Single Ladies Revived, Season 4 to Air on Centric

Single Ladies CancelledLess than two months after Single Ladies was cancelled by VH1, the drama series is getting a second chance at life on the BET-owned network Centric.

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The renewal is part of a new deal inked between the network and Queen Latifah‘s Flavor Unit Entertainment, which produces Single Ladies.

A premiere date for Season 4 was not announced.

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  1. Fernando says:

    It should survive on here for while since they shouldn’t care to much about thier ratings

  2. Babar says:

    Never even heard of Centric before.

  3. Yolanda says:

    They should bring back Stacey Dash now that they’re on Centric! I miss her character Val.

  4. DavidSask says:

    Unless Centric is now focusing on new programming by their line-up of reruns like Logo, no one will know it is back on air!! Major promos on BET would be needed and why did it not go there instead???

  5. treecie says:

    YEAH MUCH PROPS TO ALL STAFF & PRODUCERS for getting a network to carry on the season without much interruption. This is a good show and I am into it just like many others. Will pass the word to help that the show “MUST GO ON”
    Treecie in NC

  6. Emily says:

    I LOVE single ladies! I hope they continue it for real.

  7. zanele says:

    pliz bring back the ladies so lookng forward to season 4

  8. hildah says:

    Looking forward to season 4.

  9. Ann says:

    I am so happy “Single Ladies” will be back. I can’t wait to see what happens between Keisha and Malcom and Raquel and Terrence!!!!

  10. cynthia says:

    cant wait 4 season 2 c what happens to malcom kish n naomi

    • preye says:

      am so with u on that. Keisha is my favorite actress in that show infact i think many people watch the movie cos of her + me. I love the combination of malcom and keisha hope they end up together. please continue. Looking forward to season 4

      • Lil miss says:

        Keisha is the star 😍😍😍😍 this is a really good show im so excited it’s coming back 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  11. Chelly says:

    I love single ladies we got to have it again it is a great show it really show us how relationship are and love it can be a rocky road

  12. A. Hilburn says:

    This is my favorite show – I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Marilyn Usher says:

    This is one of the best shows ever! I do not have time for TV because I am pursing my doctoral degree, however, I make time for this show. Thanks BET.

  14. lovinme1st says:

    I love single ladies and if its coming on centric then I will be sure to get it added to my plan

  15. I am one the shows biggest Fans I was
    Soooo up set when I say the show and when I heard it was cancelled
    My heart was broken. It’s a great show with good people
    Thanks for bring it back

  16. rekka says:

    I’m so very happy that Single ladies will be returning for a fourth season and on one BET’s network. I love the entire cast and they all do a wonderful job I was really sad when Vh1 canceled it

  17. patrice cherry says:

    I love single ladies. Please create a season 5,6,7 and so on. I looked forward to seeing this every Tuesday, I would rush home to watch this show. On Monday’s I made sure to watch Bitten. I hope this show returns as well. Please keep me informed. Thanks

  18. Margo Gipson says:

    I am so glad to hear that Single Ladies is returning to TV thank God for BET! Can’t wait for new season to start♡;-)

  19. I love this show it shouldn’t been cancelled no way love it love it love it love it more

  20. Single Ladies is the best series show i have ever seen season 4 better hurry up an come out i need to watch it Keisha an Malcolm is the best and those who are talking about its not the best sit down an watch it :)

  21. VH1 think that over please you guys are joking please season 4 needs to come out

  22. wia phosh says:

    Love single ladies…

  23. Josie James-Hamilton says:

    Thank you centric fir picking up single ladies; love that show!

