Glee Boss Ryan Murphy Reveals Game Plan for 'Satisfying' Final Season (Who'll Be Back?!); Plus -- Inside the 'Painful' Rachel Romance Debate

Glee Season 6 SpoilersRyan Murphy not only has a firm grasp of exactly how Glee will end, he also knows which two characters will be in the “powerful and moving” final scene.

That was but one of the revealing takeaways from an intimate, Glee-centric Q&A the show’s exec producer conducted with a few select outlets (TVLine included) on Monday. In addition to previewing this season’s five remaining Big Apple-set episodes (including this week’s highly enjoyable outing, “Tested”), Murphy opened up about the big idea he and co-creators Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan are cooking up for Season 6’s 24-episode farewell, which cast members will be invited to participate, and whether we have seen the last of McKinley High.

Murphy also spoke candidly about the “painful” internal conversations surrounding Rachel’s romantic future — a topic that’s touched on in tonight’s episode.

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TVLINE | Can you talk about the decision to end the high school part of the show?
I’ve spoken about it before, but the big plan of what the series was going to be and how it was going to end was radically changed when Cory [Monteith] passed away. Finn was going to sort of take over the glee club and Rachel was going to be off having her New York adventures. When Cory passed away, part of the story as we had imagined it didn’t make sense anymore, really. It felt sad, to be quite honest. We collectively — Brad, Ian and myself — made a decision that the freshest thing to do was a complete, clean start. We accelerated all those New York stories, and I think that was the right choice. I think that gave the show a burst of new energy. It feels like a new show to me in that it’s much more young-adult than it’s ever been.

TVLINE | What happens to the new kids we met at McKinley [like Marley, Kitty, Unique, etc.]?
At some point before the show is concluded, we will definitely catch up with those characters again. We really loved all of those actors, and they did a great service to the show. So I think at some point, before we’re done, we’ll see many of them again and find out where they are and check in with them and see how being a part of that glee club legacy affected their lives, as we do with our original characters.

TVLINE | How do these remaining Season 5 episodes lead into the final season? And do you know who will be a part of Season 6?
Brad and Ian have done such a good job of working on these stories, particularly the New York stories in the past six episodes, from 14 through 20. What we’re sort of zooming in on is what’s going to happen with Rachel’s Funny Girl debut. Is it going to be a huge success? Is it going to be a flop? And if it is any of those things, where will it turn her? Will it make her want to stay and do more New York shows? Will she want to do something else? That’s the main thrust of this New York run. … Because we have fewer characters now, we have more time to tell [other couples’] stories. For example, you’ve seen a lot more of the Kurt and Blaine relationship, and we’re heading towards what’s going to happen to them. They pretty much have had trouble every episode. We’re also going to be dealing with the Sam and Mercedes relationship. All of these things are building to a head in [the finale]. I would say “explosion” is too harsh of a word, but something big happens, and the final season is the aftermath of that.

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Glee Season 5 TestedTVLINE | Are these New York episodes a preview of what the final season will look like?
They’re really not. The final season is its own story in its own location. The final season is not New York-centric at all. It really is a lovely, fitting season that dwells on the original people on the show and what happens to them and how they give back. That really is the last season. We’ll revisit some of the new kids that came and went, there’s a return of the [Sue] and [Will] in a big way. It’s a really interesting, very sweet, satisfying ending to the story.

TVLINE | Is the plan still for the final season to have 22 or 24 episodes?
This year we did 20 episodes, and the reason we did 20 was because we had a three-week delay because of Cory’s passing. There was no way to physically produce those episodes and get them on the air in the month of May. That’s why the order was sort of truncated. So now, what we’re left with is basically 24 episodes. And I can’t speak for other people, but for me, doing a straight run-through of 24 episodes just doesn’t seem to be viable. It doesn’t feel right, so we’re looking at how do we take those 24 ± do we divide them? The main thrust of them will be a final farewell to all of our characters that we’ve known since Season 1.

TVLINE | Do you have an idea for a new final scene of the series?
Yes, we do have a final idea that we’re working on that I think is very powerful and moving. It’s about Rachel and Mr. Schue, and it returns them to their origins, their roots, how they felt about each other when they were much younger and everything was idyllic. I think the ending has to be a reflection and a celebration of how far all those characters have come.

TVLINE | Will there be a time jump between seasons? And which cast members will  be back for the final season?
We are going to do a time jump. And my feeling about the last season of Glee is very clear, and that is that we have, or we will be, reaching out to all the regulars on the show — the original group of glee club members and teachers, and anyone who wants to come back. Anyone who wants to be a part of the show, we welcome them. I know people are saying, “Well, why isn’t Heather [Morris] on the show now?” and things like that. The answer for some of these things is, Heather is a new mother. She has a young baby. She came and did four episodes and really loved it. I think she would be Glee Brittany Santanawilling to come back and do a couple more, but right now, Heather wants to focus on being a mom. The fun thing about the ending of the show is that there’s room for everybody to come back and be a part of it, and I hope they all want to. I think they do. When we just had our big 100th episode celebration, I spoke to many of them, and everybody in the cast seems to look back on the show with such fondness and nostalgia. I think everybody wants to come back and end that story correctly, so that’s our answer. Anybody who wants to be a part of that ending, we’d love to have you.

