Glee Exclusive: Shirley MacLaine Books Arc as Blaine's [Spoiler]! Plus — First Photo!

glee shirley maclaineGlee has pulled another Oscar-winning actress into its orbit.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Shirley MacLaine is set to appear in multiple episodes of the Fox musical-dramedy — and her character has big plans for Darren Criss’ Blaine.

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MacLaine, whose limited TV resume includes a recurring role as Lady Grantham’s mother Martha on Downton Abbey, will portray a powerful New York socialite intent on turning recent Big Apple transplant Blaine into a superstar. Her first episode is slated to air later this month.

Scroll down for an exclusive behind the scenes shot of MacLaine and Criss getting their song and dance on.

Shirley MacLaine Glee

(photo credit: Dante Di Loreto)

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  1. julie says:

    Hahahahahaha I can’t wait for the ratings! Yay Blee.

  2. deb says:

    I love that the person who wrote this article is a Blaine/Darren hater, I guess it was difficult to him to write news like this :P

  3. roxy says:

    *rolls eyes* of course

  4. Sam says:

    TVLine comments game: Take a shot every time one of Darren’s fans gets really defensive and uses the words “bitter”, “butthurt”, and “haters”. Die of alcohol poisoning.

    • johnathan says:

      But it’s true though.

    • deb says:

      But it’s true, they are obsessed with Blaine/Darren and it’s delicious and laughable.

    • sunny says:

      Well you’re allowed to love on things. It’s not hurting anyone.

    • deb says:

      Those haters are more obsessed with him than his stans, it’s pathetic.

      • Anne says:

        To be fair, you’d only know that if you were obsessed with them… just saying.

        • 500 says:

          you can all stop circle jerking now.
          Darren is amazing, that’s all i have to say on this matter.

          • Anne says:

            @500-That has nothing to do with what I said and more importantly I haven’t said a bad thing about Blaine or Darren anywhere on here so why don’t you at least point your whining in the right direction.

          • 500 says:

            fine. Darren stans are also amazing. and that’s all I have to say on the matter.

          • Tanya Withem says:

            ok so every one like him I understand but doesn’t any one care that kurt might not be on the show any more there has to bee some else who likes him out there

        • Mel says:

          Its fairly obvious that fans of a character are going to pay attention if someone bashes their character. That much is a given. Its par for the course. This is normal fan behavior. What’s the defense for Sam and his whole “lets turn this into a drinking game” thing? Or anyone who isn’t even a Blaine fan to drop in and, without a single thoughtful critique, say “wow, you’re all laughable and its delicious” “how embarrassing for darren” ?? THIS behavior makes no sense.

  5. Anne says:

    Wait, I feel like I missed something. Blaine fans are rejoicing and people that dislike the character are getting pissy and I just feel like there is a lot of information missing. I mean guest stars are never just in scenes for one character so I’m certain Shirley will interact with more than just Blaine (probably Rachel if I had to guess) and let’s not forget the huge fuss that was made when they hired Demi as Santana’s new girlfriend (1 episode) or Adam as Kurt’s nemesis (1 episode). Honestly, this fandom over-reacts about the slightest things these days.

    • Wouter says:

      Wow you;re comment has so many errors i don;t even know where to begin.

      First remember Kate Hudson and Sarah Jessica Parker both only had exlusively scenes with Rachel and Kurt repectively 90% of the time. Also Adam Labert was in like 5 episodes. Demi was also in more than 1 episode, but i’ve got to admit it might as well be one, because in the other episodes she had like one line.

  6. sunny says:

    You mean he’s getting a nyc arcc?

  7. Kristen says:

    So glad I don’t watch this crap anymore. I wonder how Ms. MacLaine keeps from laughing when Darren tries to “act”. Glee just doesn’t get that one of the biggest reasons their show has flopped so hard the past two seasons (Blaine) is now being showcased in New York, and he comes off looking even worse amongst stronger actors/singers. The blarrenstans can whine about haters all they want, but numbers don’t lie, and your boy has been the one at the helm of the Glee ship the past two years in terms of screen time and songs. Apparently the millions of viewers who have left the show didn’t see his appeal either.

