Chelsea Handler 'Intends to Leave' E! This Year, Future of Chelsea Lately Uncertain

Chelsea Handler Leaving E!After seven years of hosting of E!’s Chelsea LatelyChelsea Handler is preparing to abandon her late-night roost in favor of other career options.

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“Chelsea intends to leave when her contract expires [at the end of the year],” Handler’s manager Iriving Azoff told The Hollywood Reporter. “She hired me to figure out her life after E! We have at least seven suitors and many ideas.”

Handler is reportedly weighing multiple options, including launching a new talk show on another network, or even making the leap to radio. She could also potentially shop Chelsea Lately around to other networks, according to our sister site Deadline. 

“Chelsea has nine months left on her contract and E! will not comment on the future of Chelsea Lately at this time,” E! said in a statement.

Any thoughts on Handler’s departure? Drop a comment below.

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  1. dude says:

    They could always turn her show into Kardashian Lately and let Kris Jenner complete her plan for E! domination.

  2. Kaycee says:

    That’s a shame. I love Chelsea Lately, it’s a fun show. It’ll be sad to see Chelsea and her band of misfits go off air!

  3. Kameron says:

    She should go to a place like TBS, or maybe even Fox or ABC

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank God! The way she’s been acting on the show this year, it’s probably for the best. It’s not been funny in months. Maybe if she laid off the sauce and pot she wouldn’t seem like such a hot mess.

    • tmt says:

      Agreed . Chelsea has become incredibly insufferable , and she is not charismatic whatsoever .

    • Kyle says:

      Love Chelsea so much !!! The point of her deminer is to talk like that and be bluntly sarcastic , don’t call her a dumb ho your the confused one. Her show needs to be on a network where she is able to do what she intended to do with E! But they were to prude let’s say.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I love Chelsea and Chelsea Lately. This makes me sad.

  6. lechatnoir says:


  7. GuessWhat says:

    great news. I find this woman so UNAPPEALING.

  8. nate says:


  9. Daniel says:

    This makes me Really sad. I love Chelsea!!!!!

  10. Moria says:

    Honestly if they kept the show going with a different host, I’d probably like it more. I can’t stand all the abuse she gives the others as a “joke”. That part of the show can go. Keep the same group of guest comedians & it’ll be good.

  11. ninapea says:

    This show got old after the first two seasons. Chelsea is a sell out who just wants more money (which she used to say would not ever lead her decisions), which is why she is releasing this information right now anyway. I agree, the show should just get a new host and it would be great. I’m over her though.

  12. sladewilson says:

    I used to love Chelsea Lately, but her show has turned from funny to just plain mean half the time. And seriously unfunny plus all the shilling for her books is just way too much. Chelsea Handler as a guest on other shows is far funnier and personable than on her own show and I believe that’s on purpose. She’s made no bones about wanting off E! for a while now. I wonder if she believes she’ll have more freedom elsewhere. I doubt she’ll have it better but she needs to realize the grass ain’t always greener….

  13. cjeffery7 says:

    this doesn’t surprise me. she seems rather bored with the formula lately (no pun intended). whatever she does next, and people would be a fool not to let her, she’ll rock it.

  14. Sam Jackson says:

    I did enjoy her topless nude scene in her sex tape that came out a few years ago. Other than that…good riddance to her show.

  15. james says:

    Let Ross Matthews be the new host! It would suit him better than Hello Ross.

  16. M3rc Nate says:

    Its sometimes fun..but its just turned into her legitimately not giving a sh*t, not a single sh*t (she says so every 3 episodes!), and mind numbingly stupid topics and constant jokes about abortion and the glorification of one night stands/pills/ecstasy/pot/etc. Now that sounds super puritan and i don’t mean it to be…but with her audience being a LOT of young girls (granted its the parents responsibility to police what content they watch)…its a pretty trashy show and hearing the in studio audience (mainly women in their 20s) moronically applaud and giggle/laugh at her “I never dance without being on ecstasy so i took some and that messed with my vicodin which i love!” and “i got pregnant once, dont want to do that again! (implied abortion and would abort again) is gross.

    I think the thing thats holds the show up is she is shocking a great interviewer when she is talking to someone interesting that she wants to be talking to. If they aren’t interesting then again she doesn’t give a sh*t and the interview is basically garbage (nothing actually talked about, just circles until its done). But she is connects great with guests, gets them to open up very quickly and talk about things they might not want to (Howard Stern like) and make the guest feel comfortable.

