Nashville Recap: One Mother of a Problem

Nashville Season 2 RecapY’know what, Scarlett? I’ve been going about this all wrong.

For most of Nashville‘s second season, I’ve been riding you like a PBR contender wearing pants made of Krazy Glue. Over and over, I’ve mentioned your constant whininess, your inability to put on your big-girl shoes and kick a little boot-scootin’ booty, your tendency to wilt like a daisy under the same stage lights others would kill to have turned their way.

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But in this week’s episode, I meet your mother – and suddenly, everything is clear.

The woman who brought you into this world is the dictionary definition of “hot mess.” She’s inappropriate. She sabotages. She’s an unbalanced flibbertigibbet who makes Jolene Barnes look like the very portrait of decorum.

So while you are not completely off the hook for acting like a toddler in need of a nap, the image of you cringing under the piano makes me want to cut you a little slack. This week. Don’t get used to it.

Here’s what happens in the appropriately titled “Crazy.”

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MOTHER’S DAZE | Scarlett’s mom, Beverly, arrives unannounced at her daughter’s Chicago hotel room and proceeds to insinuate herself into tour life. Sure, she seems like a lot of fun, jamming with the band before Scar’s soundcheck and reminiscing about her dreams of stardom, but it soon becomes clear that Mama O’Connor is every bit as unstable as Scarlett previously led us to believe.

Take, for instance, when she learns that Maddie Claybourne is really her niece… and that Scarlett knew all about Deacon’s paternity. Beverly lights into her daughter with a nasty vengeance, shoving and pinching her (that’s what she did, right? It seemed so odd, but that’s what it looked like to me) before stalking off in unhinged fashion.

Scarlett tells Avery she has a hard time talking about anything of substance with her mom… and later, she lets her music do the talking for her. The waifish blonde dedicates the somber ballad “Black Roses” to Beverly, who then lights into Scarlett again backstage, bringing on a flashback to when she used to torment Scar as a kid.

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SHOWSTOPPER | All of this is prequel for that evening’s performance, one Scarlett begs Juliette to let her out of. Ju is sympathetic to the mama drama but realistic: If Scarlett doesn’t open the show, no one else will. So Scarlett downs some liquor, which mixes messily with the pills already in her system as she stumbles toward the stage. Avery notices something’s wrong but can’t stop his ex from going out to greet the crowd – where she suddenly sees Beverly’s disapproving mug everywhere. Scar misses multiple music cues, has more flashbacks, falls apart in spectacular fashion and winds up cowered under the baby grand, where Avery rushes to pull her off stage. I think Juliette sums it up best when she says, hands holding her face, “Oh my God.”

THE BRIT IS BACK | Glenn thinks Juliette should call her old pal Charlie “My Wife Wants in Your Pants” Wentworth, who also just happens to be in Chicago, and ask him to get her more radio play on the stations he owns. But Ju is hesitant – that is, until Avery agrees that it’s a great idea.

Charlie misinterprets Juliette’s request as an excuse to see each other, so he kisses her right on the mouth and tells her he’s missed her. Juliette sets him straight right away – she even flat-out says she loves Avery — and caps everything by telling Avery about the encounter later when they’re taking a romantic candlelit bath together. One slight lie: She says Charlie “tried to kiss” her and leaves out the fact that he most definitely hit his target. Still, Avery takes it all in stride, a reaction that sits oddly with Juliette.

And when Charlie shows up backstage at the aforementioned concert date from hell and gets a little too close to Scarlett, Avery doesn’t like it one bit. Juliette wonders why her producer is so quick to defend Scarlett when he didn’t care that Charlie kissed her. “You said he tried to kiss you,” Avery says, at his limit, and, well, Juliette maybe you might wanna thank Scarlett for causing such a scene that Avery gets distracted from your relationship woes?

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MY TWO DADS | Luke apologizes to Rayna for having a “sore spot when it comes to Deacon,” and it becomes clear that Luke’s always resented how much pull Mr. Claybourne has on the redhead. But their heart-to-heart is cut short by Bucky calling and telling Rayna to turn onthe TV. She flips it on and looks horrified – not just because it’s tuned to The View, though that’s a good enough reason – but because Maddie’s “Maddie Claybourne” video has gone viral and everyone now knows Teddy’s not her real dad.