    • sunny says:

      They look like they’re getting on quite well in Brookes choreo class though.

    • Trek says:

      You say you don’t watch this “crap” anymore and then you carp about how he looks worse amongst the others in New York. No sense is being made here.
      Also – you’re drawing shoddy conclusions from like, two singular points of interest. It just seems like the blinders are on.

  8. Allie B says:

    This is fantastic. I am so looking forward to it. Darren Criss and Shirley MacLaine, Just wow! Great job, Glee.

  9. Katy says:

    I don’t get it to be honest, fans have wanted Bette Midler as Rachels grandmother for years, Bette Midler tells Ryan Murphy she wants to do it and yet we get Shirley MacLaine (who is amazing) as a rich lady for Blaine’s storyline…..I honestly just dont get it.

    • Sky says:

      I know, crazy, Blaine always gets everything. Bette needs there next season or Glee is really off track.

    • Ian says:

      Same for Anne Hathaway to play Kurt’s lesbian aunt and Julie Andrews to play his maternal grandmother.
      Even though I can’t stand Blaine, it’d have been incredible to see Lea Salonga guest on the show as Blaine’s mother.
      It just goes to show how much this show chooses to squander, and then something like this silliness is the alternative they’re actually willing to go ahead with.

      It’s unfathomable.

      • Sil says:

        The word is fluff. And Glee has been really good at it the last couple of seasons. No logic or realistic story. Another reason many viewers like me had moved on from Glee.

  10. Ash says:

    Excited to see Shirley on TV, not excited for more Blaine is the best ever nonsense.

  11. ines says:

    So sick of Blaine….

  12. dcl33 says:

    Well if Blee is gonna be all about Blaine then I am happy that they are thinking about cutting 6th season in half. Seriously, has Glee not learn a god damn thing from season 4? What waste of Shirley MacLaines talent to play along side of Darren.

  13. andy says:

    kurt gets a job at vogue.com with no real experience………….

    rachel gets a role on broadway with no real experience…………….

    blaine gets an old lady helping him become a star…………..



    • Lydia says:

      I think the actual problem here is that everyone is getting things handed to them which makes it harder to care. Mercedes has a record deal, Sam cut his hair and immediately got a modeling job, and I’ll be shocked if Artie doesn’t somehow get a big directing gig. It’s not like I want these kids to lose everything all the time, but it’s HARD to move to NY and make it in the entertainment industry and showing them struggle a little shouldn’t really be asking too much.

      • Tyler says:

        ^ This. Things are getting handed to ALL of them too easily. If the only reasonable complaint/argument in all these glee forums is about who’s got the least believable story, we’ve already ALL lost. Honing in on one character isn’t going to fix the issue.

    • Mike says:

      Technically when it comes to Kurt it was an internship which means you don’t actually need real experience because the point of the internship is to gain the experience in the first place. You just have to impress the interviewers and show something of a resume (which he could easily have with work on the costumes from glee club). The problem with Blaine is not only is he handed everything but we see it happen without seeing him put in any work or have to struggle for it at all. Whereas we’ve seen Kurt and Rachel repeatedly struggle through bullying, people trying to tear them down, and them putting in the extra work to get where they are. So while it’s not all realistic, at least we’ve seen Kurt and Rachel go through the process instead of just getting the praise and attention that Blaine does.

      • Trek says:

        I don’t think what you are asking for unreasonable. I like Blaine and also wanna see more of him working towards his dreams.

  14. Linda says:

    I tend to fast forward through the ‘weaker’ voices that tend to just be annoying, BUT I am loving that Shirley is going to be part of the show – and how about adding a twist, like Shirley turns out to be related to Blaine, which she reveals after she gets him on the road to fame, then collapses and reveals all on her death bed + he inherits her estate, but then another distant, gay relative arrives to stake a claim and Blaine falls in love a little bit? Or not.. just looking forward to Shirley – wouldn’t you love to see her dance once more.. those legs!

  15. Lydia says:

    So is this actually for multiple episodes or the same kind of “multiple episodes” that lesbian couple was booked for last year?

