Devious Maids Season Premiere Recap: Bridges of Beverly Hills -- Plus: Bonus Scoop

Devious Maids RecapLike a Pine Sol-scented beacon in the cold, dark night, Lifetime’s Devious Maids returned for its second season Sunday with new maids, new men and a twisted new mystery.

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Let’s start with Marisol, whose life has done a complete 180 since last season ended. Not only is she now engaged to the dashing Nicholas Deering — seriously, the man was chiseled from marble — but it seems she also has a devious maid of her own, one who’s hellbent on getting rid of her.

But here’s the question: Is Opal jealous of Marisol, or does she actually want to help her avoid the fate of Nicholas’ ex-wife, whom he (sort of) pushed off a bridge?

While we ponder that, let’s see how the other maids are faring…

Devious Maids RecapWET & WILD | Will absence make Remi and Valentina’s hearts grow fonder? Here’s hoping, because while Remi’s still in Africa — I refuse to address the beard he was sporting in that FaceTime chat — another suitor is waiting in the wings to sweep Valentina off her feet. Enter Ethan, the Delatour’s new pool boy man, who couldn’t be any less subtle in his desire to jump her bones.

Man drama aside, Valentina is still furious with Zoila, so she’s moving out and taking a job with… wait for it… the Powells! I hope Valentina doesn’t end up dead like Flora, but at least she’ll have Ethan to fish her corpse out of the pool. (Bonus Scoop: Executive producer Sabrina Wind tells TVLine that Valentina will have a much more pleasant relationship with Adrian than Flora did. Her “innocence” will remain in tact.)

SCARED SHIRTLESS | Speaking of the Powells, Evelyn and Adrian’s home has basically become a mad house. Ever since one of their dinner parties was interrupted by an armed robbery — at least the burglars were nice enough to enter through the front door — Adrian has been a shaky little lamb, and Evelyn doesn’t know what to do with him. To make matters more complicated, she’s got a hunky — and rarely fully clothed — new bodyguard named Tony, whom she also doesn’t know what to do with… besides drool, of course. (Bonus Scoop: Wind tells TVLine that Adrian will remain on pins and needles for the first half of the season with very interesting results.)

THE PRICE OF FAME | Meanwhile, Carmen is learning that the life of a celebrity beard isn’t as glamorous as she dreamt it would be. Sure, there are parties and red carpets and hoards of fans screaming her name, but when she returns home… Poof! Her Cinderella story is over. Odessa refuses to wait on her, since she’s only publicly pretending to be Alejandro’s girlfriend, which eventually creates so much tension that Odessa threatens to quit. Obviously this is bad news for Carmen, who thought she’d hung up her gloves forever, but it’s also a bummer for the audience. Their budding friendship was one of my favorite parts of Season 1, and I’m hoping it hasn’t been squashed beyond repair.

OH, BABY | Lastly, all is not rosy for Rosie. Though she managed to stave off deportation for six months, Peri will prove to be a bigger problem for her than INS ever was. She’ll do anything to keep her man, including announce a fake pregnancy, which is all Rosie needs to feel guilty and back away from Spence. Of course, there’s one little problem in Peri’s plan: How the hell is she going to get pregnant?! (Bonus Scoop: Wind tells TVLine that the baby drama will come to a head, “pun-intended” sooner than you might think.)

What’s your favorite new Devious Maids storyline? And what’s really going on with Marisol’s new maid? Rate the premiere below, then drop a comment with your review.


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  1. Chantel says:

    Wasn’t Nicholas son Ethan the new pool man? And I think Remi was behind the robbery

    • Dan says:

      I agree that the pool boy Ethan is Nicholas’s son. If not, there is a long-lost twin story coming! I’m not sure Remy was behind the dinner-party robbery, but clearly it’s somebody we know. I was wondering if the new bodyguard will turn out to be one of the robbers. The one thing that was weird to me: last season Marisol was the “smart” one who was figuring out the truth behind Flora’s murder, and in this episode she was like a lovesick teenager. Almost a different character. I assume she’ll figure out something is going on soon.

      • mikey says:

        Ethan isn’t Nicholas’ son, young Ethan called Opal “Mom”. But I have a feeling there’s got to be a family connection between Opal and Nicholas.

    • Kristoffer says:

      Yeah, I thought the same thing about Remi. He will be behind the robbery along with his terrible fake beard!

    • chelle says:

      Lol Ethan was behind the robbery.

  2. Jeff says:

    The commercials killed the show. Every three or four minutes a commercial lasting that long came around. You just can’t watch this show on live TV. Shame on you Lifetime. You lost me as a viewer no matter how deliciously devious the maids are.

    • greg says:

      the show is the same length as every other tv show… maybe consider watching shows back from recordings, you sound like you might still use a VCR

    • Linda says:

      Jeff, it’s not just LIfetime that’s doing this, so are a lot of other networks. They’ve shortened the amount of commercials at the end/beginning of each show. It’s a trick they use to keep us watching their station. They still have to air the commercials so they air them in the middle of the show, knowing that the audience is hooked (well, most of it….) and will sit through the commercials. I do dishes or folding laundry, something that can be done during a 3-minute commercial.

