Exclusive Community Season Finale Sneak Peek: Are Jeff and Britta Finally Saying 'I Do'?

Brace yourselves, Jeff/Britta shippers, because TVLine’s exclusive clip from Thursday’s Community season finale (NBC, 8/7c) features an announcement so monumental, it’ll knock Annie flat on her boobs.

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That’s right, it appears Jeff and Britta really are going through with their wedding plans. And considering Greendale’s current state — it wouldn’t be inaccurate to call it apocalyptic — who could blame the fan-favorite twosome for wanting to do something crazy?

Hit PLAY on the preview below, then drop a comment with your thoughts on the future Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Winger.


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  1. Anna says:

    Really?! Like… seriously?! For real?! Also, are Jeff/Britta really a fan-favourite? I thought most fans preferred Jeff with Annie? Oh well… but still, ARE THEY SERIOUS?

    • EJ386 says:

      Indeed I want Jeff and Annie…

    • Rose says:


    • Kristen says:

      I am definitely a Jeff and Annie fan. Kinda runioned this show for me, just like HIMYM.

    • DarkDefender says:

      If they actually get married and it is not some kind of dream or alt reality.. They just Britta’d the show. #fiveseasonsandnomovie

    • Kate says:

      Being fan-favorite is meaningless. It won’t affect the outcome Dan has in mind for the show. So, LOL at people in this thread getting all butthurt about the author calling J/B “fan-favorite”. Even Jeff/Britta don’t care about that nearly as much as Jeff/Annie shippers…because they’re smart enough to know how irrelevant that status is.

      • yurie says:

        I’ll make your butt hurt, Kate. Pepper your angus pls.

      • Gina says:

        ^ THIS This describes best this whole issue. Those J/A shippers think that because they´re constantly tweeting or posting on the internet they´re the majority but it´s just that J/B ‘shippers’ find it childinsh or irrelevant to be voicing their oppinion and I wouldn´t be posting neither but those shippers need to be dealt with already (XD XD XD)

        • The Titanic says:

          Given that the majority of the audience is online ( it sure as heck isn’t watching the show live) the large presence of Jeff Annie fans on the internet and social media is a better indication than anything else of what constitutes the majority and what’s popular. Dismissing them as somehow irrelevant because your particular section of fandom isn’t as well represented and then insulting them as being “unintelligent” just makes you sound childish and a bit jealous.

          • Gina says:

            Only Jeff-Annie shippers call the non supporters of their of their ship… ‘jealous’, ‘haters’ etc… Your name is Titanic? go figure…I hate it!…. (the movie of course,not the real ship)

          • The Titanic says:

            @Gina , I don’t think that behavior is exclusive to just Jeff and Annie fans, shippers of all kinds do that sort of thing all the time. Keep in mind that I was responding to someone who had called JA shippers childish and irrelevant. Also it doesn’t take away from my main point that online Jeff and Annie are the most popular when you consider how much of a presence they have online. And yes, I chose the name The Titanic ironically.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Jeff/Britta are no fan favorite in this household. And I’m saying that as someone who sees myself as a Britta and I am also totally in love with Joel McHale. The ending of last week’s episode made me barf a little in my mouth. They better be going somewhere good with this, because right now I feel like Community has been ruined a little. I have faith in you, Dan. Please be going somewhere really good with this.

  2. jaybird says:

    good jeff and annie is outplayed and the whole show started with jeff/britta good way to come full circle. plus the thanksgiving episode last season gave off a special spark.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Ya i agree, i just cant get over how young annie is (and immature so that adds to the issue of her age) with Jeff. Yes Britta has her issues (as does Jeff) but the show started off with him chasing her and wanting her…tho i dont think this is them on the path to really being together, its probably just a plot line that will blow up in their face or fizzle out (on purpose)…Harmon doesnt seem to be the type to like to write happy couples that stay together (in interview taking back over he said theres been too much relationship stuff, that thats over for now.

      Also i dont believe that “fan favorites” should automatically become what the writers write….yes take that info in a tiny bit…but THEY are writing the show and HE is the creator and he is telling the story HE wants…maybe all along he believed it was Jeff-Britta and whine all you want for Annie and Jeff but if you want it your way, become a writer and write your own show. TV shows arent crowd sourced for plot lines and relationships. Your voice isnt a vote on who Jeff ends up with, This isnt idol where you text who you want to stay and who to go.

      • Kate says:

        Exactly. I prefer Jeff/Britta as a pairing, but for god’s sake, it’s pretty much a given that they’re not going to get married. So what? I’m not gonna go cry into my diary about how much Harmon’s shafted me, ruined the show and then belittle him for not catering to my shipping preferences. If romance is what you’re looking for, there are plenty of other shows that will fulfill that criteria. Community is not one of them.

        JA shippers, man. smh, for real, tho.

      • opzesty says:

        you do know that the actresses that play annie and britta are the same age, don’t you?

  3. Kat says:

    “Fan-favorite?” Jeff and Britta haven’t been a thing since season 2, and even then, they were just casually hooking up, and broke it off once everyone found out. They were also pretty awful together. I’d think the majority of Community fans don’t have a preferred couple.