  16. Kems says:

    I am so excited. Thanks Glee. Blaine is going to be a super star. Make it happen.

  17. Scott says:

    Maybe Blaine will perform sexual favors on his mentor just like Darren did on Ryan to get his place on glee. Darren is a mediocre singer and a weak actor. More and more viewers left as focus on him increased. And hr isn’t nearly as popular as his stand claim. Even with cheating the couldn’t get him a PCA. He is an embarrassment and so are his stabs (especially the stans who are dumb enough to believe he is dating chris–Chris has way better taste than that).

  18. melly says:

    Meh. The problem with Blaine’s character is that he gets handed everything far too easily, and it’s boring. This looks like same old, same old for his character. As far as Darren’s overall appeal…”Girl Most Likely” pretty much sums that up. He’s an okay singer with a very loud internet fan base, which isn’t nearly as large as they think they are.

    • soph says:

      YES! at least it doesn’t involve Blam, I’M OK WITH THIS

    • lololol says:

      that’s why he sold out his tour in minutes

      • Kristen says:

        “Sold out” to Stub Hub and other ticket vendors, who were selling the masses of unsold tickets to many of his concerts for as little as $1 at the end. Let’s see if they buy into his hype again. Nice try though trying to convince anyone of how Darren is. I think that Blarrenstan dream died a hard death at the last PCA’s.

        • stittsyk says:

          Oops, meant to say “nice try trying to convince anyone of how popular Darren is” ;) .

        • lololol says:

          Chris lost his PCA in 2012. I guess everybody hated Chris that year.

        • Linda says:

          Darren was nominated in three categories for the PCA’s which is more than anyone in the cast last year and he had to beat out hundreds of other TV performers to get those nominations. Being in the Top five in 3 categories for ALL of television is an impressive accomplishment.

          • lololol says:

            Those people don’t care about logic.

          • stittsyk says:

            His “massive” fanbase still couldn’t get him a win, though, could they. And now he’s just a footnote…

          • lololol says:

            I guess, Lea has no fans since she lost this year. Or that logic only applies to Darren?

          • Mike says:

            Um, no it’s not an “impressive accomplishment”. Not when fans were openly bragging about setting up a system to vote for Darren to get him nominated which basically makes it more into a competition over which fanbase has more spare time on their hands to waste voting over and over. The fact that he LOST every category he was nominated for just makes your argument all the weaker.

      • Truth Bomb says:

        His tour DID NOT sell out. His team bought up the tickets and then re-sold them at second hand sites for pennies on the dollar to make it appear sold out. You Blarrenstans need to stop ignoring the truth.

        • sunny says:

          Have you seen pictures of his gigs? they were bursting at the seams at every venue.

          • Truth Bomb says:

            I have, and they weren’t. And again, even if they appeared that way to your biased eyes, it doesn’t negate the fact that the tickets were sold on second hand sites for a fraction of the price because they wanted it to appear as if the concert were sold out. Next!

          • sunny says:

            okay. I’m pretty sure i can tell the difference. Are you implying that I’m that much of an idiot? really. You clearly haven’t.

          • elbows says:

            he took a picture of the audience after every gig dude. they were on twitter.

          • Mike says:

            1) You do realize that there are creative ways to take pictures to make places appear more crowded than they actually are right? 2) I wouldn’t be surprised if they were crowded at some of the venues given how cheaply tickets sold when they were trying to get rid of the rest.

          • Tyler says:

            This road people are going down right now…. This leads to nowhere.

        • Linda says:

          His tour did sell out the tour in a few minutes. Officially. An event is considered sold out if all the tickets are sold even if no one shows up but most of Darren’s concerts were packed as seen in numerous pictures and videos. Scalpers who bought some of the tickets may have sold some of at a reduced price as often happens with many artists. Darren was at a bigger disadvantage as he had no money to advertise the concerts. I saw tweets from many people who found out about the concerts after they had happened and were disappointed that they didn’t know because they would have liked to go.

