Once Upon a Time Recap: 'Yo, Ho... Oh, No!'

Once Upon a Time Hook Emma Kiss Steals MagicThis week on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, it was a pirate’s strife for Captain Hook as in flashback he sought to reclaim the Jolly Roger, while in Storybrooke he wound up pucker-punched after ‘fessing his feelings.

IN FAIRYTALE LAND OF NINE MONTHS AGO…. | Whilst searching for the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook is still making bank, looting carriages and such with the help of Mr. Smee. One night, after politely turning down a gratis trick with a tart, Hook is not-politely confronted by Ariel, who accuses him of kidnapping her Prince Eric. When Hook realizes that the nefarious Blackbeard is responsible for the damsel’s distress, he sets out to battle with the famed buccaneer and reclaim his vessel. One nifty swordfight later, Hook is set to go in for the kill when Blackbeard offers a trade: the Jolly Roger for the 20 on Eric — else, the prince will perish. Rather than let his peers believe he’s gone soft, as rumored, Hook turns Blackbeard into chum, and gets a fierce slap from Ariel in return. The Little Mermaid then leaps into the drink (um, sharks?!) to find Eric herself.

IN STORYBROOKE…. | After some “Fairy Tale Characters: They’re Just Like Us!” antics involving crib assembly, Regina arrives at the Charmings’ to report that she has cast a protection spell on their home, lest Zelena do something to the baby (if she hasn’t already….). When Emma says they should bring the fight to Greenie, Regina reminds how she barely survived Round 1. After being iffy on the subject in Neverland, Emma implores Regina to help her with her magic — “I’m ready this time” — so that together they might whale on Wicked.  “This is a way of life,” Regina tells her pretty padawan. “You have to fully commit.” Because Henry finds the Charmings boring, Emma drops the lad off with Hook, who supports her honing of magical skills. Emma says that if she can help rid the town of Zelena, she and Henry can resume a proper life in NYC — though Hook warns that trying to be who you once were doesn’t work. When Emma’s magic lessons get off to a bumpy start (the elvish spells are Greek, er, Spanish, to her), Regina gets the idea to play upon Once Upon a Time EmmaEmma’s instincts, by forcing her protegé to save herself from a collapsing rope bridge. Emma just barely does, and in a messier way than Regina had hoped, but still — win!

Over at the beach, Ariel has washed ashore, having come up empty in her bid to find Prince Eric after this latest curse. The Charmings suggests that Hook, whose memories of the past year are intact, could help, but the pirate is tentative (knowing exactly what went down with Blackbeard). Still, he inadvertently helps Ariel find Eric’s cloak in Gold’s shop, and upon being charmed by Belle the garment leads them to… the water, suggesting Eric’s a goner. “At least our story is over,” Ariel sighs. “I just wish I knew how it ended.” After the mermaid commends Hook for having a “true heart,” he ‘fesses up about how he doomed Eric in order to reclaim his ship. After some yada yada about how he did it to make up for lost love, Ariel says she’ll forgive him if he swears upon the name of his OTL. When Hook does so, evoking Emma’s name, “Ariel” purrs, “That’s just what I needed to hear”… and then transforms into Zelena. The Wicked Witch reports that Hook’s lips are now cursed, and that the next time he kisses Emma — and oh yes, he had better pucker up soon, or others will get hurt! — it will rob blondie of her blossoming magic skills.

At the Charmings’, Hook fibs some about his day’s adventure with “Ariel,” leading Emma to try out mirror magic to check in on the Little Mermaid and her prince — and sure ’nuff, they’re frolicking on a beach, just as Zelena had told Hook. Emma is moved by Hook’s seeming role as Cupid, but he keeps her at arm’s length, even when Emma declares that she is tired of living in the past (presumably including the recent past, as in the few days ago Neal died). Hook defers joining the gang for dinner at Granny’s (My god, is there a second eatery in town?! Surely even the Rabbit Hole has good appys!), and instead spies Emma longingly through his telescope, as the hour closes.

IN REVIEW…. | Like some folks here, I feared this episode would be too much filler, but the magic lessons and the final 10 minutes or so served up enough story movement and twists. Harp on the CGI as those of you will, but I thought the rope bridge sequence was pretty damn magical in a Harry Potter sort of way; Hook’s cursed lips are sure to have people talking/combatting in the comments below; and as for the flashbacks, at least they shed some light on why Hook’s been remiss to reflect on the past year (though we still need to see how he crossed realms and what fate befell his ship. Did he have to give it up anew in the name of finding Emma?)

NOTABLE QUOTABLES | “I have never tried anything quite like frozen yogurt before”…. “I keep dreaming of cheese”…. “A monkey? No, I’m a girl that turns into a fish”…. “He’s prone to violence, impulsive and has a hook for a hand. What about him would a 12-year-old not like?”…. “Trudge, trudge, trudge…. If you ask me, there’s nothing more boring than land travel.” (That last one was very cute.)

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  1. StanSJ says:

    This was a Filler episode from the beginning to end that why this episode was MEH for me.
    this episode get a solid B. it was kind of boring. it got exciting at the end. I’m happy Eric and Ariel got their happy ending. Good to meet Black beard.
    The question i have is Where is the jolly roger?
    What would have made this a Great episode if had connected to the end of episode 11 and episode 12.
    I’m more hype about next week episode. It look so dark and Young Cora is back!!! YAY!

    • Mary says:

      I don’t see how it’s filler since something pretty important happened at the end. Filler for most of it? Sure but not entirely.

    • BTM says:

      I love how since the age of the Internet, episodes that provide backstory, character development, etc, are dismissed as “filler.” Not everything has to be a grand battle. Some of it should be time to complete the whole picture or we’re reduced to watching a video game with fairy tale characters.

      • teevee says:

        I know, right?
        Its like people want all couplings, love stories, and all the action to be done and resolved in the course of 2-3 episodes so they can move on to the next. Oh, and they want it done in the way they prefer so as to not hate on the show or threaten to stop watching.

  2. Katt says:

    Capt. Swan 4Ever!

  3. A says:

    Cursed lips?! What kind of BS is this? I don’t like Emma and Hook together, but this is beyond asinine. I guess baby sitter Hook is the best they can do. WTF

    • Will says:

      Um, it’s a fairy tale, in which most spells are broken by a kiss, so it seems very clever/apropos/ironic to me.

      • Mary says:

        Then it would have to be by someone other than Emma as Zelena says it will take away her magic.

        • AnotherMary says:

          which is why it’s so interesting

        • teevee says:

          So what if Hook ends up kissing Zelena? Will it take away her magic or does it only happen to Emma.

          • Meg says:

            Zelena cursed Hook’s mouth after he said Emma’s name so I would imagine it would only work on her.

          • Rebecca says:

            Only Emma because he swore on her name.

