HIMYM: 13 Questions We Still Have About Ted's Future, Robin's Other Job, Bob Saget and More

During the course of How I Met Your Mother‘s final season, viewers got plenty of answers to the show’s biggest mysteries — The Mother’s name is Tracy! Barney’s job is PLEASE! — but we still have some burning questions from the series finale and past episodes.

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Our queries range from the specific (Who is #31?) to the bizarre (What about the pineapple?!) to the silly (What was with you-know-who’s hair faux pas?). We even found more mysteries in a still photo from (what’s likely) a deleted scene.

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Flip through the gallery to check them all out, and then head to the comments with your own Qs (and possibly some answers?).

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. dorknight says:

    The voice is easy when you think about it. When Ted is narrating he is hearing himself talk as he’s telling his children this story. When you see Ted the memory, the kids are the ones hearing this so they are hearing it from Ted’s voice as when he speaks. Like when you talk you sound different to yourself than others.

  2. Justin Sturm says:

    Here is my question… If your dad just told you the story about how he met the love of his life, your mother who died 6 years ago, wouldn’t you get just a little misty eyed? I am pretty sure you wouldn’t just go “Hey dad, go bang Aunt Robin!”
    Why didn’t they film alternate take with the kids 9 years ago? Here is one where Ted ends up with Robin, here is one where Ted stays with the mom. Here is one where Ted is dying and he is telling his kids his story…. Give yourself some options.

    • LSJ says:

      Given the timeline, I don’t think the kids really even knew their mother. If Ted met her in 2014, the show ended in 2030, and the mother has already been dead for 6 years, then Ted and the mother only had 10 years together.

  3. haha says:

    I have a theory. Ted has always been seen as a planner. Robin was perfect, but her one fault in Teds eyes was the fact that she didnt want to have kids. As the seasons went on and on and on, we saw Ted get colder and colder. He broke up a wedding for instance. He met a woman and had kids with her. Married her for the insurance and poisoned her after she gave him two kids. He had to wait the six years so he didnt look too eager to be rid of his wife. Then he got to have his kids AND still get the girl of his dreams. As proof I will give you the fact that his wife died relatively quickly and showing no signs of any sickness and the fact that he kept the blue horn.
    How I met your mother was actually about a desperate, crazy man getting away with a perfect murder.

  4. amanda says:

    oh god you guys need to get over it!stop being dramatic.it wasnt bad. stop making it sound like ted did not love tracy…its life it happens, people die. and after 6 years, they remarry or date again.we did meet the mother, we found out how he did and ted loved her, they were both each other’s soulmate. if you rewatch the pilot it will make a lot of sense.the finale basically tied up loose ends,robin is his dream girl and in the end , he did end up with up her.it is a good story.

    • Bryan says:

      It may be true to life that he would move on. Which would have been fine if it was another character. There have been plenty of episodes that hammered home the whole I’m finally over Robin thing and also how much better Robin and Barney were for each other. That’s the issue. The finale goes against their own writing. So many times did they realize they weren’t right for each other during the series run only to revisit it doesn’t really make sense. People are trying to say it’s true to life but its a tv show. You can have bouts of real life which they did during the entire run but you can’t contradict yourself in the writing. I think a ton of people would have been fine if this all occurred over the final season or earlier but because so much time was given to making sure the audience know that Tracy and Ted were in love and that Barney and Robin were in love and then reset everything in less than 15 minutes of the finale and then in about 4 minutes at the end really hurts the overall story. It appeared not only lazy but rather overly romantic. The mother dying could have been poignant without the scene with the kids urging him to go to aunt robin’s or him showing up the blue horn but that isn’t what happened. They had to give Ted what was in their minds his happy ending rather than staying true to what they said in interviews throughout the years.

      • Tookie Clothespin says:

        The finale doesn’t go against their own writing. From the time the show took place to the time the show ended almost twenty years went by. People that are saying that the characters were acting out of character are not taking into account almost twenty years of off camera growth and change. I admit that the writers needed more time to get the point across. They probabaly should have started the finale last week and concluded this week. That way they could have spent more time addressing the fact that the characters that you knew in 2014 were not the same people in 2030.

