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HIMYM Boss Breaks Silence on Divisive Finale

Last Forever Part OneDivisive is actually putting it kindly. The fact is, Monday’s How I Met Your Mother finale went over like a lead balloon with longtime fans (TVLine readers gave the episode a C-), many of whom took issue with the closing twist that saw widower Ted reuniting with ex-love Robin.

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In the wake of the outcry, series cocreator Craig Thomas took to Twitter Monday night to sorta-defend the controversial climax. “The fact that we have been a TV sitcom that has received this much passion from fans, for 9 years (not just tonight) — thank you,” he wrote. “We wrote a comedy with dramatic elements till the very end… We did a finale about life’s twists and turns and that [what you expect] is not always what happens.

“Seriously – no matter what you thought of tonight, THANK YOU,” Thomas concluded. “You were with us. We love you. Thanks for this ride.”

Scroll down to relive the episode’s 16 biggest moments — which one was your fave (and least fave)?

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  1. JESS says:


    • dax says:

      exactly! thankyou.. i read a tweet that made perfect sense.. Ted and Robin were meant to be together since forever, the timing wasn’t right before as Ted wanted Kids and Robin wanted Career.. and now everyone ends up with what is their FIRST LOVE at the right time.. Marshall with Lily, Ted with Robin, Barney with his first true love: daughter and Tracy with his dead-ex Max in heaven/afterlife.

      • Looloo2 says:

        Right, all that what missing was the mother reuniting with Max in heaven. Haha, now everyone got what they really wanted in the first place. Ugh, just no to this lame ending!

      • cas says:

        I forgot about her dead ex.

      • chester says:

        I was thinking about this story for the past couple weeks and wondering why it was called ‘How I Met Your Mother’ if the whole story was about someone else.

      • Percysowner says:

        i read a tweet that made perfect sense.. Ted and Robin were meant to be together since forever, the timing wasn’t right before as Ted wanted Kids and Robin wanted Career.. and now everyone ends up with what is their FIRST LOVE at the right time

        Well, I can’t argue that a dead Max trumps a live Ted who is still moping over Robin, but I liked Tracy too much to want her dead. Maybe Max didn’t die, he faked his death and became a lumberjack and Tracy found out and ditched Ted and two kids who didn’t care two hoots about her story and the went and were lumberjacks together.

      • Shawn Morin says:

        Pretty good point! Don’t worry you’re not alone. I liked the ending too, even if I didn’t like Robin and Ted :)

    • Joel says:

      This ending made sense after season four. After Robin and Barney got together the chemistry between Ted and Robin was forced. The fact that they had barely seen each other for years and he goes to her house with a blue french horn was unrealistic. All the issues that Robin and Ted broke up over were still there, she was a selfish person that never changed for the people she was with in a relationship and therefore the ending didn’t make sense for the stories and the writing that happened in the last five seasons.

      • Jerry says:

        What makes you think Ted and Robin haven’t seen each other for years when he brings the horn over? The kids say they love Aunt Robin and when she comes over for dinner it’s obvious there are feelings between her and Ted. So it sounds like Robin is still part of their lives at that point.

        • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

          Plus Aunt Robin took the kids to the zoo, etc. She was a part of their lives in NY. And although the finale does highlight that Robin disappears for long periods of time (due to work travel, etc.), we know from past flash forward episodes that Robin does see Lily [if not the entire gang] between 2014 and 2030, but perhaps not the ‘big events’ moments when the entire gang is around.

          That’s one point that the finale perhaps didn’t highlight, but there wasn’t enough time. That scene in the empty apartment on Halloween when Lily and Robin are saying goodbye (I need to check that again to see if that was 2016 or 2018?) and it looks like Robin is leaving for good, we must remember that the women do see each other privately over the years – check out ‘Bad Crazy’ episode – Robin and Lily get together for some ‘girl-talk’ in 2017, 2025, 2027, 2029 and even 2030. I noticed Robin’s hair do in 2030 via ‘Bad Crazy’. Hmmm – I guess she must have cut her hair in 2030 when Ted reached her apartment with the blue french horn. ;) And as we now know, yes, no ring on Robin’s finger during that time span.

      • jax says:

        I totally agree with Joel. Robin/Ted just doesn’t make sense!

      • alex says:

        It was explained by the kids that aunt robin does come over often and they are in love with each other it just wasnt shown of course the kids arent really kids anymore and sadly the diner scene from the spoiler pics looks like it was edited out. If this was a 2 hour finale probably it would have explained everything

        • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

          Yep, you are right on here – honestly, that’s my biggest disappointment with the finale – some scenes had to be deleted in order to fit the finale into that one hour (less w/commercials) time slot.

          I don’t know if Michael, Matt and the TVline gang can help here,

          but I’d love to see if word can get back to 20th and CT/CB to see if they can include not only the deleted scenes from the finale in the S9 DVD package, but maybe, include a ‘director’s cut’ of the finale and show it in it’s entirety – all (what might be) 90 – 120 minutes of the original cut. Now that would pretty cool, and might fans (both happy and unhappy w/finale) better understand the storyline.

          I know AH mentioned that there were quite a lot of Lily-Marshall scenes shot (and I don’t think they made it into the final broadcast cut), there were more Barney Play Book II scenes (Electric Bang-a-loo) that I know I was hoping to see – they would have been very funny. And, most important, scenes between Ted and Tracy near the end of her life, and perhaps more with them and the two kids, and more of Ted and Robin, particularly that summit at the cafe, which judging by hairstyles and Ted’s grey streaks, tell me that scene was around 2024 when (as we now know), Tracy passed away. I’m guessing that scene was of Ted telling Robin that bad news.

          I’m hoping to see those deleted scenes (similar to what LOST did for their final DVD package?) in the S9 HIMYM DVD set coming later this year.

      • angel says:

        robin is not the commitment person… it has always been the career… heck she chose it over her marriage…. and nobody can argue that she never truly love barney… despite the lies she married him… and it is not her just settling for barney because se got married first…. she chose barney over ted… i dont really get the ending and i tend to be all sappy of great love stories… robin and ted? not for me

        • Bob Wright says:

          Robin and Ted were NEVER good together, but, I guess now that the kids are older and he won’t go to jail for leaving them home alone, Ted can chase Robin all over the world with his tongue hanging out while she (mostly) ignores him and follows her career dreams.

        • Karen says:

          Yeah but Robin and Ted made a pact they’d be together when they were 40.

          • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

            ^ this. You nailed it – check out episodes : “The Front Porch”, “False Positive”, “The Best Man”, “No Pressure”.

            I have the DVD of S7 (my favorite season), and I can’t recommend that DVD enough. There are great commentaries on that season by CT/CB as well, particularly on one of the best episodes of the series – ‘The Best Man’/S7.01. That porch scene with cigars, Ted and Robin commiserate about failed expectations and loss of hope of finding ‘the one’. They are both hitting rock bottom in this episode. I love the episode. That’s when it is Robin who is trying to help Ted keep his hopes and dreams alive. Robin comes up with the ultimate [as it turns out having just seen the finale] advice and painful realization about love and finding ‘the one’, having potentially just lost Barney to Nora on the dance floor –
            “If you have chemistry you only need one other thing…. timing. But timing’s a bitch.”
            In that DVD commentary of ‘The Best Man’, Carter Bay and Craig Thomas tell a great story of filming that scene with Pamela Fryman. They are watching the scene prepare for filming, and (I think it is CB) CB pulls Josh Radnor aside and quickly tells him – “Look, it may not feel this way at this moment, but this porch scene with Robin is extremely critical to this season. Why? Because before this season is completed, you/Ted are going to tell that woman you love her.” [episodes “The Drunk Train” & “No Pressure.”