    Jeff and Britta are just doing this because they are as afraid to leave Greendale as the rest of the group, especially with nothing to show for it, and want to hang onto something. It makes no sense for them to get together, let alone get married, and I highly doubt they will.

  4. caro says:

    loveee Jeff and Britta =)) happy!!

  5. Stephanie says:

    If they actually go through with this Jeff/Britta thing I’m gonna be so mad. Jeff and Britta kind of suck together.

  6. Gina says:

    It would be a closure to the original premise as it always was Jeff,Britta and the group and they nerver stopped seeing each other in every season. Never saw Jeff/Annie as a thing actually, don´t know why they argue so much about it. Is this a thing like ‘Allison vs Gillian’ I don´t know about?

    • kidris90 says:

      Huh? Never saw Jeff/Annie as a thing? You mean the pairing that has been teased for 5 years. Jeff/Annie has gotten a lot more tender budding romance moments than Jeff/Britta.

      • Kate says:

        Hey, remember how in Paradigms, Dan basically said Jeff/Annie shippers are “reading into things that aren’t there”? Yeah…that.

        • minalba says:

          Hey, remember how Dan said that Jeff was lying when he said Annie was reading into things? Yeah…that.

        • kidris90 says:

          Sweetie, that was him messing with shippers. Shippers don’t write the episodes. Harmon and his staff do, and they put in Jeff/Annie moments themselves. Plus, we have the IGN interview where Harmon says flat out that Jeff and Annie have great chemistry while Jeff and Britta have no chemistry of a romantic nature,

      • Gina says:

        Never took their pairing as a tease. Did you see Pierce and Shirley as a tease also? because I didn´t. Jeff-Britta and Abed-Troy are the only official pairing of the show to me( and a lot of fans)

        • Ram says:

          Jeff and Annie have been teased relentlessly for the last five years, refusing to acknowledge that is odd considering how many moments the writers have given those two. In contrast Jeff and Britta have been done in any romantic sense since a Season Two.

          • Gina says:

            Things have been happening between Jeff and Britta off screen all the time which makes their relationship even more intimate or special and the show even more meta and I´m pretty sure the writers were always considering revisiting their romance on screen sometime but now I thing they are trying to avoid any romance and go for the friendship among all of them, (which I embrace more). But anyways, doesn´t matter if they get back or not, the Jeff-Annie thing is completely absurd and somehow a tease on purpose just to show the audience how ridiculous are romantic pairings in most of the shows.

          • Ram says:

            Things happening offscreen are non canon, might as well be fanfic. I don’t think its a case of meta commentary more like a case of keeping what doesn’t work off screen. Interesting how Jeff and Annie fans are mocked for their delusions when you yourself are trying to bring up some imaginary offscreen interaction to justify Jef and Britta as having some deeper connection. What matters is how they are represented on the show and last nights episode again proved how toxic they are together romantically. Abed says so himself when he stated they wouldn’t last six episodes but I’m sure you’ll probably spin that to mean some kind of deeper spiritual connection between Jeff and Britta.

        • brendan says:



  7. Will says:

    Community is not based in reality… that being said I’m “ok” with Jeff/Britta.

    I’m *not* ok with this potentially being the series finale if NBC cancels it… :(

  8. Kay says:

    Fan favorite?

    • Elizabeth says:

      I know right? Since when did Jeff/Britta become a fan favorite? Judging by reactions, the only people happy about this twist are Jeff/Britta shippers.

      • Alice says:

        all 10 of them

        • Kate says:

          10 of them, plus DAN, the most important JB shipper of them all.

          • Britta Unfiltered says:

            I don’t think he’s a Jeff/Britta shipper, no, and I’m not sure where you’re getting that from unless it’s just in your own fantasy world. In one of the commentary tracks on the DVD (I can’t recall the exact episode), he talks about how he thought Jeff and Annie had a lot of chemistry as far back as the first season Halloween episode at the Day of the Dead party. His exact words about that were, “This is gonna get crazy.”

          • minalba says:

            Totally, he LOVES their sibling vibe (his words.)

          • kidris90 says:

            Sweetie, Harmon said on IGN and other interviews that Jeff and Britta have a chemical lack of chemistry when it comes to them having a romance together. He is not a Jeff/Britta shipper at all. Last night, he even had Abed go meta and point out why Jeff and Britta would never work as a couple.

  9. Gabriela says:

    Jeff+Britta <3

  10. Leonard says:


  11. Lexi says:

    You really have no clue about Community fandom, do you Andy? Fan favorite? I’m an academic, I ship Annie/Britta so I don’t have a horse in this race, but there’s a reason why my work focuses on Jeff/Annie shippers: they’re what you call…how do you say it? The fan favorite.

    • Kate says:

      You’re fooling no one. LOL.

    • TV Gord says:

      Real fans of Community aren’t interested in pairing anyone up…especially now that Troy and Abed are streets away, er, I mean, a world apart. :-D

      • TV Gord says:

        (I know, I know, but streets ahead would make no sense in this context.)