        • Bryan says:

          Two things. First it isn’t my issue that they didn’t show the character development over those years. That is totally and completely their fault and they could have structured the show in a different way if they wanted to show that. We know Ted was in love with Robin for many seasons and then he feel line love with Tracy. We never know what sent him back to Robin because in Sunrise he supposedly finally let her go. Secondly you don’t write then people change over 20 years and the audience will have to infer the changes. That is lazy and extremely messed up to do to an audience that really allowed the show to exist because it was so close to cancelation many times. There are so many episodes that contradict the characters that exist in 2030 that it isn’t even funny. Also I think that you might be ignoring the fact that they had that plan for the finale from the beginning. So if it would have ended seasons before it would have been the same. They never accounted for the writing and character building they would have later on in the series. With the way that they wrote the series from seasons like 6-9, the series finale should have never ever went the way it did because those characters that they had envisioned being together in the end weren’t the same characters later in the series. I respect that you liked it, I didn’t at all though.

          • Tookie Clothespin says:

            I feel that you calling the writing lazy is a very valid criticism. Like I said, they should have started the actual finale earlier to be able to properly exhibit the character developement I feel that they were going for. However I would counter with that maybe the writers had more faith in the audience that they could put two and two together on their own without it having to appear onscreen. As for Ted letting Robin go, he did in the present time. But, twenty years later and six years after his wife passed away he developed those feelings again. 2014 Ted and 2030 Ted are at different points in their lives. They are almost two different people. 2014 Ted is done with Robin and starting on with his life with the mother. 2030 Ted is six years a widower and ready to move on with his life and it just so happens that a woman that he loved a long time ago is back in his life and single herself. I understand the criticism and your criticisms are actually well founded unlike so many others on here. I just think that without reading into the story a little bit and taking everything at face value alone people are cheating themselves out of enjoying or at least tolerating an ending to a series that so many of them claimed to have loved. I’ve said it before on here, I think that people are not allowing themselves to enjoy being told a story anymore and instead are demanding to be shown the story that they want to see. Not everyone but, many.

          • Bryan says:

            I think that you and I had the first discussion on a board that had no ill will or disrespect. Just two people with different views. I loved the story but didn’t like the ending. For me it didn’t jive but for you it did which I guess is a testament to the series as a whole.

          • jenna says:

            I agree with the criticism of lazy writing. The show has lead up to 2 main events, barney and robins wedding (2 seasons build up) and the first time ted and the mother meet (9 season build up). My problem with the finale was the apparent dismissal with these two major events (Major Events). The writers couldn’t even give us a proper reason for barney and robins divorce, of out all the ones they could have picked they went with the one that was most out of character, barney playing second fiddle to robin’s career. Especially since a previous episode was spent on the concept of independence within their relationship. Yet once that apparent obstacle was gone and robin had seemingly settled down, instead of getting back together she instead goes back to ted?

            I have the bigger issue with Ted and Tracy. We’ve all been waiting 9 years for them to finally meet for the first time and when that scene finally happens she’s suddenly gone and the relationship is dismissed. Somehow there was time for numerous judge fudge references, E.T. goodbye etc. but there wasn’t time to give the mother a proper goodbye?? The kids had 6 years to get over their mothers death, a viewer had about 6 seconds

          • jeremy says:

            jenna you took the words right out of my head! We’ve spent 9 years waiting for the meet-cute moment between Ted and Tracy. Piecing together all the clues over the years and when she FINALLY arrives and is brilliant and that meet-cute scene is perfect so not give her any sort of goodbye?!? I could get on board with ted moving on to robin years later but at least give the viewer a scene to get over her as well!

          • matt says:

            the finale ended up feeling like a gimmick, the ‘ultimate play’ by thomas and bays to show that it was always about robin all along downplaying ted’s relationship with tracy. The relationship with tracy seemed like a throw away which left a bitter aftertaste.

            on a side note these polarizing/’i tricked you’ finales seem to be really common now. Off the top of my head Dexter, Lost, the sopranos, Prison Break, Will & Grace. I’m starting to think that showrunners make these polarizing finales so people will continue to talk about the series, any publicity is good publicity!

          • Red Balloon Ted says:

            I think there is enough in the storyline of HIMYM to satisfy both the B&R and T&R camps. Regardless of who ended up with whom, I think the largest point that CB and CT were trying to make is that –

            “Love doesn’t always have to make sense, to make sense.”

    • wow201102 says:

      Funnily enough, I actually did rewatch the pilot right before the finale aired, in order to give myself the illusion of the story being told in one sitting. It didn’t help. At all.

    • MizzSweets says:

      it was b.s and they left a lot of questions unanswered. They ruined the show with the last episode.

      • Mikael says:

        I did like how the mother’s name was Tracy, which goes back to the time Ted joked that the stripper he met named Tracy was the how he met their mother and they kids went WHAT??!!

