Shameless Finale Recap: 'Is This Family Ever Going to Catch a Break?' -- Plus: A Huge Twist!

Shameless Jimmy/Steve AliveShowtime’s Shameless wrapped up its best season yet on Sunday night with moments of catharsis, clarity and a huge cliffhanger.

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Hopefully, you stuck around past the initial closing credits, because that’s when a car drives up to the Gallagher house. “Jack, are you going to go inside?” the female driver (played by Dollhouse‘s Dichen Lachman!) asks. Before the man sitting in the passenger seat even turns around, you already know who it is, but that doesn’t make the reveal that Jimmy/Steve (Justin Chatwin) is alive any less thrilling. (The episode’s title, “Lazarus,” could also have been a giveaway had Frank not had his own near death experience and rising.)

The twist — which not even star Emmy Rossum knew about! — was actually kind of validating. Just earlier in the episode, as Fiona was making her way through the house, I found myself wondering what Jimmy/Steve would think of what her life has become. Would he even fit into it anymore? Whatever the answers, it doesn’t seem we’ll find them out any time soon. Jack replies that he won’t be going inside the house tonight.

Even without that surprise, Sunday night’s finale would still have been a terrific finish to an even better season. This year, the show allowed its characters to evolve and really plumbed their emotional depths. And no one had a richer arc than Fiona, who gets out of prison early in the episode because of overcrowding. Her parole officer (played by Regina King, the master of tough love) hooks her up with a job at a diner run by Jeffrey Dean Morgan and tells her she needs to take responsibility for her own life.

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“It’s all me,” Fiona later says, sitting on the steps with Lip. She can’t blame Frank or Monica or nature or nurture anymore for what’s happened.

“You’re not perfect, Fiona,” Lips offers her. “None of us are.”

Meanwhile, another family crisis hits when Mickey can’t get Ian out of bed. Unfortunately, the Gallaghers are all too familiar with this kind of behavior. “Is this family ever going to catch a break?” Fiona wonders. When she suggests it could be bipolar disorder, like their mom had, and that Ian might need to be hospitalized, Mickey freaks out and insists that Ian stay with him.

“I can take care of him!” he exclaims. “He’s f–king family.” How’s that for coming a long way?

But while even Mickey has evolved, a recovering Frank may be back to his old ways. While Sheila and Sammi fight over him, Carl whisks him out of the hospital and brings him to an icy bank. Despite being told by his doctor that he can’t drink alcohol, he takes a swig from a bottle and yells into the void, “That all you got? That’s it. I’m still here, you f–ker! I’m alive! You see me? You see me standing here? You lost, asshole.” Then he offers the bottle to Carl. “A little nibble won’t hurt you,” he says. Wanna bet?

Elsewhere in the hour:

* Lip and Amanda’s “relationship” gets even weirder as she buys him a fancy suit for her sorority’s pining ceremony so she can make all the other girls jealous. (Anybody else think for a second that this was some weird mass marriage ritual?)

* Carl’s sorta girlfriend Bonnie abandons him after he tries to give her a present.

* Sheila loses her petition to gain custody of the five Native American kids.

* And Debbie? She’s still obsessed with Matty.

Shameless fans, grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick and sound off on Jimmy’s surprise appearance. Plus: Did the show lose its guts by not killing off Frank?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alana says:

    Loved loved the SF!!! Need Lip & Mandy!! IN LOVE WITH IAN & MICKEY!! And OMG STEVE/JIMMY!!!

    • Rook says:

      The Lip and Mandy scene in the diner was really sad.

      • Marc says:

        Yes, yes, yes. I’ll be eternally grateful to Mandy for getting rid of that soul sucking leech Karen, to my immense joy and shame (later), I was cheering when she ran her over. But Mandy’s situation and life is so sad. I really think that she is the best partner for Lip. This whole Amada thing is so weird, when she smacked his butt last night, it felt as if she just bought him, and not just a suit.

