Hawaii Five-0 Exclusive: Michelle Borth to Exit

La O Na MakuahineCat’s out of the bag: Michelle Borth is leaving Hawaii Five-0.

The actress, who has played Catherine Rollins since Season 1 (she was promoted to a regular in Season 3), will not be returning for the CBS drama’s recently ordered fifth season, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Borth is set to make her final appearance as McGarrett’s fellow team member and lover at the end of the show’s current fourth season.

In a recent interview with TVLine, exec producer Peter M. Lenkov shared that the second-to-last episode is a “big, dramatic” one for the lovebirds, featuring “some flashbacks to [Catherine’s] stint in the military.”

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  1. Lorie says:

    I won’t miss her at all.

  2. Rick Katze says:

    Unfortunately, when she became a “regular” on the show, she felt more like the fifth wheel. As such, not really surprised but the show had too many characters for the hour.

    Logically, she shouldn’t be replaced until they can figure out how to add another character in the show. But McGarrett needs a girlfriend and therefore logic loses out.

    • Cassie says:

      “But McGarrett needs a girlfriend”

      Why? Not every show needs romantic subplots and even if people feel like this one does, there are other characters with love interests. Not every single person needs to be paired off.

      • JC says:

        “People” might not feel like he needs a girlfriend, but I will almost guarantee you that the network/writers will. They’re not going to let their lead character be single for very long. There will eventually end up being someone else.
        That’s what all the people screaming about a return to the “core four” never seemed to get. Getting Catherine off the show wasn’t going to achieve that. They would just end up bringing in another woman eventually. It was Catherine or another woman, and personally I liked Catherine than Lori or Jenna. Who knows who might be next? I would have rather kept Catherine, even In a reduced capacity, than roll the dice on who we were going to get next.

        • Elaine says:

          @JC: If the writers would have been consistent in how Catherine was written, I sure others would have given her more of a chance. I know I would have. But that didn’t happen, so when people voiced their dislike of the character, the actress took that to heart and all of this drama happened.

          If the writers choose to introduce another love interest for Steve, I hope they learned from what did and didn’t work with Catherine to create a character that will not only be compatible with Steve, but have her own purpose outside of being Steve’s go to gal for favors.

          • JC says:

            Perhaps you would have, but I have no such faith in the rest of fandom. Fans of male-dominated shows always like to single out the women as “badly written” as an excuse for their hate, when often times the men are just as badly written. But you don’t hear about that. All you hear about is how terrible the writers are at writing women. I’m not saying everyone has to love every character. I didn’t. I couldn’t stand Lori Weston. But when it’s consistently the women who are singled out for hate, over and over and over again, that’s wearying. I will guarantee, whoever the unlucky actress is that will be chosen to replace Michelle, she will be just as hated.

          • Z says:

            Steve has that, his name is Danno

      • Yeah, but it reveals a side of a character that we normally don’t see. People don’t seem to get that through their thick skulls. All they’re screaming about is how much they want Catherine to leave, but nobody ever thinks about the story behind it all. Because of Catherine, we see a different side of Steve every episode. Without her as a character, there’s no other character that can truly bring out that part of Steve. When she’s gone, the show is probably still gonna mention her from time to time for a long time because she was that important.

        • Alisa Neely says:

          we get the SOFTER side of steve through kono and little gracie…..steve only USED catherine…..HELL, he had to be GUILTED into taking on a PROPER DATE….where it was just the 2 of them….and the only time we saw him do that, was when he showed up at kamekona’s shrimp truck wearing a tux….and he carried her away……HELL, he picked DANNY over her to go to the PRO BOWL…even though they missed it, due to a case.

        • James says:

          I agree I think it signals the end of the show

  3. lindae5o says:

    @TVLine : You guys are pretty good at deleting posts. Maybe you should get a second opinion from staff, before you do so. I responded to someone’s post this morning. It was on topic, with no cursing. I felt that person’s post was nasty. My response may have been slightly argumentative, but certainly not inflammatory.

  4. Kristina says:

    I’m sad for the actress, but I have to admit I don’t think I’ll even notice she’s gone. She was never properly fleshed out as a character, and she’s pretty much been used as a prop even as a series regular. Hope she lands on a show that will give her something better to do!

  5. Elaine Byrne says:

    I will definitely miss Michel Borth. I wish the writers had been given some direction to make her a more important character. There could have been much to add to McGarrett’s relationship with her. And she was intelligent, self-sufficient, comfortable with both drama and humor. Hopefully we will see her again soon. Hey, maybe NCIS….instead of Bishop.

