Arrow Recap: A Mother Of a Twist (Times Three)

Arrow Recap Moira DiesThe following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from this week’s Arrow.

The CW’s Arrow this Wednesday uncorked one mother of a twist after another — one that made you go, “Huh,” one where you went, “Well, that makes sense,” and then one that was (heavy sigh) very, very sad.

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Amid a rollicking hour in which Team Arrow tried to track and then tussle with Mirakuru’d Roy, we first learned, during a Starling City flashback, that billionaire playboy Oliver had gotten a girl pregnant. Moira (looking all kinds of Once and Again gorgeous) nipped that potential detour in Oliver’s life in the bud by offering the young mom-to-be a cool $2 million dollars to lie about losing the baby and then git outtta town.

Twist No. 2 came toward episode’s end, when just before reversing her decision to bail on the mayoral race, Moira confided in a distraught Oliver, “I know” — as in, what he does at night, wearing leather and a mask. And she has known since night of The Undertaking, she shares, and “I could not be more proud.” It was a deftly played, low-key reveal nonetheless rife with emotion, as Moira effused that last line.

And then… there were other emotions, as the hour’s final, dark twist played out. Traveling together in a car after the rally, Moira is thisclose to telling Oliver and Thea that Malcolm (aka their adversary and dad, respectively) is alive, when they totally get Michael Vaughn’d. Upon regaining consciousness, they are out in the woods, tied up, held at gunpoint by Slade, who then recreates the Sophie’s Choice Oliver previously faced back on the island. Does Slade kill Moira, or Thea?

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Oliver barely has a moment to grapple with the situation before his mother rises to her feet, acknowledging to their captor, “There’s only one way this night ends,” offering her life to save Thea’s. Slade puts his pistol away, commending Moira’s courage — a quality her son lacks, he taunts, as he then pivots and drives a sword through Moira’s chest. After he withdraws the blade, she collapses to the ground (yet still, stunning), leaving Thea in tears and Oliver utterly shell-shocked at what transpired. And there you have your Episode 20 funeral.

Just moments prior, Oliver vowed to kill Slade if he took a family member’s life — will he be able to make good on that threat before season’s end?

What did you think of “Seeing Red”? Devastated as I am to lose Moira?

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  1. Stephen S. says:

    Gutted by tonight’s episode. :(

  2. tv2day says:

    Arrow has been awesome this year. This episode was really good. This is how its done Shield writers.

    • mangolovenet says:

      I tend to agree, when referencing the earlier episodes, but I think the aftermath of The Winter Soldier has them stepping up their game. If anything, I wanna call out another Julie Plec-produced show, The Vampire Diaries. Their writers need to take a cue from Arrow and get back to writing better episodes. This season (and the previous one) have been very lackluster at best.

    • A says:

      Sheild has actually been amazingly good the last few episodes

    • Carrie says:

      Why even compare AoS to this show? What’s the point? They’re nothing alike and I don’t think they’re meant to be. There’s a good chance the AoS writers have never even seen this show, since it’s based on a totally different universe and airs on a small network.

  3. Venkman007 says:

    Sad that she died, but was alright when she got off that spaceship at the end. Whew!

  4. Bob Jones says:

    Holy >>>>

  5. Riana says:

    I heard someone’s theory that Malcolm might kill Slade. That would be interesting because he probably did still love her.

    • Lucy says:

      That is a theory I never even considered, but now really want to see! That would be so interesting, and it would be a great way to lead in to next season to see how Oliver deals with that.

    • Mr. Sunshine says:

      I was thinking the same thing before I came here to read the spoilers after watching that heart wrenching episode. Malcolm will show up at the last minute to save Oliver and kill Slade. The reason I think this is because I believe he knows Arrow and Ollie are the same person. He will want someone to watch over his daughter. Can’t wait for the rest of the season now!!

      • Luis says:

        Malcolm learned Oliver’s secret identity in last’s year’s next to last episode.

        • Sil says:

          Maybe, where Moira learned that Oliver was Arrow was from Malcolm, too. I think that Malcolm and his fellow henchmen will come out of the hidden places they have been in to finally take on Slade as an enemy and defend Malcolm’s daughter. Obviously, I don’t read the comics as they are supposed to be. I just this show. Sarah has left so who will help Oliver now?

    • EJ386 says:

      That would be so cool…

    • TvPeong says:

      I’m hoping that he comes back and saves Moira. He’s back from the dead, maybe he can bring Moira back too

  6. A says:

    I wish it had been Thea. She’s so freaking annoying.

    • mangolovenet says:

      Agreed. However, I feel like they’re gonna continue using her to help Roy gain control over the mirakuru.

    • Tom says:

      I wish it had been Roy.

      • Lucius says:

        Me too but that character is straight out of the comics so I doubt he’s going anywhere. I wish he would go though.

      • Ashley says:

        Agreed. Less than impressed with Colton’s portrayal of Roy (much like I was with him on Teen Wolf).

      • JC says:

        Wasn’t Thea supposed to be the sidekick of the Arrow and not Roy? No offense to Colton, who has improved his acting a bit but the character is so unnecessary. The show would be fine without him.

        • JC says:

          In the comics, there were two characters that were Green Arrow’s sidekick Speedy. The first one was Roy Harper, who also eventually went by Arsenal and Red Arrow (MG has said Arrow’s Roy will eventually be Arsenal). The second Speedy was a girl named Mia Dearden. Thea’s full name is Thea Dearden Queen.

  7. CourtTV says:

    That episode was fantastic. But the Vaughn reference might be just as good.

  8. Lysh says:

    Sad times. I was just thinking midway through the episode that I don’t want Moira to die…and then she does. I wonder who the last person left to die is that Slade mentioned. I was thinking Laurel, but he already had that opportunity.

    • Kyle says:

      I assume his other victim will be Sara, right? It’s who Oliver “chose” over Shado & she’s the cause of all this. Maybe I’m wrong, idk.

      • JC says:

        I don’t think it will be Sara. I might be wrong, but the writers like to do stuff that no one’s expecting, and nothing’s been more expected all season long than Sara’s death.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          Sara is the only one that makes total sense…her breaking up with Oliver and on her way to leave, odds are she dies in the finale, and that “bright souled person you need to be with Oliver” is Laurel, the next BC (she takes up the Mantle after Sara dies, finding out the truth about them both).

