Scandal Season Finale Recap: Father Knows Best

Scandal Season FinaleAre there any bombs left in the world, or were they all dropped during Thursday’s Scandal season finale? As promised, the hour was a non-stop parade of explosions, most of which made Maya’s actual church bomb seem like a firecracker in comparison. Let’s begin…

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Never one to take her eyes off the prize, Sally rolled up her sleeves — or, rather, ripped them at the shoulder — and used the explosion as an opportunity to gain some much-needed, last-minute love from the American public. (Speaking of relentless survivors, Rowan did manage to live through last week’s run-in with Maya.)

Mellie’s Big Jerry secret was also finally brought to light, though Olivia picked a curious time to clue Fitz in on his father’s misdeed. After delivering one of his classic lies speeches about how he and Olivia are going to start a family someday, she interrupted him with the inconvenient truth.

Of course, Little Jerry quickly stole back everyone’s focus when he bled out in the middle of Fitz’s speech. A very specific strain of bacterial meningitis took the 15-year-old’s life, leading to yet another dark alliance, this time between Fitz and Rowan. Papa Pope offered him Maya’s head on a silver platter, though Fitz definitely didn’t read the fine print on their deal.

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The next bomb was dropped by Olivia, herself, when she announced her decision to quit Olivia Pope & Associates. “It’s me, I’m the scandal!” she told Jake in the series’ most meta speech to date. “And the best way to handle a scandal is to shut it down.” Jake rebutted with an invitation to run away with him, which she happily accepted. (And, honestly, who wouldn’t?)

That’s when we learned the twists had only just begun! Not only is Maya alive, but Rowan is the one who orchestrated Jerry’s murder — with a little help from Tom, of course — all as part of his plan to get reinstated as Command of B613. And poor Harrison, the only person who managed to put the pieces together, ended up getting killed. (Or so we’re led to believe. Given Rowan’s track record, it’s possible he’s just storing Harry somewhere for safe keeping.)

Now, let’s cleanse our palate of this drama by reflecting on the grossest part of the episode: Huck and Quinn getting caught bumping uglies in the conference room at OPA. (I believe Abby put it best when she shrieked, “My eyes!”) That should be a terrific story for Huck to share with his newly discovered family…

Which Scandal finale bomb blew your mind hardest? Any new predictions for next season? Rate the episode below, then drop a comment with your review.



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  1. CK says:

    So my guess is that the season 4 finale is going to feature B613 bringing back Olivia to restart OPA and handle the crisis of David Rosen exposing the organization. I doubt she would head back on her own volition and this seems like something big enough that Rowan/Eli would warrant pulling her back into D.C. for. I also wonder if more people are going to find out about Eli’s and Tom’s murder of Little G/Jerry.

    • herman1959 says:

      Ck, did you mean to write the season 4 PREMIERE?

      • CK says:

        Yeah, I meant to say premiere. However, since season 3 ended where it started, finale might be appropriate also. I wonder if Olivia leaving again gives them some leeway in case that can’t get Kerry that much for the first few months after her pregnancy. I could see them doing an episode or two with her only showing up for a scene or two until she finally “arrives”.

        • Cheyenne says:

          Her baby is due next month. Plenty of tIme for her to get back into shape before they start filming next season.

        • herman1959 says:

          There should be plenty of time, but I agree that Shonda is leaving herself some leeway just in case (and the same with the Harrison situation). Anyway, I expect to see less of Olivia for the first one or two episodes. Sometimes the weight just doesn’t come off as fast as expected and posters have been complaining that they want the sleek Olivia back – good luck!

          • Cheyenne says:

            From the photos I’ve seen of her in maternity clothes and the way she appeared from the back on the show, it doesn’t look as if she gained very much weight. I’m betting most of it is off by July.

  2. tv2day says:

    Excellent finale! Shonda basically no commented Kimmel last night when asked if Harrison was dead. Columbus short is on notice. Also, folks need to actually get the facts on his situation. He not do “attempted murder of his wife”

  3. AT says:

    While I love Scandal and overall enjoyed the episode, I did feel a little disappointed. While I do actually like Olivia and Fitz together – he seems like a better person when he is with her than when he is not – I didn’t expect they would be together at season’s end. I don’t see how Olivia can really ‘quit’ OPA – as I don’t know what it would be without her. I think she’ll make it back to DC quickly either because she (a) two and two together and realizes that her father may have had a hand in what went down or (b) Cyrus/Huck/Abby/Harrison or the WH get a hold of her and get her back in town.
    I hope David treads lightly with the documents Jake sent him, and I hope Jake watches his back – if Rowan finds out those documents are in David’s hands, courtesy of Jake – trouble could ensue.
    Not sure if Sally will be a S4 regular or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she and Leo decided that Little Jerry’s death was too convenient for Fitz and did some digging of their own. I don’t expect her to go all-out Gladiator but she might make some waves, if indeed she’s not off the show.
    I kind of hope Andrew and Mellie rekindle things as I do like them together!
    Not sure what’s going to happen with Huck or Quinn, but I worry that it wasn’t a good idea to bring Huck’s family in to the mix. . . . where did Charlie go? Will he seek some kind of revenge on Huck via his family? And is Quinn a Gladiator or B613? Will Rowan want her on the team?
    Not sure of Harrison’s fate, but it would have been nice to have learned more of his backstory and connection to Olivia before this point.
    I can’t help but wonder if Jake is working for Rowan, is he supposed to protect Olivia? Try to keep her from returning?
    And Mama Pope is not dead. Why Fitz didn’t ask for proof, I don’t understand! But now she’s in the hole as opposed to super-high-security prison; is she being primed for B613?
    So many questions!

