May Sweeps Scorecard 2014: Deaths, Weddings, Births, Sex, Resurrections, Firings and More!

May Sweeps SpoilersIf there’s one thing we look forward to more than May Sweeps, with its mayhem, murders and impromptu marriages, it’s the countdown to May Sweeps, when we get to hint at, speculate about and/or flat-out reveal who’ll be getting hooked up, bumped off or something in between’d. So, without further ado, we present TVLine’s fourth annual May Sweeps Scorecard!

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Same as always, it’s overstuffed with not only Sweeps teases but season finale teases as well. And since, c’mon, we can’t tell you everything we know, a bunch of the juiciest pieces of intel are obscured by [SPOILER] tags. And before you sulk about that, remember — just because we don’t tell you the answer right now doesn’t mean you can’t guess what it is.

A few things to remember before you scroll down and read on:

• Firstly, the bulk of the entries below pertain to series regulars or recurring characters from shows that air on a broadcast network (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW).

• Secondly, as the twists begin to leak, the Scorecard will be updated (and re-updated… ) until, finally, all the blanks are filled in and/or replaced by even more items! (Mind you, so as not to give away any classified intel, the blanks will often remain blank until after the plots to which they refer untwist on screen.) Regardless, so we strongly suggest you bookmark this puppy and check back for updates.

• Lastly, if it’s on the Scorecard, it happens during May Sweeps, which this year begins April 24 and ends May 21.

OK, now you can go ahead and start reading The fourth annual TVLine May Sweeps Scorecard!

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Number of weddings: 6
1. AIRED May 7: Lisa and Malik/Suburgatory
2. AIRED May 11: Mr. Gold and Belle/Once Upon a Time
3. AIRED May 13: Boden and Donna/Chicago Fire
4. AIRED May 16: Monroe and Rosalee/Grimm
5. AIRED May 16: Brando and Sylvie/Hart of Dixie
6. AIRED May 21: Cam and Mitchell/Modern Family

Number of cancelled/delayed/interrupted weddings: 3
1. AIRED May 12: Rick and Kate’s wedding day interrupted by car crash/Castle
2. AIRED May 16:  Cricket and Stanley/Hart of Dixie 
3. AIRED May 16: Meatball and Lily Anne/Hart of Dixie

Number of couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time: 21
1. AIRED April 28: Max and Mike kissed/The Following
2. AIRED April 28: John and Astrid kissed/The Tomorrow People
3. AIRED April 28: Russell and Natalie kissed/The Tomorrow People
4. AIRED April 29: Hayley and Elijah kissed/The Originals
5. AIRED April 29: Will and Dr. Sam had sex, exchange “I Love Yous”/About a Boy
6. AIRED April 30: Lindsay and Severide had sex/Chicago P.D.
7. AIRED April 30: Juliette and Jeff had sex/Nashville
8. AIRED April 30: Monroe kissed Rachel/Revolution
9. AIRED May 2: Steve and Catherine exchanged ‘I Love Yous’/Hawaii Five-0
10. AIRED May 5: Carl and Victoria had sex/Mike & Molly
11. AIRED May 6: Mindy and Danny exchanged ‘I Love Yous’/The Mindy Project
12. AIRED May 7: Rayna and Luke exchanged “I Love Yours’/Nashville
13. AIRED May 7: Rollins and Amaro hooked up/Law & Order: SVU
14. AIRED May 8: Raj and Emily have sex/The Big Bang Theory
15. AIRED May 12: Sweets and Jessica/Bones
16. AIRED May 13: Fitz basically said “I love you” to Simmons/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
17. AIRED May 15: Bash and Kenna said “I love you”/Reign
18. AIRED May 16:  Zoe said “I love you” to Wade/Hart of Dixie
19. AIRED May 16:  Nick and Adalind had sex/Grimm
20. AIRED May 18: Jane and Lisbon kissed and said “I love you”/The Mentalist
21. AIRED May 21: Adam/Kim had sex/Chicago P.D.