          • Leigh says:

            The persons who keep ranting that the tour performed poorly are missing a couple of things: First, from a personal anecdotal standpoint, the shows I attended were packed. Don’t care if the people got their tickets at discount rate or paid scalpers prices, they showed up. Consequently, I have to side-eye your assessment of the tour’s success based on my own observations. Second, if ticket brokers buy out your tickets in anticipation of demand – that’s still a sold out tour. Tour investors do not care who purchased the tickets; they are in business to make money. Third and most important — what does it matter? So, you hate the character of Blaine and you let it bleed into vitriol about the actor who plays him – to what end? That’s a boatload of negativity that’s serving no real purpose.

          • Miso says:

            I don’t think Linda was being negative at all. Wrong reply button to wrong person perhaps ? :P

          • Leigh says:

            My post was in solidarity with Linda’s – unfortunately there was no longer a reply button on the one I actually was thinking about,

    • 500 says:

      er vogue dot com
      broadway understudy

  19. Sem says:

    Is that for real? Darren Criss and Shirley MacLaine, two of my favorites. It’s gona be fun to watch. Can’t wait.

  20. Sammy says:

    Blaine haters are so obnoxious?? Like omg, this character who rings in a majority of the fanbase is getting a lot screen time. He gets a lot of solos?!?!?!!! Well it’s almost like his songs always get the most downloads. How dare Glee give a character the majority of its viewers like story lines. How dare they know their audience.

    • dcl33 says:

      Like OMG I skip all his scenes cause I just cant stand that face Darren is doing, and that patronizing voice he is using, and how Blaine is always right and gets everything and like OMG I never downloaded any of the songs he is singing. I dunno I guess I prefer brilliance before mediocrity that is Darren Criss. And like OMG is it possibly that people are getting sick and tired of all that is Blaine and just dont wanna watch Blee anymore and it is why ratings are dropping, besides the fact that writing is horrible? BTW, 2,4 mil viewers is a very very very weak fanbase, so you know, dont brag about that ;)

    • stittsyk says:

      Please show us how Blaine brings in a majority of the fanbase, or that his songs sell any better than anyone else’s. The hard facts are that Glee has lost millions of viewers in the past two seasons, with Blaine getting a majority of the screen time during that time, and no songs sell well any more, not even Blaine’s. Darren lost every PCA award he was up against this last time, and couldn’t even get out of the recent eOnline’s silly Alpha Male contest’s first round.

      Blaine is not the most popular character on Glee, Darren is not the most popular actor on Glee, and if you Blarrenstans would stick your heads out of your little echo chamber on occasion, you’d really see how sick the remainder of the Glee fandom is of Blaine and Darren. The overexposure is hurting Darren’s career, because he just doesn’t have the talent to back the hype, and Darren is obnoxious anyway.

    • oops says:

      If Blaine brings in a majority of the fanbase then why couldn’t Darren win a PCA this year (or any other year prior)? And his songs do not get the most downloads on iTunes at all: check your facts.
      Lol: if Glee would know its audience they wouldn’t have lost all those million viewers the last 2 seasons. Their latest 0.8 rating will not be their lowest point for very long if they keep this Blee worship up.

      • sunny says:

        probably because we don’t have the need to vote on those things. I’m just happy he’s gotten good standing on the show right now. that’s all I could ask for.

        • stittsyk says:

          Yeah, right. Try to convince anyone neither his stans nor Darren care about or vote/campaign heavily for an award recognition. After the complete fool Darren made of himself at the PCA nominations when his name/character was announced, it appears he’d be happy winning ANYTHING at this point ;) . But even with all the cheating his stans did, showing that at least some of them cared, they still couldn’t bring it home for him.

          • Trek says:

            You guys….devolved into a Darren Criss fight over why he didn’t win the PCAs and why that hinges on how many fans he has and how many people came to his concert, which hinges on how often he gets any songs on glee, which hinges on failing viewership for Glee, which then explains all of Glee just sucks now. Are you guys aware of how ….FREAKIN’ crazy you seem to the rest of the normal folks…?

            For context, this is an article about Shirley coming to glee. Yup.

          • Tyler says:

            ^This. Darren haters complain about everything being about Blaine (its not) and then they continue to make everything about Darren.

            I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw it for myself. And man, IT IS SO BIZARRE.

