Castle Casting Scoop: Eddie McClintock. Season Finale. Complicated Past With [Spoiler].

Castle Finale Eddie McClintockWarehouse 13 agent Eddie McClintock has RSVP’d for the season finale of ABC’s Castle — and TVLine has exclusive details on his interesting role.

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McClintock — who announced his casting via the Instagram photo below — will appear in the May 12 season ender, which is confirmed to be titled “For Better or Worse,” as Rogan O’Leary, a small town hustler who is infamous for his lying, cheating and scheming.

Oh, and Rogan also has a “complicated past” with Beckett.

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In addition to his five-season run on Warehouse 13 (which launches its swan song on April 14), McClintock’s previous TV credits include arcs on Bones and My Boys, plus guest gigs on Modern Family, Malibu Country and The Mentalist.

So this is happening. #CASTLE #YIPPEEEE

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  1. M. says:

    As long as this “complicated past” has only been job-related I’m totally fine with it.
    It also would be much too soapy if Marlowe brought another ex of her out of the blue just for the sake of bringing new obstacles into the game. Caskett (and there by we) had enough of these, hadn’t we?

    • Kat says:

      Completely agree! ;)

    • RBA says:

      You don’t cast a guy like Eddie unless you intend to use him as a romantic rival or someone who at one time had Beckett’s heart. Marlowe’s predictability has been telegraph for so long now that we knew it would come about in the finale… He needs that ultimate stumbling block to throw the wedding into question….

      • LaShay says:

        Seriously, RBA?? Why does he HAVE to be a romantic interest? It’s highly possible Eddie is coming on for another role besides a romantic interest for Beckett. Why look at this casting negatively? I highly doubt Marlowe has had Caskett planning all season for a wedding and then brings out an ex of Beckett to interfere. This guy appears shady, so it’s possible it’s case related.

    • S. says:

      Uh hun, he’s not an obstacle of any kind to Castle. Rick’s not gonna have anything to worry about. Kate’s not gonna question her feelings, it’s not possible for it to be any of that. It’s all in your head. Marlowe hasn’t pulled any of that ‘maybe they’ll break up’ because he doesn’t believe in that drama. He didn’t get them together to break them up. Maybe he used to have a thing with Beckett and it’ll complicate something she needs in the present because he won’t cooperate or maybe he’ll cause her trouble getting it. Maybe he’s the one not over HER. She won’t be hung up on him. Castle is her lobster.

    • sharon demers says:

      do not make this very good drama a sleazy soap opera they need to get married

    • Bundy says:

      Agree 100%

    • sharon demers says:

      Marlow need not mess with Castle wedding no new past love interest we want a wedding

    • sally says:

      WHAT THE HECK?!!!! What a TERRIBLE finale of CASTLE! It stunk to high heaven! What a horrible ending!!!?? WHAT was the author thinking! We are discussed with this kind of a finale and I think this is just going to hurt the fan base you need to keep this show going….if you are going to do this crap to something that was supposed to be good and beautiful…..then your show is not worth watching anymore….we’re done….I”m am so disappointed

      • Esther Bowman says:

        I was shocked at the ending of this episode. After all the problems Becket went through to get the divorced papers to be signed, then the call and the finale. It hurts.

  2. Apples says:

    “Complicated” = she arrested him once, and now needs his help with a case I bet.

    • Francine says:

      I completely agree. I’m sure they want us to think its some kind of ex but I think the show is (or should be) past that kind of thing now.

    • missteff says:


    • RBA says:

      How many times has Castle and Beckett’s relationship being described as “Complicated”.
      It is also that time of year for Marlowe’s finale angst…. Jealousy and the infamous “This is my Life”.. and all the rest.

      • Apples says:

        You’re far more predictable in terms of coming into a Castle article and ragging on Marlowe and the writing in every single comments section than any finale. *yawns*

        • S. says:

          Pa-reach. Real love lives are complicated even if you’re with a soul mate. Doesn’t mean you’re falling for anybody else, doesn’t mean they’d question their relationship’s future. Steps taken with love that grow your characters can still have dramatic tension around them. Haterz gonna hate.