Cue the paparazzi swarming outside Maddie’s school (again I ask: are there really armies of paparazzi in Nashville?) and Rayna and Teddy railing against the invasion of their family’s privacy. Not for nothing, guys, but it wasn’t like The Enquirer found out about Mads’ paternity by sifting through your garbage; the kid put it on the Internet. Let’s just calm down with the Fourth Estate hate, eh? Teddy and Rayna agree that they want to “change the conversation,” but Ray insists that Deacon be a part of he plan.

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT But where is Deke? Despite Nashville showing us his frantic, successful search for hidden booze in his home, it turns out Deacon doesn’t drink one drop in reaction to Megan’s infidelity. So when Rayna and Luke find him at the river house, he’s disheveled and pissed off but definitely sober – and refusing to work with Teddy. Fortunately, he comes around just in time for a Good Morning America live hit, in which he tells the truth and even manages to throw some kind words Teddy’s way.

However, as Deacon later informs Rayna, he’s still really mad that she kept the truth from him for so many years; she counters that she’s really mad that he put her in a situation that made her feel she had to do so. It’s a good, long-overdue conversation with no easy resolution, but it makes me optimistic for where the show is going with these two. And how interesting that Luke plays it cool with Rayna after the interview but punches the car seatback, no? What’s he hiding?

Now it’s your turn. Did you catch Juliette’s sweet “I think you’re awesome” text exchange with Maddie? Would you miss Zoey if she went to Los Angeles? Do you think maybe Gunnar should cool it with spending his second royalty check? Do you think Avery has reached a breaking point in his relationship with Juliette? Sound off in the comments!



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  1. Riana says:

    No one will miss Zoey and Juliette and Avery will be fine.

    • troll says:

      Speak for yourself! I’ll miss Zoey, she’s the real reason I started watching this show. It’s called Nashville, not the annoying and privileged Scarlettville and Julietteville.

      • Madeline says:

        I would miss Zoey too! I think Chaley is great and I love watching her & Sam (Gunnar) together. She’s a breath of fresh air amongst all the crazies!!

  2. JJ says:

    Best episode of the season by far. Deb Fordham is my favorite of the Nashville writers. Dramatic, while still being subtle. That Rayna/Deacon conversation was a long time coming, and I really felt for both of them. Connie and Chip did such a good job with that scene. You could tell they were mad at each other, but still loved one another so much, which is why I think Luke punched the seat. He could see that Rayna was still hung up on Deacon. Just like the night in 92′, even when he messes up he’s all she really cares about.

    By the way, FNL alum Dana Wheeler-Nicholson was the perfect casting for Scarlett’s mom. Man was she good in that role tonight. Best casting decision they’ve made all season. And despite the Charlie hiccup all I thought through the episode is how cute Avery and Juliette are. Such a great couple.

  3. Robert says:

    I was in tears for Scarlett. How could Juliett not see Scarlett was near the edge of a meltdown if she claims she can relate to her mother issues? I guess Juliett forgets not everyone from a damage background learn to become hard as steel. I do have to admit I love the scenes with Scarlett, her mother and the concert where Scarlett has her breakdown, they were Emmy’s winning performances.

  4. Mo says:

    Random question – if Gunnar makes that much with two songs….why isn’t Deacon rich after cowriting years of hits with Rayna?

    • JB says:

      I suspect we will find out it was a mistake in the next couple of episodes. Probably 2 too many zeros & he has spent so much of it, that he can’t pay it back.

      • Mollly says:

        Possibly. Songwriter royalties are 9.1 cents per album or single sold. Divide that with the publisher and a song on a platinum album earns 45,550 dollars. He had two songs, so double that. The album would need to 5 x platinum for the check to make sense. It happens, but not very often and never that quick.

    • xx says:

      Years of booze and rehab?

    • JJ says:

      No one says he isn’t. I suspect once he sobered up he saved a lot of money, but just isn’t the showy type. But yeah $400k also seems like a lot.

    • MA says:

      Rayna didn’t cut Deacon’s songs. She said so in the pilot. It made her uncomfortable because they were all about her. He’d share rights on their old songs with her, though, and since he owns two houses, he seems to be doing OK.