            CB then let that shock come over Josh, and JR then went over to do the scene. Watch Radnor in that scene – you can sense a slight change in his demeanor towards Robin that was not there in the prior scene back at the bar just off the dance floor. Josh knows what’s coming now, Ted, Robin/Cobie do not. Very cool.

      • Stacy says:

        You know what I love? The wedding episode with Ted telling us Barney & Robin were legendary. I don’t think legendary is defined as a 3 year marriage where life gets hard, no one compromises and they just quit on each other.

        • michelle says:

          what didn’t make sense was that once robin did settle down (when her traveling/lack of time is presumed to be the reason for her divorce) why she get back together with barney. To build up their relationship for 2 seasons now (the proposal and the wedding weekend) for it to turn into such a throw away? This is the same problem I had with ted and tracy, we FINALLY get that moment where they meet for the first time at the train station and within seconds shes gone and the relationship is a throw away

          • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

            Agree – I made a note upthread that maybe Michael/Matt/TVline team can help deliver to CT/CB and 20th. I think (as another post noted) that many, many scenes from the finale had to be cut in order to slot the show into 50 minutes. I would love to see the entire finale/director’s cut in the full version on HIMYM S9 DVD. I bet that would help answer questions about what fully went wrong with B&R marriage, T&T marriage story and good points about Tracy before she passed away, T&R scenes (like that all important summit at the cafe), etc.

            Yes, there are many holes in the story line last night in the finale, but I think those deleted scenes would help give fans/viewers a better, more clear picture of what happened. Maybe fans can help TVline bring that message to CT/CB and 20th.

        • Swaggers says:

          They still loved each other it was just that traveling was hard for them and they do sided

    • kristen says:

      “Seriously – no matter what you thought of tonight, THANK YOU”

      I’m not entirely against the finale but that statement to me translated kinda into this:

      “Seriously – we don’t care if you liked the show finale, even if the show was only successful thanks to you. Now if after 9 years of watching this show you hated the finale, it doesn’t really matter what you think since we don’t need the ratings anymore, suck it up suckers. THANK YOU.”

      I’ll never see another show made by this two writers, unless i realize it too late, even in that case i will try to let it go no matter how much i loved the show.

      I’ve learned my lesson. After the Lost finale i promised myself i would not see anything with Lost writers in it, but then i started watching Ouat before i realized the creators were in Lost, so i decided to give them a second chance.
      Now after the last Sundays episode i regret that decision painfully, and was forced to stop watching a series where i had a deep emotional investment, because of the terrible writing.

      • matt says:

        on the plus side the finale made it really easy to say goodbye to the show. I definitely won’t be missing it after that

        • Cheeky says:

          Ha me either

        • DarkDefender says:

          Given the outcome of the mother dying and Robin being the end game.. (Not to mention the character growth in Barney to end with him going back to his old ways even if he “changed” after the birth of his daughter) Makes you never want to see the series again to re-live it all.. Or buy the dang DVDs. IMHO

    • LC says:

      The finale was a roller coaster episode. In my opinion the audience needed time to enjoy Ted’s relationship with Tracy. (I thought they were perfect for each other – she was quirky and adorable). I loved the umbrella scene! Everything was rushed … Barney and Robin’s wedding was barely over when we found out they were divorcing. (and not for the reasons one would suspect.) It would have been good to have a scene about a grieving Ted after the death of his wife. I wasn’t expecting the ending so was surprised for sure – and it is cool to know the scene was shot so many years ago.
      Kudos to the writers and cast for giving us so many moments of laughter and friendship. I’ll miss the characters! Barney always made me laugh.

    • Bob Wright says:

      The anvils should have been tied to the Ted/Robin relationship thing. They proved time and again they were not right for each other, but after finding a 99% perfect match for Ted, she dies off and Ted goes crawling back to Robin as he always has when things didn’t work out (well, at least he waited 6 years this time – I guess in deference to her being, you know, dead, and all) Plus, the whole dead mother got so short-changed in the finale – “As you remember kids, 6 years ago, your mom got sick and died. Now, where was I… Oh yeah, is it okay if I go bang Robin now?”

    • Stephreineck says:

      So then how was it not a predictable, life “doesn’t work out e way you think” ending? It was a shallow ending, and really nullified all the character development for past 9 years…..weak. Manipulative writing.

    • Alexie says:

      Lol… The funny part is: I saw it comming from the beginning, but I didn’t want it to happen. XD I was hopping for an happy ending. This is a sitcom. It is suppose to be funny, not as dramatic as this episode was. Don’t get me wrong! I loved all the 9 seasons. The Ted/Robin arc was predictable, but it’s deceiving for 2 reasons. 1.Humans make mistakes all the time, they repeat them a lot. Some of them grows and learns all their life. But a lot of us, like Barney, like Robin, like Mosby, in the finale, repeat the same damn pattern again, and again when it comes to Relationship. It is part of life I guess, but it is, for me, what gets me frustrated. 2, This is a sitcom, with a lot of smiles, hilarious moments, jokes and running gags. We want to dream and see the characters happy. To speak for myself, if I wanted a tragic/dramatic end (or serie), I would watch Breaking Bad. We can’t expect from HIMYM to be so sad at the end, when it was always so funny and awesome! So yes… I feel like I’ve been betrayed. I thought it was a bad april joke…. IT’S NOT TO LATE! PLEASE! BE AN APRIL FOOL AND GIVE US THE REAL FINALE! XD (Sorry for my English, not my first language).

    • Jooshua says:

      I didn’t like the outcome.. but I will always love this show!! The finale.. while not going the way I would have liked.. was a classic episode of How I Met Your mother.. and was an amazing finale for an amazing show.

      I won’t let a few moments that I didn’t agree with in the finale.. ruin the entire series for me.

    • james says:

      so that’ s that, for 9 years we were made to believe that ted will find that one perfect girl which will be the ‘ happily ever after’ ,the show ends with this.ted and robin have been together before and both mutually agreed to split in season2.ted asked robin if she loved him,to which she replied”NO” in season 6 or 7……it has been shown numerous times that barney and robin have feelings for each other….in the first episode of season 8 ,klaus( the guy victoria almoost got married to) tells ted about how one knows instantly when one sees someone who is made for you,it is revealed that the mother is the one for ted and…… barney for robin and vice- versa….even in seaon 9 when robin is having doubts whether she should be marrying barney or ted …. ted tells her that he is not the same guy that once loved her and kept asserting barney loves u and u love barney……robin still has doubts whether barney

    • 4nessj says:

      No they haven’t. They have spent the last 9 seasons convincing us that Robin wasn’t the Mother and that Robin shouldn’t be with Ted. Ever since that last line in the pilot where Older Ted says that that’s how he met Aunt Robin, the show has shown us time and time again that Ted and Robin wouldn’t work.

  2. Rog0349 says:

    His defense of that awful finale is just as bad as the finale was

    • Annie says:

      Yep. Slap in the face, in the worst kind of way. I wouldn’t have cared who ended up with whom if they hadn’t spent nine long years convincing us Ted and Robin were mismatched, and the entire last year selling us on Barney & Robin as a married couple. This wasn’t some sweet, organic life-like twist. This wasn’t even “Bruce Willis was dead the whole time!” (Um. Spoiler alert.) This was just mean and mean-spirited – deception for deception’s sake. The last 3 minutes = emotional whiplash but not in the satisfying, fulfilling sense. No, this was whiplash in the “WTF just happened and where the heck did THAT come from?!” sense. Sure, it’s great that they were able to craft a universe populated with characters capable of producing this much strong emotion – as a writer, I can only hope anything I write is capable of doing the same – but there’s a lot of open empty territory between “emotionally satisfying, if true to life’s tendency to surprise you” and “contrived, rushed, manufactured emotion based on a betrayal of all the story that had come before.” This finale was much closer to the latter than the former.