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TVLINE | Are we going to see McKinley again?
You might see it again in some very nostalgic way, yes, but I don’t want to talk about the location [of Season 6] just yet.

TVLINE | In this week’s episode, there’s a nice scene where Rachel tells Mercedes that she isn’t quite ready for a new romance. When is it OK for Rachel to start dating again?
We talk about this in the writers’ room all the time. That’s a really hard, very painful, very difficult thing for the show. I’ve said it before, and it was even in Cory’s eulogy, but that was the ending of the show for me, these two star-crossed lovers having a happy ending and both getting their dreams. So the fact that that can’t be is a big pain in all of our hearts. We have to pause and think, “What are we going to do with Rachel?” This year what we decided to do was to remove the equation of anybody coming in and taking Finn’s place, because I don’t really think that’s possible. And I think that worked out quite well. I really liked dwelling on Rachel’s career again. She’s going to be a star. But as for the future, it’s a lot of discussion, and it’s something that we’ll consult with Lea about. To be quite honest, we just haven’t been able to crack it, because I feel like it’s such a sensitive topic and the fans have such an idea about it. I think half of them feel like, yes, Rachel should go on, and I think half of them probably feel like no, she shouldn’t. We’ll follow Lea’s lead, as we have so many times this year. She’s always been so great and so sensitive and been so wise about how to handle that stuff. So we have to make that decision in the next couple of weeks or months: Is Rachel going to have another romance or does the second half [of Rachel’s life], romantically, happen when Glee is over? That’s something we’re debating. It’s hard.

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  1. kolby says:

    Im not sure I believe the whole Sam and Mercedes thing. Yet it sends a great message and Mercedes is beautiful. I think she broke the chemistry between the two when she kept picking the jock over Sam. For once Sam needs to build an intimate relationship. Not while living with a girl first. In my opinion the start of something fresh would be Sam and Rachel. Never been together and showed a lot of chemistry while dancing earlier this season. And I dont believe it is offensive to Finn. ITS REALISTIC! THINK about it. Its a great way to show sam loving someone that Finn loved. Sam was important to finn anf finn was important to sam…now sam has the possibility of loving someone finn loved. And taking care of someone who finn would have takin care of. DOES This not make perfect SINCE? ???? Whos with me?

    • Caroline says:

      I actually like the idea of Rachel and Sam IF Glee gives him more of a brain! The Sam in S2 and S3 was smarter than this one!

    • ALice says:

      Sam would be a big mistake. They weren’t even good friends in high school and I see absolutely no chemistry between Sam and Rachel. I think she needs someone completely new that starts with a friendship. No history. Fresh start.

    • Olivia says:

      I’m 100% with you!
      Rachel will always love Finn but that doesn’t mean she can’t find love again. There is nothing wrong with Sam being that love.
      Sam and Rachel have been NOTHING but supportive of each other in this season. I love that Rachel accepted Sam’s dream of being a model. Really if it wasn’t for Rachel I don’t think Sam would have ended up in NYC and a model. Rachel encouraged our favorite blond to go for his dreams.
      So what if they didn’t talk much in high school.
      I never talked to my husband in high school. Turns out we had classes together and were in the same clubs. We never talked. We ended up meeting in another state if you can believe it. We ended up falling in love and now we are starting a beautiful family.
      Just because they didn’t talk in high school doesn’t mean they can’t have a future together.

    • TJ says:

      Last episode the Glee writers referred to Sam as the Handsome Idiot. How about not sticking Rachel with an idiot? Anyone but Sam, sorry but Sam is a very low rent Finn. He is too much of a reminder of Lima and Finn and Rachel deserves someone that won’t always be in Finn’s shadow. They need a new guy outside of that very limited Lima HS group. They also need a leading man that can keep up with Lea and that is not Chord, vocally or in the acting.

      • Gunny says:

        Yes, a real leading man that can keep up with Lea. Sam is fine and I think they are trying to fill the void of Britney more than Finn with Sam. It just isn’t working. I wouldn’t mind seeing Rachel find a friend, perhaps someone who has also lost the love of his live, so she could finally start to process what happened and how that changed her life. I think the show worried that people would think they were capitalizing on Cory’s death. Lea didn’t talk to the press for 5 months and people thought she was using his death to sell albums. I doubt those folks were ever fans of Glee.
        I just don’t think that any of the current characters, including Kurt, would be able to get Rachel to open up more about Finn. Bringing back either Jesse or Brody would only ice Finn out more.