      • Lexi says:

        I hate it when people tell me someone’s not a “real fan” or a “real geek” because they enjoy romance. It’s elitist bull, if you ask me.

        • TV Gord says:

          …or it’s just an opinion that differs from yours. :-)

          • eilowynfic says:

            When you say it’s your opinion that shippers aren’t REAL fans of Community, you’re devaluing the way they see the show. You don’t get to decide who is a true fan or not. You only have the right to comment on your fan status.

          • TV Gord says:

            I DO get to decide what my opinion is, and that’s what it is. Besides, I started out kidding. You people who like to dictate what other people think made me take a firmer stand, but the big smiley-face was an indication that I was kidding. Sheesh. Uptight people.

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        TV Gord, I always enjoy your posts and the things you have to contribute. That actually is pretty close to how I feel as well. I do like Annie and Jeff together, but I recognize that it couldn’t really work on the show, so I can live with them not pairing up. But I can’t live with a Jeff/Britta pairing. I would just prefer no romantic relationships happen in this group of friends. I get a little sick of TV comedies forcing romances down the audience’s throats. Why can’t TV characters just start off as friends and end as friends?

        • TV Gord says:

          That’s how I feel. It’s closer to real life to me. Not everyone is destined to pair up. If they are, you can see it a mile away. I don’t see Jeff with either of them.

        • TV Gord says:

          And thanks I always enjoy your comments, too! I’ve always loved your screen name, too!

  12. OM says:

    Fan favourite? umm okay then. Jeff/Annie are by far the most popular pairing.

  13. GuessWhat says:

    so riveting (not)
    could be a SERIES finale!

  14. lolwut says:

    lol Fan-favorite? That is laugh worthy. Jeff/Annie are the fan-favorite.

    • Kate says:

      LOL, as if being fan favorite is really gonna change Harmon’s mind about where he wants to take his show. If you really believe that, you’ve got another thing coming.

      • Lexi says:

        Kate, I’ve met Dan Harmon. I’ve been to the Starburns Industries building in Burbank. I spent two hours talking to him about shipping. And I hate to break it to you, but you don’t speak for Dan Harmon.

  15. Kimmy says:

    This is not making me want to watch but then Jeff/Britta never did. They should leave romance off this show.

  16. Olive says:

    Why are they foisting this Jeff and Britta relationship on us now?? It’s apropos of nothing! They would never work as a couple, and they have shown us this over and over. Plus I always liked Jeff and Annie better.

    • Kate says:

      And Jeff would never date Annie, as they’ve shown us over and over. Plus, I like Jeff and Britta better.

      • MWJ says:

        No, he is just willing to plan a skit trip with her and share a hotel room. And has he ever really dated Britta either? Besides more than just hooking up?

  17. hahawateven says:

    I’m pretty sure they are kidding about j/b being the fan favorite cause if not what even haha.
    I don’t ship either too much, but prefer j/a scenes. The proposal is sorta ruining the character development for past 4(5) seasons.

  18. Diz says:

    I can’t believe the finale is already here.

  19. Jes says:

    As someone who doesn’t really give a damn about ships on this show, I do actually think if there were to be an endgame, it should be Jeff and Britta.

  20. “We are not acknowledging this; you guys are ridiculous together!” –Annie (and 98% of the audience

  21. Alice says:

    “fan-favorite”? lol get real tvline

  22. Oh good, this again. Someone wake me when a show doesn’t panic and run back to the most obvious pairing, one that was more or less dead for seasons, since that’s apparently a theme this year…

    • Lou says:

      I know right? I actually liked how they handled Jeff and Britta, ending it and still being friends. This turn of events is like the most cliché thing Dan could have done. It’s so boring.

      • Kate says:

        And yet you’d kill for Annie to be in Britta’s place right about now. Your front is hypocrisy at its finest.

        • Lou says:

          Actually no I wouldn’t. The show stepped away from Jeff and Annie for most of this season so I would be just as confused and unhappy if Annie was in Britta’s place. You sound just like Dan harmon. You have no idea what J/A shippers really want.

        • MWJ says:

          A random out of nowhere marriage proposal? That would be crazy if it was Annie too. If they kissed, or agreed to go out, that would be awesome. but no matter who it was with, the marriage plot is insane.

  23. minalba says:

    Fan favorite? Ahahahahaha

  24. Angela says:

    I couldn’t care less who the fan favorite couple is on this show, myself-heck, having read a shipper war or two on here over time, I’m inclined to think a show should not plan out their romantic stories based on the fan favorites, and just go with what’s natural and makes sense to the actual story instead.
    I do like Jeff and Annie, mind, they are fun and cute together, and there’s no question they have chemistry. But I do like Jeff and Britta as well, and as some people here note, if this is the series finale (hope not), it will be a nice “full circle” sort of deal. So I’m fine with whatever route the show goes on that front.
    And besides that-I can’t see this video because it says I need to update my flash thing or whatever, but it wouldn’t surprise me if these wedding plans turn out to be a ruse or they change their mind at the end or something, too. So I’m willing to hold off and see what happens.