      • Lc says:


        Only ones who love him are his annoying stans. Ratings and his song sales on Glee sure dont indicate he’s a hit. Not since Season 2 and that quickly died out because of the over-exposure they gave him on the show,

    • Sam says:

      His songs haven’t sold above the others for seasons now.

      • mary says:

        I know right?. Blarren stand made a myth about it. They keep telling everyone he is the best selling cast on the show. Facts= He is NOT

      • mary says:

        That is a myth now. His stans like to think his songs are the most downloaded. Check those facts. It´s outthere

    • Deb says:

      The only reason why the majority of the CURRENT fanbase are Blarren stans is because viewers who loved the show from day one stopped watching when Glee started to focus more and more on Blarren, Blam, and noobs that nobody really cared about. Blarren stans flail like Blarren is the second coming of Christ when he is actually a weak actor and singer who happens to have a loud obnoxious fanbase who are internet savvy, and Ryan Murphy. Anyone else with ears and eyes can see that Blarren is no where near as talented as most of the original cast. They have to tell us in the show over and over that Blaine is wonderful because if left to their own opinions, the audience would know that Blaine wouldn’t get a spot in an exclusive school like NYADA.

  21. Linda says:

    This looks like it could be a fun storyline! Since it’s multi-episodes, part of it should be Chris’ episode too. I’m sure he loved the idea of writing something for Shirley.

  22. Lou says:

    More Blaine getting things handed to him. Joy. Nope. This is why I can’t watch Glee anymore.

  23. Nene says:

    finally what sounds like a real storyline for Blaine! He hasn’t had a proper storyline that’s not about his relationship … ever really. Super excited for this!

    • Alana says:

      right? So happy for a bit of Blaine focus, he hasn’t really gotten anything career wise so far, so this should be good!

  24. lololol says:

    Cry haters cry.

  25. Aries says:

    Over 200 comments – LOL! I love her and so happy she is having her story with Blaine. I love Darren Criss and this is going to be glorious!!

  26. rez says:


  27. Oh my says:

    Darren Criss trying to act opposite her is going to be hilarious. Thank you for this gift, Glee.

    • Olivia says:

      This is like a, acting career death sentence, I’m almost tempted to watch on the www afterwards for this fact alone.
      Next on Glee: Sam get pimped out in a very private socialite circle by a rich madam played by Maggie Smith. But what starts out as a desperate gig à la Brody turns out to be the first step towards an international modelling career and he’s voted “sexiest man alive” by some magazine. GLEE!

    • Michael says:

      You’re such a cruel and nasty person. :\

  28. Lc says:

    Ugh I’m so sick of Blaine. This is why the NY side no longer is interesting. Blaine and Sam eat up far too much screentime.

    Why can’t Santana or Kurt ever get a storyline? Always going to the annoying Blaine and Blam!

  29. maggie says:

    I agree the show has changed and has worsened – season 2 was its best season. Since Season 3, all the characters have become caricature versions.of themselves – they’re not as relatable and are far more annoying, part of why I stopped watchinf. Fingers crossed the shift to NY and putting the characters in a new setting will improve the quality.
    Also LOL at people whining about RIB favoritism and unrealistic plotlines…they pretty much define Glee. They’ve *always* existed.

  30. Katie says:

    Love Love Love this… love shirley and love Darren so glad he is getting such a fun story arc

  31. lorena says:

    I am so excited for this! I love Shirley MacLaine and I can’t wait to see her scenes with Darren.

  32. Anna says:

    I’m not really sure if Blaine/Darren haters are realizing that all of these comments, hateful or not, are a big part of the reason why Darren and Blaine are used so much for promotion. Blaine’s obviously a polarizing character, many love him, some hate him, so articles about him get a lot of comments = a lot of hits for the side and buzz for glee. So by leaving countless hateful comments that then get counter arguments from Blaine fans, Blaine haters are actually part of the “problem” and are the reason that there so many Blaine and Darren posts. Not that I’m complaining, but….

