Exclusive Bones Video: No One Calls Brennan a Whore (at Least Not in Front of Booth)

Hell hath no fury like Booth hearing someone call Brennan a (gulp) whore.

In tonight’s Bones (8/7c, Fox), the partners in love and crimefighting attend the funeral of a wealthy artifact collector who may or may not have been murdered and have a nasty run-in with the deceased’s grieving mother (who suspects Brennan had an improper relationship with her playboy son).

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Press PLAY below and watch Booth come to his wife’s defense just moments before a surprise guest crashes the memorial service.


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  1. Anon says:

    Eyerolling at yet another person thinking Brennan is up for or would be up for sleeping around. Change the record writers. It’s getting tedious and not funny.

    • 206episodesofBones says:


      • Anon says:

        The Biker wanted to ride her. The Douchey Intern sexually harrassed her and wanted to sleep with her and now the mother in this clip thinks she is one of many women who had a fling with her son….the writers are treating Brennan like some cheap sex object.

        • Goaway says:

          Why don’t you go play with the people at Terminus?

        • nightmareblade177777 says:

          The Biker thing was well stupid and the new Intern I wish they would have just killed him I am glade that he is never coming back on the show from what I’ve read as far as this one Booth stood up for her so no I don’t feel they are making her some cheap object because she would never cheat on booth like she said in that car scene .The whole new intern was suppose to a comedy scene but instead the fans did not get the joke and hated him and said that if he was ever on again they would never watch that episode so now the new Cuban piece of trash intern is gone for good .

          Brennan said to both that if she were to cheat on him she would kill herself something she would never do .

    • Kenny says:


      Make sense man!

    • nightmareblade177777 says:

      what are you talking about she has never slept around from what I seen she only had I think 2 so called boyfriends on the show before Booth and since she with him she never done anything wrong If you remember what she said in the car to Booth when that new piece of trash intern wanted to sleep with her .I so wish she would have done worst to him than just slam his head down on the table and I so wish Booth would have done something to him I know I would have .

    • Haloreach says:

      *slaps Anon repeatedly*

      • catherine says:

        Wow, simmer down, I think Anon was saying, we’ve seen this scene played over and over, it’s getting old and repetitious. Brennan has been decent since she knew Bth wanted more from her sans her wanting advise on dating his boss, Hacker. Come on writers, we need some new plot lines.

        • nightmareblade177777 says:

          Yea but you have to remember that Her and Hacker only went out twice and the same with Booth and the girl he went out with and nothing ever happen between any of them . As far as new plot line well tonight that happens from what I heard and it’s going to very interesting that for sure .Booth and Brennan and complete and sold so now worries or problems there so that good to know . And as about Hacker Booth was not happy she went out with him and the last time we hear his name was in Rocker in the rise cycle .From what I read Hacker wanted a relationship with Brennan but she did not with .So they never spoke after the rocker one .

  2. If this person was a guy he would be lying on the floor unconscious that for sure wow and Brennan looks so beautiful in this scene .When are people going to learn you don’t screw with Brennan and say things like that I mean Booth is a fully trained Army Sniper and Brennan know more than you think about Martel arts

  3. Patty says:

    Where I can see de video??

  4. 206episodesofBones says:

    At least he gets to introduce Brennan as his wife LOL!! Can’t tell you how many times I have watched sport on my phone when I shouldn’t !

    • nightmareblade177777 says:

      After what that guy mother called Brennan I don’t think Booth cared about the game anymore .I guess she still goes by Temperance Brennan but I would image her last name would be Booth Correct .I mean does she have a middle name .I know we find out early on that her birth name was Joy Kerran

      • Haloreach says:

        Not all women change their surnames when they get married. My mother didn’t.

        • nightmareblade177777 says:

          Did Brennan ever have a middle name I am new to the show and have only been watching it for a few months but I am beyond hooked on this amazing show and saw all the episode so far on TNT

  5. Sam says:

    She is a world renown forensic anthropologist. She wouldn’t change her name. Just as most celebrities don’t cuz it’s how they are known. You don’t have to change your last name just cuz you get married. And she was dating 2 men at once in the beginning of season 3 I believe…. It was a deep sea weldor and a botanist or something but she was only sleeping with one. She didn’t really believe in monogamy before Booth.

  6. Brennan has always been someone men find very intriguing so thats why the writers do that its comedy its not making her look like a sex object also how can they not put a scene where booth is defending his “WIFE” :) . it happens in real life people. Brennan wouldn’t do anything anyway ever since she confronted her feelings about booth she hasn’t been with anyone even when he was with Hannah, hacker wasn’t even something she could get serious with. She is all for booth and she hasn’t showed any desire to be sexually involved with anyone since she started feeling even more drawn to booth. Plus she’s only had a few boyfriends throughout the series. I think they do a good job portraying her character. she isn’t like a lot of people which makes her intriguing to men and she isn’t afraid to say what is on her mind :P AND GO BOOTH! love how is protective.

    • nightmareblade177777 says:

      I agree Brennan was single the whole time he was with Hannah alot of people think that Brennan and Booth got together as a couple during the Blackout in The blizzard one but I feel it started way before that and I think it was official when Hannah said no to Booth proposal that whole bar scene was so powerful and just so good and it should how much Brennan was in love with Booth because she waited for him to get over being angry .The next episode which was the Valentine day one proved that she would wait for Booth ,.I mean 4 guys call her two and work and two when she with Booth and she turns them all down because she wanted to be with Booth and at the end who shows up at the firing range Brennan with her Valentine day gift for him and that was also a great scene .I do feel getting back to the bar scene the reason why Hannah called Brennan is because she knew that Brennan was still in love with Booth and plus Brennan saved Hannah life so I feel she owed her one and that’s why she called Brennan .

  7. Aries says:

    No wonder people aren’t watching this show….

    • nightmareblade177777 says:

      You;re crazy people are watching the show I have no idea were you getting your info from .

      • Badpenny says:

        In all fairness, the ratings are down right now compared to this same period last year. Episode 20 last season had a 1.9 rating. Last week’s, and the week before that, was 1.4. So Bones is down half a point from last year.

  8. Devyani says:

    That’s it!! I want a husband like Booth. Fact is a gorgeous woman (like Brennan) would get hit upon, get called names etc etc JUST cos she is successful and attractive. It’s too much for the society to take at large, whatever be the professional qualifications & competence. As a marketing professional I have faced similar situations and so have many of my girlfriends. Not to say that I can’t kick Ass on my own…but yeah, it’s nice to take a break and have someone else do it on your behalf once in a while. Esp, if it’s your significant other. :-) :-)