        • rita890 says:

          um… wow. Anyway, I hope Karen comes back in some capacity in season 5, I really miss her. And Sheila needs someone to take care of.

          • Marc says:

            There are characters on shows that I watch that I despise or find truly annoying and hope for their demise all the time: Laurel on ‘Arrow’; Dana on ‘Homeland’; Sweets on ‘Bones’; Joffery on ‘Game of Thrones’; Adalind on ‘Grimm’ etc, Karen was one of them. I hated her even more than I hated Frank and that was no small feat to find a more hated character than Frank. If she could,Karen would have had Lip running after her all his days while she sleeps with everyone with a pulse and treats him like scum. She was a faithless viper. Perhaps, Mandy is not or will never be the love of Lip’s life, but she is far better than that selfish twit Karen.

          • Shazay says:

            I think Sheila is going to be taking care of Sami and Chucky. I like to think that Karen and Jody are living happily in Arizona and never plan to come back to Chicago….ever.

      • emma says:

        Yes, but she still run Karen over with a car. Girl’s cray, Lip stay away.

      • Me says:

        i know…totally sad and filled with emotions!

        • fdot says:

          that bitch is offing crazy I know the other chick was a life sucking whore but yo the way she ran over her with the car man

    • Shazay says:

      Totally agree with you!! Yes yes yes!!! All of it. And Rook….you too, the scene with Mandy waiting on Lip and his Jodi Arias girlfriend broke my heart. Mandy is a hidden GEM of that show, they have us pulling for her so bad.
      What about Frank boozing at the end and getting Carl to share it? I was kinda hoping he’s suddenly keel over and die and fall into Lake Michigan.
      Sheila and Sami are too much! Loved that whole fight, and then they share a pot roast, can’t wait to see more Sami next year.

    • pria says:

      I was so happy to see JimmySteveJack that I started laughing and clapping and jumping up and down, not believing my own eyes. Oh Shameless, I love you so, OF COURSE you brought him for the tag.

      • Fdot says:

        I had the same reaction, such a great ending to an amazing season… My sister was looking at me like I was crazy she thought I had found money or something the way I reacted to Jimmy

    • Autolyndz says:

      I knew Jimmy/Steve was not dead! I love him and can’t wait for season 5!!!

    • I have a feeling there’ll be another shock in season 5. Remember the scene in which Sami is telling Frank about her mother having breast surgery because they created health problems? Then Frank said something like, “I don’t remember her like that.” Well, I think we’ll find out that Frank is mistaken about Sami being his daughter. Remember, her liver didn’t match his either.

  2. Mark says:

    My DVR cut off as the credits started, but I had already read the Jimmy-Steve spoiler online. Oh well.

  3. erin says:

    Genuinely did not see that coming. Do we seriously have to wait until January?!

    • Phyllis Harris says:

      I agree with everything. However I cannot stand the sound of Karen’s voice, so please do not bring her back. Frank will not die unless he wants to leave show. best acting on any show…and so excited that Jimmy is back. Everyone longed for that! He and Fiona have a lot of chemistry!

  4. Francine says:

    Ian and Mickey were my absolute favorite part of this season. Their scenes together are fantastic! I do wish Kev and V were shown a little more, just because I think they’re hilarious and so cute together. As far as Steve/Jimmy being back…. I don’t have much to say. I wasn’t crazy about where they took his character last season so I didnt really mind when they “killed” him off. I am curious as to where he’s been though and what actually happened. Strangely enough Frank has been the least exciting character for me this year but that last scene with Carl… scary and sad.

    • Ian says:

      Mmm, this is where I am with Jimmy/Steve too, I’m afraid. While I’ll admit that I couldnt help a thrill rush through me that he’s alive, a season away wont put what they did with him last season in the past. I dont know how they intend to redeem him or make me want him with Fiona again, but I hope they manage it.
      And so sad about Ian. Here we thought he was on meth since he returned and thats why he was so happy and energetic all the time, but its actually bipolar disorder. And just as Mickey had finally accepted who he was and his feelings and they were just getting started being together. So tragic. I shake my fist at you, Shameless. That you are indeed.

