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HIMYM Boss Breaks Silence on Divisive Finale

Last Forever Part OneDivisive is actually putting it kindly. The fact is, Monday’s How I Met Your Mother finale went over like a lead balloon with longtime fans (TVLine readers gave the episode a C-), many of whom took issue with the closing twist that saw widower Ted reuniting with ex-love Robin.

PHOTOS | HIMYM Series Finale: The Big Mother Reveal and 15 More Memorable Moments

In the wake of the outcry, series cocreator Craig Thomas took to Twitter Monday night to sorta-defend the controversial climax. “The fact that we have been a TV sitcom that has received this much passion from fans, for 9 years (not just tonight) — thank you,” he wrote. “We wrote a comedy with dramatic elements till the very end… We did a finale about life’s twists and turns and that [what you expect] is not always what happens.

“Seriously – no matter what you thought of tonight, THANK YOU,” Thomas concluded. “You were with us. We love you. Thanks for this ride.”

Scroll down to relive the episode’s 16 biggest moments — which one was your fave (and least fave)?

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  1. Aleana says:

    It was okay but I think it would have been great if the twist was that Robin was the mother they both went there seperate ways Robin got her career Ted went to teach and years later Robin and Ted got together got marry and had two kids she had her career and Ted got what he wanted Robin and two kids

  2. Bruce says:

    Life happens in a random and not often orderly, neat manner.

    Lost a wife? Been there done that.

    Been a widowed father: Been there, done that, too.

    Navigating the waters of dating, etc with children very much a part of the equation? Yep…that, too.

    So why all the fuss? Everybody happily riding off into the sunset with the expected outcomes for all might have been just as unsatisfying.

    It’s a sitcom…not any more “life” than Ward/June, Wally and the Beav were in their time….

  3. It all now makes perfect sense why Ted spent the last nine years turning the story of how he met his kids mother into How Much I’ve Always Loved Your Aunt Robin. Well done from a storytelling perspective, in my opinion.

  4. drewm987 says:

    I have a serious question – posted an article with pictures from the finale. There was one of Ted and Robin in a restaurant only together that never made it into the finale… Robin is sitting at a table and Ted is standing up..

    What was that scene about? Why wasn’t it in the finale?

  5. Ro says:

    Did Barney stay with his baby mama, did she die in childbirth? Robin was a drag during the finale, very self centered. It sucked.

  6. dibomb says:

    How come no one is commenting about how it took 5 years for Ted and the mother to get married???

    • LSJ says:

      and that given the fact that they met in 2014 and by 2030 she’d already been dead for six years, then Ted and the Mother were only together for 10 years, married for 5.

  7. Luis says:

    This was both the best and worst good-bye HIMYM could have given us. It was great in that the show remained true to itself, in that HIMYM was always a show about storytelling and the infinite number of twists and turns that one’s life takes in the course of telling the story. Bringing the blue French horn out one more time was Ted’s way of bringing closure to the story, which was appropriate.
    It was the worst good-bye it could have been thanks to the inconsiderate way the creators treated the fans. Nine years worth of anticipation, building to an immense climax, which is then followed immediately by a denoument which explains that everything leading up to that climax, while lovely and romantic, was really just a setup for the protaganist to be able to get the thing he wanted all along, the girl that got away.
    The creators can’t use the structure of how they filmed the scenes with the children as an excuse for the ending. Lyndsey Fonseca and David Henrie are both still alive and both still acting. They could have easily returned as Ted and Tracy’s adult children. The creators conceived the structure of the story from the outset and chose not to adjust their vision as time passed, which is their right, but it left me, at least, with the feeling that the investment of nine years in Ted’s story did not have a substantial return.

  8. Jeff says:

    Glad I stopped watching after the third or fourth season…

  9. Annie-Claude says:

    I loved it. I loved the fact that it wasn’t a cliché happy ending, true to the uniqueness of the show.
    And also, after all these years of wondering why on earth did they keep on going back to Ted/Robin again and again and again when we all knew she wasn’t the mother, I’m really happy that now it all makes sense.
    I just still wish we ‘d learn who Ted’s perfect match was, but it was a great series finale in my opinion.

    • partisan says:

      It’s only a cliche if everybody does it. It is very rare that you actually see the “happy ending” in television any more. They all do the twist or the tragic ending even in the romantic comedies like this show claimed to be. They call it different but if they all do it then that becomes the cliche.

  10. Thomas says:

    Someone edited an “Alternate ending” together. I will now watch this over and over.

  11. Joe says:

    I don’t care. At least it’s over and won’t be wasting any more of my time. It was a great idea for a show but should have ended 5 years ago when everybody started saying she was going to be dead.

