Dallas EP Previews Pamela's 'Vengeance,' Elena's Little Problem and More Season 3B Scoop

Dallas Season 3B SpoilersDallas‘ midseason finale ended with Southfork going up in smoke — and we’ve got some burning questions about what to expect when the TNT drama returns August 18.

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Fortunately, executive producer Cynthia Cidre was happy to clear up a few things about the insane hour, as well as tease the summer premiere, which picks up mere moments after last night’s explosive finale.

PAMELA’S ‘VENGEANCE’ | Wondering what was going through Pamela’s mind when she joined John Ross and Emma in that threesome? According to Cidre, it was all part of a larger revenge plot. “She really wanted to punish them,” Cidre explains. “She wanted them never to be able to have sex again without thinking of her vomiting on them.” And Cidre says that plan will continue as soon as Pamela’s back on her feet in August: “She’s got a little vengeance in mind. She’s done with John Ross, and tells him so.”

BABY ON BOARD? | Given the lack of a time jump, don’t expect Elena to be shopping for baby clothes anytime soon — but don’t expect her oven to remain bun-less, either. “We don’t drop the ball,” Cidre says of Joaquin poking holes in Elena’s diaphragm. “Whenever we lay a seed on the ground, we let it blossom and grow.” And if you had to Google to find out what Joaquin was poking holes in, don’t worry, you’re not alone. “We were concerned people wouldn’t know what [the diaphragm] was,” Cidre admits. “I don’t think a lot of women have used it very much in the past 10 or 15 years, but there was a time when that was the contraceptive device of choice.”

KISS OF DEATH | “I figured that would really freak people out,” Cidre says of Ann and Harris’ surprise lip lock, which is not the sign of more kisses to come. “She was angry at Bobby, but she loves him. She didn’t run from the kiss, but she also kept her eyes open. We didn’t want to ruin Ann forever.” As for the peeping Tom mom who saw the kiss go down? “Judith will use it against Ann,” Cidre teases. “And her son. Both of them, actually. She’s basically our Grim Reaper.”

GOODBYE HEATHER? | Those hoping Christopher and Heather’s relationship will lead to the aisle should probably stop reading now. “I wouldn’t say the long haul, but she’s around for a while,” Cidre says of AnnaLynne McCord’s character. “That whole relationship really felt like a breath of fresh air. Christopher and John Ross had been fighting so much for the first two seasons that we got tired of it as writers. He’s so handsome, we just wanted him as a romantic lead again, and I’m glad we did that.”

How do you feel about the finale after reading Cidre’s explanations? And what are you most looking forward to when Dallas returns this summer? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Denise says:

    I agree. Dont destroy John Ross and Pamela. They do have great chemistry, Pamela needs to make John Ross realize what he threw away. You know that saying ” they dont realize what they have until its gone”? I would like to see Pamela and Sue Ellens relationship fixed. Sue Ellen thought she was doing the right thing by Pamela. Sue Ellen really likes Pamela .

  2. lori says:

    Thank you.. Please don’t get rid of the show. I miss Dallas

  3. K Pop says:

    I love Dallas. From day one . The first one that I can recall is when the ranch was being held hostage resulting from what Ray and Jr had done on their trip. I just love this show and it is just as good now.

  4. MJ says:


  5. Jill says:

    Dallas is the BEST TV show on! I can’t believe how this new writer is keeping it so fresh and exciting. John Ross (Josh Henderson) is absolutely fabulous! He keeps JR’s memory alive just by his actions!!! I can’t wait until season 3! Just wish it was LONGER!!!

  6. michael says:

    The tastless threesome finally put the nail in the coffin for dallas. This act of desperation for ratings never would have happened with Larry Hagman on the set. R.I.P.

  7. what happened to James Jr’s other son? Will he come in to this Dallas? Also what about April Stevens? She Married Bobby in the old Dallas?

  8. what about James jr’s other son will he be in this Dallas? Also April Stevens from the old Dallas. She married Bobby