    • Song says:

      do u know what was the song played at the end, when Frank was standing with Carl?

  5. Jessica says:

    I am so freaking happy that Jimmy/Steve is alive! I can’t wait until next season!!

    • SouthernBelle says:

      Me too! I thought they confirmed at the beginning of the season that he was definitely dead? I’m SO THRILLED he’s alive. To me he’s the only one for Fiona, and I think all her bad decisions this season stemmed from losing him. Cannot wait to see them interact next season!

  6. Beth says:

    I knew tvline wouldn’t let us down with a recap! Mickey has come so far and the fact he didn’t bail on Ian and dug in even further shows so much growth for that character. Yay jimmy/Steve/jack is not dead, I knew he couldn’t be gone for good and I am so excited for Justin Chatwin to come back. I think after what Fiona has been through this season she may realize that while he is definitely NOT perfect, neither is she and after some begging and butt kissing these two will be end game (if he can quit the aliases and illegal activity). I cannot wait until next January!!!!

  7. Bella says:

    So many thoughts for a finale that was not necessarily action-packed but thought-provoking.
    – As soon as I saw that back of the head in the car I began chanting “ohmygodohmygodohmygod” at my TV. What is going to happen with THAT next season.
    – Mandy broke my heart. It was like she wasn’t allowed to talk to Lip at the diner (totally plausible, given her boyfriend situation).
    – Mickey and Ian broke my heart. It was so sad to see Mickey refusing to give up on Ian, despite the fact that he just won’t be able to give Ian the care he needs.
    – It was relieving to see Fiona (begrudgingly) take responsibility for the fiasco in which she found herself this season.
    – Carl. I adored his development from budding psychopath into a really caring young man. From shouldering the burden of a dying Frank in the opener to letting his girlfriend and her family move in to save them from the cold and then not pressuring her when she said no to (really, really underage) sex. I admired that. That being said, the last scene where he and Frank shared a drink is totally worrisome. Frank made some comment about “I started drinking when I was 12 and haven’t been sober a day since” or something along those lines …

    Can’t wait until Season 5!

    • Drewer says:

      Oh, i didn’t even think about Mandy’s boyfriend being the reason she was ignoring Lip, I thought it was more of a I don’t fit into this world you live in now, kind of Townie embarrassment, but now seeing it from that angle makes it even more heart-breaking.

  8. Jesse says:

    Could’ve sworn the creators said they killed Jimmy off last season in an interview. Felt a little betrayed when I saw him showing up, but oh well, guess it’s good news too. I HATED the way he and Fiona left things after their fight when Jimmy never got to call her.

    • Beth says:

      To be fair they did say that he would be back in some way. I think they took him completely out of the equation so the audience would focus on Fiona’s struggle without waiting for Jimmy to come around and “save” her.

      • Tedward says:

        He was in the opening credits and obvious they didn’t kill him off (note karens return to the credits before she came back) but they took the whole season to reveal it, I had all but forgotten about him till he turned around at the end

        • Angel says:

          Justin Chatwin wasn’t in the opening credits, unless you mean that shot of his naked butt. He was billed as a “special guest star” in the closing credits after his scene.

    • A.B. says:

      A play on words I guess because the writers said “He’s done good work, but that CHARACTER was coming to an end.” So I guess they can try and spin it that Jimmy/Steve is dead but not Jack. I mean long shot but they can try.

  9. Bobklause says:

    The best part about the Jimmy reveal is that NONE of the cast knew about it. They went crazy on twitter.

  10. Tedward says:

    I knew Jimmy was alive, he’s still in the opening credits just like how they took karen out then put her back in before she reappeared for a short while. It was a dead give away they didn’t kill him off and I couldn’t be more pumped for season 5! lets F**king go!

  11. colleen says:

    In a spoiler filled tv watching world, I’m loving that shows are really trying to pull off the big event like this – and keep it a secret! So didn’t see this coming!