    • Cheyenne says:

      Mama Pope is in a hole in the floor because Rowan wants to watch her suffer a slow death. Just killing her would be too good for her.

  4. RReg says:


    I like Fitz so let’s agree to disagree :-)

  5. Paul says:

    This was the perfect finale for me, because I was looking for a clean break from this terrible show that I hate that I care about. Shonda wrapped everything up with a nice bow and now I can pretend it’s all over.

  6. Saabgirlatx says:

    The janitor going missing at the church would have been a red flag for the secret service with the President and Vice President scheduled to be at the funeral and did we see Quinn break up with Charlie? Sloppy writing/editing on what is typically a tight show. I think the tidy endings of these plot points set up for a time lapse/late return for KW’s maternity leave.

  7. PFitzDC says:

    Non-stop explosions? Did we watch the same episode? Yes, there were some significant events, but the episode felt oddly rushed and slow at the same time. The reveal about Mellie and Big Jerry–that felt shoehorned in and given short shrift. Little Jerry’s death? Also a bit whirlwind. On the other hand, lots of time for all characters to mope about what’s been lost. While I admire that Shonda applied her vision–going back to the first episode of the season and the plane–but to me this episode really showed the cracks of cutting back the schedule by 4 episodes to accommodate Kerry Washington’s pregnancy. They didn’t have any choice in that matter, but I don’t think they handled it as well as they might have if they made a few more tweaks to the big picture. Doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be waiting anxiously to find out how they reboot next fall! But this fell a little flat.

  8. herman1959 says:

    My grade for the first 28 minutes is C, and A for the last 15 (the point where Fitz tells Liv that her mother killed Jerry, but he doesn’t blame her). The writing, acting, and direction were so good that I felt like I could have skipped the first 28 minutes. Tony Goldwyn was brilliant in the breakdown scene when he realized the price he had paid for reelection, it hit him like a ton of bricks and, actually, knocked him to his knees. He was able to convey his utter devastation without words or over-the-top vocalizations or gestures. Now, contrast that with the scene where Cyrus breaks down at the press conference about James’s death.

    As fab as the last 15 minutes were, though, I do have one gripe – the loud partying at the WH after the win was announced at the same time that the President was mourning his son – no class (plus they killed Jerry……just no!) Lastly, I have a different take on the Jake/Olivia scene; I found them to be very realistic about their situation. No love was professed, no promises were made, and no one said anything about forever. I just think Jake presented her with the possibilities of the moment and she accepted. That said, as soon as she realizes how destroyed Fitz is she’ll be back. See you in the Fall (online, of course!).

  9. Anna says:

    I just want Olivia stay where she is right now and be happy. Not necessarily with Jake though… I know that she is gonna come back, because otherwise the show wouldn’t work. Still sucks.
    Also, i was most excited for Huck finding his family again. Dude need’s some happiness. Also therapy. Lots of therapy.

  10. Kristy says:

    I will never watch another TV show “live” – thanks for that suggestion BTW, ABC. The silly commercials (and I mean that they were actually *ridiculous*) KILLED the momentum of the story. You get worked up with the drama of the show and then sit through a bunch of insufferable commercials — it totally killed the suspense!! UGH!

  11. Kristena says:

    I wonder whether it’s possible that Mama & Papa Pope worked together in this plot. I find it really strange that she could have killed him, but didn’t. Then later Olivia found them together in his hospital room. Finally, instead of killing her like he promised the president, he has her living in the hole.

    • AT says:

      I wonder the same thing. It would make sense. Papa Pope asked Olivia not to delve any further into her mother’s whereabouts after she found out that Mama Pope killed Jerry Jr. – which gives him the opportunity to hide the truth about Jerry’s death. So for now, she’s assuming that her dad and mom are on opposite sides and Papa Pope is the ‘good’ one. I expected we would see Mama Pope in Rowan’s hospital room at some point – and she wasn’t trying to finish what she started by ensuring Rowan didn’t survive. She easily could have (she could have killed him when she stabbed him but didn’t – which is so suspicious). I hope the writers answer this question when Scandal starts back up in season 4.

      • RReg says:


        Worked together and she ends up imprisoned in a hole in a floor? I don’t understand how you can arrive at this. So the hole in a floor is her what? Her Ritz Carlton?

        • AT says:

          I agree – but it seems like there’s more to it. . . perhaps they worked together and now he’s double-crossed her in order to retain the upper hand? Or maybe I’m just over-thinking it!

  12. Xilinx Finiin says:

    Anyone know the Name of the song at the end of the episode, I know it’s an oldie?

  13. Jennifer says:

    For those of you saying that the Jerry/Mellie rape was totally unnecessary- I feel like it explained a lot of her character. I really really hated her, wanted to slap her almost all the time and thought she was just heartless. Once they introduced the rape into her storyline, I had a much better understanding of her character. I understood why their marriage went down the toilet and why she became the way she was. It just made more sense to me, and made her more of a sympathetic character. I still often want to slap her though.