    • dcl33 says:

      not all publicity is a good publicity. You say hateful comments, I see negative comments. You are mixing hate and negativity. I dont hate Darren. I am not fan of his “acting”. I dont hate Blaine, I dislike that he is played by a mediocre “actor” and that he is being pushed front and center. I bet Blaine would have been a better character if he was played by someone who can act. I think Darren is an ok singer, but you wont see me throw my panties and bra at him, cause he does absolutely nothing to me. Just because someone has a negative thought about something does not mean its hate. Well I guess people who are madly in love with Darren/Blaine see hate, but thats their problem.

      • Trek says:

        I have to disagree. I think it’s so off base to think the problem is Darren and not credit the true reason, which is the writing on this show… especially when it comes to Blaine’s character. There’s been 0 development outside Klaine/Sam.

        • dcl33 says:

          Oh please, writing have been sh*t since end of 2nd season, but 3rd season kinda worked cause of the original cast and even then the focus was so much on Blaine. 4th season completely tanked cause of new cast and cause of Blam. Say what you want, but whole Blam was crap. Klaine broke up cause he cheated, then he had a crush on Sam and then he proposes to Kurt like nothing happened… And I still think that if Blaine was played by someone else, the character would have been way better even with sh*t writing

          • Michael says:

            And that entire paragraph sir, is where facts end and your hateful assumptions/opinions take over. You’ve got no solid evidence to back that up except to draw your own line between who sang the most and the ratings. Its piss poor and faulty “evidence”. That reasoning is so full of holes yet you sing it like its solid fact. No.

            Do people really think holding glee ratings up as to why Blaine ruined everything is some sort of trump card???

          • Tyler says:

            Darren himself has voiced how Blaine’s character suddenly changed in season 4, how Blaine has been like 5 different people and how he even wishes to meet Blaine’s parents so he can get an idea of whats going on “in there”. But in the end, he’s got no power in this. Cheating on Kurt was out of his control, the proposal was out of his control (he even disagreed with it) etc etc. This is a disconnect between actor and writer and to me, shows that he really attempts to bring something to the table and tie things together while having no platform from which to do so. Its unnecessarily harsh and completely unfounded to say that any actor can play Blaine even with sh*t writing.

            Those are some mighty big words and that’s alot you’re implying about yourself there – Could you please detail to me what all of Blaine’s personality and little nuances SHOULD be, if you were acting him out with the exact script he’s been given so far ? NO change in lines. No change in story. Visualize it and when you’ve got it down, I’d genuinely like to hear it.

      • Angela says:

        You don’t hate the guy, no, and you are right that not liking a character doesn’t automatically equal hatred of them.
        But some of the other comments here definitely go past, “I’m just not a fan of the guy” into pretty nasty territory. Implying he’s sleeping with Ryan to get these big moments on the show, going so far as to even call his fans delusional or pathetic for liking him, etc.-and that happens on practically ANY “Glee”-related article on here nowadays (because god forbid people just state their like or dislike of somebody and leave it at that). I would consider that pretty hateful. And cruel.

        • dcl33 says:

          Ahh but this is why I think human race is doomed. Everyone is focused on hate and anonymity on internet is providing them the ground to spew the hate.
          Do I think Darren is sleeping with Ryan? No. But I certainly think that Ryan has a thing for him. Whatever it is, its not so subtle.

    • Olivia says:

      Actually the only people benefitting from that polarizing situation are entertainment websites. In case you haven’t noticed, Glee and Fox gain nothing out of it, quite the opposite going by the ratings and music sales.

    • Joss says:

      Actually, Darren is “used so much for promotion” because his girlfriend, Mia Swier aka Ms. FOXSpecialOps, is in charge of it now. Seems he always has to be doing “special favors” for someone in order to maintain his laughable status as “lead” of Glee. Guess Ryan finally got tired of him.

  33. Tai says:

    I kind of do wish Darren Criss would leave just so all the people that hate will have to find a new person to blame for the quality of the show going downhill. It’s the not the actors’ fault. This show hasn’t made sense since season one. But instead of blaming the writers or Ryan Murphy, let’s all hate Darren Criss. You know how much input he has. The hatred and downright awful things I read on message boards about the actor, not even the character sometimes, is just terrible.
    Why can’t we just dislike a character without all the bitterness?