    • Kvivik says:

      Agreed. He is totally brain dead on this subject. I have no problem with the Ted/Robin twist. My problem is that this whole season has been such a hatchet job that they took a filet mignon and turned it into hamburger. Ugh.

    • jax says:

      I feel like they saved a Slap just for the fans!

    • Ange says:

      Because at the end of the day it was a ratings boost for them. People probably watched it live. There were tons of pictures that were supposed to be from the actual finale that were not, etc. I’d think twice before watching a show of theirs again.

    • m. says:

      there were 3 surprise pregnancies, seriously out of ideas much writers???

      • joe says:

        there was really no reason for lily to have her third pregnancy, it seemed like they made her pregnant so she would have some sort of a storyline. I found it odd that she is both no longer a teacher and isn’t pursuing art

        • jess says:

          This bothered me so much. Lily was just popping out babies, robin only seemed to want reliable ted when he was finally over her and moved on and tracy died without getting any sort of a proper send off. Barney and Ted lost leaps and bounds of character growth, really the only character who wasn’t disappointing was marshall….but even then I don’t see why they had to circle back to him being stuck in corporate law

          • aw says:

            and it is something else that just does not make sense! Because in season 3 he has a newspaper article of him discovering the Loch Ness monster as an environmental lawyer – did he leave his judgeship to do this? I really didn’t know one could get mad like this at a tv-show, but I felt like kicking in my tv.

            This was not a slap, it was a punch! Why make the audience invested in Robin and Barney and develope them in such a great way only to pull the plug for no reason at all?

    • Mare says:

      Agreed. Horrible, horrible finale. And I will NOT be watching their new show. What a slap in the face to everyone who had enjoyed the show for 9 seasons. Way to ruin pretty much every character on that show, at the very end.

    • davej13 says:

      CRAIG THOMAS, you are full of crap!!! Telling me I am a passionate fan and trying to put a positive spin on my reaction is awful. This is how passionate I am – I will never watch another show you or Carter Bays produce.


      All you had to do was acknowledge that people didn’t like what you did and it would have been fine, but noooooooo, you had to try to spin it you – I don’t even know what to call you.

  3. Lynn says:

    I was around for the Lost finale (which I actually liked) and I have never seen so much hate in my life. Spent over an hour (rage) crying over that finale and I’m still sad. They completely reversed nine years of character development and put all our worst fears in. Nothing can redeem that mess.

    • Jonathan says:

      I feel the same way. Lost was frustrating in the last season but the finale was kind of awesome. Here they totally trashed the characters, even the Mother, who they’d managed to build into a character worthy of the buildup and then pretty much tossed her aside as an afterthought.

    • Annie says:

      Excellent way to put it – reverse-engineered so they could be true to a decision they made years ago, which turned out to be a bad one after all. You’re not alone.

    • Allie says:

      I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one rage-crying.

    • Ann says:

      In what way were the character developments reversed? It seems like everyone grew in this episode.

  4. GuessWhat says:

    He must be really proud that nearly 50% gave his show a D or F rating per your poll. Why to stick it to the fans.

  5. Steven says:

    I don’t like Robin/Ted getting back together, they were never good for each other, but the WORST part was that we spent seasons on Barney/Robin’s relationship and then the ENTIRE final season on Barney/Robin’s wedding only for them to divorce 20 minutes into the finale. It was a slap in the face and disgusted me. Knowing this is where the show ends makes me never want to watch repeats and I will pass on How I Met Your Father now that I have no respect for the creators/writers. It sucks, because I loved this show so much for 9 years.

    • jen says:

      in a way i’m curious if cbs’s decision to air the finale in march (vs may) was because they knew the type of backlash they would get, try and give fans as much time as possible to get their anger out so they’ll hopefully come around and watch the HIMYD. Also i’m calling it now, the dad will be barney

      • anniem says:

        That may be the ONLY way they get ppl to watch it now.

        • M says:

          If this turns out to be true I don’t know how they could make the female lead any more unlikable. She divorces her husband because she is bored, has a hookup with a guy twice her age who can’t even be bothered to remember her name…seems like a disaster from the start

          • S. says:

            They start the character off in a huge hole. A year of marriage and she’s getting a divorce? It better be some guy she never should’ve married but had tons of pressure to (where we not only get it, we feel bad for he because they really sell it) and in fairness to him and herself she had to divorce him. If it’s just that she’s a female Peter Pan as they called her and decided she’s not ready to be tied down like she thought, it makes her into such a flake.

      • lisa says:

        I would feel a weird sense of satisfaction if cbs intentionally aired the finale the day before april fools

      • Jenna857 says:

        I said the same thing to my husband last night. I said “Wait for it, the Dad in HIMYD is going to be a one night stand named Barney”

      • MB says:

        I’m wondering if they got it done now so that Cobie Smulders can film something for Agents Of Shield. I’m also wondering if that’s why she wasn’t all that present in those ridiculously bad flash forwards where they nerfed her character growth.

      • Karen says:

        They should have Barney do a HIMYM. Since we never learned the identity of his baby’s mom.

  6. Wouter says:

    I liked the finale. Why is everybody so obsessed with happy endings? Life isn’t a fairy tale.

    • Tom Charles says:

      You answered your own question. People like happy endings on television because they don’t always exist in real life.

      • anniem says:

        Amen, brother. My days are spent living ‘real life’ – when I sit down to watch TV, that’s the last thing I find entertaining. Probably why my favorite shows are walking Dead, Game of Thrones, etc.

    • But I think the problem is … television is and this show was never 100% based in realism. It had extreme absurd gags and moments that in the end it would have been nice to see a real moment.

    • Percysowner says:

      It isn’t the unhappy ending for me. It is telling us that a career woman can never hope to find a man who can live with her ambition. It is Barney getting it into his head that now that he has a daughter he can accost strange women and order them about their sex lives. It is about Barney having a child with a woman known only as #31. It is about children who lost their mother cheerleading for their dad to go bang Aunt Robin. It is about reducing Tracy to a baby making machine so Ted could have kids and Aunt Robin too. It is about kids who lost their mother 6 years ago not getting to hear about their mother. It was a horrible, sucky finale.

      • Jonathan says:

        That about sums it up.

      • Mary says:

        Yep, agree. That about covers it.

      • Tati says:

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • Doug says:

        I completely agree. They completely cheapened the Mother. They made us believe that she was perfect for Ted. Yet, all we get about her death is a snapshot. No tears for her from Ted and the kids. I am sorry, but I hope that my boys have more respect for their mother. If, heaven forbid, something tragic happened to my wife, I hope they would care more about hearing about my love for her. I do not want my boys to be so eager to here a story about how I have secretly been in love with someone else all this time.

        The show should have ended with Ted meeting the mom. Please let people live “Happily Ever After”.

        • the8tregirl says:

          You, sir, have a great attitude about your wife, your sons and the state of being a family. Perhaps you should sit down & have a talk with the insulated, isolated, indulgent men who made Tracy Robin’s uterus.

      • kebechetter says:

        I don’t mind unhappy endings. I would have been fine with the mother being dead if the idea had been executed better. If for example it would have ended with Ted telling his kids that even though I’ve loved many women before your mother and experienced all that fun and craziness none of it compares to what I felt with her and how alive I felt the whole time we were together.

        But nope. Didn’t happen. The mother was undermined, her death was just brushed off and Ted actually told the story of how i met your mother just to get an ok from the kids to go after Robin. We didn’t get to see anyone grieving for one second. They just skipped a few years ahead and made Ted go to see Robin in order to win her back. We now know that in the beginning Ted made his kids sit down on the couch and told them he wanted to tell the story of how he met their mother except what he really did was tell the story of why he should be with Robin. And the mom, well, didn’t really matter.

