'Ship Shape: How Your Fave Pairs From Mindy, Parks, Scandal and Other Shows Are Faring

Love — and a fair amount of pollen — is in the air right now, tugging at your chest and bringing a tear to your eye as you look back on how they week treated your TV couples.

For a quick review of all things romantic on the small screen, check out this installment of ‘Ship Shape, a recurring feature in which TVLine provides you with the latest developments for TV’s hottest duos — and then offers our forecast for each pairing.

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Don’t see your favorite love match represented here? Give ‘em a shout out below and maybe they’ll merit a mention the next go-around.

And with that said, this ‘ship is about to set sail, so click through the gallery below and hop aboard!

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  1. Starfox9 says:

    No Jisbon?? The ending to the latest episode was heartbreaking!! So many feels!

  2. taco says:

    I don’t even ship SwanQueen, but I’d take that ship over CS. Hook’s ‘pining’ is stalkerish and not at all romantic. Emma had rebuffed his advances a couple of times and even said that she doesn’t yearn for him. Man-liner should take a hint. Seriously. Emma deserves someone better.

    • jan says:

      I agree with this one hundred percent. I feel as if the Hook/Emma relationship is being a bit forced now. They’re always mentioning Hook left and right, especially when Emma’s around. I don’t know about you but I definitely am getting tired of all this pro-Hook thing. I mean, please. There are other more interesting things, and people, than Hook. They’re really milking it when it comes to Hook. And they’ve literally turned him into a love sick puppy, which isn’t want I WANT for his character ugh. I don’t dig that anymore. I mean, I was pretty open to CS until they did that, changed his whole personality for Emma I mean. Plus, I don’t get how he is SO in love with her tbh. They don’t even know each other that well and he claims to be in love with her already? I mean, compared to ships like Rumbelle, which actually had relationship development and complexity, this ship is literally just so shoved in my face (same with Hood/Regina but that is definitely another day because that would literally make me write a whole essay and I would rather not right now). Plus, compared to other pairings, Hook/Emma don’t give me tingles when they look at each other. Compared to what I saw in the Neverland flashback with Hook/Tink (good lord I had to fan myself after that encounter) and the many looks between Regina/Emma (I actually had to re-watch the office scene in 3×13 multiple times because of the look Regina was giving to Emma and vice versa. It was literally like a slap to my face because damn how did I not see that blinding chemistry before? So I went back and re-watched the the whole show and, what can I tell you, they would be so much more realistic than Hook/Emma due to their amazing relationship development). ANYWAYS, yes; I do agree Emma deserves someone so much better.

  3. Jenn says:

    The Swan Queen magic lesson was the only interesting part of this weeks ep

  4. amicam says:

    impressed to see Regina and Emma on this list. Not a Swan Queen fan per se, but I agree that it looks just as plausible as the rest of the pairings in that show, and I’m happy to see it get acknowledged alongside all the others ;)

  5. Ella says:

    I’m over the original Hart of Dixie relationships. The only things I still like about the show are Wade and Lemon and their relationship and I would LOVE to see the writers actually go there with this couple instead of going back to boring season 1 pairing, which I liked back then, but can’t stand now.

  6. Brandt says:

    Nice to see Swan Queen on here. I see the show moving more and more that way so it’s probably time for the media to start introducing the idea to middle America. I started rooting for them after Season 2. Now that Neal is dead, I’m all #TeamMommies.

  7. RMA says:

    Go Alicia Go!!!! Should have happened years ago (I’m sure she feels that way too).

  8. Jennifer says:

    where are Derek and Meredith in Greys, Castle and Becket . on Castle? abd its Olivia ans Fitz non Jake!!!


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