    As for the B613 plot, for anyone that watches Revenge, it’s becoming very much like the “Initiative” plot did for me. It’s old and tiresome and doesn’t make much sense to me anymore. I think they just took it a little too far or something.

    • RReg says:

      I am one of those who think the rape arc was unnecessary. It did not make me like the character one bit more.
      1. Mellie had options.
      2. she should have told her husband
      3. she could have tried to get some therapy
      4. we were shown that she made nice with her rapist
      5. we were shown she used the rape to black mail her rapist
      6. we were shown that she stopped having a sexual relationship with her husband for apparently 10 year. this I understand – she should have cut her ties and moved on with her life.
      11. she was a partner in a law firm
      12. She graduated from Harvard Law – top of her clas
      13. She had options.

      holding on to man who have told her many times that he wanted to have nothing to do with her while sleeping with another woman, is pathetic and demeaning

      The finale when Fitz was on the floor quite distraught – who did he call for? She ended up making the call to the love of his life. This was demeaning and pathetic.

  14. Naomi says:

    Why keep Olivia’s mom alive? (Except for the obvious reason of continuing her character)….. What were they trying to get us to think by showing her down in the hole at the end of the show? Is she now B613?

  15. Renee says:

    I enjoyed the season finale. For all the HATERS look at the RATINGS. Shonda still has it. No TV Show is perfect. But she still brings it.. This show wil go beyond next season as well.. This is entertainment people.. The true Gladiators know that!

  16. RReg says:


    Fitz took responsibility for getting rid of Papa Pope and putting Jake in his place
    Fitz took responsibility for ensuring the stealing of the election did not come out.
    Fitz took responsibility for ensuring the mother of the love of his life was taken out of the country.
    Fitz took responsibility for ensuring hostages were released
    Fitz took responsibility for getting up out of his sick bed after an assassination attempt in order to prevent Mellie not being hauled off to jail for her crime.

    He listens to the counsel of the love of his life. What man you know who doesn’t listen to what his mate has to say, especially when said mate is brilliant at what he or she does?

    Only a boy would not listen to wise counsel.

    In my book Fitz is da man. When all is said and done, he and Olivia are the ones left to clean up peoples’ mess.

    • Lovely says:


      I don’t know about that… It seems to me that Cy and Olivia are the ones who do everything possible to prop up Fitz and keep him where he is. They are the ones who do the dirty work and make the sacrifices. I actually really liked Fitz in the beginning but the writers have really done a disservice to his character.
      1. He’s an alcoholic, who has been on and off the wagon at various times throughout the show. That is a sign of weakness and certainly not a trait I would want in a POTUS.
      2. He’s selfish and arrogant. Case in point having Jake spy on Olivia, you break up with her yet you will abuse your office and title to spy on her and violate her privacy.
      3. The man has a nasty streak and a nasty mouth. The insults he’s hurled at Mellie are too numerous to name. And he can be just as cruel to Olivia “I may not be able to control my erections around you but that doesn’t mean I want you. We are done”… right after he just had nasty closet sex with her and his juices were probably still dripping down her leg. Just like Olivia said he treated her like a w hore.
      4. Jealous and Arrogant. The thing that really put the nail in the coffin for me was he becoming enraged and jealous over Mellie’s affair. Punching out Andrew, whining to Mellie “You never loved me…” And then sending Olivia to squash the affair. So you can screw Olivia and be mean to your wife, but your wife can’t have a little happiness of her own? And please don’t say he squashed the Mellie affair for any reason other than his big ego was bruised, because I’ll call total B.S.
      5. Selfish again. And now that Fitz has told Olivia that he’s not leaving his wife anytime soon, does he tell her that he doesn’t want to hold her back and if she wants to move on he understands? Nope. He expects her to wait indefinitely while he remains with Mellie. If you really love something you set it free, especially if you know you aren’t good for the person and you’re holding them back. I have NEVER heard Fitz say this to Olivia, not once. Only “I want another chance, I DEMAND another chance”. Who is Fitz to demand anything from this woman who is not his wife. That sounds more like obsession and control to me, not love. Does he care about what the affair has done to Olivia and what she has sacrificed? Nope. All he does is make promises he cannot keep and sell her false dreams… At this point I really don’t see what there is to like and admire about Fitz at all.

      • abz says:

        Lovely, your post was lovely :)
        I couldn’t have said it better myself. You summed up exactly why I have come to seriously hate the Fitz character. I don’t feel sorry for him and he barely has any redeemable qualities.
        And you are so right about Olivia and Cyrus. Fitz doesn’t really do anything. He’s just there as a public face. Olivia, Fitz, the Gladiators, the White House workers, even Mellie, they all do more than anything Fitz has done. They are the ones that work their butts off to make him look good and all he does is mope around obsessing over Liv and what his next method of emotional torture will be.

