What to Watch Tuesday: Mindy Returns, Cougar Town Finale, @CraigyFerg Hosts TPIR and More

NCIS Ziva Returns April Fools!On TV this April Fools’ Day: The NCIS team gets a blast from the past, an Original returns, the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. battle a green menace and Tru Calling is alive and kicking. As a supplement to TVLine’s original features (linked within) here are 10 programs to keep on your radar.

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8 pm Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC) | It’s the episode everyone has waited for, as Coulson & Co. team with Marvel favorites such as Bird-Brain (guest star Fran Kranz, Dollhouse), Maggot (Nathan Fillion, Dr. Horrible) and Gilgamesh (David Boreanaz, Angel) to fight the mighty Frog-Man (Alan Tudyk, Firefly).

8 pm NCIS (CBS) | Ziva (special guest star Cote de Pablo, The 33) returns and is all, “Who dat sitting at — no, sorry, on — my desk?!” [Cue a fierce exchange of roundhouse kicks and food anecdotes.]

8 pm The Originals (The CW) | When Hayley goes into labor early, Rebekah (now played by NYPD Blue‘s David Caruso) returns to New Orleans to fulfill her obligations as the Original Aunt, and to reveal a horrifying truth: Klaus might not be the father. (Special guest-star Michael Trevino as Tyler Lockwood.)

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9 pm Supernatural (The CW) | Becky Rosen returns and casts a spell that causes Dean and Sam to swap bodies as inspiration for her new fanfic.

9 pm The Mindy Project (Fox) | Double-episode spring premiere: After that steamy kiss on the airplane, Mindy and Danny return home to find… Casey on her doorstep and Cliff wondering what’s going on. Good thing Min’s situation isn’t anything Speedos and a little three-way male mudwrestling can’t solve! (Thanks, Morgan, for the idea.)

9 pm The Goldbergs (ABC) | Pac-Man comes out for the Atari 2600, and it’s allllll downhill from there.

9:75 pm Tru Calling (MIA Network) | Season 3 premiere: While Harrison snoops into his father’s association with Jack. Tru’s latest case involves the cadaver of Will Gardner, a lawyer whose final phone call to the love of his life got interrupted.

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10 pm Justified (FX) | Raylan shoots absolutely everyone, as Wynn Duffy’s eyebrows react.

10 pm Person of Interest (CBS) | Decima succeeds in infecting The Machine, leaving Root with nothing but spam messages about how “her” roommate’s sister-in-law makes $68 an hour working from home.

10 pm Chicago Fire (NBC) | In this planted spin-off episode, Engine Co. 51 works with Chicago’s Wrigley Field Stadium Security to find out who tried to set fire to Clark, the new Cubs mascot.

Happy April 1st! Now click here for Tuesday’s actual What to Watch column.

And in comments, cook up your own April Foolish TV show synopses!

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  1. Adam says:

    I actually thought all of these were serious until I read the bottom of the article…

  2. Luke Nash says:

    It’s STILL too early to joke about Tru Calling guys! :o(

  3. Aries says:

    I ‘almost’ believed that. Also – Glee in NY tonight!!!

  4. Jess says:

    Can we get that Marvels Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D episode to happen though? Sounds amazing!

  5. auntiemm says:

    I’m waiting for the first “I knew Ziva was coming back”.

  6. Tessa says:

    Great April Fools joke, just wish yesterday’s HIMYM finale’s ending was one as well.

  7. Original Rebekah now played by David Caruso.. that was terrific ! LOL

  8. Tessa says:

    Just Glee for me tonight.

  9. Dave says:

    Love it lol. I read the agents of shield brief and thought wait how come I haven’t heard about this

  10. Andrew says:

    TRU CALLING oh bitch you got me ! I was about to yell my happiness !

  11. Siria says:

    Is Agents of SHIELD just going to ignore what happened in ‘The Winter Soldier’? So far, Marvel has been great with continuity…

  12. Sit Happens says:

    You guys are EVIL!!! lol
    I believed it and got exited over tru calling (same time wondering about, why i never heard about it) lol ….

    GREAT ONE!!!

  13. GhostWolf says:

    Tuesdays are a busy night.

    Delay watch CBS all three shows (to FF commercials – not one of the privileged Nielsens so who cares)
    DVR – The Originals, SPN, Justified, SHIELD

  14. Some chick says:

    TVLine has the most sadistic sense of humor. Messing with fragile emotional state of Tru Calling fans.

  15. rflairfan1 says:

    The Goldbergs
    Growing up Fisher
    Cougar Town
    Person of Interest

  16. Tom Charles says:

    DUDE! Since when is Tru Calling on at 9:75? It’s normally on at 3:14159265359

  17. Tom Charles says:

    8:67 Wormhole X-Treme – The team travels to the mysterious planet Gorlon 5 to try and find the whereabouts of The Grand Yeti (Edward Asner, Fish Police) but are halted by an agent known only as “Sleazy Joe” who turns out to be yet another clone of Kinsey (Ronny Cox, Cop Rock)

  18. Curly Girly says:

    That was just plain MEAN!!! The SHIELD scoop got my heart all a-twitter. I even forwarded the article to my friends. You had me going, until I read the rest of the article. MEAN MEAN MEAN!!!