  5. KJ says:

    What was the eps where they kept flashing on Robin and Lily meeting years in the future for tea and gossip… if I remember right it doesn’t fit with Robin dumping Lily in the finale..

    • Tookie Clothespin says:

      Robin didn’t just disappear. She was around periodically before she “brokeup” with Lily. It could have happened then. Or it could have taken place after the mother convinced Robin to come back into the fold. From the way that the kids talked Robin is around quite frequently.

    • Goodby Universe Guy says:

      Season 8 – ‘Bad Crazy’ [the Mike Tyson episode]. Robin and Lily meet for ‘girl talk’ and afternoon tea many times over the years – at least 2017, 2025, 2027, 2030, +/- , etc. A good episode – check it out next time it is on local syndication and/or DVD collection. Although, there is a ‘gap’ in that list of years between 2017 and 2030 – hmm, I never thought of that until this moment. The gap would have been between the time right after the divorce, and the time after Tracy died. Hmmm, wow. Maybe Robin had to get back into the gang and come back home to MY after Tracy died – maybe Ted asked her for help with the kids. Wow, I never thought of that.

      I think (as other post noted), Robin actually never dumps Lilly, but she does dump the gang. Why? To be honest, why did Ted plan to ‘dump the gang?’ It was because of Robin, and Robin marrying Barney – he didn’t want to be the ‘odd man out’. a possible problem that might make things ‘wierd’ in the gang.

      Why did Robin dump the gang? Because of Ted, and Ted marrying Tracy and Barney moving on post divorce. Robin didn’t want to be the ‘third-wheel’. That happens a lot in groups of single people who eventually all pair up except one person – that person usually ‘disappears.’ I know from personal experience.

  6. Princess Adora says:

    I was hoping #31 would be Britney Spears’ character!

    Side note, after thinking about it for a while, I’ve resolved that I really liked the ending :)

  7. cas says:

    I think that they knew from the beginning Ted would be with Robin. I think that was the intention. However, after many season renewals and many twists and turns eventually you have to come up with ideas to keep them apart. So then when they put Barney with Robin, and fans loved it (who knows why IMO) they stuck with it. I think Barney should have stayed with Quinn if anything. And maybe Robin with Don. Ted got his great love, his two great loves. He got his family. Robin didn’t want kids. She got to have her career until it was their time. I think that is the story they were trying to tell. That when the time is right it works out. Yes, maybe they could have changed a few things this season or last. But too late now. Just enjoy it. Remember it’s a lighthearted comedy, and not to be taken so seriously.

    • Goodby Universe Guy says:

      You read my mind :) – the Barney-Robin pairing just clicked with fans – and as we see from the many responses here at TVLine the past day or so, there were many, many B&R fans, so I completely understand why they are upset now. They helped make this show the success it became over the years.

      I do wish Quinn had been brought back – as #31. Of all of Barney’s gals, Quinn was my favorite, and IMHO, I still believe a better match for Barney than Robin – it’s close, but Quinn and Barney were amazing together – always in synch. Watch ‘The Broath’ again – those two in that episode are electric together.

  8. elle says:

    5 : to give Bob Saget a job ? ;)

  9. Jane says:

    I watched this and first time around I felt pissed off and cried a lot.But then I watched it again and I got it. Seriously guys just watch it more than once. As the kids say, the whole show HAS been geared around Robin and not the mother. And tbh a lot of people predicted the mothers death months ago, yet the same people are getting pissed off that’s she’s dead.I don’t get that. Yes it’s sad, but the whole story was about Robin. It seems obvious it would end that way to me. I was upset at first but I think tbh that’s just because we have become so emotionally invested in the characters, and that is a sign of a good show. I agree that the wedding was carried out for too long and I think the events of the last 2 episodes of the show should have been spread across further episodes but about the ending: c’mon that was always going to happen.

    • Goodby Universe Guy says:

      ^ This. Thank you Jane. I’ve found another viewer [I just ‘Cas’ up-thread] feeling better about the finale as I do, and in your case, after seeing it a second time. That’s good news – I hope others do the same. I watched the finale again last night/Tuesday, and I like it better (and more importantly, understood it better) the second time around – and I like the finale the first time around on Monday as well, but now understand (and thus like) the finale more with that additional viewing). I’ll probably watch it again tonight.