        • Francine says:

          Yes, I will never understand the need for someone to watch a show they obviously dislike so much. Just so they can go on comment boards to complain and act superior? Honestly I can’t see any other reason. I understand sometimes the need to stick around at first when a show isn’t going the way you want it to. Of course you want to give it some time and it can be hard to give up on a show- but sooner or later it should be time to move on. Why continue to make yourself miserable watching something you don’t like? Dont people have better things to do? I honesty don’t get it. There are a ton of shows out there to choose from, why waste your time with one that doesn’t satisfy you?

          • LaShay says:

            I agree, Francine. This RBA and Skrable need to move on already. they annoy me with their whining and complaining. They do it in such a juvenile manner and there’s nothing constructive about their criticism. Please move on to something that makes you happy. Marlowe isn’t forcing them to watch.

      • Fogel says:

        I still think Marlowe was the ghost writer for the final episode of The Glades. It’s just his style!

      • I believe KB is entirely past her “This is my life” stage. There is no logical scenario, barring PROVEN INFIDELITY on RC’s part, that she will seperate her life from his.

    • Mary says:

      I hope you´re right, because I´d hate if it was something too “soapy”…but the tought that he may be the guy she dated for some months because her parents didn´t like him has just crossed my mind.

    • Rich Abey says:

      My thoughts exactly!

  3. I might be in the minority but I wouldn’t mind if he was an ex, I’ve always thought that she had an ex who cheated on her so it might be kind of cool for him to come out now. But he probably isn’t, not this late in the game.

  4. missteff says:

    great! I love Eddie, it will be good to see him in something else. it’s good to see something from Beckett’s past as well. Hope it will be good. can’t wait!

    • taran63 says:

      Yeah, because we know so little about Beckett’s past. She’s such a mystery.
      If Castle’s going for full-on soap opera treatment, then the wedding doesn’t go through because it turns out that Beckett is already married to this guy. No idea why it never came up, but I’m sure they’ll come up with some reason that isn’t remotely believable or in character. But Beckett and/or Castle always get possessed each May and start acting like completely different people.

      • Beh says:

        That “the wedding dont go through because the bride is already married” was already used on Bones and a ton of soap operas (believe me, I’m brazilian, I know about soap operas). Doubt Marlowe is going down that path.

      • Mary says:

        The idea of Beckett being already married would be totally idiot, because being a cop I doubt her life wasn´t checked before joining the force…if they go that way I´ll be really furious!:)

      • KC says:

        I think you might be right about Beckett having “married” him back when she was 16 or 17. One of the “bad boys” she dated during her rebellious period. It probably wasn’t a legal marrage but some doubt will be created because he’ll have a legal looking document. Matt’s blurb says the character is a small town hustler so he’s looking to extort some money out of Castle. Small town hustler usually equates to not too bright, so we’ll get some shocked and bemused looks from Castle and angsty and angry looks from Beckett. I think it will just be one of the “bumps in the road” that have been showing up all season and not the major obstacle people seem to be blowing it up to be. It will be played for comic rather dramatic effect.

  5. Skrable2 says:

    This winds up postponing the wedding for some reason, probably sending Castle into a funk and makes him distrustful (again) of Beckett.

    It’s Marlowe’s numbingly repetitive version of lather, rinse, repeat. … Happiness, interupted, make up again.

    It’s just so frustrating.

    • RBA says:

      LOL… Same BS each season finale.. The man has to call it quits and pass the show to someone with more imagination.

      • LaShay says:

        You two are idiots if you think it’s time for Marlowe to move on. It’s HIS show. What’s wrong with you people? Turn the channel already. Please.

        • jcraines719 says:

          So we should always praise the show? Why can’t those of us who have formulated opinions who aren’t happy have to stop watching?