  25. Madison says:

    I absolutely love Jeff and Britta. It doesn’t even make any sense for him to be with Annie, she’s too young and they’re in different phases of their life. This is the smartest thing Dan Harmon has done all season.

    • kidris90 says:

      The smartest thing Dan has done is push forward a pairing that the majority of Community fans despise? Wow. I guess you’re also one of the few who liked the finale of How I Met Your Mother.

    • kidris90 says:

      And how is Annie too young for Jeff? She’s 23. Famous couples in real life and famous couples from iconic movies have had much larger age differences between them. Ever heard of Bogie and Bacall?

  26. Baggels! says:

    I honestly think they won’t go through with it in the end, but I still love them as a pairing! They’re perfect together, and despite what ppl say here about them being “toxic” – I have to wonder about the lofty ideals you hold about relationships.

    • kidris90 says:

      Not lofty ideals, I just don’t support pairings where the man constantly treats the woman like crap and laughs at her beliefs and values. Britta should be with Subway. He actually shared Britta’s ideals.

      • Emma says:

        Jeff stopped laughing at Britta last year in Herstory of Dance. The closest we ever got to him reverting back to his old ways of treating Britta was the meow-meow beans episode. Even then he respected Britta enough to tell about the mustard on her lip.

    • minalba says:

      Lofty ideals?! OMG, that’s hilarious. I have to wonder what you think real relationships are actually like (Hint: NOT Jeff and Britta.)

  27. Lou says:

    Really, this again? I’m so bored of these two. And what do you mean by ‘finally getting married’? They just got engaged out of nowhere last week. It’s been two minutes. Beyond that they haven’t been together since season 2. I don’t know where you’re seeing this FINALLY thing here. It’s not something I’ve been waiting for that’s for sure.

    • Kate says:

      And Jeff/Annie have been together…oh, never. What’s your point?

      • Lou says:

        Woah someone’s really pissed you off huh? Can’t take hearing people dislike your ship? All I was saying is I think the proposal has come out of nowhere. That’s my point. Chill out. You JB shippers are so obnoxious fml.

  28. Babybop says:

    Can there just be ONE show where there aren’t ship wars? I’m getting so sick of it. Jeff/Britta, Jeff/Annie, who cares as long as the show continues to be smart and funny. Just watch the dang show and trust that Dan Harmon knows what he’s doing.

  29. Anna says:

    “And Abed hired an Irish singer
    Britta’s marryin’, Britta’s marryin’
    Britta’s marryin’ Jeff-frey Wingerrr”

    That being said…who cares what happens with either pairing. As long as we get more jokes like the one above, I’m cool with whatever Dan Harmon does. I mean, they are his characters. He knows their brains inside and out.

    Also, it’s quite obvious that one of two things will happen tomorrow:
    1)They save Greendale, which will most likely have Jeff and Britta cancel whatever “plans,” they have.
    2)They don’t save Greendale. Everyone has to move on. Jeff and Annie have a moment where he talks to her about you have to leave some things behind. It’s unclear what’s going on with Jeff/Britta in the sense that they’re still “engaged,” but there are no obvious plans for their future as a couple beyond that and we find out what happens in the hopeful season 6.

    From a storytelling perspective, the Jeff/Britta thing does make sense because it gives meaning to the time at Greendale. To them it’s like if they all moved on individually, then the point of it all wouldn’t matter. A Jeff/Britta engagement means all wasn’t lost. They, as human beings (in the literal and Greendale sense), need to create meaning out of fear of death. Jeff almost died without significance. He needs his life to mean something.

    • kidris90 says:

      See, that’s why the show gets such horrible ratings, because it ignores character development and human progression in favor of meta jokes.

      • Kate says:

        Oh dear. *pats head* Go back to watching BBT. You don’t belong here.

        • tripoli says:

          Why don’t you chill out and let people have an opinion that isn’t the same as yours? You’re coming across quite rude and obnoxious at this point. You’ve made your feelings crystal clear. Back off a little.

      • Anna says:

        Arguably Jeff/Britta is the correct character development.
        When you think about all the moments from the show where Jeff had an epiphany, the majority of them involve Britta trying to help him as a friend. Perhaps Dan Harmon is commenting on how sitcom couples rely on “sparks,” or “chemistry,” when it’s not what is good for the characters in the long-run? Perhaps he’s saying that a relationship rooted in a deep friendship and undertsandig is the best one to have? But I don’t know, I’m not Dan Harmon. However, he has shown us that Jeff and Annie are in much different places in their lives right now and a relationship between them simply wouldn’t work. Sometimes ships have to go down in order for the story to be better. Harmon doesn’t owe anyone anything. If anything, the fans owe him for these amazingly, flawed and beutiful characters to come out of his brain–as Jeff/Annie wouldn’t even exist for your fanfiction if he didn’t create them first.

        • minalba says:

          But I would argue that Jeff and Annie do share a deep friendship and understanding. People focus way too much on Annie’s idealism, IMO, and forget that she’s ambitious and can be ruthless in her competitiveness. She and Jeff are far more alike than people make them out to be.

  30. MWJ says:

    “Fan Favorite?” Fan as in Andy Swift?