      • Cynthia says:

        It was 7 years after Tracy’s death, the kids were just being supporting of their father. Honestly I think Ted and Robin are just making lemonade with lemons, not in a love-of-my-life kind of way but since they’re getting old ans they ‘re single why not?!-kind of way.
        They highlight of the finale was the divorce: I wanted it to happen but I didn’t think they’d do it for real (I’m not a Ted/Robin shipper either), and I’m glad Barney had a child from one of his escapedes cause that feel true to the character.
        The biggest disappointment was the mother’s name. Using the stripper name was lazy, I was waiting for something crazy and hilarious.

      • Angela says:

        Nicely said.
        The stuff with a guy getting the kids he wants AND the woman who clearly didn’t want kids is what particularly doesn’t sit well with me. Talk about having your cake and eating it, too.

      • Catherine says:

        Could not have said this better. Thanks for succinctly summing up why the HIMYM finale sucked. What a waste of an hour, what a waste of 9 years of watching this show!

    • GuessWhat says:

      Oh I dunno — maybe cause sitcoms are supposed to make me laugh? This one did for most of its run. But decided to be a somber drama for its finale.

    • Annie says:

      It really doesn’t have anything to do with happy endings for me. I wouldn’t have minded Mother’s death, or Barney & Robin divorcing, or Ted ending up a widower courting Robin *one bit* had they not spent so much energy and time (9 long years) selling us on the exact opposite, solely for the purpose of misdirection so they could sucker-punch the audience in the last 3 minutes.

    • JLK says:

      Funny, and here I thought they were trying to give people that fairy tale ending of the guy winding up with the girl that he always wanted after a long and winding road. And it was really a happy ending. It was just an ending that didn’t make a lot of sense for those of us who didn’t see true love forever between Ted and Robin as some apparently did. Many of us thought that Robin found Ted convenient and in love with the fact that Ted loved her rather than in love with Ted. It’s quite a leap for us to now believe that Robin’s come to a place where she legitimately loves Ted when they jump completely past the six years in which they rekindled their relationship. If the show had ended sooner, I think people would have been more satisfied with this ending. But going back to the Ted and Robin well at this point just feels ridiculous and too idealistic rather than realistic as I’ve seen many people arguing.

      • CountryQueen says:

        THIS! I actually think the ending idea was a good one, but they didn’t execute well. The road they took to get there made me NOT want Ted and Robin together.

        • Rigel says:

          They should have added one more pic to the mix. vICTORia being the mother of the baby BArney was holding. Pay back!!!

    • wgsecretary says:

      It wasn’t just because it wasn’t a happy ending that many people are upset. Sure, that may be some people’s issue. But, they basically treated the mother as an afterthought. The show is called How I Met Your Mother. But, in the last couple minutes of the show, the kids stated that it wasn’t really a story about how he met their mother. So, why was the show even called How I Met Your Mother? It should have been called “How I Met Your Mother Then Forgot About Her So I Could Go After My Ex Yet Again Who is Also the Ex-Wife of One of My Best Friends.” They ignored their own character development and premise of the show.

    • angel says:

      but this is a happy ending to some… robin and ted after all that happened… sad the mother died but those rooting for ted and robin… happy ending still…

  7. Tom Charles says:

    I eventually came to terms with it. They delivered what they promised, just not everyone got what they wanted. As the philosopher Jagger said, you can’t always get what you want.

  8. vanessa says:

    He might as well be saying ‘Thanks for the ratings, suckers!’.

  9. Teddy Westside says:

    It was great. The show was about how Ted telling the story of how he met the mother, not how he had a “happily ever after” with her. Why would Ted start the story at the point where he met Robin?, because that’s where the show was heading all along. People seem to forget that.

    • Deion says:


    • jenthigpenn says:

      Easy. Without Robin coming into their lives and her marriage to Barney, he would have never met the mother, the bassist at Barney and Robin’s wedding. She became the catalyst for Ted’s love story, I’m just upset she was the endgame.

      • Brooke says:

        Definitely. Ever since we learned he meets the Mother at Robin’s wedding, it seemed clear to me why they started the show with Ted and Robin. But now? Meh. As far as I’m concerned, the show ended with Ted and the Mother on the train platform. Barney and Robin are fabulous together traveling for Robin’s career since Barney no longer needs to be at GNB whistleblowing. Lily and Marshall spent a year in Italy and now Marshall is a judge. Ted and the Mother are both alive and happy with their kids. The end.

    • Elena says:

      Many people thought that the reason it started with Robin was because it was Barney and Robin’s wedding that brought Ted and Tracy together. So Robin’s introduction to the group officially started the chain of events that brought Barney and Robin together, the union that then brought Ted and Tracy together.

  10. I’m in the minority: I LOVED THE ENDING!!!! Ted had always been in love with Robin. It made total sense. Also, what about the rest of the episode? Lily and Marshall’s HAPPY ending, Barney’s line to his daughter (come on, that was the most beautiful thing ever!). Ted and Tracy had a wonderful love story that unfortunately ended sooner than expected, and now Ted went back to his one true love.
    PERFECT ending!

    • Dani says:

      What wonderful love story did Ted and Tracy have? She gave him two children before dying & then Ted returning to his ex, who just happens to be the ex-wife of his best friend. Yes, Ted and Tracy did have a couple of years together but the way it was shown in last night’s finale, she was more a way of given Ted the children he wanted before getting back with Robin. That’s was poor storytelling. Not to mention that we had a wedding for an entire season, only to see that couple divorced in the first quarter of the finale. That’s far from perfect and should even insult these who wanted Robin and Ted together.

      • Jerry says:

        BUT, Ted and Tracy did not leave each other, or get divorced. She died. No that’s not a happy ending, but sometimes these things happen in real life. They got ten years together before she passed. And like the kids said, it has been 6 years at that point and Ted is allowed to move on.

      • Mike R. says:

        He waited 6 years, it may have been poor storytelling, I’m still not sure how I feel, but the actual episode did not give any indication that Ted was still in love with Robin while with Tracy, so I think it is kind of stretch to say Ted only saw Tracy as a baby maker.

        • the8tregirl says:

          I don’t think Ted saw Tracy as a baby-maker. I think the WRITERS/PRODUCERS did. That way, Robin could be superwoman at a career and Ted could be superdad with the children he long wanted, and for reasons beyond comprehension, force these two completely different people back together. They made MUCH better friends than lovers always, IMO.

          • Stacy says:

            This! They wrote Ted’s love for Tracy effectively, but then ended it how they wanted with Robin. “So, uh, how do we take two people who want entirely different things out of life and force them into being soulmates?” And, to go a step further, not only did they use Tracy as filler for the life he wanted, but Robin also ties in as getting kids and family without the weight of motherhood.

    • Carlita says:

      I agree with you 100%. I loved it. Thought it was perfect. I love that Ted and Robin found their way back to each other!

    • CountryQueen says:

      By saying Ted was back with his ONE true love you negated the entire mother storyline. It’s why most of us hated the ending. I can get on board with having more than one love in your life, but the Mother was Ted’s ONE TRUE love! She is the one who understood him. She’s the one who appreciated his over the top romance. No, Robin was not his ONE true love. She was his one unattainable love for a very long time.

    • Vic says:

      Ted may go back to his one true love, but Robin’s one true love is her career and nothing in the story has shown that this has changed. In other words, why think that Ted and Robin this time will be any different than before? She still puts her career first and still doesn’t want kids.