  12. Mandy says:

    I think Barney’s explanation of the his and Robin’s divorce sums up a lot. It was a successful marriage that only last 3 years. Ted and Tracey had a successful marriage that only last 7 years. So him moving back to Robin years down the road is okay with me. I liked that is showed a Ted that doesn’t give up on love. Even after losing the mother of his children and the perfect woman for him, he is still a romantic at heart. I think you have to remember all the good times they jumped ahead to show you with Ted and Tracey, the proposals, all the visits back to Farhampton. They were really happy.
    I think I would have liked to see it end with Lily and Marshall and Robin and Ted and Barney all sitting on the porch like Lily always imagined.

  13. Gon says:

    I’m sure after NINE years of epic journeys of how Ted the mother, people expect that the epic journey of Ted and Tracy story. I’m not the most fanatic fan of HIMYM but I like the show and follow this series throughout the nine years. I’m sure after nine years people wanted to know more about the mother and the mother is the main and final storyline of the series so I really understand the disappointment and even anger of all the people because what they did was just dropping all the hope and wishes of the fans for the mother. What was the point of telling a story of the mother for nine years if they ended up kill her off in the span of 20 minutes and ted moved on to robin? It’s like the writers clearly don’t know what is the meaning of the title and the xpectation of the fans. Really unfortunate that some great series, like HIMYM and dexter, after seasons of epic journey, ended with such a huge disappointment

  14. Melissa says:

    I thought it was great, i mean this obviously was the plan from the first season as that’s when the children’s parts were filmed ( since they didn’t age)
    I think it seemed true to life, that life usually isn’t what you think it is going to be, he found love- this timing wasn’t right. he found love and it was perfect, but it doesn’t always last. sometimes going back to the first love to try again is the right thing to do.

    And best part of the finale was Barney meeting his daughter, loved it!!!

  15. Regina says:

    I’d have been better able to handle this ending if they didn’t make this entire season take place during Robin and Barney’s wedding. This season was just god awful and boring as they tried to drag out one weekend into 23 episodes. It felt like a major waste of my time that I thought would be worth it for what Ted would ultimately have with the mother. It made sense to have the wedding be the focus if it was leading up to Ted meeting and having a long life with the mother and Robin being happy with Barney. But to focus so much on a wedding that ended in divorce 3 years later when you barely even got to see Ted and the mother interact during it? Pointless. If this was their plan all along they should’ve ended it last season and the ending would’ve been easier to swallow. Or they could’ve had him meet her earlier in the season and then had a handful of episodes play out over the next 20 years so it didn’t feel so rushed in the finale. So we, too, would’ve felt like we had enough time to mourn the mother and would be ready for him to move on. I think the way this last season was handled was just a huge mistake. And I’d rather not have gotten to know the mother at all if that was always her fate. The only thing they got right this season was casting the mother. Epic fail.

  16. KT says:

    People need to chill. So you didn’t get what you wanted – get over it. Plenty of people actually liked the finale and understood that it was true to what the show has been. Those who are saying that the last 9 years of their lives were “ruined” because of one episode of a TV show clearly didn’t have great lives to begin with.

  17. Stefan says:

    One thing I liked – the creators prepared us for this by showing us how the mother lost her boyfriend. If she hadn’t moved on, she and Ted would have never got together. So it seems fitting she would like Ted to move on. Still, I think he should have ended up with her.

  18. A says:

    I suspect that if we had seen that 18 minutes of edited-out footage, I might feel better about this ending. I do believe The Mother was still Ted’s truest love — Lily’s “He’s never fallen in love like this before” speaks volumes, so does the “45 days” speech — but Robin was still a deep love.

    My guess is Ted was decimated by Tracie’s death and being a parent kept him going. Eventually, he moved through his grief and six years later, he’s starting to be ready to move on. His kids are teens and probably more ready for him to move on than he is. I bet the extra footage gives us that sense — maybe even shows Tracie encouraging him to love again. It would have felt more organic if we had been shown that.

    I think the other problem I had with the ending was it might have worked four or five seasons ago, but not so much after nine. It feels like Craig and Carter had this idea, they didn’t know how long the show would last, they filmed the end eight years ago without any alternative, and now they were stuck even if they had changed their minds.

  19. Pat says:

    Mr. Thomas said, ” We wrote a comedy with dramatic elements until the very end”. Well I have always considered this a comedy just as CBS has because they always referred to their Monday night comedy line-up. Now with that said, yes Mr. Thomas your show since season eight has taken on a tremendous amount of dramatic elements and their seemed to be less comedy at times. This season alone became to dramatic. You were a half hour comedy show and with your hour series finale, all you gave us was a little bit of comedy splattered here and there. Fans are mad at how it ended. I did not hate the ending, but I was so disappointed in not being able to at least have a good laugh.