  12. Ken says:

    A great season finale to an exceptional season of Shameless. No one was better than Emmy Rossum and she knocked it out of the park with Fiona’s dark harrowing storyline and the domino effect it had on her fractured life. What does Ms Rossum have to do to get some recognition from the other Emmy? If there is even a small amount of justice in the world, she will get her long overdue nomination. And the show itself is completely due for some awards love. And the actor playing Lip (sorry forgot his name at the moment) matched Emmy Rossum in their charged scenes fighting about Fiona’s fall and the ripple effect it had on the family. Ian and Mickey’s story, although not equal in dramatic stakes as Fiona’s, was a great journey with a bittersweet ending – Mickey finally accepting himself while Ian mentally collapsed. Even Frank’s story (of which i usually can’t stand b/c he is such an unlikable character) was a great arc with a somewhat predictable ending. Side note: Yes, the twist at the end with Steve was kind of cool, but I am totally indifferent to him reappearing. He dragged the show down and the show suffered from it. With him gone this entire season, the show was the better for it. Shameless became a fresh exciting show again, and i can’t help but think with his returning – at some point – will pull the show back down. I honestly was hoping that Fiona would eventually get a phone call or watch on the news of a body being found and identified as Steve/Jimmy. Let’s see what they have in store for us in January 2015 for season 5!

  13. omar says:

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo Jimmy/Steve/Jack is back :(

  14. Eliza says:

    Oh. Wow. Great finale for multiple reasons (and Jeffrey Dean Morgan is always welcomed on my tv).
    While, yes, Jimmy & Fiona had a really rough go of it last season. And Jimmy did plenty to piss me off…. I still love the character and I missed Justin Chatwin like crazy so….Yay, I’m looking forward to next season!!!

  15. Jenna says:

    Thought it was an awesome finale in a season that was really becoming depressing. I’m excited and curious as to their plan for Jimmy; it will be nice to have him back.
    Emmy Rossum has been wonderful, but my favorite character this season has been Mickey.
    And, yeah, I was totally weirded out by that ‘ceremony’. Lip needs to end that relationship. That scene with Mandy was so sad.
    Now looking forward to next season!

  16. Whit says:

    I’m very indifferent to Frank usually but tonight I was seriously wishing they had actually killed him. It seems like they’re just going to reset him back to being drunk Frank and I’m not looking forward to that. Mickey’s fierce protection of Ian was so heartfelt and I truly hope he continues to stand by Ian as I’m sure things will get worse for them next season.

  17. Laurie says:

    Steve is alive! Been waiting for the entire season

  18. Elie says:

    Emmy Rossum & Justin Chatwin have some of the best, natural, organic chemistry I have ever seen so, yeah, I am pretty excited that I get to see more of it!
    Mickey was definitely a favorite this season. I’m also proud of Lip for staying in school and hope he continues his education.

  19. Stephen Doe says:

    It wasn’t till just recently, that I completely gave up on Jimmy/ Steve. I had read some where that there was suppose to be a final scene where Jimmy//Steve gets killed on the boat but the production company had waited to long and the permits had expired, and that the writer had said in a press release that Jimmy/Steve was in fact dead it upset me because I always thought that Jimmy/Steve and Fiona made sense in a very romantic and dis functional way I always thought that Jimmy/Steve was one of the better carectors on the show but maybe next seasons Jack Jimmy/Steve!!. Will re apear.

  20. lululime says:

    The scene with Frank and Carl on frozen Lake Michigan was stunning and a great way to close out the season. William H. Macy conveyed a lot in that scene and he’s taken a back seat this year, but really brought it tonight. And I know it must’ve been -30 when they filmed it during the polar vortex.

    Shanola Hampton is/was pregnant IRL, so that must’ve played a part in the lack of Kevin/V in the past few episodes. They wrote her pregnancy into the show.

    How many times did they try to turn on the waterworks tonight? For me the most emotional moment was when Fiona hugged Debbie, Carl and Liam in the kitchen. I can’t watch Ethan Cutkosky cry anymore!