  14. AlaskanPrincess says:

    I think most of the characters are integral to the show – I don’t see Heather as a keeper tho’. Perhaps she should reconcile with her husband – who of course will insist they at least leave Southfork. Hmm, ‘the writers tired of John Ross and Christopher fighting all the time’ – that’s a key premise of the show: the brothers battling for control! (Duh, go watch, REALLY watch, O.D.) If you’re just going to turn them each into ‘romantic leads’ you’ll take away much of the show’s intrigue. At least John Ross bed-hopping ‘fits’ with his character; but Christopher falling in love with every female he goes out with bores me. Geez, in real life, at some point, wouldn’t he become reluctant, hesitant, skeptical? (He’s coming across as a sap, a real wuss. Hey guys, he’s a EWING. It’s ok for him to be sensitive and caring, like Bobby.) As far as other comment/s about Ewings ‘not fooling with the help’ that doesn’t seem consistent with Bobby’s outlook on life/people. Elena and Drew Ramos have certainly not been loyal to the Ewings, but it seems with good reason (fodder for lots of twists and turns!) I really like Nicholas Trevino, It was a real coup that Cidre & crew were able to get an actor of his caliber. I hope he’s not lost (written out) with this stupid cartel involvement; that came across as a desperate subplot out of nowhere. (Sometimes the story has too many directions/subplots). Plot/subplot – his connection to the Ramos family, his connection with Cliff Barnes, those worked. The immediate romance between he & Elena, a little shaky. WT??? Every character doesn’t have to immediately fall in love with the next person they meet or talk to. (Do we have teen-age girls among the writers???)All that said, I’m hooked on the new Dallas. Looking forward to the rest of the season. If anything is going to kill this show, it will be TNT’s lack of commitment – not enough shows in a season, too long a hiatus, and lack of promotion, which shouldn’t happen ’cause this show is a blockbuster!

  15. lBob Garza says:

    I would like to see John Ross and etc turn to JR in memory for help when he is in a jam A kind of WWJRD What would JR do kind of scenario plus include where eventually every character who was in the original Dallas line up turn to JR for help except for Cliff of course and just for the mere reason of keeping JR’s memory and quotes alive

  16. L-go says:

    Awesome! Scene with Pamela joining john Ross and Emma was classic!

  17. Marci Ritchey says:

    Elana’s too good to be true attitude never came off clean, I was always waiting for the twist that was going to totally set the entire series on its ear. When it happened I was completely astonished by how little I cared. Elana is a non-factor without Chriistopher. If Elana were as good as previously portrayed, would she have held it against all living Ewings something done by a man who had died and was unknown to anyone still living?

    Bobby says that there’s nothing he can do about Miss Ellie’s recently read p.s. to JR’s will is false. Prior to her most recent reading, the property that is Southfork was sold to JR and JR deeded the property back to Bobby. If Bobby didn’t want to honor his mother’s wishes, he couldn’t legally be compelled to.

  18. Susie says:

    Would like to see Pamela back with Christopher.

  19. Marci R says:

    What I don’t understand is with Pamela’s death certificate Christopher would have access to the funds in the trust account for proceeds of 1/3 of BG for what was it 27 years. Not to mention that if the sister died without heir, it would be 1/2 to Christopher and cliff would have signed over to his daughter 1/3 percentage of original stoch, which would dilute Cliff’s shares further because he could only sign over what he legally owned. I’m no math wizard

  20. I Love the new Dallas, almost as much as the old one. John Ross and Pamela make the show. I love that the origanal’s are still around, bring back more of them. I was so happy when Dallas returned, please stick around I’m loving every show and can’t wait for Monday nights.

  21. joi says:

    To the few they stated the show is barely hanging onto ratings…wash your mouth with soap. I’ll have faith TNT can keep this alive and fresh. I didn’t think I would keep watchingafter the passing of J.R. but Lil J.R has really embraced a lot of his father’s ways. He has big shoes to fill but Ive noticed him morphing into something really special :-) I look forward to watching each season and cuddling up with my favorite twosome :-) :-) Josh n Jesse.

  22. SuziW says:

    I only liked Heather in her first two scenes after which she just felt like redundant baggage. Hoping she is a very short term transitional relationship for CE. Given Elena’s roots on the show, the only things that kept her somewhat stable on her precarious cliff was integrity and usefulness to Ewing Oil/Global. Thanks to Nicolas she has fallen into the role of unnecessary stereotype. Please oh please don’t let one night of holey diaphragm sex result in pregnancy! If Elena doesn’t catch on to the intended sabotage, her hygiene will be suspect.

    Pamela definitely trumped Emma’s emerald lingerie ‘remember me’ and no doubt ruined things for Emma with John Ross. Loved this aspect of the writing!

    Buh bye, Heather. Fade away, Elena who just might already be on Nicolas’ hit list after she voiced some hands in the air conscience.

  23. debbie says:

    Get well Pam, I am on your side, and one more thing, why did Drew hafta git shot? I liked him……Somebody needs to piece together the “”FIRE””” Sue Ellen DID NOT DO IT

  24. Guest says:

    I have been a loyal Dallas fan since it first premiered in the 1978. The writing is super. The revenge is second to none in the new Dallas. Pam knew what kind of jackass John Ross was but she married him anyway. I really do believe that John Ross loves Pam but Emma is just too much for his ego. I do hope that John Ross and Pam can work things out as well as Elena and Christopher. I was really hoping that Christopher’s mother, Pamela, would have been on the show and my heart is still broken that Larry Hagman passed away. Although I fell in love with him as Tony Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie, J. R. Ewing was made for him. RIP J. R. Can’t wait for the new season to start. Great show. Thanks for bringing it back.

