. It’s kind of like Jena – I’m not sure what I would say to her if I were judging…”You are lovely, you have tons of stage presence, and you can sure belt out a song, but for some reason I’m not always wild about you and please don’t ask me to explain myself. Because I can’t. Even though I’m getting paid 17 million dollars to do this”.
        I think CJ has marginal talent. Sam, on the other hand, could be very good in a few years when he matures and hits his stride. His voice is very nice. Does anyone know if he’s written any of his own music?

        • darcy the slutty twin says:

          If I were being paid 17 million dollars to critique these kids, I’d judge Jeeena thusly: “I didn’t understand a word you sang. It seems your way of trying to sound vaguely foreign is coming off like you have a severe case of sore throat, some nasal congestion and an unidentified form of speech impediment. You seem to be confident on stage, so there’s that. And you haven’t worn your choker in weeks, which is a huge plus. Other than that, it was great. Lovely. Just beautiful.”

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            LOL sister. Okay, that’s a start. I do understand most of what she sings, though.

        • Jenna says:

          Sam has written a bunch of originals, some of which you can find on Youtube. He performed one in Hollywood Week, entitled “I Tried.” It’s about his history with his mother. Very vulnerable and beautiful.

          • Amy says:

            Yes! I watched that on YouTube several times early in the season, and that’s the irony…that now he’s “the one that can’t connect” because that song moved me. It was very intimate, and as you said, vulnerable, beautiful. I kept replaying because of how moving the inflections in his voice were. Not to mention that beautiful, unique tone to his voice. Those are some of the reasons he’s still there, and deserves to be. Everyone can blah, blah, blah, as they usually do here, whether it’s “white”, “cute”, guys with guitars, “heartthrobs”…”woman voting for cute guys”, supposedly “hating pretty women”….jeez already. Take the fun out of watching Idol and reading this blog much? I don’t know about everyone else…I like music. I watch Idol because it’s fun to watch interesting talent, in all kinds of packages, get discovered and developed. To see what cream rises to the top or comes out of the gate running straight to the top. And at the end of it I get to buy some music I like, delivered with voices I love, from performers I may want to go see live. That’s it.
            Back to Sam…absolutely should sing an original if only it suited one of the upcoming “themes.” He should sing that one if he could…the whole song. He certainly sang it with “connected” emotion the first time. I felt it. ps. You Tube that again and watch Keith watching him…he gets it. The judges see what he’s got going for him, musically, no matter what his outcome is on Idol. And Keith was right about telling Sam this week to tap into the “emotional stuff” he’s got in himself…draw upon that and use that voice to deliver it…authentically, more freely, less conscious of technique. I heard and felt him tap into that in that original…and it was beautiful.

          • darcy's evil twin says:

            Thanks, Jenna. I thought I remembered him singing an original but couldn’t swear to it.

        • Tony Switz says:

          I honestly believe the judges did THEE worst job in all 13 seasons in selecting the talent this year! Other than Caleb it’s the worst crop ever!

    • karen says:

      They have hardly been building him up. They’ve been pretty hard on him throughout the competition, harping on the “connection” factor. Most of the TVline posters are easily swayed by Slezak and the judges. Sam has this label on him now, but in fact, he has the best voice in the competition.

      • Jenna says:

        Agree, 100%. You also cannot deny the fact that he will be the most successful alumnus of this season. His fan base is already humungous, and growing every day. He’s been referred to as the “full package” before, and I think that’s a pretty accurate statement. His voice is incredible; Technically speaking, the best of all of the contestants’. He seems like a really genuine, down-to-earth guy. It certainly doesn’t hurt that he’s cute, but I hate that heartthrob label. That’s not what he’s about. He’s even said it himself.

        • Timmah says:

          He’d better embrace the heartthrob thing, because if he looked like Steve Buscemi there’d be no one voting for him based on his voice alone.

          • SAy what? says:

            Well, Alex looks like the missing Chipmunk, so he’s dead meat after Idol.

          • Jenna says:

            If Sam didn’t have as great as a voice as he does, I’d agree with you. But, the truth of the matter is, he’s really talented, and people like him. I think he’s been making fans out of the people who were skeptical of him at first…I mean, just look at the comments on his performance of “It’s Time” on Youtube. At the end of the day, this is a singing competition, and if I were to choose the top 4 based on singing ability, Sam would be there. I feel like I am the only person with this opinion, but I don’t think Jess’ voice is all that great. I’ve grown to love her as a person, but I cannot stand her tone.

