Revenge Recap: Crossing the Mason-Vixen Line

Revenge Season 3 BloodNo matter how preposterously nonsensical unpredictable Revenge gets, we can always count on Mason Treadwell to show us a good time. And this week, though he notes that his “skin is sallow with [his] wit squandered” behind bars, he still manages to delight. (After all, it was always his sharp tongue, not his Noxzema-fresh complexion that we so adored about him.) Off a visit from Victoria, who’s peeved that Emily has been sniffing around her family’s dirty laundry, the author decides to force the erstwhile Amanda Clarke to reveal her master plan. (All these weeks after Daniel nearly killed her, it finally seems to have dawned on him that, if she dies trying to stick it to the Graysons, he’ll be stuck in the pokey for good!) Does his arm-twisting work? Read on, and I’ll tell you not only that but everything that happens in “Blood”…

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JET-SETTERS | Hoping to learn how his late father was tied to Pascal, Aiden takes off with Emily to visit his mother, who’s never moved in spite of the looky-loos that, all these years later, still make her reluctant to pull back the drapes. And, while she’s no help in the intel department, the fishing expedition isn’t a total waste: Aiden finds a clue carved on a table in his papa’s workshop – the name of a deceased reporter, Oscar Chapman. (More on him later.) Back in the Hamptons, Aiden thanks Emily for remaining by his side throughout the stressful reunion with his mum (who had no idea Colleen had been kidnapped, much less killed), and the exes make love as if they’d never flipped the on-again/off-again switch to off.

LES LIAISONS DANGEREUSES | Now that Pascal has Victoria back in his bed, he eagerly reneges on his deal with Conrad, who, in turn, declares war by gossiping about his rival’s intention to retire and turn his empire over to (unseen) son Gideon. (Next season’s Patrick?) Meanwhile, Daniel uses Margaux’s upset over her brother’s ascension to make it appear to Jack that there’s more than business going on between them. Which, we realize over and over during this episode, there probably should be. Firstly, Margaux is a no-show at Jack’s closing on the house in which they’ll be starting their life together. (Not cool.) And secondly, after Daniel convinces Pascal that he should be grooming his daughter to take the reins, not his son, Margaux expresses her gratitude with champagne and a side order of sexual tension.

JAILHOUSE ROCK | After Mason calls Emily while she’s in England, Jack sends Stevie to offer him a deal. His response: He’ll take his chances with Victoria. But soon after, some face cream is delivered to his cell, he applies it and – ack! – has some kind of allergic reaction and dies! Victoria uses the news as an excuse to shuttle a bottle of vodka over to Stevie, and the next thing we know, Jack’s mom drunk as a skunk, and he’s shipping her back to L.A. Thankfully, as the episode nears the end, Mason wakes up in a prison van. The writer’s “demise,” Nolan explains, was just Emily’s plot to break him out of jail and send him to the tropics. Oh, and since you still have a pulse, Nolan more or less says, do you know Oscar Chapman? Of course, Mason does – Oscar faked his own death! (Is it really that easy?) Now if only Emily and Aiden could find him…

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? Are you glad Emily and Aiden are together again? Hit the comments!

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  1. Scott says:

    somebody needs to let Stevie know that Mason isn’t really dead. I hope Gail O’Grady comes back, I love her character

  2. Diane says:

    I like it when Jack, Emily, and Nolan work together. I root for all 3 of them.

  3. Alichat says:

    “I don’t like jealous men Jack, but I’m a jealous woman easily swayed by my conniving business partner – Margeaux (How that conversation really should have ended) She becomes more and more pathetic each week.

    • jj says:

      haha exactly. it was such a hypocritical comment to make to Jack

    • Laura says:

      Yup! That Margeaux could even say that with a straight face was absurd. Can she please go away now? And take her “great business partner” (LMAO) with her?

    • Marc says:

      Yes, YES, YES!!!! My dream reply would have been “And I don’t like gullible, hypocritical idiots”

    • Joy says:

      “Margeaux becomes more and more pathetic every week.” Agreed! Although I like her more than when she first appeared on Revenge, I have NEVER liked her and Jack together. And I love that she and Daniel might get together after all. They are a much better match!

  4. Drew says:

    SOAPY. AS. HELL. Revenge needs to change their name to Days of Our Revenge, or maybe General Retribution. WHY DOES ABC WANT EVERY SHOW TO BE A DUMB SOAP?!?!