  20. Jessica says:

    I see the finale as both good and bad.

    Good because Ted and Robin were pretty much setup since the beginning. So now it kind of makes sense, why they went on and on and on about Ted and Robin, throughout the entire series, even in the very end when she was getting ready to marry Barney. It was annoying me at the time! Now it makes sense. And I can understand why they would want Ted to end up with Robin, another one of the main characters of the show (the Mother was only a main character in story/talk, but not actually evident); a romance that the series has been based around.

    But it was bad because, even though that makes sense, there has been so much hype around who the Mother is and what Ted and the Mother’s love story was like since the beginning, the whole premise of the show, that that’s what viewers were looking forward to. Not this last minute disappointment and misdirection. It fell flat because their hopes were built up to one thing and then the rug was pulled out from under them.

    Even though the entire series was based around Ted and Robin, they lead viewers to seeing Robin and Barney fall in love and get married (and their divorce was also a big disappointment in the finale combined with the apparent lack of growth in Barney). They could have easily let go of the Robin and Ted thing, embraced Robin and Barney and let them be happy (instead poor Robin is alone and unhappy until years later when Ted finally shows up, years after his wife died?), and they could have given viewers more of a glimpse into Ted and the Mother. The actors had such amazing chemistry, and I loved every scene throughout the final season of their love story. I would have much rather have seen more of their love story, even if she still ended up dying, and I would have preferred a focus on Ted falling in love with her, the love of his life (sorry, I see her as the love of his life, not Robin). Maybe it’s not as much real life, but it would have been the more satisfying ending for most of the fans, I think at least.

    And again, I believe the reason for the fan upset is because one thing was hyped up, for years might I add, and then the rug was pulled out from under them. I’m sorry to say, but I’m over showrunners who try to do something different in their finales (Chuck as well, anyone?). I understand your creative need to go out in a different way. But viewers/fans get emotionally invested in this stuff, and long for certain endings. It really falls short, emotionally, for the fans when you try to force a different reality on us, and it also changes your legacy for the show and if it will be remembered fondly or not so fondly. You should think twice before doing stuff like that. JMHO!

  21. Amber says:

    I would have been ok with the mother dying, as long as Ted didn’t reunite with Robin

  22. “And that kids, is the story, of how I pissed off millions of viewers in 1 hour and ruined a decent TV show, by”

  23. Tina B. says:

    I LOVED THE FINALE! I knew Robin and Ted were endgame! So happy, but my fave moment of all even above Ted/Robin would have to be Barney meeting his daughter (NPH) so beautiful, made me teary eyed! Thanks Neil, my fave character on this show is Barney!

  24. Ed says:

    Oddly enough, I think that the ending was far more appropriate than most of the folks who’ve posted about it (Maybe I’m just not that perceptive?).

    Despite his constant romantic plaints about wanting to be married to his one true love and have kids, Ted was consistently written as far more shallow than he was able to recognize. Robin was written as always basically self-centered and unable to consistently see someone else’s needs. This was an appropriate pairing all along as the spectacular lack of self-understanding these characters shared actually made sense.

    Barney, on the other hand, was always written as a man who successfully strove for the shallow, but only to try and ameliorate a sense of pain in his own vulnerability. Of course he and Robin worked for a time, but as Barney made himself more vulnerable it was inevitable that being with Robin would be too painful for him to continue sharing a life with her. He desperately needed someone who could accept his need to love and dote. Therefore, instead of forcing a perfect or even workable relationship with 31, it made sense that he’d actually find an ability to fully love without fear someone who (for now) was emotionally incapable of rejecting him.

    Clearly the mom was everything Ted wanted, but despite the characters constantly alluding to the fact that she and Ted were well matched, the only true match was between Ted and his vision of who he wanted to be with. Hopefully he was able to make the mother think that he fully and deeply loved her throughout her far too short life, but in truth it clearly wasn’t in his nature.

    So, yeah, I’d argue that the ending was just right. Shallow Ted wound up with self-absorbed Robin and together they shared a recognition that in many ways they are perfect for one another. There were also a number of wonderful well placed signs in the run up to the Robin/Barney nuptials where it became clear that Robin was far more interested in being loved than in loving, and cold feet were quite prominent. Yes, of course Ted was involved in creating a bit of inconsistent revisionist history while telling this story to his kids, but that’s his nature; he made them complicit in the process instead of taking responsibility for his choices.

    All in all, the ending was consistent with the series and I think it worked. As viewers, I’m not sure that we’re supposed to particularly like or respect Ted and Robin. But be amused by them? THAT’S the goal and I think the writers succeeded in doing just that.