  2. GLEE! says:

    I think the Glee club is coming back because their name is still in the credits. They have to stop butting Klaine in every episode and letting Blaine sing in every episode! It’s getting so tiring. They should sing at least one song in every episode not 2 in each one! If they need help writing scripts why don’t they just ask the fans to help them out?

    • Jes says:

      Agree! Getting tired of so much Blaine exposure. I dont know why they have to bring Blaine and Sam’s characters in NY! Their character are not as strong as Ryan Murphy portarys them to be. Why not try show more of the unholy trinity and the rest of the original cast from season 1?

    • John Mayer says:

      Hi, I don’t think you understand the concepts of Television contracts well. The names you read as starring credits have signed contracts with the producers for an entire season. By doing this the producers are bound to pay these people a starring salary and give each a recurring show credit. Regardless if their visage is seen or not they still get paid the agreed upon starring salary. Now as a guest star they sign a contract that gives their agreement that they can be used for any episode arc as necessary, or not at all but only getting credit when they appear on the show. Special Guest stars get paid an agreed upon salary to appear for the episode or arc of episodes that they appear in, and that salary is agreed upon and a contingent contract is signed to quarantee their appearances.

  3. rosy says:

    If there is a jump forward in time, it would make sense for Rachel to have moved on really. If the show jumps forward in years, it wouldn’t make real sense for her not to have moved on from Finn – Although it would be nice to see her still make reference too him, like have a son called Finn or something. I really hope that Kurt and Blaine are still together as well, it would be nice to show a couple that we know still happy together :)
    I think the most important thing is that if the new series is going to be able a jump forward in time, then it looks at ALL the characters that we’ve seen from the Glee club, the originals like Rachel, Kurt, Tina ect, but also the newer ones like Marley, Jake and Kitty. I think it would be a real missed opportunity to not include everyone in the final series. Hopefully the new series wraps everything up nicely, i would really like for it to end showing how everyone’s lives ended up :)

    • netta says:

      Whether it “makes sense” or not, given a time jump, isn’t relevant. Viewers don’t watch a show telling themselves, “oh yes it’s really been x more years, if I fill in the missing time mentally it’s okay.” At least not shows they stick with. It’s about how viewers react to a show, whether they want to accept what it’s showing them (discontinuities and all), whether it resonates with them and makes them feel like keeping watching. If you have to reason viewers into grudgingly accepting what the show is doing, it’s already too late — they’ll find something else to do with their time that doesn’t twist them up inside.

      Remember when Glee was a show that made people feel happy? Stomping on the memory of Finn Hudson (and Cory’s work in bringing him to life) does not make me feel happy, it doesn’t matter how much time they may claim happened in the offseason. They need to address our hearts, not our minds.

      • TJ says:

        Well, even in real time, it will have been more than a year since Cory’s passing when season 6 starts, and I think a majority of fans will understand that, even if they still choose not to watch. I will not mind if they give Rachel a new love interest next season.

        • netta says:

          Problem is, they don’t need fans to simply understand, they need them to watch. And they can’t expect people to watch something that doesn’t respect things we care about. I may be able to tell myself that particular developments make sense, consider time-skips etc., but if the ongoing show doesn’t connect with me then I’m not watching it.

          Also hampering the time considerations, even elapsed time out in the real world for viewers, are some of the dreadful things they’ve been doing this year, like the Sam crap and how they’ve painted over Finn’s impact except when they tried to exploit his memory to manipulate viewers. It has kept the wound raw, even made it more raw. Time alone is insufficient for healing; doing such painful things and then saying “well it’s been a year you need to get over it now” (or similar implications) isn’t likely to work.

    • R. Rachel Quesada says:

      I’m with you. The long relationships in the series (which include samcedes) should end together and happy. It’ll give us hope in this controversial world and compensate a little for what might have been with Finnchel.

  4. Cece says:

    Personally you wanna know why samcedes is a awesome couple because they’re different.. I believe true love is opposite of one another which makes them fit for each other. Opposites attract they are not the same which is good. I think samcedes should be together for the last season. I see chemistry because I’m different they are different which makes them perfect together. So the negative comments about them cut it seriously because that is so childesh and idiotic. So I hope the writers keep them together to prove the hecklers wrong. I think mercedes is going to be pregnant. Team samcedes yes!!!

    • R. Rachel Quesada says:

      I say YES to Cece. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholders and Sam sees that in Mercedes. Gives hope to those of us who aren’t ‘gorgeous empty-headed shells’.