  6. Pidge says:

    I feel so HAPPY!!!! HAPPY!!!!! Best news of the month!!!!! Finalfreakingly!

  7. Shaun says:

    Are they going to kill her because I don’t see Steve and Catherine breaking up.

  8. suzi says:

    I will miss her–I like the actress, the character and her and Steve as a couple.The show didn’t know what to do with the character, but I think she should have stayed in the military and continued to help Five O occasionally. Oh well. I wish her well.

  9. Ella says:

    GREAT news. I have never liked her and McGarrett together and frankly, she has nothing to do on the show aside from be an incredibly dull love interest. The only relationship that has ever worked for me on the show was Danny and Rachel, and the writers decided to mess that up completely.

  10. They never should’ve promoted her, she serves no purpose as a member of the team. It was a really bad move and she won’t be missed. They don’t even make a good/believable couple.

  11. nancy says:

    Personnally Steve has done quite well without her. When they were together it seemed very odd, (the relationship on the show I mean for season 4). I didn’t really care for her character, I was with others that they had no chemistry, and her ranting and raving didn’t help her on twitter very much. I really will not miss her.

  12. andy j says:

    It is hard to write for Catherine when everyone knows Steve’s true love is Danny.

  13. Tracey Maloney says:

    Will anybody be taken Michelles if the rumors are true and its oloughlins Sheila well I hope it failes

  14. ScorpionGlow says:

    Not thrilled about this, but I kind of saw it coming.

  15. Spunks says:

    I liked Michelle Borth and am sorry they didn’t incorporate her more into the show. I also liked LAuren German, but they did the same thing with her. Laure is AWESOME on Chicago Fire and I thought that is why she left HF0. I love this show but they seem to be making it tough for the regulars to be the focus. Grace Park was MIA for several episoes when she was trying to locate her charactor’s boyfriend. What was up with that?

  16. Melladella says:

    Good. I didn’t think their chemistry was all that good anyway.

  17. Joe R says:

    Now the show can finally get on with the obvious Steve/Danny romance that’s been bubbling under the surface all along.

  18. Norena says:

    Oh thank the lord. I am sorry but Catherine was only good as Steve’s girlfriend AND a minor character with a lot of potential but once they upped her character she took alot of Kono’s parts even when she came back and was VERY poorly written. I can take no McDanno but once you write a character horribly it’s like get off my damn show. Not only that the way she treated the fans basically RUINED her. I understand if you cannot take the flames but you gracefully accept them. I hope this gives Michelle a chance to fix herself and maybe situate herself where she fits better.

  19. RichieS says:

    I think her tragic demise occurs when Kamekona in a ganga-fueled haze mistakes her for a giant shrimp and gnaws her to death.

  20. ivy says:

    i may not have liked her character on the show but have nothing against the girl
    the abuse on twitter she got was uncalled for

  21. I’m so pissed! I loved Catherine! She was my favorite character and her chemistry with the cast was amazing. I hate that she’s leaving, her romance with Steve was the main reason that I watched the show! All the haters that have been hating on Michelle Borth lately, you guys can shove off!

  22. asred says:

    I liked the fact that Steve had a girlfriend (sort of) from the beginning… it added an obvious sex/sentimental dimension to his character without making a soap-opera about it.. Like on Ncis with ziva-dinozzo not even kissing for i don’t remember how many seasons..
    Mcgarrett next love interest shouldn’t be on job or become the main story about him..

  23. Tanned Tom says:

    She was easy on the eyes, but the writers had no idea how to use her. Plus, are we really interested in McGarrett’s love life? This reboot is so different from the original in that regard. The whiny car-guments, the silly Melanie Griffith guest spots, the hopeless Kona Kalakaua character (really? naming a character after a major road? if it were set in LA would she be called Rodeo after Rodeo drive?). What they need to do is make Elaine Tan’s character permanent, she has juice.

    • Kathie says:

      Of course we are interested in McGarrett’s love life! Would Castle be as good without Beckett? Would Bones be as good without Booth? Would The Glades have been as good without Jim and Callie? Men don’t get it, lol
      BTW-I can’t bear to tarnish my memories of nice, faithful, honest Jim by watching his yucky new show, Satisfaction. UUGGHH!

  24. Carol says:

    That’s too bad. With Kono’s return, she did feel somewhat superfluous at 5-0, but she was great as Steve’s girlfriend. It was nice to see his romantic side with her.