          • Ric Fule says:

            I was thinking the same thing. “Why not attempt to kiss Zelena? I mean, she’s standing right in front of you, your lips are meant to remove the magic from someone, so give it a shot.”

            Of course,it might just be tailored to Emma. Or Zelena could have immobilized Hook first, but …

    • Name That Tune says:

      Right now, Emma and Hook are laughable. She is useless against Zelena, who wants to steal her magic so she can go back in time and Hook has been reduced to a pathetic lovesick loser who is also pretty useless against Zelena.
      I’ve been LMFAO for a week thinking about the great duo, Emma and Hook.

      • Rebecca says:

        Usless against Zelena? Obviously she is the one person who can defeat her. Hence the fact that Zelena went through the trouble of coming up with a plan to take her magic away? She didnt say anything about taking her powers from Emma she just wants her to be powerless, or atleast thats what I took away from it. I also love Hook. Hes probably my favorite character. Almost every guy on that show is in love with someone. Hes no different than any of the rest of them except for the fact that him and Emma have a more intense connection than the rest of them.

        • Name This Tune says:

          She’s useless when she waves that gun around. And she’ll remain useless if she doesn’t embrace her magic. Which is what Regina was telling her. If she doesn’t embrace it, she might as well head back to New York.
          We all know Zelena is going to get Emmy’s magic because then we get to go back in time and tell a new version of OUAT. One without Emma and Henry.

        • ellena says:

          As we saw with the mirror, Emma could be more powerful than Regina. Of course she is going to defeat her! When, how, why ect. is a different question and it could cost her magic but as we saw, Zelena is more powerful than Regina so Emma teaming up with her could be the way to defeat her. My question is how will the curse on hook be broken? I mean most curses on the show are broken with TLK. So… yeah. Emma could be in for some trouble with that one. Good thinking, you evil green gremlin!!!!

    • Charissa29 says:

      Well they have to keep Hook and Emma apart somehow. Hook being reluctant to kiss her and her confusion about it could drag on for at least 2 maybe 3 episodes. Plus there is all the “he took away my powers, how will we destroy the wicked queen?!” brouhaha to look forward to, so we will get lots of yearning and guilt and obstacle overcoming in the next few weeks. Should be fun.

    • Stephie59 says:

      At first I didn’t like Hook and Emma together, but now I’m all for it. I never did like Neal much anyway, and now there’s no one else. I can see Hook and Emma together. He loves her; he cares about the son; and he’s a nice guy overall.

  4. Lysh says:

    I was hoping for more information about Hook’s lost year, but maybe we’ll see what sends him to go after Emma in a later episode. The sword fighting was awesome. I just…enjoy that sort of thing. And Emma rising on the bridge was pretty BA, too.
    I guess Zelena ran out of OZ characters to assign to Storybrooke residents, so the kiss thing is new but I’m excited to see how that turns out. Hook always has a moral dilemma at the ends of his episodes.

    • Sdr says:

      Doesn’t this make Hook the Tinman? Not a literal heart, but just as symbolic as Rumple’s brain…

      • Louise says:

        I think they’ve made it pretty clear last week that Regina’s the tinman. You know, with Zelena being after her heart and all. ;)

      • Kip Ladd says:

        I agree. They are really starting to point out the tinman (Hook), the lion(Rumple), and the scarecrow(David). They are all three that have played part of the plan for Zelena to turn back time.

        • Percysowner says:

          Since she took David’s courage and it’s been hinted she’s using Rumple’s brain I think David is the lion and Rumple the scarecrow.

      • DJNG says:

        Agreed. At the moment, it would appear…Scarecrow = Rumple. Lion = Charming. So who’s Dorothy? Emma? And Toto…Hook? lol

        Nah, Hook has to represent the Tin Man. In the original story the Tin Man’s axe is enchanted and he’s prevented from having the girl he loves. Of course, this leaves Regina with the role of….Good Queen! *sigh* so appreciating the dichotomy now! Hmm, Toto… Henry? Must be.

        Yeah, so I’m guessing there’ll be a golden hat and another return home – god knows what timeline – and for Emma the slippers and a decision to make. Where is home?

  5. CC says:

    Awesome episode. Love Hook and Blackbeard! And everything else :D

  6. Devin says:

    I loved it. By the end I was hurting so badly for Hook! Poor guy! He needs to find his happiness. He should have just told them, and I’m sure Regina and Emma could come up with some spell to counter the Wicked Wtiches. And if they did, Emma would love hook even more for telling the truth. Now if and when she finds out, she’ll be angry he didn’t ask for help, instead of running or kissing her.
    BTW, loved the blackbeard guy! Big OBX lover here!

  7. Jimmy says:

    Lord, the melodrama of it all. Al, he had to do is tel Emma and the Charmings and they could have prepared themselves. Overwrought plotting is annoying.

  8. Emily says:

    Loved the episode and love Hook even more! Anyone else loving the awesome relationship between Regina, Emma, and the Charmings? My favorite side of Regina

  9. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    Aren’t we so glad Ariel and Eric got their happily ever after and ended up on Astronaut Wives Club Island? Even though its existence won’t happen until next midseason?

  10. Mary says:

    Are you seriously advocating the Charmings take 12/13 year old Henry to a bar for dinner? Wasn’t him trying to drive enough for the evening?

    • zacqua10 says:

      I don’t know what show you’re watching but Granny’s isn’t a bar. Lmao. It’s a diner.

      • Joey says:

        I think Mary was talking about Matt’s offhand reference to the Rabbit Hole, the bar that Lacey hung around at last season.

        • zacqua10 says:

          Yeah I realized that as soon as I posted it, hence my comment below. Lol. TV Line REALLY needs an edit or delete option.

          • Joey says:

            I wish that they would post comments without the user needing to refresh the page. Then I would have seen your comment that you figured it out, and I wouldn’t have needed to make that comment in the first place. XD

      • Brigitte says:

        I do think that it is stuck in Fantasyland though. $4.99 for a burger and a beer?? (It was posted on the back wall of the diner and really made me laugh!!)

    • zacqua10 says:

      And… I just realized you were talking about what Matt mentioned in the recap. Sorry.

    • Aly says:

      In the UK, you’re allowed into a bar/pub at pretty much any age, provided you don’t drink. Pub food can be rather nice sometimes. So I don’t see why it’d be bad for Henry. Guess the US has different laws though.

      • BTM says:

        No, the laws are no different, and places like Runy Tuesday and TGI Friday are perfectly acceptable places for people to take their kids, even though they have bar sections.

        • Joey says:

          Those are actual restaurants though. Although most bars will allow children in although they will be asked to leave at an earlier time, usually around 9 PM.