Number of new pregnancies: 5
1. AIRED April 24: April/Grey’s Anatomy
2. AIRED April 28: Taylor/Star-Crossed
3. AIRED May 6: Breena/NCIS
4. AIRED May 14: Lyla/Arrow
5. AIRED May 16:  Wanda/Hart of Dixie

Number of people giving birth: 3
1. AIRED April 24: Leslie/Parks and Recreation
2. AIRED May 4: Snow White/Once Upon a Time
3. AIRED May 13: Hayley/The Originals

Number of couples reuniting: 3
1. AIRED May 4: Rumple and Belle/Once Upon a Time
2. AIRED May 6: Mindy and Danny/The Mindy Project
3. AIRED May 11: Robin Hood and Marian/Once Upon a Time

Number of fatalities: 28
1. AIRED April 24: Enzo/The Vampire Diaries
2. AIRED April 27: Pascal/Revenge
3. AIRED April 28: Luke/The Following
4. AIRED May 1: Arthur Jeffries aka Professor Proton/The Big Bang Theory
5. AIRED May 2: Freddie Lounds/Hannibal (was eventually resurrected)
6. AIRED MAY 4: Zelena/Once Upon a Time
7. AIRED May 5: Roger/The Tomorrow People 
8. AIRED May 6: Abaddon/Supernatural
9. AIRED May 7: Sebastian/Arrow
10. AIRED May 8: Stefan/The Vampire Diaries
11. AIRED May 11: Aiden/Revenge
12. AIRED May 12: Agent Malik/The Blacklist
13. AIRED May 13: Pete Collier/Person of Interest
14. AIRED May 13: Robert N. Hersh/Person of Interest
15. AIRED May 13: John Garret/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
16. AIRED May 13: Jackson/NCIS
17. AIRED May 13: Hayley/The Originals (returned as a hybrid)
18. AIRED May 13: Monique/The Originals
19. AIRED May 13: Genevieve/The Originals
20. AIRED May 13: Tessa/Supernatural
21. AIRED May 14: Isabel Rochev/Arrow
22. AIRED May 15: King Henry/Reign
23. AIRED May 15: Bonnie/The Vampire Diaries
24. AIRED May 15: Damon/The Vampire Diaries
25. AIRED May 15: Markos/The Vampire Diaries
26. AIRED May 20: Gadreel/Supernatural
27. AIRED May 20: Dean/Supernatural
28. AIRED May 21: Jin/Chicago P.D.


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  1. mary93 says:

    I really hope the couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time is Charlie and Monroe in Revolution. Its kind of weird but they have awsome chemistry

    • EJ386 says:

      Yeah I like them, no chance that they would even admit that they like each other though. and they already have kissed and had sex, so they won’t be in this category. Still I hope they become a thing.

      • Lisa London says:

        Huuuum, Charlie had sex with Monroe’s SON, not him – unless I missed a very crucial episode! As much chemistry as they have, he killed her brother so they’re sadly but certainly never happening.

  2. mc says:

    We don’t include every resurrection on “Resurrection,” do we?

  3. Ann says:

    I’m going to guess one of the break-ups is Steve and Catherine on H50. I honesty don’t see them staying together.

  4. dru says:

    Leslie Knope for one of the pregnancies

  5. Fernando says:

    If shield has some deaths or departures it better be ward or Skype, I can’t handle any of the others dying or leaving and I also think their plane will be destroy

    I hope Will comes to his senses and gets with Brent and comes out. I also hope teddy is killed off.

    Casey and Dawson need to get engage on fire
    Lindsey and Jay better hook up for the first time and Chicago fire

    • kate'shomesick says:

      Lindsey and Jay have the best chemistry I have ever seen on a TV show- seriously…but it seems like they are trying to make the PD-fire romance happen first…also the Burgess/ Ruzek thing seems to be the current storyline for romantic ventures so…

    • Cassie says:

      I’m not such a huge fan of Casey and Dawson but I agree about Erin and Jay! I think she has way more chemistry with him than with Severide.

  6. flemdog36 says:

    i’m guessing beckett is pregnant & has issues with the pregnancy during the wedding

    • missteff says:

      um……I was thinking that “Castle” would be in the category, just a sense thing… would be interesting to find out.

    • Wesley says:

      Dont know if a pregnant beckett would work for the show catching killers i mean for bones it worked because bones isnt doing the chasing but on castle that will be a lot tougher also i dont think AM wants to go that route and maybe save it for the finale episode of the show.

      Atleast i dont see a pregnant beckett happening anytime soon.

  7. Starfox9 says:

    I’m really hoping that The Mentalist’s Lisbon and Jane are in the couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time list.
    Jack from Hannibal is probably one of the fatalities – the flash forward thing at the start of the season made it look like his chances weren’t all that great. I think Freddie Lounds could also possibly die before the season ends, but that might just be wishful thinking (I really hate that character).