  9. Ann says:

    How bad is this season (for me, at least)?
    Told my husband Weds..night, let’s just watch first hour,
    and catch 2nd hour on Thurs., followed by results show (thank you DVR).
    Never, ever, have I not wanted to see all performances on original air night.
    Catching up Thurs., other than the highlight of Grumpy Kitty, it was the right call.
    Lordy, what a snooze of a season. Some more competent than others, but … no goosies here!

  10. Tahoe Mike says:

    Way too close for comfort.

  11. GuitarBlue says:

    Jessica Rose Meuse – age 23 – from Slapout, Alabama
    itunes charts from wiki ———–shows in POP category specifically, not general ……………”Call Me” hit #150…………………”Rhiannon” hit #109 …………………………”Blue Eyed Lie” (original) hit #15..

  12. GuitarBlue says:

    Alex Preston wiki itunes POP category, not general …”Don’t Speak” #91…………………….”The A Team” #34………”Every Breath You Take” #33………………”Fairytales” #17

  13. Winston says:

    Finally FINE-AH-LEE!! he is gone I don’t even care Sam wasn’t in the bottom 2, CJ is gone!!!

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Same here, but I am disturbed Jessica is in the bottom two.

      • tealeaves says:

        I had trouble guessing who would be second to the bottom this week. Sam sang an upbeat song this week and it was a good performance for him, plus he has had more confidence on stage for the past couple of weeks. So I could see him getting a bump up in votes. I really thought we might have had a ‘shock’ and Alex might have dropped into the bottom since the judges not named Harry praise Caleb and Jena like crazy after every performance.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I was chatting with my neighbor this morning and she thought the same thing I did – Sam’s “It’s Time” was by far his best performance.

  14. Terry says:

    Oh so we’re calling Jessica’s Jolene epic are we? My my my we certainly have lowered our standards haven’t we? It never charted on itunes and she was in the bottom 2, ergo, it wasn’t epic. Seriously.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I wouldn’t say it was “epic” but I really liked the arrangement and she had great vocals.

      • Terry says:

        meh, I’m with Keith on this one, hated the arrangement, and I’ve never been a fan of her vocals.

        • Jill Moya says:

          Bravo! Someone agrees with me! I don’t like a thing about Jess! No class, terrible disposition and sub-par high pitched vocals. Highly overrated.

          • Terry says:

            I do NOT agree with you. Unlike you, I am not making mean spirited personal attacks against someone that I have never met and therefore do not know. I’m stating that I don’t like her song arrangement or voice, I’m not stating that I don’t like her. Big difference.

  15. Eurydice says:

    I don’t know, if Jessica was really being true to herself then she wouldn’t seem uncomfortable with every part of herself. Just because she’s got purple hair and thick eyeliner doesn’t make her a rebellious outsider. Basically, she and Sam are in the same boat – both with good voices, but too self-conscious to use them properly.

  16. darcy's evil twin says:

    I thought Jessica was a standout Wednesday night. She performed two completely different songs that were, in fact, Rock and Roll as well as Country. I loved the arrangement on “Jolene”. For the love of Jesus, how in the world did she end up in the bottom two?
    Oh well, at least America finally sent CJ home. Seems like a nice enough guy and I wish him well.

  17. justme says:

    Can someone please explain why people love Jena and Alex? I’m not being facetious or rude here. I’m not slamming anyone’s preferences here.
    My take: Jena is very pitchy and isn’t singing half the time – mostly wailing and shrieking. She comes across as contrived and phony. Alex’s voice is blandly pleasant, but his performances are unmemorable (I can only remember “Wrapped Around Your Finger” because it was atrocious.). He’s not terribly charismatic, either.
    I just don’t get why they’re the favorites of so many.
    My favorites in this dull as dishwater season are Caleb and Jessica. I agree that Jessica is getting unfairly picked on by J.Lo and company. I like her because she doesn’t pretend to be perky and is prickly at times. But I agree that there’s something about her facial expression during performances that doesn’t quite make the connection with the audience.
    Final take: Way too much screen time for the judges (especially Jennifer Lopez) and Seacrest. The wacky hijinks are annoying.
    I wouldn ‘t be surprised if Fox next season as part of contract negotiations changed the name of the show was changed to “Ryan Seacrest’s American Idol STARRING JENNIFER LOPEZ.” The font doesn’t have to be in all caps. It can have flames or glitter or whatever shooting from the letters.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      I guess my reply would be the same reason people always like certain singers/groups and dislike others.
      Jena is just okay for me – I have enjoyed a few of her performances. Alex is not the type of performer I would normally like but I have enjoyed his performances. He’s very talented. I clearly remember his audition and I thought, wow, he’s really good, but would I want to listen to an entire concert of that? I’m thinking I would. I’m not normally into the Ed Sheerhan/Jason Mraz type of singers but I do enjoy Alex and appreciate his originality.
      Every season there is a singer I just don’t get. Carrie Underwood was one of them for me, LOL. So was Phillip Phillips. Good thing I’m not giving these kids career advice, I guess.
      Kind of funny everyone is calling this season dull and boring. That’s exactly how I felt last season. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Candice and Kree, but when I was watching one of the first auditions and the judges didn’t give the WGWG that had a prosthetic leg and was a decent singer a ticket to Hollywood, I knew what kind of a season we were in for.

    • Gale says:

      Jena does not have a pitch problem. She has a unique style, has great performance skills and is marketable. I don’t get the Alex love, so I can’t explain him. For me, there is something about Jessica that I find a little off-putting. She doesn’t seem comfortable in her own skin and has a “deer in the headlights” look during her performances. And I get what Harry was talking about with the lack of physical musicality.

  18. Jessica says:

    Here’s to hoping it’s Jessica gone next week- especially since she apparently thinks what she is doing is good (and still can’t lose the smile when getting in for a hug to CJ).

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      Personally, I love Jessica. She’s my favorite. But she probably will be gone because apparently there are plenty of viewers that don’t recognize talent.

    • darcy the slutty twin says:

      And I am hoping that next week will be the end of the phony accent, the caterwauling and the fake tone that is Jeeena Irene.

      • Jessica says:

        Hey Darcy’s- Jessica is beautiful and she has a great voice -so yes she has so much going for her to make it but she lacks so much also. Gotta show me that you enjoy it, you have a passion for it, and you sell it to me! I like Jena b/c she’s got it all- that’s the stuff that sells- and that’s why she is the frontrunner and Jessica in bottom 2’s.

        • darcy the slutty twin says:

          Jessica’s been performing for some time now. I see the passion in her. She’s a true musician. She sells it to me. Jeeena reminds of those Disney channel stars who act, dance, sing, etc. Couple that with her affected performing style and I really just don’t get her.

        • darcy's evil twin says:

          I thought both of Jessica’s performances Wednesday night were wonderful. I really like her – and like my sister I see her passion.

  19. AngD says:

    I don’t understand why when the judges offer critique people feel like they are hating. I really think with Jess they are trying so hard to improve her because they think she’s amazing so they spend the time trying to fine tune her performance. I think they did that with Haley too. If they didn’t like her then they would not spend any time offering any feedback. That being said, I really think Jena is going to win this thing. She’s got it all. She would not have been my pick at the beginning of the season but now – week after week she just brings it. This has been my favorite judging panel so far.

    • Jessica says:

      100% agree. Jessica has it-she has the looks, the voice, some experience, and all the words that say she wants this. If i was a judge I would have a hard time b/c I would be even meaner at this point to push her (and push for stage presence lessons). You can see Jennifer Lopez really trying to get in it, moving in her seat and listening. There is no hatred for others there.

  20. realmusiclover says:

    I am baffled by the Jena worship. I mute or ffwd nearly all of her performances. Her mushy articulation, trashy persona, and over-the-top confidence are inexplicable to me. The judges continue to contradict themselves regarding ‘moving about the stage’. It seems ok for Alex and Sam to stand riveted to the floor, but not Jess. Perhaps they continue to judge her negatively because she ignores their advice, and that bruises their egos. Many of my favorites, musically, have gone. I am hoping beyond hope Jena doesn’t win. The universe would not be big enough to contain her ego. CJ seems like a really sweet person, but how did he last this long singing off key? For a singing contest, that’s crazy.

    • Gale says:

      Jena’s ego? What in the world are you talking about?

      • Paris says:

        If you can’t see it, it’s a perception problem. She is incredibly full of herself and her father’s relentless pushing of her on the blogs is annoying. She mumbles the first part of every song and then shifts into shriek mode. But she really thinks she’s all that. Can’t stand her.