          • Lucius says:

            What you say makes the most sense of anything I’ve seen or heard thus far.

          • JC says:

            I think the “bright souled” person is Felicity, not Laurel. It was set up in this episode with Diggle’s comment to her, and in contrast there was Laurel’s comment in Birds of Prey about letting the darkness in. That wasn’t accidental. Plus there’s been teases from the producers that something would happen between Oliver and Felicity at the end of the season that would “delight some and infuriate others” if I’m remembering the quote correctly.

          • Marc says:

            @JC, ever since Laurel echoed Helena’s words about letting the darkness in, I’ve been clinging to the hope that it is a foreshadowing of what’s to come for her. That has got to mean something, and preferably, her leaning towards becoming a villain type character.

        • PB says:

          Slade was referencing Sara. Oliver loves her and Slade would enact revenge by killing who Oliver loves while at the same time sadistically rectifying the decision (wrong by Slade’s standards) that Oliver made. The only way to get truly even is to kill Sara thereby making Oliver’s choice moot and senseless….

        • Dominator of destruction says:

          Agreed i think everybody expects Sara to die i don’t think it would shock anyone[it will devastate me if they did]

        • Claire says:

          I couldn’t reply to you comment below, so I am using this one instead.
          I agree with this comment @JC — Diggle’s comment was a foreshadowing. But I do hope they don’t go anywhere with Felciity/Oliver just yet. Hopefully it is just a setup for a realization on Oliver’s part.

      • John NYC says:

        While he might try and kill Sara, it’s who makes the most sense balance-wise in retribution for Jade, I suspect she and that “friend” she went off to visit might make that difficult. As she’s said, she’s not all that easy to kill and that’s when she’s alone, paired with Nyssa al Ghul? Should make for a good scene.

        • John NYC says:

          *Jade*, brain freeze, Shado of course…. I follow her Twitter as my excuse… :D

        • Derek117 says:

          IMO Slade statement suggest he “intends” to kill Sara–but he may not know she’s left Ollie and resumed her previous relationship with Nyssa outside of Starling City. Sara will return in the finale with Nyssa (and possibly the LOA) to help Ollie. Whether she survives the Battle is 50/50. Since the writers have proven with last night’s episode that they will kill off a character when they feel his/her story has run it’s course, Sara is a good bet to die. However, they could decide to keep the character alive for insurance: so many fans dislike Laurel, that it may be impossible to make her the show’s Main Female Character again in Season 3. My personal narrative would be to have Sara return to the LOA with Nyssa at the end of the season finale, and have Laurel (attempt?) to carry-on as the Black Canary. If, as I suspect, Katie Cassidy’s Laurel does not find a lot of love from the fans in Season 3, they can always bring back Caity Lotz’ Sara–especially since Lotz far has superior physical abilities than Katie Cassidy (and much, much better “chemistry” with Stephen, too).

          • derek117 says:

            Update: I could be wrong about Slade targeting Sara to kill. The show just released the synopsis of the Finale, and it mentions Slade kidnaps someone close to Ollie, which sets the action into motion. And given the other actions mentioned in the synopsis (and people involved) I’m leaning towards Laurel as the kidnap victim. This could be Slade’s way to draw Ollie and Sara out–in order to kill Sara, who in previous photos is seen with Nyssa back in Starling City to battle Team Slade.
            BTW, if Slade is targeting Laurel, it shows once again that Slade know more about Ollie (and fickle nature) that Ollie knows about himself.

          • John NYC says:

            But would there be a better way to taunt Sara out into the open and within his range, and with Oliver drawn in to witness her “fate”, than to grab a person important to them both? Laurel fits that requirement.

    • Hodan says:

      Oliver’s son. I think that is his next target. Oliver’s son or Felicity.

      • wonderwall says:

        I don’t think Oliver’s son will be the next target. There’s no way Slade would know about his son. It’s either going to be Sara (poetic justice), Laurel, or Felicity. I say Felicity because Kreisburg said that she’s going to play a major role in the finale and they were shooting on an island so all bets are off at this point!

        • Andy says:

          Kreisberg has said they’re going to get more into Felicity’s backstory in season three. I don’t see the point of that if they kill her off in season two, so my money’s on her safety. I’m also pretty sure Sara and Laurel will survive the season; Sara has to die eventually so Laurel can become Black Canary, but doing it the same season they introduce the character seems too obvious. At this point, I’m most scared for Dig.

          • JC says:

            Dig is safe – David Ramsey has already talked in interviews about them getting more into the H.I.V.E. storyline next season with his character.

          • wonderwall says:

            God it’s like an easter egg hunt. FIND THE NEXT PERSON TO DIE ON ARROW! How morbid :p But have you ever figured that he might not be successful in killing his next target? I still think it’s either one of the three.

            ALSO It would be interesting to see Sara go back to the League of Assassins.

          • Lucius says:

            I would pretty much stop watching if they killed Dig and I think they would be wrong to go down the “Dark” Felicity route as well.

          • Matt says:

            My theory is that Sara trains Laurel or Felicity to fight and one of them takes over BC when Sara dies in Season 3.

          • wonderwall says:

            I think what Digg said to Felicity about how there’s nothing in this world that could make her a bad person probably foreshadows that she’s not going the “dark” route! Plus it wouldn’t make sense! Laurel going the dark route would make more sense.

            I hear ya about Digg though. If they kill him, I won’t really hold the show to the same high regard. But I wouldn’t stop watching because the show is more than Digg and more than Felicity.

            I can’t wait to see the repercussions of Moira’s death in the next episode and how Oliver will take it. I hope this allows him to grow more as a person (because he’s been regressing quite a lot this season).

        • brenna says:

          I hope you are right that Diggle’s comment to Felicity means they will not take her the dark route. I thought it could mean one of two things: Something will take her the dark route or she is the light that will bring out the light in Oliver’s darkness. I hope for the second. It goes back to the first time they met in episode 3, we probably got the first genuine smile from Oliver at that point.

          • wonderwall says:

            Well, it’s okay to be skeptical I guess. But that paired with Laurel saying “once you let the darkness in it never comes out” or something like that isn’t accidental. I’m hoping the writers will go down this route (where Laurel becomes a baddie). I just can’t see her being a part of team Arrow (and if she isn’t a part of team arrow, she’ll practically be an unnecessary character), so I hope she becomes a villain. I really really do because otherwise I can’t fathom her character. Nothing against Katie. Laurel has just been written terribly.