  5. FireChord says:

    What I found most illogical about the episode tonight, and there were quite a few things) was the whole Victoria/Stevie going to Mason to offer him deals to get out of prison. How were they ever going to accomplish this goal? As Conrad said to Victoria, the man confessed to murder and to sabotaging the plane that Victoria got on at the end of season one. Sure, he confessed only because Emily made him but still, let’s say for arguments sake that Mason took either lady’s deal, how would they ever come through for him and get him out of prison?

    • Scott says:

      Emily has the evidence that can prove his innocence

      • FireChord says:

        Evidence that would out her and ruin her plans, so that would never come to light. Stevie basically went in there telling him he would be out in a few months. Not sure any lawyer, no matter how great, could get his sentence overturned considering it was a confession to murder, among other things.

        • Tierna says:

          Wasn’t Stevie there because she was sent by Emily? That was one thing that bugged me….if Emily had another plan all along, did she really need to send Stevie back off the wagon?

  6. Travelocity Gnome says:

    I gave up on this show 2 episodes ago. I can’t even pinpoint why. I just lost complete interest in Emily’s revenge plan. Makes me sad. :( I really enjoyed this show the first seasons…

    • e says:

      ME TOO! i have no idea why because i LIVE for nolan, but i just could not follow the show any longer or care about any characters… when i turned it off, they had completely abandoned any consistent revengenda, and emily was still staying with the grayson’s after the shooting. aiden starting hooking up with the nurse (takeda’s daughter), and the whole show felt like such a mess. i checked in on this recap to see if it had gotten any better, but it doesn’t look like i’m missing much. i miss the days of frank and the white-haired man :(

      • Sarah says:

        Yes to this!! I tried to stick with the show because I LOVE Nolan, but I just can’t stand the show as a whole anymore. I really miss seeing Gabriel Mann as Nolan though :-(

      • a says:

        Seems the writers have completely forgotten that they have a great character in Nolan and give him next to nothing to do – and focus on Emily’s love life instead. And that is boring. Aiden/Emily on/off, again, really? Clearly a fan service so they can exit him soon, but who cares? Really don’t care about a possible Jack/Emily hook up.. Such a shame the writers forgot that Nolan was a huge part of why the show was a success in the first place.

    • David H says:

      If you lost complete interest, why are you reading about it?

      • tardisrepairman says:


      • Asta says:

        I can get why she is reading about it. I don’t ever watch Real Housewives of Beverly Hills but love reading about it. I guess it’s like Cliff Notes. You care, but not enough to spend 60 mins which you’ll never get back.

        • Mikael says:

          I have resorted to just reading recaps because I just couldn’t stand Emily losing all the time, Charlotte’s constant flip-flopping, and Daniel’s smug face. I loved Season 1, so I read the recaps in hope that the show will get back to what made it so great.

  7. Anna says:

    Happy that Aidily are an item again (it was very predictable though). I have a feeling this is a very short reunion: Aiden is going to bite the dust by the end of this season so Jack&Emily’s fans can rejoice. Radha, where are you?

    • Elouise says:

      Yep, you can see it coming a mile off. I’ll enjoy whatever we get of him in the meantime.

    • Mike says:

      You have to say something mean about Jack if you want to summon the president of his fanclub. As for Aiden, he’s been a goner since that foreshadow-heavy proposal speech. Emily will still have more chemistry with his rotting corpse than with Jack.

      • Nosey says:

        She is nothing like Aiden, Aiden is a winer, she has absolutely no chemistry w/ Aiden. Sorry, but Aiden is absolutely stupid if he cannot see she is just using home and runs to him after being rejected by Jack. Aiden is her 2nd choice not her 1st. Also, her behavior is not her at all, she has a lot of remorse, if she really had it in her to take down someone she would have killed them or completed her task by now by now, Aiden on the other hand has killed, and I believe he will continue to do so. Aiden and Emily are like night and day. Nikko has more chemistry w/ Aiden then Fauxmily does. Nikko and Aiden will kill anyone w/out any remorse. If Fauxmily was anything like Aiden she would have never revealed who she was to either Mason or Jack, and would have let Fauxmanda kill Mason. I thought Fauxmily lost her desire for revenge late in season 1!!!!!! Neither Aiden nor Nikko have lost their desire.