      Frankly, if (on the DVD for S9) they can get NPH (I know he’s busy) to film a quick scene with “Quinn”, or someone awesome like that, and fans can come away from the series knowing Barney settled down with someone like Quinn, I think that will go a long way to giving fans of the series a better ending for Barney. I think that may be what has fans upset – Barney’s happiness. Indeed, who is #31? Hopefully that gets answered in the DVD S9 release.

  10. Abby says:

    The kids looked a whole lot older in last night’s episode than they did in season one. Heck, they even looked older than they did in season six. I saw an article somewhere about what the kids look like now, with a screenshot from last night, where there is no difference between that and their current pictures. I call BS on them filming that eight or nine years ago.

  11. Dooley says:

    Other than The Mother being present, the entire finale feels like it was filmed 5 years ago. The end game should have been altered after seeing the chemistry between Barney &Robin, Ted & Tracy. There was no need to use the old scene filmed with the children. We haven’t seen much of them in years. We watched these characters evolve, only to have them revert in the finale. I always thought the show was more than a romantic love story, but a love story of friends. All that was lost in the ending.

  12. NickG says:

    I loved how that ended. It was perfect.. and the funny thing, is if you go back and watch season 9 again, it’s all secretly about Ted and Robin. I mean, are we surprised Barry took his signature exit? The only one that could ever change him was a girl, not a woman, but a baby girl. That was perfectly executed. I wish they wouldn’t have gone light speed through their lives post wedding, but instead did two more episodes each and hour. Maybe an emotional sad one at first, and let us sit on that for a week, and then the heartwarming one to close it off.

    Personally I has happy to see Ted and Robin come together. I loved Ted and Tracey, and truthfully, I don’t think there was more shown of her because we all would’ve fallen in love with her to the point beyond repair, where Ted and Robin couldn’t end up together. Also I felt like there was way to much history and love between Ted and Robin for them not to end up together. Like the time Ted stays in NY for Christmas for Robin. That was the moment for me when I wanted to see them together. OH and this show made part of it’s bread and butter on foreshadowing and what was better foreshadowing that “love in the time of cholera”… two lovers marry different people, each of their spouses die, and they in the end marry each other, just like they should’ve all along.

    Also the questions I want to know, real bad are…

    1: who’s #31?
    2: what happens to Ted’s sister?
    3: most importantly: WHAT WAS THE CUT SCENE???

    Quick thought, and it’s probably not true: Ted’s sister = #31???
    … I dont really believe this, but I thought of it when I say those questions up above.

    Things I would’ve changed/added.

    1st: made it two separate 1 hour finales. It was so rushed it didn’t seem fair that we only had one last hour with the gang.

    2nd: I would’ve showed more of Ted and Tracey’s wedding

    3rd: This one was all about the moments, the big moments. They should’ve shown Tracey’s funeral. And the gang their for Ted, as they were their for Marshall.

    4th: I would’ve like to see some intermittent Ted/Robin encounters, especially like the classics where Ted is there to comfort Robin and be there for her, sometimes during the 6 years post Tracey’s death.

    5th: the way I would’ve ended it, is I would’ve liked to have Robin run down the stairs, and for Ted to kiss her on the steps, echoing the scene from so many years before when he didn’t kiss her. I would’ve felt like that would’ve closed the season perfectly.

  13. A says:

    My 2 favorite shows ended in the last 2 weeks. One was amazing in every sense of the word, Psych, and one was so dissapointing, HIMYM.

    • Abby says:

      I didn’t watch Psych, but I saw like the last 5-10 minutes of the finale and was thinking – this is a great finale! The last ten minutes of a show I’ve never watched, and I got sucked in and felt happy. Nine years and then pissed.

  14. What’s going on in this (cut?) series finale scene? I think that where he tells here his wife is sick and may pass away.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      I also wondering if the mother told Robin first that she was sick and could die before she told Ted.Then Ted could have been mad at Robin for not telling him right away.I think i the intervening years the mother and Robin became good friends and maybe the mother even asked Robin to look after Ted and her kids after she was gone.So maybe the mother knew Ted and Robin would fall in love again after she was gone.So in a way the mother was making sure Ted would be taken care of and happy after she was gone.However that’s just my opinion.

  15. Kevin says:

    I was a little confused about some things… Why in the whole last seson was their flash forward scenes with Ted and Tracy??? Remember the title of the show writers??? Why was Ted sitting behind a desk the whole time, telling the story to his kids??? Why did he wait so long (after tracys death) to tell the story??? I would have preferred Tracy to be sitting next to him as he said and thats HIMYM!!! And than offer the blue horn to Robyn as a I will never forget our time together!!! Also, where did Barney end up (unless i missed that)????