          This is why we have two camps of fans. The always bright and cheery fans hate when those of us who see the issues speak out. They want us to shut the H up because we are willing to speak up and say we don’t like sonething.

          • Nit Picker Jr says:

            Well, not really, *in my opinion*. Most of the “unhappy campers” who post here tend to simply, reflexively, slag off on the show for not fulfilling *their* aspirations of what the show “should” be or do (like, they should kiss more or make lovey-dovey eyes/noise/gestures all. the. time, or why doesn’t she wear her ring so it’s plainly visible all. the. time. or why doesn’t he get more air time, it’s his show fehgahdssake, or it’s too dark, or…) You get the drift, I’m sure. Conversely, a lot of the “bright and cheery” posters on here actually bring up timely and surprisingly well formulated opinions of critique *when it is warranted*. In my opinion. I like this show, I’ve liked it since day one and continue to do so … despite the ill-advised end part of season 5. Doesn’t mean I think every episode is the greatest thing since grated cheese or that every one involved in the show are by default always doing a great job. Some of the UC posters though (not gonna name names…) seem to just quite simply not like *any* aspect of the show. So, begs the question, why watch it? Why comment on it?

  6. here you go gee this sound like another Bones Episode so I’ll bet he the one that going to screw things up with the and if the wedding take place gee .thanks Marlowe you just can’t give the fans what they want can you just want WHY IS THE HELL DO Y DO A STINKING CLIFFHANGER IT’S NOT NEEDED EVER .REAL FANS WILL WATCH THE SHOW NO MATTER WHAT YOU KEEPING DOING THIS AND WELL NOBODY GOING TO WATCH NO WONDER WHY THE RATINGS FOR THIS SHOW THIS SEASON ARE LOW .I mean bad episode and way way to many dam breaks .

    • suzi says:

      Speaking of Bones–am I the only person who sees Castle as Bones Deja Vu?

    • RBA says:

      No… I am betting that he likes to sail around the world and has an for intelligent brunettes…. I wonder if he still has his boat…

      Welcome Tim Sullivan…

    • LaShay says:

      I love all the psychic so-called “fans” who already know how the season ends! you guys are a trip and need to turn the channel and shut up already. It’s the same rinse, later, repeat from some of you on every article. Why do you still watch if you’re so unhappy and think Marlowe should move on for the show that millions still tune in for week after week??

    • KC says:

      Tone it down a notch will you. Everything in this comments section is strictly conjecture. No one commenting here has seen the script. Let’s actually see the episode before going on a tirade about it.

    • Wesley says:

      Take a Chill pill

  7. Dis-the-Fans says:

    Marlowe should take a good hard look and learn a lesson from the fan backlash to HIMYM finale. The show runners stuck it do badly to the fans we now refuse yo watch anything else they if in the future. For once, just go for the romantic comedy angle, and give us a fun, beautiful wedding and end the season with them headed to their honeymoon. We will tune in Sept when they get home!

    • LaShay says:

      What has Marlowe done with this finale? It hasn’t even aired yet. Do you people crying and whining not realize this? You could be WAY off base with your theories of doom and gloom. Wow. Some people.

    • Mary says:

      See, I´m a HIMYM fan and LOVED the finale!:)

  8. Aussiegagga says:

    Andrew Marlow and company have allowed our favourite characters to develop so I am sure their writing has too. The season cliff hanger does not have to be a complication between Caskett. Things can happen that mean the wedding doesn’t occur, but it doesn’t have to be Caskett splitting up. I am sure Marlowe realises that the fans love Caskett together. Plus while Eddie may be cute – he is far too short to be an ex of Becketts :)

  9. Chloe says:

    I really hope we’ll have a wedding without drama, I love when there is action but at least let us have a cute wedding. And we already had the worst proposal ever so make this right :)

    • S. says:

      You’re watching a tv show. Weddings without drama are boring and shouldn’t be shown on tv. Doesn’t preclude cute weddings. Besides, Rick means it this time. This one’s gonna stick. The look in his eyes as he marries the woman he’s loved for years is gonna make any circumstances they marry under cute on some level. We’ll probably set a record for fans hitting their heads on the table from swooning.