    I’m happy Jimmy/Steve is back. And you just know the writers are waiting for the right moment to bring back Karen.

  21. Pix says:

    Ugh, Jimmy, not this loser again… notice how good the season was without his annoying storylines? (ok, I’ll give you that, they are always good – but this season was off the charts!) His storyline is done! It was done long before it ended! Let him just rot on the bottom of the sea.

  22. Dave says:

    I thought Mickey was the best character this season. I loved to hate him before but how they turned that around into a love to root for him is quite impressive. I loved the finale, However, if it ended with the Gallagher’s sharing a swig over the frozen lake. I was feeling kind of cheated. That’s an end to an episode, not a season finale. Then the 10 second clip made the entire episode completely epic. It literally went from being a bit of a downer to an amazing season finale. Dare I say, one of the best season finales I have ever seen.

    This is the best show on TV. Period.

  23. Victoria says:

    Everyone is hating on jimmy/Steve returning and I don’t understand it. Ive been waiting for him to turn up this whole season because no one actually knew what exactly happened with him, there was so many questions to the way everything was left with his character. I think the writers did an amazing job on leaving us all hooked now to see what happens next season. I hated Fiona for the better half of this season because she was becoming such a mess up and the kids and family need her, but i felt so much compassion with the last few episodes, she always manages to make a turn around and I love that about her. Lip is doing so well and I’m sure allot of the collage kids that watch this show can relate to the struggle, Its very realistic and touching, I’m so proud they ended the season letting us know he passed. Ian and Micky are so ridiculously adorable they were my favorite this season the love they have for each other is even more powerful than some straight people, they gave me the water works a few times this season lol. as for Carl and frank that combo just scares me, I really hope Carl doesn’t fall into the drinking with his dad because of that girl he liked. frank is a lost cause. Debbie really grew up this season its nice to see that she really just likes Matty and hasn’t fallen into the footsteps of thoughs nasty friends she has. Even though Debbie and Matty have an age difference I hope they stay friends and eventually date. This season had been one hell of a ride I wish I didn’t have to wait so long but BRING ON SEASON 5!!!!

  24. gallavich fan says:

    I really resent how JimmySteveJack has hijacked the headlines. He hasn’t been here all season and the ratings have been higher than ever. He has not earned that much attention, and the rest of the cast who have been doing all the heavy lifting must feel their nose out of joint a bit.

    As far as I’m concerned, the finale was last week, when Mickey came out. There was far too little of Ian and Mickey in this episode.

    • DN says:

      Seriously? “Heavy lifting”? This isn’t a sports team, whose absent player has gotten all the headlines. Jimmy “hijacking the headlines” is most likely because of how important he is (and how much he’s been missed) to the show.

      You are funny, though.

  25. erica says:

    could not be more thrilled that jimmy/steve is back… even if i probably have to start calling him jimmy/steve/jack now.

    on an unrelated note, am i the only one who actually really likes amanda?? yeah, she can be a bit much (just like literally every other character), but at least she’s ambitious and intelligent. the scene in the diner with mandy was kind of sad, but i honestly like that lip is with a girl who’s relatively stable for a change.

    • Eliza says:

      No, I like Amanda and prefer her over Mandy for Lip right now. Lip is doing well & I really wouldn’t want to see him go down the crazy Mandy rabbit hole anytime soon. Outside of family drama– He needs to just enjoy college with his peers.

  26. Ajay Kamath says:

    What was the name of the song & artist of the last song during the credits?

  27. Kevin H. says:

    Great season finale! The producers really took advantage of the freezing Chicago weather and filmed some GREAT footage of a poler vortexed Lake Michigan. That final scene with Frank and Carl on LM set such a great, somber tone– sunny but frozen. Oh, Gallaghers– you are all crazy!

    • lululime says:

      I loved that scene too, really a fitting ending. I think it signaled that Frank (and William H. Macy) will be back front and center next season.