  8. katrina says:

    I think someone will come back to life on Revenge!

  9. MB says:

    Roy Harper for possible fatality

    • EJ386 says:

      No. I like him I think there is so much they could still do with his character and if he dies already he should have stayed on TW, because his role on Arrow wasn’t that much bigger.

    • JC says:

      I doubt Roy’s going to die. They said just recently that he’s going to end up as Arsenal.

      • mb says:

        Ahh! On reread I see how this could be read another way. With the mirakuru and the Arsenel tease I’m expecting Roy to be buried in rubble or die ala Slade only to twitch if he’s injured in the finale OR to have it go down in sweeps and he emerges as part of the finale cliffhanger.

  10. Chrystalie says:

    An ILY for Shamy ♥

  11. ttm1983 says:

    I believe Mindy and Danny will have a breakup soon. A lot of guests star that I think will be new love interests and Mindy already said people prefer her character as a single person (Sorry but not me) and I’m not sure how I’ll react. I don’t think will be fun (the breakup) for me tbh, I’m still traumatized after HIMYM finale so… but I really want to still like the show after that.

    • LooJ says:

      yeah Mindy and Danny are probably gonna hit multiple categories here. They’re totally a “will they won’t they” couple

    • Megan says:

      I doubt they will break up this season, since I think the “mini series” eight episodes finishing out the season as one storyline is because they weren’t sure they’d get picked up and probably wanted Dandy fans to get their HEA….also, saw a promo for season three photo shoot with them in bed together… ?

      • ttm1983 says:

        WAIT. I just realized if Mindy/Danny breakup thing it happens before April 24 they won’t be on breakup category. hmmm.

      • ttm1983 says:

        But Mindy Kaling posted a picture of her character with a sexy outfit for Tim Daly character and not Danny, There is a lot of clues out there about this development I just hope it happens before April 24th so the breakup it won’t count

        • Reiley says:

          My guess is Mindy and Danny will break up within the next few episodes, but get back together in the season finale. I think they’re one of the “couples reuniting”, and I’m willing to bet they’d fit in the “saying ‘I love you’ for the first time” categories.

  12. Jess says:

    If the wedding on OUAT is one of the ones interrupted than it must be Rumbelle. Their entire relationship is interrupted.

  13. Megan says:

    Sex/I love you first time has to be Mindy and Danny!!

    • Mark says:

      I have to say the sex and love thing could all be covered probably on one show the 100 — as you send 100 Abercrombie & Fitch like models down to Earth without birth control or rules and there aren’t going to be consequences please…..

  14. kate'shomesick says:

    workplace destroyed- that has to be Chicago PD…I read something about a blast somewhere

  15. Megan says:

    I really hope wade and zoe are one of the couples who are reuniting!!

  16. Amy says:

    Modern Family

    cancelled/delayed/interrupted weddings:
    Once Upon a Time

    first time:
    Once Upon a Time-Hook and Emma.(does a TLK working count as saying it?)
    The Mentalist- Jane and Lisbon

    new pregnancy:
    The Big Bang- Penny?

    Number of couples reuniting:
    Revenge- Jack and Emily (do they count as a couple? I’d prefer Adian though)
    Once Upon a Time – Rumple and Belle
    Nashville- someone getting back balance break-up
    New Girl- Nick and Jess

    Number of fatalities:
    Resurrection- all the dead people that came back but Jacob…..
    Grey’s Anatomy- Leah

    breakups because someone is gay/comes out of the closet:

    • wingsstef says:

      Maybe Jack and Emily are actually one of those couples that say “I love you” for the first time. Kissing they already did, however I read that category as an “or” not as an :”and”. As for couple reuniting maybe the Hart of Dixie fans will get their Zoe & Wade back. I liked them, still do, however, don’t really love them as much as I did after he cheated on her. Though, I could see that being one the couples, Hey I would take it. I grew to like Joel, but he left town. Vivian & Wade are good too, but, well, it’s a TV show. Ha ha.

  17. Steph says:

    Deaths: Arrow-Slade and Sara

    Pregnancy/Having a baby. DUH Snowing* maybe Belle finding out she’s pregnant? And what the hell happened to Aurora and Phillip? I guess were gonna assume they had the baby?

    I love you/Kiss-Outlaw Queen and CaptainSwan

    Place Destroyed-Arrow’s cave

  18. Pregnancy: Benson on SVU.

    Couples having sex for the first time: Emery and Roman on STAR-CROSSED. I bet it has one of the deaths, too.