            Also, the fact that Oliver has a son solidifies the fact that I can’t root for Laurel and Oliver. Sorry, but I tried :/

        • John NYC says:

          But there are a lot of lineage echoes in this show, even peripheral ones like Sin’s origin… So linking Slade’s story into Oliver’s son has some plausibility: I very much doubt that reveal only served the current episode’s storyline of sacrifice and filling in more about Moira.

        • Jon says:

          Maybe Slade will cripple Felicity and put her in a wheelchair? Since she’s most definatly the shows Oracle.

          • Cadence says:

            It’s true that Felicity is very much like Oracle but there were scenes of Sara catching Felicity trying to work out which could be foreshadowing her becoming a superhero and the shows writers have mentioned that they are going to go into Felicitys backstory in season three which means she has a dark past defiantly hinting at the chance of her becoming Artemis because of the characters past of having Sports-master and huntress as her parents however there’s still a high probability slade will injure Felicity without killing her

      • Lysh says:

        I was thinking his son might be the next target. Not a kill, but that’s when he’ll learn that his mother paid his baby-mama off and that he’s actually a dad. I am worried about Felicity though, since she’s receive not a scar from Slade. Whoever it is I’m hoping Oliver will save in time.

        • Tess says:

          Doubtful it would be Oliver’s son since he doesn’t even know he has a son – Slade would have to reveal that to him first and he’d want him to have some sort of attachment to the child first too in order to make it all the more painful to Oliver to lose him (not saying losing a child he doesn’t know wouldn’t still be painful, but he’s in essence already dealt with that loss since he believes she lost the baby and who’s to say he’d even believe Slade if he doesn’t ever meet the kid first.) I would hope the producers realize too that Diggle and Felicity are very popular characters and wouldn’t allow them to be one of Slade’s targets. I would doubt they would be anyway, it seems like Slade wants to go directly for Oliver’s loved ones rather than “work associates”. Whether he’d consider Laurel a loved one of Ollie’s at this point is questionable, so that really leaves Sara (who makes a lot of sense given the island connection) or Thea – just because he spared her this time doesn’t mean he wouldn’t go after her in the future, I mean, he’s already had her tied up twice now as it is.

          • MB says:

            Telling Ollie he has a kid is the exact same move Slade pulled when he told Laurel what Ollie does at night.

          • Hmm says:

            He does consider Laurel a loved one, otherwise he wouldn’t have told her Oliver’s true identity. Knowing how Laurel feels about the Arrow, Slade probably anticipated that reveal going a whole different way. Remember, his target is Oliver and he knows everything about him; he’s been plotting this revenge for years. In terms of his son, it’s not a stretch to think Slade would go after him. There’s GOT to be a reason for us finding out Oliver has a kid. I also don’t think it would matter if Oliver has an attachment or not to his child; it’s his child. Look what he does to protect people he doesn’t know; imagine the fruit of his own loins? Come on. Regardless, I see the next target being one of two people: Sara or Laurel. In terms of Sara, it makes most sense because she survived when Shado died. In Slade’s eyes, he’d be righting the wrong that was done by that choice. But here’s a potential scenario for thought: what if Slade puts the Lance sisters into the same position he put Moira and Thea and forces Oliver to choose? That would be the ultimate end all be all. The two women that Oliver loves; the island all over again.

      • Merissa W. says:

        Yeah that’s what I was thinking, but that’d be quite dark…but this show is quite dark, so…

      • alex jones says:

        why does everyone assume it’s a son he had, could be a daughter for all we know.

        • JC says:

          Because he had a son in the comics. Two sons actually. One with Shado (which won’t be happening here), and one with a woman named Sandra Hawke. No daughters that I know of.
          The only thing that is kind of against this child being Conner is that in the comics Sandra was half Korean and half black, and this actress looked white.

    • MB says:

      His kid. I can’t think of another reason why they’d seed that idea if it didn’t end with Slade gleefully threatening his/her life. Plus it may be the only thing to pull Ollie out of what is sure to be one Hell of a funk,

    • Adam says:

      I am thinking that it may be his daughter.

  9. sladewilson says:

    Incredible season. That ending was insane. BTW – Between Arrow and AoS (which has seriously picked up since CA – TWS), the comic book shows have been putting in major work!! You didn’t comment on the other loss Oliver suffered tonight and if he’s going to war with Slade and his minions, he just lost two major weapons in that fight…

  10. Zorkel says:

    Yeah, not too happy they killed off Moira, even if the episode was telegraphing it prior. I really liked her character.

    But, I’m willing to forgive that decision, as long as we see Oliver’s child (crossing my fingers for a 7-year old Connor Hawke) explored next season.

  11. Jillian says:

    Such an incredible episode! I never thought I would be sad to see Moira die, but I am. That last scene was gut wrenching. Can’t wait for the last 3 episodes of the season!

  12. Soooo, is this how the show might bring in Connor Hawke!?!? COOL!

  13. Emmy says:

    Tonight’s episode was fantastic. I actually had a moment of terror in the middle thinking “wait is this the season finale?”, because it had a finale vibe. Glad to know there are three more episodes. Also, who else thinks that little exchange at the very beginning between Diggle and Felicity is going to turn out to be really important?

    • Emmy says:

      I am also glad that Thea didn’t get hurt because I feel like I would have felt cheated never getting to see her interact with Malcolm.

    • Lysh says:

      There’s been a lot of lines that in this show that makes me wonder if they’re forshadowing, like last week with Thea talking about her genetics that made me wonder if she’ll go down the same path as her bio-parents. And then Dig saying Felicity could never be a bad person. She might do something bad eventually.

      • Emmy says:

        There are certain people I could see Felicity crossing a line for. I could see her doing something bad if it was to protect someone like Oliver, Diggle, or even Detective Lance.

    • julia says:

      Agreed! I was thinking the same thing.

      I definitely think that Felicity will be the next one to die.

      • Emily S says:

        I don’t think Felicity is going to die, maybe injured but not die. Actually, as I am writing this I think it would be interesting to have her be injured and become kind of like oracle. But I think the line is really foreshadowing the whole “who is Felicity’s father” storyline and what her reaction to that will be. It could also mean she is forced to make a decision that results in something not too great…I could see her crossing a line in order to protect someone.