    • Wesley says:

      Bad proposal for you good proposal for others including myself.

    • robbi turner says:

      I hope the Wedding goes off without a hitch too, But I really did like the Proposal. Maybe Eddie takes Cassett hostage for some reason and they can’t get married because they are missing. And Yes Eddie is to short to be a Beckett guy..

  10. Miriam Maurer says:

    Men for Beckett at the end of the season is GETTING OLD!!!!!!! Sorenson in 1st…Demming in 2nd…Josh in 3rd…The Limey in 4th… The billionaire in 5th…OLD… Enough already!!

  11. leigh says:

    Wow. So much negativity. I guess it is about time for it. Heck, with the season finale less than a month away lets do everything we can to harp on all the bad things this season. Or…lets just try to wait it out and see what actually happens before we start throwing negative thoughts around. When there is actually a venue picked I would start to get worried but there are four episodes left. See how it plays out and then attack. But such negative thoughts are killing the vibe for those of us who are actually excited about this. Every season brings something different – good and bad. So far, the dress is the only negative. JK. But let’s actually get to the episodes before we start calling for Marlowe’s head. This character may surprise us all.

    • Fogel says:

      It is true that you still believe that the “persons” writing this show really care more about “their fans” then they do about ratings??? Besides they don’t need the formal married thing. Shacking up is so much more fun and “less complicated”.

      • Alex says:

        The two are related since the fans are the ratings.

        • jcraines719 says:

          Actually fans are not the ratings. It is a common misconception that people who hang out on social media and partake in discourse about the show make up the metered audience. They in fact don’t. I would say less than 1 percent of the metered or measured if you prefer make up the ratings.

          The industry standard is that most people catch about 10 episodes a season who are part that Nielsen family.

          That is why ratings go up and down.

    • jcraines719 says:

      However it is hard to argue with history.Hence so much worry.

    • robbi turner says:

      My thoughts exacty Maybe he was a law student that knew her mom and has more information on Bracken….Or maybe he was a Brother of one of Castle’s girlfriends and Castle has another child that he doesn’t know about because the mom died, and Castle has to take the child.

  12. Fogel says:

    Can we just end the show for goodness sake! Love may conquer all in the real world but not on ABC.

    Turn out the lights…pull the plug…and let’s move on to something new and more interesting.

    Just a thought from the thoughtless.

  13. LaShay says:

    So I see the ABC board posters have come out the play! that fanboard isn’t a fanboard at all. So negative. I hate how they come in and ruin all discussions at TvLine. Ugh.

  14. Just one thing says:

    Interesting. Doubt it is romantic, if only because I can’t picture non-platonic chemistry between the two actors in question. :-P That and adding a random, troublesome ex to the equation this late in the game would be rather lazy.

  15. Lena says:

    I don’t care how the wedding happens as long as the dress is burned in the process.

    • Pat says:

      Lena, you gave me a good laugh, with your comment. I agree, it is the “Dress” that has been a thorn in my side. Thank you for the chuckle!!

      • robbi turner says:

        I agree I don’t like that dress either but I do think about it’s a decoy dress and the one that Kate wears will be beautiful and graceful.

  16. Jeff says:

    I don’t know that everyone posting concerns here hate the show. I think they’re just concerned, based on past history, that Marlowe doesn’t screw up the wedding (probably the most important episode in the series). By giving him fair warning here, they hope to influence him to give the fans romance, not drama, on Caskett’s wedding day.

  17. Rich Abey says:

    No way he is a former ex of Beckett, unless he was one of those inconsequential bf’s during her ‘wild years’. Maybe it’s them working a case that somehow involves this guy. Inconsequential cause all of her meaningful bf’s are currently known (Will, Demming & Josh) & cause this guy’s a sleaze bag. Still don’t think it’s gonna have much bearing on the wedding, besides of course making Kate realize again what an excellent choice she made in marrying Rick!

