Ratings: Resurrection Falls, Crisis Ticks Up

Resurrection ratingsABC’s Resurrection hit a new low Sunday, falling to 7.1 million viewers and a 2.0 in the 18-49 demo, down two-tenths compared to last week. The good news: It was the night’s top drama series among the 18-49 set. (With a 2.1, Family Guy on Fox claimed bragging rights to the No. 1 comedy.)

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Elsewhere on ABC, Once Upon a Time also dipped two-tenths vs. last week (to a 1.9), while Revenge was flat with a 1.3.

CBS’ numbers are complicated by a 12-minute overrun from The Masters golf tournament, but, per estimates, The Amazing Race, The Good Wife and The Mentalist were all roughly on par.

Other Sunday highlights: Fox’s Cosmos (1.2) fell to a series low, and NBC’s Believe (1.0) and Crisis (1.1) were even and up a tenth, respectively.

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  1. Ames says:

    Seriously CBS I am so sick of these overruns…there is to much to watch on Sundays so i can’t just tape the Mentalist every week so that I can catch the end of good wife…it is so annoying!

    • GhostWolf says:

      You’re so right. I’ve been trying to catch The Mentalist again since the RJ storyline if finally over but wind up with The Good Wife which I have no interest in.

    • The Beach says:

      They all do it, not just CBS. It is majorly irritating.

  2. alistaircrane says:

    I hate that Revenge is on at 10. Now I have to DVR it. I preferred it at 9.

  3. Katherine215 says:

    Really enjoyed Believe last night. I’m glad Tate resolved his issues with his past, and I’m really enjoying watching him fall for his daughter. And the scene where Winter tells him Bo’s his was great. Since it’s probably not getting renewed, I hope there’s a good resolution to the season. And some more background/interaction with Channing would be nice too.

    • Ann says:

      I’m enjoying Believe too! I dropped Resurrection from my DVR to make room for Believe. I hope it gets renewed.

    • V says:

      I love Believe!! I hope it gets renewed too but I guess the ratings are horrible on it. :(

      • John Jacob says:

        I can’t “Believe” how bad the ratings are for this show. It’s not that bad at all. I understand that every episode is pretty similar but the characters are pretty interesting. I love the chemistry between Tate and Bo. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be renewed and I am going to be pretty bummed not to have it on the sched. next year. They probably have to add more supernatural events happening and pronto.

        Why not include another kid or two who “escaped” the facility and are on Bo’s side??? The problem is every single episode follows the exact formula from the week before. People who are on the fence about it give up on it due to the similarity from the previous week.

    • Tenney says:

      I love Believe also. Last night’s episode was really great; seeing Tate’s face when he found out Bo was his daughter was so touching. I know the chances of it getting renewed are slim, but I am rooting for it.

  4. tp says:

    Resurrection is moving too slowly for me. Especially with only 1 or 2 episodes left. We haven’t really learned anything other than there is a pattern to where the people return to.

    • John Jacob says:

      I have to agree. I loved the first few episodes but the last 2 have been REALLY bad to me. First off I may be alone in this, but I really hated Caleb “disappearing” in a puff of smoke…kind of corny to me. Secondly, yesterdays episode was really boring. If nothing “interesting” is happening this is just a regular drama show. The whole thing with Helen in church just made me roll my eyes and see how much time was left in the episode. There is not enough happening to make it stay interesting. Half the episode is a see-saw if Jacob is going to goto Maryland or not. The other half was glaring looks from the parish.

      boooooooooooooooooooooring. they need to up the intensity or this show is going to fall in the “ho-hum” category FAST. a lot of people I work with today were commenting how it’s gotten “slow”

  5. Pat says:

    I am still watching Resurrection because I know that this storyline is so far-fetched that I am intrigued by it. Since it is on right after OUAT, which I love, I figure why not go from a crazy fairy tale to a bizarre mystery of people coming back from the dead.

  6. wrstlgirl says:

    I love Believe and I didn’t think I would. I look forward to it every week. I’m still enjoying Resurrection too but it’s no where near as good. Revenge is boring me to tears. Best part of last night’s show was Nolan at the end. Otherwise it’s just blah, blah, blah, nothing ever changes.

    • John Jacob says:

      I usually like to think I am a pretty good judge on if a show is going to make it. I’m shocked Believe is not getting better ratings. It has to be a product of the night it’s on.

  7. Beth says:

    Big fan of Crisis.. at least it’s going somewhere unlike Resurrection! I am getting bored – we haven’t gotten ANY new information!