          • BTM says:

            In this case, yes. I have seen a lot of people get the vapors over another show where kids were allowed in a Ruby Tuesdays sort of place because there was a bar inside the restaurant. When Aly mentioned pubs in the UK, which are community gathering places as much as anything, my mind went toward that other show (All My Children, in case you were wondering).

          • Stormy says:

            ITA Pubs in the UK are saloons and eateries. And in the USA bars in places like Wisconsin routinely admit anyone from infants on up when accompanied by adults without batting an eye.

  11. WTactualF says:

    I thought it was a pretty good epi. Felt bad for Hook, but I think he should’ve told Emma about the curse.

    • Rebecca says:

      Definitely! They all already know Zelena has it in for them, Whos to say shes not going to kill everyone either way. Obviously Emma is the one person who can defeat Zelena since she was worried enough about her to go through the trouble of coming up with this whole plan to curse Hook. That would be the smart thing to do, but of course Hook will probably not kiss her and also not tell her and he is going to create lots of confusion for her.

      • Fe Rosa says:

        But it seems Killian was going to tell everything to David & Snow just like he did about the secrety about Neal, in Neverland, but then Emma and Regina were there. I still think he´ll tell them, without Emma knowing..

        • abz says:

          Yeah, I got the feeling too that he had the intention of telling the Charmings about it so that they can work on something and probably brainstorm how to break it to Emma, but then Emma was there and she was saying all these nice things and jumping to conclusions and then more people kept showing up and then Henry came, that it may have been a little too much for him. I don’t think he’ll keep it to himself either for too long.

        • Rebecca says:

          Probably. I hope he tells someone. Even him telling Regina would be better than not telling anyone. If he tries to handle this himself this probably wont turn out well haha.

  12. Louise says:

    I’m very happy with the CGI this season anyway. I don’t know what happened, but it’s been looking much better for a while now. I love their animation work for the flying monkeys and I agree that the magic lesson CGI was good, too. That part was very enjoyable all around and I liked most of the family scenes like David and Emma trying to set up a crib or the family dinner at Granny’s, too.
    Other than did it sadly did feel like a filler episode to me and I don’t know if I can buy that it’s really in character for Zelena, who’s been pretty badass and efficent so far in many ways, to come up with this curse as her grand plan to deal with Emma’s savior magic. Seems pretty foolish and more like a convenient setup to push the Hook/Emma story than anything else.
    And “show don’t tell” is not one of their strengths as far as their writing for Hook is concerned. I feel like the show is forcing things too much by having other characters like Ariel or Regina tell us stuff, whether it’s Hook supposedly being a hero and a good hearted guy, or again the Hook/Emma stuff, instead of developing it more organically. And I don’t like being told how I’m meant to see/feel about characters and relationships like that, so yeah…. okay episode, but not one I’ll be watching again.

  13. Eli says:

    Emma already throwing herself at Hook? Very predictable

    • WTactualF says:

      You and I must have a vastly different opinion on what it means to throw yourself at someone.

      • Tai says:

        I think we might have the same definition because I also fail to see how Emma was throwing herself at Hook. But then again the hatred for Hook is pretty strong. Pretty much any and every thing he does is wrong.

        • Lara says:

          As far as I can tell Emma isn’t throwing herself at anyone. Hook has mostly just been pining. Girl just found out her fiance was a flying monkey.

    • abz says:

      How on Earth was she throwing herself at Hook? Grow up!

    • Rebecca says:

      ALREADY? MORE LIKE FINALLY. She hasnt yet, but if she did Its been like 2 seasons of them avoiding it when it obvious they love each other. It would be more annoying if they continued having them not acknowlede their feelings for each other for another season. Hook is the one person she has been very un sure about in terms of letting herself trust him. Its definitely been a long time coming.

  14. Jennifer says:

    All of the Regina/Emma/Charmings moments were the epitome of what I love about Once and what this show does best. Next week’s episode looks awesome.

  15. Addie says:

    I loved all the Charming/Mills family scenes! Snow and Charming being offended that Henry thought they were boring was classic and I loved Regina’s reaction to Henry’s driving lesson. I also loved how far we saw Regina come- from storming the castle to kill baby Emma to making protection spells for the new Snowing baby. And Matt- no congrats to Josh and Ginny? Snow and Charming got married everyone!

    • jerrired says:

      Agree. The Regina and Emma stuff continues to be the highlight of this season. I too loved all the Charming stuff as well in this episode.

    • ATB says:

      I felt like ABC should have said something in a small 10 second spot like “Congratulaions to Ginnifer and Josh!” – especially considering they play the main couple on the show.

  16. Jackee says:

    Love Captain swan!

  17. J says:

    The thing that angers me the most is that Neal never got to be with his son. He should be the one babysitting him, not Hook. Fine he is dead, but it didn’t have to be tho sway, he could have stayed and just do what Hook is doing.

    • Addie says:

      I’ve accepted that Neal’s death will never not be one of the most ridiculous plots this show has ever done. Like it can be the final episode and I’ll still be wondering what the point of it was.

      • Joey says:

        The show will have been off the air for 20 years, and I still won’t understand what the point was. We always will, because there was no point to it.

      • gdv says:

        Agreed. The death had no point. I really think the storytellers had no clue what to do with MRJ since his arrival on the show. If I were a writer, I would’ve waited to kill Bae once he had been reunited with Rumple, Emma, and Henry, giving the audience a chance to see them all happy and together for a few episodes before killing him off. It would’ve had more of a dramatic impact, IMO. (I mean, can you imagine the heartbreaking scenes they could’ve written between Rumple + Belle, Henry + Emma, etc?) Instead, Bae’s death is a B storyline next to everything else going on, and Rumple and Henry can’t even mourn him properly b/c Rumple’s out of his mind (and totally offscreen) and Henry doesn’t remember he ever met Bae in the first place.

    • dmac says:

      You know we don’t know everything about where this show is going so perhaps you should wait and you might get the answers you want. Show runners just don’t kill off a popular character without a reason and just because you don’t have the reason now doesn’t mean you won’t

      • DJNG says:

        it’s either a red herring, and he’s secretly working with Zalena on her endgame, or, it was the absolute worse piece of acting i’ve ever seen in my life!!! i guess i’ll hold judgement for now.

  18. Yunuem says:

    Isnt the kiss curse contradictory cause Hook already kissed Emma when he found her in her appartment in New York?

    • m'lady says:

      this was a present-day curse, Yunuem, it didn’t happen during the lost year. I would like to know how he got to Emma during that year, though, and was hoping we’d get that part of the story (along with the the blue vile of memory potion) sorted out.

  19. Kate says:

    I didn’t know there was an IKEA in Storybrooke.

    • Stormy says:

      Thank you! For that matter, if the town is self contained and no one can leave, why would they need a mailbox? They have no one to correspond with. I can understand automatic food/gas/supplies replenishment being built into the curse. But mail?