  5. Claire says:

    “I WANTED TO BE YOUR WIFE” …. still trying to recover from that.

  6. Allison says:

    I so love your witty recaps I can’t stand it! :) I agree 100% with everything you said about Charlotte! I will definitely cut her some slack. Poor thing! :(

    To answer your questions, sadly, I did not catch the text exchange between Maddie and Juliette, but how sweet and cute is that?! I would not miss Zoey one iota, but I enjoy the trio of Gunnar, Avery, and Zoey so I wish more of that would happen. She has a nice voice and great musical chemistry with those fellas, but it seems like Gunnar is the only one gunning for the trio to continue performing together. Gunnar should definitely cool it with spending that second royalty check without a care in the world. He needs to respect the struggle and honor the hustle. He is riding high right now, but he needs to remember to put on his seat belt. Avery and Juliette are like high schoolers – in then out – hot then cold – off then on. I just don’t know what to think. At first I thought they were awesome as great friends, but too much sexual tension. They could have done what Juliette and Deacon did in season one and just act like adults that had a nice time with each other (in and out of the bedroom) and still be there for each other during the hard times. Meh, I don’t know…I think I am asking for too much because Avery is no Deacon.

    • justsaying says:

      Zooey’s storyline irks me no end. It’s like she’s shocked every time she does something singing related. And Gunnar seemed all shocked when she said she wanted to sing professionally. Um. She sings around the house, she’s sung together with him and Avery, everyone they know is in the music industry, and they live in Nashville. It’s not exactly a leap that she’d be a “real” singer. It’s like they’re trying to do Scarlett’s storyline 2.0. But hers made a leetle more sense bc she claimed to never want to be a singer. And introducing her mom’s thwarted dreams makes that a lot more understandable. But why would it be “crazy” for Zooey to record a demo? Everyone I know makes recordings. At someone’s house, at studios… It’s what you do when you play/sing music. Just a silly storyline. And why wouldn’t she want to be in a band with her bf instead of singing backup? Why would being a backup singer AFTER she’s already sung out in public as lead be a considered goal of hers? Answer? It WOULDN’T. On to Scarlett. I can feel pity for the abusive background. I don’t feel pity for someone acting unprofessional. If you can’t “turn it on” when needed and be professional, then the entertainment is not for you. Point. Blank. Period. It also seems ridiculous that she’s strong enough to yell at her friends and boyfriends but can’t stand up to her mother or at least cut her out of her life. Cause that’s what people usually do who can’t deal with emotional trauma from family members. Stay far, far away from them. She could’ve done the Juliet thing and told security to escort the woman out. But she’s too old and lived too much of her life independently at this point to regress to complete and utter door mat just bc her mom shows up. Or if that’s the best she can do, then she just needs to go somewhere and wallow. Cause she’s obviously not trying to fix it. No therapy or nothing? I mean, really? And someone who never was really into alcohol even, now relies on alcohol and drugs? I just don’t buy it… Just saying

      • Sully says:

        Abuse is a very difficult thing to overcome. She loves her mother who is also her abuser, and in most abuse cases (like you’ll see in domestic violence cases) it’s very hard to leave no matter how simple it looks to observers because of the love you feel.
        In most cases, you’re terrified and unable to stand up to your abuser no matter how much time has passed unless you have come to terms with it. But you don’t feel as much of the same fear standing up to others. On top of that, she had downed a lot of alcohol and pills so she may have been somewhat braver during that period.
        Abuse isn’t anything that you can just turn on and off. It’s not like having trouble with a significant other and wanting some time off. It leaves deep psychological scars and I’m very impressed with this storyline.
        She definitely needs therapy but also a lot of individuals who have been terrorized by someone they love view therapy as a betrayal. Her mother “never means” to hurt her, she is just a product of a poor environment and Scarlett is trying to be a “good” daughter and understand. Her mother (and most individuals that cause harm) made her feel like the torment was Scarlett’s fault, which is another can of worms.
        It’s frustrating and hard to watch, but unfortunately this is the vicious cycle of abuse. Psychology is a heck of a thing.