        • realmusiclover says:

          Thank you!

        • darcy the slutty twin says:

          Like how she sings “forevoir” and randomly throws w’s and o’s into words.

          • wingsstef says:

            I am going to guess that is just her accent. Yes, we Michigan people do have one, as do people from other states.

          • darcy the slutty twin says:

            I doubt it’s her accent. Her speaking accent is very different from her singing. I’m not the only who notices this. It’s too affected.

          • HTGR says:

            I’ve only seen a little of the show, but I was going to ask what is up with her weird intonation and pronunciation at times. It seems like I’ve heard her sing 2-3 times normally and then twice a bit strangely. I wasn’t sure if it was some affected style or something else.

        • Gale says:

          You have awfully strong feelings about someone you have never met and who has never done anything to you personally. I feel bad for you.

          • SAy what? says:

            When someone puts themselves in the eye of the public to be judged, what they show the world will be assessed. We are supposed to judge what we see and hear. That is what is happening on this site.

        • Mary says:

          What you see as a ego problem, I see it as self confidence. Heaven forbid a Female can be personable and confident without getting the critique she is full of herself. As for her father on the blogs that is called promotion which if you are serious about the business you need ask any professional. I guess it is YOUR perception problem not others.

          • realmusiclover says:

            So anyone who doesn’t agree with you is just wrong. lol There’s a huge difference between conceit (unwarranted in Jeeena’s case) and self confidence, huge difference. Caleb, Alex, Dexter, some of the other contestants, male and female that have since gone, also exhibited confidence without conceit. I happen to dislike the screaming diva style of singing. It’s not personal dislike of the performer, that would be kind of sick. It’s just my opinion, neither right or wrong because it doesn’t jibe with your views.

          • SAy what? says:

            Apparently you haven’t read her dad’s posts. He disparages the other contestants and claims Jena is on a par with the best singers ever.

    • wingsstef says:

      I don’t see this arrogance. Jena seems fairly gracious to me. She has a loud personality, but that doesn’t make her arrogant. I’m an Italian from Michigan, and my sister has one of those loud personalities. She’s what 17? Also she is one of the best singers on the show. I like Jessica too though.

  21. Elizabeth says:

    Caleb is going to win the whole thing. He doesn’t inspire passion, which means he doesn’t have too many haters. I don’t think he’ll make it in the industry, but I do think he’ll be able to make a good living doing what he loves.

  22. WingsStef says:

    I was okay with the bottom two, except maybe Jessica should have not been there. I want Jena to win. Though I love Caleb too. The people I voted for (more than 2) were safe. Since it’s down to five, there are going to be some very tough eliminations to come! :-(

  23. Damian says:

    i am an addicted reader of this section … but I don’t know if i am the only reader who thinks that this writes is overly biased toward Jena and Jessica although both have personlaity issues.. (just my opinion) and overly biased against Sam and CJ for that matter.. you said it yourself yesterday that you were liking Jena or jessica’s performance before they started singing.. can we have a neutral opinion of the contestants … about how they sang and performed more than how they followed their puppetmaster :)

    • S says:

      It’s Michael’s site and he can push whomever he pleases. You’re invited to agree or disagree. If that doesn’t suit you, seek elsewhere.

  24. GuitarBlue says:

    The only question for next week is whether Sam or Jessica is the next one to leave. And it won’t be whether one or the other misses a note, but song choices and general appeal to those voters that are not already committed to Caleb, Alex or Jena.

    Making the top 5 on Idol is a good for both, as it does give another week of National exposure and the chance to get more music out on itunes and youtube that is studio produced. This adds to their resume’ for the future, after the tour..