  5. Lost Respect says:

    Who gives a damn about the new kids at the high school. I can’t believe you would ask that useless question. I lost all respect for you on that. Its finally watchable now that the stupid 99 cents version of the orgina castl is gone. Don’t give them any ideas on bringing them back

  6. Caroline says:

    I would like to see Rachel have a love interest in season 6. I think it would be healthy for her to move on and it would also be interesting to see how she handles love now that she understands how fragile it is and how fleeting life is. I also think the audience needs to remember that Glee is about Rachel and Finn not Lea and Cory! Rachel could end up moving on but that doesn’t mean Lea will ever forget Cory! Having said that, I hope at some point Lea will be ready to move on with someone new and build a wonderful life with that person!

    • ALice says:

      Rachel will move on, but that doesn’t mean she needs a man to do that. She tends to be too dependent on them anyway and should learn to be a little more independent and have real confidence rather than the self-defensive confidence she’s had all the way through high school and the last two seasons. Going a couple of years without a boyfriend is not the end of the world when you’re that young. Lea will find someone at sometime but my guess is that she is not in any hurry. She has acknowledged how important it was that she and Cory were best friends for over a year before they started to fall in love.

  7. Elle Undo says:

    Please invite Idina and let the mother daughter sing Let it Go.

  8. Pam says:

    I would like to see Rachel with someone when the show ends. I don’t get why fans find that so offensive. Rachel and Finn’s relationship was a huge part of the show, but that endgame is longer an option. It’s like some fans still want their Finchel ending even though it’s not possible. Rachel being alone sends a bad message that you can’t fall in love again after a death. Her moving on offscreen to keep some fans happy just doesn’t sit well with me. Everyone else will for sure be all paired off. Glee is all about couples. I don’t agree with it, but it’s true. That’s what the show has turned into. Why do you think Rachel hardly has any screen time right now? If she doesn’t move next season, it will probably be much of the same. I would rather see Rachel in a relationship getting some decent screen time than getting 3 or 4 minutes of an episode like she did tonight.

    • netta says:

      They spent 4 years telling us and showing us that Finchel was special, endgame, soulmates, etc. They made them fundamental to the show and to each other. Putting in a new “endgame” for Rachel now, because the show “is all about couples”, would make a mockery of everything they did before. Doesn’t mean they need to leave things as Rachel being single forever; many have suggested having her start to date at the end, hints etc. But pushing her into another relationship just to give her romantic couple screentime and get her paired up would be horrible.
      Besides, what’s wrong with showing that a young woman can build her life for a while without being in a romantic relationship? It’s healthy.

    • mary says:

      This is a funny post. Rachel/Lea had 3-4 minutes screentime LAST season when Rachel was dating Brody and Finchel hardly interact. The LI for Rachel was the WHOLE arc season 4 and she had a male prostitute as a couple. She was on her way to a Finchel reunion and Finn died. She is single THIS season when her screentime is around 15 minutes. In Glee universe have been like 6 months. Who would be interesting in dating after that? Just those who thinks 3-4 years of building Finchel was offscreen.

  9. Migz says:

    I hope they’ll bring back Sugar, Joe, and Lauren Zizes

  10. vanessa says:

    does anyone still think that there is still a chance for samchel even after what Rachel said in the episode of tested . when her and Mercedes were talking.

    • Olivia says:

      There could be. I think if they wanted to shut Samchel down they would have had Rachel laugh at it. Instead she admitted she felt something but it didn’t go anywhere.
      There has been a lot of discussion on people believe that RIB may have left it open ended encase Lea and RIB decided to go that way with Rachel.
      Not saying it will happen but it allows them to have the option.

      • may says:

        Gleeforum? You mean the place where people HAVE to love Chord/Sam or you get banned?. The same place where the hate Mercedes because she is not good enough (pretty, color and weight) for the Village idiot aka Sam? The same place where the speculated and where having a party at the prospect of Sam being the male lead a few weeks after Cory passed away? The same place where you CAN’T share a different opinion because you are wrong? Yeah, right.

      • LOL! says:

        Glee Forum? LMAO! The only thing those people at Glee Forum care about is Chord becoming the new leading man and replacing Cory as the shows lead. They started that spec the SAME week Cory died with some of them going so far as saying Cory’s death cleared the way for Chord to go after Lea, THE SAME WEEK he died they were saying that crap. . They HATE the fact that Sam is playing second fiddle to Mercedes in the Samcedes SL because it keeps Chord out of the spotlight and keeps him from singing. And Rachel didn’t admit to feeling anything but missing home and Sam reminding her of Finn. Ryan said Rachel would struggle with losing Finn all season, bringing up Sam in that context allowed her to verbalize her feelings of that struggle. At Glee Forum if you don’t worship the Alter of Sam and Blaine you get banned or shouted down for having a different opinion. Samcedes fans are constantly being belittled over there and if the girl isn’t the shows lead (Rachel) or doesn’t look like Quinn she is not good enough for Sam.