        • Lovely says:


          Thank you. I totally agree with you. Even Mellie has made big sacrifces to keep Fitz in the WH. She is not the most pleasant person but she is the first to give Fitz what he needs. For example, the finale when Fitz is on his knees and Mellie is calling Olivia for him because its what Fitz needs. Its ALL about what Fitz needs. And I almost forgot…

          6. Fitz is a horrible father. The fact that his kids hate him speaks volumes. I mean you cannot take the time and effort to be a good dad??? He doesn’t even care that his kids hate him. At least try to repair the fractured relationship with your kids. But nope… too selfish.

          Everytime I see Fitz I think of “Meet the Fockers” when the baby is like

      • jJenner 1287 says:

        Come on Lovely what planet are you on girl! Pleaseeeee! Fitzs and Olivia are in love of course any pain they cause each other is gonna hurt like hell! If you remember that closet scene you should surely have remembered what a broken man fitzs was as anybody wbo had been shot 4 times by a family friend who had also killed a wife and mother in the process to get back at you for an election tbat they rigged with everybody that you loved especially to find out that the one person you loved most of all and laid out your heart to was involved. To top that you ha d to kill that evil woman to stop everybody from going to jail including the mother of your children! Also both Olivia and fitzs were in that closet together altough he was trying to regain composure by what he said to her his body language and that shower scene with his wife after spoke volumes about how he really felt – volumes its not only the words we all say things we dont really mean but our body language never lies! Anyway Mellie is drinking heaily lately but i suppose like Jake she will get a pass as well and it will be her strength in keeping a 20 year secret from who was at tbe time a loving husband but could tell your boyfriend. Lovely if you hate the character fitzs then just admit to it because tbe people you are hailing have done much worse things!! Shonda has done huge damage to fitzs and olivia and can now have a clear run with jake and mellie Olivia has even now got feels for jake and gone off with him maybe at last she can give fitzs a break with the lousy writing – we olitzs surrender, enough, get back to character development and good story telling in S4 please!!!!!!!

        • abz says:

          “To top that you ha d to kill that evil woman to stop everybody from going to jail including the mother of your children” –> Please, let’s not act like Fitz killing Verna was anything but a selfish act to cover his own ass after she threatened to go public and reveal that he was fraudulently elected. He was not thinking of the other people involved, it was about him holding on to being POTUS regardless of how he got the position.
          “…and it will be her strength in keeping a 20 year secret from who was at tbe time a loving husband but could tell your boyfriend.” –> Huh? It was 10 years not 20 and Mellie never told anyone her secret. What boyfriend are you talking about? Andrew? I don’t think he knows anything about it.

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            Well clearly abz you have not been watching the show – how old is Jerry how long the affair with olivia, when did firzs find out about the rape! As for killing verma who did verma invite at the hospital waiting to take hèr statement to send everyone including fitzs to jaul – David!! You have not been watching love!!

          • abz says:


            It would be much easier for you to get you point across if you punctuate. I’ve really been having a hard time reading your posts.
            And yes I have been watching. Anyways, I don’t understand what Jerry’s age, the length of the affair or when Fitz found out about the rape, had to do with what I brought up in my post. You said, or at least I think you said because I hard time understanding your post, that Mellie kept the secret from Fitz for 20 years, but had told her boyfriend, and I replied back to you asking what boyfriend did she tell? She only told Olivia unintentionally.
            And yes Verna’s statement would have affected a lot of people, that’s true, but the issue here is regarding you stating that Fitz killing Verna was a selfless act to protect everyone and the mother of his children. It wasn’t. He wanted to save himself and hold on to being POTUS.

        • Lovely says:


          I’m the type of person who will not blindly co-sign everything someone does just because I like them. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong and that’s the bottom line. Fitz is a character that I really liked in the beginning but as I stated, his bad behavior cannot be ignored. Sorry it just cannot. And I agree with abz, killing Verna was about Fitz protecting his legacy and keeping the WH. It was not this unselfish act to save everyone around him… come on.

          And I really hope you do not justify verbal abuse in your personal life the way you do with this character. There is no justification for man who just had sex with a woman to treat her like he did Liv. If you’re angry with her, don’t mess with her, leave her alone! But to chase her down the hallway, pull her into the closet and have sex with her then speak to her like she is a “w hore he got off the street’…. No, sir! That is never OK, not in my book. A man should always treat a woman with respect… especially after you just gave him the business. Fitz fans like to always justify everything the man does.

          Also, the way he treats Mellie is horrid. You mentioned the shower scene, another example of Fitz being cruel and nasty. An angry drunk. Nobody said he had to love Mellie, but why be so nasty to the woman? If I were Olivia, I would take note how Fitz treats Mellie and his own children, and I would be very skeptical. That could be Liv and her kids 10 years down the line. The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior. All of a sudden he’s going to be this great husband to you and a great father to your children… REALLY Girl? And for you to still be co-signing on Fitz, I have to wonder, Girl what are you smoking???