        • KT says:

          I had deja vu watching Colton because I watched him as the Kanima in Teen Wolf, and minus all the make up, it was very similar. I enjoyed it (:

        • julia says:

          sorry didn’t mean “die” like literally dead. I meant it as in slide will go after her next. She is the “one more person that needs to die before this can end” line. They have been light in Felicity action for a while now and I know they’re working up to something big

          • Emmy says:

            I hope you are right. Felicity has been a little light on action lately. Obviously I don’t want to see her get hurt but I do like seeing her in the middle of the action!

  14. David says:

    This season has been incredible…great job by the writers!! I was thinking o Colton did a good job in this episode then all these damn twists came and BAM the ending! Never would have seen that coming at all! Still just floored!!

  15. in this ep the sh** hit the fan & scared the cat out of the bag

    WOW that’s about all i got to say

  16. James D says:

    Holy crapzilla on a stick this show is something else. I mean i knew it would eventually come but they pulled it off so well. I really don’t know how the heck their going to top this season, but it sure does make me interested to see what season three will be. I’m pretty sure that won’t turn out to be Connor Hawke, but it was a nice flashback all the same. Sarah is next on the list i guess. You are such a giant tool Slade Wilson.

    • James D says:

      Totally Derped out their that had to be Connor Hawke :)

    • reboot2099 says:

      Of course, it HAS to be COnnor Hawke. I’m just sad that he’s 6 years-old, so he won’t be old enough to be a good character on the show. Even if the show lasts for 8 more years, he’ll only be 14, which is not past the annoying age for most kids on TV shows :)

  17. Maryann says:

    I thought she was getting ready to tell Oliver that he was a father.

    • Danyelle says:

      By starting the sentence with, “There’s something you nee to know about Malcolm Merlyn…”?

    • Maryann says:

      To elaborate, that was what I was thinking as opposed to Matt’s idea that Moira was getting ready to tell Oliver and Thea that Merlyn was still alive.

      • Melanie says:

        Definitely was about to say he’s alive. Son flashback was a way to show the love between them. It’ll come back, maybe not this season. I feel it’s quite early for Ollie to have to deal with having a son. But, might be a good target for Slade. Previous comments said “How would Slade know?” Well he knew about Malcolm being Thea’s father- and seriously, how can 2 times a million dollar virement not seem suspicious?
        Anywa, great episode. Sad about Moira, but feels right for the show, great arc. Excited to see more of Sara’s journey.

        • Smity says:

          I’m breaking down this into sections.. lol.. My thoughts about the comments and the episode(s).

          ~The Royal Baby~

          They led up to these flashbacks a few episodes back.. She’s the Tempest that Moira was trying to cover up as in the Business Deal. I say that because she made it look just like that in tonight’s episode. Granted Felicity found the other stuff about Thea but I doubt that had anything to do with Tempest. The name would be fitting for one because of what she thought of her.

          ~Future Deaths and Black Canary Laurel Downgrade~

          Don’t think Felicity will die, Sarah will likely stay BC—only because she’s a fan favorite and they like to mix things up. Laurel would be a downgraded version of BC if she became it. It would make more sense if there was just Laurel and not two lance sisters to be the same type of character. You have Sarah who has massive training and her mind set that was built around being tortured. She is a Killer with a heart and she doesn’t have a second thought about taking a life. She doesn’t like the killing but she is built that way. It would take a lot for her to change this point specially after LoA. Merlyn left them and it still lurks in him and he’ll never get rid of it.. Yeah–he may have good nice moments but at the end of the day he’s a killer without regret. Which is what I think became of Sarah because she made a point of saying she wanted it. It’s an attitude that Laurel (who is written as unstable) will never grasp no matter how they try to flip it.

          Sin is already established as the “Adopted” kid to BC and Laurel would have to rebuild a relationship to her which I don’t see happening. Laurel lives in Laurel’s world—Sin and Sara have a bond that has many hidden layers in it that haven’t been explored yet. I see her becoming something (not BC) and they are writing her extremely wrong to be geared up to replace BC.

          Back to Canary—Sara wasn’t trained like Arrow and I’m sure they played her like a fiddle. She’s got a lot more mental scars then she has on her body. Again–Laurel lost Tommy and thought she lost her sister. Honestly–Laurel hasn’t suffered enough to be anywhere near what they built with this Canary. She’s more likely to be like an altered “Arrowette”.

          ~Wink to Brightest Day~

          Sara told Ollie that Felicity is better for him in this episode in a nutshell..

          A wink to the (comic) story “Brightest Day” with Felicity Smoak. The storyline on this episode is similiar. Except Slade mentally breaks Ollie by killing his Mother.

          To those that don’t know it.. (While the two talk about the paperwork needed to have Raymond’s legal status as “dead” reversed, Ronnie approaches Jason and offers an apology about Gehenna’s murder. Jason refuses to accept it, telling Ronnie that he forced him into being an accomplice to the death of his girlfriend, and that he probably doesn’t even remember her name. When Ronnie is actually unable to remember Gehenna’s name, Jason angrily lashes out and punches him in the face. This causes the two young men to merge into Firestorm, and they begin arguing inside the Matrix while Palmer transforms into his Atom persona in order to help them separate.)

          The two merge into one and become “Firestorm” kinda like how Ollie will merge his two parts and become “ARROW”..

          Like the promo for next week “I am ARROW.. I am Arrow…” Felicity will be his “BRIGHT LIGHT” to pull him out of it. I think that’s why they winked to it.

          ~Felicity Smoak becoming Oracle~

          Also– don’t see Felicity becoming Oracle either–I would like them to pull a Diggle and make her something unique n’ different.

          Honestly–Let’s leave Oracle to Barbie G and let’s build on the storyline that arrow is mixing up..

          Smoak is both Diggle and Ollie’s light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I see her building Gadgets, keeping them safe and getting her hands dirty.

          But, I don’t think she should be designed around the Old Felicity Smoak-Raymond Character. I would love to see them switch it up a bit like they did with the Lances.. Yes–Felicity has the name but her mother could have the Computer store, Married Eddie Raymond and Felicity’s brother could be Ronnie (Firestorm). Which could play up to how she has a lot of friends in the labs. Her mom could of been good friends with Queen Consolidated bigwigs and that’s how she landed the job.

          Lot’s of ideas to flip around for a new generation..

