Exclusive Vikings Sneak Peek: Will Ragnar Ally With His New 'Equal,' Lagertha the Earl?

This week on History’s Vikings (Thursday, 10/9c), Ragnar will consider getting in bed with Lagertha — figuratively — and we’ve got an exclusive first look at their “negotiation.”

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With her husband Sigvard having met an unfortunate end </ sarcasm >, Lagertha (played by Katheryn Winnick) is now an Earl in her own right, an elevation in station that arouses her ex’s interest, especially as he checks out the size of her… fleet.

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Can Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) trust this new yet “familiar” Earl? Press play to see what decision he arrives at.

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  1. Jen says:

    love this show!!!!!!!

  2. CBWBDK1 says:

    Earl Lagertha!!!

  3. Ally Oop says:

    This has quickly become my favourite cable show! The writing and casting and directing are awesome.

  4. bbbernard says:

    m ancstors are from oslo norway nd i ove ths showit is fantastic

  5. Anon says:


    Ragnar SO doesn’t deserve her anymore. He didn’t even say “Thank You” to her when she rescued his Earldom 2 episodes. And if she wasn’t helping him now, he’d still be off making babies with the Princess he cheated on her with.

    • M3rc Nate says:

      Lol keep on applying 21st century western society opinions and assumptions on characters living in the Dark Ages…LMAO…a “Thank you” from a Viking? Might as well ask for a “Please may we come aboard?” from Caribbean Pirates before they board your ship. Same applies for “cheating”…there are cultures today thats relationships/marriages are open, hell in the Bible there are men with multiple wives…whos to say what he did was wrong? They invited the priest in for a 3 way in their marriage…and it didnt seem to be that unusual for him to want to have them both at the same time.

      Try to remember your watching a show thats in the time of the Dark Ages of a warrior based people with totally different morality, spirituality, and concepts than we have. This isnt a drama in 2014 where “a dude is cheating on his wife and didnt say thank you when she helped him” like Chicago PD or something…Its the year 793 (pilot) in the dark ages, in Scandinavia of a people that dont read or write, we know VERY little about now (cause they didnt write anything down)…so please dont base your opinions of the characters which are in 793 in the Dark Ages of a culture you know barely anything about (as the entire world doesnt) using your 21st century standards/morals/opinions …its ignorant.

      • Ana says:

        Way to take an off-handed comment so seriously.

      • Aimee says:

        If there was nothing wrong with it then why was Lagertha insulted and why did she leave?

      • Kendall says:

        I think you’re way over thinking this. If the show is to be viewed through the lens of the dark ages and their morality, the show has made some mistakes. One would be portraying lagertha as hurt and offended, if the intent was for the audience to see this as a regular occurrence of the time having lagertha leave her husband and state he has humiliated her was contradictory to the shows intent. . Secondly Bjorn being so repulsed by his fathers sexual relationship with Aslaug would also not ring true if the intent of the show is to let us know extra marital relations are acceptable. I highly doubt the child of a man like ragnar who has been raised around such accepted behavior would speak out of line to his father about normative behavior when he should see it as nothing out of the usual. All that being said, my point is this is a show loosely based on people we know very little about since there are no first hand records of them. Therefore, try to relax and realize you are watching an inaccurate at best portrayal of these people and their times. Artistic license will be taken to enhance the drama and characters that in no way is going to reflect the norms of the actual time. If this were a historical documentary it would be different and you could hold people’s opinions up to ridicule because they don’t understand history, but alas this is not a factual work, For example the entire lagertha, Bjorn, Ragnar relationship is not correct. The show is for sheer entertainment purposes and people will feel as they feel and you may want to try and understand that as ignorant as you think commenters are for applying their 21st century morality to the dark ages, you are as equally ignorant for not understanding that no matter how much people try they cannot fully understand walking a mile in another culture and time’s shoes, no matter how informed they are on the source material.

  6. tv2day says:

    Ragnar Lothbrock!!!

  7. L says:

    These two NEED to get back together. They are both smirking and smiling and he LOVES that she is his equal. LOVES it. Look at him. Look at her. They are perfect.

  8. Carla Krae says:

    Awesome scene. Crackling chemistry.

  9. jenferner8 says:

    He really needs to dump the babymaker, she’s a total spoiled brat. She’s horrible, she’s worse then a viking version of a Kardashian. Lagertha is his other half. They need to take Rolli and Floki and go find Athelstan!

  10. WTActualF says:


  11. tp says:

    I keep wondering if I should watch this. Is there some sort of love triangle though? If so I’ll skip it. My heart can’t take another love triangle.

    • Yes, I’m sorry to say it is really a love triangle of sorts except that he does not love his present wife but needed sons. He loves Lagertha and she loves him. They just have to get rid of the “princess.”

  12. cerkiller says:

    really? from history channel, this is so not historic AT ALL. are we rewriting history to be polite to women?

    • TV God says:

      It’s fairly historically accurate, and women had many more rights than most at this point in time.

      • cerkiller says:

        really? ragnar snubbed her, not the other way around. she was a shieldmaiden, never was even close to an earl and never could be one. and way before ragnar married aslaug he was married to tóra… who died of an illness and bore him two sons…
        how is this “fairly historically accurate”?
        oh, and ragnar is really a legend, sometimes associated with the real horik…
        check your history

        • Jane says:

          Have you actually read about the person on whom this was based? Even just a quick search on Wikipedia turns up this quote from a 12th century chronicler, “Upon returning to Norway, she quarreled with her husband (2nd husband), and slew him with a spearhead she concealed in her gown . . she then usurped the whole of his name and sovereignty; for this most presumptuous dame thought it pleasanter to rule without her husband than to share the throne with him.”

    • Stop watching or stop writing and complaining. It’s a TV show.

    • Eigil says:

      You have very little sense of Norse history, don’t you. Surely, the show is not historically accurate but you’re just being spiteful and your comments reflect a highly selective view of a history that is clearly not yours.
      Så pis af dit rædselsfuldt misundelige fjols, dåre. Tak.

  13. Ms Thing says:

    Lagertha is da man!

  14. Pati says:

    I love the show, good for Lagertha, can’t wait to watch it tonight. I don’t like the princess at all. I want Lagertha and Ragner to get together again

    • Barb says:

      I do to but only if the Princess leaves (or better option gets killed.) I don’t think Lagertha should have to share Ragnar with anyone.

  15. lissy says:

    is this loser still has hopes she will return to him