  8. abz says:

    Okay, I have tried to stay positive these past few weeks and hold out hope for the show to get better but that just doesn’t seem to be happening.
    1) Margaux
    – The fact that these writers actually think that this character and her father are even remotely interesting makes me really think that they have no idea what they are doing.
    The actress playing this role is just awful and can’t act. She has one facial expression in every scene and is beyond annoying. I’m sorry if I’m being harsh and maybe she is better in her other roles but this is the only thing I’ve seen her in and IMO she is just not good. It’s ridiculous the amount of screen time her story is getting. I couldn’t care less about her daddy issues. And the Conrad/Pascal drama is just stupid and a waste of airtime.

    2) Even my love for the Mason Treadwell character couldn’t save these past few episodes for me. How do you take your main character completely away from the main setting a show only to have her just sit around with someone the audience just met and could probably care less about for an entire episode. All that came out of it was some name and even that may take another episode or two before the story moves forward.

    3) One of these Graysons needs to die or have something really bad happen to them. This show was good when Emily was the one who had the upper hand. It’s disappointing to see the Graysons on top for this long. Can’t stand Daniel’s face.

    Honestly, I think the only thing that can keep me tuning in at this point is if Emily’s identity is revealed to someone THAT MATTERS (not Charlotte or Stevie or the Grayson maid). I’m talking one of the big 3 (Victoria, Conrad or Daniel). Mike Kelley was definitely right in his request to have shortened seasons. Even though they messed up with that horrible Initiative storyline, I think a shorter season with better focus would have been much better than this borefest these past few weeks.
    P.S. Apologies for the long rant. I’m just growing tired of investing time in the show only to constantly be disappointed.

    • Mike says:

      Karine Vanasse is one of the better actors on the show (go watch her in Pan Am). It’s not her fault the writers are turning her character into a hypocritical harpy in order to prop up Jack and Emily.

    • The Real Amanda Clarke says:

      Come on now, you can say what you want about Margaux (I actually love the character but she’s even been annoying me in the past couple of episodes, mainly due to her weird plot related personality transplant), but you just don’t speak ill of the brilliant Karine Vanasse. Watch her in Pan Am (short lived ABC show) or in any of the large number of French language films that she’s been in since she was a little kid (Polytechnique in particular) and you’ll see what a massively talented actress she is. I mean MASSIVELY talented, as in she could act anyone else in this show under the table with ease talented. She’s doing the best she possibly can with the (crappy) material she’s being given,

    • Mm says:

      I 100% agree with you about Margeaux and her daddy issues. I’m bored out of my mind! It’s unwatchable. Emily’s revenge has taken a total left turn, and she seems to have no idea what she’s doing anymore or why. The only way I’m back next season is if Emily makes progress on her revenge, actually brings a plan to fruition (or has one to begin with) and the next season is about the Graysons going after her. I loved season 1, lived through season 2, but ever since the wedding plan went wrong, this show has just made me cringe with practically every scene. A shame.

    • AB says:

      I totally agree that it is impossible to care at all about Margaux or her father. And now there might a brother?? Hope he can speak with semi-intelligible English, which M and her father cannot! I have to laugh at the dramatic scenes between father and daughter–they are yelling at each other in English. Really?? These two would be talking in French, which would be so much easier for both of them. Bet the writers wish they had made these characters hail from the UK or Australia.

  9. LOST says:

    Has Revenge gotten better since the winter? Should I start watching again?

    • abz says:

      Not really. It’s been on a downward decline with very filler-y and boring episodes. The first half was much better. Maybe with the season finale coming soon it might get better, but my faith in the show has been decreasing.

      • gris2102 says:

        I agree it is really not so good the last three episodes. I like Stevie even the silly idea of Jack’s parentage. But the french guy after Victoria is really bad. Her and Conrad’s unholy alliance and bickering is one of the good parts of the show. But Nolan and Em’s relationship is best of all Every show needs a bad guy to hate and and Daniel’s puppy-dog bad boy fills the bill perfectly and for Emily to get the better of this weasel would be fun to watch I strongly disagree that killing him off is a possible solution that would be to easy of a way out of developing strong story lines for us the fans to watch. Tell a story don’t start and then abort like the show has done in the past; build on plot points don’t just forget or twist them to fit a wild tangent. .

    • It’s getting bad when you read the recaps first before watching the episode.