  20. Katie says:

    I’m kinda surprised by CSers enthusiasm over this episode. All it did for Hook was show that he is still the type of person who would sacrifice an innocent man for his own selfish reasons. If the show was actually planning on making Captain Swan endgame it would show Hook growing into a man who would make a good father figure for Henry. But this is Once Upon a Time and it would not allow the Hook they revealed tonight to be a role model for a teen in need of a father.

    • Addie says:

      IKR? If I shipped it, I wouldn’t be that thrilled about tonight’s episode. They did the same thing with the “I’m glad your heart is broken” quote. If a guy said that to me after I had to break up with my fiancee, I’d kick him in the family jewels and not look back.

      • Iman says:

        He said “If it can be broken, that means it still works” and he wasn’t being rude or romantic about it, he was just stating a fact, because she is still able to love like when he lost someone he loved he was still able to love again (of course Emma). And I ship and am completely thrilled because he confessed his love for her while she is now letting him in, so yeah it was great. And the episode shows that he is willing to change, it showed what he did in the past which was who he was and the mistake he made, then it showed the present where he is trying to move on from the past and from the mistake he made, especially when he went to Ariel to say sorry and begged for forgiveness. Anyways it was a great episode, what I don’t get is how no one can see that it showed his change, his redemption, etc.

      • abz says:

        That’s not what he meant. He wasn’t glad she was hurting, he was just happy that its still possible for her to find love again and that she won’t give up and isolate herself like she usually does. “If it can be broken, that means it still works.”

    • Jo Ann says:

      I think this episode showed that is the man Hook used to be. In the past, he didn’t care about anyone or anything. But love has changed him and wants to be a better person. Hook is no longer that man he used to be.

      • Katie says:

        This behavior took place after he fell in love with Emm. His love for her was not enough to change him is what they showed us tonight.

        • Jolly says:

          Wrong in the loss of Emma, he went back to what he thought was stable and wanted his ship to hold onto it, but it didnt work as we keep seeing. Being away from your love – you are your worst self thats why his whole monologue on love being torture and pain. He lost Emma, and he wanted his ship something he could hold onto.
          As for pushing Emma and Hook…. its part of the story, you know Emma’s own love story… so obviously her love interest and her will be treated as that, and shown as that.

          • Lara says:

            personally I’m hoping for a third party that she has a bit more chemistry with, but that is just how I feel about it, or have her happy ending be her family. I haven’t been entirely sold on this relationship yet, and IMO this episode did it no favors. I’m feeling that if the writers put anyone with the sleeping curse its going to be Emma and Hook will kiss her and it will be “true love’s kiss” and break both curses. Here is hoping that if this is the “major relationship” for Emma that they are capable of selling it better in the future.The narrative of this episode was all over the place in regards to Hook. I regret that they had removed the less savory aspects of hook’s character to turn him into a lovelorn puppy without fully showing the transition. It’s like they went straight from Season 2 Spike from BTVS to Season 5 Spike without the story.

    • Katie says:

      @Jolly Being depressed does not excuse reprehensible actions. Do you honestly think Emma would be with someone whose moral compass is so dependent on another person? Emma is the Savior and she has a young son. She needs someone who does the right thing for the right thing’s sake, not because Emma is watching.

      • Dmav says:

        You forget that Emma ‘s moral compass can be scewed at times. I’m sorry I don’t get all the hate for Hook on this site while people cheer for Regina and Gold etc. everyone in this show besides the Charmings are one step away from turning bad so why break out the morality outrage for him? If you look on other sites he is popular indeed and personally I don’t mind him, he is screwed up like the rest of them and trying to be good but failing at times.

        • Katie says:

          Emma’s moral compass has NEVER encouraged her to kill someone innocent for her own grievances (the fact that this was over a boat is actually ridiculous). Emma couldn’t even hurt the kids in Neverland who were holding her son captive. And as for Regina and Rumple, as I mentioned in another post a minute ago, they both did evil things but were also both forced to give up their children in the end.

    • Charissa29 says:

      Captain Hook can’t change too abruptly. Fits and starts, baby, they are hoping for a few more years, and if Hook gets too good or gets with Emma too fast where’s the drama? Everyone else is already paired up as they are freaking fairy tale characters.

      • Name That Tune says:

        They have to be believable and right now this story line is about the shippers. Everything in it is unbelievable and laughable. You know that’s the case because Regina was making fun of Emma and her crush on Hook. Now that was believable and FUNNY

    • DJNG says:

      if hook needed the JR to get back to emma he mightve reasoned the sacrifice was worth it.

  21. Jolly says:

    Rooting for Emma/Hook

    Has to be a set up for true love kiss for them!!!

    Hook went back to something stable in the loss of Emma! But still he couldnt do it entirely

  22. Jetboo13 says:

    Umm, didn’t Hook murder someone for a boat? And by killing Blackbeard, condemned another man to his death (Eric)? Doesn’t matter that we find out Eric turned out ok…at the time, Hook believed his actions would lead to Eric’s death and he still went ahead with his selfishness. Everyone with the “poor Hook” schtick…really?

    Also, how incredible one-sided is “Captain Swan”? Yeah, she kissed him. Ok. Once. Big deal HE is borderline obsessed with her. Creeper much? It’s so forced, they just beat us over the head with it.

    • Name That Tune says:


    • Jessie says:

      He took his boat back and Blackbeard was a pirate who was supposedly the worst pirate ever. Hook was trying to hold onto what was left of his life, but he has shown that he wants to change.

    • Guest says:

      Go back to your Neal shrine and quit posting nonsense…

    • Tenney says:

      I’m curious Jetboo13, do you think every character on this show who has killed someone or done something for selfish reasons is unredeemable and not deserving of being given a chance for either love or redemption or is it just Hook? I mean, think of the characters on this show who have shown themselves to be selfish or killers… Regina, Rumple, Snow, Charming, Red, etc… I mean, they lived in a fairytale land where everyone was fighting and killing all the time. You can’t just single Hook out for that.

      Also, I see no evidence that Hook is obsessed with Emma. He’s not following her, calling her, showing at places he knows she’ll be at, etc.. He’s clearly smitten, but that is a far cry from obsessed.

      • Katie says:

        The thing, Tenney, is that with the characters you’re talking about – Gold and Regina, presumably – it was never as simple as ‘I’m grieving, so I’m gonna condemn an innocent man to die, please feel sorry for me and call me a hero.’ Rumple killed people, but not until he had taken on the power of the Dark One. Regina slaughtered an entire town, but she was not given insta-forgiveness and in the end she had to sacrifice the respect and relationship she had finally earned from her son for the Greater Good. Hook has never even come close to giving something up for the Greater Good and last night he showed he still isn’t capable of it.