      Though I know the two leads are Frank and Fiona, the writers have done a great job at balancing all the characters, especially with Debbie and Carl growing older and getting additional stories of their own. And now with Steve back it’ll be even more interesting.

  28. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Great finale, great season. Though I feel a bit lied to since the producer said after last season’s finale that Jimmy was definitely killed. I’m not sure how I feel about him being back, other than the fact that the producer lied. It seemed like last season they were struggling to find ways to keep him in the story. I like Amanda, so I’m really not sure if I’m rooting for her and Lip or Mandy and Lip. And I just now realized that both of the women in Lip’s life are named Amanda. Weird for the writers to do that. Oh well, Lip can keep them both as long as Karen doesn’t come back. Part of the reason the season was so good for me was the complete lack of sociopath Karen. Never in my life have I wanted to punch a TV character in the face as much as I do her.
    I find it really odd that Sheila was all of a sudden trying to keep Frank’s daughter away from him. What the heck was up with that. Also, I can’t decide if Ian being bipolar came out of nowhere or not. I guess he was acting a little crazy when he was working at the club and being very “up”. Would bipolar disease really wait to affect someone that late in life? I don’t think it’s like schizophrenia where it comes out when someone is in college, but I guess I’m not an expert. It seems like when a person is younger there would be signs of bipolar disease.

    • Mark says:

      Plenty of bipolar individuals have their first major episode in what we’d consider college-age, early 20s. All of Ian’s behavior this season has pointed to it – the self-medicating with drugs at the club, the erratic behavior, the short attention span. It’s almost exactly what I saw my younger sister go through when she was 22.

    • mena says:

      Ian is 15-17 cause lip is only 19

      • aheikens says:

        Ian is 17 and still under Fiona’s guardianship. But he never returned to high school after going AWOL from the Army.

    • Erin says:

      This is actually quite inline with typically bipolar trajectories – the average age of “onset” is around 25, though that’s probably when folks are diagnosed, and many don’t seek treatment until years after they first experience symptoms. Regarding Ian, I started to suspect it with the early morning runs, sudden violence, lots of ideas and plans for the future, etc. – all of which, combined, would be hard to attribute to meth. There was just something about the vigor with which he embraced life that reminded me of manic behavior I’ve seen before; I’ve been personally close to at least 3 people with bipolar disorder. I’ve seen someone make the switch like that: increasingly erratic, aggressive behavior for several weeks, and then one morning he woke up and was completely depressed. He was around 25, but problems had been developing since his late teens at least. And a family member with whom I lived had bipolar disorder combined with schizophrenia – often called schizoaffective disorder. He started showing severe symptoms in his late teens, I believe, but had always felt a bit “off” during his adolescence. Between Shameless & Homeland, I appreciate the very realistic portrayals of bipolar disorder I’m seeing on Showtime, and am interested to see where they go with this.

  29. greysfan says:

    Loved loved loved the finale. This season has really gone from strength to strength. The only downer is that damn Jimmy or whatever you want to call him is back.

    • DN says:

      Jimmy’s returns is the best part of the show. And the producers know it. Sad that you don’t get it. Show lacked heart this season, and now it’s back. Have fun.

      • Loren says:

        I don’t even know if you were watching the same show as the rest of us to claim that it “lacked heart”. The main character’s life choices in previous seasons really came full circle this season. For instance, it was kind of cute before that Fiona was a little promiscuous and had a reckless streak but now it’s really come back to bite her in the ass. Also, it was always assumed that Frank was the drunk with nine lives but his near brush with death turned that theory on it’s head. Lip took for granted that he’d always be the smartest kid in the room and have Fiona to do most of the hard work for the family and once again, that proved to be simply untrue.

        And before this season we always though there’d be room in the Gallaghers’ life (and Fiona’s heart) for Jimmy/Steve/WhateverTheFcukTheyWantToCallHimTheseDays but this season was a testament to the fact that they can get by without him, and Fiona didn’t have him as her get-out-of-jail-free card. Now, I don’t know if it was necessarily a good thing, seeing as though now she’s a felon and Liam may have permanent brain damage, but it was nice that they gave the whole peek-a-boo “Where’s Steve? Oh, there he is!” story-line a break. You can’t possibly say that that’s not having “heart”.