  34. Victoria says:

    People need to stop hating on Blaine. What is the big difference between Blaine and Rachel???? Why don’t people mention how Rachel literally got everything too??? She got a LEAD in a Broadway reboot of Funny Girl. How believable is that????
    Blaine is a great character and Darren is a phenomenal actor. He deserves the recognition. Not to say other actors don’t.
    I can’t understand the hate people have for this character. I adore his voice, his outfits, his personality, his quirky little bowties. What I don’t like is the gel. He’s a bit ridiculous sometimes but what teenagers aren’t?

    TL; DR Blaine hate is pointless and needs to stop pretty please. It makes me sad.

    • Sam says:

      I mean, apart from the fact that Darren is actually a terrible actor, Rachel is the de facto lead of the show. Rachel IS Glee.

    • cc says:

      What is Blaine’s personality? I am curious, because as a character he has had very little development. You really think he is a phenomenal actor, really? What story has he done that makes you think , wow he nailed that emotion. People are usually trying to figure out what emotion he is trying to act out. He, tends to be overacting in most scenes.

    • Mike says:

      People mention the things Rachel has gotten all the time too (but at least they’ve shown her working for it). I’m sorry but I just don’t see this “phenomenal actor”. He over-acts in so many of his scenes and his vocal range isn’t very broad. You can hear how much his voice strains on quite a few of the songs they’ve given him large parts in. I HATE the outfits they put him in. He dresses like a 60 year old man but then whines about things like a toddler (I wish I burn Puppet Master out of my mind).

  35. lawrence says:

    I doubt those blaine haters ever watch glee these days. glee is blaine show? how about mercedes has 4 solos in 2 episodes? lol. not that i hate her I actually love to hear Amer sing. also about the “unrealistic” accusation , lol like glee is a realistic show before. How about a highschooler with no actual fashion industry experience got into Vogue and was appreciated by the chief editor? haha.

    whatever. Watch the number of comments roaring up is a hilarious thing.

    • Mike says:

      Someone recently did a rundown of the number of solos and duets people have had and Blaine was right at the top of that list for male singers (over Kurt and Artie) despite being in less seasons so pointing out the amount of time that Mercedes sings in a couple of episodes doesn’t take away from the overabundance of Blaine they throw at us (even on songs that he just can’t handle with Best Day of my Life being the most recent example as the straining he had during it hurt my ears). Sadly even with the duets that Kurt does get to be a part of, Blaine still tends to have the majority of it even when the songs fit Kurt’s voice better. You’re right Glee isn’t realistic but like I said in other posts, at least they show the work and struggle the other characters have gone through along the way even if most of it was during high school. We didn’t even see Blaine’s struggle in high school and we never see him working for the things he gets. As for Vogue, you don’t need the experience yet for an internship which is why Kurt got. The internship is what gets you the experience (and Kurt actually could have included his work on the costumes he’s put together for glee club along with that portfolio he gave of his regular outfits). All you have to really do for an internship is impress your interviewer which sometimes is someone high up in the Company.

      • Tyler says:

        The accusation “it’s the blaine show” doesn’t compare what male singers got top number versus female singers, so your counter argument is more of a strawman than the original poster’s. He/she was actually on to something by mentioning ANOTHER character overtaking an episode with solos. “The blaine show” implies he’s overtaken them in that same sense. Which he hasn’t. Especially not recently. But that’s of course subjective. I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like glee’s version of best day of my life. I really enjoyed it though, and the tweets from the actual band they covered thought so too. I too would like to hear more of Kurt in the duets – not just ones with Blaine’s but all of them – though I will concede that most of Klaine duets are too Blaine heavy. The next one sounds promising though. :)

  36. Tara says:

    the fighting on this page is hilarious!!! I am not a Blaine fan anymore… I seriously watch this for Rachel.. but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna sit here and trash him.. but YAY SHIRLEY!!!! :)

  37. Nac says:

    Glad I stopped watching.