  16. Bob Smith says:

    “What did Tracy die from?” Beyond being grammatically incorrect, I would say she died from show creator stupidity.

  17. Bob Smith says:

    “What’s going on with Robin’s hair in 2030?” That’s easy. It’s a wig, because she’s getting chemo and radiation treatments for her cancer. They will get married, only to have her die a year later.

  18. Andrew Hass says:

    Whenever a series ends there’s always some questions left unanswered but i didn’t need to know how the mother died and other things.Plus as i pointed out the series was about how Ted met the mother of his kids and the show fulfilled that promise to the fans.I don’t think they said that Ted and the mother would still be together when the series ended.

  19. MizzSweets says:

    first off, we did see who Ted’s “perfect match” was.. it was the doctor who was engaged to be married that saturday(the week ted went to see her at her office). I also find it ridiculous that they spent the entire season building to Robin and Barney’s wedding which we hardly saw any of when it finally showed not to mention they get divorced after which I was very unhappy about. I also am very unhappy that they end up killing Tracy. The whole season was horrible, they did a terrible job. They could have atleast gave the show a happy ending… Ted spends his life with Tracy and Barney and Robin spend their life together (married). The only thing I was ok with, was Marshal and Lily. The last episode also made me HATE Robin again. Good job on disappointing all the fans!!!!

  20. Antonietta says:

    If the writers reasoning for the ending was they had already shot the last scene with the kids before they got too old, why didn’t they film alternate endings so they could decide at the moment which would be best? The ending that would have been great after say seasons 2-6 wasn’t right after season 9. They should have had a backup plan!

  21. Lauren says:

    Penny told us the point of the whole show. It was all about Ted’s relationship with Robin. He started the whole thing when he met her. He told them all of this because he loved Tracy so much and he was scared to move on. He needed the permission of his kids to do so. He simultaneously made it about his relationship with Robin and about how much Tracy means to him. And all the other stuff served as fun stuff to make the show enjoyable.

    • Goodby Universe Guy says:

      ^ This. That’s three viewers now back-to-back-back (Cas, Jane, Lauren) that I agree with 100% – things looking better here every day – we just all need some time to process all the took place on Monday’s finale to better understand it.

      • Daryl says:

        Oh, I *understand* it just fine. I also understand that it was sloppily done, giving us an 8 year old ending that no longer fit the characters as we last knew them to be.
        It’s like i was served a wonderful appetizer and entree, shown a chocolate cake for dessert, had one delicious bite of the cake, then had it replaced with warmed leftovers from the lunch special last week. Then I went home and made a tortured metaphor to illustrate my point. :-)

      • john says:

        I don’t think it has to do with understanding or getting the finale. I ‘got’ the finale and found the message C&C wanted to express to be creative and quite thought provoking especially for a sitcom. However in my opinion the execution was quite poor which is why there is so much backlash

        • Daryl says:

          Exactly what I’ve been saying. It’s almost as if they felt that showing us Tracy’s transition from losing Max to being ready to move on and meeting Ted would be enough to justify the leap in the closing minutes. But, the difference was, even abbreviated, we saw Tracy’s journey from grieving to moving on. But Ted’s journey that we saw was about him realizing he and Robin didn’t work and ultimately finding that ideal person in Tracy. We didn’t see his grief, or his moving past the grief…we saw the story of meeting the love of his life after years of missteps and heartache, then…oh, yeah…she got sick. “Yeah, Dad. She’s been dead for six years. You’re obviously still hung up on the woman who tossed you aside because you weren’t right for each other several times. Go get ‘er!”

      • Erin says:

        Not liking something does not mean you don’t understand it. I understand exactly what they did; I just think it was stupid and pointless. Robin is a selfish person and Ted did not belong with her. She only wanted him when she saw how much he was willing to do for her, but she was rarely, if ever, willing to do the same for anyone else. She thought about ditching Barney at the altar, not because she realized she was actually in love with Ted, but because of what Ted would give her. If they wanted to end this way, they should have spent some time making Robin likeable and showing us that they truly belonged together. Robin and Ted was the last pairing I’d have ever wanted. Heck, if they’d had Lily and Marshall break up and Lily end up with Ted, I may have been less disappointed. If they’d have had Lily and Marshall break up and MARSHALL ended up with Ted, and the mother was a surrogate he met through a Craig’s List advertisement, I’d have been less disappointed.

