Cougar Town Finale Recap: Goodbye… For Now?

cougar-town-season-5-finale-recapCougar Town‘s Season 5 finale was all about expecting the unexpected, if you will.

Tom won a game of Cul-de-Sac Crew Trivia, was allowed to pick the destination for the group vacation and chose… for everyone to stay home and bond. (He deserved that dinner roll to the noggin, yes?) Bobby and Grayson signed up for a two-on-two basketball league… and wound up in a breakdancing contest against a bunch of teens. And Jules used a container of Laurie’s pee to fake her way through a life-insurance physical… only to get a follow-up call from her doctor that she was pregnant.

Sure it took a second — and some prompting from Ellie — for Jules to remember whose urine was signaling the presence of a bun in the oven (or should we call it a grape in the vineyard?), but considering Laurie’s season-long romance with Jules’ son Travis, you could still say Courteney Cox’s protagonist was in a family/grandmotherly way.

The remainder of the installment focused on Jules & Co. figuring out the best way to break the news to Laurie and Travis — all while the young lovers pretended to be Andy’s nouveau riche newlywed clients (part of a plan to help him impress his boss), then had a blowout fight after discovering their life goals didn’t exactly line up. (Who’dve thunk the Foster Child Formerly Known as Buffy McRichdollar dreamed of a quiet country life with five kids?)

A heart-to-heart with his grandfather Chick, however, got Travis to realize that no amount of success would be worthwhile if Laurie wasn’t there at the center of it all — and that revelation led to the couple’s very first exchange of “I love yous.” (Awwww.) Jules then gathered all of our regular characters for a vino-filled announcement party and dropped the bombshell on her son and his girlfriend. “I feel like I just got hit in the face with a two-by-four,” responded Laurie. “And yes, I know what that feels like.”

In the end, though, Travis and Laurie decided they could face anything together — especially with the help of the people who love them. “Believe it or not,” Chick shared with soon-to-be-a-grandma Jules, “there may come a day when you look back and realize this was the best thing that ever happened to you.”

If this turns out to be Cougar Town‘s series, not season, finale — and the title card’s “Goodbye… For Now?” message left the show’s fortunes as hazy as Jules after a wine-and-happy-pills cocktail — then “We Stand a Chance” certainly served as a sweet, sentimental sendoff. So let’s all grab a glass (or a vase disguised as a glass), crack open a bottle of red and pound some grape for one of the most underrated comedies of the decade. When you’re done, throw your hands in the air and give one last “What-what?!”  (Oh, Laurie, I think I’ll miss you most of all.)

Episode’s Best Quotes
“I have the occasional glass of wine with my friends.” –Jules, blatantly lying to her physician

“All my purses are either day-glo or held up in a police evidence locker.” –Laurie, explaining why she needs to borrow a purse from Jules

“Grandpas don’t believe in breaking battles: They’re fragile and loud music frightens them.” –Grayson, pondering his and Bobby’s ability to participate in a breakdancing competition now that Travis is about to be a dad

“Don’t joke: I packed my Thelma & Louise bag six years ago. Say the word and I’ll go grab it… We can kiss every time we cross a state line.” –Ellie, responding (a little too quickly) to Jules’ wondering if they should “hop into a car, drive west and never look back” instead of coming clean to Travis and Laurie

“I’m a brain surgeon… and my largest expense is doll clothes.” –Tom, explaining to Andy that, yes, he is a millionaire

What did you think of Cougar Town‘s Season 5 finale? Take the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. Lynn says:

    I am so happy right now and can’t stop smiling. They got it right after HIMYM screwed it up. And while I hope the show gets another season, that would make the perfect series finale.

    • I was thinking the same thing!!! HIMYM disappointed me and Cougar Town came through for me! YES!

    • jenna says:

      agreed, I don’t know how but somehow the writers are able to make a finale (this season and last) that would be a satisfying series finale but still open-ended enough as a season finale. On a side note:
      1. whatever happened to Tampa?? (Greyson’s daughter)
      2. whatever happened to Bobby’s girlfriend (i think her name was Rigs?)

      • Ram510 says:

        I would like to know what happened to Tampa as well. I’ve been asking that since the middle of season 4

        • Cougartown Fan says:

          And another unsolved mystery… what the heck is Grayson’s last name? It would be Jules last name. As of season 5, she was still referred to in one episode as ”Jules Cobb”. Go figure.

          • Cindy says:

            Um, seriously? First, Grayson’s last name would NOT necessarily be Jules’s last name. NEWS FLASH: women don’t automatically take their husband’s name anymore when they get married. Second, she most likely kept the name Cobb after divorcing Bobby because she owns a business and is known as “Jules Cobb” in the business community. When she married Bobby, she didn’t own the business – and was probably too young to even consider keeping her maiden name after marriage, and just followed a tradition that makes no sense in the modern age.

          • His last name is Ellis and they devoted a whole episode to why Jules kept the last name Cobb after she married Grayson.

          • Cougartown Fan says:

            Thanks, Maria, I will try to find the episode online. I missed that one.

  2. S. says:

    I would love to see Laurie as a mom simply to see how she dresses the kid

  3. Shifty51 says:

    If anyone is wondering, the song playing in the Season 5 finale of Cougar Town when Laurie and Travis find out they are pregnant is “The Finish Line” by Charlotte Lawrence

  4. Booger says:

    Love this show! Need a S6!