  38. SB1332 says:

    Wow – I loved reading this. I think most of the people on commenting on this don’t really get that this is a work of fiction right? And seriously there are some real haters out there – wow – have to say – it is amazing to realize. But seriously, I love Blaine (Darren Criss) and he can sing anything he wants as many times as he wants. And yes, I’ll by the album when it comes out. So as my hubby would say “maywinsuckit”.

  39. Elvis says:

    I’ve read that Chris Colfer has written an upcoming episode. I hoe Shirley is in that episode and gets to do something fun with Kurt too!

    Also I think it’s funny that Blaine gets a sugar mama of sorts. Maybe they cold do Along Came Bialy from The Producers, haha! :D

  40. Lou says:

    Did it occur to anyone that maybe Shirley wanted to work with Darren? They would have written whatever she wanted to get her on the show I’m sure.

  41. Angel_of_Music says:

    Darren Criss lacks any kind of vocal technique and is a big beneficiary of autotuning because hearing his voice without any engineering done to it is just a nightmare. He should never be allowed to sing live again.

    • lei says:

      sorry, he just sang live again in Bash. Guess someone(more like most of the ppl) is disagreeing with your opinion…

      • Mike says:

        Most of who people? All he needs is some vocal obnoxious fans and some writers/Glee crew who have a hard-on for him and he can get whatever he wants. Doesn’t mean he actually deserves it.

  42. whotakesyouseriously? says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how people who contend that they hate Blaine and/or Darren FLOCK to every story that mentions him/them and spend their time posting their hatred in the comments over and over again. Really, you people need lives of your own. Maybe then you’d have something to really complain about.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I agree.I complain about Glee and other shows too at times but i don’t keep repeating the same complaints over and over again.Plus when people commenting good or bad things about Blaine that could be when the show could start get worried.Plus at the end of the day Glee is just a TV show and Blaine is just a character on it.Plus i do wonder if Blaine was written off what some posters complain about then?

  43. whoviangirl101 says:

    Honestly, really not sure why everyone complains about Blaine. The show isn’t all about Blaine, hes only really had a couple episodes that were in anyway centered around him, unlike Rachel, who has taken over the show since the first bloody episode. Blaine isn’t whiny and annoying, he is actually a really good character and far more tolerable than some. I love klaine to bits and really wish that they had more scenes. Blaine is very talented, and deserves anything he may or may not work his butt of for. The only thing I saw him have handed to him was solos while he was at Dalton and Valedictorian.

    • Mike says:

      Outside of them occasionally showing him as an okay friend to Sam, what parts of his character are “really good” as you say? You might not see him as whiny and annoying but every time I hear Darren putting on his higher “Blaine voice” and straining on lyrics that weren’t meant for his voice I cringe. Then he was whining pretty much the entire episode of Puppet Master, he acted clingy and ridiculous by following Kurt everywhere 2 episodes ago, and completely over-reacted to Elliott (even Kurt called him psycho for that one). He clearly has some obsessive issues that he needs to work over and needs to calm the hell down most of the time. He “deserves anything he may or may not work his butt of for”? Yeah sorry I completely disagree with that and putting no extra effort into things even if you do have talent (though talent is subjective) just makes the person appear lazy and over-privileged.

  44. Becky says:

    im sorry but reading peoples comments on here!!! if you dont have anything nice to say why are you reading the article! shows how much time you need to waste!

  45. Jane says:

    Blaine is the absolute worst. He is the least interesting, least appealing and least talented actor, yet all the focus is always on him. That doesn’t add up to successful TV.

  46. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m happy that Shirley MacLaine is joining Glee.However i have a feeling her plans for Blaine could cause problems with his relationship with Kurt somehow.I’m sure Kurt will be happy for any success Blaine gets but he may want to keep their relationship separate from Blaine’s career.

  47. Leigh says:

    I love that Shirley MacLaine will be guest-starring. The cast will have such a blast working with and learning from her.

  48. Lisa says:

    yuck. keep flopping glee. Waste a notorious guest star on untalented darren criss but keep on cutting any scene where he might actually have to act and darkening the shots. Not watching this trash of episode.

  49. jorgebr says:

    @lisa and this was a waste of a comment – does it pay to be so judgmental and ugly about everything…? =_= Look at the difference between you and the Leigh person above you…yuck.