  7. Kat says:

    I thought Scarlett’s story with her mom was a good one and the actress who played her mom was great. What’s holding me back from feeling the scenes and Scarlett’s character is the acting. I thought she over acted and made the whole stage scene so melodramatic to the point of comical. Most of the other actors on the show do subtle well while still conveying deep emotion, but the actress who plays Scarlett seems to go overboard a lot.

    • Callitags says:

      Maybe it’s because that’s how her character is directed. I’ve never seen her in another role, so I have no clue if that’s her style or if that’s what they’re asking of her. Just thinking about the editing of that scene, and it looks to me like the last thing they wanted was subtlety.

    • Emgee says:

      Dana Wheeler-Nicholson is a great actress. Still love her as Angela Collette on FNL.

  8. meah says:

    Plus so many are suspecting that Luke leaked the maddie tape!!
    So there’s gonna be a break for 3wks???crap!

    • MP says:

      Longer than that. The next episode is not an original drama episode. It’s an original behind the scenes or something.

  9. Floyd Smith says:

    Why do you keep recrapping losers like Nashville, Revolution, and the dying Idol, and you’re totally missing probably one of the most entertaining shows on TV right now – SURVIVOR. Last night’s tribal council was EPIC!!!!!!

    • Josh R says:

      Probably because scripted shows are deserving of recaps. Reality tv is an utter waste of time and has ruined many, many worthy scripted shows over the years. Plus, Survivor ran it’s course about about 15 years ago.

      • Eli says:

        First, Survivor gets more viewers than Nashville and Revolution combined. After 14 years no less.
        Second, this site coverst both American Idol and The Voice (and I seem to remember they used to recap The Amazing Race too for a while), what do you call those?

        • Ana says:

          So? That doesn’t automatically entitle it to be recapped. This is a comment section about Nashville. If you care that much about Survivor, go to a tv website that recaps it.

        • Josh R says:

          I’d still call all of those shows an utter waste of time.

    • CoryRox says:

      There’s a site called Entertainment Weekly if you want a Survivor recap. Still amazed no one has put that show out of its’ misery though.

    • RUCookie says:

      I have no words for Surviror nor do I have respect for anyone that calls that drivel EPIC! The rise of reality shows destroyed the television landscape, and it seems that we are finally climbing out of that hole. I am grateful TVLine recaps real entertainment.

      • Zayne says:

        Survivor is not normal reality TV. It’s essentially a game show. The conflicts aren’t scripted and it’s structured with challenges and eliminations. I hate reality TV, but Survivor has never felt like that to me. Maybe you could try being a little less condescending when you talk to other human beings.

    • Harmony says:

      Because these are the shows she was assigned to recap.

    • Guest says:

      And what happens when TV Line recaps an episode of Survivor and doesn’t gush about the exact same things you want them to gush about? You going to blow up again?

  10. Emgee says:

    I agree with your assessment of Scarlett 100%. Millions would kill for the opportunity she has, and she consistently shies away from it. Finally, this week, at least a little background as to why.

  11. Whatevah says:

    Why is this show all about Scarlett? Every week we’ve had to watch her do the same thing over and over and over again. I used to like the character, but now I just want her to go away. Every week…will Deacon drink? Every week, will Juliette and Avery fight? (The answer to that is yes). The story lines move at a snails pace and it seems to be the same garbage every week. Move along nothing to see here, and I mean that. This show definitely needs new writers.

  12. Amy H says:

    So who else thinks Luke is trying to sabotage Rayna? At first I thought he was just angry at Rayna’s attachment to Deacon but now I’m thinking he was mad that his leaking the video didn’t do more damage to her reputation and more importantly, record label.

    Loved that scene between Rayna and Deacon. I think it’s going to be a turning point in their relationship. Those two are so great together.

    The scenes with Scarlett could have been great. Can’t decide if it was her acting or the script.

  13. steven says:

    Scarlett’s mother was HORRIBLE. Worst. mother. ever.

  14. Carrie says:

    Couple of thoughts.

    Scarlett’s backstory does give us insight into her nervousness etc. I did think her ‘fear of mama” face was a little over the top but loved how she was able to communicate with her song how she really felt. She needs help and hopefully gets it soon. I’m curious if Deacon knows what his sister did to her and thought this also gave us some insight into Deacon’s “demons” – if his sister had it worse than being locked in the shed and abused, what was it like for him?