  25. Nicole says:

    I think the finale would have been better if they had only made the wedding last only a couple of episodes, then put in the next 15 years in the remaining. Maybe it wouldn’t have felt like a waste…

  26. DJ Doena says:

    You want a bitter-sweet ending? Take Chuck. Sarah didn’t have her memory back and it was uncertain if she ever would. But if you believed strong enough you could imagine her getting them back or just falling in love with Chuck all over again.

    You don’t go around having a guy lust after a woman only to realize he has to let her go, get married to some girl and after said girl sadly dies proclaiming “to hell with it” and running back to said girl with whom it never worked out before.

    That’s like “season 8 Lana Lang” all over again.

  27. Danessa says:

    Bringing the story back to the beginning with Ted and Robin would have been a sweet story if (like other people have mentioned )the last few seasons hadn’t put so much focus on Barney and Robin. I was really rooting for them because Barney finally found someone that he was willing to completely change for and Robin found someone she was willing to marry. (remember she said she would never get married). And then to have them get divorced so quickly doesn’t make sense.

    Ted and Robin not working out wasn’t just about bad timing she never loved him the way he loved her and she turned him down millions of times. So she had plenty of chances to be with him. They weren’t meant to be together.

    And then to finally show the mother and show this wonderful woman that was absolutely perfect for Ted and everyone knew it and everyone was finally happy that Ted finally found the love of his life and to just kill her off is just cruel.

  28. Bob Smith says:

    If it had ended in any other way, it wouldn’t have made sense. The first show was about Ted and Robin. The last show was about Ted and Robin. The show itself was about the journey of these friends. It was never really about the mother. I applaud the producers! Great job!

  29. leo says:

    Nine years of HIMYM and in one season (of random flashbacks) I ENDED UP LIKING THE MOTHER MORE THAN I LIKED ROBIN!!!!!! Seriously, I understand what they were going for, “realism” in that life doesn’t always work out the way you plan it, but the entire conceit of the show was about Ted growing up to be the man who would be the right husband and father he became to be. I feel like they lost sight of that around season 4 or 5. If this was the ending they had envisioned from the very beginning then they should have ended it 3 years ago. Still probably would have liked Tracey more than Robin but I wouldn’t have felt betrayed. Especially since we were not privy to the changes Robin went through (other than just very peripheral events) to make her ready to take the relationship leap for Ted 14 years after they broke up. I wanted to see more of the mother and how her relationship with the gang evolved over time. Barney and Robin were a great match, in terms of temperament and life goals. The build up of their relationship was rocky at best but to go through all of that for just 3 years worth of marriage?! And they ended it over what, Barney feeling neglected over Robin’s rising career? I don’t buy it. If it had been something more applicable to their characters (say Barney getting a surprise visit from a previous baby mama or a hidden child) that would have made more sense. However, I did enjoy the character development of Barney at the end, though I wish I could have seen more of his relationship with his daughter.

    Honestly, the only truly stable and realistic relationship on this show was always Marshall and Lilly. In fact, sometimes that was what I looked forward to the most. Jason Segal and Allison Hannigan are the heart and soul of that show. I’m thankful at least they didn’t mess them up at the end.


  30. Rich Abey says:

    # Really…people are totally fine with the ending?? You guys must be taking something pretty strong. The very best I can say about the finale is that it would have been decent if Ted wasn’t using the story of “How I Met Your Mother” only to get his kids to agree to him going after seems he hadn’t given up on her after all despite what we were shown in S9. The entire penultimate episode (the one with Barney/Robin’s wedding) was a farce it seems. I’m okay with the Mother being dead (after watching 9 seasons & the finale she became my 2nd favorite character after Lily. Ted who was the previous 2nd dropped to last after revealing the story was all to get Robin & for not getting over Robin despite his assurances (sorry for repeating..I’m just so very frustrated!).
    # People say the finale was ‘life getting real’ for HIMYM. Please don’t kid yourselves…this is certainly not life getting real!

  31. Jaynie says:

    I think that I would have been happy with the ‘preplanned for years’ Ted & Robyn ending IF the Mother hadn’t turned out to be SO brilliantly/beautifullyperfectly portrayed by CM. I’m a bit Meh but didn’t hate it. Though I am like WTF happened to Robyns hair in 2030?!

  32. Andrew Hass says:

    I’m fine with the final episode.The series was about how Ted met the mother and not about who he ended up with at the end.Plus he didn’t dump the mother for Robin because i’m sure if that had happened some fans would have rioted.Plus there were 6 years between the mother dying and Ted reuniting with Robin.So we don’t know what happened during those 6 years.So he didn’t just bury his wife and then got back together with Robin.I’m sure he grieved during that time and fell back in love with Robin because i’m sure she helped with the kids.Plus i have a feeling no matter how the show ended some fans would have had a problem with it and this will probably be talked about for years to come.