  25. Denise says:

    Just saw the new episode of Dallas. Very disappointed. For 1 John Ross claims he was sorry for cheating on Pamela, then turns around and sleep with Elena. John Ross is not sorry one bit, he`s sorry that he got caught. 2. Dallas needs to bring a handsome, sexy guy to Dallas for Pamela. A guy that is going to love her and give her the world, because she deserves that. Pamela has try to win her dads love and John Ross`s love.3. I also would like Pamela to have 1 true friend. 4. Christopher also needs a special love interest, he`s such a gentleman. I really hope Dallas stays on, I really like.

    • REED RICHARDS says:

      Sorry, Heather is white trash. She belongs with Bo, and Christopher deserves better than her. Pamela needs to get away from Cliff Barnes and John Ross because her next childish stunt for revenge against either one of them just may succeed in getting her killed. Which brings me to the conclusion that Pamela and Christopher would be great together. If you think anyone else would fit the bill, I am all ears.

  26. REED RICHARDS says:

    J.R. would turn over in his grave at his sniveling brat boy son John Ross. JR could care less if Sue Ellen found out who he was sleeping with. But John Ross, well, that is a different matter. Careless, wreck less, love sick, and stupid, why was he carrying JR’s (his dad’s ) letter in his wallet? Granted it was from his dead father, but it contained the evidence that they framed Cliff Barnes for JR’s murder. And now Elena has it. But Elana, in turning into a complete and utter whore to get that letter, also allowed the DEMON SEED to bring forth a child from John Ross. Wonder how Pamela is going to respond to that. Speaking of Pamela; it seems that she has now turned into another Sue Ellen, trying to play the get revenge against the cheating husband game. Anne? I still say she should have been killed in season 2. She serves no purpose other than to annoy Bobby and serve as a distraction, which he does not need. Elena? She has fully turned to the darkside and now it officially at war with the Ewings. Wait until she finds out Jacquin had her brother Drew killed. Wonder how that is going to turn out. Christopher? Like his idiot cousin John Ross, another love sick fool chasing a woman he is too good for. Emma? A sheltered flower, she is now acting out, ready to crash and burn forever; seeking out anyone who can put her father in jail, even if it means making a deal with Satan himself. Which we all know is not a good idea because you never cut a deal with the Devil because he always comes to collect…….. Harris? Lovesick for Ann, he belongs with her, and she with him, but that could only happen if Mother Ryland were out of the picture. Which brings me to the only character that I have any liking or respect for: Judith Ryland. The evil sexy woman of any sick, demented man’s dreams, she, although only a recurring character, has better chemistry with Bobby and the other regulars than most of the main cast. Bobby? Well, what can we say? A good guy turned criminal with the framing of Cliff Barnes, a fool of a husband, and he has absolutely no control over the Ewing family. Jock Ewing held things together because he was a tough hombre that his sons and their wives FEARED. Bobby, on the other hand, while turned dirty, is not RUTHLESS ENOUGH TO RUN THE EWING CLAN. So, there you have it. Dallas 2012 101. What can the writers do for an encore? Stay tuned……………

  27. REED RICHARDS says:

    As I have written a few comments here. I have a question for the writers of Dallas 2012. Seriously? Who on earth walks around with a letter that says they framed a man for murder in their WALLET………………………..I guess it’s true when they say money makes people stupid……..

  28. Jaianee says:

    i am a John Ross/Elena Fan. I hope he got her pregnant in episode 10 (dead reckoning)

  29. f. soogun says:

    I would like to see the real Pamela back Bobby wife?

  30. chrystabel says:

    Am loving every bit, but I think Christopher shld get back with Elena they are so perfect together. Sue ela shld stop drinking or die already I hate her drunken character, she is better sober. John Ross shld get wat he deserves frm Pamela. As for Ann am disappointed she kissed haris after all the trouble he caused her and bobby. Its so pathetic. Can’t wait for the show to continue.