    Breakups: Kurt and Blaine on GLEE because reasons.

    Resurrections/returns: Bradley on BATES MOTEL — I figure they probably got one last hurrah for that character after Nicola Peltz finished filming the new TRANSFORMERS movie.

    • Other Matt says:

      Bates Motel is not on network tv.

      • Angela says:

        The thing doesn’t say that all of these are exclusively related to network shows, though. It says the bulk of them will involve network TV shows, meaning there may still be a few left over that pertain to shows on cable as well.

        • Other Matt says:

          From this page:
          characters from shows that air on a broadcast network (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW).

  19. June says:

    The workplace destroyed is on Parks and Rec by an Earthquake!

  20. JC says:

    I’m going to say Moira and Laurel for Arrow deaths. MG said not too long ago in an interview that they like to do what no one is expecting. He also said in a tweet “you won’t believe what we’re going to do with Laurel.” Everyone thinks they’re going to kill off Sara and make Laurel Black Canary. Everyone’s expected it all season long. So I think they’ll pull a last minute switch and Laurel will die instead of Sara.

    • Christina says:

      I feel like this scenario is everyone’s guilty pleasure. I think they’re for sure killing Sara, who is possibly my fav character on that show right now. Laurel dying would just be too good to be true.

      • JC says:

        I don’t think Sara will die. It makes no sense within the show that they would have spent all season long building up this character, not only in the current timeline but in the flashbacks, only to kill her off to prop up a character that they can barely be bothered to write for. There were far easier ways to get Laurel to Black Canary than by creating a character that now she’s never going to be able to live up to. And the fact that everyone expects it to happen tells me that’s exactly what won’t happen. Look what happened with Tommy and Malcolm last year. Everyone expected Malcolm to die and Tommy to go darkside as a result. Didn’t happen.
        That Laurel will die I’m less sure of, but I don’t see them keeping both sisters another year, when they’re obviously having such a hard time writing for Laurel as it is.

        • Mark says:

          Watch last years Arrow panel comic con they basically tease Laurels development as Canary stating it will happen just not as everyone expects.. Willa Holland is also safe as she gave a interview two weeks ago where it was asked if will get to start to kick some butt and her reply was thats coming

          • JC says:

            That was a year ago. Things change. I personally don’t think there’s any way they can make Laurel a plausible Canary at this stage, especially considering they already have a far superior one in Sara. But it doesn’t matter. This is just my guess anyway. In six weeks (or less) we’ll know which of us guessed right and it won’t matter anymore.
            Also, I never said anything about Thea. I never thought she was in danger. Moira was my other guess for Arrow deaths.

          • Christina says:

            @ JC, I really do hope you’re right! I don’t think Laurel can ever compete with Sara as the Canary; she’ll just feel like sloppy seconds for the rest of the series.

  21. Sims says:

    Please let one of the pregnancies be Leslie Knope.

  22. Jimpy says:

    Since Hetty resignes like every other NCIS LA finale, isn’t it about time for her to do so again. Just kidding, I hope. Hopefully Nell and Eric turn there relationship up a notch or two and qualify under something above. Though not deaths.

    We know Gibb’s father is gonna die in or before the finale, but that will probably not be shown and may not qualify.

    It’s been almost a year since we saw ma McGarret on 50. I have the feeling something big (bigger than Catherine Rollins) is brewing there.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      i have to agree….especially, with steve digging into things that involved the CIA…..and the mention of mommy dearest……was HOPING, we’d NEVER see doris again…..but, she HAS to be around some where…..poor steve.

  23. Canaalyce says:

    I hope to god that one of the pregancies is Leslie Knope. Michael Schur described the finale as bonkers and there will be three big surprises and the last three minutes are exciting. So lets speculate on the finale. Part of me is wants Leslie to take the job in chicago because Pawnee is so awful to her part of me wants her to stay and keep improving Pawnee. We will see. I am on edge waiting for this finale.

  24. C says:

    Couples reuniting: One has to be Jeff and Britta after seeing the promo pictures.