  33. Debra says:

    The ending was so bad it was pathetic. The only thing Ted and Robin had in common was their love of dogs. Robin was a very selfish person who let her marriage to Barney fall apart because her career was more important. Barney was the one who changed and put her first.
    Ted was always just a back up plan for her if her career failed, or she never found the love of her life. She only wanted him when she was feeling lonely and upset about seeing Barney. Poor Ted was just a man who could never let things go and was obviously lonely after the passing of his wife. I doubt the new relationship with Ted and Robin would actually last simply due to the fact that news personalities can still be popular in their older age. She’d leave Ted for her career in a heart beat.
    Did anyone else remember she is basically his mom. Her soul mate was Barney and even with all the work and he put in it wasn’t enough.
    Fine kill the mom off, but they could have ended it with them visiting her grave or the hospital, and having his friends and Robin there for support.
    The blue French horn ending lacked any real thought.

  34. Mick says:

    Honestly, I wanted Ted and Tracy to have a “happily ever after”, they were so perfect together. And during those last weeks before the finale, I thought the Ted/Robin shippers were damn wrong.
    Now, I was a bit spoiled (damn Internet) about the ending before I could see it myself (living in Europe, and the episode was late on Itunes). Can’t say I loved what I heard, far from it. But since I had a few hours before watching the finale, I had time to calm about the outcome.

    I think Tracy was Ted’s true love. She brought the best in him. No doubt about it.
    Now, my only complaint is that Ted’s kids were a bit too happy. I think a tone a little sadder would have been more in line with the episode. And Josh Radnor always nails it when Ted is a bit broken.
    As the scene with the kids was shot eight years ago, it’s not surprising there’s a little shift in tone. HIMYM was not so dramatic in the beginning.

    Was it the finale I wanted ? No. But I think the writers made a bold choice (apart from the aforementioned tone of the twist).
    I will try to read “Time at the time of cholera” to see how HIMYM echoes it.

  35. murley says:

    I am not one to gripe about shows I like. I believe in enjoying things that are supposed to be entertainment. I loved the ending of lost, liked the ending of battlestar galactica, still enjoy the campy goodness of glee and loved the office from beginning to end. All that said, the finale of himym disappointed me. My favorite moment was probably Barney meeting his daughter and I really liked that they had her be the one woman that finally changed him. That was nice. I didn’t like that we have no idea who her mother is, whether or not she and Barney are together and what his life as a father even really looks like. I guess the point is he is happy and fulfilled but after 9 seasons I want more than that. I liked robin and Barney together and so that element is disappointing. As I was watching I hoped that after he had the child the two of them would reunite. He would have his child to bring extra fulfillment while she was traveling for her career. I think that would have been lovely. The idea that robin had to choose career over love again is disappointing and doesn’t say a lot about her character (also reenforces the idea that women have one or the other and that sucks). The mother was such an awesome character and her relationship with Ted was so wonderful it is sad she died. And the message of loving every moment of her was beautiful but totally undercut by the whole “you obviously love aunt robin, go ask her out”. None of what made ted and robin’s relationship fail or Barney and robin’s relationship fail was shown to have been resolved so why would their relationship work this time? And beyond all that I found the fast forward through time a little clunky. I don’t know. I want to like it because that is my nature but ultimately it just kind of feels like a letdown. The idea that life’s journey doesn’t always end up where you expect is a great idea to explore in sitcom form and a brave choice but like a lot of other people I ultimately think they just didn’t pull it off.

    • murley says:

      Here is my other issue. To me parts of the final season (which I liked, I thought the wedding weekend with flashes forward and backward was ingenious) and particularly the finale made robin a lot less likable of a character.
      She came across as someone in love with the idea of how much others loved her, she was willing to mess with Ted’s emotions, she put her career before her marriage AND her friendships, she was bitter etc. Meanwhile they introduce the mother who is delightful! I am all for flawed characters. I liked the Barney and Robin story because they were two flawed characters who loved each other through all that. But the last season there wasn’t a lot to redeem Robin as a counter to the negative. So even if I was a Ted and Robin fan them getting together would not be satisfying. Even if my pair of choice doesn’t end up together I can usually get on board with the love story. But here it feels like Ted found the love of his life and had her taken away only to settle for a person who doesn’t really match his fantasy version of her. I get that kind of thing happens in real life it just doesn’t make for a very satisfying end to the story. Again it is a case of the final concept of this show being interesting and potentially cool in theory but falling short in reality. Am I pissed off? No, not at all. Just disappointed.