    I love Juliette and Avery and how the maturity of their relationship is surprising her. She’s honest with him and he is accepting of her and she has to wrap her head around it. Yes, she’s a little insecure about Scarlett but I think that will be resolved as their relationship strengthens.

    Gunnar – hmmmm. Get over yourself. Put your money in the bank.

  15. MiaB says:

    I felt sorry for Scarlett, and her falling apart would have been understandable if this was the first time, but how many times is she going to fall apart on stage and people say it’s OK because of her talent?
    That Deacon-Rayna scene at the end was so real. Rayna saying she wasn’t apologizing because she thought they were going to be married and have a baby, but because of him they couldn’t–heartbreaking.
    Luke punching the seat just solidified it for me that he is a troll for Jeff trying to mess up Rayna’s label. I definitely think he’s the one who reposted that video and then alerted the media to it.

    • Amy H says:

      Agreed. There also could be an interesting storyline with Scarlett and Deacon’s pasts. They just really need to tone down Scarlett’s hysteria. I feel like character went from one extreme to the other this season.

  16. I have more sympathy for Scarlett than I had before and think that this episode was much needed to explain her tendencies. Though she remains my least favorite character and at some point she needs to at least get it together on stage.

  17. Kristen says:

    The ending scene between Rayna and Deacon was amazing! When Deacon was saying to Rayna all the things that he missed was heartbreaking! I still don’t agree with Rayna about keeping Maddie’s paternity a secret though. I know that his history with alcohol was aweful, but she never even given him the chance to try! If she would have told him and he screwed up; that’s one thing. But to not say anything at all is heartbreaking. I understand her pain, but Deacon can never get those years with Maddie back!

    • JJ says:

      I think she knows that, even if she didn’t say it to Deacon. That’s why she had that conversation with Tandy earlier where she mentioned she was thinking she should have told him and maybe he would have sobered up and things would have worked out for the best. She’s right, even if Deacon still struggled, she was thinking that it probably would have caused less heartache and drama than what actually happened.

      • Shira says:

        I agree. Think she does know it, and also think that that’s what makes all of it so painful and beautiful and so realistic: They are both right and they did the best they could and in both cases it wasnt’ good enough. Thay have regrests and so much pain but there’s nothing they can do about it anymore because you can’t change the past.
        Only questiion now is if now that it’s all out in the open will they be able to finally start to heal.

  18. Ann says:

    This episode was great. But I’m really looking forward to that full hour Nashville concert in three weeks!

  19. Bri says:

    I feel like Scarlett’s situation is still being downplayed (just like she herself did). Her mom wasn’t just a “hot mess” she was abusive! Pinching Scarlett at every turn, calling her names and the flashback to her being drug to what looked like an attic closet (there was insulation on the walls) and closed in. This is abuse. I would have punched her, at least as an adult, but then again I wasn’t raised in an abusive family.

    • Anne says:

      Abuse victims tend to get emotionally stuck in that space so I can’t see Scarlet, even as an adult, hitting back since she probably still feels like that helpless little girl around her mother, but I sure wouldn’t mind someone else laying into her mom. Mostly I’m just glad they are giving some insight as to why Scarlet behaves the way she does since it’s pretty obvious most of the audience was having a hard time sympathizing with her struggles this season.

  20. Shaun says:

    Scarlett’s song was really catchy

  21. klm8 says:

    I completely disagree with those who think Luke is out to “get” Rayna and/or is working for Jeff. What would be in it for him? He’s supposedly the biggest star in country music, so why would he waste his time trying to “sabotage” Rayna and her new (already struggling) label? It doesn’t make any sense to me and I will be upset if that’s the direction the show goes (though I highly doubt it). I really think he just genuinely cares for her and like others have said, was upset this episode (punching the car seat) because he realizes there’s still something between Rayna and Deacon, and probably always will be.
    On that note, I absolutely loved the scene between Rayna and Deacon at the cabin. They had the conversation we’ve been waiting for all year, and Chip Esten & Connie Britton knocked it out of the park. I always find myself expecting Rayna to break down and cry at certain moments, and am always surprised when Britton holds it together. I usually then realize that in real life, it would make more sense for this person to be trying keep it together (at least in the company of whoever she is currently with) than to dramatically fall apart …..I just think she’s fantastic (and Esten deserves his share of props, too). I hope they have more scenes together in the future…I’ve been starved for them this season!

