Barbara Walters: Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck Were Booted from The View to ‘Shake Things Up’

Hasselbeck and BeharDid Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave The View of their own accord, or were they pushed out?

A new interview with the retirement-bound Barbara Walters all but confirms that it was the latter, despite initial claims that the pair chose to exit ABC’s venerable gabfest.

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“These are not Barbara and Bill’s decisions,” Walters told Variety, referring to herself and View EP Bill Geddie. “The network is also involved. I think the feeling was if one went, both had to leave. We needed to shake things up.”

Jenny McCarthy filled one of the vacant chairs, and guest co-hosts have been brought in to occupy the other. Looking ahead to next season, Walters — who will remain an exec producer on the show — strongly hinted that another right-leaning personality will be added to the mix to keep those Hot Topics segments heated. “We need a conservative voice,” she acknowledged. “We do try to present a different side.”

Walters’ final day co-hosting The View will be Friday, May 16. That same night, ABC will air a two-hour special at 9/8c highlighting her life and career.

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  1. brandy says:

    Oddly enough, The View has been as bland as can be since those two left.

  2. J.B. says:

    We need a conservative voice” Isn’t that what Sherri Shephard is there for? It was somewhat easy to tune out Elizabeth HassleCRACK cause while she sometimes sounded and looked dumb at least you got the impression she tried to come off as somewhat engaged in whatever the topic was. Sherri just spits hate fire and doesn’t care who gets burned. I mean, she thinks or thought the world was flat!
    And I would hardly consider Jenny a “liberal” voice on the show. She’s more a “don’t vaccinate your kids” voice. Poor Barbara, if she’s trying to insinuate that Jenny is some progressive mouthpiece than her departure is long overdue.

    • kath says:

      I can see the need for a conservative point of view in the discussions but Elizabeth Hasselbeck was just awful. It was like she wasn’t smart enough to think for herself so she just parrotted what was sent in from other conservatives.

    • Robby Horine says:

      Are you joking or are you just a idiot?

      The show could be written by the DNC and Media Matters. I didn’t like Hasslebeck one lick, but she was the lone voice of reason.

      BTW, you’d be taken more seriously if you didn’t use pejoratives while describing conservatives. THANK YOU! You libs keep saying you’re better than conservatives, why don’t you show it.

      • Shazay says:

        Why do you call her HassleCRACK? I don’t get it, she didn’t smoke crack, it just sounds aggressive and crazy. I wasn’t a fan of her personality, but you sound super incensed for nothing. She always looked relatively intelligent to me, I never thought she looked dumb. Jenny, is as dumb as they come, thick as a brick. I thought Joy and Elizabeth were annoying, but Jenny and her reading glasses are worse. Jenny is ABSOLUTELY a wannabe liberal on this show. 100%! She is a total fake liberal, she thinks she knows what she’s talking about, but hasn’t a clue. In order to be a lib, she would need to know something about her own politics, but I know for certain she just vomits up whatever trendy hollywood liberal garbage she thinks will make her look good. There is no such thing as a true liberal in Hollywood. If they were paid what the average working person is paid for doing what they do, they could be liberal, but they have no clue what its like to be a working class lib. Two very different worlds. Whoopi and Sherry will be the only two worth watching once Babs is gone, but I think I might start watching The Talk.

        • just saying says:

          You know how you can tell that you are a biased person? because you use terms like “hollywood liberal” and “lib”. Using talking points that she had obviously heard from conservative pundits instead of forming her own opinions is why people didn’t think Hasslebeck was smart. And when pushed to back up what she was saying, she would raise her shrill voice and act like she was being ganged up on and played the victim card. Strange, since I think they made way too much of an effort to make sure her voice was heard, to the point that noone else ever got to finish their thoughts, such as they were. Why do people give a harder time to Hasslebeck over this? Because she (and some other neocon types) like to act as though they are smarter than anyone who has a difference of opinion than them. So when you want to act smarter than thou, you tend to get called on it more. None of the other women ever seemed to be presenting more than their own opinion, not acting as if they were the “voice of reason” for a generation or something. I have no problem with having differences of opinions. I have every problem if someone presents themselves as an authority on a subject and then gets huffy when asked to back up what they’re saying with unemotional rational thoughts. That being said, the entire show sucks. Kill it before it multiplies. Oh, wait. Unfortunately, it did and now we have the even more insipid The Talk.