    • No Samchel says:

      Nope, Samchel is DEAD! They have made Samcedes a serious committed couple, breaking them up only for Sam to end up with Rachel damages Rachel’s character. She is close friends with Mercedes, she shouldn’t get Mercedes guy.

  11. Ron says:

    I miss McKinley but at least we’ll get to see the characters in S6.
    Personally, I don’t think Sam and Mercedes work. It’s not because of how they look; that has never bothered me. I just don’t feel like their personalities click. From someone who is trying to like Samcedes the whole thing is badly written. Take a step back and you realize their actions feel so forced when they are on screen together. Now they are sleeping in the same bed? Now they are saying “I love you” to each other? Seems a little rushed if you ask me. Even Rachel and Finn did not say I love you so quickly. Nor did Klaine. The Sam and Mercedes relationship is not developed at all.
    I want to see more character development without them being in romantic relationships. I want to see Sam succeed at being a model. Move out on his own, away from the people he knew in high school. Just to give Sam his own story lines.
    I want to see Mercedes wait until marriage for the right man. I don’t feel Mercedes and Sam need to rush their relationship. All of these people praying and hoping Mercedes gets pregnant by the end of S6 really seem naive to the situation and seem like fangirls/fanboys.
    We saw last episode that Sam is actually pretty careful to use protection and with good cause. Right now Sam is broke and Mercedes is trying to build a carrier. Yet you want two people to have a baby together when they aren’t ready? When they aren’t even sexually active? Do you want the characters to resent each other? Resentment kills many relationships and marriages. As Rachel said “If you have to spell it out, you are not ready for sex.”
    I don’t feel Sam and Mercedes are emotional and physically mature enough to have a child. Right now both Sam and Mercedes are not ready for sex much less a baby. Samcede’s fans should just be happy that their favorite couple is actually together. Watch it grow slowly. If they are endgame things will come with time.
    Glee has always been about following your dreams and telling a love story between two people. With Finn gone it’s hard to tell the original story. However, Glee has also taught people that sometimes your dreams change as you get older. Life does get complicated. How you react to them is what’s important. I love Finchel. I always will. But it is time to move on. Rachel can’t be alone forever. As much as people would like it, it’s very unhealthy for her.
    Should Rachel have love interest(s) I really hope Jesse St. James is NOT one of them. It feels wrong that a man Finn hated ends up with Rachel in the end.
    I feel Finn would be rolling over in his grave if Jesse and Rachel happened. I could see Jesse coming back as a friend, or maybe a rival. But never a love interest.
    I know Finn has no say in who Rachel dates but it just feels like EVERYTHING Rachel and Finn fought for would be for nothing. Jesse hated Finn and vice versa. If Jesse were to return as a love interest for Rachel I would be disappointed.
    Honestly, I know people don’t like it but the only person I see Rachel ending up with is Sam. For me it’s always been Finn or Sam as Rachel’s love interests. I’ve loved Sam and Rachel since she told him his lips were cute. I’ve loved Finn and Rachel since the first moment they were shown on screen together.
    I agree it was too soon for the looks in Movin’ Out. But that’s all they were… Looks. Could you imagine how much hate Sam and Rachel would have gotten had they acted on those looks in that episode? Their interactions were just flirtation. Nothing more. Instead of hating for flirtation people should be happy that’s all it was.
    I love that recently they have been supporting each other on screen. They have been shown to be nothing but supportive of one another. Sam has never had a woman be supportive of his dreams except Rachel. I love Sam and Rachel’s interactions on screen. They just flow. Nothing is forced and nothing is ever awkward. I don’t think anyone can deny they have on screen chemistry.
    I feel like Sam could be good for Rachel. If written right. I’d like to see this relationship start off as friends and turn to something more.
    People need to realize that Sam will NEVER replace Finn in Rachel’s heart. No man ever could. No man ever should. Jesse would try to be better than Finn. Jesse would always compete with a man who’s no longer there. Sam would not. Sam would understand how Rachel feels. He loved Finn like a brother. There is no way Sam would ever hurt Rachel.
    For those people who hate that he’s dated almost everyone in Glee Club. What’s wrong with that? Men date all the time. Women do too.
    Should we hate on Puck because he slept with everything that moved? How about Quinn, because she kept bouncing between men? How about Tina, because she dated Artie and then Mike and then had a crush on Blaine? You can’t help who you fall in love with, or like. It happens. But sometimes love doesn’t last. Or circumstances happen that make it not so.
    Every woman Sam dated broke up with him. Sam’s quick to fall in love. Sam wears his heart on his sleeve. He’s bound to get hurt until he finds the girl who accepts all of him and he her. Dating is just a part of life until you find the one that you a meant to be with. Sometimes the ones we are meant to be with we can’t be with, so we try our best to get as close as possible.
    I’d love to see Samchel become a couple at the end of S6. Don’t worry it won’t happen. Relax, Sam and Mercedes will be endgame. Rachel will either: die alone, end up with someone new or fall back in the arms of her abuser known as Jesse St. James.
    Now then… Kurt and Blaine. I’ve loved these tow for soo long. I would love to see them get married at the end of S5 or somewhere in S6. I imagine we would see them talking about adoption. Possibly even have a kid for the last episode. I’d love to see Kurt and Blaine both graduate from NYADA.
    Regardless of what happens or who ends up with whom, I just want to see these characters happy.