          I got the jist Felicity’s mother might be a bit of a wiz and prolly judges everything Felicity did wrong/right. There is that friction with the cat claws in previous episode. This Friction she has with her mother will likely open a door to a nice long conversation with Oliver about his mother prolly after the funeral. I would also love to see her have a nice long chat with Thea about the lies her mother told and see a friendship of some sorts come out of it. Thea right now makes sense because of what the end game was in this episode. But–her future in the show after she addresses the Merlyn issue is “Why is she here?” she has no interactions with anyone but Ollie/Roy/briefly w/ sin and just had a brief screen time with Diggle.

          ~Thea Rage~

          She lied about a few things that she wanted people to forget about instantly. I get the chip on her shoulder the first season but it’s kinda like.. Why not question it instead of just setting in stone with a stranger’s word. You’ve seen your brother’s scars I’m sure after the island he had a lot on his mind and if he did know it wasn’t likely on his mind. Because in a nutshell it doesn’t matter and she’s still his sister.

          I would be asking… “How long have you known Ollie?”

          “Mom–I get that Merlyn is a dick but why not tell me about him when he was good? Cause he was good enough for you to sleep with and keep the kid he knocked you up with.” Which could be as simple as she slept with him around the time his wife died. They got close blah blah.

          “How the hell does this stranger know this secret? ”

          “Did you do him to while dad was out messing with Firefly?”

          “How the hell does Mr. Wilson KNOW and I DON’T?” Which could be Ollie’s dad spilling that dirty laundry right on Isobel’s lap aka Ravanger (Rose Wilson). It would be actually funny wink if Ollie’s dad had an affair with Slade’s daughter. Would make sense to since she flipped her switch when he picked his family over her unlike what could be her back story.

          ~Laurel’s backstory w/Ollie is weak~

          The duo becoming long lasting isn’t there.. Ollie is dating Laurel and knocked up a chick from a club.. Mother deals with it after his father disappointed comment. Which is gear to make him look like a Mess around. He then is getting ready to move in w/ Laurel while sleeping with her sister. Which he likely was sleeping with a clubby between them while he’s hanging around Tommy. Then they both lie and damn it the Friggin ship sinks.. They pop up alive.. Tommy dumps her—she goes and sleeps with Ollie.. Ollie shuts her down on a perm. thing and boom Canary comes in and now they’re sleeping together. Shado was his go-to booty on the island so Canary likely was sleeping with Ivo and then Nyssa.

          ~What I think will happen next season~

          He hasn’t slept with Lady Blackhawk, Gypsy, Harley, Vixen and so on.. But, then who knows what season 3 will bring with new flashbacks.

          They might have Nyssa’s dad.. What would be the Arrow price to have her daddy come get slade and snatch him up to add to LoA?

          Canary likely went to get Nyssa to help end the Slade storyline for this season and that would also tie her back to LoA.. Which will likely be how they write her out right now.

          Sin and Roy will prolly hang around and Merlyn/Felicity will get the money back for Ollie. They REALLY NEED Ollie to lose his money so the trio can build a better relationship and I see him crashing at Felicity’s house not to sleep with her either.. I see him needing comfort and help while he’s down and out right now. They need to build up the relationships stronger between the trio because while he was banging canary–it feels like they are lacking on why any one of them would help arrow (duo). Yes, he’s Arrow and he pays them. It’s beyond their pay grade to die and it needs some solid interaction of deeper relationship.

          They all have to be worth fighting for beyond just fighting for a fallen city.

          Anyways it’s getting late and falling asleep at the keys.. But, those are my thoughts on the whole things.. Food for thought?

          • brandonsan says:

            That Sara went to get Nyssa for help and had to return to the LoA is a good theory. And hopefully, it would allow her to come back once in awhile.

          • Claire says:

            I like this post! Interesting thoughts. Thanks!

        • Dominator of destruction says:

          Me to i want to see some of Sara’s time with Nyssa in the league Sara’s character fascinates me more than anybody

  18. Eric7740 says:

    OMG! All I have to say, OMG!

  19. Mick says:

    I like how they managed to make the supporting characters intelligent people. Moira is smart so it is not absurd that she would have figured out about Oliver. Also Diggle seems to have some feeling that extend beyond friendship for Felicity and in Oliver saving Roy he proved he was ready to be a father. Yay character development.

    • Smity says:

      It’s like the Clark Kent thing.. The Glasses really don’t hide his identity and Papa Lance knows also. Limping Ollie with a Limping Archer..

  20. 80s says:

    I was a diehard Marvel snob and never read DC comics, so now I’m obsessively reading about Connor Hawke, thanks to this comments section! :)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Ditto. And I just rewatched all of tonight’s flashback scenes, they (conspicuously) never address the girl by name (Sandra or otherwise).

      Maybe Connor is play pals with GOTHAM’s young Master Wayne?

      • o.O with all the rumors about Nightwing showing up on Arrow, the timeline of this show is making me dizzy.

      • Lucius says:

        Even If This is Sandra Hawke, it doesn’t matter aside for continuity’s sake as Connor would only be 6 now which is not exactly crime fighting age. And Despite his information gathering skills I doubt Slade found this out as Moira probably kept this pretty close to the vest.

  21. jrex says:

    So Oliver has a son/daughter, but doesn’t know it. Could that be who Slade was threatening as one more to die? Slade certainly seems to have done his homework on how to make Oliver suffer.

  22. Hodan says:

    Rip Moira!
    I hope this teams up Malcolm and Oliver to take down Slade. Sara is getting Nyssa and her team. The surprising thing Slade goes after might be Oliver’s son or Felicity. So, the finale should give us some good battles.

    Slade’s team/Blood/Isabel vs Team Arrow/Suicide Squad/ Nyssa along with The League of Assassins/Malcolm?

    Really good action.

  23. Gordon Rick says:

    Awesome episode! Best of the season. Sara’s leaving was a little forced but I understood her reason. I just want to know who “her old friend” that she went to see is. Merlyn? Nyssa? Ras Al Guhl?

  24. robinepowell says:

    I was so surprised by the death of Moira. Poor Oliver, he only had two years with his mother, after being gone for five. Poor Thea, she never got to reconcile with her mother, before her death.

    The most shocking death on TV of all times, will always be Henry Blake of M.A.S.H. The actor wanted to leave and instead of letting him go home to his family (which included a son he never got to meet), they killed Henry off.

    That was something I always wished never happened on the show.