  19. JSintheStates says:

    Nothing to watch on Tuesday — with or without April Fools’ Day!

  20. alexjones says:

    wow they actually had me fooled with the originals one, should have remembered it’s not on this week.

  21. Brian says:

    Glee in New York- FULL TIME!

  22. Maki says:

    I never read the first sentence but after reading The Original synopsis I was like whaaat!? Nice 1 TvLine nice one.

  23. bj says:

    You are a very sick man. lol I can hear the Tiva fans wailing all the way up here. PMSL

    And I was thinking, “What the hey…Tru Calling???” lol

    • Angela says:

      Haha, my thoughts exactly on the Tiva one. Great April Fools’ joke!
      Recorded Craig hosting “Price is Right” this morning, will be watching it back later today. It was fun to see Drew hosting his show last night :).

  24. sheri says:

    Argh! I canceled SHIELD on the DVR a while back, but I set it to record this episode before I got to the end of the article…

  25. Betty says:

    Mindy, MIndy!!!!

  26. Katie says:

    This is cruel, ausiello. Too cruel.
    The Whedonverse one really got me.

  27. Joey Padron says:

    Agents of Shield, The Mindy Project, About A Boy, and Jimmy Fallon.

  28. Tran 2.0 says:

    Already watch Drew Carey taking over The Late Late Show and today Craig Ferguson takes over The Price is Right (COME ON DOWN). Also, Agents of SHIELD. HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY HA HA HA :-)

  29. sarah says:

    Twisted and Person of Interest

  30. Shannon says:

    Is Supernatural new tonight? I saw on the schedule that a rerun of The 100 was airing in it’s timeslot.

    • alistaircrane says:

      It’s a repeat tonight and next Tuesday. Returns April 15 with all-new episodes through to the May 20 finale.

  31. Claire says:

    OH! SO MEAN! LOL You almost had me! Grrrrr. That’s just CRUEL! You should write for HIMYM.

    Too bad THAT didn’t air tonight instead — greatest gotcha ever. Sickos #HIMYM

  32. alistaircrane says:

    I hope this is just the SEASON finale of Cougar Town and not series finale. By this time last year, they’d already been renewed. A sixth season will bring them to 100 episodes. Please, TBS, make it happen!

  33. Bored Now! says:

    From now on, every episode of AoS that doesn’t feature Maggot and Gilgamesh is going to feel inferior by comparison!

    Seriously, which of the TVLine crew is a big enough Marvel geek to even know those characters exist? As a Marvel freak myself, I bow down in respect! ;)

  34. MC says:

    FYI – Beyond 3 Carlys appearing on screen today, General Hospital is celebrating its 51st Anniversary today.

  35. Jackson says:

    That thud you here is the sound of millions of Ziva fans fainting when they see that picture (before reading the article or realizing what day it is.)

  36. Lynne says:

    Not funny, guys!

  37. Debbie says:

    that SHIELD post was just MEAN!! I was SO excited……

  38. Kathy says:

    I would watch Shield if Nathan, David, and Alan were on; sadly they are not. :(

  39. Rick Katze says:

    Difficult call but I vote for the April 1 listing rather than the second page.

  40. Gerry says:

    Love the ending of HMYM, knew it would be Robin the end, especially after Robin says, should have ended with the good guy.

  41. TamCat says:

    That one for The Mindy Project was totally believable! That would be something Morgan would do!

  42. MAS says:

    You got me. I was completely floored by NCIS story. Too bad it’s a joke!

  43. Aimee says:

    Outdid yourself with this line up. Well done sir! :-)

  44. Mary says:

    Knew what the front page was all about. Too bad the Tru Calling part wasn’t real though. I liked the show and Eliza Dushku should be back in something. Wonder when she will pop up on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

  45. a says:

    I saw the NCIS thing and I was like “WHOA, since when is Ziva coming back?” I was so confused…. Now I know why…. LOL

  46. Dee says:

    You almost gave me a stroke. I love NCIS and I especially love it with both Bakula and Harmon. Can’t wait to see it tonight. Would have hated Ziva horning in.

  47. So not funny!!! I was really excited about a few of those and wondered why I hadn’t heard about them sooner. You guys suck!!! ; )

  48. Tina says:

    ROFL – I can’t believe even knowing what day it is… and knowing the stunts you pull… I still grabbed my remote to try to figure out what channel “MIA Network” is…………….. And I loved the AOS dream casting.

  49. kd83954 says:

    NYC GLEE BABY. can’t waaaaait! i’m so so excited the mindy project is back!

  50. Carter says:

    Never funny when it comes to Tru Calling. Man alive I miss that show!