    • Daryl says:

      If the point of the story was to get the kids’ ok to move on with Robin, why did he go to such great lengths in the story to illustrate again and again why he and Robin weren’t a good match for one another and just plain weren’t meant to be?

      • N tTVf says:

        I think I may have used the wrong word when I used the word ‘understand’ in my post-reply up-thread; – my goof…message received [I had no idea it would upset people, but it did, my mistake – sorry about that folks.] I know many fans are not happy with the end result of HIMYM. I respect that.

        I was walking through my neighborhood grocery store today at lunch, and I see the TV Guide covers of this week’s edition all about the register/check-out area – Neil Patrick Harris on the cover, and NPH and Cobie Smulders on the backside ‘flip’ cover – those TV Guides are flying off the racks – I’ve bought multiple copies for my collection. NPH & CS / B&R were core to the success of HIMYM. My favorite character on the show was Robin, and I identified with Ted, so it was hard for me not to root for T&R, but I also like B&R as well, and if Ted couldn’t end up w/Robin, I was always rooting for Barney and Robin.

        You brought up a good question – if Ted told his kids time and time again that he and R were not a good match – not meant to be, why go through the process of telling them this story of ‘himym’ if Ted didn’t think he wanted/needed now/2030 to try to be with Robin? I don’t know – my guess (and it’s just a guess) is that Ted was trying to ensure he wasn’t ‘stacking-the-deck’ – he wanted to ensure he gave his children (and himself) an ‘out’, just in case six years wasn’t enough time after Tracy’s death. So he tried to convince the kids (and maybe himself?) that it just wasn’t meant to be – to just let it go and not try to start something up again w/R. I think the kids reaction to the story gave him the ‘okay’ to go see R.

        We are missing a couple of key pieces to the story as well, so we may find out more when the S9 DVD comes out later this year – that Robin-Ted summit at the cafe (probably took place in 2024, at time of Tracy’s death) will be an important piece of the puzzle.

        • N tTVf (aka Goodbye Universe Guy) says:

          …and after returning to this page and re-reading what I’d originally written back in April post finale, and using the word ‘understand’, I think now (in May), maybe I have a better ‘understanding’ of why I used the word ‘understand.’ When I used the term, it was not to ask us to ‘understand’ the finale, but perhaps to better understand ‘what was going through Carter Bays and Craig Thomas’ minds’ as they wrote the finale – and in a sense now, the entire series.

          How am I trying to better ‘understand’ (as best I can) how this series played out, and the reasons for the ‘end-game’ of the finale? I’m reading the book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ this spring, and learning as much [on the Internet] as I can about the book and the author (who recently passed away). This is the book that Ted (aka Carter Bays) was reading on the Farhampton train platform when he met Tracy. The book is referred to at others times as well (‘Milk’ episode).

          When I’m done reading the book, I may still not necessarily agree with the way the series ended (although, I’m fine with it), but I will better understand why CB/CT wrote the story the way they did. TV shows [film scripts, music. etc. as well] are not necessarily written for the audience – they are written for the creators themselves, and it is hoped that the audience will go along for the ride. The ‘ride’ of this series may not have been what people asked for or wanted, but the basic construct of the T&R storyline is based upon (at least roughly) on the book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ – that is why the story of HIMYM ended as it did.

          Had the show ended last year at Season 8 (May 2013), then we all would not have had such a long S9 ‘wedding weekend’, and that may have helped speed things up. That may have helped (again, just my opinion) many of the HIMYM fans accept the B&R divorce a bit better had the entire S9 not taken place – perhaps not. For many fans, the B&R part of the show was the main reason they stayed with HIMYM for nine years – I understand that and no explanation will help in those cases – I get it, message received.

          For myself, I’m grateful for S9, particularly because it gave the cast and crew a chance to really shine this past year on magazine covers, stories on talk shows, etc. They deserved that recognition for their fine work and hard work over nine years. When I think of the series ending in May 2013/Season 8, I wonder (and worry) that episodes like ‘Sunrise’ would not have been filmed to their full extent. That episode was (IMHO) the best, most important of S9 (along w/End of the Isle) – those were the two that highlighted Ted and Robin together, and as we now know, those interactions [few and far between in S9 particularly] between the two were critical to the eventual end-game of the series.