    • Mark says:

      Could also count Kensi and Deeks from NCIS LA in this category of couples reuniting and as it isn’t certain they did it could be them who do officially for the first time. Pregnancies could be on NCIS with regards to Jimmy Palmer’s wife as they have had a few episodes regarding him and the wife trying to get a baby maybe she becomes preggars…

      • ruahticsn says:

        Kensi and Deeks could go under Couples Reuniting since CBS said that they “took a step back on their relationship to put the job as the priority”…

    • Angela says:

      That wouldn’t count, ’cause the show’s season finale takes place before the sweeps period when all of this stuff is supposed to be happening.
      That said, however, I do like Jeff and Britta’s chemistry, so I’m intrigued to see what will happen with them on the show.

  25. Sarahliz says:

    They’re casting the infant so Hayley gives birth on The Originals

    And Emily VanCamp already c

  26. Mark says:

    Gary Glasberg confirmed on a interview with TV Fanatic that in the finale of NCIS season 11 Jackson Gibbs (Ralph Waite) RIP will be killed off — interview dated 24/02/14

  27. E.D says:

    I’m guessing Reign has to be on the list somewhere. Lola gives birth? Mary pregnant? King Henry’s death? So many possibilities.

  28. lame says:

    I’m betting the Castle wedding gets done, to many tweets from actors of passed seasons stating they’ve been invited.

    • jcraines719 says:

      Nobody from the show’s past episodes have said they are returning. They have been asked if they’d like to return. Fans need to stop taking what they say at face value. Especially Darby who lives toying with fans because she knows they get riled up because of what Meredith is to thw show: the deep fried Twinkie.

    • Wesley says:

      “Coming soon…”

  29. Mia says:

    – I’m quite sure ‘Castle’ is one of the weddings, whether they tie the knot or not.
    – My guess on ‘workplaces destroyed’ is either ‘Arrow’ or ‘The Blacklist’.
    – Maybe someone is leaving ‘Team Arrow’, which could be filled under ‘job changes’ or ‘fatalities’ / ‘possible fatalities’.
    – Always a good bet for ‘fatalities’ is ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.
    – I think one of the ‘couples reuniting’ will be Rumple and Belle from ‘OUAT’.
    Overall I’m really excited for May. :)

  30. Audrey says:

    There will be a wedding in the Hart of Dixie season finale! Now the question is… will it be cancelled/delayed/interrupted?

  31. H.Houston says:

    Well we know that none of them have to do with Scandal because of the dates… Scandal’s finale is April 17 and the sweeps start the following Thursday.

  32. K says:

    It’s sad to read these now because there’s no Will and Alicia to hope for :(

  33. H.Houston says:

    Number of weddings: 3
    1. [SPOILER] Alex & Jo [Grey’s Anatomy]
    2. [SPOILER] Roselee & Monroe [Grimm]
    3. [SPOILER] Richard & Catherine Avery [Greys]
    Number of cancelled/delayed/interrupted weddings: 3
    1. [SPOILER] Castle & Beckett [Castle]
    2. [SPOILER]
    3. [SPOILER]
    Number of couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time: 3
    1. [SPOILER] Riley & Gabriel [Intelligence] {kissing}
    2. [SPOILER] Monroe & Charlie [Revolution] {sex}
    3. [SPOILER] Kensi & Deeks [NCIS: LA] {I Love You}
    Added because I am not convinced of who I would pick
    4. Regina & Robin [OUAT] {kissing}
    5. Morgan & Garcia [Criminal Minds]
    Number of new pregnancies: 2
    1. [SPOILER] Liz [Blacklist]
    2. [SPOILER]
    Number of couples reuniting: 4
    1. [SPOILER] Esposito & Lanie [Castle]
    2. [SPOILER]
    3. [SPOILER]
    4. [SPOILER]
    Number of fatalities: 10
    1. [SPOILER]/The Tomorrow People
    1. [SPOILER] Papa Gibbs [NCIS] {due to the death of the RL actor}
    2. [SPOILER] Adaline [Grimm] {setting it up for Nick and Juliette to take the baby and raise her in the “neutral” setting that mama Grimm was talking about]
    3. [SPOILER] Grey’s Intern [Grey’s]
    4. [SPOILER] Grey’s Intern [Grey’s] {it was already said that two of them are not having their contracts renewed, killing them off would be easy}
    5. [SPOILER] Zelena [OUAT]
    6. [SPOILER] Brass [Criminal Minds] {because the characters leaving town spots are already filled and we already were told he is leaving}
    7. [SPOILER]
    8. [SPOILER]
    9. [SPOILER]
    10. [SPOILER]
    Number of breakups because someone is gay/comes out of the closet: 2
    1. [SPOILER] Will & Layla [Nashville]
    2. [SPOILER]
    Number of characters (presumably) leaving town: 2
    1. Cristina Yang/Grey’s Anatomy
    2. Catherine Rollins/Hawaii Five-0
    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: 5
    1. Mycroft/Elementary
    2. Burke/Grey’s Anatomy
    3. [SPOILER] Gibb’s mysterious wife [NCIS]
    4. [SPOILER]
    5. [SPOILER]
    Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: 5
    1. [SPOILER] Alex [Grey’s]
    2. [SPOILER] Webber [Grey’s]
    3. [SPOILER] The whole of The Good Wife – due to Will’s death and Diane needing more folks
    4. [SPOILER] Booth [Bones]
    5. [SPOILER]