      • fayedigi says:

        I think that Ted and Robin are now in their 50s age wise. Robin’s career is probably no longer as important to her – she can’t be traveling all the time with those dogs – and Ted has the family he wanted. Maybe they weren’t good for each other before but they may be now. However, given the title of the show, Ted’s whole time with Tracey should not have been crammed into one episode. Instead of spending the final season on a wedding for a marriage that wasn’t going to last, they should have had at least one third of the season be about the time Ted and Tracey spent together – their meeting, first date, wedding plans, first child, finally getting married, and several episodes around her death. Yes it might not have been as dramatic but that would have made some sense.

    • CeeCee says:

      Me too! I love the ending. I think this is the true love story, fairy tale kind. I mean, even in the span of an hour we know that 1. Tracy knows how important Robin is for Ted (She begged Robin to come to the wedding) and 2. That Robin finally realizes that she loves Ted all along (She should marry him instead) 3. Maybe (a big maybe here but this makes sense for me) Robin’s focus on her career and her running away from the gang simply because she can’t stand to see Ted and Tracy while she knows she loves Ted. I think the Mother knows just like the kids know that Ted always has a thing for Robin and vice versa. And if you add what the kids say, it implies that after the death of Tracy, Ted simply finds his way back to Robin.

      Also the whole Locket story in this season is a sign of what fairy tale ending HIMYM will deliver. I mean, we know that Ted will always put his friends first, that’s the only reason of ‘I don’t love you that way anymore’ conversation. I love the ending and in my twisted mind, HIMTF should fill the gap of 2014 – whatever happy ending for Ted & Robin is, :P But I guess story about middle age couple is not good for the rating.

  11. Marianne says:

    I get the explanation, but they should have not made Tracy, the mother, so important then. Why make us like her or put her as the main focus of the 200th episode?

  12. Eric7740 says:

    It’s almost as one fan explained, the mother was used as a way for Ted and Robin to have kids, a little sad and disheartening, if you ask me.

  13. matt says:

    the could have kept the finale they wanted if they didn’t waste the past 2 seasons building up an event just to have it come crashing down. In the end the finale seems more like a gimmick (see we fooled you, it was about robin all along!) than a satisfying end to the show

    • jenna says:

      it felt like a slap in the face, we spent 9 long years waiting for the scene where Ted and Tracy finally meet just to have her killed off (in such a causal way) seconds later. Does not seem like a wise decision to alienate so much of your fan base with HIMYD coming up, seems like an even worse decision to carry on the title

  14. Lisa says:

    Still cant believe they did this to us. And that explaination just deepens the cut. I dont care if thats been the plan all along, its not the happy ending that theyve been building towards for nine years. I dont care if life is unexpected. I already know that and unfortunately sadly deal with lifes unexpected bad stuff more often than i want to. Himym was supposed to be different. Its a tv show and youre supposed to be able to deserve a satisfying ending as an audience, even if its the darkest drama of all time the writers should still care about satisfying their fans. And this just wasnt the case here. It hurts a little to be tricked like that

    • Ben says:

      The audience doesn’t “deserve” anything. This is the creators’ story, and they don’t owe anyone any particular ending. This is how their story concluded. No one ever said that HIMYM would have a happy ending, or that it was “supposed to be different.” Don’t conflate your expectations and hopes for the show with some sort of contract where because you watch, the showrunners are obligated to give you what you want.

      • Lisa says:

        As an audience member of a television show, which wouldn’t even be on the air if not for its fans, I think we all absolutely have a right to get invested into the story the creator is providing. What they did is completely abuse that investment and Bernie Madoff’ed us. I never said it HAD to be a happy ending. I would of liked one, sure, but I would of been perfectly fine with the mother dying if they handled it the right way. The last three minutes of last nights finale didn’t do that and they completely negated nine years worth of character development for a shock ending to get people talking. They literally planned a ‘long con’ and it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If you’re not making your show for your fans, who got you where you are, and only for yourself than thats an incredibly selfish way to go out in my opinion.

      • michelle says:

        if they want that same audience to tune into their spinoff show than yes they do deserve it

      • Reneez says:

        The creators “story” doesn’t go anywhere without the audience so I totally disagree. I

  15. Roger says:

    I knew Ted and Robin would end up together back at the wedding. HUGE anvil was dropped when Robin said she wasn’t sure if she should marry Barney and not Ted. No bride who is fully in love would say something like that.

    Although, I’m crushed that Tracy died. Cristin Milioti proved once again that people can come into your lives and completely change it for the better. She’s made me a life long fan of her career.

    • Stacy says:

      I’ve not been a Robin/Barney fan because she’s had doubts at every single milestone of their relationship. And then, how do the writers end her marriage? With her giving Barney an ‘out’ for HIM to end it, and it having zero to do with trust or intimacy, but just ‘Darn it, this marriage thing is hard!’

      I think the writers view Robin through a very different lens than the one they actually framed her in.

  16. Seth says:

    Didn’t go down like a lead balloon with this longtime fan, for me it was a excellent episode, with bittersweet but perfectly played ending, that stayed true to the characters, Robin and Barney would never have worked out and Robin was always going to be the one who fell away from “the gang”, and respected the three characters at the heart of the show, Ted, Robin and the mother Tracy*.

    *It made her a well-realised character, in such a short space of time as well, who Ted loved and adored and will continue to do so even after her death. Him and Robin don’t take away from that imo.

  17. Dani says:

    This defense is laughable. The HIMYM fans waited nine years to get a conclusion on the show’s title. But the finale proved that this was only a minor step in Ted’s love life that we cared about for nine seasons. In the end The Mother was a way to get Ted some children before he ends up with the ex-wife of his best friend. That’s not a satisfying ending and it doesn’t have much to do with these “twists and turns” in life. It’s cheating the audience that lived for clues for nine years and have waited for The Mother with such high hopes.
    I don’t even want to start on those Barney/Robin fans that got a season full of a wedding weekend only to see their couple get divorced in the first quarter of the finale. That was shameful!!!!

  18. Liked more than I disliked… biggest problem for me was trying to turn around Barney with the cheap “babies ever after” ending. I’m fine with Ted only getting a few happy years with Tracy (thought it was “Tracie” in the captions?). Like a sign in my freshman dorm said: “All relationships eventually end… you either break up or die.”

  19. Olivia says:

    Well, glad that he enjoyed it so much. Might have been the last time in his career he’s seen people invest so many years and express so much passion for something he’s a part of. Same goes for Bays and some other showrunners. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  20. Brooke says:

    No. Just no. I don’t care if they filmed the Robin reveal back at the beginning of the show. They had years to observe Robin and Ted romantically drifted away from each other. They had years to observe Robin and Barney were more appropriate for each other and that Barney was showing character growth. They had a whole season of telling the press how they hit the jackpot with their casting of the Mother. They had a whole season observing universal love for the Mother by the fans, and he chemistry she and Ted had, which Ted and Robin lacked in later years. They should have tossed out their original Robin Reveal Footage and seized a new creative end that makes sense after 9 years. Why did future Ted even like who future Robin was? Why did the writers make Robin so unlikeable? What was the point of everything? Creatively, this was not a satisfying end nor did it make sense. It only would have worked if the show had ended many years ago, before all this character growth.

    • cheryl says:

      That’s exactly how I feel about it. While, yes, it does make “sense” that it ends this way, they had many years to revise this ending once seeing how invested everyone was in Ted’s soul mate. After the third season, Robin and Ted had no more chemistry. Ted and Tracey had great chemistry.

    • Allie says:

      Absolutely. Don’t tell me they had to shoehorn in this ending to fit with what they recorded 8 or 9 years ago. They absolutely had a choice. Ugh.

  21. Buppie says:

    The divorce was worth it for the scene with Barney and his daughter….I liked the finale. All signs were pointed to it from the beginning.

  22. stevie says:

    barney and robin wedding: 2 seasons
    divorce: 2 minutes
    death of the mother of ted’s children: 12 seconds.