  25. Fosho says:

    With the recent funeral rumour go

    • Fosho says:

      Finishing my thought: the funeral rumour had me speculating someone would die and as soon as Moira said “I know”, I knew she wasn’t long for this world. The Arrow love child. Now that surprised me.

      • Isobel says:

        True, though I was shocked about Shado’s death because I was waiting for the creation of Robert, Oliver’s illegitimate child with her. Yup Ollie has two kids out of wedlock from different mothers in the comics ;)

  26. Sparky says:

    Totally didn’t see that coming…..brilliant writing. Can’t wait to see the last 3 episodes and who’s next on Slades hit list. He has been a great bady. I am assuming he will or might be a dead guy at the end of this season. I’m going to miss him whe he’s gone.

    For those of us not in the know who is Conor Hawke as far as the comic books are concerned?

  27. Guesto says:

    Can’t decide if it was blatant foreshadowing or just throwing Felicity fans a bone, but could Sarahs ‘you need light’ speech/look to Felicity in the background be anymore obvious?

  28. Katy says:

    Mad props for your Once and Again mention :) imo Susana Thompson never really got the respect the deserved for her acting on that show.

    • ChrisGa says:

      Seconded; Susanna Thompson was award-worthy on numerous occasions during her OaA run(particularly during seasons 2 and 3). And she brought understated class to Moira, one of the smartest characters on the show. She will be sorely missed by this viewer.

  29. Tom says:

    I knew she was dead the moment they stepped in the limo. Her dead was the ultimate redemption. Also, the producers did say she would have her “Jesus moment”.

  30. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on THB Files and commented:
    The episode was f**king intense when Moira got stabbed by Slade. That was very shocking. RIP Moira.

  31. madhatter360 says:

    If this is what happens this week, I can’t even imagine whats going to start next week when it’s sweeps.

  32. ? says:

    I had a feeling Moira might not make it out of the season alive–her story didn’t seem like it had too many more interesting places to go, plus her death would really galvanize the Oliver-Thea dynamic, which in its current state was starting to wear thin. It lets Thea become a much more important character overall, which was really needed since the writers have struggled with what to do with her this season. AND dropping Susanna Thompson from the cast also creates needed room for them to bring in or promote other characters to regulars. A smart story choice, and really well done, and I have to say, she acted it out of the park tonight.

  33. Ram510 says:

    Arrow has been on FIRE!!!!!! Ever since the Suicide Squad episode this season has been spectacular and has made it to my must see tv list! Keep it up! I hope the ratings go back up cause they deserve it

  34. K says:

    just a question bc i dont know if i missed something or not….so roy was injected with the Mirakuru a while back but then last week they took his Mirakuru blood to give to Slades army and he was successful in that correct? but then i forget did they reinject roy with the Mirakuru or something bc why was he so crazy this time as opposed to the first time he was injected?

  35. wonderwall says:

    I called Moira dying about a few weeks ago. I didn’t like the thought, but I called it. This will be a nice segue into Oliver running for Mayor at one point just like in the comics.

    Overall I thought that the episode was devastatingly amazing. That last flashback before they cut to Moira’s dead body was just enough to make two big fat tears escape from my eyes which says a lot! I never usually cry when it comes to TV shows (unless it’s a finale of a show I love), but Moira’s death was surprisingly…for a lack of a better word… sad. She’s a woman everyone hated (including her two children) and yet no one really understood how much she loved her kids until this episode. She would literally burn Starling to the ground for them if she had to. Basically her love for them is a fearsome thing to behold. Suffice it to say, I will miss her presence on the show.

    As I’ve stated in a comment above, I honestly can’t wait to see the repercussions of her death. I want to know how it affects Thea and Oliver, and whether it will bring them closer or not. From what I’ve seen, next week is going to be even more devastating.

    I love how they’re including Digg and Felicity more! Which goes to show how useless the Lance family drama side-plot is. I didn’t miss the absence of Laurel, but I am sad to see Sara leave! I hope she didn’t actually leave. I’m pretty sure Team Arrow still needs her especially with the showdown with Slade coming soon.

    I truly loved this episode. At one point I even caught myself pulling my hair because holy crap it was so amazing!

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yes, I was thinking if Moira’s name stays on the ballot and citizens vote her in still, then it could be said that Starling City’s bylaws allow her closest heir to take the seat and Oliver could become mayor. It’d be a trip to see him try to manage that while being the Arrow.

  36. JC says:

    Everyone’s talking about who will be the next to die, and it’s made me think. The producers have already talked about storylines going into season three for the following people, so they’re all safe: Diggle (H.I.V.E.), Felicity (parents), Thea (Merlyn-which becomes even more ominous considering tonight’s episode), and Roy (Arsenal). Which leaves….all three of the Lances. I think the next death will come from that family. The Queens and the Lances have been the two families focused on this season. Oliver and Sara were the two on the island involved with Shado’s death. Slade made Oliver pay with the death of his mother. What if instead of killing Sara he also punishes her with the death of a family member? One Lance, one Queen.

  37. M3rc Nate says:

    I see them going with the Laurel becomes BC/Olivers love interest still. With the Sara dumping Oliver so he can be with a “light, good person” (aka Laurel) and her leaving to me are just signs that Slade KNOWS Laurel is the one for Oliver, he will try to kill her in the finale, Sara will die protecting her sister, in tern Oliver will take down Slade (i assume in a non-killing way cause hes too good a character/actor to kill off for good) and within all of the commotion and death and action, Laurel will find out that Oliver is the Arrow and Sara was Black Canary…in tern next season will be Laurel taking up the Mantle of Black Canary from her sister, being trained by Oliver (sucks i know) and becoming the BC and eventually Olivers GF/true love again.

    Thea is annoying as Frak…the Moira was great so its sad to see her go, but in terms of what characters can give you the most future…id say Thea can turn evil/bad…her family lied to her, her father is a psycho mass murderer, her “father” is dead and she just watched her mom die for some heavy reasons….this seems like the perfect concoction of events to create a turning to the “dark side” aka becoming a Baddie.

    Roy sucks right now, granted hes basically a robot, but i imagine he will get cured and in becoming the Red Arrow/Arsenal he will become a bunch more interesting and get better story lines/character development. the previews for next week, im curious who he tells…im guessing Thea cause he has the most to answer to to her…i mean their mom was just murdered by the guy she was kidnapped by, and she heard Slade talking to Oliver about the island and Shado and death etc…so i bet he will tell her the truth and that will send her even more reeling, sending her off the deep end into darkness/bad-guy-territory. The alternative doesnt make any dramatic sense…she eventually evens out and is a good character and what…what story is there for her if shes just a great sister again? By going bad she is more than just a “GF/Sister”.