        • J.B. says:

          LOL I have no clue if she smoked crack. I knew the joke would be lost but basically, Crack as in “Crackpot”. In all seriousness that is how I saw her. But you like a couple others missed my point. While it is true I loathed Elizabeth it wasn’t because she was conservative. It was because she barely made coherent arguments or added thing relatively interesting to the show other than her shrill and bias comments.
          I’m not incensed over her. I’m incensed over the comments that B. Walters is making. If you can’t read between the lines it is not my problem. You can lead a horse to the river but can’t force it to drink.

      • J.B. says:

        @Robby I know I shouldn’t even think about responding to your comment but I’m going to anyway. First, you know nothing about me or my political views and your ignorance surely proves that by assuming I’m a “lib”. I could be or I could be a conservative, independent or one of the many other parties out there. You’re assumption that I’m a “lib” says more about you than my comment says about me. Your assumption also tells me that you in fact have a very rigid idea of what a conservative is. Not all conservatives are loud mouth, uneducated pot stirrers like ABC, Barbara and Bill think they are. That is very evident in the fact that they need one to “shake things up”. Why do you need that? Why not bring on a conservative who is intelligent and informed enough about what is going on both politically and culturally? Why go for a token crazy conservative? Second, I don’t remember asking to be taken seriously by you or your kind of trolling. You’re approval is neither required nor desired. Third, don’t put words in my mouth. I never said I thought I was better than anybody nor did I say I was the lone voice of “libs” whose word is the end all be all of liberalism. Fourth, if you’re going to call somebody out for using pejorative language make sure you’re not doing the same.
        And lastly. Apparently you and the others missed the point I was trying to make. Part of that is my fault but part of it is that people turned into a me vs. Elizabeth battle. That was not my intent which if you remember I did actually, possibly defended her. Yes I attacked her argumentative abilities and lack of critical thinking skills but I never attributed them to her political beliefs. As much as I would like to clarify what my original point was, you are obviously not the person I would like to engage on this subject. And this is certainly not the place to do it. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to watch The Talk which I recorded earlier.

      • Patsy says:

        We have shown it—where have you been???

  3. Grey says:

    Yeah, they “shook things up” so well the ratings fell through. :-|
    I only catch this show when I’m home on a national holiday or or a sick day from work. The last few times I tried to watch I turned the channel after about ten minutes. I used to love the show but it has just really gone down hill.

    • Katy says:

      Exactly! You cannot shake things up too much at the same time or viewers will buck back.

    • Couldn’t agree more! Jenny was a horrible addition, and Sherri is not able to engage in conversation on any topic that actually requires some facts to discuss. Used to enjoy this show but haven’t watched it since Jenny was added.

    • Robby Horine says:

      Great, cancel the show and have a revival of The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour.

      • Grey says:

        I loved both shows back in the day. At the time they were edgy and very, very funny. All of which “The View” no longer is. So, yeah, *if done right* bring back those shows.

  4. EJ says:

    Barbara Walters refers to herself in the third person? How charming.

  5. cynfull says:

    This is why Star Jones decided when and how she was leaving the show. Not on fake smiles and reasons of so-called new opportunies.

  6. TimeToGo says:

    Props must be given to Walters for being one of the first women to make it in the good-old-boys club of network news. But then she pissed her credibitliy away and instead choose to spend the last couple decades devoting her talents to the promotion of inane celebrity fluff and making sure that we all knew that she thought people like the Kardashians are the most “fascinating people”.