  25. Tay says:

    I am severely depressed about this. They will never find a character that they could give that type of history with Steve and someone that flowed so well with him better then Catherine Rollins does. Michelle Borth and Alex O’Loughlin have amazing chemistry that will be hard for me to forget. Even attempting to put Steve with someone else will not make any sense.

    • Z says:

      Of course it won’t, writers appear to be heading for a Steve and Danny coupling. Their charming “banter” is one of the reasons to tune into the show. Have you not seen the feelings they have for each other, when say Danny could not move because he was on a bomb, and Steve was worried he was going to lose him? How Danny says he is not going to be at a party Steve is at, but decides to go anyway? These are but 2 examples, that these guys are going to eventually hook up (I definitely hope so)

      • Alisa Neely says:

        here’s another example: the RELIEF steve showed, when danny told him…..that he’d WON the custody fight to do with gracie…..steve LOVES that little girl ALOT….and i think, he KNEW if danny LOST….danny would MOVE to vegas to be near his daughter, like he did when grace was moved to hawaii…..and steve would have LOST both of them…..there has ALWAYS been an unline – current between these 2 guys…..HELL even alex KNOWS what the WINNING pairing is for this show….and that is MCDANNO.

  26. Julieb716 says:

    I didn’t care for Cath as a member of 5-0, but liked her as Steve’s ‘girlfriend’ and her history with the Navy giving an added dimension to her relationship with Steve. The producers and writers messed up. (In more than one way, in my opinion). Too many characters for a 1 hour show. Can’t possibly find a way to effectively write for them all!

  27. magickster says:

    How awesome if Kensi from NCIS LA was brought to 5’0 and became a romantic interest for Steve? He likes strong, independent women & it’s a bonus that she’s an established character. I know people love the whole Kensi/Deeks thing but that’s such a drawn out, tiresome storyline now. Time for a fresh approach.

    • Z says:

      It would be lousy. Steve and Danno belong together, that is what many want to see.

      • Alisa Neely says:

        AMEN, Z…..i totally agree….when kensi guest starred on the show at 1 point…..i DIDN’T see ANY chemistry, between she & steve…..joe white brought her in, to help get answers for steve……steve and danny have what i call: KILLER CHEMISTRY…..steve and catherine have ZIP 0….it would be GREAT, to see some of these shows that have a military background, FINALLY step up and ADDRESS “same-sex pairing” on the shows….now that DADT has been REPEALED…..and i’m NOT talking about a “recurring character” either…..i’m talking about MAIN CHARACTERS…..it’s about TIME, that shows start showing EQUALITY for ALL in their shows…..and STOP GIVING INTO CLOSED-MINDED PEOPLE and groups like the ONE MILLION MOMS and such…..GAYS are part of LIFE….and they are NOT going away….DEAL WITH IT.

        • lindae5o says:

          @ Alisa Neely: Steve and Danny are clearly both hetero, but because you feel gays are not well enough represented on television, the writers should suddenly decide they are gay? That is never going to happen. Steve and Danny have a great working relationship, would help and protect each other in any situation, but that’s it.

          • Alisa Neely says:

            have you ever heard of being with women to COVER for being GAY ….HELL, they could be BISEXUAL….and remember: steve was in the NAVY and if i’m NOT wrong STILL IS…..so,even if he DID swing BOTH WAYS; he would have hidden it…..but, steve and danny have ALWAYS had AMAZING chemistry together….BETTER then ANY straight pairing either has had on the show……as for catherine: she was THROWN into eppies usually 1/2 dressed….and usually had NO LEGIT reason for even being there.

  28. Z says:

    Not surprised. It’s hardly a secret that Danny and Steve are going to be a couple eventually. They’re so cute together.

    • Linda says:

      Never gonna happen! They’re already well-established as heteros……not realistic and will never happen. I am absolutely in favor of the concept, but sorry, it won’t be on H5O.

    • Kathie says:

      Oh, PLEASE! That would be a death knell for the show! AND, totally yucky! Get a grip!!

  29. Linda says:

    I personally like Catherine and think they are making a mistake by not keeping her on the show. I liked her in her military role, where she was in such a good position to help McGarrett. After she left the military, she seemed kind of aimless. I don’t understand why they changed that. Also, I love it when Steve has a love interest. Any reason to get that man out of his shirt and in bed is extra incentive for me to tune in!! :) I absolutely did not like the Lori, character, and I’m not too crazy about the Jerry character either. I can’t see him fitting in long-term. But the absolute worst was Melanie Griffith as Danno’s mother. I’m a diehard fan, but had to dive for the mute button so I would NOT hear her voice. That was the most dreadful episode ever, and I sincerely hope the show will not repeat that mistake!