  18. The Dude says:

    1st off ABC PLEASE, PLEASE RE-NEW THIS SHOW!!!! What I don’t understand is how is anybody supposed to plan a finale if they don’t even know if it’s the end or not. Anyway, if we do get a wedding; I’m quite certain we’re going to get a very very small spur of the moment “Let’s just get married here & now” ceremony that tv shows do. But I am looking forward to the complications that will ensue before it happens…….as long as it isn’t in the same vein as the completely out of the blue final 3 we were left w/last year. Still scratching my head about those decisions. Seeing as we’ve already met 3 of Beckett’s previous boyfriends/conquests it would be a little odd now meeting a 4th when the shows only been on for 6 seasons……Well actually that would be the 5th counting Castle wouldn’t it? Though now that I think of it I always believed she had a 1 night stand w/Limey dude. After all why else would she go out w/him instead of say Lanie or something if she “just wanted to talk”. Ha-ha I seriously never really thought of any of this til just right now!! Oh well, she’s hot why not? Still love the show go Caskett!!

    • Wesley says:

      “What I don’t understand is how is anybody supposed to plan a finale if they don’t even know if it’s the end or not”
      What gives you the impression that the producers dont know already that the show has been renewed? because terri tweeted about it? ofc they know and ofc they dont release that info too the fans before ABC has officialy renewed it which happends in May.

      • The Dude says:

        Well I have no idea how it all works. So you’re saying it IS being re-newed? Very cool!! I certainly hope that you’re right!

        • Wesley says:

          No im saying that the producers know more then they say on twitter or on whatever but they just wait for ABC too announce it and till then keep denying on anything S7 related as too my own idea’s yes i think it will get renewed for sure.

    • LaShay says:

      Since everyone is bringing up Beckett’s men, let’s take a look at Rick in each season…

      S1… Meredith (Will for Becks)
      S2… Ellie Monroe, then Gina (Demming for Becks)
      S3… Gina… (Josh for Becks)
      S4… Jacinda, (which led to Brett Cullen for Beckett.)
      S5… Vaughn who got rejected when he advanced on her

      And during each season both Castle and Beckett were a mess for each other, so i’ve no problem with any of the 3rd parties because they each somehow brought the two of them closer or noticed the connection and didn’t stand a chance in hell of being their one and done.

      • Nit Picker Jr says:

        S2 also had KB1 for Ricky (and I’m actually, secretly, really, hoping Keira will attend the wedding, because, well… Alyssa Milano. :P) He may not see it but her role in Caskett’s journey is important. In my opinion.

      • Fogel says:

        Ellie Monroe….now that would have been a perfect match for My Man Rickie. I mean lets face facts here. Becket is all work and no play. When is the last time we saw the “perfect” couple attend a benefit for something or other? When was the last time they went out on the town for dinner and dancing? When was the last time they had a few friends over for dinner? When was the last time they had a real life? When was the last time they went on vacation?

        I know. I know. Rickie had to give all this up because he’s “maturing”.

        Oh well it won’t be long now. Marvel Comics…has a nice ring to it does it not?

        Sorry. Time to raid the wine cooler and turn on ….. well never mind. Oh how I love a
        hot red head.

        • Fogel says:

          Sorry. BTW I have stopped watching the show as ordered. Now if I can just stop posting then I’ll be the “perfect” little viewer.

          • The Dude says:

            Ha-ha! Well why would you take the time out of your life to post on a show that you no longer watch? Sorry Fogel, but that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever

  19. cbelfon says:

    All I want is to see a complete Wedding, not like Ryan’s, where they entered the church and boom…..she is finish, I am greedy, I want everything, vows, dance goodbyes and then unto their honeymoon suite, then it can end………with them going to make out……

  20. A Worker in the Fields says:

    I wonder if this is the reason that the Senator hates Beckett so much? As ridiculous as it may sound, there was some sort of agreement set up by him and Beckett’s parents, for the Senator’s son and Beckett, or someone in her family refused to go along with it? It is old fashioned, hillbilly, or other country custom, but who is to say that it couldn’t still happen today? There are still hillbilly’s around, by that I mean where the gene pool is pretty shallow, and not that big. So genetically, it is possible. Or that the Senator is so crooked that when he does die, they will have to screw him into the ground when they bury him. Which could not be too far fetched from what we have today in our federal leadership. So those are my thoughts, my computer, my 2¢.