        • Tenney says:

          I agree with you that it has taken a long time for the people in Storybrooke to start forgiving Regina and trusting her again after all the horrible things she had done. But Regina did more than just slaughter an entire town, she killed and tortured people time and time again, I mean, she ripped out the heart of her own father! I think that is worse 100x’s worse than anything that Hook has done. All he did was not get information about a man he didn’t know. It’s not like he killed him.

          • Joey says:

            See, I think the main problem lies in that whenever someone criticizes Hook for this, someone who wants to defend him uses the excuse “He’s not as bad as [other character]!” Guess what, we aren’t talking about [other character]. We’re talking about Hook. This is the same thing that happens when a person is being disciplined for something. “Well, I might have done [wrong thing], but [other person] does [wrong thing]!” It’s a way to deflect blame, and it never works.

          • Rebecca says:

            To me Hook was never a “villiain” he always just seemed damaged and angry. Anyone he hurt was while trying to get revenge on Rumple. He never killed/hurt people for pleasure the way most of the others did. Since he let go of his revenge on Rumple hes been struggling with who he is as a person (good/hero or bad/pirate) He became a pirate over the heartbreak he felt over his brothers death. Then he turned a bit darker after Rumple killed Milah, but he was never “evil”

          • abz says:

            And the other problem that exists is the complete double standards with regards to certain characters on this show. They don’t all seem to be judged to the same extent by SO many people (of course there are the few who are willing to acknowledge both sides of things) or even given the exact opportunity to develop the way other characters have developed.
            “We aren’t talking about [other character], We’re talking about Hook” –> Well of course we are. TVLine is pretty much Hook-hate central. People are ALWAYS talking about Hook. Yes, this was Hook-centric, but in general It’s like barely any other characters exist. Hook did this. Hook is so awful. Such a filler episode. How can people like Hook? and on and on comment after comment. I’ve even seen complaining on posts for episode were he was barely on screen for like 5 minutes. I have a strong feeling that if the show had started with him being a series regular from the pilot onwards, there would be much less hate for this character.

          • Rebecca says:

            Theres really no reason for people to hate on Hook as much as they do. If your not fond of him compared to the rest of the characters on the show thats one thing, but it seems like people choose to hate Hook just for the simple fact that A LOTTT of people absolutely love him. Its like they have to disagree for the sake of disagreeing. I seriously don’t get how someone could watch the same show that I am watching and hate Hook/hate the thought of Hook and Emma being together. Its like, are you watching the same show that I am? I dont dislike one character on OUAT. I love them all, but I enjoy scenes with Hook much more than most of the other scenes and I’m not sure how him and Emma could be any more right for each other.

          • Joey says:

            @abz: I will agree with you that Hook would probably be more well-liked had he been an initial character. I think the problem, for a lot of people, myself included, is that Hook’s inclusion on the show has suddenly skyrocketed past any other secondary character so it looks like one of two things. 1) The showrunners saw that there was a lot of popularity/polarization around Hook, so they shoehorned him into plots where he normally wouldn’t be important, or 2) it’s a case of network interference. We can see from commercials and whatnot that Hook is being promoted heavily. Is that because Hook is a super popular character? Arguable. Is it because ABC thinks they can bank on him raking in really good ratings (and therefore money)? More than likely.

        • Lu says:

          Ehm… Do you remember that time when Regina killed Graham? Correct me if I am wrong but she did it because he didn´t want to be her slave anymore.

          • Jetboo13 says:

            She did it because the curse was starting to unravel and she went into self preservation mode.

      • Jetboo13 says:

        On the contrary, I don’t see that Hook is being held accountable nearly enough. It seems as if the writers or perhaps ABC is pushing so hard of Hook to be the hero and Emma’s true love that he isn’t held to task. He does bad things and it’s glossed over. By comparison, take someone like Regina who has been making strides towards redemption, yet is only now just beginning to be recognized for her efforts. It just seems like there is an agenda to hurry up and make him the hero, he doesn’t come off as one who has been made to face his unsavory past. Lest we forget what he did to Belle and his part in Regina’s kidnapping and torture. Yes, I suppose he is “in love” so all is forgiven or not really ever mentioned again.

        • Rebecca says:

          I think the fact that the Charmings have been able to forgive Regina is a big reason why they have been able to forgive Hook so easily. Regina ruined their lives. Literally. Nothing was ever done directly to them by Hook, it was all towards Rumple. Its hard not to understand why the guy would want revenge on the man that killed the woman he loved. I mean really aside from his revenge on Rumple he hasnt done anything that bad. He never went around killing people for pleasure the way some of the others do/did on the show. I never saw Hook as a villain, to me he always just seemed like he was damaged. I’m not saying it was no big deal or anything but the only really bad thing he did was shoot Belle and that was tied into his revenge stuff with Rumple. Hook purposely made sure he didn’t kill Belle. He just wanted her to forget Rumple so they would be SOMEWHAT even. Rumple killed the woman he once loved like it was nothing.

  23. ninergrl6 says:

    I LOVED this episode! Some are calling it filler? It’s my favorite episode since the hiatus & FAR more interesting than last week’s uber cheesy & laughable witch battle. Granted Hook is my favorite character & the more screen time he gets the better IMO, but I thought the ep showed a tremendous amount of growth for him — from wanting to go back to his pirate ways (AWESOME sword fight) to realizing his feelings for Emma had truly changed him — and filled in a little (though not enough) of what happened during the “lost” year. I didn’t see the twist coming AT ALL, and while it sucks relationship-wise, it’s brilliant plot-wise. I just wish he’d told Emma about the curse in the end. Earlier in the season he surprised me with his honestly, and I was hoping for the same again. Maybe he’ll fess up eventually, or maybe the tables will turn & Emma will start pursuing him and he’ll reluctantly try to keep his distance. Regardless, I want more episodes like this one.

  24. Mike R says:

    In not even the biggest Hook fan, but as far as filler goes, this episode was actually pretty good, I mean Regina and Emma magic training may have been my favorite part of this half of the season. Now Hook don’t ruin it by kissing Emma, magic duo Regina and Emma is all need to continue watching this show to the end.

  25. Beany53 says:

    I am confused. Why didn’t Ariel remember what happened back in Fairytale land with Hook and Blackbeard. Why was she having Hook help look for Eric in Storybrooke? You have to really be paying attention when they keep switching back and forth.

    • soflirty84 says:

      At the end, it’s revealed that Ariel was Zelena in disguise so she was playing him the whole time. Ariel and Eric are on an island somewhere happy. However, if it had been Ariel and she was cursed than she wouldn’t have had her memories of the past years, but Hook does because he escaped the curse.

      • Beany53 says:

        I know that it was just Zelena but I didn’t understand why Hook didn’t wonder why Ariel couldn’t remember what had already happened in Fairytale land. I couldn’t remember if Ariel got cursed or not. Like I said it’s hard keeping up. There are so many charaters and different lands to keep straight and we don’t see all these characters each week. This show needs a play book, much harder to keep track.

