Grey's Anatomy Recap: Green-Eyed Monsters

Grey's Anatomy Season 10After Cristina receives her nomination for the Harper Avery Award in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Bailey compete for the title of Most Envious. And if you keep reading, I’ll fill you in on who emerges victorious in “I’m Winning.”

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BROKEN HEARTS | At first, it appears that, in spite of her genius, Cristina won’t be able to help Link, the son of the quite literally heartsick McNeill family that we met last week. When his ticker gives out even faster than his doctors anticipated, his only hope is an experimental one that the FDA won’t approve – until, that is, Owen tells them that a future Harper Avery recipient will be performing the surgery. Even then, there’s a big hurdle to be leapt: The flight on which the device is to be transported is fogged in. Enter Jackson and his plutonium card. (Isn’t that what you carry when you’re Bruce Wayne wealthy?) A $25k charter plane ride later, the pump arrives, Cristina operates, Link lives, and April eats leftovers to make herself feel better about the fact that she’s married to Richie Rich. (I get that she’s down to earth, but she’s a doctor, not a pauper. Wouldn’t she send her dirty skivvies to the Laundromat before she’d start wearing swimsuits under her scrubs?) On the flip side, Jackson’s altruistic spending opens Alex’s eyes to the good that megabucks can do, so he decides to join Dr. Butthole’s practice.

THE BREAKTHROUGH’S CONNECTED TO THE… | Since Bailey is at a loss as to how to help bubble boy Braden, Stephanie “swap monkeys” with Shane to get off her service. But later – much later – it becomes clear that she shouldn’t have. As Bailey and Richard perform a kidney transplant from one HIV-positive patient to another, it occurs to her that the virus is a perfect transport system, if only she could deactivate it. And just like that, the light bulb goes on in her head. Newly inspired, she rushes back to her lab to research a new idea to bust Braden out of his bubble. (Actually, following an ill-advised game of tag outside his plastic suite, he’s no longer in his bubble, he’s in an even more constrictive see-through Snow White coffin thingy.)

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BABY LOVE | Testing a new piece of equipment that can read emotions, Derek discovers that Jo is ambivalent about everything from kittens to beaches but really likes breaking bones. And Callie? The machines says she’s bummed. “I’m not depressed,” she insists. “Show me the kitten.” But the only time her data perks up is when Mer walks in with baby Bailey. Even though she and Arizona just decided that they didn’t want to push their luck by having another child… well, Callie wants one. She can’t deny it. When she goes to break this news to her wife, she prefaces the announcement by admitting that Arizona is going to want to kill her. “Did you sleep with someone else?” Arizona asks. Ha. But in the end, it’s all good, because, having seen the McNeill kids snoozing together, Arizona’s come to the same realization. (Or at least the realization that she doesn’t want Sofia to have to bury her mothers all by herself.)

IT’S NOT EASY BEING GREEN | Finally, while Mer handles her envy of Cristina by throwing her BFF a lavish congratulatory champagne toast – who’d suspect someone so magnanimous of petty jealousy? – Bailey avoids the woman of the hour and grouses to anyone who’ll listen that she trained her. Only after Richard calls Bailey on her foolishness does she (wo)man up and give Cristina props in person. (And then, of course, she lectures Cristina on the proper way to accept a backslap.) It’s a good thing Mer and Bailey get it out of their system, too. As we reach the end of the episode, Owen, celebrating privately with Cristina, reveals that he’s looked into the other Harper Avery nominees, and “I think you are going to win.” Her ecstatic response: “Me, too.”

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you concerned about Alex going into private practice? Excited about a Calzona baby? Hit the comments!

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  1. Luli says:

    I loved the episode! and I started crying at the end… Cristina Yang you are going to be missed next season :'(

    • Dianne says:

      Thank goodness Christina is leaving! The only thing I don’t like about her impending departure is that we have to endure all these Christina-centric episodes prior to her departure.

      • janice english says:

        Ugh-Christina-drama queen-she makes me ill; thankfully she’ll be gone soon; how about getting rid of Arizona (what ind of asinine name is Arizona?)

  2. Lea says:

    As a huge April and Jackson fan, I’m really scared for them. They got April acting crazy. Why can’t they be happy just for a little while!?
    Otherwise, it was a good episode. Go Yang!

    • brycealexander says:

      I thought it was a good episode for her actually!

    • Chelisa says:

      I think this episode, at least for me, showcased how well matched April and Jackson are for each other. Jackson loves April’s eccentricities, and April is just trying to reconcile herself with how wealthy and powerful his family is. I believe she grew up on a family farm. I can attest, because I grew up rather poor, that even if you come into money, that frugal mentality will still be present.

    • janice english says:

      you’re scared for them? r u kidding me? you need a reality check girlffriend, it’s a TV SHOW!!

  3. brycealexander says:

    What a good episode! The scenes between Miranda & Cristina and then especially Callie & Arizona were especially touching. It is sad though, tonight so made me realize our days with Cristina are so numbered. That was perhaps the penultimate touching mentor-student scene between Bailey and Yang, which is just super sad. However, this show is still on top. I don’t care what people who haven’t watched in years or self-hating fans say. The quality is consistent and beautiful.