    • lechatnoir says:

      Me too. I’m now bored with Resurrection. This show was oversold . I just don’t know what to watch . There are too many vampire shows and countless of shows with unsupervised teens.

      • Amy says:

        I enjoyed the first episode of Resurrection, and the second one was pretty good, but since then I have been bored and distracted when watching. On the other hand, I find myself riveted to the screen when Believe is on. I just don’t get why more people are not watching Believe. I love it, and wish that NBC would move it to a different time slot.

    • Sara says:

      Yes! love it too..I record everything so the first thing I watch is Good Wife, followed by Crisis….wait for Revenge, Mentalist, etc when I get a chance

  8. tv2day says:

    The big smash of people coming back from the dead got tired after the 2nd episode.

  9. tv2day says:

    I prefer believe. The pilot episode of believe was great. None since has reached that level. But with dvr’s being able to record upwards of 4 simultaneous shows anyone can watch both. If it was either or like the old days b4 dvr, game of thrones would easily be the 9pm choice.

  10. dj says:

    I am really enjoying Resurrection…the French version called “The Returned” is really good. You can watch it on Netflix. Basically, the same storyline, but a lot creepier.

  11. Mark says:

    My Sunday’s used to be all about Once not any more its become to much of a soap opera for my taste. The first two seasons where all about the stories and the relationships where made to be part of that, now its the relationships first and the stories second if I wanted that I would watch Days of our Lives — will give it another go in the new season maybe by then they would have figured out they don’t need more ships than the US Navy. Glad to see Crisis rising starting to really get into that show.Although I still can not see where another season is going to come from once the end game is reached.

  12. Rosemary Storaska says:

    The answer to the Sunday night overload? WATCH CRISIS! I am a very picky TV watcher and this series is getting so intriguing, and so much is now unraveling, that I ate dinner in front of the Tube so that I could catch a second run of Episode 5 with “On Demand” Monday night. Nothing on TV interests me but this is something special! Just when you think you have “Meg’s company’s role in the kidnapping” figured out or “understand why Susie can’t keep an FBI partner”, something is said that gets your mind wandering off again? OK, “this is not what I thought” is a usual reaction as the scenes progresses. Then there is Amber and the teacher– repeating what one might think to be her mother’s mistakes– (Not Meg, but Susie’s?). . . Or will one of the children be killed because he thinks he recognizes Gibson as the ringleader of the kidnapping? What in the heck is the “Mission” where the CIA is training Special Forces to kill women and children in DC? Did I mention some great acting from all the main characters that make their on-scene moments vividly clear? Who should one hate (Susie, Rachael Taylor, or Meg, Gillian Anderson)? The chemistry between those two in Episode 5 was good stuff for TV! If you are NOT watching at 10 pm Sunday night on NBC, you are missing “a live action book, twisting, turning, and constantly unfolding in front of your eyes, with plots on top of plots, giving just enough away each week! “Resurrection” and even “Believe” and other such shows do nothing but “exasperate” those with a brain that desire to be entertained with “what could be” vs. mindless story lines?

    • eboni says:

      I agree with you 100%, i love crisis as well. Resurrection is pretty good to me as well but it is moving pretty slow.

  13. herman1959 says:

    I’m sticking with Resurrection because I think the NIH guy and his revelation of the pattern was interesting, although I realize that it was too little, too late for some people. Of course, deadly boring Rachael doesn’t help…….go away Rachel, you’re killing this show!

  14. Donna says:

    I love Resurrection, Believe & Crisis. What I am sick of is the networks drawing people in and getting them hooked on a show. Then, because the show is not #1 in the ratings it is cancelled, leaving all the show’s followers wondering how the story actually ended. It should be built into contracts that a decent ending must take place before the end of the final show.

  15. D Pachasa says:

    Resurrection is the worst series I have ever tryed to watch! Can’t beleive people would even tune in!! What a waste of prime time space !!!!!! Betrayal was a winner this big losser!!!!!

  16. I think the TV show is great and it needs to come back a second season it’s not far just to end it like that.

  17. Tiffany says:

    I love Resurrection. It reminds me the 4400, but that got cancelled. So I will watch for another season.

  18. Charmaine Bell says:

    Absolutely loved Resurrection and looking forward to the new season.

  19. Charmaine says:

    I absolutely loved Resurrection and looking forward to the new season!

  20. Tonya says:

    I am so po’d that Resurrection, Believe and Crisis are being cancelled. These are great new shows. They did this with Vegas and I miss Southland, Body of Proof, Army Wives, The Glades, Low Winter Sun, Alphas and CSI NY. Looking forward to CSI Cyber and NCIS New Orleans.