  12. Ann says:

    Hoped that the last show / scene featuring two important characters would be Rachel and Finn. In some type of dreamy / hologram-ish way, or with a flavor of ‘Ghost.’ I don’t know that seeing Rachel & Mr. Schue finish things out will be that compellng.
    Hopefully, show will jump ahead to real time, real ages, ’cause pretending these people are anywhere near high-school grad age is getting more impossible by the week.
    No way they’d split the last 24 episodes into two seasons, would they? This needs to wrap up next year, however it ends.

  13. I hope that Kurt and Blaine will get married , but RM mentioned ‘explosion’ and that they fought a lot. I am in love with their love, so please, Ryan, don’t disappoint me

  14. vanessa says:

    i think it would be nice if Lea and chord did a duet on glee they have never done one before . maybe for Kurt and Blaine Wedding that would be cool .

  15. Fred V says:

    Kurovsky aftermath…? That followup would be interesting.

  16. vanessa says:

    if Ryan murphy were to bring back jesse st james to glee I rather see Rachel and him has friends ..
    I still would like samchel

  17. Josy says:

    Loving the smaller cast now and better story lines still bit perfect but Never will be sorry! Love that amber riley is back missed her and her amazing voice. Season 6 well I think Rachel character should be about her career and how se gets it going, no Romance most people are just not ready for that and I don’t think lea is also. Klaine will have there up and downs but will be endgame. Artie will make a amazing film and finally find a good woman. Santana well would love her to be with Brittany if she can be in enough episode to be believable. Last but defiantly the best part samcedes. Love that they have put them back together love Sam when he is with her still missin a little of season 3 Sam but he is getting there. Hope they both help each other with there own careers and are there for each other. Hope Sam gets in to voice overs or comic stuff because I so see we doing that and Mercedes her singing really starts to take off and best bit they are engaged!

  18. vanessa says:

    what samcedes are engaged when did that happen . did Sam give Mercedes a ring already , I didn,t see that part…

  19. Jes says:

    Please, just end the show. NY story line is good but i dont think it fits the title of the show ‘glee’. I personally prefer the high school glee setting but they choose to end the Ohio storyline anyway. They could have ended the show when the new directions won the nationals – just perfectly showing how the so called losers turned champions.

  20. vanessa says:

    I wonder if Chord will go and watch lea film her next music video on my way this weekend .
    to support her has a friend . like he did for cannonball he was there for that one.

  21. vanessa says:

    a Samchel duet next season that would be nice to see ..

  22. paul says:

    Yes, J. Goff all the way! Plus, bring back Indina for some eps. Also, dream casting would include a role for Angela Landsbury – maybe win her an overdue emmy as a guest actress….

  23. jenipher says:

    I am so much happy today that my ex is fully back to me after 8 months he left me for another girl all my thanks go to the High Priest dr ogala for casting this wonderful spell that brought him back to me,i never really thought this could ever happened because all the spell caster’s i have meant all took my money and nothing worked only Priest Ajigar could do it in just 2 days he came back to me,Priest Ajigar really proved his Power and we are together now and already planning to get married by next month for this is what i have always wanted and thanks to Priest Ajigar for making my dreams come true you can as well email him on { if you need his help and i believe he is going to help you solve your problem and Note don’t email any other spell caster for only dr possibility is the genuine one i know for now that can help you out of that situation you are and you will be happy again in your life.

  24. vanessa says:

    I Can,t wait to see the samchel scene where Rachel cuts Sam guitar strings while he trying to play for her . that’s going to be funny ..

  25. colleen says:

    This show has completely, utterly jumped the shark. Really. There does not need to be a season 6.

    • Gunny says:

      If it appears that Sam and Rachel will be a couple, I will leave the show. It makes absolutely no sense to put them together. I think this show is too relationship focused and what kind of message is that to young viewers? You can’t be happy without a boyfriend or girlfriend?

      If they absolutely cannot find anything else to do with Rachel, it needs to be with someone we don’t know yet – no history, all fresh and new.

  26. vanessa says:

    what if Justin Wilczynski guest star on glee for a episode or two next season.. Sam gets a puppy that should be funny ..

  27. vanessa says:

    Mercedes breaks up with Sam again ? ..