    • scifi451 says:

      Great way to visualize the problems with the finale with that break down. Might have been ok with the story they told if it had played out over a season or at least more than one episode

    • michelle says:

      the (now pointless) wedding weekend: 20 episodes
      20 years: 50 minutes

    • Vic says:

      This is right on. The finale was like having the scene where Darth Vader’s mask comes off in Return of the Jedi happen at the end of Star Wars Episode IV.

  23. The finale made it come out more like “How I Settled For Your Mother” more than anything else.

    • Lyn says:

      ITA…Ted was always the hopeless romantic who would make grand gestures out of love yet in the finale he meets the mother, gets her pregnant, postpones the wedding that she wanted and ends up with a reconciliation with his ex who for the past 9 years we were told loved him but was not in love with him- and that’s who he makes his grand romantic gestures for. The entire finale made it appear as if Ted settled for Tracy so that he could have the children he always wanted and still have Robin also. Really hated the finale.

      • Not nine years. It’s 25 years, from the debut of the show to the end of the show in 2030. That’s how long it took them to end up together, which is even lamer.

      • m says:

        this really bothered me, how does hopeless romantic ted go from such a simple proposal to planning such an extravagant wedding only to go back to his grand gestures when he brings the french horn. I hate that the mother was such an afterthought

        • liza says:

          i agree, it seems out of character for ted and the mother to not be married before penny is born. A more believable approach would have been if they got married in a court house but were waiting to plan their ‘real’ wedding as a vow renewal of sorts

    • dibomb says:

      At no point did it seem like he settled for the mother. Just because you don’t always get the one love of your life, it doesnt mean you were settling for someone else. There are many kinds of love out there…

      • Come on. Had he not been with the Mother, or if they had not had Penny, once he learned that Robin and Barney split up, he would have found a way to leave Tracy and go after Robin. That’s pretty much what happened at the end! By then he needed permission to do it. See, that’s key. By 2030, he depended on his kid’s permission to go after Robin. In 2017 or 18, whenever it was that Barney and Robin split, he wouldn’t have needed anyone’s permission to go after her. The only thing keeping him and the mother together was Penny. Why do you think it took them five years to get married?

  24. Makenzie says:

    I liked the finale. It was a hard pill for me to swallow at first but I understand it. HIMYM has never been a show to do what we all wish would happen. They do what is real and what is honest. Of course Ted would end up with Robin after Tracy died. Also, I think it’s what the mother would have wanted. She was the only person Ted dated/loved that actually wanted Robin around. Victoria broke up with him because of Robin and Stella didn’t want Robin at their wedding, but the Mother is the one who called Robin and asked her to be there. I do feel like I got a little cheated on the Barney and Robin storyline, but I get it.

  25. Courtney says:

    Well I guess my father was right, doesn’t really matter whether we liked it or not because their checks are cashed…

  26. Steve Olson says:

    As much as the finale was sad – and I get the anger after the Barney/Robin setup over the last couple of seasons and then having the rug pulled out from under it so fast – when it comes down to it, I feel like the writer’s completely supported the finale with everything that happened on the show. Yes, it may not have been the ending everyone hoped for, but really every moment of the show led to how it ended. It was really a masterful stroke of writing to tie everything up and together so well.

    • Vic says:

      I think this comment is correct, but then what happens after the finale is that Robin and Ted date for a while, try to make it work, but the same unresolved issues they have force them to split again…

  27. Britt says:

    Good luck with future endeavors after that pile of crap

  28. Aaron Smith says:

    I understood the ending….as his own kids pointed out, the story was always more about Robin. From the very beginning, Ted’s seemingly never-ending quest for love was more about what he knew he always wanted. It was love at first sight, and although life happens, you never forget that one person who, no matter what, never leaves your thoughts or heart. For Ted, it was Robin. It didn’t mean that he didn’t love Tracy; she was the love of his life. And he cherished that love. But Robin, she was it for him.

  29. I’ve only seen a couple of episodes of HIMYM, but heard all about the ending. As a writer, can I just say: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?! You don’t just reverse years of character development for pure shock’s sake. If you expect viewers to be happy with an ending contrived so ridiculously for a silly “plot twist!!1!1!”, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s kind of sad.

    It just baffles me that a show so well received all these years would end on a note like that. :/ Character development is what drives a show and makes it believable. Don’t regress the characters all the way back to the beginning to be “realistic”. *winces*

    • Michelle says:

      Lmao, for the record, they didn’t do it for shock’s sake. It wasn’t a plot twist pulled out of nowhere. If you actually watched the show and paid attention to it, you’d know that they have been building Ted and Robin’s relationship up from the get-go. Never did they let that story go and now it makes complete sense why.

      As to Barney, what was more unrealistic to me was that he could let go of his years of whoring around in the first place and settling down with Robin. That relationship was a disaster, they brought out the worst in each other (haha guys remember when they cheated on their boyfriend/girlfriend that time), it was never built to last.

      • Jenna857 says:

        One of the issues I think is that Ted is obviously an unreliable narrator. He’s telling this story from the biased lens of being in love with Robin currently. I do not believe that he carried a torch for her the entire time he was with the mother. He had gotten over her, but sometimes love comes back around. He focused on Robin and his feelings for her while he was relaying the story because that is what the character was feeling and thinking while he was telling the story. Also, as viewers, we only got 18 minutes or Robin/Barney marriage; but as characters they had 3 years. 3 years is certainly enough time for things to fall apart. What I wish they had given us between the mother dying and Ted getting permission from the kids was a montage of how Robin and the rest of the gang were there for him during those six years, how Robin and he grew closer again instead of just a throwaway “we love Aunt Robin, when she comes over for dinner, you guys are totally obvious” I also believe that the 5 dogs is a sign that she’s not traveling as much anymore (because if you leave 5 dogs with sitters or in a kennel as much as she was traveling, that’s awful). So maybe it will work this time. They gave us very, very definitive clues that Robin realized that she should have ended up with Ted, and maybe pined for him for a while.

  30. Maki says:

    It’s not the happy ending it’s about he love we all deserve. Ted was searching for the real deal and he found it just to go back to the egoistic love that Robin can gave him, the love that destroyed the beautiful love between Robin and Barney.

    • jean says:

      There was no “beautiful” love between Robin and Barney. Theirs was an adolescent infatuation that fizzled when the heat went out. (When Robin grew up and became responsible.)

  31. People raged over LOST’s finale, but LOST will always be one of the most famous shows, people are still raging over Dexter’s finale, but that started to slowly pass…. People are raging against HIMYM’s finale now… It was evertything we expected and nothing like it…. That’s the season and the final episode that we should have had for the past 3 seasons IMO… It was sad, it was funny, it was unexpected, it ended right where it started which makes it a full circle show… The story was NEVER about the mother, the story was about Robin and Ted… And we got to see what everyone’s lives turn out to be (I didn’t like the fact that the only thing Lily achieved was having babies)… Barney became a father – that’s something Robin couldn’t have given him, she got to have her career which played a majore role in the first seasons. They told the story, you’ll love the show back when you pass your anger that there is no such thing as a happy ending – there’s a happy middle and lots of unknowns that are left for us :)

    • Brooke says:

      Wtf, why does it matter Robin couldn’t give Barney kids? Barney never said kids were important to him. He said Robin was important to him. He hugged her when she revealed she couldn’t have kids and then later professed his love for her repeatedly and married her. Why did Barney need to be given a kid?

  32. Scott says:

    Gotta say that what the show runners need to sincerely do is film an alternate ending. Put in on the DVD. And release both versions saying that fans can choose either. Way way too many fans feel this was a terrible idea

  33. Esauk says:

    Half mad. Half genius. I enjoyed the twist that the mother’s dead the entire time. That never crossed my mind. I wish the rumor didn’t spread however would’ve soften the blow. However, the mad part comes in with Ted and Robin. I share similar sentiments. It was obvious this would happen but then I fell in love with Tracy and it broke my heart. I didn’t expect a happy ending, just not this mess.