  21. Mel says:

    I’ll miss Warehouse 13.

  22. nat says:

    she married him in her wild times

  23. Kourt says:

    Everyone is losing their s***. Seriously this guy having a past with Beckett doesn’t automatically mean “oh she is still married” or “she must have dated him.” Ummmm probably not. This guy is probably back because of it being case related. JFC. Maybe we should find out more about the finale before jumping to the worst case scenario. The logic of Andrew Terri co-writing the finale and bringing someone back from Beckett’s past to cause “angst” isn’t logically. If that’s really the case then why didn’t Andrew write the finale himself? IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. 6×22 from the sounds of it is going to be angsty. Isn’t there a stripper in 6×23?

  24. kath says:

    Great news.

    I came across an episode of Warehouse 13 filming in my town and we stopped by to see. Eddie McClintock was there, and charming, and very willing to spend time with fans. A great guy.

  25. Eric says:

    Eddie and Kate were secretly married in Las Vegas as part of a cover. Beckett thinks it was annulled, but it wasn’t and he’s going to hold it over her head.

  26. Hsien-Cheng Li says:

    The reverse of “A Rose For Everafter”?

  27. jcraines719 says:

    Castle and Beckett are secure in their relationship. I don’t think anyone has to worry. Plus, he is probably someone Beckett had a run in with when she was a beat cop.

  28. carol says:

    People if we’re all fans of the show lets all just sit back and enjoy the show I know that’s what I intend to do because I love the show and what Andrew Marlowe wants to happen is going to happen so why don’t we just enjoy this good show .

  29. JDC says:

    I just keep thing about what Doyle said, to Castle… “I can’t believe you married her – after what…” We know that our girl Kate has more than a few ghost in her closet; and while no body wanted to believe that she would have married “Josh” in the psychological state she was end. Kate has been a bad girl and we are about to find out with who, when and where… and its not going to be pretty. However, it should be lots of fun.

    • CB says:

      That guy was not talking about something Kate already did, he was talking about what she will do in the future. So it is not about some ghosts in her closet.

  30. busman66 says:

    I hear Fast Eddie is relatively short! Will Beckett give up her stilettos and high boot heels in order to matchup with Eddie. Sure hope not since she is sexy as hell in those heels to better matchup with Castle . She and I “like ’em”. Besides big and brawny Castle could handle Eddie anyday!

  31. TH says:

    Fan of the show but really we waited weeks for that?? Disappointed, it was really lame. Possibly the least affectionate engaged couple and why doesn”t she ever wear her ring?

  32. Phyllis says:

    I wonder what would happen if Castle and Beckett got together with Booth and Brennan to solve a case

  33. DM says:

    After watching the sneak peek , i think marlowe is going to make it like the way of angela’s unknown husband(birimbau) in BONES.. :P

  34. kodi0 says:


  35. Laura C says:

    I’m still enjoying Castle repeats during the day, look forward to a new season. I liked Eddie on Bones as Brennan’s former bf, although I do NOT want him to get between Castle & Beckett. .

  36. GA says:

    We are so sick & tired of the loud, lousy, annoying background music on all the network shows. Can anything be done about it?

  37. Ginger says:

    Absolutely a solid fan of Castle. Have turned so many onto it. If half the men would listen to how he expresses feelings and understands Beckett, there would be lots less divorce. Nevertheless, the story lines this season were so so and again, way too many breaks. Let’s get Rick doing more serious writing as the visitor from the future predicted.