        • abz says:

          I think it was because she went into the sea right after Blackbeard walked the plank, so Hook probably thought that she ended up in area that was affected by the curse.

          • Beany53 says:

            Thanks. I guess I thought the curse was put on everyone in Storybrooke and Ariel wasn’t in Storybrooke when the curse was cast. Everyone in Storybrooke is now aware so I thought she should be also.

  26. A says:

    No complaints here. I’d watch an episode full of Hook’s hansome face any day

  27. Kara says:

    Why is it when we get some (needed) character development, people scream “filler”? If that’s really the case, half the series has been “filler” Personally, I really liked the episode. While I would have liked to have seen what happened to the Jolly Roger (since it’s not in SB) or who sent Hook the message, I thought the emotional narrative of the episode was one of the strongest I’ve seen so far in 3B (aside from Regina’s episode). Plus, other characters got some nice moments – Regina and Emma working on magic, The Charmings having some adorable comedic moments. I enjoy this show because of the characters, so it’s always nice to spend some time with them outside of witch fights and races-against-time(!).

  28. Gail says:

    I don’t get why Hook can’t say that his lips are cursed. It would make more sense if Zelena’s curse prevented him from telling anyone or if she made him forget that she placed the curse. Just threatening to harm Emma’s family seems a weak excuse as they are always under threat. I guess Emma has no one to leave Henry with in NY since she brought him with her and placed him in danger.

  29. soflirty84 says:

    I am a bit disappointed so many people feel sorry for Hook. From what I saw in tonight’s episode, Hook is still not a good person. He killed a man, condemning an innocent man to death just to save face. Why does he deserve a happy ending when he was so willing to take Ariel’s? Then, at the end, he is given a chance to help others by warning them of Zelena, but he keeps his mouth shut and I fully expect for him to kiss Emma and destroy her magic. It seems when given the chance to do the right thing, most of the time he doesn’t. Being good 10% of the time cuz he wants to impress Emma does not make him good or a hero. This episode only makes me dislike Hook more and I wouldn’t be disappointed if they managed to get Walsh back in human form and they got together. He was cursed by Zelena so he had no choice in the matter, but the human form that fell for her seemed real. When Zelena is destroyed maybe Walsh will be freed and there will be a new love triangle.

    • Katherine215 says:

      Please. I know people like to hate on Hook, but let’s at least be consistent. Pretty much everyone on the show has killed someone, and how was Eric “condemned to death?” It was just harder to find him without Blackbeard. Just like Rumple and Regina, he’s going to backslide when changing his character so drastically. No one puts up such a fuss when they do it.

      • kath says:

        That was the weakest part of the story. Even if Blackbeard was gone, someone in his crew must have known where they left Prince Eric.

    • Rebecca says:

      I have a feeling he had it planned with Ariel to fake kill Blackbeard. She jumped in right after him. Idk, something just didn’t seem right with that scene. Then she just happened to still find Price Eric anyway? Maybe he conspired with Ariel to fake kill Blackbeard and the Wicked Witch replaced his memory with him really killing Blackbeard all to get him to swear on Emma’s name so she could curse him. I might be thinking way too far into this but there was just something off about that scene. I can’t figure out exactly why it feels that way.

  30. abz says:

    I loved the episode. Cursed lips? How do they come up with this stuff? That scene with Zelena and Hook was amazing. I wasn’t expecting her to be impersonating Ariel. I was a little disappointed that he didn’t help her out in the EF (I guess he was just trying to resort back to the pirate life, thinking he may never get back to Emma after Regina cast the curse). At least he felt bad and regretful about it though and appears to still want to change and at least Ariel got her happy ending.
    I found the magic lessons so entertaining. I hope that they continue to go through with them. I really want to see Emma be more magical. Most of the people we see with magic are evil or have been evil, but it’d be interesting to see someone who is truly good on this show and also be magical as well on a regular basis.
    Regina’s reaction to Henry driving was hilarious. Poor thing. I can’t wait to see her reaction when Henry finally gets his memories back. I loved the diner scene as well and the fact that Regina was actually sitting with them and they were all clearly having a great time made the scene all the more magical. Probably one of my favorite scenes.
    I can’t believe how great this second half of the season has been. I hope it continues.

  31. soflirty84 says:

    Also when Zelena cursed Hook’s kiss she pointed out that he evoked Emma’s name in a selfish attempt to get redemption. It’s how she was able to curse him. So even in the end, when he was so broken up about what he had done, he was still being selfish. He wasn’t trying to help Ariel. He wanted to lessen his own guilt. Also he told Emma a lie that makes him look good, instead of selfish. If Hook were a good, selfless man than he wouldn’t be cursed and when he kisses Emma he will demonstrate once again how selfish he is, by stealing her choice of losing her magic from her. I fully expect for Hook defenders to try to justify this move tho. If he was truelly selfless and can’t tell Emma the truth than he should leave so he is no longer a threat to Emma’s magic. Zelena threatened Emma’s family, but Hook kept it to himself. My guess is he plans to play hero to Emma. Also, his practical stalking of Emma is getting beyond creepy. Would Emma really be interested in a guy that spies on her and stalks her? It’s not love. It’s obsession and if this was any other show the behavior would be viewed as creepy, borderline psycho.

    • Monica says:

      Not one single person is ever truly selfless. Real world or TV show.

      And if Hook is “practically stalking” Emma, then she is definitely encouraging him.

  32. Gail says:

    I think we have to wait to see where this is going. Remember Hook told everyone Neil was alive when he could have kept that to himself in Neverland. I am guessing it would be poor storytelling if Hook kissed Emma just to kill her magic. They may end up in a situation where he tells Emma he has to do this because xxx and she may say do it. Of couwill rse if they have true love what Zelena thinks will happen may not. Again we are in the middle of the plot and i hope the writers came up with something terrific to resolve it.

  33. Pat says:

    A very good episode for me, do to the fact that I never saw the Ariel/Zelena plot coming. I too think that Hook should have told Emma and her family about the curse. Especially since Zelena can transform herself into anyone and they need to know this. Especially Mary Margaret who thought she was really talking to Ariel. Regina is trying to protect her baby with a spell, but that will be pretty darn hard since Mary Margaret could be duped into thinking she is talking to one of the town regulars but guess what it is Zelena. I am wondering, does Hook survive at the end of this season or will his love for Emma have him make the ultimate sacrifice for not only her but for the whole town?

  34. jen20 says:

    True loves kiss will break any curse.

    Also, its been said over and over again that a pirate is a pirate for life. Yes, he is opening up and becoming a better person; we will still see a true pirare come out of him.