  4. chris says:

    Nice tip of the hat to the season 6 “Invest in Love” episode. That was Christina’s first tour on peds with Arizona, and Arizona’s training and Christina’s growth as a doc since was evident. Now its Christina having the daughter (much like Wallace) present the morning case on rounds. Likewise, as in “Invest in Love” after a very long hard journey back to each other, Arizona stated her love for Callie and Callie for her.

    Then we got the throw back to the fab 3 (plus 1) doing the sleep over at mer (now alex’s) house and again with the C/O trip to the boiler room, only this time it was a trip to talk and celebrate her achievements.

    And of course the Bailey call out of Yang at the end, lol nice to see the two come full circle.

  5. animegirl31 says:

    I like April and Jackson, I think this was a good episode for them, and it’s actually pretty true to character that she would freak out over his money, I think she never realized how much he had; and at least they are trying to adapt to each other, which is all you can really hope for in any kind of marriage.

    The rest of the episode was OK, though I kind of grew annoyed with Bailey, I understand her jealousy but she was kind of petty.

  6. joy says:

    im moved by the late scene of CO, great epi, Cristina Yang will going to win!! already missed her!

  7. David says:

    I miss the old Bailey sometimes…she doesn’t yell enough anymore lol.

  8. Dil says:

    The last scene in the vent with Owen and cristina. It was a priceless treasure.

  9. DarkDefender says:

    I thought it was a well rounded episode, great medical dilemmas .. Alex should go for the money, after Cristina gets the Avery she should accept the offer Burke is going to give her to move on from SGMWGS hospital.. And Calzona should have a child (AZ carry it) and let’s bring in some WELL cast fresh interns and try to get a new core group.
    For now at least, all looks well in this next of the woods of Shondaland.

  10. Trix17 says:

    Love Shonda’s stories lately, and that Christina will leave the show on a high note, but I can’t stand the music lately. Have they run out of money for the original versions, or are they going the really bad girly karaoke/lounge version of songs?

  11. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a good episode with the set up to Christina’s exit continuing and Alex’s exit too just in case Justin Chambers leaves too.As for April and Jackson they might be realizing they got married too fast.April may not care that Jackson is rich but she may want her career separate from that.

  12. Michelle A says:

    (Actually, following an ill-advised game of tag outside his plastic suite, he’s no longer in his bubble, he’s in an even more constrictive see-through Snow White coffin thingy.)

    I believe he was back in his bubble by the end of the episode when Alex made him the camera device on the remote car.

  13. Coal says:

    Yes it is annoying when some of us talk about the “old greys” but give us a moment to be nostalgic. I actually liked the new residents today and their competitive nature reminded me of the old gang and how they would try to out do each other. When Shepard was testing Jo’s emotions it was funny how she only cared about something medically related, that was a classic Yang reaction.

  14. H.Houston says:

    I loved Mer almost being an old hand at this – having lived through “this day” with her mother so many times. I love the line in the ending monologue “when my mother came home she didn’t tell me that she won the Harper Avery Award, she had earned it”. That line spoke volumes about Ellis Grey.
    I think April and Jackson will come together. It will have to be a little bit of the meeting in the middle though. April will have to ease up a little and Jackson will have to give in a little. Something will come up that April wishes if she just had some money she could do and she will suddenly realize that she has it… and Jackson will have something happen that all the money in the HA bank won’t fix. But I am loving learning them as a couple.
    Callie and Arizona were so cute. “Apparently, my wife makes you happy.” But it was the baby. I love how they both came to the conclusion together but in different ways.
    I wondered about how they were going to write out Shane and Leah. I think Leah’s quest to see Ellis Grey’s Harper Avery win is foreshadowing. Her comments about how she has no place and is stuck makes me think she will find something that makes her want to go work somewhere else because she will chase after something that finally gives her a purpose. That is one of the big growth things that all of the residents have to go through on this show. They find something that speaks to them, something that makes them want to be a better doctor.
    The scenes with Cristina – they have me choking up. 10 years we have waited for her to not only be an amazing doctor but to gain some visible humanity. And we are seeing it in this season, we are seeing this woman become something more, something wonderful. I loved the scene at the end with her and Owen, and the throw back to the vent scenes where she truly laughed and was free. And it is so telling that the one person she truly lets herself smile and be happy with is Owen.
    I think Shane with Bailey would have been a great fit after he was brought back. But as we all know, Shane is leaving. I am super happy watching Jo and Callie together. Callie needed an intern who truly loved Ortho – I can’t remember her ever having an intern that that did or ever gave her any real help or opportunities to teach her specialty.
    And I like the old music. It fits with this season, the theme is the dreams of the past coming into fruition. Those songs throw us back into a time when we dreamt impossible dreams and as adults we finally realize and gain our dreams.

    • shannon says:

      I really like your comment and thoughts on this episode!

      …I try but I’m not the biggest fan in the world of Jackson and April. I have no issue with them together but I really don’t relate to April’s character, she never really grew on me since she came on the show. She has her moments though, the cafe scene was pretty great!