          For better or worse, HIMYM (based upon Love in the Time of Cholera) was not a story about Lily and Marshall per se, or about Barney and Robin, or even about Ted and the Mother/Tracy…. although they were all integral, important, key components of the series. At the core of HIMYM was the story of Ted and Robin. Full circle, from start to finish, and many critical moments in between.

  22. Goodby Universe Guy says:

    What question do I need answered? I just want to know, was the walrus Paul or not!!?

    Ohhh, wait a minute, I’m sorry, I somehow got onto the wrong message board.

    Okay, here at TVLine with HIMYM posting, the two question I’d like most answered –

    1] Did Tracy invite Robin to the wedding while she/Tracy was still healthy, or did she and Ted know around that time 2020, that she might be ill and wanted to ensure they got married before she might pass away or get too sick for the wedding ceremony? Tracy passed away in 2024, which as the flash forward we saw a couple of weeks back in ‘Vesusius’. There’s a time gap there, but perhaps not too much.

    2] What went on at the Ted-Robin meeting at the cafe scene (that got cut from the finale). I assume it took place in 2024, around/after the time of Tracy death. Was Ted needing, and asking for, some help with the kids?

    • Tookie Clothespin says:

      Your second question is the one that I want answered. I really hope that when the box set comes out there is some kind of extended director’s cut of the finale because one of my few minor gripes about it was that it felt rushed. There was another thirty minutes of story in there that could have fleshed things out more and I think that it would quell some of the backlash.

  23. Goodby Universe Guy says:

    Regarding Robin’s hair in 2030 up at her apartment with her dogs, it is an interesting look – kind of an ‘Anne Curry meets Ellen’ approach to hair styling. ;)

    However, I think that ‘do’ is just a new style Robin is trying out. In ‘Bad Crazy’, the flash forward of gals Robin and Lily in 2030 having their girl-talk ritual at tea time, shows Robin with much longer hair, so this Ted-bluehorn encounter is probably a bit after that latest Lily-Robin rendezvous in 2030.

    I like her hair style in both 2030 instances – ‘career woman on the move’ fashion.

  24. Luis says:

    Thank God somebody finally asked WTF Bob Saget was being used for for nine years? Did one of the creators owe his career to Saget? Did Danny Tanner do the Heimlich on one of them?

  25. Chris Hype says:

    Oh, the one about Ted’s sister is easy. She went into the future and became Time Force Ranger Pink, then went back to the present and got slapped around by the Boogeyman a little.

  26. C says:

    1. Who cares who Ellies Mom is? A random hookup was the obvious way for Barney to have a kid. I don’t think the Mother there matters.
    2. I’m glad we don’t know what she died from.. but maybe that’s just me.
    3. Also, didn’t Tracy have any friends to stand up there with them? Not just Teds friends?
    4. I’m okay with not knowing about M&Ls last kid. Kind of like how we don’t know about Turk&Carlas last kid on Scrubs.
    5. So he sounded older, and so Josh Radnor didn’t have to tape voiceovers&act all the time?
    6. You know what took them so long. Tracy didn’t want to get married while pregnant, then life took over. Taking care of jobs&kids, while spending time with friends, family, and eachother, doesn’t leave a lot of time to plan&have a wedding. I love it, really. Ted finally stopped being so obsessed with getting married right away, and just lived with the one he loved.
    7. I assume that Robin is telling Ted she has feelings for him. He’s mad because she always told him that she didn’t feel that way anymore, but not after his wife dies, she tells her. Otherwise, it would be really random to her to have him show up with the french horn after all these years.
    8. I don’t even know.
    9. I don’t get why people always ask this when they said right in the episode that he never found out. I liked that not everything had an answer. Leeet it gooo.
    10. I don’t think it was super important that we never caught up with her again. Just sayin’.

  27. Scrambled says:

    You mean to tell me that Robin, after traveling the world and having a very successful career, was single for all those years after her divorce from Barney? I feel like she would’ve been better suited to find an equally as career-minded man to start a life with instead of pining after Ted Schmosbey for 10+ years while he was happily married. “The man I should’ve ended up with” are you kidding me? She never would’ve been supportive of him recycling the hanging chad Halloween costume every couple of years. Would Robin want to live in Ted’s house in the suburbs? She’s such a progressive, urban woman! More than anything else, this was a disservice to Robin! I know she was a neurotic & needy character in her own right (and written, for the most part, pretty bitchy) but she and Ted both deserved more than they could give each other!

    And that’s MY biggest gripe about the finale.