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            Lovely clearly everyone in the show is flawed but i can see from the post across social media that fitzs is the only one tbat does not get a break and yes he had done less than others. For example jake started a relationship with olivia by watching her inner most secrets, he sleeps with her makes a tape and passes this on, he puts her in hospital, he chokes her, has killed how many people apart from james and the two unknowns how many sites have u seen people shouting how great he is for olivia cos i have seen loads. If by fitzs being unable to return physical and emotional love to mellie makes him such a horrid man then i am confused with the actual commitment of marriage love you cannot give what you no longer feel. The guy waited on her for 10 years when they were in love i think out of them all fitzs is the most honest with his feelings. Yes adultery is wrong, murder is wrong but all i am saying it is not down to fitzs all the things that has happened. The storyline about fitzs putting jake to watch olivia was just put in to make jake more acceptable it did not make one bit of sense for fitzs to do that to the person be loved. If you remember up until now they cant even get a good explanation for that. absolute rubbish plot to continue to tear down the character and lift up another. Well the writers will not be able to do that in season 4 as the damage to the fitzs’ character no longer has any redeeming quality in the majority of viewers eye. But i am not so easily fooled and maybe they just might do better with the fitzs and olivia’s character in season 4 Lovely. Lovely i hear what you are saying but i am afraid i see it differently. You have a good day.

          • Lovely says:


            I know you’re a firm Olitz supporter and you seem rather emotional about it. When Fitz does terrible things, you dismiss it as bad writing, but when other characters do terrible things you hold them accountable. Can’t have it both ways can you? This is how Shonda has chosen to write these characters and it is what it is. We cannot pick and choose to acknowledge some things and ignore others.

            In terms of Jake vs. Fitz as a match for Olivia, the tiebreaker for me would generally be murder, but… seeing as how Fitz and Jake have both committed murder there goes that… I‘m conflicted about Jake really; and I am aware that he has done some really bad things as you pointed out. But I guess if I had to choose between Jake and Fitz, my choice would be Jake. And I’ll tell you why… I don’t know the age Olivia is supposed to be but she would have to be at least mid-30’s. Kerry Washington is 37. So for a woman that age who wants children and a family as Olivia has already stated she does, who is better option? A married president of the US with kids, or Jake who is single and without all that baggage. For me, and probably for the other viewers you are referring to, Jake is the better choice. I mean really to have Olivia wait AT LEAST another 4 years for Fitz, and by that time she is in her 40’s, is she really going to start having babies and making jam at that age? I know women do have kids in their 40s but it just doesn’t seem like a smart choice to me to wait around for Fitz and hope he finally marries her one day. Fitz is unavailable, as Liv has said many times before, but she doesn’t seem to want to accept it. And yes I know Liv loves Fitz, but that is not the only determining factor, or at least it shouldn’t be. Sometimes love isn’t enough and circumstance and reality and other things need to be weighed as well. But honestly, I think Olivia should have stayed with Edison. He was a nice looking, successful man who loved Olivia and was not a murderer, at least not that we know of! But of course he was too boring for Olivia, she likes them white and slightly psychotic (LOL…joking!) Maybe the best option would be for Olivia to be single for a while, eventually have a new love interest come into her life.

        • Lovely says:


          And just because I’m getting on Fitz right now doesn’t mean I can’t do the same with Olivia. Like I said, when you’re wrong I’m going to call you on it. Liv has done a lot of silly and stupid things too. They’re writing her character like… I don’t even know. I know Shonda is an African American woman and she always says this is my show… but she has Olivia doing some very unrealistic crap that a real African American woman would not do. Sorry Shonda! But I was originally replying to RReg’s post about Fitz. But don’t think I have any issues calling out any other character on the show on their nonsense as well.

          • jJenner 1287 says:

            Lovely definitely not emotional over a tv show just get a little ticked when viewers can be sooo swayed intentionally, the funny thing is it happens so much in life and sometimes even though it is a show you still want that critique and observation its a part of the job i do and naturally comes into play when i enjoy a show. Lovely i cant argue with the reasons you have given for choosing Jake they are perfectly logical. However i will always be the old romantic and never settle for less than what my whole heart desires as that is what will bring fulfilment in the long run!

          • Lovely says:


            Oh absolutely! I do agree Fitz is the love of Olivia’s life. Its sad really that Liv and Fitz are in this no win situation. Its like a tragic romance… its tough to watch. One of my favorite Olitz moments was when Fitz went to Liv’s apartment and held her on the couch until he was forced to leave. So heartbreaking! I was once an Olitz shipper too! I guess for me it got old, the writing changed and the reality of their situation sunk in… Then I was like, I can no longer support this fawkery.

            I am glad we can have friendly discussion and debate. I enjoy chatting with reasonable, logical folks! At the end of the day, its Shonda’s show as we are always reminded and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

      • Cheyenne says:

        Check out season 2, episode 5 or 6. Fitz meets Olivia in a restaurant and tells her “I’m doing what you wanted. I’m letting you go.” Then he and the SS agents walk out of the restaurant and Olivia dissolves in tears.

        Also check out what Verna told Olivia in the hospital: “Have you thought about how much pain you will be in if he really lets you go? You two breathe in sync.”

        Be careful what you wish for.

      • RReg says:


        I don’t think that I can totally agree with you on this. Does Fitz have issues? Absolutely, there is no denying this, but I do not think it is accurate to say that he has done nothing and that everything has been handed to him

        Cyrus and Mellie scheme and plan and do terrible things that always backfire on them and who is left to pick up the pieces? Fitz or Olivia.

        I agree that being an alcoholic is not a trait one wants in a POTUS. What lead him to drink?

        I agree he should not have had Jake spy on Liv this was clearly wrong.