  34. Ashley says:

    Honestly, the payoff in the finale felt cheap to me. They knew how they were going to end the story, so they should have been writing the entire series with that ending in mind (and not just the last two episodes before the finale). If they wanted to go off into Robin/Barney land for three fricking seasons they needed to change the ending; if they wanted to use the ending they had, they needed to show how Robin and Ted have changed from the people who cared about each other but were horribly incompatible for pretty much all of the series. Sure, the end makes sense with the beginning of the series but not the 200+ episodes inbetween!

    I won’t be watching “How I Met Your Dad”; or anything created by these showrunners, as I don’t care for their storytelling structure.

    • John NYC says:

      Yes, they did seek to suffer extreme “target lock”, with an ending that didn’t fit where the story had evolved to. IMHO.

      • Doug says:

        What does it seem like the writers always have to have a twist? Why not just give us the ending that people wanted?

    • Reneez says:

      If the writers were hell-bent on this ending they should not have spent 2 seasons building Robin/Barney and showing how good they were for each other. They were the two most emotionally damaged characters to begin with who could not be “fixed” by anyone. The show brought so much reality to them; Robin has the emotionally distant father that wanted a boy, while Barney never even knows who his father is until adulthood. You see how they work together because they both get the other ones pain – that is not from day one – that was over the last few seasons. If the plan was to put Ted and Robin back – then keep Barney and Robin as friends and have them help each other find “the one” – don’t make it so that Robin was the ONLY one Barney could ever commit to but then he loses her because he can’t handle her work demands.
      They should have let Barney end up with someone else or at the very least made the Barney/Robin wedding a drunk Vegas thing therefore making the divorce more predictable and less painful to all. Both of them had come a long way – to send Barney back to the playbook was the awful. This season and last could have been about showing why they end up divorced. I also think that if the plan is to have Ted/Robin together they should have spent a lot more time showing how that was possible since all we have seen is how it did NOT work.
      For the “The Mother”… I think the “reality is not always a happy ending” is very weak – of course it isn’t – but this is TV – it could have been happy and that is why people watch Sitcoms – to laugh. I do think some emotion is great – but as mentioned by others – this show was very unrealistic in some of the comedy – which is what I loved. I am fine with the drama and loved most of it – but for something this big show it! If you are going to have a character, we have been so anxious to meet, then have her be so perfect for Ted, make us love her so much then you are hoping for poignant with her death – 12 seconds in a bed doesn’t cut it! I don’t think we needed to see details of her actual death, but as previously mentioned, show how the group is there for Ted and the kids when he loses Tracy. Show some REAL emotion with that loss. THEN let us understand why not only would he want to give Robin another shot down the road – but why his KIDS – would be behind that as well.
      The biggest problem is that most important topics were treated trivially because the audience only got a few minutes/montages to see them. If the creators were going to spend a whole episode on hangovers, another on slap bets – then let the mother live; let Barney and Robin stay together. If you want to show reality then ditch that crap and show REALITY – show us WHY this happened and how it lead the characters to your end.
      I think that moving on after six years is ok – and having the show really be about asking the kids for “permission” to move on is ok. What was NOT OK is that they spent so much time selling us on Robin and Barneys wedding and the growth they have gone through – then they tear it down in a second and bring them both back to season one. They spent so much time building up to Ted’s TRUE love – then seconds showing her die – they had so much pointless but fun humor along the way – but the whole finale felt rushed and false to what we had seen in the past few seasons. The series was well done and well thought out with the finale being the one exception. It felt like they tried to cram March – May into one episode and it did not work.

  35. mel says:

    I really wonder who the robin in craig or carter i dunno which one but one of them is but ted is based loosely on him and i the impact this girl must have left on him was huge to stick to such a controversial ending requires pure guts way to pull a roseanne.
    I support it though life is not a bed of roses you can have more than one love in your life and its ok to move on. Ted grieved for 6 years,robin pined for him for almost 15 years later they deserve a chance. Although yeah i feel terrible for barney.

  36. Deion says:

    The ending was perfect. The only complaint I can make is the undoing of the last few seasons of Barney’s character development. He could have found a girl he could make it work with. But the Ted/Robin story? I was invested it in from the beginning. No disappointment here.

  37. mandy says:

    This finale sucked. Period. They reversed all the good with Barney, shoe-horning a baby into his storyline to make us go Awwwwww. And I did, briefly. But the build up with Barney and Robin’s marriage was done so much more believably. Their divorce was not well developed at all. It felt to me that Robiin was Barney’s one true love, not Ted’s.

  38. Bob Smith says:

    Good luck, Carter and Bays, trying to sell HIMYD to CBS now. The finale of HIMYM was a HUGE, SUCKY disappointment. What a betrayal of NINE YEARS of invested time. Take your “curvy road of life” somewhere else now.

    • John NYC says:

      Well if they’re upfront it’s a spinoff of The Walking Dead they might have shot. The biggest loss is likely trust as that was no comedic ending.

      Their call, of course. But I won’t bother with their product again, YMMV….

  39. Charles says:

    I was let down by the finale and just thought the episode overall was average. I just have a hard time understanding people getting so angry about the end of a tv show. I’ve been with this series since the beginning, would have like to have seen something different to end the series, but clearly Carter and Craig had a vision. In the end they needed to make the finale that made sense to them. Nothing what happened last night ruins the series for me. Farewell HIMYM, it was a fun ride.

  40. LOL says:

    Some of you people may need professional help. Just sayin. Its a damn TV show.

    • Bob Smith says:

      Exactly! It’s a TV show, NOT real life. If I wanted to waste NINE years to end up with real life, I would just look around me for “entertainment”. This is NOT how a NINE YEAR comedy is supposed to end. Yes, fictional TV should have more happy endings, not death.

    • sillyemmy says:

      Haha. I was thinking the SAME THING when reading through these comments. Sheesh, take it easy. It was 1/2 hour a week, for 22 weeks a year… BUT THEY INVESTED NINE YEARS OF THEIR LIVES!!!!!!!!!!1! (for the record, I really liked the finale)

  41. Bob Smith says:

    Breaking his silence? More like breaking wind. That was a real stinker last night.

  42. Andie says:

    They may have written the ending they wanted but the reaction of the fans should have mattered to them. Most people just want a nice sweet ending to shows that they invest in. They want to think that everyone is living happy ever after. It’s TV, we escape from reality here especially with comedy shows. Will not watch the spin off after this slap in the face ending.

  43. Bri says:

    Something i noticed in the past two weeks both barney and ted see their bride to be in thier wedding dresses before their wedding and it ended in divorce and death Yup im gonna remember not to do that

  44. Sabina says:

    I thought the finale was great! I saw it coming from the flow of the show since the beginning! It was always about Robin!!!!! This show has always portrayed real life not the fairy tale. Tons of marriages begin with huge fancy weddings only to have it tank. And old loves reconnect after loss everyday. I was totally satisfied!! Barney and his daughter scene was the icing on the cake!

  45. Goodbye Universe Guy says:

    We as fans and viewers have every right to be angry and disappointed, or happy and satisfied, with the HIMYM finale. It’s perfectly okay – there are no right or wrong answers here. I’ve read as many of these responses as I can thus far – there are an incredible amount – that’s a good thing.

    Great television needs to make the viewer feel something – even anger and disappointment, but at least feel something. This show (and now, finale) has certainly accomplished that. Most tv shows engender disinterest and boredom, that’s why most get canceled. HIMYM’s ratings and fan interest actually grew over the nine seasons – that’s extremely rare. That’s a tribute to the writers, producers, director, cast and crew…. and we fans. That’s something now all of us will share, regardless of how we now feel about the final outcome.