    Wow the Summer Glau in Deathstroke style gear….LMAO her helmet looked HILARIOUSLY horrible! Nothing worse than a outfit thats supposed to look badass looking like a complete and utter joke.

    • Megyn says:

      Laurel already knows that Oliver is Arrow. That was revealed last week.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Thats true i forgot that…but still thats a small adjustment…to have it really confirmed infront of you when you see Slade kill BC (you find out your sister as her mask is taken off) and see Oliver as Arrow fighting Slade…

    • patrice says:

      Laurel is a good person? Then what was that one line about “Once you let the darkness in…”?

      And Slade is still in the planning stages. Doesn’t mean he’ll succeed.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        True that was odd and obviously a plot point…but maybe that has to do with the dark path she will go on getting revenge for her sister/going dark after her sisters murder and eventually Oliver/Arrow reeling her in, bringing her back in touch with the light inside of her. I mean whats the alternative? The showrunners have said from day 1 she is BC and she is the female lead…are you expecting them to change their minds, keep Lotz and fire Cassidy and keep Lotz as Black Canary?

        • JC says:

          Candidly, yes.

          • patrice says:

            “are you expecting them to change their minds, keep Lotz and fire Cassidy and keep Lotz as Black Canary?”

            One can hope.

            They can keep trying to salvage Laurel…but I’m so done with that character–I don’t care about comic canon. There is nothing in the writing now that suggests Laurel is “light.” NOTHING. But, then again, the writers seems to equate shock value with good storytelling…kinda like HIMYM…and in analyzing the writing, “harnessing the light” is Felicity (or his son). But since Arrow likes shock value more than actual payoff, yeah, it’ll probably be Laurel.

            That being said, I will absolutely stop watching if it is Laurel. They kill off Tommy and Moira–two characters I loved–to retcon a character I don’t care about. No thanks.

          • Boston2AZ says:

            One can only hope. When I was thinking about the episode after watching it last night, I realized that part of the reason I enjoyed it so much was because Laurel wasn’t it it, dragging it down. It would be addition by subtraction for a lot of Arrow fans.

        • JC says:

          Although I wouldn’t use the word “fire”, unless you want to also say that Susanna Thompson was “fired.”

          • julia says:

            I honestly fast forward most of the scenes with Laurel in it..unless team arrow is there. It is just so boring. The actress just gets on my nerves

          • JC says:

            Julia, you obviously have a problem with Katie, why would she get on your nerves? Was the actress mean to you in high school or something? Personally I prefer her over Caity. Katie Cassidy is a fine actress, she can bring it and there are episodes in this season where she has proven to be capable of producing degrees of emotions.

          • Olivia says:

            So… if a person doesn’t like KC’s acting is cataloged according to you as a high school student. That’s SO mature of you.

            According to your reasoning large part of the audience is a high school student.

          • JC says:

            @Other JC, I’m not Julia, but I suspect she meant that KC’s acting gets on her nerves, not her personally. I know that you are a fan of Katie Cassidy, but I am not, and her acting gets on my nerves as well.

    • Sami says:

      Laurel does not bring out any good in Oliver. Their relationship is toxic and not even in a good way since they have no chemistry. He screwed around on Laurel, not only with her sister. But with randoms! Then present day he started screwing her sister again. Laurel and Oliver are just a joke. It’s such a disappointment but thank goodness they didn’t actually call her Dinah or my comic book geek heart would have been broken. If Sara meant Laurel, she would have said Laurel. Since she’s her sister. But the Lance vagina swap needs to end. Along with his relationship with both of the sisters. Seriously the only good relationship Oliver has had was with Helena and that was just because of their chemistry, They were good toxic.

      I like the Team Arrow dynamic as it is, and am not sure about couples on the show. But the only female light in Oliver’s life is Felicity. She’s honestly as bright as they come. And majority of the fandom ship it. I totally get why but…

      But every time a girl hooks up with Oliver i like her less and less. Like Sara. Loved her in the beginning. Tolerate her now. So keep Felicity as awesome as she is solo of Oliver.

      I don’t mind if he secretly begins to love her, because it’s clear there are feelings there and that much is obvious that she’s the best thing to happen to him. But she should be with someone else. Oliver’s a mess. He’s better single

      • Marc says:

        Yes, I love Felicity, but I am not keen on the idea of her getting romantic with Oliver, at least not for another season or two. Oliver’s track record with women is horrible and still is. As awesome as I find Felicity to be, she deserves much better than Oliver at the moment. She can be his friend, confidant, and the one he turns to for advice, but lovers? Absolutely not, not until Oliver gets his love life in order.

        Although Diggle is involved with his ex-wife, everytime that Diggle has a moment with Felicity, you see that sensitive, introspective side come out that Oliver certainly lacks. Yes, Oliver’s first instinct is to always protect Felicity because she is the one that needs it the most, but I think that he doesn’t really know her as well as Diggle and whenever we see evidence of this, I always wish that Felicity had romantic feelings for him and not Oliver as implied by the writers. Plus, I adore the fact that she is calls him John.

      • anne says:

        This! I want oliver single and sisters triangle broken for ever.

      • wonderwall says:

        @Sami, “the Lance vagina swap needs to end.” sounded like a PSA and it made me laugh SO HARD! But I agree with you 100%. That’s why Kreisberg’s comment about how Oliver/Laurel were like Lois/Clark made me see red (pun totally intended).

        I also thought that Sara was talking about Felicity, not only because of the fact that she cheered Oliver up after Sara left to kill Roy, but also because Digg said that there wasn’t a force in this world that could make Felicity a bad person.

        Why I don’t think Laurel is his light: Because Laurel is so damaged and so jaded. Also because of the fact that she whispered “once you let the darkness in it never goes out” or something like that which indicates that Laurel has more darkness than light inside her.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      If Sara dies protecting Laurel which i think will happen Laurel will be hated even more than she already is

  38. I’m yelling at my TV…kill Thea! Darn :-)

  39. dr_spaceman says:

    Was it just me or did they sort of imply that Oliver’s light at the end of his arrow-ing tunnel is Felicity and his son (presumably Connor from the comics)? I mean Sara turned around really obviously during that “find your light” speech, and pre-island Oliver looked kind of sad about supposedly “losing his child”.

