Revenge Recap: Know When to Hold 'Em

Revenge Season 3 RecapEmily tangles with Pascal LeMarchal in this week’s Revenge, and despite Em fondling a few cigars and rocking a red-hot gown, the interaction is about as enticing as room-temperature coq au vin: It’s fine, but you know it would be so much better if it were just a little hotter.

Elsewhere, the Grayson kiddies team up (with their combined success rate of 0.0, that’ll go well), Conrad seems to grow a soul and Victoria gets precisely what she wanted. Read on as we review what happened in “Addiction.”

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THE DECK IS STACKED | Emily and Nolan are stumped by the mention of “TWM” in the handwritten note they believe Pascal penned. “It definitely can’t be ‘the white-haired man,’ can it?” Emily asks, echoing a commenter on last week’s recap. Noles doesn’t think so, and while he works on hacking into Pascal’s mainframe for clues, she decides to use her newly single status as a way to cuddle up to Margaux’s dad.

Step 1: Stalk him, then proffer phallic objects. But when Emily “accidentally” runs into the French media magnate and offers him a high-end cigar, he seems immune to her young divorceé charms. Undaunted, Emily proceeds directly to Step 2: Throw a lavish, themed charity gala benefitting Monsieur LeMarchal’s childhood leukemia foundation. (Side note: These people plan and execute wedding-size parties the same way I use Seamless – daily and with abandon.)

ALL IN | Jack finds Margaux flipping through Vito Splendido, an Italian magazine she’s been asked to head up in Rome. Jack’s not excited about a long-distance relationship, but he wants her to be happy in a way he knows she can’t be at Voulez, so he encourages her to pursue the new position.

Margaux and her kicky haircut are quite happy to accept his support at face value… until Daniel decides to start messing with her head about it. He tells her that Jack’s way too close to Emily, and that Margaux’s being in Europe will only help Jack’s macking plans. Earlier in the episode, Daniel persuades Charlotte to help him get back at Emily by taking down all of her friends – this Margaux interference seems to violate Char’s “OK, but just not Jack, cool?” mandate, doesn’t it, Daniel?

KNOW WHEN TO FOLD ‘EM | Meanwhile, Pascal fumes because Interpol has started poking around based on a tip that he’s using Voulez as a very illegal tax shelter. Margaux feigns innocence, then suggests that giving her complete control of the magazine and booting Conrad out will make his problems go away – thanks to Daniel’s friendship with the Interpol agent in question. Pascal agrees. Well, that was… easy?

Over at the South Fork Inn, Stevie opens her door, sees Conrad and lets out a disgusted sound I can only approximate in text as “Ucccchhhhghhhhshhch.” He’s heard the gossip about Jack being her son, and “It hits harder than expected.” Conrad tells her, voice gravelly. He then launches into either the most sincere or the most manipulative we’ve ever seen him – I’m still undecided – as he remembers how her drinking killed their marriage. Either way, he leaves with the deed to Grayson Manor in his back pocket.

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CASHING IN | Throughout the episode, MANY people make reference to Victoria having dated Pascal before she met Conrad. And because the show seems to think it’s very important information for you to have, here are some details: She was in France on her scholarship, they met at a flea market, they were hot and heavy until her visa ran out and she had to fly back to America, he sent her orchids while she was gone but when she returned to surprise him, he was with another fille. (Side note: Victoria’s demeanor the entire time she’s relating this story to Daniel is effervescent. I don’t think we’ve seen Lady Grayson this light… ever. It’s a nice, if jarring, look on her.)

Bottom line, as was heavily hinted at last week: Papa LeMarchal and Mama Grayson have history, so it’s no surprise when Queen V swoops into Emily’s charity Monte Carlo night and vies with Em for Pascal’s attention. He has them both play high-stakes poker, a game that Victoria throws so Emily can win. Huh?