  28. acurat says:

    Finn’s death impacted the show, no doubt there. However moving the story to NYC streamlined it, and allowed them to bring back the old cast (as much as they wanted). It also boosted their chances to raise ratings that have been flagging badly this year (down to a 1.0 or even worse 0.9 for the highly desireable 18-35 age group). This is a hard push to boost ratings for its finish in year 6. It is all they can do.

  29. vanessa says:

    I know Sam is with Mercedes .. but I have never seen Sam smile at Rachel like that before while she was sing on the stage IM the greatest star on her opening night .. it was funny when Sam was moveing his head . I know should not think this but still hopeing for Samchel .

  30. vanessa says:

    I know people are just going to say that Sam was just being nice to Rachel because it was her opening night . was there only has friend . but still have I never really see Sam smile at Rachel like that ..

  31. vanessa says:

    So Sam and Mercedes consider splitting to save there careers in the 5 season finale

  32. John Mayer says:

    Okay folks it’s growing up time. Ryan and Company have had a”good” run of it with Glee but it is time for Rachel to Move on and It’s time for Glee to become a memory. Season 6 I’m sorry to say is just going to try and go through the motions. Glee ended with Season 3.
    Fan support was dwindling in the last 3 months of the season and interest in Pumping the “Glee Profit Machine” during the summer of 2011 was not going to happen. Not enough interest. The Cast wanted a Life. Jumping ship were the seniors. The show was pretty much Lea’s Story. to be honest you can only milk an idea so long before people become apathetic and peturbed at being cast as a guest star. Disaster maintenance arose after the death of Cory, and IMHO it took having to make alot of promises to the cast for the show to go on. The center impetus of the plot was in limbo. The show drug on while Ms Michelle was planning her exit strategy. Pop stardom and Broadway are calling and one’s popularity becomes a fleeting memory over night. Ms Michele’s story arc in season 4 and 5 have been a tool for showcasing her talents to others outside the Series. Her network attraction will be a passing fad because “Rachel Berry” only worked once. Lea is a remarkable talent but she can not be Rachel all her Life, she needs to blossom and grow as Lea Michelle. For all the rest of the Cast their exposure on the show has become a stepping stone to future endeavors. I think and so do other Glee fans is that it can’t last forever and it will soon become apparent, and the ” Fat Lady will Sing in the First Act, and the curtain will drop out of disinterest and down right boredom.
    People I know you love the Concept of “Glee” , but the story arcs are getting old ,moldy and lackluster. Put it to sleep Ryan, move onto brighter horizons and keep your future ideas pertinent, fresh, and enjoyable. Good bye Glee! We Loved you but it’s time to go and grow up again.

  33. vanessa says:

    i still think Sam and Rachel will be cute together . i hope the writers of glee give Samchel a other try in season 6..

  34. vanessa says:

    what if chord were ask lea on date to the movies one day . but only when ready to date again though . would people be up set if that were to happen . not saying it will happened now .. but in the future ..

  35. Tamika says:

    I love Glee and I don’t think it should really end. I feel that maybe there should be some changes in the direction of the show. That’s just my opinion please don’t bite my head off if anyone disagrees. I think the cast should be able to make it more musical in a lot of ways, yes it’s happening already. However what if besides singing “HITS” from all types of genre music stars all the time maybe throw in some of there own songs by adding talented song writers and coming up with more challenging story lines. Just because the name of the show is Glee and it was based on high school kids doesn’t mean it has to end there or just stay in that area alone. I have seen shows that should have been canceled but wasn’t and made a mark to 7 to 10 seasons. Okay like SEINFELD for example the show was about nothing of specific topic of creation to my knowing but it had “Magic” from the writers, cast, creators, and crew. So long and behold that mega hit! And The Cosby show another hit! Maybe the creators of glee could do a contest to appeal to the fans for ideas and give a small prize along with meeting the cast members in person. Oh and throw in a small walk on roll. It’s like the Lotteries quote a saying “Hey you never know”? well that’s my thought on things, again love the show even if my ideas and thoughts go unseen.

  36. vanessa says:

    Lea and chord should do a duet on glee in season 6 that would be nice . because they have never done one before ..

  37. klainer says:

    glee is the best show i have ever watched, i love it so much i don’t want it to end! i love each and every character that has ever been on the show (except tina i really don’t like her). i think glee is getting better and better and every episode that gets released just makes me fall in love with the show even more. haters need to just shut up, if you have nothing good to say about the show then don’t say it it because i’m pretty sure glee fans don’t want to hear it

  38. vanessa says:

    glee old dog new tricks episode I think it was cute when Sam and Rachel were sing I melt with you together . the dogs were so cute .