    Thank you Carter Bays, Craig Thomas, Pamela Fryman, cast and crew of HIMYM. As CT mentioned, this was an incredible ride, quite rare experience [I’ve watched a lot of TV in my life – this show and experience was quite special.] I’m grateful for their hard work and dedication for telling a story about a man and his friends, the ups and downs of life, and about a woman whom he met that he simply wanted to be happy.

  46. I watch TV to ESCAPE reality, not to have a team of artsy-fartsy writers ruin a series that has been on for nine seasons in a single hour. If life is really that depressing, I guess I should just jump off a building right now. Also, if we’re going for realism… doesn’t that include happy moments too? 3/4 of this episode was so depressing that I just wanted to get as far away as I could from my TV by the time it was done.

    Since when has HIMYM been so concerned with reality, anyway? When they created Robin Sparkles and featured her in a Behind The Music-like episode? When Maury Povich appeared everywhere they went in New York? How about Barney’s bachelor party or with The Wedding Bride movies? God knows that it’s totally realistic for one person to have had a bride leave them at the altar, convince another to leave her fiancee at her wedding to run away with them and get involved in an affair with a millionaire’s wife who is trying to save the building you’ve been hired to design a new building for once it’s demolished.

    This show has never been that realistic. Maybe it sort of was at the start, but it has strayed so far down the rabbit hole from that in the past few seasons. Claiming you wanted an ending that was true to life is kind of absurd in itself when you take it all into consideration. What else should I expect though? It’s a cop-out explanation for the series finale that was, in itself, a huge cop-out to anyone who bothered to get invested in this show for the past nine years.

    • And to be clear, I didn’t have an issue with the more unrealistic elements of this show — that’s often what made it so unique and fun to watch. I have more of an issue with their big defense for the finale beingthat they suddenly wanted to be true to life. The entire series was exactly the opposite. Yes, there were dramatic elements strewn across the show and they created some of the best episodes in the series (Marshall’s dad dying and Robin’s inability to have kids spring to mind immediately.) Still, the unrealistic and insane elements of the show helped to strike a balance and kept this series fresh or from becoming a drama. This ending just seemed to contradict everything the show had worked to establish and stay away from for the past nine seasons. How many times did Ted and Robin let each other go just to end up together in the end? It was a big case of bait and switch, plain and simple.

      • Goodbye Universe Guy says:

        I understand your frustration – I can see your point – up to a point. But as I watched last night’s finale, what kept coming back to me throughout the episode were episodes like – “Moving Day”, “Shelter Island”, “The Front Porch”, “Dopplegangers”, “False Positive”, “The Best Man”, “Symphony of Illumination”, “No Pressure”, “The Broath”, “Magician’s Code-II”, “The Final Page-II”, “Something Old”, “Sunrise”.

        HIMYM worked on many levels, and there were comedy moments, slapstick, crazy stuff – but there was also quite a bit of drama, and most of it centered around Robin and Ted. Those episodes I noted above had at their core key Robin and Ted moments – those episodes took place across the entire nine year run. I’m not sure I can agree with the idea that this final episode contradicted the entire series, because throughout this series, amidst all the wild crazy comedy, outlandish super-awesome Barney story lines and the touching, center of the series in the Lily-Marshall relationship, there was always something dramatic just below the surface with the remaining two tormented characters – Ted and Robin.

        In my mind, the finale succeeded in highlighting those three core components of the show/series – Man in control and awesome Barney, solid, steady marriage of Lily and Marshall, and the tormented, almost haunted lives of Ted and Robin. How else could this series end? I think CT/CB/PF and co. did the best they could to help craft a finale that was true and fair (as fair as life can be) to the core five characters. Life is rough, and HIMYM never shied away from that harsh truth – from beginning to end – but there is always hope.

  47. Asia says:

    What a freaking joke! I did not sign up for the show How Your Mother Is Dead And Now I Want To Go Back To Banging Your Aunt Robin. No no no no no!!! I’m not saying that the mother dying is what made the series finale terrible. No, I could have live with that. It’s the fact that the writers spent years drilling the fact that Ted & Robin weren’t right for each other that they weren’t meant to be. How he had to let her go to meet the one. And how everything he experienced was so that he could be ready for her. I thought this show suppose to be about how when there’s a person you desperately love and you want them to be the one that there’s sometimes a person out there who in so many ways is so much better. I thought this was Ted & the mother’s story. The mother turned out to be such an amazing character, it was disgusting how they glossed her over death like that. And I can’t believe the writers spent season 6 onward building up Barney & Robin’s wedding. They based this entire season around it only for it to end in divorce the first 15 minutes. If the whole point of this was Robin & Ted why??? They regressed Barney’s character. All that character development gone in flash. But let’s not forget the kid he had with some random nameless woman. Because hey, if you don’t get true love there’s nothing like getting stuck with the kid you never wanted. I can’t believe that after trashing Barney they used that baby a plot device to show that since he has a kid now he’s truly ready to grow up. It was an epic failure. The acting in that scene was great but the whole entire situation was gross. And Robin is a terrible person. She ditched her husband for her career and became her a ghost in her friends’ life only to come to the startling realization that after all those years of rejecting Ted & saying she didn’t love him he was truly the one that got away. Excuse me while I barf. And Ted he gets the kids he always wanted & Robin, one of his best friend’s ex wife. How lovely.

    • Vic says:

      I pretty much agree with everything in this post (except that I think they established that Barney did actually want kids). Everything else sums up all of the problems with the finale. I also like that this post appropriately used “epic failure” instead of trying to use the word “fail” like a noun.

    • Reneez says:

      I could not agree more! It was the way they undid all of the growth that was awful. Having Barney become a father was great – but it should have been with a Nora or Quinn – not a random stranger that he STILL doesn’t care about. Maybe she dies in the spinoff and that will be the twist for “31” in “How I Met Your Father”. CBS should not count on getting the How I met you mother viewers for that one.

    • Jamie manning says:

      Real ending kids ” dad how could you promise to tell us about our dead mother then go on about robin you sick freak you dated her for one year and she married your best friend, what is wrong with you I hate you” ted maby I should steal the blue French horn again that never gets old. At robin apartment oh god teds turned up with a blue French horn what’s with this guy we dated over 17 years ago and he’s still stalking me, meanwhile barney is waiting in robins bedroom doing the naked man hoping to get back with robin realising after having a baby that he’s still in love with her and she’s finally stopped moving around and they can be together. This is a realistic ending but on the other hand if you think a dad promising to tell his kids about there dead mum then going on about he’s best friends ex wife who he dated for a year over 17 years ago and you don’t find anything wrong with that then enjoy the original ending personally I’m sticking with my own interpatation of the ending ted was delusional about his kids supporting him going after robin, robin was annoyed at seeing him with the blue French horn barney was waiting in robins bedroom the end

  48. April says:

    I think part of the problem is that many Ted and Robin shippers (like me) gave up on this show years ago. The people still watching were more likely to be Barney/Robin shippers or actually care about the mother. And of course they would be pissed off by the finale. I didn’t watch it, but now that I’ve read what happens, I probably will watch it tonight. Ted and Robin’s relationship is what I used to love about the show, and seeing them end up together after all may take away some of the bitterness I developed toward the show as it declined over the years.

  49. John NYC says:

    That ending might have seemed awesome nine years ago, after the intervening nine years: no.

  50. Hodan says:

    Lets be honest here. I don’t think anyone would have minded if the ending was done in a more organic way. It is just the writers got greedy and wanted more seasons than were not needed. I am just glad Jason Segel was resistant to one more season otherwise we would have had 10 season of How I Met Your Aunt Robin.