    And in her dotage, she’s most responsible for giving ex-playboy playmate and anti-vaccination lunatic, Jenny McCarthy, a national forum to dole out her well-debunked,pseudo-science health “advice” to the reality show lovin’ moms fans everywhere. (I can hear them now: But, but, but, Jenny wears really cute shoes so she must know about all that medical stuff too, right????)

    Sadly Walters started out a great path, but she devolved at an accelerated pace when she became enamoured of her own fame. It could have been a great legacy, but it’s not.

  7. I liked both Elizabeth and Joy on “The View’ and although I don’t miss Elizabeth that much I think Joy’s departure had left a big hole. Jenny and Sherri separately I can take but the 2 together act like dumb and dumber. Their section about pop culture is hard to watch.

    • Walter says:

      This is the first time I’ve seen a comment with the phrases “Joy Behar” and “big hole” in it, that was complimentary to Behar.

      • Grey says:

        But I have to say, I think it was time Behar to leave. In the years immediately before her departure she often seemed bored or like she was just going through the motions. I actually caught her checking her watch a few times at the table during “hot topics,” and glancing off into space when a guest was speaking, etc. When the announcement came that she was leaving, I wasn’t surprised at all.

      • Grey says:

        Haaaaaaaaa! Okay, *that* was funny.

        But I have to say, I think it was time Behar to leave. In the years immediately before her departure she often seemed bored or like she was just going through the motions. I actually caught her checking her watch a few times at the table during “hot topics,” and glancing off into space when a guest was speaking, etc. When the announcement came that she was leaving, I wasn’t surprised at all.

    • TV Gord says:

      I haven’t missed a show since day one, but this past season has been the first time I can say it was painful to watch. I, too, miss both Joy and Elizabeth, and while I like Jenny well enough, she adds nothing to the show. I can’t think of one instance where she has taken a strong (let alone courageous) stand on any issue this season. I miss the days when there were VIEWS on The View. If I wanted mindless patter and chatter about pop culture and tabloid stories, I can catch all of that on The Talk. The View is supposed to be better than that.

      • Kristoffer says:

        Agreed. Now they cover a topic but don’t really get into anything past the basics. And if they do Whoopi says her usual of “I am sure we will be talking about this for a while….” and moves on. Barbara has turned into the “mom” of the bunch acting offended if someone tries to talk over her (which they have always done, so not sure why it bothers her now), especially if it’s Jenny. She has been down right rude to her several times. At least with Joy and Elizabeth they talked about politics and had ‘views’ on stuff… Like you said, now it’s just chit chat about non issues.

  8. Deann says:

    I found Joy Behar to be rather harsh in the last few years of her “reign” and was not sad to see her depart. I quit watching The View during the Rosie years and watched sporadically up to the point Jenny McCarthy joined them. It will take more than horn rimmed glasses for me to ever take anything that woman says seriously!

    • Tamara says:

      Agree 100%. Behar and Hasselbeck drove me to stop watching. Behar was so darn negative the last couple of years…. even when a segment was positive her “you don’t believe that’s real do you?” attitude was irritating beyond belief. It is good to have opposing opinions, I must agree, however, listening to Hasselbeck was like listening to Fox News where the entire lineup of reporters and so-called pundits say the exact same thing, use the exact same phrases when they cover a story over and over and over. If she’d ever sounded like she had an independent idea, or had backed up her Foxy opinions with facts, I might have respected her opinions……… even moreso if she ever said anything that didn’t tow the party line. No, don’t miss those two at all.

      I’m getting to the point where I’m turned off by both View and Talk. I’m saturated with listening to people discuss news items when 99/100 I can figure out what their opinion is ahead of time anyway. Maybe a man or two….. maybe that wouldn’t be enough of a change either. Right now I do record the shows, but only when there’s a guest on I’m very interested in and I just FF to that part. I think this format of show’s time has come.

    • Shazay says:

      Yes!! Those glasses!! I said the same thing!! Gag!