        I agree I do not understand the punching of Andrew because of Mellie. It was an illogical action to undertake based upon the supposedly having no feelings for Mellie that we have been shown.

        I believe he does care about Olivia and what the affair has done to her. He has tried breaking up with her several times (one such time he became an alcoholic) . The first time they met he told her he was trying to stay away from her. He tried making sure that she was not part of managing the campaign, because he recognized his attraction to her.

        • Lovely says:


          That is ok, we don’t have to agree on everything but at least you are reasonable enough to concede that some of Fitz behavior has been terrible. Based on his behavior throughout this season and even some of season 2 I do not believe he is worthy of Olivia and if she is such a smart woman as she claims to be she would cut her losses with Fitz and move on. Love is not supposed to hurt… that stupid speech Liv gave the senator when she dumped him last season shows that Liv is emotionally unintelligent, espcially if she believes love is supposed to be this painful. It isn’t.

  17. Dede says:

    Love Jake. that man is super sexy. The problem with Fitz is that he is a boy. I mean really. your son is dead and you are talking about call olivia??? Who does that. I want my mommy. wah wah. And this is supposed to be the man that is running America. GMAB. Jake should be president. he is a man and handles all his problems and steps to the plate

    • jJenner 1287 says:

      Dede clearly you did not understand what was happening in the office seen with fitzs you being so blinded by pretty boy jake. And you know what i can’t even bothered to discuss it with you!!

      • dede says:

        I understand very well. As a person who lost a child I called on my creator not my lover. Also had to pick up the pieces of my life. It is clear fitz is a weak man. He could not even win any of the elections on his character. They were handed to him

        • jJenner 1287 says:

          Dede very sorry for your loss and you are right that only the creator can get you through such pain. I will pray that God will continue to heal and strengthen you. However i have to say you have a very unbalanced view of fitzs. If you look at all those statements you made there were reasons of years of hurt and pain undercurrent in all of these. I quite agree that all have said and done terrible things in the name of fitzs but i think a Side from olivia they all were benefitting themselves in his name! I also think think tbat anybody who watch the show would have agreed that fitzs and olivia were absolutely in love until the character assinations in s3. Anyway why you all still killing fitzs olivia has gone off with you all and Shonda’s favourite blue eye boy – gosh give fitzs a break!!

    • RReg says:

      The problem is you seem to have little understanding of complex emotions. It is so very simple… in times of turmoil, humans usually have 4 reactions:
      1. commit suicide after killing as many people as possible
      2. become a loner
      3. turn to destructive behavior (drugs or alcohol)
      4. cling to those who love you and who you love.

      I leave you to figure out the rest.

  18. dcary says:

    Mama and Papa worked together to get Olivia out of the country and out of their business. B613 (and Rowan) financed Maya’s plan to blow up Fitz. Maya’s at the church, on the streets of DC in broad daylight and no one (police, Secret Service) arrests her? She’s a known terrorist!! When she did get arrested, she smiled ’cause she knew their plan worked and Olivia was gone. Next season, Rowan will betray Maya and keep her locked up because she’s a terrorist and he was just using her to help him with Olivia.

  19. Yash says:

    Is it only me or anyone else too who wanted Sally to win the elections?

  20. Eileen says:

    What is there to like about this show? I’m completely baffled. I did try because I like a suspense but there is no redeeming value here. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy, there is no soul here. I know Olivia is the heart of the show, but the supporting players are corrupt, lying, amoral drones. So what does that make Olivia? I’m done.

  21. Sara says:

    I surprisingly enjoyed the finale. Outside of the Huck & Quinn stuff and finding out Tom is evil, I enjoyed all the scenes. Love the Fitz & Mellie scenes. And i’m very glad that Liv made it very clear that it’s Fitz that she loves.

    I know alot of people hated she went off with Jake, but imo, them doing that now, tells us Jake & Liv aren’t endgame. All he’s going to be is Olitz’s distraction. So weirdly i’m ok with her going off with him. Especially when he had to beg her to go. LOL!

    Hoping this show is able to get back to being at least pretty good in season 4.

  22. RReg says:

    @ Lovely,

    So how do we deal with the show and development of characters and plots? How much leeway do we give to bad writing and illogical character development? I ask this because if we were to take the show as is, then yes we would have to say Fitz is crap, Jake is crap, Liv is crap- they are all crap except for David and Abby.

    Now if we work in the bad writing and illogical character development, then views of characters change.

    Every one hawks on the fact that Liv has to wait 4 years to be together with Fitz. I do not see this being the case. If the plot would progress in a logical manner instead of this back and forth insanity that we have had for 3 seasons both parties would be in a much better place and I suspect you and many others would have a much better opinion of Fitz. Once again do we take the plot as given or make accommodation for the inferior plot and character development?

    What do you think would have happened if Verna had been allowed to speak to David about stealing of the elections?

    • Lovely says:


      Let’s take the fact that Fitz is a murderer off the table. I’m actually not even holding that against him (I’m sure that sounds very weird). Remember in my list of all the reasons Fitz sucks I didn’t list him murdering Verna as one them… at least that is not one of MY reasons for disliking Fitz.