RED-HOT HAND |All is answered when Em parlays her success at the gaming table into a private audience with Pascal after the event; she soon realizes his office is bugged, surmises that Victoria is in cahoots with the suave Frenchman and gets out of there as coolly and quickly as possible. (Side note: Are we supposed to think Emily is trying to seduce Pascal? I’m not feeling it from either one of them.)

Later, Victoria swings by and reveals that Pascal gifted her with the house deed – and she’s keeping it. He apologizes for betraying her all those years ago, and she says she’ll try to forgive him. With that out of the way, they hungrily kiss.

All of that said — even with Vicky and Pascal’s rekindling, Javier’s slick come-on to Charlotte and the intel Emily gathers — I think we can all agree that the evening’s big winner is Nolan’s floral, velvet (?) tux jacket, right?

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DEAL ME IN | Back at Emily’s House of We Leave the Door-Sized Windows Wide Open All the Time Despite Having Major Secrets to Keep, Nolan laments that his hackery hasn’t been able to find a “TWM” in LeMarchal’s computer system. Just then, Aiden appears in the entryway and – despite having brushed off Emily when she visited him in Bermuda – announces he knows to whom the initials belong. “TWM is Trevor Warren Mathis,” he says. “Pascal was talking about my father.”

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Does Emily seem a little off her game? Has Charlotte’s addictive personality replaced pills with cutout dresses? Are you happy to have Aiden back in the mix? Also, Morgan Fairchild?! Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Alichat says:

    Not a huge fan of Margaux, but I thought she had at least a modicum of intelligence. Man is she stupid and gullible.

    • Chester says:

      I hate her haircuts. Not attractive. Every time she is on screen, I think, ‘What did you do to your hair? Why not grow it longer?’

      • margaux just looks too old for Jack! The hair is probably the reason. Aiden and Emily…made for each other! Please, let’s not have jack truly orphaned! The writers are kicking this character around like a soccer ball!!!! Just NO!!!!!!

        • Nosey says:

          Agree Margaux does look too old for Jack, in reality they are only 5 years apart and he is older, but I thought Aiden looked too old for Fauxmily, and Fauxmily too old for Daniel. Fauxmily Jack and Nolan look around the same age though

    • Emgee says:

      Margeaux is annoying. I wish she’d go away and take the job in Rome and never come back,

    • Sara says:

      Seriously! Why would you choose a magazine that you know is failing and can only hurt your reputation over becoming EIC of a major (and successful) magazine just because Daniel Grayson (who has failed in every major business endeavor) tells you that your really loving boyfriend wants you to get out of his hair? I would say that she deserves every bad thing that happens to her, but seeing as this show is all 1 step forward/2 giant leaps back, that will probably take several seasons and I really don’t think I have the patience. The only thing this whole ridiculous story line has done is make Jack likable again for me. I hope he tosses her to the curb soon since she is clearly choosing Daniel over him (though thinking of that, totally not shocked since she tried to sleep with Daniel when she first came on the scene a few months ago, while he was engaged!) Daniel is really too stupid to be making this much mayhem.

      • Alichat says:

        This. So much this.

      • Hannah says:

        Well, a magazine called “Vito Splendido” would’n be successful anyway since unlike “Vita Splendida”(beautiful life), it sounds like something about a guy named Vito, which is not a popular name really.
        This or the people at Revenge can’t use online dictionary properly.

    • Laura says:

      Right?! That was the clumsiest, most blatant attempt at manipulation EVER and she just falls for it? What a freaking idiot. I’ve been pretty indifferent to her character, but I didn’t think she was a total moron. Annoying.

    • Jodi says:

      Agreed. I liked her on Pan Am, but not so much here. Jack needs to end this relationship, if only due to his height insecurities.