  3. Megyn says:

    Loved every minute of it! Susan Lucci is a scene stealer. I predict an Emmy nomination (and hopefully a win) in her future!

    • Linda says:

      Hmmm, no matter how good she was on All My Children, it took her years to win an Emmy…..I don’t even think they’ll give Devious Maids a nod.

    • Devious Boy says:

      Yeah, I wish they would give Genevieve a bigger role or meatier storyline but Susan Lucci is killing this character – I sometimes forget the actress is the Erica Kane – kind of weird to see her in such a goody goody naive role though and well the woman can act – she doesn’t have the Powell’s nasty role which garners usually all the good storylines but she manages to steal her scenes – though sometimes she looks a bit scrawny. aS for an Emmy nod – I don’t think people know this show but it is worthy – her comedic timing is amazing. But Genevieve isn’t Erica and that may upset some.

  4. Robert says:

    I swear the voice of one of the robbers, when they were passing out the money to the homeless sound like Remy. He can easily pretend to still be in Africa when he could have been in L.A. for weeks. I am so glad the show is back, the entire cast chemistry is off the charts.

  5. GeoDiva says:

    So glad this show is back. I missed my crazy Powels!

  6. Saabgirlatx says:

    I agree with the Remy theory. Any chance the homeless lady who received the necklace from the “robin hoods” was Nicholas’ supposedly dead first wife?????

    • mantua says:

      Dahlia could be alive but there is no way she was the old homeless lady.

      • Juju says:

        If they’re stealing from “Sweeney Todd” like they stole from the book and movie “Rebecca,” then Nicholas’s dead wife could be the beggar woman.

  7. jc says:

    Omg I really liked Odessa and carmen’s relationship and i am hoping they become friends again and odessa finds a man who likes her. Somehow she ended up being one of my favorite characters despite not being one of the main maids.

  8. LovemesomeDH says:

    Season 3 of Desperate Housewives 1:1 for the mystery. Orson is Nicholaas, his mother Gloria is the Opal of this version… think there will be even more similarities going down the road… And if really Remy is behind the robberies, and Dahlia is alive (old woman), I would say this season is not gonna be that surprising.

  9. mantua says:

    Rough guess ? The Dahlia-Nicholas-Opal trio was responsible for the the hit-and-run of Evelyn and Adrian’s son.

    • Arie says:

      I think you’re right! Barrett died when he was 6 and it had been over 14 years since his death last season when the Powell’s celebrated his 21st birthday. The season 2 opening scene was a flashback in 1999 which was 14-15 years ago so the timeline matches up.

  10. jm says:

    Love it!
    They got rid of almost all the weakest links from last year… Only if Remy stays in Africa and never come back…
    Love The Powells, Love Genevieve… But too much Rebecca all around.
    Carmen is the most annoying maid, but Rosalyn has such a comic timing… I wish that Sofia Vergara has a guest spot… it will be so hylarious with all them

  11. Fernando says:

    Love this show, happy it’s back.

  12. Juju says:

    I can’t believe Marisol has never read or seen “Rebecca.” If she had, she would know exactly where her plot is going and where the Mrs. Danvers creepy housekeeper stand-in comes from.

  13. Mary Morton says:

    What happened to the couple that Marisol was working for in Season 1? The wife was shot.

    • Devious Boy says:

      They still live in Beverly Hills but may only be seen occassionally now that Ana Ortiz is no longer their maid. This is a cable show and the budget is very tight – as you can tell because other than the maids no one else did all the episodes last season – it was kind of clear it wasn’t story dictated. Anyways they had to make room and money with new characters. So they’re gone as well as Sam and of course Phillipe and Flora.

  14. Jon says:

    Rosie and Carmen are still irritating. Valentina is getting on my nerves now too. Listen to your mother and go to school, you slut!

    I hope they give Zoila more stories than the one with her daughter.

    As usual Susan Lucci and the actress who plays Evelyn Powell are the scene stealers.

    • Devious Boy says:

      So true. Evelyn though does have the juicy role (ironically the Erica Kane or Alexis Colby witch with a capital B role) which makes it easier to steal scenes :)

  15. Kay says:

    I only had one beef with this episode Nicholas and marisol met in a bookstore trying to a first edition du Maurier- that’s the same author as Rebecca so marisol is supposedly not able make the connection .. Widower and creepy housekeeper ???

  16. chelle says:

    I feel that devious maids just keeps getting better and better it’s always a mystery of what will happen next.
    ABC I hope that you continue to let devious maids air, because frankly I’m a little disgusted that you’ve taken so many good shows off your network that it doesn’t make any sense at all please let this SERIES continue into the 3rd season!!!!!

  17. DeviousMaid says:

    i dont know why,but those robbers are kinda hot.