  36. Roksana says:

    It’s not just Ted&Robin getting together. The last season wasnt very good, and it was based around one wedding, to then ruin it in 5 mins by announcing the divorce. Everything was rushed, and broken down within seconds. Thats what put the funs off.
    We waited 9 years for the mother. It was suppose to be Teds relief and paradice of love, the one and only, and that wasnt visable. Yes they loved each other, they had kids, Lilly mentioned that this one is different, but it has taken 2 hours to break and change everything. This whole time Barney was becoming a better person because of Robin, and then within a second he’s the same old Barney, except now with a kid.

    Too much, too rushed and lost the sense of the whole series.

  37. drewm987 says:

    Guys – I’m trying to find a link but this is fascinating… It talks about the picture that shows Ted and Robin in a restaurant together that didn’t make the finale

    Josh Radnor in an interview said this:

    “They cut a scene that Cobie [Smulders] and I shot between Ted and Robin. I thought it was a really important scene and I talked to Carter and Craig [Bays and Thomas, HIMYM’s co-creators and co-showrunners] about it. I understand why they cut it, but I thought it laid in that Robin had been thinking about Ted all these years more than Ted had been thinking about Robin. But who knows?

    It’s weird to speculate on something that isn’t actually real. [Laughs.] It’s an imagined story, but you also have to wonder what happened in the six years after she died and what was that like for Ted. Obviously, he’s been mulling over his past and sifting through things. And there was that comment about Robin always coming over for dinner, so they’ve clearly reestablished a contact and a deep friendship.

    It was a scene after they ran into each other on the street. They had lunch the next day. I don’t want to go too much into it because they obviously cut it for a reason, but I thought it was a really sweet and sad and funny scene. It also talked about Robin having a run-in with a bull in Spain. They’re so densely packed, these episodes, and they’re always long. We shot more than could be in the episode, which we always do, so some stuff has to go.”

  38. drewm987 says:

    In the season 7 finale, future Ted says that this is a story of a wedding day that went horribly wrong.

    Barney and Robin’s wedding didn’t go horribly wrong…

    continuity error…

    • Jonathan says:

      Yeah, I think they had intended for some kind of argument/calamity to explain why Ted left the wedding (in the rain), and ended up instead with this ridiculousness that he didn’t book a flight a day later so he left in the middle of things (and then didn’t really leave). I’m not in the least surprised by the “bait and switch” people are complaining about. Many, many episodes were structured that way, and the constant need to do dumb episodes about Ted pining after Robin made it pretty clear that this was their endgame. I saw it coming and I hoped that they were going to surprise me. Instead I was incredibly dismayed. The only real surprise was how badly they handled the divorce, Barney’s sad decline into his former self, Barney’s inexplicable custody of a baby from a one-night-stand, and Tracy’s death.

      • Jonathan says:

        I’m also surprised at how sad this ending ultimately was, even though tonally they tried to treat it lightly. Robin seems like a pretty sad person, Lily and Marshall end up pretty stagnant, Ted finally has his magic relationship which ends tragically, and Barney is just a disaster. He may have sold the moment with the newborn, but that situation defies logic, even for a show like this. Finally, I don’t see what kind of a fulfilling relationship Ted and Robin are supposed to have in their early 50s after everything they’ve been through. It doesn’t feel “meant to be,” it feels like a weird coupling of two people who haven’t grown.

  39. Ashley says:

    I wanted to fully digest the finale before making a finale judgement. I was full of so many mixed emotions at its conclusion and 26 hours later I am still feeling those mixed emotions-but I do have a better grasp on why:
    Many people feel cheated by the fact that after 9 years Ted ends up with Robin in exactly the same way that pilot begins/ends. It has made fans feel like nothing changed and we could’ve actually stopped watching after episode 1. But I think this view is forgetting a lesson that HIMYM tried to shove down our throats. Its not about the end game, its about the journey there. And the characters have had quite the journey and we’ve all enjoyed it (why we watched for 9 years). And the characters are all different people at the end than when they started. The sole reason Ted and Robin are able to be together at the end is because they are different people and are at a different point in their lives than during that first meeting. So Ted ending up with Robin is not the part of the finale that I feel cheated from. After all, I think most of us knew deep down that the story has always been about Robin.
    Cobie called the story “beautiful and true to life” and I think that better words could not sum up the episode. It may not have had the happily ever after ending many of us anticipated/hoped for. But in all reality, many relationships today end in divorce and tragic things happen. And ultimately it did end in a happily ever after. I think the finale was trying to portray the lesson that sometimes just loving someone is not enough. Robin and Barney were not willing to make each other their priority. Robin was committed to her job and Barney was never able to completely let go of his past lifestyle. They loved each other-but it wasn’t enough. And Ted and Robin loved each other but it had never been enough, their timing was always wrong. They were just always at different points with different goals, until the very end. In the end Ted had his time with his “perfect woman” and the two kids that he always dreamed of and Robin got her career. And now they are both in a place where their relationship finally makes sense. And I think that it makes sense that Ted who always believed in fate and the universe and being the hopeless romantic that he is got two soul mates. He just happened to meet the wrong one first.
    I don’t feel cheated by the story or the fact that Ted ends up with Robin. I feel cheated in the execution. I think that many fans feel like killing the mother off was a cheap way for Ted to end up with the woman he really loved, Robin. I think that it comes off this way because the relationship with the mother is rushed and not fully developed. Over time we were given the chance to fall in love with Teds other relationships (Robin, Stella, Victoria) but weren’t given that with the mother. We were told their love story backwards which didn’t give us the time to build the connection with the mother as Ted feel in love with her. His whole relationship with her is done too fast and the story would have been more beautiful and more tragic had we been given the time to connect with her. And then maybe it wouldn’t have felt so cheap and fake when Ted ends up with Robin because we would’ve known that he truly loved Tracy and wasn’t biding his time to end up with Robin. In life we often have more than one great love and I don’t think that the writers were trying to state that IT was Robin all along. The mother was his soul mate-he just happened to have two in his life. However with 7/8 years of great story telling, I can live with the too rushed execution of the finale.
    Side note: the episode should have ended with Lily giving Marshall the bet money