    I would love to see her get another talk show though, one however she is in more control of (content, tone etc), a longer interviewing time (not 5 minutes more like 10-15)…less mind numbing (her words) content and more interesting, thought provoking content/interviews which she herself says shes into. Shes actually very smart and very in the know on a bunch of complex current situations/problems and when guest hosting CNN’s Pier’s Morgan Live or w/e it was, she wasnt like a vapid dumb blonde comedian chick she knew her stuff and handled herself very well.

  17. DavidSask says:

    The round table is more for daytime!! I agree with other poster on here that ROSS is great and deserves his own talk show as in TALK preferred hour rather than format given now!!

  18. ivy says:

    she has become meaner and meaner over the past few years
    i would say its hard to book people for her show now because you never know how much abuse you’ll get from her

  19. Katie says:

    Oh no! Hope she just moves to another network, it’s my favorite late-night show! But regardless of what she decides to do next I’ll be along for the ride.

  20. Cheyenne says:

    About time the station threw out the trash and left it at the curb. If I found this racist POS in my kitchen I’d spray it with Raid. She isn’t even funny.

    • Bob Smith says:

      Sounds more like she’s the one who wants to leave. She actually produces revenue for E!.

    • erika wildgen says:

      Racist? She dated 50-Cent and has talked at length about her relationships with other black men and has a Mexican side-kick. I’m sorry, but you’re confused. If you don’t like her, then don’t watch her. You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion, but you’re also entitled to change the channel.

      • Racist, she is not! I will miss her show~~~~and one last comment, her demeaner is part of her comedy style! The ignorance isn’t on her, it’s the people watching her that just don’t get it! Doesn’t mean you have to believe in her moral values! Just try to understand her and get a good laugh!!!!

  21. Jay says:

    sounds like a negotiating tactic to me

  22. Dan says:

    Thank God!! This woman is nothing but trash! She whored her way to the top, and her ego got too big. It’s great to see karma in motion with this one. All she does is glorify drug use, abortion, drinking, being a ho, and other things that I can’t name on this website that I don’t agree with. My teenage daughter wanted to watch her, and I put my foot down. No way. It sickens me to think that her main demographic (17-25 year old girls) worship her. Can television executives please put something more positive on television??

    • Jennifer says:

      You are right Dan..the show is a poor rolr model for young women..trashy snd getting worse. Same for Kardashians…glorifying all the trashy behaviors and language

  23. sbo says:

    Thank you for sharing.
    I intersting in football.
    I thinking this season very funny.

  24. Steve J says:

    Chelsea is the funniest comic with the quickest wit who tells it like it is i!!! How precious
    is spontaneity in a world fakery and pretend.
    Besides all that, she is so sexy and a delight to watch. I’d go anywhere to see her.

  25. nestor montalvo 93 spring st,metuchen,nj,08840 ( i also speak spanish) says:

    just totaly LOVE HER still want to see her on t.v..We need someone to face these men late night programs.She needs to go head to head. With her brand of humor her show would definitely give the public a real option and one that can stand on it’s own. She however can’t be hidden in the cable maze. One of the prime channels, @11:30pm. She is absolutely more than the proffesional to open this door. No band not a copy of whats been on for ever.True advertising to expose the show don’t be skimpy on the advertising. She would be a welcomed woman to break the barriar, She is gourgeous. Just tweek the show to fill the hour but do not change it. Expose more clevage and use her legs and total body to bring in greater ratings. I know that she is ready and America is ready for Chealsey. 11:30 pm is a must 2,4,5 fox is open in the new york market and sits between, kimmel and fallon. Arsinio is gone but ch 11 is like another world. placement is very,very important as you know. i would like to be called and would love to be involved in the shows success. 1-856-503-5133 cell, metuchen,nj,08840,–25 miles from new york.

  26. kaleena rice says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I love Chelsea Lately so much :'( I will be sad to see it go

    • nestor montalvo says:

      i have commented befor,2nd comment in my eastern time zone. CHEALESY would be a late night host of fox 5 from 11-12 or compete with 11:34-12:35, fallon,kimmel,letterman. SHE wiil be the only woman and surely attract a total audiance. i vote HANDLER! BRILLIANT GOURGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAST AND FUNNY. THANKS

  27. Deb says:

    Talk about a botched facelift!
    Last night we thought she had been stung by bees all over her face or bitten by a rattlesnake on her face!
    My god woman what did you do to yourself!
    Or are you trying out for the tv show Botched?

  28. Hey funny girl don’t leave! People love the truth & better when told with a laugh!

  29. Hillary says:

    Hate to see her go, I discovered her show only recently. I think she is hilarious. Definitely going to look for her and watch. Love her brand of comedy. A new fanned, : )