    • ChrisGa says:

      This season started out pretty strong in comparison to the weak Season 2, but this back half–basically since Emily got shot–has been pretty boring and tiresome. They’ve once again introduced too many characters and story threads that no one gives a damn about–Nico, Pascal, Javier–not to mention ruining Daniel(I would love to see both Daniel and the still-useless Charlotte killed off)and wasting the character of Patrick(that one wasn’t helped much by an unengaged Justin Hartley in the role). Only saving grace of this second half of the season has been Gail O’Grady, who’s been terrific as Stevie(a new character that’s actually interesting).

  10. Anna says:

    Daniel needs to die. He doesn’t really serve any purpose anymore (except for his death being oh so tragic for his parents) and he is about as dangerous as a little puppy Give Emily a big win and kill him already! She – and the show – needs this.

    • gaygay77 says:

      I agree, he has become the most annoying character ever, I mean HE SHOT HER and he is just so smug about it. But as a whole the show has gone off the rails, even worse than the Initiative because even when it was over the top conspiracy wise, it seemed like they were working towards something. The past few episodes feel like they really are just making it up as they go along and have no purpose. If this season doesn’t end with Victoria learning the truth about Emily I may not come back next season. I just can’t see watching a fourth season of Emily ‘revenging her father’ in this long, convoluted pointless way. It doesn’t even make sense anymore. She really should just pull out a gun and shoot them it would be easier lol. Instead it’s like, “i’m going to track down the guy who bought the gun that the guy used to threaten the terrorist who sold the bomb to aiden’s dad and then the taxi driver who he paid off and then punish him and i’ll get to the graysons eventually.”

  11. greysfan says:

    I love Nolen, Jack and Emily working together but seriously i love Jack and Margaux together. They are great and somehow that stupid Daniel is getting his claws in her. Back away Daniel BACK away! I wish he would just die already. I did like him at one stage but he’s become this overbearing character that i am over. Interesting that Mason is back in the mix but i think the saddest thing for me was Stevie got back on the drink after so many years. Damn you Victoria!

  12. Megan says:

    Ugh, I just want Aiden dead and gone. Is that so much to ask? Also Margaux and Daniel will make such a good match, but I think that he should keep his bad intent a secret from her.

  13. LanceAustria says:

    Revenge, please get rid of the french people! Please please please!!!! They’re all annoying!!

  14. Sana Rani says:

    Ok, I am just waiting for Aiden to die so that Emily finally gets that fire back into her & goes full force against the Graysons because he’s gone from being a huge asset to just a complete waste of screen time. Seriously, I’ve heard he’s leaving, so this is a perfect time to really give his character purpose & this has nothing to do with my hopes for Jack & Emily who- in a strange turn of events- have really have become so much more interesting to watch as well as relevant. Plus Jack, Nolan & Emily working together, how can you not love that?!

  15. Britney M. says:

    I agree with all of you! Wouldn’t it be fitting if Daniel found out Aiden was back, snapped to his senses, and killed Aiden to get back together with Emily in a fit of jealousy?

    I really liked how they portrayed Daniel the first two seasons. He was the guy who was so naive it hurt but he was genuine in his love for Emily. Let’s face it. There’s no way he can lose that love and completely turn into a monster. Weighing the options, I’d rather her end up with Daniel over Jack anyway.

    JUST BECAUSE JACK AND EMILY WERE FRIENDS BEFORE HER DAD WAS SENTENCED DOESN’T MEAN THEY’RE MEANT TO BE A COUPLE. The writers need to realize this and give me something worth watching.

    I used to sit there completely enraptured by the show…now I watch it but play games because I don’t need to pay attention to understand where it’s heading :/

    Just let Daniel cave to his love and jealousy! Bring back the couple worth watching for! I’m a Nemily fan but Daniel will always be better than Jack or Aiden.

    • Nosey says:

      She and Jack are meant to be b/c they fell in love as adults not b/c they were childhood friends. And although Daniel may have loved her, she did not love him, she just saw how he was not a Grayson and did not want him to go down that path. She could have falling in love w/ Daniel but did not, she cared about him which is different from love

    • Vandy says:

      I don’t know how Emily could be with anyone but Aiden – he’s the only one that actually knows the real person and can relate to it. The Jack/Emily thing is silly to me. They knew each other before they were even teenagers and then didn’t see each other for years. I just think they represent a time in life when things were more simple to each other.

  16. dee says:

    Is anyone else bothered by time travel – they did it last week when Emily is suddenly in the Bahama’s & last night all of a sudden they’re in England. For some reason that bugs me!

    • Anna says:

      It’s not just you. Also, no jet lag! They just went to bed in England when it was dark in England. Screw the time difference!