  30. Jim Lord says:

    I googled her name because I noticed her make up looked a little thick and they always have her in scoop tops and she is white as a ghost when if the crazy uniform they dress kino and her in were the real deal she would at least have some tan so I figured something was up.

  31. Jade says:

    Very sad that yet another actress has fallen victim to hateful fans who feel they can dictate who should or shouldn’t be on the show. Catherine was a wonderful addition to the show and it’s sad that Peter Lenkov panders to these fans who can’t stand the fact that Steve gets romantically involved with someone besides their favourite character.

    I feel sorry for any new female who comes on this show as they’ll get the same treatment. I’ve no interest now in this old boys club that the show has become.

  32. Maya says:

    Upping Michelle Borth to a regular wasn’t the best idea. If they are going to bring in another love interest for McGarrett, I feel like she has to have a role completely separate to H-0 and only appear sporadically. (Kind of similar to how the relationship between Danno and Gabby was)

    Also, new love interest should be the female version of Danno. Seeing a girl get under McGarrett’s skin and annoy him like Danno does would be amusing to watch.

    Nonetheless, sad to see Michelle Borth go – I thought she was a great addition in S1 and 2.

  33. Catherine Chambers says:

    Sooooo sad to hear she’s leaving! I really liked her!

  34. mania says:

    just found out michelle borth is leaving h5-0 and i’m devastated. at least keep her as steve’s love interest!! very disappointed.

  35. LaSource says:

    They shouldnt kill her off yet. She and steve were perfect together as part time lovers. They ruined it by taking her out of the navy and making her part of the team. Put her back in the navy on a mission to search forMalaysian Airlines MH370 out at sea for a while using her expertise . Cant wait for Grace to grow up and play beach volleyball in her spare time while running the Animal Shelter as a vet. Steve and Danno as a gay couple haha never happen not in Hawaii that would ruin the scenery

  36. Diane says:

    I will miss her. She was a strong dramatic presence

  37. tackandcover says:

    Going to miss her. Cute, not gorgeous and I love that slight overbite. Dano is getting boring and I’m tired of McGarrett and his gung-ho commander nonsense. Kelly and Kono do great work and adding Chi McBride was a stroke of genius although I liked his work better in the short lived series where he played the world weary senior detective to the kid who would become PC in 7 years.

  38. cherry says:

    Sad to see Michelle leave. I hope they tell you if she finds the boy or not, and also what happens to her character in Afghanistan. What happened to Kono’s boyfriend, Adam. They came back & he has not been on since.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      the actor who plays(ed) Adam: supposedly found about role some place….as for catherine: GOOD RIDDENS to her….i fully believe, she got Billy KILLED….because, she wasn’t PAYING ATTENTION….and she COULD have gotten steve KILLED….and danno had to RESCUE “HIM”…..and MB has been NASTY to the fans….the actress who played Lori: took the HATE in STRIDE….and DIDN’T ATTACK THE FANS.

  39. Jeannie says:

    They better bring Catherine back!!!!

  40. April says:

    Nothing against the actress personally but gee whiz you can’t have a character in Hawaii wearing shorts all the time having the whitest legs!

  41. TR says:

    If Steve’s character keeps walking away and acting so “solo” all the time the writers TRULY will recreate H50. Jack Lord was a gay man in real life and had these weird on screen kissing scenes with different strange “guess star” women all the time. No problems with that. Maybe they just want to stay true to original characters. Dunno was played by son of acting royalty just like Scott Cahn. And Asian partners were always “there when needed”. Maybe Lenkov isn’t making a new version at all. I can skip this hot mess and watch re runs of old. Catherine will be GREATLY MISSED. Only wish Lenkov had the talent to write a dynamic show AND allow characters to “live” a little. Makes for better cohesive show but yawn more Steve and Danno getting blown up with Cho and Kono wielding shot gun and rifle. Starting to nod off already.

    • Alisa Neely says:

      well unless, it was a MAJOR secert….WHERE DID U HEAR that jack lord was GAY?…..because, i have NEVER seen ANY SUCH THING…..can you PROVE your comments on this?