  25. Jill Moya says:

    America has finally got it right! Jessica has nothing to offer; a high pitched screeching horrible voice, not much on looks and a very obnoxious attitude. I disliked her wy before group round when she showed her true colors! She was terrible during group round and should have been cut. So, she shouldn’t even be here…keep that in mind. I read people say she has a LOVELY VOICE and shows PASSION. What are you people listening to? I’ve already commented on her horrible voice. As for her passion.. She has the passion of a grapefruit. Jena is overrated as well and the others are just as bad. I hope Caleb wins even though he’s nothing special but is better than the others. Sam sings in monotone, Sam destroys his songs and looks like he needs a toilet, Sam is afraid of girls and can’t smile without looking fake. Where did this group come from. Just the fact that CJ made it to top 6, shows me the judges aren’t adequate. For cryin’ out loud, he couldn’t even sing in tune. Now, we also have to put up with Harry’s antics…he’s been out of his mind! He is crazy about JLO and acts like a school boy around her. He never makes sense either. He tells Jess to dance in front of a mirror to be better at moving her body. Then she doesn’t move on her 2 songs and he say she’s perfect standing still. Am I missing something???? I’ve always loved idol, but this year, the better singers were eliminated early on. I can think of pleny of singers who should be here now. Non of these 5 were ever standouts. I don’t think the show will be renewed. This sub-par talent is resulting in poor ratings. Anyway, I will say that JLO is actually spot on recently and has her own mind. She doesn’t praise bad performances any more. Well, I spoke my piece. Thank you.

    • winks says:

      American Idol continues to be one of the top 10 television shows in the country. It was last year, and it is this year. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Ryan just signed another two-year deal.

  26. Jill Moya says:

    Meant Alex destroys his songs and looks like he needs a toilet (I said Sam in error).

  27. HTGR says:

    Just played a best of Heart album and then some Whitney Houston and then some Tina Turner last night. And it does make you wonder, where the types of singers like that are these days on the charts. Yeah Jena was good with Barracuda, but the original had so much more subtlety to it. And looking at The Voice, as awesome as Kat was with Music Man. (not that this is really fair, since it’s kind of hopeless challenge) I mean listening to a Music Man, live recording by Heart/Ann Wilson, again a lot more subtle artistry mixed in. I mean Ann Wilson had a completely ridiculous voice AND crazy good artistry in knowing how to use it, hit it hard when needed, back off when needed, give individual words separate emotional context, micro-dynamics within phrases and even single words, changes of vocal tone as needed for more impact.
    There just don’t seem to be an truly great voices mixed with truly great use of micro-dynamics and artistic connection breaking out anymore. Granted even in their day and age the likes of Whitney and Ann Wilson were kinda one of a kind but we don’t seem to have a new one of kind and not even any bunch of not quite that but still pseudo vaguely along those lines types either in the 2000s never mind keeping it just to the 2010s. Again it would be asking a bit much to expect to have a bunch of Whitneys and Wilsons or even Steve Perrys and so on running around but it just seems like there are not really any even remotely of that sort charting much now and that it’s been a long while since there has even been one.
    Although they were a bit much of with the runs and going all over (especially regarding Christina), maybe Mariah Carey and Christina were the last two and they are basically more formed out of the 90s, especially Mariah, so I don’t know they really count for the 2000s (Christina I guess, although she was more 90s formed). I guess there is Pink since she can perform live and knows how to really hit notes with different emotional impact and change dynamics within a phrase or within a note and has a pretty decent voice with a good range than can handle all sorts of stuff, still not an Ann Wilson kinda voice though. And she certainly isn’t a 2010’s formed singer.
    Maybe until people stop rolling their eyes at big voiced diva or Journey song or another out of style old-fashioned rock performance we will find it hard to get there again. I mean if people roll their eyes at all the big 80s diva songs and roll their eyes at kinda male diva songs like some of Journey and roll their eyes at rock since it’s not cool like hip-hop and even roll their eyes at Mariah Carey type R&B runs diva pop now…. what do you expect? You yell: not current! And then complain. It’ll just be some good, fun pop music (but not with the crazy, crazy vocal levels of Ann Wilson or Whitney and such; not that the current pop singer’s voices are all nearly as bad as is popular to make them out to be though, but there is good and then there is Wilson and Whitney and Mariah beyond good), some hipster coffee house small voice stuff where half the artistry is just in being supposedly different, or rap/hip-hop stuff, not that all of that can’t be good stuff to have around.
    But until rock and divas allowed to be in style again, I don’t know…. I mean we have pop still, but not allowing rock and divas seems to prevent Whitney/Ann Wilson level vocals from cropping up in pop too.

    • syb says:

      An amateur with a week to prepare a performance of somebody else’s song on a live stage is not likely to sound as fantastic as a seasoned pro with her own band, singing songs she’s perfected for months in a sound studio with as many do overs as she’d like. Not saying we have any Ann Wilsons or Tina Turners this year, but these comparisons of great records to live contestant performances don’t really work.