    He loves emma and he will avoid compromising situations that will cause a kiss, but it will happen and when it does; true love will win.

  35. Jo says:

    I swear, if CS gets a TLK before Rumbelle then I’m definitely not back for season 4. Ridiculous.

    • Me says:

      A TLK for Rumple and Bell wouldn’t do anything. What when she kisses him the dagger is going to magically come to her? There is no curse to break. However Hook and Emma now have a curse to break. Personally I think TLK will not work on Hooks curse, too easy.

    • WTactualF says:

      Now that’s what I call a TV temper tantrum!

  36. Jules says:

    i just can’t believe the amount of hate towards this episode! I thought it was fantastic and really showed you a new side of Hook! And the whole twist of his lips now being cursed is fantastic! Now he can’t act upon his love for Emma! But the Hook haters will always hate (though I really don’t get why).. People can and do change and he’s one who has! If you don’t like it then don’t watch, plain and simple. It gets old coming to read a wonderful recap and see the comments full of immature and childish hate! I honestly feel sorry for some of you! This show is a wonderful hour escape from reality every week, but some of you take it to be real. Just open your mind and enjoy the ride and leave the hate behind!

    • Ana says:

      Couldn’t agree more! Thank you!!
      Hook has had such stellar character development. I don’t know anyone in real life who doesn’t either like or (most often) LOVE the transformed pirate. He was always a man fueled by love and a code…he did get on the wrong path, he made mistakes, big ones. However, his love for Emma reminded him of the man he was capable of being. And he feels sincere remorse and has done nothing but make up for his mistakes of the past…I really have a hard time understanding why people hate such a character on a show that is all about hope, second chances and true love. Where true villains (amongst whom Killian is not) get wonderful arcs of redemption…if people don’t like that sort of concept just find something else that you can better relate to. But for the love of God, stop spreading hate. Please.

      • rainbowsafterrainfalls says:

        sometimes I think they’ve tried to recreate the whole regina/emma dynamic with hook. I mean, imagine if the regina character had of been a rex instead…they could’ve gone places with true love they just cant/wont go with the regina/emma arc. bet if they *could* turn back time, one of them wouldve been a bloke.

    • Name That Tune says:

      The amount of hate? It seems that the shippers are out in force defending Hook. The more you complain, the more the anti-shippers are gonna resist . . .

      • dmac says:

        You know just because we like an episode and or Hook doesn’t mean we are shippers. What ever happened to enjoying a show for the plot and character development. Personally, I think shippers are the worst thing to happen to TV shows: you want quick fixes and God forbid they pair off one of your favorites with someone other than who you ship you implode. No one except perhaps the Charming’s and Belle are considered good and to focus on one character to hate is beyond childish. It doesn’t matter how many times you stomp your feet, hold your breath or threaten to quit watching no show runner is going to change a storyline to make you happy. The ones who have end up with a show no one wants to see; case in point The Vampire Diaries show runners gave into the rabid “Delana” shippers and as a result the ratings are in a serious downward slide with no end in sight. Show runners have a long term vision for the show and just because you hate a small portion in a very large story is not a reason for them to change directions. They fixed what needed to be fixed and I think it is back to the show I loved in season 1. That is just my opinion anyway.

    • Rebecca says:

      ME TOO! This was probably my favorite episode so far! Most of the people who didnt like it are just captain swan haters. Even if I wasn’t a captain swan fan I still would think this was a very good episode.

  37. Scribe says:

    I’m wondering if he won’t just take Smee’s advice and leave.

  38. Dominique says:

    i really liked this episode. it was good to see that ariel and eric are still happy and not included in this curse. at least someone has a true happy ending… for now.
    also good to see more of hook and his experiences from the missing year. i’m really enjoying him this season (as opposed to season 2, when i was really rooting for him to die). enjoyed pretty much everything, except for the “you’re now cursed but go kiss emma” thing. that was just terrible writing, done to create even MORE captain swan angst.

  39. Bjk says:

    He can’t just tell them Zelena said she would kill everyone emma loves before he gets
    A chance and it was not filler it’s called back ground info .

  40. Ana says:

    Filler episode? Imo the Hook-centric ones are amongst the very best when it comes to ONce Upon A Time; both writing wise (because they always focus on character development) and performance wise because it’s harder to play character centric arcs than “action” plotlines. And Colin O’Donoghue is truly a marvelous actor.

    Personally, I’m in so much agonizing pain – the good kind if there is such a thing – after the Jolly Roger. It’s been hours and the pain still lingers…
    I thought it felt very true to Killian Jones that he would desperately try to get back to his old pre-Emma life minus the thirst for revenge. He told Emma at the beginning of the episode that there was no going back, no matter how hard you try – “once you’ve lived a life with a purpose” spelled in between those lines. But his awareness of that comes only after having tried really hard to prove the opposite. And it’s such a testimony to the brilliance of the writing on Ouat and of Colin ODoonoghue’s performance that I understood where Hook was coming from when he tried so desperately to fill the void Emma left in his heart by trying to get the Jolly Roger back. He was heartbroken and miserable. Convinced he’d never see Emma again, fighting to shush his broken heart by getting back to what was once good enough. Killian is lost without Emma. But not too lost to realize – even after making the choice to keep his ship instead of helping Ariel find her true love – that not even his home of 300 years can fill that void he feels. Not too lost to realize he made a mistake and to feel remorse and guilt over fighting his better instincts and falling back to old patterns. I found it impossible not to feel for him as he was struggling and deluding himself, subconsciously referring to Emma when he was talking about not being himself ever since he returned to the Enchanted Forest because he lost “her”.
    It’s interesting that Adam and Eddy still haven’t told us though how Hook did get to Emma, what actually happened to the Jolly Roger and how he got his hands on the memory potion. I’m thinking about how Killian told Emma a few episodes back that he was sticking to his “tale” and am wondering how much of that tale includes his guilt over his choice when it comes to helping Ariel versus what really happened afterwards. I’m thinking though that said guilt and Ariel’s unwavering belief in love were part of why he set out to find Emma and succeeded.
    The ending killed many of us. Emma is finally taking a step towards him only for him to walk away because he has no other choice at the moment. Talk about a rock and a hard place. Zelena is truly wicked…and just one more on the list of villains who have picked up on Killian’s and Emma’s feelings for each other. Her cursing Killian’s lips was a very angsty but brilliant twist I didn’t see coming at all.
    It’s interesting that Killian’s guilt over his choice while in the Enchanted Forrest was something that Zelena chose to use in order to find a way to defeat the Savior. It’s interesting because it speaks to Killian’s redemption and truly good heart, and to the fact that Emma and Killian must be each other’s true love (not that I had any doubts at this point). Why else use Killian as a means to defeat the Savior?