    Way to be patronizing to Annie as well.

    Jeff and Britta are terrible together. Together they are petty, competitive, inconsiderate, and mean. Jeff and Annie care about one another, and support one another.

    • Emma says:

      If by care you mean Jeff doesn’t take Annie seriously and Annie tries to control Jeff then sure they are prefect for each other…not. Britta has done more to get Jeff to be a better a person then Annie ever will. Britta and Jeff are equals, Annie and Jeff never were.

      • Lou says:

        Yeah, Britta has never tried to change or control Jeff. She just forced her way into his father’s house on Thanksgiving when he specifically asked her not to and kept pushing him to confront his issues. If that’s not trying to control or change Jeff, I don’t know what is.

        • Emma says:

          That was not Britta trying to change or control Jeff. That was Britta helping Jeff with his dad issues. Britta didn’t try and manipulate Jeff by having take actions he didn’t want to. Jeff wanted to confront his dad issues. Compare it to Annie who only really likes Jeff because she wants to ‘fix’ him. Annie’s need to fix Jeff is a problem.

          • Shae says:

            So when Britta tries to help Jeff it’s out of the kindness of her heart but when Annie does it she’s trying to fix him? Have I got that right? Double standards.

          • minalba says:

            The Annie tries to fix Jeff BS again. Annie encourages Jeff be a better man. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. This show is about Jeff being changed because of the family he’s made at Greendale. Character growth, I think it’s called.

      • kidris90 says:

        Emma, what you are saying is directly contradicted by Dan Harmon, who has said that Jeff and Britta have zero romantic chemistry and have more of a bickering siblings vibe to them. Annie makes Jeff better. Whether you ship it or not, that’s just a fact. Jeff constantly mocks Britta’s beliefs and treats her like crap.

        • Anna says:

          He also treats Annie like crap….like all the time. Possibly even worse than he is to Britta. Also, everyone mocks Britta’s beliefs. That’s not really somehting specific to Jeff and Britta’s relationship.

          • Angela says:

            Also, everyone mocks Britta’s beliefs. That’s not really somehting specific to Jeff and Britta’s relationship.
            EXACTLY! And even then, it’s not so much that they mock her beliefs in and of themselves-for the most part they seem to agree with her beliefs on various issues. It’s the preachiness and overly idealistic nature with which she delivers them that they groan and moan over. As somebody who can identify a little too well with Britta on that issue (more so on the “overly idealistic” side of things than the preachy side, but still…), I get how that can be annoying to people, and sometimes people need a harsh dose of reality. For instance, when the group was playing the D&D game the first time around, that wasn’t really the time or place for Britta to go off into some spheel about characters “taking over other people’s land”. It was a game. Not a political issue.
            And besides that, considering she’s still friends with Jeff and the group at large all these years later, clearly any mocking they do of her doesn’t bother her THAT much. And they all make fun of each other. None of them are perfect, none of them are pleasant people all of the time, they’re all jerks to each other at some point and time. So using that logic, none of them should be hanging out with or showing interest in each other, and yet…

          • MWJ says:

            Jeff can be a jerk, and lazy about things, but he is generally the first if not only person to support Annie, especially when she asks him.

          • kidris90 says:

            Not at all. And whenever he does, he ends up apologizing for it ala Intro to Political Science. Yeah, everyone laughs at Britta’s beliefs, but not everyone is trying to marry her.

  31. Emma says:

    Jeff and Britta are awesome together. Annie is awful around Jeff.

    • kidris90 says:

      Dan Harmon disagrees with you, sweetie. He has talked about what an awful fit Jeff an Britta are for each other. Check out his interview with IGN. He goes as far as saying that Jeff and Britta have a “chemical lack of chemistry” and that the chemistry between Jeff and Annie crackles off the screen because it’s so strong. I get that you’re a Jeff/Britta shipper, but right now you’re sounding delusional. Even the test scores for a potential romance between Jeff and Britta back in season 1 were horrible.

      • Carrie says:

        Says the psycho that scans every interview for the slightest possible hint of Dan showing a preference of Annie over Britta. *pats head* It’ll be okay, sweetie.

        • kidris90 says:

          Psycho? This is the comments section and it’s full of comments about the various ships. You’re calling me a psycho because I’ve read the only interview Harmon has done with a major source since being rehired. Wow. Looks like I struck a nerve.

      • Anna says:

        Check out his AV club interview….

        Also, theres been some podcasts out there where Harmon talks about how relationships rooted in friendship are more important to him than ones based on “chemistry.”

        • The Titanic says:

          So Annie and Jeff aren’t friends? There’s an underlying attraction in their relationship but that doesn’t mean they aren’t friends plus they also have mutual respect and work well together. Throw in how drawn they are it each other and I would say that’s a solid foundation for something romantic to happen between them.

          • Anna says:

            They are friends, but they don’t have the same mutal respect in the way that Britta and Jeff do. Jeff kind of talks down to Annie and she takes it. When Jeff talks down to Britta, she calls him out on it.

