Exclusive Vikings Sneak Peek: Will King Horik Turn Floki Against Ragnar?

“The Choice” – as this Thursday’s episode of Vikings (History, 10/9c) is titled — appears to be Floki’s.

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In the penultimate episode of Season 2, Ragnar’s warriors (which really should be the name of a band, amiright?) march on to King Ecbert’s villa, only to receive a surprisingly vicious welcome.

Once the dust (and the blood) settles, King Horik (played by Donal Logue) — as seen in this exclusive clip — sets out to convince Floki (Gustaf Skarsgård) to betray his closest, but increasingly estranged, friend and ally, Ragnar. How will Floki respond to the king’s “proposition”?

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One thing is for certain: Regardless of Floki’s choice, next week’s season finale will revolve around “a showdown between King Horik and Ragnar,” Vikings creator Michael Hirst told TVLine.

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  1. CBWBDK1 says:

    Next week is already the season finale? That’s terrible! I want more Vikings! This show is awesome!!

  2. John Jacob says:

    I’m so addicted to this show. It’s so intense and the landscapes are awesome. A++++++++

  3. Fan says:

    These weekly fights and betrayals between Ragnar, Ecbert and Horik have become very repetitive and boring. Each week they line up their loyalty a different way. I stopped watching last week. Only interesting character is Ragnar’s first wife.

    • Ana says:

      The storyline has barely lasted 6 episodes. How repetitive can that be?

    • I have to agree. So many battle scenes. They are what Michael Hirst does best BUT he needs to hire a writer who can share some other Viking stories involving the ways they lived. First season with Ragnar and Lagertha was exciting even at home. Ragnar and The Princess lead a boring life but then she’s been pregnant for four years. Please no more skipping ahead.

  4. Tim says:

    Floki’s wavering allegiance came out of nowhere

    • Ana says:

      Right? Last season, he was all about that life and now suddenly, he’s considering betrayal. I dont know how I feel about this storyline.

    • Drey says:

      Yeah that is what’s bothering me the most. He seemed to be Ragnar’s most loyal soldier and his boy, then all of a sudden when Floki was talking to his soon to be wife in the grass he was all “F*** Ragnar” and didn’t invite him to his wedding. It just seems to be weak writing in that specific detail but I love the rest. I’ll definitely be incredibly pissed if they kill the main male lead and the best character in only the second season, I don’t see the writers being that stupid but it may happen. My perfect ending for the season will be Ragnar sees the betrayal coming and annihilates Horik in one-on-one combat and Floki is beaten within an inch of his life for being such a lame-a$$, oh and Siggy too while they’re at it, but she has to be beaten by Lagertha. This won’t happen though, it’s too perfect.

    • Craig says:

      I keep having this nagging suspicion that Floki is NOT betraying Ragnar, but spying for him. I think he said very loudly and in front of all the right people his distaste for Ragnar and with Ragnar’s blessing. I think what king Horik was about to tell Floki is exactly why he has been spying. Ragnar and Floki don’t trust him. As soon as he tells Floki what his plans are I think Ragnar will hear all of it in short order. Just a thought.

  5. Bill says:

    Not a Floki fan. If he were killed off I would be happy

  6. Jacqueline M. says:

    I think the Floki “alliance” with King Horic is a ruse. Ragnar knows King Horic is not to be trusted!

    • Dav says:

      THIS! I agree with everyone who said this came out of nowhere. You are right. I think Ragnar and Floki planned it all along.

    • Rain388 says:

      Happy to see other people think like me. I really hope we’re right and that Floki and Ragnar have this planned!

    • Thats what I am thinking because Ragnar never mentioned that he wasnt invited to the wedding. And did you see the look Ragnar gave Floki before he followed Horeck into his tent last week??/

  7. Georgia Peach says:

    I don’t think Floki will betray Ragnor, but I do believe Floki is working for Ragnor as a “spy” in King Horic’s camp.

  8. Amilah says:

    Agreed, Ragnar has been in cahoots with Floki.I believe he knew Horick could not be trusted when he left Athelstan behind. But I wouldn’t be heartbroken if Floki died in the process. He’s not my favorite character. Lagertha rocks!

  9. Chickiedumplin says:

    I so much enjoy this show. The locations are gorgeous! The show rocks!

  10. rustyroxie says:

    Ragnar & Floki are working together. Otherwise, Ragnar would have had some sort of reaction to the non-invite.
    After all, King Horick was at the wedding. Floki is ALWAYS the trickster.
    I’m worried about Athelstan mostly. MY FAVORITE!
    His importance to Ragnar is what could get him killed…for a variety of reasons.
    Rollo needs to hook up with Princess Whorneypants after he finally sees the reality of Siggy.