    • Nosey says:

      Can’t say I don’t like her character just don’t see where she is needed, but I don’t dislike Aiden’s character, just not see where he was needed either. Both where added in order to keep the love triangle, square, pentagon, etc, but from what I see so far, neither characters are needed, outside of love interest I am not seeing their contribution to the plot, Javier looks like he was added as a love interest, but I think his character may add to the plot, his involvement in helping Jack and Nolan may add some twisf

  2. Agustin says:

    Pascal is Patrick’s REAL father.

  3. aa says:

    Relatively eh episode.

    I really do like Stevie, though. I hope she can resist relapsing with booze… and with Conrad.

  4. Lara says:

    Morgan Fairchild looked awful. Why can’t people grow old gracefully? Great recap. I hope Stevie doesn’t fall off the wagon.

  5. Kellie says:

    Great recap, as always, but I thought Emily asked about it being the white haired man and Nolan said no it was her nickname only. Did Stephanie have the drink before leaving the bar? Our local news cut in right then!

  6. N says:

    Loved the episode until Aidan showed up! More Nolan!

  7. EJ says:

    Olivier Martinez was a big casting mistake. His thick French-Spanish accent makes it very difficult to make out what Pascal is saying. And, to be charitable, dude’s losing his looks fast.

    • jj says:

      You think casting him was a mistake because of his accent? He has a French accent and is playing a French character.

    • Elouise says:

      I agree. Olivier sucks the life out of every one of his scenes, and he looks bored rigid half the time. What a misfire.

  8. Sara says:

    Daniel is way too stupid to be creating this much mayhem. Also, why is it that the more “evil” his character becomes, the more he sounds like an extra from The Sopranos?

    • He’s British, so it’s probably his lack of acting abilities peeking through as he tries to mimic an American accent.

      • Sara says:

        I am aware that he is British. He had a decent American accent the first season. However, the more his character progressively goes to the dark side, the more some random stereotypical mobster accent comes out.

        • EA says:

          Considering how ridiculous this show is getting, he’s probably decided to forget serious acting and go all out!

  9. N says:

    I was wondering why Stevie gave the deed away. Also, she did NOT drink!

    • Andrew says:

      If she wasn’t already drunk before going downstairs to the bar, why was she struggling to walk down the staircase? It looked like she was trying to appear sober in front of Jack.

      • c says:

        I didn’t notice that, but its very sad if it is true since she dismissed her grandson’s babysitter…. So irresponsible to take care of a baby drunk!

    • Kara says:

      Maybe she gave the deed away to keep Conrad from telling Jack he’s his father!

  10. Scott says:

    Loving the character of Stevie Grayson and it’s always a treat for Gail O’Grady to be onscreen

  11. Fernando says:

    At this point I just want Emily to take one of the Grayson down or get some form of revenge it’s three seasons and she still losing . This was a good episode

  12. c says:

    I am so mad that Victoria got the deed back, I was so excited for her to be kicked out of Grayson manor.

  13. WOW says:

    Can we all just agree at this point that the writers are just putting episodes together in the hopes of ABC ordering a 4th season and getting the show to syndication? I mean, this is no longer event television like it was in season one and the very early parts of season two. No one talks about it anymore, no water cooler moments, no twitter frenzy over it, etc… That’s not just all coincidence. People are obviously over the show and I honestly think the cast and crew are starting to be over it as well.

  14. Drago Harley says:

    Who did Morgan Fairchild play? I missed her.

  15. Jon says:

    Emily couldn’t have won that poker game. Victoria had more poker chips and she haven’t even gone all in. Even if Emily won that hand, Victoria had more chips to play with.

    Even Victoria’s comment to Emily that she has to fold because she didn’t have enough chips was not accurate. Emily still could have gone all in and Victoria would have to take back her excess bet.

    Either way, Emily would not have won the whole game with that last hand.

    • EJ386 says:

      That was really weird…

    • mary says:

      The amount of chips doesn’t mean you have more. the chip color indicates the amount, like a red chip can be $50, a black can be $100 and so on. I missed that part so I didn’t see if they were playing with different colored chips, but if they were then the amount of chips doesn’t really matter as it’s what each one is worth that matters more.