  31. kklewis123187 says:

    I think it’s fair that Elena is hurt and being used. In the beginning she was smart, always trying to help but it only hurt her. Jon Ross tried to get the whole family to hide his treachery right after he asked for her hand. She fought to help Chris’ s dream work and balance the tempers of both brothers. She was even down to mother kids that weren’t hers. So after t he explosion no one was there for her and Sue Ellen took all her shares cuz her son purposely ruined the contract to slant drill. I n think she is smart, but doesn’t have the skill or money to fight big… just needs an honest teacher. Maybe Pamela and her would work well together, let the person who killed her brother, cartel boy, dig his own ditch. Chris needs to want to fight for something again, to balance new Jr out. Let Ryland and Bobby ‘ s wife maybe help that daughter become a woman. Go back so basics and fight all the cartels, then whoever comes next once they get back to the love of money from the two energy options b back. Everyone has their time to be saved and brought home… they owe her that as well.

  32. kklewis123187 says:

    I think it’s hard seeing Elena is hurt and being used because she isn’t on the level of the others so she comes off reckless and cold instead. In the beginning she was smart, always trying to help but it only hurt her. Jon Ross tried to get the whole family to hide his treachery right after he asked for her hand. She fought to help Chris’ s dream work and balance the tempers of both brothers. She was even down to mother kids that weren’t hers. So after t he explosion no one was there for her and Sue Ellen took all her shares cuz her son purposely ruined the contract to slant drill. I n think she is smart, but doesn’t have the skill or money to fight big… just needs an honest teacher. Maybe Pamela and her would work well together, let the person who killed her brother, cartel boy, dig his own ditch. Chris needs to want to fight for something again, to balance new Jr out. Let Ryland and Bobby ‘ s wife maybe help that daughter become a woman. Go back so basics and fight all the cartels, then whoever comes next once they get back to the love of money from the two energy options b back. Everyone has their time to be saved and brought home… they owe her that as well.

  33. IwantDallas says:

    Cidre seems delusional. If this show had been called anything but Dallas it wouldn’t be half bad. However it IS called Dallas and Cidre and crew seem to be doing anything but a Dallas continuation.

  34. Stephanie O'Daniel says:

    Not at all like old Dallas which was 100 times better. This new Dallas version is too scattered. It opens in the middle of a plot instead of starting with one and going from there like old Dallas. Opening scenes and everyone is angry. Old Dallas would start with a problem and build from there not open show in the middle with 3 or 4 issues. Dislike writing and wish show had writers from first show. Old Dallas would start calm and build to a climax or cliffhanger. This show starts chaotic. There is no continuity just a lot of anger and nothing seems to ever be resolved. At least old show started with JR dirty dealing and it would end with some finality and the next show with him or some other actor’s problem not a constant turmoil carried over from the first show.

  35. Susan says:

    Dallas needs to continue, Love Love this show. Please keep episodes coming our way

  36. Caroline says:

    I wish the old Pamela Barnes would come back, sue Ellen could secretly get cliff out of jail, and the two either get together, or bring dusty back, what ever happened to bobby daughter that Jenna wade had, there is way too much of this Mexican mafia in the new shows, it is taking away what the show dallas was all about. BRING back Pam .

  37. Stephanie O'Daniel says:

    Story lines are chaotic. Show opens with conflict. There is no continuity where the old Dallas started with calm and climaxed with JR back stabbing some one, his wife or one of his business associates. I liked the family dinner discussing the days events after having drinks before dinner. And why cast Judith Light as Mitch Pileggi’s mother? Talk about bad casting. They’re both close to the same age. Old Dallas was better. ….

  38. Gloria Bliss says:

    I love Dallas! Don’t like Chrisopher with the cowgirl( her husband loves her). More episodes please… Can’t wait!

  39. d smart says:

    I hope the show comes back.i have watched this show from the very first episode..i remember the fuss over who shot j.r. i look forward to the seasons finale..i believe a ewing from out of town will die protecting john ross..that way he will have the guilt of causing all this crap….who knows maybe a look a like jr. Will appear only to die doing one last good thing..they dont have to show his face…..

  40. De says:

    Love the series and all the characters. I hate how few episodes they have and the long time in between.

  41. Henry says:

    Why are you killing Christoper? If you do you lose me as a viewer..

  42. kathy says:

    Wish it was not over again.
    seems like it went real quich this season. I hope it starst soin again. I hate the long weights in between seasons. Thanks for a fun to watch show. But so bad they killed Christafer.

  43. kathy says:

    So sorry to loose Christopher
    hope the show comes back fast.
    hate waiting so long between their vacations. Hope it gets back on the air soon.

  44. Louise says:

    I won’t be watching the show anymore as I am furious that they took Christopher off!

  45. Ruth says:

    We need more, this short season is not enough!!!!

  46. Trina says:

    I feel that when you end the show like that; you have to keep going on with the show. You just can’t die Christopher off like that and the show takes forever to come back on. I felt that Elena and Chris should have been together, Even though Elena is pregnant