  9. brandy says:

    After watching today, I think Kathy Griffin would’ve been a great replacement for Joy.

    • Mel says:

      McCarthy’s head would explode.

    • Tamara says:

      Now I would tune in for Kathy Griffin or Joan Rivers on the panel, but that’d never happen. They’re both hilarious, but can be way over-the-top and too controversial…. I mean, I’d watch that just to see what comes out of their mouths, but I can’t believe Babs would go for either of them as a panel member. As much as I like those two, they are too brittle for some people and could turn some of the audience off without even giving them a chance. But like I said….. that’d bring me back for a while.

      • just saying says:

        The audience that they would turn off? I don’t know why those people turn on a tv at all. They are offended at EVERYTHING. Just stop watching live tv and put on a Bible DVD. They have plenty at your local Christian bookstore and they would never have to worry about the DEVESTATION of being offended by someone’s words or opinions ever again. Sheesh. Sorry. But I am so over those kinds of people. If you can only associate with people who think and act and do just like you, go start a commune in Utah. Just saying.

  10. Will says:

    While I didn’t really watch during the earlier era (I don’t want currently either but yknow..) I feel like they had more well rounded individuals who brought some intellect to the table.. Meredith Vieira, Lisa Ling, Star (for being a lawyer) I mean the caliber of hosts has certainly fallen by the wayside.

    • Pat says:

      The View was at it’s best, when Meridith, Joy, Star and Lisa were on. I have watched this show for years, but this past Fall, I threw in the towel. It is really sad, because I think that the show should have ended in 2012. I really do not know how they will survive into next year no matter who they bring on new.

      • Cathy says:

        I agree with you. I appreciated the women you mentioned because they educated us, not simply voiced opinions.

  11. Abe Froman says:

    The show right now is a hot mess. Jenny’s a disaster, Sherri dominates every discussion, Whoopie couldn’t look less interested, and Babs has had a few too many senior moments. Time to shut down and retool.

  12. roche says:

    the fact that sherri sheppard is on my tv makes me want to Thelma and Louise off a cliff. I would prefer to sit on a trans-continental flight listening to lizzy hasselbeck’s slant on obamacare than watch sherri go off on the latest episode of real housewives of Virginia Beach

  13. Jon says:

    I stopped watching when Joy left. Won’t go back until Sherri is gone.

  14. Mary says:

    Never really got into the view, especially after Meridith left. If they wanted to shake things up Barbara should of left. She is one that has overstayed her welcome in TV. Don’t mind an occasional appearance on TV but I never really saw the appeal with her.

  15. DavidSask says:

    The Talk is far more entertaining and everyone knows it, and The Real will bring the ratchetness so that leaves the View nowhere!!

  16. Ella says:

    The View has gone so far down the path. It was a great show in the beginning. I do miss Joy and Elizabeth, you have to admit they were classy ladies. I did not like the new gossip sessions that Jenny and Sherri do, they are just silly. The guests do not have enough time for their segments. I don’t feel that the show is as informative as it use to be. That is why I no longer watch. And I miss the “old” show. I give it one more year.

  17. Michael says:

    so how did that work out for you all, the show is a big ol snooze fest now… and it is just like every other talk show on the air.

  18. timetogo says:

    The only thing good about this show is the opportunity to watch and listen to the wonderful Whooping Goldberg. Jenny added nothing to the show and the only thing that Sherri brings is her big mouth and blatant stupidity. I don’t understand why they let her talk so much. Barbara acts like she is doing us all a favor by showing up. She is so full of herself. Sadly if I am in the mood for talk…that’s where I go to The Talk. ABC should put remaining fan’s out of their misery and cancel this. Maybe Jenny and Sherri can do a female version of Dumb and Dumber!

    • They need to cancel the show or start over with a brand new panel. I’m so sick of Whoopi sitting there for entire segments saying nothing or rolling her eyes. She’s only there to collect a check.