  39. Bill says:

    Sadly I don’t really like the switch to New York. Glee has always been a show about the Glee club at high school not just about the original characters and what happens to them after high school. I would have rather seen them continue at the high school, with Finn or now sadly not, maybe Sue had to take over the club for some reason. I have tried to watch the new episodes but just don’t enjoy them and have not watched for a few weeks and hearing that the final season is going to be focused on the New York group with some look backs I most likely won’t be along for the ride. Good luck to those students Glee left back in high school, they were interesting to some of us.

  40. vanessa says:

    it looks like Sam might ask Mercedes to merry to him because it looks like he has ring box in his hands in the promo… and everyone seems to be freaking out because they see Blaine and Britney in bed together .. it could be just a dream or something, lets hope so.

    • R. Rachel Quesada says:

      I love Sam Evans’ character. He’s gentle & caring, sensitive and easy to look at. He keeps falling in love with everybody and no one takes him serious and it hurts to watch. I like him and Mercedes. She’s intelligent and sees the ‘real’ Sam. The lesson is that the heart knows what it wants and “beauty” is in the eyes of the beholder. I think they have gone beyond the visible and are genuine soul mates. I just want Mercedes (who I love) to lose 25 lbs so she can wear that Vera Wang original wedding dress. That would make my day. I’m an “old in years” gleek and in my day, all I ever heard was stick to your own kind. In HS, a German boy (blond as they come) asked me out ’cause he liked me. Being a Latina, I felt uncomfortable but I went on that date. In the restaurant, everyone stared at us. It didn’t bother him but I felt I couldn’t go with him again. Thank GOD those days are behind us to a degree.

  41. vanessa says:

    Sam and Rachel were flirty again in stop the world and melt with you… maybe the writers will try samchel .. .. maybe Rachel starting to like sam..

  42. Eric says:

    I think they come together to realize the importance of Arts in the schools and open a School for The Arts…..

  43. rena says:

    I really want and hope Jayma can come back
    it’s really more about her contract with her new show- I hope they can figure that one out
    it would be a shame not to see Wemma at the end of season 6

  44. Jonathan says:

    I think we should see the wedding of Kurt and Blaine in Season 6. They are the strongest power couple in the series and yes they have their up’s and downs but they are good together and I think we all want to see them married now

  45. Lauren says:

    Glee has stopped for me after the 100th episode. I loved the Newbies and I love all of the original cast. So I think when RM made the decision to drop the Lima story was the biggest mistake because this is what glee is about. After hearing that they are now not focusing on NYC. I honestly don’t think that RM has a clue to wrap it up. As for Samedes no chemistry what so ever from what I have seen. And being a fan of Rachel since season 1 she should end up alone and successful.

  46. I think you should give us some Quinn-Puck or Tina-Mike or Will-Emma relationships. I think we really want to know what will happen to their relationship. Will TiKe going back together, or what happen to Mr.Shue’s son, or will Quinn and Puck marry? Honestly, I really want Mike Chang back and I hope he will get more scene in season 6. Also, every Marley-Rider-Jake things are still so blind to me. I really love Ryan’s idea that brought us back to McKinley High School, because Lima is where Glee belongs to stay, not in New York. Sincerely, Indonesian Gleeks.

  47. Precious22 says:

    Since it didn’t end the way we all wanted or thought with Rachel and Finn. I don’t think they should have her with someone else yet, it’s too painful for her, it’s painful for me. And the anniversary of his death is coming up. Let her go big with her career and have that hit TV show. There’s another couple you can give a happy ending, Blaine and Kurt, let them get married. I think they are awesome!! Also, Mercedes and Sam whom I love together very much, they are so in sync and have great chemistry, let them get married since she wanted to wait until they marry. I fit is done it will be a blast!! I will be happy. Wow there are so many story lines to wrap up I just don’t see how it will be done in one season. I hate this is the last season there’s so much I want to see done. I will be watching.

  48. isabelle says:

    please no newbies that ruined the show! Only the originals!

  49. jr. says:

    This is an old article.

  50. Monica says:

    All I’ve read was blah,blah,bs,bs and “Brad and Ian have done such a good job of working on these stories” (I lol for 10 min.) and again blah,blah Blaine and Kurt blah blah Lea, Lea, Lea & Cory blah, blah Sam & Mercedes Blah blah, Heather and a kid Blah blah, Lea,Lea &Cory….Never will I watch this crappy show again…..Oh yeah, and of course nothing for Santana….

    • Macy midgley says:

      I think!ryan should concentrate on all off the cast in stead off Rachel,she always has the spotlight,she’s really good but everyone else needs attention,and I think She should stay single,it’s been hard for her,mercadies and Sam are perfect,and I think Ryan should beg dianna to come back,she’s the pretty cheerleader,and she’s had a big past,her and puck are perfect together and I think they should maybe visit Beth?and see how much she’s grow up,but puck has been the one for quinn,we should see how they’ve Gotton on other the time jump?keep them together Ryan!and make sure dianna and mark are back!