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah I know. It’s an impossible comparison against Idol contestants on the show for every reason under the sun (although live vs. studio isn’t actually one since some of the recordings I was referring to were live and not careful studio retakes, Ann Wilson sounded very bit on the live recordings than on the studio), almost everyone will pale against those tops of the top, the Idol (if not Voice). I was really just extending it in general to cover everyone out there and not meaning to focus it on reality tv contestants so much.

  28. HTGR says:

    One final comment, looking back at Carrie Underwood. People forget that she was actually stiffer in movement and vocal performance than Jessica or Sam or etc. back when she was on Idol.

    • darcy's evil twin says:

      ^this. I’ve commented on that several times, HTGR. I just hate to sound like a broken record and keep repeating myself. I found her rather generic and not very interesting. My husband has never let me forget my prediction that she wouldn’t have a career, LOL.

  29. Clare says:

    Jenna will win it all. She’s the only viable “idol” appropriate contestant left

  30. Leticia Prado says:

    DId someone cut the internet, phones and power lines in Alabama? Last 2 weeks it was an Exclusive ‘Bama kids bottom 2,

  31. I know you love Jessica and she does have a beautiful voice and face however to me she has dead eyes. I don’t believe her when she sings and she could do much better in that area too but she doesn’t want to. She’s stubborn for the good and for the bad. That is my opinion and if you look back to Hollywood week, she was not a team player. She sings well but she improves very slowly while some of the other AI contestants have listened to the judges more and improved more. Aloha

  32. winks says:

    I find it really disgusting that any comment at all would be made about Alex’s looks. Jeez people. He is not the most handsome of the bunch, but since when does that have anything to do with what kind of a person you are? We don’t know any of these kids but they all seem pretty nice. Some of these comments get so personal and stupid. Just because you don’t like the way someone looks or sings, or “screams” doesn’t mean they deserve your personal attacks.

    Someone commented about Jena up thread that they happened “to dislike the screaming diva style of singing. It’s not personal dislike of the performer, that would be kind of sick.” But then in another post called her persona “trashy.” So yeah, I’d say you are kind of sick.

    Calling Jena’s persona trashy and saying she’s over the top confident – in a negative way – is a personal attack and really unattractive.

    • realmusiclover says:

      You talkin’ to me? One would wonder why one of your delicate sensibilities would come to a music critique site, and bother to weigh in when comments aren’t up to your standards. I have a keen ear for music, and an even keener eye for Pollyanna b.s. like what you’re dishing out. Telling a total stranger on a comment thread that they’re sick says more about you than me.

  33. Jill Moya says:

    Any contestant who wins this year isn’t worthy…nobody is that good, to win out of 10’s of thousands of contestants! I feel non of these idols (LOL) will amount to a thing! I hope Jess has rich parents who will support her forever.. She sure as heck isn’t making it in the music biz! Oh I forgot, she plays in dingy cafe’s, lugging in her equipment. You think with all her jobs singing, she would know how to move that sluggish unattractive body she has.

    • Mona says:

      Since the beginning – although I was surprised she was chosen – I’ve hoped they would do something with Jess’ hair. That pink stripe doesn’t play well for a long career (if she has one) mostly because she doesn’t have the personality to go along with it. If she would get advice on her appearance maybe it would build her confidence and we could see it in her facial expressions.

    • S says:

      I can’t wait for karma to pay you back for all of the negativity you put out into the universe. You are uglier on the inside than any of these contestants are on the outside.

  34. GuitarBlue says:

    Jena Irene Asciutto – Farmington Hills, MI.

    only 17 years old, but she’s already been a front woman for a popular band called Infinity Hour. According to, though, the band broke up last February. She has several youtube videos,including her original: “free”

    Since she was chosen into the top 13 on Idol as a wild-card,, her fan base is growing fast. Her April 17th release of “Creep” cracked the top 40 on itunes that week

  35. Sutter says:

    Jessica’s stage presence reminds me of Sheryl Crow, who just stands still with her guitar and sings.

  36. Mona says:

    Harry- for heaven’s sake get a rug that isn’t so obvious. And aren’t you a little old for the yesterday’s beard? Aside from yesterday, you’ve looked like you’re trying to emulate the younger than you – and it isn’t working. Keep in mind, too, the show is about the contestants – not you.