            Britta and Jeff’s friendship is much different than the one he has with Annie. He feels responsible for Annie–looks down to her when she doesn’t need that.

            I think Jeff/Annie’s been dead since season 3 in Virtual Systems Analysis, but the season 4 writers kept beating the dead horse and giving the Jeff/Annie fanatics false hope.

        • MWJ says:

          Annie and Jeff’s friendship is much different than the one he has with Britta. He cares about her and what she thinks of him, while his interest in Britta was mainly wanting to bang her.

          I think Jeff/Britta’s been dead since season 2 in Paradigms of Human Memory, but the last episode went back to the “Jeff and Britta getting married” well for a third time and giving the Jeff/Britta fanatics false hope.

  32. Rook says:

    Oh, Britta’s in this

  33. Nan says:

    Boo-Hiss!!! Jeff and Britta are NOT fan favorites, that’s a big stretch! Jeff & Annie are considered the most Fan Fave couple :) Britta should date/marry Professor cranky pants, that’d be more interesting!!!

    • MWJ says:

      You mean Hickey? No. But I wouldn’t mind seeing more Britta/Duncan. That has been an interesting pairing (romantic or not) and one that has not been mined out three seasons back like Jeff/Britta.

  34. Walter says:

    How much longer will NBC keep this limbo show (how low can it go?)?

  35. LC says:

    I actually shipped Britta/Subway so I’m really sad about this. Subway was Britta’s perfect guy. Jeff is a douche who doesn’t deserve Britta OR Annie.

  36. Edward Broch says:

    Jeff and Britta are the best together! come on, they totally get each other. Having said that I am against ship wars too. And If Annie and Jeff end up together I will still love the show. And I totally love Annie as a character.

  37. Fede says:

    I love Jeff/Britta together. Aside from Abed/Troy they are the best (platonic) pairing on the show and, let’s be honest, they’re the only couple that would really work romantically. They already act like an old married couple, they get each other better than anybody else and they accept each other as they are. Plus, they’re both egomaniac jerks and that alone makes them the perfect match.

    • Angela says:

      You hit the nail on the head as to why I like Jeff and Britta together (though I don’t know if I’d go so far to call Britta a “jerk”, necessarily…but that’s neither here nor there :p).

    • Hanna says:

      The problem I have is their jerks to each other as well. Jeff treated Britta pretty poorly in a lot of ways over the seasons. Romantically they kind of gross me out for those reasons.

    • Nic says:

      THAAAAAANK YOU. Yes. Jeff and Britta make absolute sense and I’ve never understood why people don’t see that. Just because you don’t ship them doesn’t mean to say they don’t have chemistry.

      • kidris90 says:

        Nic, I hate to burst your bubble, but Harmon said himself on IGN that Jeff and Britta have a “chemical lack of chemistry.” The actual creator of the show is saying they don’t have romantic chemistry.

      • kidris90 says:

        “Jeff and Britta make absolute sense and I’ve never understood why people don’t see that. ”

        Because those of us who have been in actual long-term relationships know that it’s not a good idea for two people who constantly treat each other poorly to date.

    • kidris90 says:

      “let’s be honest, they’re the only couple that would really work romantically.”

      That’s laughable. Jeff and Britta are awful together. She constantly makes him regress into his jerk persona, and he constantly treats her poorly and mocks her beliefs and values. Take it from someone who’s actually married, Jeff and Britta would get divorced within 1 year if they were an actual real life couple. For you to act like it’s a fact that jeff and Britta are the only couple that would work romantically is offensive.

  38. Alice says:

    I don’t ship any of the couples well maybe Abed/Troy, haha. But even I’m upset by this! Britta and Jeff never had the chemistry. Frankly the show got better after their romance fizzled. The toxic thing? It’s totally valid. Jeff doesn’t respect Britta. And Britta dislikes many aspects of Jeff’s character. They bring out the worst in each other romantically, and to be honest this is a giant regression for both of them. If they did go through with marrying each other that would probably lead to resentment, hatred, divorce and a loss of possibility for friendship. I love the show, and I’ll keep watching. But this storyline dragged down an otherwise triumphant return to Community greatness. Is this leftover from the gas leak year? Because that’s what it feels like. Dan Harmon, I know this is your brainchild but sometimes personal wish fulfillment isn’t whats best for the show/characters.

    • Kate says:

      Then don’t watch if you don’t like the way Harmon’s doing it. Stick to your fanfiction. Trust me, Harmon won’t miss you whining about stuff you’re not getting from him. Jeff/Annie shippers – y’all don’t get this show at all if you think Harmon’s gonna cater to your teenaged whims.

      • eilowynfic says:

        Wow, Kate. Way to bring down a conversation and roll in the mud of a ship war! I found your comment to be rude and completely unnecessary. You do not get to tell anyone that they don’t “get the show” because they have a different opinion than yours. You’re the one acting like a whiny teenager here.