    • Leigh says:

      Totally agree with you. They’re really the reason I watch the show, and I’d been toying with the idea of not watching anymore due to the lack of Rayna/Deacon scenes this season. I hope this very well done episode signifies that the drought is over. If not, I’ll have to seriously rethink watching next year.

    • Amy says:

      I tend to agree with you kim8 about Luke…for same reasons…I just don’t see why or how that does serve him. I mean, I don’t completely trust him…still feel many times he’s slick and not showing all cards…I just don’t think conspiring with Jeff is one of them. And much as I took the punching of the seat to be about realizing Rayna is still affected by and cares for Deacon…I still thought that was a little over the top, immature reaction by him. I guess we’ll see. But I sure don’t feel anything special between him and Rayna…doesn’t seem like a love connection and I don’t even feel any chemistry.

  22. Luli101 says:

    I think Liam has some culpability in what happened to Scarlett.

    • MiaB says:

      Yeah, and now that she’s run out of pills (I was starting to think that was a bottomless container), she’s gone to her family’s old standby of alcohol. I think Uncle Deacon will come to the rescue next episode.

  23. Rich says:

    The mother may be a monster, but how long has she had this mother? I mean, last season when she was the same milquetoast, had the decided she was from an abusive family? Or did they just decide that this year?

    • Toni says:

      To be fair – I think because Scarlett is so much unhappier this season (complains about the schedule, overtired, etc) and her mom actually being there, I think it’s brought out a lot of bad memories for her.

  24. Amy says:

    Just watched episode On Demand..loved it. Continue to love your recaps too, Kim…tks again!
    I love me some Deacon…time and time and time again. He’s one of the best actors and characters, for me, on this show. Loved that he didn’t drink, (though I was not surprised but was expecting it.) Felt they wanted us to think he did, so I thought he wouldn’t. Thankfully!! I do NOT want him to fall back, yes because I love where he’s at and his character….but also because it would be unimaginative writing and just the same old stuff. I thought it bode well for the show and writers that they didn’t cheese out that way.
    I want Deacon to keep moving forward…he’s been great to watch in so many relationships this season, while sober…with Maddie, with that old friend from the road (the blonde), with his career, dealing with Teddy, with Avery/Gunner/Zoey band…he’s just more interesting and cool sober. Loved the Rayna/Deacon scene, of course! I also loved when he “showed up” (physically & figuratively) on set and all the GMA thing…it was a turning point and I saw that in Rayna’s expression too.
    Scarlett stuff…yes it explains things. She’s talented…love her singing…too bad she’s had such a screwed up season though…the mom stuff and the last scene was painful to watch. I don’t know where she goes from here. Love Avery/JJ.
    Love Nashville…but DANG! ANOTHER BREAK?! It’s the biggest drag on this show. I want a new episode every week!! (Yes I’m happy for the concert and backstage interviews…but I want the show every week.) Hope it gets renewed. Why is it always in danger of cancellation? I guess I don’t watch any of the other popular episodic shows to compare…and I guess by comparison N. just doesn’t have those kinds of numbers.
    Ok…rambling done….Good show! (truth be told, am I the only one who at the end of the hour is always bummed it went by so fast?!)

  25. dsrbroadway says:

    While I’m happy to see Scarlett’s backstory revealed, didn’t we just do this bad mother deal last year with Juliette?

  26. Amy says:

    Watching season 1 episodes last night on dvd, lol does anyone remember in season 1 Deacon had a puppy named Sue. I wonder what happened to it, must have left with the veterinarian.

  27. flutiefan says:

    somebody tell me how Scarlett kept getting an endless bottle of pills? it’s not like we saw her get a prescription, right? she was taking so many in every episode, and that was a pretty small/average container. i just don’t see how it was such a bottomless supply for so long.
    someone please enlighten me!

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