  24. nana says:

    some of us are in africa we don’t hve centric plus I thin lisa n tt malcom guy shld get married real life ey share a vibe tts mre an mre lol……LOVE SINGLE LADIES and kisha come back n get ur man

  25. nana says:

    vh1 single ladies has come to africa too I for one watch it n no1 knows of this centric channel please think about it

  26. Donna says:

    The show needs better story lines. Lisa Raye’s character has lost credibility. She was much better as Malcolm’s foil. I looked forward to the suspense their relationship created. Without a job, business or money, her giving him ultimatums was ridiculous and incredible!! Totally unbelievable. Also, unbelievable is the Stacy Dash replacement “hook in’,” up with Malcolm’s baby brother. He’s too young and has zero going for himself. A serious business woman would never waste her time with him. The poor writing of last season justified BET’s cancellation. Loved the shows characters and story lines of Seasons 1 and 2 including Stacy Dash’s character. Without improvements in writing and execution, I will not support the show!!
    Wanting More

  27. Ennocetia says:

    Oh my God yes thank you I don’t know what I would be without Single Ladies,thank you so much be h all my friends will be happy to know ther is season 4

  28. Gloria Bolding says:

    I’m so glad single ladies is coming back I love this show Thanks Centric!!!

  29. wia phosh says:

    I would love to see Val back. 4 ladies, not such a bad thing..And besides no one really have to be married anyway!!!!!!….Its “single ladies” after all!. Please Please bring Val back.

  30. Carolin says:

    So glad Centric is picking up Single Ladies! I LOVE the show and LOVE the girls! I have always been a Lisa Raye fan and I love Stacy Dash but I like the one who has taken her place and all the other actors and actresses that are on the show. And I can’t forget about cute Omar! But anyway, kudos to Centric! I may have to stop watching VH1, big disappointment that they would drop the show!

  31. nana says:

    malcom and lisa shld continue being friends with benefits tt stacy gal shld get married and leave bring val back she was better……Lisa love u soo much boo

  32. Aknew says:

    Thank you, I really ENJOY this show, you’re lost VH1

  33. ruth says:

    woow this is so amazing i like watching i mean they got style wooah it is a relief indeed was sad it had gone cant wait for the premiere

  34. Tonice LaPierre says:

    Hurry up and bring it back! Inquiring minds to the sexy chocolate men that may be forthcoming awaits!

  35. sharon says:

    Please please bring Terrance back

  36. Vedia Alexander says:

    Looking forward to seeing the new season. Hopefully not to X rated! I truly love ya!

  37. Darhmy says:

    So happy!!!!!!!! Wow I love Single ladies… Tanx BET for bring Single ladies back… And to the entire cast and producers u guys r d best… Luv u bunch

  38. Tiah Mallett says:

    Soooo glad!

  39. Sara Meisner says:

    Please announce premier date im so excited for new season!

  40. zaraya says:

    Please don’t cancel it I hope this shows still airs…

  41. Tina says:

    I am so happy that single ladies are coming back. I really love to see Lisa Raye on the show. She does a good job. The show doesn’t just have a specific age group, and that is how it is in the real world. It shows women just because you are getting older it doesn’t means that you have to stop going. It embraces you to keep it moving.

  42. msklhh says:

    I love single ladies and I’m so happy it’s returning. I cannot wait,and I do agree Lisa Rae isn’t the best actress but she is perfect for her character. I thnk the show is great with or without Stacy,…Thnx BET.I am so looking forward to season 4

  43. deb says:

    Thx for picking single lady’s up Queen did a wonderful job keeping it Grown and sexy

  44. Dee Brown says:

    I’m so glad that single ladies is coming back on but I know they better pick a great day to air it…. If they pick a Thursday they views will be down that’s the night scandal comes on!! They better pick a Tuesday or Wednesday!! I don’t think Latoya need to be on there it’s a waste of character & time!! Lisa Ray is good but they do need to bring back Stacey!

  45. Debra the Coach says:

    I am so pleased to hear, Centric is giving Single Ladies another chance. I love this show.

  46. Mashonda Nance says:

    Pleassssssseeeeee save. Save single. Ladies

  47. Flossy says:

    I love requal and Terrence. their chemistry is off the hook. Hope they stay together in session 4.

  48. shane says:

    Omg! I am so glad to hear this. My heart was torn in two when I heard it was cancelled!! So freakin’ happy. Can’t wait to see the premiere. I hope this show sticks around for a while b/c somehow, I can’t live without it :)