  5. Ken says:

    Yes but “The Finish Line” is actually a Snow Patrol song…so that was just a cover version

  6. alistaircrane says:

    Why hasn’t TBS renewed Cougar Town yet?! Last year, they were picked up at the end of March. Please don’t cancel it! If TBS cancels CT without giving us a proper farewell season, then they are worse than ABC. Ugh!

  7. Ram510 says:

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don’t let this be the series finale, just 1 more season please. In going to have a meltdown if it’s over

  8. Cindy says:

    I’ve been a HUGE fan of Cougar Town from the get-go – but tonight’s season (series?) finale was a letdown. It just wasn’t at all funny (except for the tag with Tom playing with his cul-de-sac dolls), and the serious stuff rang false. The writing since the show moved to TBS has been very uneven. I didn’t care for tonight’s writing or direction (by Courteney Cox). But I do hope the show gets picked up for a Season 6 – and if so, that the writing rises back up to the glory levels of Seasons 1 and 2.

    • Ram510 says:

      I agree with you on the fact that the writing hasn’t been the same as the first 3 seasons. It seems as though they’ve become more silly but it’s still fun.
      Yesterday’s season finale (and yes, I’m calling it now it was only the season finale) wasn’t the funniest but it had a lot of meaningful moments

  9. Areis says:

    Please GOD, i need 6S and a movie…..

  10. ChrisGa says:

    Meh, I have to say this season, at least for me, has been the show’s weakest. Still love the cast and the occasional one-liner still makes me chuckle. But it still doesn’t hold up to the first 3 seasons IMO.

    • Aly says:

      Yes, I agree.

    • liz says:

      i agree this season has been the weakest for me, but to be honest i think part of that is because courtney got some more work done to her face (looks like cheek implants to me) which is distracting and I slightly cringe whenever she’s on screen. Such a shame she’s ruining her career

      • m says:

        it really has become a lot more noticeable this season

      • MiaB says:

        The last three episodes, it looks like she’s been talking out the side of her mouth, she has so much Botox paralyzing her face. She’s a beautiful woman, and I understand wanting to look young, but you can age gracefully or you can look like Kim Novak. I hope she chooses the first one.

  11. Christopher says:

    Perfect finale!! Cougar Town is at its best when it is perfectly mixing the wacky and the serious. They nailed it tonight. I think Pregnant Laurie (not being able to drink!?) will be a hilarious plot for season 6! I sure hope TBS renews it… When should we know about that? I need to know if I should start mourning or not :(

  12. Babybop says:

    I have never liked Laurie and Travis together… so I’m not super thrilled with this twist. But otherwise it was a very sweet finale and PLEASE renew it, TBS.

  13. Anon says:

    From now on, we can always say “Well, it was better than How I Met Your Mother’s series finale.”

  14. Jackie says:

    Great, bittersweet episode. Made me sad because it definitely had a finale feeling. I will be SO upset if TBS doesn’t renew it! I would love to see Jules as a grandmother, all the things Ellie would have to say about this, how Chick will do in the house with Jules and Grayson, if Bobby will ever get off his boat…so much story left to tell!

  15. JB says:

    Am I the only 1 who keeps thinking that if they come back, it’s going to be Jules pregnant. I kept waiting for Laurie to say it wasn’t possible for her to be pregnant. But Jules was drinking way too much wine for that to be true.

  16. Jeff says:

    They have to come back for another season, if for no other reason then to explain what happened to Jules’ Japanese toilet.. :)

  17. Anna B. says:

    Cougartown is one of the most under-rated shows on TV. Kudos to TBS for picking it up and giving its fans another season to enjoy. I’ve been a fan from the beginning and hate to think this could be the end.

  18. Elin says:

    Great episode :) As soon as Jules agreed to take Lauries pee I screamed “pregnant” at my screen.

  19. Clode says:

    This has to be the season finale and not the series finale. I need at least one more!

  20. John says:

    6 seasons and a movie!

    Wait, wrong show…

  21. Elle says:

    I hope we get at least one more season, because I want to meet the baby!

  22. Mikael says:

    I definitely want another season, but if this does turn out to be the last, I think it was a great ending. The season 3 finale with Jules & Grayson’s wedding would’ve made for a perfect finale too.

  23. Liza says:

    I have been a huge fan of this show since season 1 on ABC and was thrilled when TBS picked it up. This season has been the weakest, but I love these characters and this is a feel good show. I am really hoping for at least one more season.

  24. lozslounge says:

    Do we know if Cougar Town has been renewed? Just watched finale. So Perfect. If that was the ending I would be satisfied however I really hope its not the ending at all. I’d love to see Laurie and Trav get married and have the baby.

  25. lozslounge says:

    Also, just noticed this post is posted on April 1… does anyone think goodbye for now? could be an April fools joke? I know it would have aired late in the day but they could have schuelded this ep on this day for that reason…?

  26. yuanita says:

    I hope they’ll renew this show. I would love to see trav as a dad, it will be so cute because he was so good with tampa (grayson’s daughter)

  27. TERY says:

    bring the show back, love it !

  28. Love the show. Their an extended family helping each other through this crazy thing called life. Keep the show on. Wish I had people to care about me like they all care about each other.

  29. Christina says:

    Awesome! Cougar town is renewed. I have a feeling that Jules will also get pregnant and Laurie and her will go through pregnancy together. :):):):):):):):):): so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Liz says:

    i totally love this show, it is so funny; it is my kind of humor. I’m glad there’s one more season, but I wish it would go on much longer. Each character is so unique and funny that it has that superb quality of a great show like Friends and Modern family. Great stuff! I’m going to miss it.

  31. Grainne says:

    we know there a series 6 as they’re a video of Laurie giving birth