    • Flaco27 says:

      I think that the creators can’t show us a lot of their life together: the creators want a dramatic turns of events, colpo di scena as we say in Italy. So they develope the story in a particular way, by wich you have to know only the way they met, non the way they really fall in love. This is the story of how he met Tracy, the Mother, not a story about their life together, that the kids (maybe) already know.
      However, we know somethjing of their life together in other episodes of 9 season, we want to know more but if you want to develope the story in this way, it’s difficult ’cause you need more time, maybe with 1 real hour and not 42 minutes, only showing something more of their happiness. I don’t know, maybe on dvd edition will be more, also on CBS site there are some photos of the last episode that aren’t in the finale has we have seen on TV.
      It would be great, for example, if in a scene Lily gives back to Marshall the money of the bet, as you have write.
      A lot of memorable series end with a strange and not very loveble finale, but I thinf that we have the finale the series promises us. It’s also true that a lot of things happened in season 7 and 8 to Barney lost importance, this two characters lost something, but there are two very important characters in Ted’s story: Tracy, the real love, and Robin, the love that makes Ted understand that he wants more.

  40. partisan says:

    Thanks for watching?

    Well you’re welcome. You’ve played bait and switch for 8 yearts and shoved a tragic ending into a comedy I loved in the last 3 minutes of the series because you filmed a scene 8 years ago and didn’t want to let it go. You’re welcome for the time I spent watching because you won’t be getting any more. Not watching the syndicated reruns, not buying the DVDs, not watching the spinoff, and not watching anything else put out by these producers.

    There were 2 types of people, HIMYM fans and non fans. Now there’s 3. Fans, non fans, and ex-fans. The ex-fans are gonna cost future projects from these producers ratings so you’re welcome for that too.

  41. David says:

    They didn’t play to their strength which was comedy. More Jim Nantz, less death would have been better.

  42. Bill says:

    Funny how after 8 seasons of no mother people still think thats what this show was about

  43. Flaco27 says:

    I don’t know, maybe the finale could be better, for example including scenes of Ted and Tracy’s life together, much more that they’ve done. I have see some photos on CBS’s site, includng a photo of Ted and Robin in a pub, so I think that in a future DVD collection will be much elements also of Ted and Tracy’s life.
    Anyway, I think the this finale is real. It’s simple, Ted finds the Mother, the real love of is life but life takes strange and sad ways sometimes. I think that Ted told the story of how he met their mother ‘cuase it’s simply hard to live without her. His kids understand that maybe he can be happy, ’cause Robin is really important for him.

  44. Mike B says:

    Its great to hear all the barney/robin lovers whine! All they did was talk crap on the people pulling for ted/robin and guess who was right all along. GREAT!!! There was several times this season it was pointed out Robin was realizing Ted was the one. Just like she sd legendary means not real and Ted said their wedding was legendary! Quit all your whining, It was always Ted and Robin and no amount of your whining will change that now, and you didn’t think it was gonna happen lol LOVE IT! The story has always been about him loving Robin as the kids pointed out. True love comes with sacrifice and is normally messy.

  45. danielle says:

    My deepest disappointment is just that TED AND ROBIN DON’T HAVE ANY CHEMISTRY ANYMOOORE!! SRYSLY I REALLY STARTED TO HATE ROBIN SINCE SEASON 4! And everytime they showed some signs for ted-robin, i just say “not again”. Plus you just don’t make a whole wedding season while they divorce at the very last episode! LAMEEE!!!