  40. Ram510 says:

    So are we to assume we will see Connor Hawke soon? I wish Connor was older, maybe when they are ready they’ll have a time jump so we can see him in action and not in elementary school.
    I always assumed Laurel would be the next to go. If she becomes Black Canary (which I guess she’s supposed to but Arrow doesn’t always follow all the rules) that would be a little hard to believe that she could go from normal civilian to crime fighting superheroine too quickly. But if they use that time jump theory….

  41. Kayla says:

    I’ve never really been a Moira fan, but I totally bawled when Slade killed her. I hope Oliver ends up beating him in epic fashion!

    • Marc says:

      Just when I was starting to like Moira. Slade is a great villain, misguided and completely psychotic, yet capitvating to watch, but I hated him so much for killing Moira last night.

  42. stan says:

    Someone needs to tell the Arrow Writers that Moira had more fans than Laurel. They killed off the wrong female to promote Oliver’s manpain. Also, they spend all these episodes of Oliver saying he chose Sara over Shado (which made NO sense given what actually happened when Ivo shot Shado) and then in THIS episode, suddenly, he’s saying “that’s not what happened.” Which is TRUE, only that’s not what the writing was saying a few episodes ago. No, a few episodes ago, Oliver said, “Because I chose to save you” to Sara.

    I am SO disgusted by this move. They think it’s gutsy and bold. I think it’s stupid. Moira was such a good character–ONE of only TWO characters they’ve written consistently throughout the show (the other being Diggle).

    I can’t believe they fridged Moira. It was bad enough they did it with Shado. Apparently it’s what they do with all their best female characters.

    • Lucius says:

      I have to agree. Susanna was the best actor/actress on the show and one of the better characters. Any Great Character needs good supporting characters.

    • Jane says:

      Totally agree. I preferred Moira to any other woman on the show. She was the only character with any real brains and common sense. She was also, for me, the most beautiful woman on the show. She actually had some depth as opposed to the 2 dimensional character like Sara, Laurel, and the one I dislike the most because she is just so annoying, Felicity. It seems like any of the really intelligent female characters like Moira and Shado they kill off. I am really disappointed.

      • Dominator of destruction says:

        Sara 2 dimentional lmao Felicity has NO depth at all none Sara is also smarter not with computers etc but with common sense she is def smarter than Ollie is.Olicity fans clearly check their brain at the door!

  43. Razzy says:

    All I have to say is that it should have been Laurel that died tonight! I’m gutted that Moria died but I’m more gutted that I have to continue to endure Laurel on a show that could be so much better without her dragging it down.

  44. Britt: Happy May Sweeps!!!! says:

    This was a great episode! I didn’t see them killing Moira, Oliver having a kid, and Moira knowing about Oliver’s secret. I am mad that they killed Moira off because it isn’t even May Sweeps and I have 10 deaths that I have to possibly sit through…I can’t take all this tragic tv news :(

    • Britt: Happy May Sweeps!!!! says:

      So I guess Oliver will finally find out he has a son in the finale?! I wonder if we are going to meet him or the child’s mother. I wonder what the endgame is with that story. I guess we will find out soon enough. P.S. Oliver is the worst boyfriend ever!!!!! Poor Laurel.

  45. Srivaths says:

    I read about most of the comments about Sara going to die and i think its stupid. No offense.
    Has anyone considered the fact that Sara has left to ask aid from the League of Assassins to help Arrow against Slade and his minions in exchange for her allegiance to THE LEAGUE. I mean Slade does have an army of mirakuru injected men with him and OLLIE has a broken leg. Go Figure

  46. cindy says:

    I agree, moira was the best actress on the show out of all the female characters.I wouldnt have minded if they killed off now what? sarah goes back to League of assasins and laurel comforts oliver? Wtf.

    • John NYC says:

      I expect to see Sara back along with her friend: which duo (Nyssa and Black Canary) will put paid to Slade Wilson’s account in quite a dramatic fashion I’m confident.

  47. Daniel says:

    The funeral is in episode 21. This was episode 20.

  48. Hattie says:

    The episode was great! I will miss Susan Thompson she was amazing! i loved Moira! So Oliver is a baby daddy. Not crazy about that AT ALL! Oliver cheated on Laurel on the regular – they are the most AWFUL couple! That only confirmed it! Writers should never revisit a couple that makes you want to be single. Oliver and Sara break up – sad but necessary there isn’t really much to watching those two it’s like wood and wood.

    • Dominator of destruction says:

      Wood and wood gtfo Sara/Ollie are the only couple so far other than Ollie/Shado to possess any chemistry in fact Caity Lotz and Steve Amell are the only ones that did a chemistry test and Nyssa [Katrina Law] and honestly it shows Lotz and Amell had such an easy going thing it felt so natural unlike Lauriver which is indeed wood and wood

  49. Ellie says:

    I was hoping a stray bullet would hit Laurel. But no. It got one of, if not the best female character on the show Moira Queen.

    But I guess the death was supposed to impact us and shock us, if Laurel died there would have been tears of joy and happiness! Not what they were aiming for I guess.

  50. Pat says:

    Last week, Arrow had me seating on the edge if my seat. This week, I was jumping out of it! By the finale, I will probably be going through the TV set. I was sadden by Moira’s death. Also, the more I am learning about Oliver as a person, he seemed to be quite a playboy, jumping into bed with any girl that he dated and one of them becomes pregnant. With all the wealth that he came from, did he not think to buy protection? I am a mother, so I am thinking like one as I post this. Now back to my other thoughts. With Slade and now his army hyped up on the Mirakuru how can Arrow conguer them, because he seems so weak when fighting anyone on this drug, as was proved when he tried to fight Roy. Yes, he took Roy down by those arrows, but mind you it was at a distance. Will the return of Malcolm be the key in helping to take down Slade??? My head is spinning with so many scenarios but one thing is for sure, Oliver/Arrow needs to stay clear of his womanizing and get back into the game and start using all that was taught to him on the island by Shado.

    • Pat says:

      Sorry, first sentence should say sitting not seating!

    • brenna says:

      He didn’t really try to fight Roy. He took off his hood/mask and tried to tell him that he was a good person and should fight the mirakuru. That’s when Roy attacked him.