      • jj says:

        But Victoria still had chips that were not part of that bet. So she still had chips to play additional hands. The original poster is correct that it didn’t make sense

  16. DramaMomma says:

    Life has been keeping me from Revenge since its return from hiatus. I had the opportunity to catch up over the weekend and my conclusion is it time wrap things up. Victiria is totally on to Emily and if this was reality Victoria would already know who she is. Nolan is rambling around with nothing to do. Conrad is one smooth tongue devil, I always thought his soulmate was Victoria, but kind of like him with Stevie (I too couldn’t tell if he was sincere with her last night, Henru Czenry is damn fine actor). Jack is disallusioned is he thinks Margaeux won’t be pissed about Emily taking down her father. Let’s wrap up all the lose ends and call this one done at the end of the season.

    • mary says:

      Yeah it is getting to the point that they need to wrap things up or at least find a really good way to get back to the main plot that the show started with 3 seasons ago. I feel it’s gone way off track.

    • Nosey says:

      Don’t think Jack cares, obviously his loyalties lie more w/ Fauxmily than Margaux.

  17. troll says:

    This soap opera belongs on daytime TV. It makes no sense whatsoever.

  18. Tee says:

    Back before the show started, I watched the promos intrigued but wondering how they could manage to sustain that plot as a series.
    Everything after season 1 says they can, just not very well…. It all just feels like a convoluted run-around to buy more time.

  19. Lorilei says:

    I really want this show to turn around, but I’m losing hope. Victoria was 16 when she met Pasquel, 17 when she returned to The States, then met Conrad when she was 17 or 18 and wooed him away from his wife? How old was Steve? I thought Conrad had children with his first wife? There was no plan for this show after the first season. As much as I want it to be back in form, I think it is too far off course to be righted.

    • Pix says:

      Yeah, math doesn’t seem to be their strong suit, does it? Like with Stevie’s sobriety chip.

    • Mikael says:

      And what about her relationship with that artist played by James Purefoy when they were younger? When did that supposedly take place?

  20. Pix says:

    Ugh, I so do not care about the farfetched LeMarchal storyline – and especially his sudden connection to the main conspiracy. And I don’t care who rules at Voulez.

    I didn’t like this episode, it seemed like things were happening, and yet it feels like I’ve just watched a total filler. But at the very least – YAY, Aiden!

  21. Jimmy says:

    Why do the people behind this series constantly feel the need to add additional characters that further con volute the initial plot. The Whole Margaux/Pascal pplot is beyond boring and unnecessary. It as if the current producers have opted to toss out everything that happened under Mike Kelly other than the main plot, and it’s not working. I had hope that season 3 would correct the disaster that was season 2 but I’m growing weary of it. Maybe ABC should consider doing what they did with Lost and give it a final 1 or 2 season order to tie it up.

  22. davey says:

    I think the return of Roger Bart next week is promising.

    • Nosey says:

      Me too, but my gut tells me he will be the own killed off, most who know her identity were killed knew her identity.

  23. davey says:

    One of the Graysons has to die this season. Who will it be?

    • Elouise says:

      Fingers crossed for Daniel. I wouldn’t be sorry to see Charlotte bite it either. She’ll be around till the bitter end though, courtesy of the half-sister card.

  24. Lee says:

    Yay! Aiden is back!

  25. Anne Kuki says:

    The storylines are great this except the patrick disaster. I nEed to see a Red sharpie and the picture of a target be taken soon. Hint:Pascal Hint:Daniel

  26. SouthernBelle says:

    Can someone explain to me why the deed went from Stevie to Conrad to apparently Pascal and then to Victoria? I feel like I missed something.

    • Suz says:

      Stevie felt guilty about cheating on Contad. As a (late) 12th step she gave deed of Grayson Manner to Conrad. Conrad had a deal with Pascal (unknown so far) so he gave deed to Pascal, who used it to get Vicyoria “back.”