  37. tealeaves says:

    Jessica has been one of my top favorites all season. Even when she had some not-so-great weeks, at least she does not give the same performance every week and she was trying something different.
    Top 7 was the first time she was in the bottom. She was never treated like a front-runner by the judges, yet she was in fact one of the 3 that had never been in the bottom. After Top 7 week, I was prepared for her to go home Top 6. I think Top 7 was not a good week for her and the reason was that she had been expending too much energy trying to please the judges who don’t give her credit for listening to them anyway. After being in the bottom for Top 7, I really expected her to crack this week and give her worst performances yet. When I read that Jolene was to be one of her songs, I was really concerned because it is an overdone song for these singing competitions. Instead, she killed it! I loved both her performances and loved her fronting the band for both. For Jolene, she took a frequently performed song and did soething very different with it as far as singing competions go. And I loved it.
    If Jessica had gone home this week, it would have been very bad for the show. The judges/producers should be careful about what they wish for. Caleb, Alex, Sam, and CJ all give about the same performance from week to week. Even if you like the performance, it does not make for good TV after the first several occurrences.

    • Jill Moya says:

      She killed it (JOLENE)! You are right, she shot it dead; she wasn’t good at all. Listen to Miley Cyrus singin’ it with her Godmother, Dolly Parton if you want to hear a good vocal. Young Miley is worlds better than a sub-par J. Meuse!

  38. OnFireForever says:

    Honestly, Mr. Slezak, as a Haley Reinhart/Allison Iraheta fan and Randy Jackson HATER, I always thought you were on the right page….

    … Until you actually believed that Jessica Meuse’s performance of “Jolene” was “epic”. It actually bothers me so much to hear that anybody would actually accept that cover, let alone praise it as one of Idol’s best. Jolene is a heartbreaking song that should either be sung with a deep sadness or a strong feeling of desperation. Jessica gave us absolutely none of those and all the while tried making us bop our heads to the beat of a broken woman desperately asking her “man’s” lover to stop turning him on.

    Her cover was the equivalent to Metallica or Slipknot doing a cover of U2’s “One”: It would never happen because it shouldn’t happen. It’s like making a heartfelt drama movie out of the story of Bugs Bunny. She just sucked everything that it was about right out of it.

    Mr. Slezak, you actually leave me with a head full of “I swear to God, I will never watch this show again”, and I’m talking about “Reality Check” or “Idolotry” or whatever your show is called. I think it’s actually rather fun to watch, but your liking Jessica’s “Jolene” shows how desperate you must be for an “Idol Moment” this year. Trust me, I’m with you, but this one wasn’t it… by miles and miles and miles…

    • Jill Moya says:

      You are so right! I myself don’t like Jess…period. Everyone’s raving about Jess singing Jolene. It wasn’t epic, it was ehh…Average at best. I saw on You Tube Miley singing Jolene with Dolly. She was so good…Miley Cyrus! He unplugged version is great as well. I am a great judge of talent and to me, Jess doesn’t strike me as being a great singer. She is overrated especially by M. Slezak! Thanks.

    • tealeaves says:

      The Jolene performance was not without emotion. It had a rock edge to it. It still conveyed pain and despair.

      • Philip says:

        I agree 100 percent with tealeaves. The performance had the perfect emotion to it. You cannot look at her face while she’s singing it and tell me otherwise!

  39. Jill Moya says:

    Meant “HER” unplugged version. I want to comment on Jena: Her first few auditions she hardly sang with any volume.. It couldn’t fill a playpen with sound. Obviously the sound man boosts up the volume for her because her “PIPES are not strong as they appear to be….Very Weak, actually.

  40. Jill Moya says:

    The Backyard Sessions…Miley Cyrus was a great version (better than unplugged) of Jolene!

    • Philip says:

      I watched that. Jessica’s version is 500 times better and her voice is also leagues better.

      • Jill Moya says:

        You need to remove wax from your ears pal! Liten to Syrus singing with Parton and there is NO COMPARISON! Any of the versions of Miley is better. Plus Miley isn’t stiff and has good showmanship. Jessica is creepy, stiffer than a board and has a high pitched fluttering annoying voice.

  41. Gertrude Behrens says:

    Please unsubbscribe

    • Jill Moya says:

      What’s Unsubbscribe….Oh you mean UNSUBSCRIBE(subscribe has 1 B)! I can voice my opinion. Like I said, watch the video on You Tube of Miley Syrus and Dolly Parton singing JOLENE and you will all agree that Jessica Meuse singing it is not EPIC, or even good. She needs to go back to selling cd’s out of her trunk!

  42. Stephania says:

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