      You stated you do not believe Olivia would have to wait four more years for her and Fitz to be together. How can Fitz and Liv be together now? Fitz is in the WH for four more years… so if that’s a fact how can his relationship with Liv really progress? Can they live together? Have children? In a normal relationship that’s what happens, couple falls in love, moves in together, gets married, have children (although not necessarily in that order). How can Liv have these things with Fitz while he’s in the WH? She cannot… no matter how you slice it she would be waiting on Fitz another four years (at least). And even then is Fitz really going to divorce Mellie… I’m skeptical. A president’s political life doesn’t end once they leave the WH… And at this rate in four years we may learn that Mellie was forced into childhood prostitution and Fitz will feel sorry for her and decide he can’t leave her. Do you see what I’m getting at? This is just not going to work for this couple. And let me tell you the real rub RReg…. I’m going to go very deep right now… Fitz doesn’t want to leave Mellie. Think about it. He stayed with this woman for 10 years in a sexless marriage. How many men do you know in this day and age who are going to remain with a woman 10 years in a sexless marriage??? And never cheat… Is that because Fitz was still pinning for Mellie and hoping she would come around? I can see waiting two years, but TEN. Come on. Fitz could have divorced Mellie, started dating, etc. by now. HE COULD BE A FREE MAN! But the fact that Fitz stayed with Mellie for 10 years with no sex in the marriage tells me that Mellie has a hold on Fitz and I’m not sure exactly what it is. You have mentioned in your previous posts that Mellie had other options. Well guess what? Fitz had other options too. I do not feel sorry for Fitz. And I am not convinced at all, given what we’ve learned, that Fitz even wants to end his marriage with Mellie. He can tell Liv a million times that he loves her but at the end of the day actions speak louder than words.

      And as I said previously as a woman in her mid-30’s wishing to start a family, waiting on Fitz is a stupid move. The only plus Fitz has on his side is that Olivia is in love with him, he is the love of her life. But I don’t believe in just one person for everyone. I believe a person can have more than one great love in their life. But one has to be open to new love, and in order to do that you have to let go of the past. Fitz is unavailable, period, end of story. Olivia needs to move on and find someone who can give her 100% and give her the life and love she deserves.

      Regarding the question about taking the writing and the show for what it is, that is what I do. I have taken into account everything Shonda has shown me from day one about the Liv and Fitz relationship and based on everything as a whole Liv would be a fool to wait for Fitz. I already laid out his many, many failings. And now he’s starting to sound like the typical, sleazy philandering husband telling Liv, “I can’t leave my wife right now…. but I will” Oh yeah, how many times have you heard a married man say those words to his mistress LOL! If you had a daughter who was in Liv’s situation given everything we have seen about Fitz, would you really advise your daughter to wait for Fitz? Honestly RReg… would you?

  23. RReg says:

    I was well into my response when it disappeared, so pardon me if what I say don’t quite make sense. It is a bit tiring having to remember what I said in order to recreate my response.
    From what I recall, Fitz remained married to Mellie so as not to impede his run for the White House. What would happen if Fitz were to divorce Mellie right now? From the research that I have done for a real world situation, if a sitting president were to divorce, there would be no impact to his presidency (barring calls for the usual opposition nonsense of course). So based upon this, Liv and Fitz do not have to wait four more years. Mellie can be sent to Blair house or the other house that she was using before she went on worldwide television to air her dirty laundry. Liv and Fitz can start having a normal (as much as possible) relationship instead of the on again off again thing that everyone, but Shonda is tired of (which by the way I will not be putting up with if it occurs in Season 4). Even if they were to not move in together there can be the elimination of the back and forth and have them just start moving forward instead of this depressing tortured mess. The only thing keeping Fitz and Liv apart is the inane construct of Shonda’s lack of imagination.
    You cannot claim Fitz had options. I made this claim regarding Mellie taking into account if the character was multi-dimensional and fully fleshed out instead of the one trick pony that it is. If you are claiming that you take the show as written, then you cannot claim that Fitz also had options since we were shown none. He had none, just as Mellie had none. This is the construct of the Shonda universe. And this is the problem with accepting the show as is or thinking beyond the illogical developments.
    The problem with the scenarios that you posit is the bad writing and the illogical progression of the development of characters. I think it was you or perhaps it was another poster who said the season ended exactly where it started. This is telling, but a fitting summation of exactly what transpired for the year. And if the show were to continue in this vein then yes there would be no happy ending for anyone. The fact that you mentioned a crazy scenario of Mellie being a child prostitute lends credence to the argument that some parts of the show are ill conceived and badly written.
    If we are to take the show as is – slopping writing and ill conceived plot development and all. Then you would be right –the end game is to have Fitz and Mellie remain a couple to show that no matter what, you remain with the one you marry no matter how miserable you claim to be.
    If my daughter was in Liv’s situation I would throw some holy water on her. While I understand and can empathize with the desires of the heart, sometimes the heart needs a good kick in the you know what… I do not condone adultery. I would have advised her to cut him loose the moment I found out about it. If she decided otherwise then I would still be her dad – in spite of disliking the choice she made.