  11. Dennis says:

    Here’s the deal…Floki is as deeply a religious man as Aethelstan. That cannot be denied. And he will fight, just as the Christians do, to keep his gods happy and to continue the Nordic way of life. Horicon simply wants the power that kingship brings, and with that, the spoils of war. We know, from history, that Ragnar, if he actually lived at all, is a powerful leader but falls by the hand of Aella, before too long. This may play out next season, if the History Channel keeps with…well…history. The major characters that emerge from this time in history are Rollo, Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and Ragnar ‘ s youngest son, whose name escapes me. In the series, Ragnar is among the most important of characters. But in history it is his youngest boy that leads the Great Heathen Army against the kingdoms of England; Rollo becomes the first King of Normandy and sets up the kingship of the United English States, or England. So while we don’t want to see Ragnar killed off, he has to die to keep with historical records. A pit of snakes awaits him in season 3 I am afraid.

    • Chad says:

      I don’t think the snake pit comes next year. Ragnar raids France and England for a while prior to the snake pit.

      • Dennis says:

        True, this, but I don’t believe the series is going to be long lived. For American audiences, this is our first chance to see many of these fine actors. I think other roles will be in the horizon and scheduling conflicts will ensue. I pray I am wrong, but such is Hollywood. It’s a shame to think this though, as the History Channel had finally scored with a series bot involving the words pawn, swamp, cajun, or storage in the title.
        Having said that, I believe history is going to move along quickly, as we have seen with the growth of Bjorn from childhood to manhood. The years are going to fly by for next season as we are introducrd to the younger children. Something just tells me that the Great Heathen Army is on its way into England.

    • Lagertha the Great says:

      The youngest is Ivar the Boneless. Didn’t Bjorn have a prominent role in their history, too?

  12. Many fans do not care if the shows are historically correct or not. Who knows really. We watch for the actors and actresses that we all love from season 1. Please don’t jump ahead and start killing off the stars we love. There is no faster way to kill a good show. The writers should go back into television history and see what happened to many good shows once they decided to kill off the favorites. Listen to the fans. There are more of them than there are historians.

    • Dennis says:

      As an armchair historian, and future history teacher, I DO like to see historically accurate depictions in these programs. After all, it is being aired on the History Channel. I do share your thoughts, however, on making leaps ahead and killing the series with the deaths of major characters. But, shows like this are often short lived as it is. This program was meant to be a mini series. Suddenly we are heading into season 3. Unfortunately the end of the show is near. But I would rather see Ragnar ‘ s story of deceit and vengeance of his sons be shown prior to losing this thrilling and entertaining program.

      • KK says:

        No one knows for sure if Ragnar ever even existed. And it is said that he had a wife after Lagertha and before princess Aslaug. So, it’s hard to say what is historically accurate.

  13. Dave Scarrette says:

    Best series ever. Ragnar ia smart and protective about his family. Need to keep him alive to keep series alive. Great show

  14. Chris green says:

    Hey author, penultimate means second best.

  15. brenda says:

    I love this show but its going too fast. Why cant it just go on like game of thrones. I dont want vikings to end. We wont see season 3 till summer of 2015. I cant believe how upset I got when I thought rollo was dead.

  16. Erald says:

    I though about this, and it dawned one me that the twist will come from Siggy. If all you watched season 1, Siggy’s husband(the old boss/jarl) was very bitter about the death of his two sons, but he and Siggy had no clue who did it. I predict it will turn out that King Horik was behind the plot, the murder of Siggy’s sons was done in a similar sly fashion as Horrik plans to do on to the sons of Ragnar. Perhaps, the way king Horik plans to mutilate Ragnar or his dead sons is similar to what he did to Siggy’s sons (head cut off, faces placed facing the ass). Such a desire expressed by King Horrik would connect the dots for Siggy on the mystery murder of her two sons.
    So Siggy collaboration will reverse, she will reveal Horrik’s intentions to Ragnar, Ragnar kills or captures Horrik and his son and execute them, as a result Siggy will no longer be bitter about Ragnars overthrow of her husband.

    Seems like a realistic twisting plot to me. Anyway, if I’m right, I’m going to hate myself for spending that extra minute that solved and ruined the surprise that comes from an unexpected plot.

    • Erald, Wow you really thought this through. I had no memory of how Siggy’s sons were killed. I have purchased Season 1 so plan to watch it on Thursdays after Season 2 is finished. I need to pay closer attention to the details in that first season. Were Siggy’s sons babies like Ragnar’s? If you are right, then maybe Siggy will get to kill Horik and his scary son. Thanks for the information.

    • Dennis says:

      Very well thought out. This could be a very likely scenario. Of course, Siggy has no ambitions, it seems, other than being the wife of an Earl or King (which is rather amusing in and of itself as, if memory serves me correctly, there was only ever 1 Earl of Sweden). Anyway. . I could see this playing out quite nicely in the way you describe. Ragnar is then rid of Horik, the boys are set up to become chieftains themselves, and Rollo is now freed of his duty to protect his brother, and, with prodding from Siggy, to bring together his own raiding parties and establish Normandy. Nicely done.

  17. Petter says:

    I just hope that they don’t going to do any more time jumps. And if Largretha, Ragnar, Floki or Bjorn dies I’ll stop watch this wonderful show!