  42. love says:

    Elle est parti car les gens l’insulté de salop, de pute, de coucher avc son patron…. donc je comprant qu’elle soi partie. J’ai vus l’episode ou elle part la fin est triste sa fais meme pleuré enfin pour se qu’il l’aime. Perso moi j’ai pleuré. :(

  43. dave says:

    Thank God she’s gone. She was horrible. Pointless character after leaving Navy. Waste of money and time writing for her. Good riddance LOL. Also, she is not cute either, nor a good actress!

  44. Cee Gee says:

    No! I loved Catherine! Sure, the writers weren’t good at writing her as a regular character, but as far as love interests go on the show she is the BEST (other than Malia). Steve’s going to date a 20 year old chick who was hired because she was hot and no other reason (*cough, cough* Amber). Ugh.

  45. Kathie says:

    I don’t understand the negative comments about Michelle Borth. I loved it when Cat became part of the team. Her acting was fine, she was good at her job and I loved her with Steve. Now she’s going back to help her friend without Steve– so are they going to kill her off? I hope she’s not just missing forever, leaving Steve in limbo. Alex is going into a treatment program for pain-killer addiction and will not be in some episodes next season.
    How could anyone not remember Lauren German on H50? I recognized her right away in the first episode of Chicago Fire. Her acting was good then and now, although I always thought she had ulterior motives in H50. I don’t think that ever came out before she left. They could use another woman on the team after Cat leaves.
    BTW-I got hooked on Alex when he was the vampire in Moonlight–loved that show! He was also good as a transplant dr. in Three Rivers, his next series. It was cancelled the fall before H50 started and they ran the last 6 new episodes as a summer filler just before H50 started.

    • JC says:

      Wait…what? Alex is going into rehab again? Where did you hear this?

      • Alisa Neely says:

        GOOD question JC…..getting ANY information out of H50 is like pulling teeth…..unless, he has messed up his shoulder again….or something…..i have NOT, heard anything about it.

        • JC says:

          I just did some searching to see if I’d missed a news article or something, but all that’s coming up is stuff about him going into rehab two years ago. Kathie, are you sure that’s not what you saw? Because he did go into rehab for painkillers two years ago, and missed an episode or two because of it.

          • John NYC says:

            Given this site’s increasing tendency to pop up ancient articles (which seems to be increasing?) I’d not be surprised she just read something recycled…

    • Alisa Neely says:

      MB: acted VERY unprofessionally towards the fans….to the POINT of giving out PERSONAL INFORMATION on those who wrote TPTB, about HOW they felt about the character and HER actions on twitter and such….she had 0 CHEMISTRY with the cast….ESPECIALLY, with ALEX…..catherine and steve: were NOTHING more then “RUCK BUDDIES”….she was his GIRL FRIDAY…..and he seemed UNCOMFORTABLE in scenes with her….this season, there was usually SOMEONE between them…..and he HARDLY went out to talk to suspects with her and such…..she was BETTER , as RECURRING….and she NEVER should have been PART of the TASK FORCE….NOT officially…..the actress who played Lori: HANDLED the HATE of her character very well….NO ATTACKING the FANS….and from what i understand; the fans went FURTHER with their HATE of her….then fans have with catherine.

    • wag says:

      Kathie – the rehab is old news and was over a year ago. Alex is NOT going back to rehab.

  46. Dee from NY says:

    I’ve watched H50 from the first season and am still loving it however I do agree that when she became part of the team it became a little awkward. Even though she may be leaving the show this does’t mean she’s gone forever. I don’t think they will kill her off. I do think that maybe she may be MIA for awhile and possibly come back to the show with McGarrett orchestrating this big rescue. Sounds crazy, but just a thought . I’m a fan to the end as I was with the original series in the 60s. To H50 continuing success — I love you guys. Dee

  47. April says:

    I Love Catherine I hope her absence isn’t very long. Her and Steve r so Cute together. Please bring her back

  48. Larry says:

    Michelle Borth was on a two year contract which was what she apparently agreed on.Huffington Post mentions her possibly being on a sci fi series.Not sure if true though.Nuff said.

  49. Ty Durant says:

    Michelle Borth, was great on Hawaii Five O. Not only did she fill the void when needed in certain episodes, she also did a tremendous job. She’s a very attractive girl and that is one reason I watched Hawaii Five O weekly. It will be very sad to see her leave.

  50. wag says:

    Oh please. There was NEVER any chemistry between Catherine and Steve. They need to find a female that actually creates sparks for Steve.