        • LM says:

          Funny, but, I think a lot of people would disagree with your assessment, for the show’s lacked heart without Jimmy. If you don’t like him, that’s fine, but Fiona has certainly looked lost to me, going through the motions with men last season.

          I think Jimmy will be a welcome returns.

  30. Mark says:

    Need Karen back to her old weird self causing mayhem less baby. And need to keep Bonnie / Carl just to give Fiona more nightmares. Not so sure about Steve coming back. But they need to finish the story of the Mp’s looking for Ian…..

  31. Liss says:

    Loved the finale, just can’t stop thinking about that show. It’s torture to make us wait until 2015! Loved Jimmy coming coming back, can’t wait to see where that goes. Thanks writers for letting us know that Lip survived college. Way to step up Lip and hold the family together! Did not like Frank and Carl drinking together. Want to see more of kevin/ shanola hampton/ mother and that weird setup. Debby’s is my hero….. Just a girl trying to find her way. DO NOT BRING KAREN BACK EVER!!!!!! So sorry for Mandy….( hopefully she’ll get her break) proud of the family in the making with Ian and Mickey. Mickey seems to genuinely care about Ian and now the baby. I am crazy about this show…BIG FAN!!!!!!
    Emmys for ALL OF THEM ! Best show on TV! They should all go the Wendy Williams show!

  32. EJ386 says:

    Please can we have Noel Fisher as performer of the week?!?! He absolutely was the best thing about this episode!

  33. Marc says:

    I kept praying that Frank would do the decent thing and off himself. His shenanigans have gotten downright boring, predictable and nauseous; what a waste of spacehe is. I’m much more interested in his kids and what they are up to, I am more than ready for him to die or disappear for good.

    • Mark says:

      Agreed, but it’s not going to happen. We’re going to get to see him drag Carl down with him into the abyss of boozing and being a worthless d-bag.

  34. Didn’t see the Jimmy twist coming at all. I had a gut feeling he wasn’t dead but didn’t expect to see him turn up at the end. I had actually hoped Frank was going to take a swig and throw the bottle into the ocean. But a drunk is a drunk is a drunk. LOVED seeing Jeffrey Dean Morgan my god that man just keeps getting hotter and hotter. He seemed taken with Fiona at the NA meeting with that sweet smile he had for her. Would be interesting to see where that goes next year and if Jimmy once again champions for her heart and how he got off that boat alive. Agree with the other posters of all the characters while Willam H. Macy is AMAZING his character is so one note and really has no where to go. It wouldn’t hurt the show if he finally died but they will keep him going as long as the show is still on.

  35. WTH says:

    I’m annoyed. After the producers’ explanations last season that Steve/Jimmy was definitely dead, I was not amused that they pulled this soap opera stunt on the audience. The show was doing well without Jimmy. He’s such an unnecessary character and just another burden for Fiona to carry.

  36. AC says:

    Debbie’s boyfriend is Matty (Matt), not Mike. Mike is Fiona’s old boss.

  37. Saabgirlatx says:

    Sorority pinning ceremonies are typically when the pledges cross over to official members and get their pins (no boys allowed). So I’m certain whatever this was with the men getting pins will have some consequences for Lip, ownership perhaps???

  38. rejoice1 says:

    I need to comment as I remember everyone claiming they’d ever watch the show after Steve/Jimmy died, only to find it held its own, but you have to admit, hes a great actor and can play into many story arcs with Fiona, the alternatives of her dating that cup guys brother, or the new guy from the diner are not interesting to me, id rather ‘Jack’ and the diner guy were competing interests.

    that said, Mickeys acting was awesome, and it was a great twist to see their blossoming romance have another obstacle other than a drug related one.