    • Alisa Neely says:

      Brass is on CSI:VEGAS….not CM.

      • H.Houston says:

        I know. My apologies. But with him leaving the show I can absolutely see him doing it dead. I can see him going out in a blaze of glory… maybe saving another member of the team’s life. He blames himself for the death of his wife by his daughter… maybe he thinks iw would redeem himself over that loss.

  34. Jaz Schoone says:

    Hayley will have her baby on The Originals this season. I remember reading that somewhere.

  35. Mary Bucklew says:

    # of workplaces destroyed – Man, that has Shonda Rimes’ fingerprints all over it. How many times does she get to blow up Seattle Grace Mercy West Sloan Grey Memorial before ABC tells her to PICK A DIFFERENT SEASON FINALE??????

  36. Regina says:

    Once Upon A tim for both wedding options and both breakup options.

  37. Kat says:

    Really, REALLY hoping one of the couples reuniting is Nick & Jess. It just has to be! Hear me out, tv gods!!

  38. Amy says:

    Parks and Rec could be one of the job changes…

  39. Margie Clark says:

    I hope one of the deaths is not Matthew Gray Gubler (Reid). As of yet his contract has not be renewed. I will stop watching.

    • Angela says:

      This is my big worry, too.

    • TBH I’m a bit confused how CBS renewed CM if MGG haven’t signed on yet.. but maybe they did knowing he probably/likely will. He honestly doesn’t look to me like he’s on his way out, seems he enjoys every minute on the show, with the cast and even if he was leaving.. I honestly can’t see the show kill such beloved and essential and a core character off..I don’t think they’d dare… and they never killed any of their agents: Gideon, Elle, (Jordan), JJ, Emily, (Ashley)Seaver all left the show alive..(Strauss was different story) you see what I’m saying? if Reid leaves he will be alive doing so I have no doubt of that. I hope he doesn’t leave though.

  40. Diane says:

    Some of those spoilers have to be for NCISLA. I think maybe the workplace destroyed or and/or someone leaving the team.

  41. Stacy says:

    Please have three of the resurrections be Bobby, Gabriel, and Balthazar on Supernatural!

  42. Mike Q says:

    Chuck Lorre going big: Sheldon and Amy one of the couples that breaks up due to one member coming out of the closet?

  43. Mark says:

    Marriages I’m going for Haley and Klaus so Haley cannot leave with his child – to also upset his brother and the other wolf so setting up next season.

  44. Alexandra says:

    There will be a death on Revenge. There was a spoiler about a homicide detective coming to the Hamptons. I don’t know if it will count as one of the fatalities on the list.

  45. trvally says:

    Pregnant spoiler:Arizona or April (Grey’s)

  46. Amy Jonas says:

    Workplace is destrpoyed: Men of Letters bunker. Supernatural

  47. jcraines719 says:

    Always fun to see Castle fans go crazy over nothing. There are only two choices the first and the second. Get the snacks ready. It is going to be a fan spawned angst ride to season’s end.

  48. Calzonafan4ev says:

    Greys Anatomy

    Popping of the question- Callie asking Arizona to marry her

    Calzona find out they are expecting in the finale after all the sad miscarriage SL.

    Alex leaving town with Dr. Butthole and takes that job.

    Richard Webber dying or Owen dying?

    Work place destroyed- I doubt it cuz it’s already been done but it’s Shondland

  49. Calzonafan4ev says:

    Grey’s Anatomy Jo Wilson coming out as Gay- come on after 10×18 and like flirting with Callie she is sooo gay!

  50. Calzonafan4ev says:

    Meredith now Jolex’s- ” Frat house.”- not a work place destroyed by a fire.