      Contad-Pascal deal will lead to why Em’s dad was framed and will have more to do with both men were pissed that Victoria was in love with David Clark.

      Daniel is Contad’s only bio kid and he needs to die…this season! Charlotte needs to find out that Em is her bio sister…this season! Jack and baby move to Cali to get away from all of these people…this season! Em and Aiden get all Contad and Pascal’s money (and Nolan hides it) and sail into sunset…this season! Victoria is broken by Daniel’s death, shunned by Charlotte and broke since Pascal stole all her money….this season! Booommmm, season over as no one left in Hamptons.

  27. WO says:

    Man… this show is becoming more and more stupid by the episode. They have gone away from taking down targets to exposing just how little intelligence these supposedly “smart” people have. Case in point:

    1. Charlotte goes from loving and kind and hating her whole family to unconditionally following Daniel and believing everything he says. It must be the bangs!!!

    2.Stevie Grayson is “very aware” of the deceit behind every work that comes out of the Grayson’s mouths… yet she falls to mush when Conrad walks in talking about Jack and hands over the deed to the house… stupid…

    3. Aiden is back, no he leaves, no he’s back…. c’mon… make up your freaking mind!

    4. Margot is such a smart business mind… yet, immediately believes Daniel’s soft attempt to cast doubt into her head about Emily… and THEN believes that if her father is gone, she can make the magazine a success!! No wonder the French never succeed in real battle.

    5. Victoria resists Pascal every step of the way until he agrees to help her take down Emily… well, if that doesn’t say I LOVE YOU, I don’t know what does.

    I realize that we all watch these things with the expectation that they are veeeeerrrrry far off from real life… but at least treat us as if we have half a brain and develop something halfway believable. This show has no direction. We all know what the end is going to be… she takes them down, reveals herself and in the process probably sacrifices herself as Jack reflects on how much he truly loves her while watching the sun set on the beach as Carl Jr is building a sandcastle. The only problem… all these “phenomenal” writers have no idea how to get there and are stringing along one absurdity after the next in an obvious attempt to hang on to their jobs as long as possible.

    Just pull the EJECT lever and wrap this thing up. It would do it more justice than to let flail around like a washed up fish on the beach.

  28. Deanna Followell says:

    I think Conrad is trying to get Victoria in the arms of Pasquale.

  29. Em says:

    Honestly, I laughed out loud when Aiden admitted that tvm his is father. What a way to drag the show.

  30. coolcbd says:

    I’m you and you’re me, she’s my sister but doesn’t know it, and who was Jack’s father? Hey, here’s my long lost son, but he’s leaving to go to another TV show, I’m your mother, I love you, but no I don’t, go away, come back, go away, come back . . . and the best character on the show (the only one besides Emily with any height) has nothing to do anymore. I am so disappointed. End it.

  31. Drew says:

    Ugh. This show, man.. I don’t even know what to say. Like everyone else, I was a huge fan of the first season, ignored the disaster that was season two, and have prayed this third season would bring back that “kick” the first season gave me. But… The writers obviously have no intention of creating a single satisfying episode that makes sense. ‘Revenge’ reaaaaally needs to wrap things up. Maybe the fourth (and hopefully last) could deal with the fallout from Emily’s successfull revenge? I don’t know why the show is trying to drag the audience into a different direction with these god-awful B-plot lines. Cannot believe it’s taken this girl almost three seasons to just lock these people up.

  32. Elouise says:

    The saving graces were Aiden’s return and that scene between Conrad and Stevie. Henry Czerny is hands down the best actor in this show.