  46. David NY says:

    I never really bought into Barney and Robin despite 2 seasons of building them up. In all the shows the only girl who was able to see Barney and look past his behavior and get him to change was Nora. They had real chemistry together and the finale of i think season 7 where Barney goes challenge accepted to make a new first impression, They should have gotten together even if it meant coming after his divorce from Robin. I guess we all knew on some level the mother was not around anymore when he is telling the story since we never have her interrupt anything or reappear like Ted says would have happened if he married Stella (thank G-d that didn’t happen). i do believe Tracy was the one for Ted and their love truly was Legen… wait for it Dary. The show did a good job of convincing us of that. Like other ppl have commented the finally needed to be 2 hrs long to fill in the time of how the mother was there for Ted and how the gang was there for him after she was gone.

  47. Peter says:

    Remember… Everything can happen in life. Even though we know that this is a story written by 2 great writers and the story could be handled as they wanted, Well this is one of the 1000000 finales that it could have happened because it´s something very close to reality,
    c´mon guys who ever knows what is going to happen in our futures, as they said on twitter.. We always expect something but is not always what happens.

  48. kevin says:

    i personally really liked the ending, I liked how everything came together nicely, it all made sense, when it finishs, and you think back everything fits, why hes telling the story to his children of how he met her, why he takes so long to tell the story the way he does, everything its just realistic, that life doesn’t always turn out how you want it to. I didn’t exactly like how rushed it all felt towards the end but it all made sense. when ted and robin first met they both wanted different things, ted wanted family, robin wanted a career but there was too much in their way to stay together. people say the ending made no sense because robin wasn’t around, it was unrealistic blah blah. she was obviously there for him when his wife passed that really goes without saying?, she was clearly around, (pictures of aunt robin bringing the kids to the zoo, how they are obviously in to each other when she comes over for dinner?) just because particular things weren’t shown doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense, you have to use your head. by the end, although through unfortunate circumstances, nothing is stopping them getting together anymore, they are different people (ted mentioning they eventually became ther own doplegangers) that need different things now that they are many years older. but that coming together is not meant to put any less meaning on the mothers importance, ted loved tracy more then anything and she gave him everything he ever wanted, the stuff he was good at as he said during pilot, and he wouldn’t have traded it for the world as he basicly said nearing the end of the finale, she died and that’s life? you cant predict whats around the corner, robin was his first love and he deeply cared about her, and it was clear in the final episode that robin regreted not being with ted in the end, that everything she thought would make her happy, doesn’t. it doesn’t mean everything happened just so robin and ted could end up together, it happened because it was best for both characters to end that way, plus its good for the children to have someone they like in their lifes. its what they everyone needed in the end. it was fitting considering ted and robins history. just think as if you were in their shoes.

  49. Grace says:

    I NEED TO SHARE WITH SOMEONE THAT I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THE ENDING. It was perfect, and I don’t know how anybody could be surprised, because it was exactly what the writers have been building up to. Okay it was a bit odd that they spent an entire season on Barney and Robin’s wedding, but at the same time practically every episode presented us with more tiny problems, and they did say that it was a mistake having the whole of the last season being one weekend. If they weren’t going to have Ted and Robin end up together, they would have stopped him liking her, and made it absolutely clear that they were not meant to be together. And people saying that the character building has been implying the opposite, that they’ve spent forever getting Barney to be a relationship kind of person is not true, he has always been the kind of person who wants kids, to commit to them, not a girl. It was perfect. However, I do agree that a more organic way was possible, I think they should have lead people to dislike Barney and Robin more, but then I guess everyone would have guessed what was going to happen. He did wait six years after her death, too :)

  50. Anna says:

    According to Season 7 Episode 12 “Symphony of Illumination”, Robin and Barney did have kids (Robin explicitly says in the beginning of the episode that these are their kids).

    In the Finale we get to know that Robin and Barney were too busy with their jobs, so after 3 years of being married, they got divorced. It is also stated in the Finale that they did not have kids at the moment of the divorce. It is then shown that Robin and Barney did not get together after that. Later in the same episode, we see that Barney had his first kid when he was 40-something (“You are the love of my life, …”) from another woman.

    Consequently, the Finale does not make sense at all, as nothing is logical (or at least somehow reasonably explained to justify for example Robin and Barney’s common grown up kids in Season 7 Episode 12). Such a big inconsistency.

    • atya says:

      you got the Symphony of Illumination episode totally, totally wrong. Robin’s kids are IMAGINARY, she IMAGINES telling them a story because it turns out she can’t have babies. You saw the way the kids fade away, right? And Ted says, she never became a “pole-dancer” : Robin’s euphemism of having kids. The whole point of the episode was that Robin finds about her infertility.