  28. 1. It does not matter who #31 is, Barney will probably divorce her too.
    2. Tracy died of a broken heart.
    3. Penny and Like are sitting with Tracy’s parents. Both of Ted’s parents are dead.
    4. Lily and Marshall’s baby was a boy and its name was Carter. (Think about that one for a moment).
    5. Ted was getting over a cold that he got by staring at Robin’s window in the middle of winter.
    6. Ted had been engaged twice and Tracy turned down the engagement to the guy whom she was probably supposed to marry.
    7. Great, more of Ted pining over Robin after Tracy died.
    8. Robin cares more about her career than her dogs, friends, husband, and hair.
    9. The pineapple was probably some stupid gift from Robin.
    10. Robin was a bullfighter during sweeps week. It was probably the same trip and she and Barney got divorced.
    11. The luckiest woman alive was the perfect match from Love Solutions whom Ted had never met.
    12. Robin quit smoking because her career. Barney quit smoking because of his daughter.
    13. Ted’s sister died of the same thing that Tracey died of.

  29. Mikael says:

    As disappointing as it was, it did make sense. The daughter called him out, saying it really wasn’t the story of HIMYM because the mother wasn’t even in it and it was basically all about Robin. In that perspective, the 9 seasons of Ted going back and forth over Robin makes sense. Also, in season 3, the voiceover says that the kids know the short version, involving the yellow umbrella, which would be the true story of HIMYM. It doesn’t mean that it was good, though.

  30. Dick Whitman says:

    Anyone who followed the show with devotion knows that Robin poisoned Tracy with a concoction she picked up on one of her foreign country adventures. Robin’s dark side is revealed over the course of nine season’s, most graphically in her last days as Robin Sparkle and in her reactions to various break ups and other disappointment. Finally, she wasn’t going to let “the one who got away” get away and only Tracy stood in her way.

  31. john says:

    its just a good show. Supposed to make you laugh. who cares about who should end up with who, get a life people its a good funny show now we are left with the voice, and other shows like it

  32. Nina says:

    We did meet Ted’s perfect match from the dating service. She was a doctor who was getting married the weekend he met her.

  33. Sherrie Henry says:

    They should have gone all ‘Dallas’ back in ’06. They should have filmed multiple endings.

  34. ...but only if #31 isn't me, Quinn says:

    Who is #31? Robin’s sister! (keeping it in the family, I guess!) ;)

    And if not her, then #31 is Ted’s sister!

    What can you say, Barney is awesome. ;)

  35. Red Balloon Ted says:

    Just looping back to this article a month later [Mid-May] – I’m reading the book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ this spring, and I think of all the comments on this page, Nick G’s up-thread may be the closest to getting to the heart of what CT/CB were aiming for with this series. Here is Nick G’s specific comment regarding the ‘Cholera’ book –
    “Personally I has happy to see Ted and Robin come together. I loved Ted and Tracey, and truthfully, I don’t think there was more shown of her because we all would’ve fallen in love with her to the point beyond repair, where Ted and Robin couldn’t end up together. Also I felt like there was way to much history and love between Ted and Robin for them not to end up together. Like the time Ted stays in NY for Christmas for Robin. That was the moment for me when I wanted to see them together. OH and this show made part of it’s bread and butter on foreshadowing and what was better foreshadowing that “love in the time of cholera”… two lovers marry different people, each of their spouses die, and they in the end marry each other, just like they should’ve all along.”
    The book Ted is reading after the wedding, when he is at the Farhampton train station in the rain, soon to meet Tracy, the book is indeed ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’. That book is mentioned a couple of other times in the series (S1 ‘Milk’ episode [1.21] in conversation between Ted and Robin), and I believe the book was also a favorite of Tracy’s – it is certainly Ted’s favorite.
    Which leads to my big series finale burning question. What is the name of the book that Ted is reading to Tracy in the hospital room in 2024? Is it indeed, ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’?
    The answer to that question will probably give us the final piece as to the heavy impact that book had on this entire series, and on CT and CB, and certainly, on the Ted-Tracy-Robin story. If indeed that book was the core platform for the series, then the Ted-Robin relationship truly was at the core of this entire series, and the finale was simply the final piece of that story-puzzle completion.

  36. SU89 says:

    Why Bob Saget, Josh Radnor sounded to young to be his future self.

  37. Adrian Caiazzo says:

    Does anybody realize some of these questions have already been answered? Marshall and Lily’s second child was a girl, and It look so long for Ted and Tracy to get married because she was pregnant. Also, Ted met with his Live Solutions match and tried to get her divorced.