    Carl and Frank – that was great too, i loved the scene at the end, i half thought he was just going to walk into the water and end it all. but I can;t imagine the show without franks story arc, as he is a catalyst to so many problems and brings the characters together nicely.

    I could however, do without Sammie and her kid…not that i don’t like either of them, just my attention level on the show drops considerably when they are on screen.

    lastly, once again, great music shameless, if nothing else I would watch the show just for some of the songs you manage to find, kudos to whoever does that for you.

    This is definitely on my (very short) list of shows to watch next year.

  39. Stavros says:

    The Sammi character made my skin crawl for half a season. She brought nothing to the story and I hope she’s not back next season. Frank must have fathered her in junior high, her hair looks toxic and that kid is just as disgusting to look at as she is. Please write them out of the series.

    • Lyndsey says:

      Wow, I thought it was just me. The actress that plays Sammi has been a kiss of death to every series she appears on, get her off here before she gets the show cancelled just like DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and TAKEN. Seriously, once she show’s up the show takes a nose dive. Get Her Off NOW!!!!

      • Jaqueline says:

        Lol! I actually mute the show when Sammi comes on. How can such a disgusting person get cast in a hit show? The woman is absolutely repugnant to look at and that kid, just no…I hadn’t thought about all the shows this actress has managed to kill, interestingly enough her IMDB page confirms that she gets cast and the show gets axed. Please don’t bring her back next season, I like this show.

    • aheikens says:

      She signed on to return for next season as a regular.

  40. HAP says:

    Great show. Great season. Sure hope they get some Emmy love (the award).

    By the way, something that has been on my mind. Do you recall that in season one, Mandy was portrayed by Jane Levy? I often wonder where her career would have led if she had stayed in such an edgy part, instead of playing milquetoast high school girls.

  41. John Moshier says:

    tv can keep secret first the good wife and now this the credits leave people in all the time there not accurate

  42. Honestly put this show out of mind when Jimmy supposedly died, the Fiona/Jimmy relationship hooked me too hard. And now you’re telling me I have to binge watch the whole season because he’s back after all. I’m not disappointed, especially with this season’s glowing reviews!

  43. rita890 says:

    Ugh The finale was amazing. Not ONE subpar episode this season. I hope the show/terrific cast is recognized. And OMG Jimmy!!!!!! HE’S ALIVE!!!!!!!

  44. James says:

    Frank’s extraneous daughter can hit the road now. That actress is just hard to watch, so unattractive and trying so so hard, pitiful.

  45. RL says:

    Jack was a character from Season 3. He was a friend of Lip and they worked together. Lip dayed his sister. Jack was bi and slept with Ian at some point and stole money from them and also the store Ian worked at.That guy looked nothing like Steve

  46. eks3 says:

    The highlight for me was the kitchen scene with Debbie and Fiona. So beautifully acted.

  47. Sami Habib says:

    what song was playing while frank was drinking after being released from the hospital with carl and chicago skyline

  48. Alex Spring says:

    what was the meaning of steve/jack being back? the girl he was with looks like girlfriend of guy in million dollar listing los angeles (Heather Bilyeu, boyfriend josh altman). will there be season 5 shameless? i hope so and do we have to wait a whole year? also did anyone else notice the blooper in the prison when guard tells fiona shes out and they show finona walking out then they show her getting her things in the prison then they repeat same scene of her walking out.

    • nina says:

      that wasnt a blooper just a directing choice. they cut to her leaving the building before they can actually show her reaction. they show her sighing outside and then they show her shocked that shes getting out and then they show her starting to actually walk. i think its just meant to show the information just sinking in to her just now as leaves the building.

  49. Marie says:

    Please remove Sammie & her kid from the show next season, they are so superfluous!
    I love Mickey & Ian ‘s relationship.. Their love is palpable!!

  50. nina says:

    i cant stand the whole im gonna ditch the rich girl for the poor girl because because. this whole but she comes from the same place i come from so that makes her the perfect girl for me is stupid. not that amanda is great but id take her over psycho mandy any day. he should stick to amanda. mandy is annoying.