      • Alice says:

        Kate, I’m not sure if you completely read my comment, but I didn’t even mention Jeff/Annie. In fact I made it pretty clear in the first sentence that I’m not even a shipper to begin with! I think Jeff/Britta getting married is bad storytelling and a slap in the face to both characters after years of development. Does that mean Dan Harmon is going to listen to me? No. Does that mean I’m going to stop watching? No, I love the show too much to drop it because of one bad storyline. But I do have a right to discuss my opinion with other fans same as you, there’s no reason to be downright rude about it.

        • Kate says:

          No, I just have a problem with you telling Dan how to run his show. “Personal wish fulfillment” – it’s HIS show, he can fulfill whatever wishes he wants, and he doesn’t need fans getting bent out of shape about a proposal bit, and say how he’s essentially doing it wrong. I mean, LOL at the arrogance.

          • Alice says:

            Kate, I wasn’t literally telling Dan Harmon what to do. I, like you, have an opinion and chose to discuss that opinion civilly with other fans. I’m sure Dan Harmon couldn’t care less what my opinion is and probably will never see that comment to begin with. You can call me arrogant or whatever else if that really makes you happy.

      • Lou says:

        Dan Harmon is that you? Again you have no idea who ships J/A. Most I know are 25 and above. I’m 27. So enough with the teenage whims already. Your pettiness is showing and it’s boring. All we are doing is expressing what we are unhappy about. I’m sure you’ve done that before.

      • kidris90 says:

        Hey Kate, how does that crow taste? LMAO. You probably threw a show at the screen last night.

        • Angela says:

          You do realize you sound just as annoying as the Jeff/Britta fans, right?
          Again, aren’t “Community” fans supposed to be above all this sort of ridiculous ship war nonsense?

  39. Colette says:

    Pretty sure Jeff and Annie is the more popular and interesting pairing. They have chemistry, and the dynamic between the in is different because of the age difference.

  40. Lydia says:

    Jeff/Britta fan favorite? Are we in some alternate dark timeline I don’t know about? Because last time I checked the majority love Jeff/Annie. I just don’t understand why the show would spend years (since the end of season 1, really) building Jeff/Annie up and showing us why Britta and Jeff are wrong together. If the goal was for Jeff and Britta to end up together why wasn’t that developed? Instead they’re getting engaged on a whim out of fear because Greendale is ending? That sure sounds like a solid, healthy relationship waiting to happen. I’ve spent the last few years watching the show developing Jeff and Annie. Going completely backwards is a little hard to stomach, and all of the characters deserve better.

  41. Emma says:

    And yet this show had at least twice as many viewers when Jeff and Britta were together.

    • Shae says:

      Lol the decline in viewers has nothing to do with Jeff and Britta. It’s because the show declined in quality and humor. It has nothing to do with pairings. Don’t use viewing figures to justify your ship. Lame.

      • Emma says:

        Whatever helps you sleep at night.

        • kidris90 says:

          Emma, sweetie, actual test scored from season 1 show how poorly received the Jeff/Britta relationship was. All you have to do is read some interviews from Dan Harmon. He and Chris wanted Jeff and Britta to actually become a couple in season 1, but the lack of chemistry was so obvious that thy scrapped the idea and just had them sleep around.

          “You stand Jeff next to Annie, you feel the energy crackle off the screen. In other ways than I thought, there is a distinct, chemical lack of chemistry between Jeff and Britta. There’s a beautiful kind of ex-girlfriend/sibling, familiar bond between them. I really like to see them go on funny missions together, and I like to see Jeff and Annie go on more idealistic adventures, and I like to address the fact that “We’re all gorgeous, and we’re all single. I’m a man, you’re a woman, and that makes things difficult. I have feelings.”

        • Shae says:

          Lol what? Look at the viewing figures this season. An episode heavily promoted as Jeff/Annie gets a 1.3 rating but an episode promoted as Jeff/Britta and the proposal we’ve all supposedly been waiting for gets a 0.8. You do the math. I’ll sleep just fine thank you.

    • kidris90 says:

      Emma, you’re trying really hard, sweetie. It’s getting sad. We get it, you ship two people who don’t respect each other and constantly treat each other like crap (Jeff/britta). Give it a rest

      • Angela says:

        As opposed to you going through this comment section and saying the same things over and over again? We got your point the first time around, too.

  42. Shae says:

    I wanted more for Britta than Jeff. I’m also annoyed that her character has been reduced this season to a love interest. She’s more than that. She also deserved someone who doesn’t propose to her just because he’s scared the last few years didn’t mean anything. That’s a terrible reason to get married and I’m pissed that Britta didn’t see right through that too, her hating marriage and everything.

  43. Charlie says:

    Is Community pulling a How I Met Your Mother?! Say it ain’t so! Because that is exactly how Jeff/Britta feels. Let’s just ignore years of character development and organic growth because reasons. Hopefully the show doesn’t go through with this shark jumping Titanic disaster of a marriage.

  44. Emma says:

    @Shae when Britta helps Jeff it is about Jeff and him genuinely wanting to change. When Annie helps Jeff it is about Annie wanting Jeff to be a certain way, that is not a double standard.