  17. Betty says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that Pascal is a spitting Image of Daniel?! Is Daniel maybe Pascal’s kid?????

  18. KalEpic says:

    GREAT episode. Loved it! So great Revenge is back on its amazing track. :)

  19. Annie says:

    Hayy Aiden and Emily are back together, but I’m like the others; someone from the Grayson family tree needs to die. Love Nolan!!!! I kinda want the series to end if only to see how they wrap everything up. It feels like every week the storyline is dragging out and adding more and more people to the backstory.

  20. jinx says:

    Curious to find out who Gideon actually is. Could he turn out to be Daniel or Patrick? And I also do not belive the report that Emily/Amanda cannot have children. I think Victoria changed the report. Just my opinon. Love to see Emily, Nolan and Jack working together. I saw in next week the red pencil X is coming back. YEA.

  21. molly says:

    Time travel….definitely disregarding time differences.
    Emily and her herbs….lol…
    Stevie was weak as lawyer but a nice character
    Miss conrad and victorias witty dialogue..
    Nolan… him…give him a larger role..and a genuine love interest
    Eliminate charlotte..margo..and daniels smirk!
    Please stop prolonging the series with useless pascal….another one who cant keep his hands off Morticia/victoria…..
    Aidan is useless and his use by date ling expired
    Jack nolan and emily..PERFECT!

  22. SF Mornay says:

    The great promise of Season 1 was a relatively unique story for network TV, with interesting characters and good acting, and which would have a beginning, a middle … AND AN END! This is not a crime procedural, in which the murder of the week can be solved season after season for a decade or more. Either 1) Emily’s plot succeeds and she lives happily (sort of) ever after, or 2) it succeeds but she goes down with her targets in a cathartic cautionary tale, or 3) it fails and the Graysons slink off sneering into the Long Island sunset. BTW, what exactly is her plot currently? Let’s dispense with the preposterous convolutions being tacked on to prolong the series. There are enough convolutions related to the central story line :-)

    In faith that the producers and network executives continue to pay attention to the humble fans, I entreat them please to end this series decisively with the artistic integrity and dignity that the first season deserves. I hate to give up in midstream – heck, I even hung in with the Wheel of Time novels, another series that started brilliantly but refused to conclude. But, like many of the others who have written here, my patience will run out after at most one more season of Revenge.

  23. pam says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that this program has sunk to such a low? I didn’t come here to just trash the show. I used to look forward to it and enjoy it. Now I feel that my intelligence is being insulted weekly. I think I may have to stop watching it. It has become too farfetched and preposterous that I’m not sure you can call it a guilty pleasure.

  24. Kimberly says:

    I think I missed something. People keep asking Emily how she is affording things, how did she loose her money?

  25. Vandy says:

    Am I the only one that can’t stand Daniel? It’s odd – even though Victoria and Conrad are villians, I still enjoy watching them. I don’t like anything about Daniel’s character.

    • breedeen Coade says:

      I agree Daniel is a drip. The whole show has become most disappointing lately. I used to change schedules to watchbut the last episode left ,e just blank

  26. Evan says:

    It’s a shame…this show had a great resurgence in the beginning of this season, but since the Emily and Daniel wedding, it has gone on a downward spiral. Yikes! I’m not even sure what’s happening anymore with half of the storylines because I’ve lost interest. All I know is that the writers have put Emily too far down against the Graysons. It’s not fun to see the Graysons winning and knowing all this stuff about Emily, it doesn’t seem realistic that they’d just let her stay around. I don’t know, it’s just extremely off-putting to me. The Voulez stuff is just awful, no offense to Karine Vanasse (best part of short-lived Pan Am). The characters are nowhere near as fun as they used to be. Well, that could be said about the show as a whole. The first season was amazing, the right amount of bitter humor and soapy fun. Now, the show takes itself way too seriously and is extremely convoluted. I thought this was a problem we broke at the beginning of this season, but it seems nothing has changed. What a shame — this show was one of my favorite dramas two years ago.

  27. BB says:

    This article is awesome! Thanks :)

  28. cherry says:

    Before this season started, i read the show was supposed to go back to the way the first season was. I have seen nothing of the sorts. It is more like the second season with too many useless characters. They brought Emily too far down. Ever since the wedding & Emily’s blackouts i have not watched to much of the show . I got disgusted. The show is not as good. Still hoping for Emily & Jack to get together. If the show does not get better, it needs to go off.