      Scenes with Cristina just remind me over and over again just how much she brings to the show and how much she will be missed. I loved all her scenes, and that final scene with Owen where she allows herself to celebrate in the vent was beautiful.

      I LOVED tonight’s episode. It was just as good if not better than last weeks, for a different reason, it had many special call backs to previous seasons that continued the growth of characters.
      I was a little irritated at Meredith’s jealousy, I understand it, but awards as prestigious as the Harper Avery are only that special because it would take ALL of yourself to achieve one. That is exactly what Christina has chosen, to make significant life sacrifices (Owen) to first of all be happy, but mostly to be true to herself and achieve her dreams. She HAS put everything she has, and is, into medicine and that is what it would take to achieve something like that, and with that kind of resolution it was only a matter of time until she was recognized – I think Meredith (and Bailey) needs to understand that better.

      I actually enjoyed the residents this week, most of them in fact. I could still seriously do without all of them except Jo and maybe stephanie, but they were quite entertaining with their competition. Jo was hilarious, I love her and more – her indifference towards kittens and holidays is a classic response and only proves more how perfect she is for Alex. Those two are my favorite part of grey’s each week, and I love that she’s supporting Alex like he deserves. And I agree, Callie deserves someone to mentor!!!

      I also love the patient stories, I feel like the writing is so natural and fluent again, brilliant quality. Derek and Callie and amazing and I love their working relationship

      • Babygate says:

        This comment made me realize what I had not been able to pinpoint in terms of the recent direction of the show. The patient stories have been getting better. I am finding myself invested in their stories in a way I haven’t in a very long time. The three siblings with the heart problems, I can’t wait for Cristina to solve this puzzle. The person playing the mother, particularly, has pulled at my heartstrings since she first appeared. And the bubble boy story is so compelling to me. I want Bailey to figure this out already and for Alex and Arizona to help.I wasn’t too crazy about the donor story because I didn’t care for how the donor friend manipulated Meredith. It made him very unlikable. But it was good ground for some Bailey comedy.

  15. Jay says:

    Tell me again why this show is still on? Ugh….bad

    • DarkDefender says:

      Just think.. If it were off the air as you seem to wish.. You’d have no place to make a useless comment. :P

  16. MandaJ says:

    One of the better episodes of late. I actually watched the whole thing.

  17. Miss Rozie says:

    Another Cristina centered episode & rightfully so. LOVED the champagne toast at the beginning. I believe it was also done to “toast” the woman & character for ten great years & their good-bye to her. In ten years, the growth in the character of Cristina Yang has been extraordinary. And in the end, Owen & Cristina have truly become each others’ person & imo are STILL the power couple that they have always been. Great scene between them at the end of the episode in the vent room toasting to her Harper Avery Award nomination. I don’t think Shonda Rhimes would make such a big deal of her being nominated & pulling the rug from underneath her by having her not win. I almost wish that the character of Owen was going with her & I would not be surprised, if in the end, he did leave the show with Cristina, though Kevin McKidd said he decided to stay – could be a way of throwing us off by saying that. Seeing him next season without her anywhere around & no longer seeing their now infamous steamy scenes will be very strange, indeed. Will miss Sandra Oh/Cristina Yang immensely. Enjoy the last few episodes with her, everyone ~

  18. Marie says:

    Very unhappy with Bailey – Her jealously of Christina’s nomination and Meredith’s surgery was unreal. Would like more of Mer/Der togetherness, miss that.

    • Ros says:

      Bailey’s petty jealousy of her former interns are ridiculous. Especially being so gleeful at the chance of making Meredith look bad and cutting her completely out of the case

  19. Sam says:

    The mother of the little boy (bubble boy) was absolutely ridiculous. Last week too.
    As the parent of a child who has spent time in the hospital, you just don’t act like that. I have yet to see a parent be in hysterics around their child like that in a real life hospital setting. How traumatizing would that be for the child?!

  20. Pat says:

    I really liked this episode. What I am thinking is that I am really not sure if Christina is going to win that award. Maybe her not winning will make her want to leave. This of course is a guess,but she seems so sure that she will be the one, and she probably does deserve it. So I will have to stay tuned for next week to get my answer.

  21. I think Dr. Burke is going to win that Harper Avery.

    • DarkDefender says:

      I think if it was Burke in the running, we would know about it. They talked too much within the episode of the “other” nominees and not once did anyone say “wow, you’re up against Burke”.. Especially when we all already know Isaiah is doing an episode… I think he will be the one to pursuance Cristina to go to another hospital/opportunity – the only thing will be is it a stepping stone after winning the Harper/Avery or in an effort to win one, because she loses this year.

    • Tom says:

      I think Burke is gonna come back and help Cristina with the problem with the kids

  22. tonywife says:

    the epi is good, fun & heartbreaking! glad to see CO in the vent scene again,

  23. Linda Marks Rogers says:

    Now that Christina is gone, can’t we get rid of Arizona? I am so sick of that self centered woman. I am just waiting for her to hurt Callie one more time. I wish Callie would learn and just leave that woman. Arizona, please leave!