    • Nosey says:

      Wow, I think the show is well acted, the only person I was not too please w/ the acting is Patrick. I think it was more so the direction of his character, or maybe his character just isn’t needed. Did not really think Aiden’s character was needed either, I think they should have had Fauxmily met Aiden after she left the Hampton’s in Season 1. I actually am impressed w/ his acting, just not how he fits the story in, I think I have accepted Aiden, don’t like Aiden and her together, their relationship is too forced, I think it is b/c I see him as a Takeda, In general I think the show is well acted, I am just not sure that every character is needed, but yes, Henry nails that role, but you have to be a good actor to play that role, the one character you don’t have to be a good actor to play is Jack Porter, but I think Nick nails that role, but. I never have been displeased w/ the acting, just the importance of some of the characters.

  33. Shyla says:

    Want to see more of Emily, Aiden, Nolan and Conrad and less of Charlotte, Daniel and Margot.

  34. jo branning says:

    The first and second series were fantastic but I just don’t know what’s happened to it since then. The twists in the storylines just aren’t there. They need more scenes with Jack and Emily and all the bottled up frustration/attraction. The last scene I can remember that was truly good was when they got together and Emily was about to forget her revengenda, when fauxmanda rocks up at the bar saying she’s pregnant. Just no excitement anymore or scenes that grab you so emotionally that you want to cry (Jack and Emily, dog dying scene).

    • jo branning says:

      Saying that, the Victoria and Patrick scenes have been great, full of emotion and Madeline Stowe is a fantastic actress on the show

  35. Dan J. says:

    Something serious better happen for Emily and Nolan’s side next week. I am getting bored waiting to see a takedown of the Grayson crew. Also, it’s getting soapier every week it seems a new blood relation is announced every other week ‘Jack i’m your mother’ and last night Aiden’s father. I can hear the Organ music.

  36. Jenny says:

    This episode was super weak. Can emily start kicking butt again please. This show feels like it’s been on longer than three seasons with all the random story lines and whatnot

  37. Liza says:

    Like just about everyone else, I used to really love this show. I often wondered how they would keep the plot going over multiple seasons though. I am disappointed at many of the storylines. ABC needs to give them a final season to wrap this up and it should go out with a bang. Personally, I would LOVE it if David Clarke was still alive somewhere, somehow!!!

  38. Original Revenge Fan says:

    I’ve loved this show since the pilot, but I am getting tired of Emily not being able to win against the Graysons. She can take her red sharpie to everyone except Conrad, Victoria (esp. her) and Daniel. Of course it would be the end of the show wouldn’t it?

    I am super happy that Nolan actually has had something to do in the last 2 episodes – it’s about time. Has anyone noticed that it’s still summer in the Hamptons? How long was Emily in the inured/in the hospital? She married Daniel on August 8th. Shouldn’t characters be wearing coats and heading off the island or did we jump to next summer?

  39. Scandyhoovian says:

    I’m glad to see Aiden back because of all the men circling around Emily, he’s the only interesting one. Daniel is completely useless at this point. He’s unconvincing as a businessperson and he’s laughable as a villain. I’m hoping he dies this season.

    This show had an opportunity with Margaux that I think they are squandering — she was a bright and somewhat ruthless businesswoman and now they’re turning her into just a jealous girlfriend for Jack, that’s boring. She is way more fun when she was cutthroatedly firing Daniel and threatening her dad. The jealous girlfriend schtick just doesn’t seem like something someone that apparently bright would fall for so it doesn’t ring true when she does it.

    Anytime a storyline starts revolving around Jack, this show gets boring. They need to quit making Jack the center of any storyline. FauxManda was horrible, his vendetta against Conrad was boring, and now this thing with Stevie Grayson is getting dull as well. He’s just not a good anchor for stories.

    • Dan J. says:

      I agree about Jack, at times Emily has this maudlin fixation with him though, it’s like every time they see each other they are flashing back to when they were kids. Jack seems really indecisive, when you start to feel he might be moving toward a goal of some kind, he fizzles. out. He’s kind of like Ashley Wilkes from Gone with the Wind.