    • Shae says:

      But Jeff didn’t want her help with his dad. And Britta wanted a psych project. She wanted to force her so called skills on unwilling participants because she thinks she knows everything where psychology is concerned and she wants to prove herself. That shows a selfishness to her behavior although I understand why she wants to prove to everyone because they’re always putting her down. But she did it with Abed too in the season three finale.

    • MWJ says:

      If Annie is forcing Jeff to be a certain way, and Britta is just helping him out of the goodness of her heart, why is it Jeff and Annie who have actual sit down taks about feelings, and why has Jeff told Annie that he cares about her and about what she thinks about him, while with Britta “was like Reese’s Pieces, when everyone wanted them, I wanted them too.”

      • Emma says:

        You see Jeff and Annie having feeling talks, I seem them having sit downs of Jeff telling Annie she is too young for him or that she needs to stop trying to change him. I never said Britta is helping Jeff out of the goodness of her heart, just that when she helps Jeff, it is because Jeff wants to change not because Britta is throwing expectations on Jeff. Annie is the one throwing expectations on Jeff that does not want, he even told her last year in comic con episode in one of there supposed feeling talks to stop trying to ‘fix’ him.

    • minalba says:

      Yeah, being a better man. The better man that she knows he is, and we know he is from what he’s done for the group. And in the comic con episode, after telling Annie not to try and “fix” him, he acknowledged that she was right and stuck around to hang out with his friends.

      I keep seeing all these arguments against J/A because Annie doesn’t accept Jeff for who he is. She doesn’t accept Jeff being a complete jerk. He would’ve continued to blow off his teaching job if Annie hadn’t pushed him, and that was the right thing to do. The same with the fake class in Conspiracy Theories. He would’ve continued to pit Troy and Abed against one another in Pillows and Blankets. Annie’s been a positive influence for Jeff, and he for her. Does she sometimes take it too far? Sure, she’s human. But that doesn’t mean she wants to fundamentally change who Jeff is. He really does care about these people, this school and about doing what’s right, even if he doesn’t always feel like doing it. And I don’t see a problem with that. And from what I’ve seen these past five seasons, Jeff doesn’t either.

  45. I have to agree with a lot of the commenters; I think “fan favorite” might be stretching it. I’m not that big with shipping for Community, but if I had to choose, Jeff/Britta would not be the ship I’d pick. They’re too negative for each other; they’re both great counterpoints to the group, and can be a fun team, but as a couple, they’re kind of a bummer. It’s not like I’d freak out if they did get together in a real way or anything (although I might a little if they actually got married – that would super weird to just dive in like that), but I don’t think it’s a particularly good idea.

  46. Davey says:

    I doubt if Jeff and Britta are getting married. And I doubt this is the end of Community.

  47. TV Gord says:

    Why do I get the feeling that this whole comment section is part of some big meta joke, and Dan Harmon his laughing his ass off at the hysteria?

    • Angela says:

      I just find it bizarre that this show’s succumbed to ship wars. I’m totally fine with people shipping whomever they want on this show in and of itself, that’s cool. Nothing wrong with that. But doesn’t the fanbase of this series like to pride itself on being mature, smart, etc.? Squabbling over who should be with whom on a TV show doesn’t seem like something this particular fanbase should be doing.
      (I don’t think this sort of thing should happen on ANY TV show, mind-I think ship wars are stupid and obnoxious no matter what series one is watching. But there are shows/fanbases where I would expect ship wars to erupt more often than others, and this is one I wouldn’t expect to delve into that sort of behavior.)

    • Anna says:

      I feel like half the reason he did this storyline was to laugh his ass off reading comment sections and angry tweets from the Jeff/Annie fanatics (along with furthering Jeff and Britta’s character development).

      • Elle says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong but there seems to be a lot of Jeff/Britta fanatics in this comment section too…

      • Angela says:

        I just love that everybody is freaking out and jumping to conclusions over an episode that hasn’t even aired yet. There might be a wedding…or there might not be a wedding. Why is everyone already predicting doomsday style scenarios and wringing their hands? Why not-and I know this might be a novel idea-wait until the episode actually airs before judging how the relationships are handled in it?

      • kidris90 says:

        Ouch. And just like that, the Jeff/Britta ship is sunk. Harmon even had Abed go meta and explain why Jeff/Britta would be awful together.

  48. Scotty says:

    I really don’t get this, not just because Jeff and Annie are the actual fan favourites but because Jeff and Britta absolutely and completely DO NOT WORK.

  49. Et al. says:

    I’m just excited a community story has generated this many comments. Can you all get a Neilsen box before tomorrow night?

    • tara17 says:

      I agree! Long-time Community fan here and I don’t understand the shipping passion, because that’s so not the point of this show. But I too am glad to see all the comments, maybe we’ll get 6 seasons and movie after all. Whatever Community does tonight, I bet it’ll be fun!

  50. Kristina says:

    Wow people are freaking out! Guys it’s just another nutty Community story in a long line of them. It makes total sense these two characters would do something dumb like this. I doubt it’ll actually happen or that it’ll last long without them both realizing it was a terrible idea. And who knows, maybe this will finally be what makes them realize they’re terrible together and we won’t ever have to deal with Jeff/Britta again, which I personally would be thrilled with.