    Stellar episode!!! But I’m sure the pain it left in my stomach pit will linger the whole week…which is probably exactly what Adam and Eddy were going for.

  41. Katherine215 says:

    How is no one commenting on the fact that Emma is still talking about taking Henry and leaving Storybrooke once the curse is broken? She claims he needs a normal life in NYC, when that is virtually the opposite of what Henry with his memories would want. Never mind the fact that Regina should have a say in what happens to him, since she’s actually his legal guardian. I’m so tired of Emma refusing to accept her life in Storybrooke. She’s had one foot out the door the entire series and it’s really getting old. She uses the Savior/magic stuff when it suits her, rather than accepting who she truly is all the time.

    • Stormy says:

      Regina is NOT Henry’s guardian, legal or otherwise. His adoption wasn’t legal and doesn’t exist in the real world because Storybrooke doesn’t exist. And apart from Emma, Henry’s nearest blood relatives are Snow, David and Gold. Regina is far down the list of likely guardians.

      • abz says:

        Based on the flashback episode earlier this season, Henry’s adoption appeared to be legal. Regina went to Boston to adopt him and it was a closed adoption. It does exist in the real world because it was done outside of Storybrooke. How the Henry/Regina adoption pairing came about was obviously not a coincidence, but she still is his mother since Emma originally gave away her rights to be his mother, despite how things may have changed over the past few years.

        • powerturtle90sdudemon says:

          Except it was retconned out of existence when Regina counteracted Pan’s curse by wiping away Storybrooke and altering history and memories so that Emma KEPT HENRY. Henry doesnt have the original memories. Did you not watch the midseason finale? Or any of Henry’s scenes for this half?

          • abz says:

            Interesting. Yes I did watch it but everything has been memories, memories, and more forgotten memories, that it slipped my mind that she actually altered Emma’s history. Still, though, after all of this is over and Henry gets his memories back, I still think Regina should remain a permanent part of his life as his other mother, the mother who raised him and cared and loved him despite all her flaws. I think it’s very insensitive of Emma to think about taking him away from Storybrooke. I know she has good intentions, but even Henry with his memories would never agree to that and also Regina, his grandparents, and the town he grew up in and all the people he knows are basically all in Storybrooke, so she’d be taking him away from everything that he loved. Also, how could she think about doing that to Regina after seeing how much she loves Henry and how much she’s sacrificed for him and how hard she’s tried to change and be good for him.

          • Katherine215 says:

            Just because Regina gave Henry happy, fake memories due to the curse, it doesn’t mean the real years ceased to exist. Henry just doesn’t remember them; everyone else does. Regina legally adopted Henry in the real world. She is his legal guardian. Once they figure out how to create the potion Emma drank earlier so they can get Henry’s memories back, he’ll remember his life in Storybrooke and his relationships with all of his family members.

        • Jus says:

          so, you think person who raised the kid and, according to the show, loved him deeply should be “far down the list of likely guardians”!?!?

          This is s unfair, man, so unfair. But I guess blood is everything. You are related, so you belong to that person.

          • Jus says:

            ooops, sorry, my comment was for Stormy ;)

          • Stormy says:

            Let’s see, a mass murderer cursed an entire realm and when her adoptive child started to figure things out, she sent him to a shrink. She murdered her lover for showing an interest in said child’s birth mother. She killed her father to further her agenda and tortured her stepdaughter out of revenge. Yeah, she’s got parental rights. You can’t have it both ways. If you take the approach that the adoption is legal outside of Storybrooke, then human services would strip her of any claim to Henry on the grounds of her behavior.

    • Name That Tune says:

      Emma has become one of the weakest characters on the show. She’s been running around Storybrook with a gun, like that’s gonna do any good. I’m all in favor of her f
      running off to New York at the end of the season with Hook. Gets rid of two useless characters.

  42. kath says:

    Zelena’s curse on Hook — best romance stall since Angel couldn’t sleep with Buffy lest he turn into Angelus.

    If this is filler, bring on more!

  43. LSJ says:

    This show has gone completely nuts. I stopped watching this in the middle of season two, but still tune in for the weekly recaps here on TVLINE, but I think that has to stop. Both OUAT and Revenge have completely lost their way. Both shows had such spectacular potential but lost their original premise by becoming prime time soaps (don’t even get me started on Scandal). Makes me wonder if ABC executives are having a hand that they shouldn’t in the shows’ creative decisions…. too many of ABCs shows lose their way after a season or two and rely far too much on “shock value”.

    The problem is OUAT has become so twisted that things that are supposed to be shocking aren’t anymore. Fans are figuring things out too quickly because it has become easy and predictable. Everybody called Bae, Peter Pan, Zelena twists. It is all so predictable and not fun anymore.

    That’s just my two cents… feel free to blast away.

  44. bellacrl says:

    Usually on a Hook-centric episode, there’s always a captain swan goodness but on this episode there are only pain and pain. It’s a nice twist, casting a curse on Hook’s lips because he invoked his love in a selfish plea of redemption. Well I hope the “when you come to me, it will be because you want me” thing will come eventually.

    But I still believe that true love’s kiss can break any curse. If Emma truly loves Hook the way Hook loves her, and they are true love, the curse will be broken before it can do anything to Emma.

  45. dancmh says:

    A strong female character doesn’t need a man to make her interesting. Neil or Hook, it’s all crap either way. Invest more time into the things that would make Emma a stronger character and leave all this relationship drama for weaker characters.

    • Rebecca says:

      Finding her true love doesnt make Emma any less strong or independant. If anything it will probably make her better.

  46. Steven says:

    Am I the only person who thinks Zelena is in for a world of hurt when she realizes, no matter how much power she gathers from the fairy-tale characters, you can’t change the past? Second law of magic, per Wonderland. Sure, in both shows, they’ve bent the laws, but you always get a cheap and monstrous facsimile and not what you really wanted (Regina’s Daniel came back Frankenstein’s monster, Anastasia’s “love” for Jafar was such a cheap illusion the curse was broken within 20 minutes).

  47. Annie says:

    I most definitely think Hook traded in the Jolly Roger for the memory restoring potion for Emma.

  48. Rebecca says:

    Definitely one of my favorite episodes so far! Hopefully Hook and Emma will be able to kiss without removing her power before the season ends!

  49. J. says:

    Filler episode but next week looks good!

  50. I am quite sure Hook helped Ariel on the ship.Before the fight with Blackbeard he winked at Ariel so maybe this was his plan – help Ariel but still look like old Hook.And than he thought Ariel didn’t find Blackbeard in the water. Maybe I am wron. I am sorry for my english, it isn’t my native language

    • Rebecca says:

      That actually would make a lot of since. Ariel could have jumped in after Blackbeard and swam away with him in order to get information. I thought it was weird how she jumped right off the plank. I know shes a mermaid but something felt off with that.