  19. chloe says:

    They should have canceled this long, long ago. Some of those ladies are so dumb it hurts.

  20. Keni Stone says:


  21. Kake says:

    Need to cancel the show…Can’t stand all those people interrupting each other, talking over each other, having Barbara scowl and have her say. Can’t stand the whole chaotic mess. Whoopi doesn’t look like she even wants to be there and participate…see her look and not say a thing, just there to collect a check. Why they have Jenny McCarthy is beyond me?

  22. derc says:

    Must admit I love”The Talk”now!S
    herrie gets on my nerves,jenny’s just LOUD.If it wasn’t for Whoopi,I probably wouldn’t watch(Though she seems bored at times,on the couch).

  23. Kaye Hagan says:

    The mistake was made if Joy Behar was asked to leave. She was funny, intelligent, and was capable of balancing a serious subject by allowing us to find some humor in the saddest of circumstances. I’ve always heard and believed if it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it. They ruined a good news worthy, entertaining show, and I stopped watching. Barbara was off one day and it was reduced to grown women acting like immature children, no substance, and it’s probably too late.

  24. Henrietta says:

    Joy Behar’s dismissal was a sad mistake. As for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, that was a good decision. I believe in balance, but not balance bathed in pure ignorance.

  25. Arleen Field says:

    Is Woopie Goldberg still there? I guess I’ll have to watch.

  26. a567and8 says:

    I thought Joy Behar was a real asset as was/is Sherri and Barbara. Whoopi, of course, is the show leader and must be kept out there in front. But the idea of adding a man messes up the whole purpose of The View as it was created. The show was interesting but now I’m sure they’re going to mess it up and give it a quick death!

  27. Tammy Lord says:

    Never liked or watched The View since day one…except when Rosie was on there.Just another gossipy talk show we don’t need to watch.

  28. If ur conservative voice is Sarah Palin,ur as crazy as Sarah Palin

  29. Kathy says:

    why just one conservative voice though??? I think the panel should be evened out so one side (the left) isn’t always ganging up on the other (the conservative). Now that Barbara is gone (yay!!!) maybe the conservative won’t get shut down so much anymore!

  30. Carolynne says:

    Elizabeth really served no purpose on the show. She was quite annoying and sHERRY ALSO BECAME ANNOYING SHE NEVER SHUT UP. jOY’S LEAVING WAS A MISTAKE SHE WAS THE HUMOROUS PART OF THE SHOW PEOPLE LOVED. Get Margaret Chow don’t bring McCane on there I won’t watch anymore.

  31. Joan says:

    I like Sheeri, but she needs to learn not to interrupt others. Do not like Jenny. She is rude, and constantly interrupts everyone and talks louder when they don’t let her talk. I think a perfect replacement would be Ali Wentworth. She is funny and knowlredgeable. Also Lara Spencer, although not available

  32. chicalotta says:

    I have seen the view on occasion, and never saw anyone speak as though they knew what they were talking about. They all talk at the same time like a hen-fest, gives me a headache. I doubt very much that anyone who regularly watches has much going on upstairs!

  33. Isabelle says:

    I’m sad to see Sharon leave, however so, so greatful that Elizabeth is gone. She is such a rastist and I have no respect for her.

  34. Traci Evans says:

    Leaving the view was Elizabeths best move. I hate that show now that Whoopi Goldberg has taken over. I used to love Whoopi until I realized how ignorant she is

  35. CW West says:

    Not news Elizabeth left The View! Geez she’s been interviewing for Fox the entre time on The View. All her talking points were taken straight out of Fox play book!
    She WILL NOT be missed by me!!
    Joy I love, and Whoopie.
    Not watching since joy left.

  36. CW West says:

    Not news Elizabeth left The View! Geez she’s been interviewing for Fox the entre time on The View. All her talking points were taken straight out of Fox play book!
    She WILL NOT be missed by me!!
    Joy I love, and Whoopie.
    Not watching since joy left. Sherri plain dumb as a box of rocks.