    • Lovely says:


      The scenario you posed is the only way I would ever agree with Olivia remaining with Fitz. If he were to say, “Now is the time, enough waiting”, somehow divorce Mellie, deal with the political fall out and then move forward with Olivia. This whole “I can’t leave Mellie right now” nonsense… I am just not here for it… not at all. Olivia is too beautiful and too smart to wait another four years for Fitz. So I can go along with your scenario and that’s it. Ultimatum time!

      In spite of all my objections I do not think Olivia and Fitz are done. She is clearly still in love with Fitz, she’ll spend all of two seconds “in the sun” with Jake and come running back to the WH to Fitz. I hope, as you, that the back and forth between Olivia and Fitz is over. For 3 years we have watched Fitz and Olivia make up and break up. We’re tired of it Shonda! We’re bored! Its old and stale now! Get a new story line! Something, ANYTHING, would be better than this boring B.S!

      I hear you, if my daughter, sister, or even friend was Olivia I would have to slap some sense into her… Like are you crazy? That white man is using you all up and when there’s nothing left he’ll throw you away! (LOL… joking). But seriously I would not be happy about anyone I love and care about being Olivia. I guess that’s why Papa Pope did what he did, he hated what Fitz did to his baby girl LOL!

      RReg, do you watch Game of Thrones? I have a feeling you would absolutely LOVE that show.

      • RReg says:


        Thanks for the recommendation. I may have to check it out. I have heard good things about it from others as well. Funnily enough, one of my friends sent me books one and two of the story. Just haven’t managed to get to them yet. Will do so once I finish my studies I suspect.
        I think it is safe to say that the, “I can’t leave Mellie right now”, needs to be put to rest. You really get the full effect of how annoying this writing is when you binge watch. While I am a firm Fitz and Olivia together fan, if they have broken up again – let them remain broken. I suspect though, that the start of season 4 we will have Liv back in DC and flashbacks to tell us how, why and when she returned. I will tell you this- any hint of makeup and break up again -will do it for me.
        You made an interesting comment – has what Papa Pope done to Liv any better than what Fitz has done to her. Fathers are supposed to cherish their daughters so that they can learn how they should be treated. Perhaps if Liv’s parents weren’t such basket cases, her heart would not want what it wants…. Then again who knows? The heart does want what it wants and sometimes there’s just no rhyme or reason…

        • Lovely says:


          Yes I mentioned Game of Thrones because we always talk about how terrible the writing has gotten on Scandal. With Game of Thrones that is a complaint I never have nor have I heard any fan complain about. GOT is arguably the best show on TV right now. You have the books so you know the background, and the author of the books is a great writer and it reflects in the quality of the show. I also just watched the first 6 episodes of House of Cards with Kevin Spacey as a crooked and corrupt congressman. HOC is a show that has been compared to Scandal a lot. Again, I’ve only watched the first 6 episodes but it seems like a really good show. A much more realistic view of how Washington operates. The main couple on the show both have affairs but they are more realistic in how they approach their affairs. So that’s another one I recommend. You can get both shows on netflix for about $8 per month. Game of Thrones is on its 4th season now so you would be able to binge on the last 3 seasons, which is always fun.

          In terms of Fitz and Olivia, I’m with you. If they continue this back and forth, break up and make up nonsense I am done as well. Its just not entertaining anymore, its more annoying and a turn off now more than anything. I’m already not purchasing this season on DVD because of it so I am on the verge of simply turning the channel. I think the main problem is a lack of direction. I read they don’t have a larger map for where the show is going they just take it week to week and come up with things… well it shows. It just seems like they have painted themselves into a corner now and don’t know where to go with the Olivia and Fitz characters. Shonda needs to step up her game.

          • RReg says:


            Sorry for the tardy response. I’ve been inundated with assignments for studies and projects for work. OK I will check out GOT when I get some time. I guess I will have to binge watch to get caught up and so this will have to be done when I am on vacation. I know of HOC from the British version. It was brilliantly done. I may check that out as well.
            I will watch season 4 of Scandal with one caveat – if there is smallest hint of back and forth crap with Olivia and Fitz – I will exit. I honestly do not have time to be annoyed. That hour spent is an hour I can be studying or sleeping. Since the show is now going into its 4th year, it can be considered a mature production. Perhaps it is now time that the writers used story boards or whatever they are supposed to use to write better, more consistent characters.

            BTW – I went to see Belle (the movie) You should watch it. It’s quite a good film. Well I enjoyed it.

  24. Cheyenne says:

    For those who are asking why doesn’t Fitz divorce Mellie and marry Olivia now, there is one simple reason:

    The Fitz/Olivia romance is the heart of the show. Fitz and Olivia marry now and what happens? They make babies. They go to work (he in the Oval Office, she at OPA). They come home. They make more babies. Where’s the fun in watching that? The show turns into a version of Father Knows Best (or maybe Mother Knows Best). About as interesting as watching paint dry.

    If Shonda wants to end the show, that would be a good note to end on. Because once they get married, the show is essentially over.

    • RReg says:

      Don’t you and shonda have an imagination? Well I guess not based upon what we have seen thus far. Where and how do you get “place the relationship on a logical development path” to being married and having babies? Is there nothing in between?

  25. Rosalind says:

    Too many explosions started feeling artificial. Too many loose ends and not enough serious plot development.

  26. Tshego says:

    Sorry yall but olitz is the only way to go..they have passion,love and everything in between#liveontheedge