Glee Sneak Peek: Klaine Gets Cozy While Artie Hits the Street -- Plus: Mime Workshop?!

Klaine! Blam! Mimes!

Things that are white? Things that are polarizing? Things that you’ll see on the next two episodes of Glee! [Ding. Ding. Ding.]

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Yes indeed, we’ve got four first-look photos from “New New York” (next Tuesday, 8/7c on Fox) showing Kurt and Blaine possibly basking in the afterglow (or at least rocking their jammies), Kurt and Artie walking the streets of the city that never sleeps and a pair of NYADA students literally hitting the (imaginary) wall.

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After that, you’ll find a trio of images of Blaine and Sam having a serious chat in “Bash” (April 8, 8/7c).

Click through all of the pics below, then hit the comments and share your thoughts!

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  1. ggny says:

    I dont get why the dropped Tina. The Show added 3 new guys to NY the show is now sorely lacking females. Unless Demi is staying around which im guessing she isnt since Brittany and Santana seem to be back on. Also people complained about Girls having no diversity in NYC what about Glee? All these white guys now where is the diversity with the male characters?

    • Matt says:

      Diversity with male characters? Well, you have one straight male character, two gay male characters and one disabled male character for one. As for the females, there’s Rachel, a Jewish girl with mixed heritage, and Mercedes, who’s black. I’d say they’re doing okay in the diversity department, but of course, some people are never pleased. Besides, Santana and Tina are in episode 17, so it’s not like they’re gone from the show.

      • Katy says:

        Mercedes will be a recurring character. Right now the regulars on Glee are 4 boys 1 girl.

        • Matt says:

          Mercedes is in episode 14, 15, 16, 17 and likely the rest of the season as well. Her presence will be as extensive as the other characters in NY, so that’s simply not a valid argument.

          • Katy says:

            But she is not a regular she is still considered a guest star. Regular characters are still 4 boys and I guess 2 girls if Naya does indeed come back full time.

          • ripcorym says:

            mercedes is not considered a regular because her season contract, signed last year prior to cory dying and things having to be changed on the show, has her as a recurring character. however she has clearly been bought back in a regular’s capacity since the all new york move of the show. same reason santana is still considered a regular even though she has so far been missing for three of the four new york episodes, because she signed a contract as a regular last year.

        • dude says:

          2 girls, Naya’s still a regular. Those rumours were false.

      • ggny says:

        Being Gay and Disabled is not the same thing as being Diverse. Where is the Male of Color? Is there no color male in NYC now?

        • Sara says:

          So, race is the only way to be diverse? Ignorant.

          • ggny says:

            ya because being white and gay/disabled is now considered diverse. I forgot there is no people of color in NYC my bad.

        • Pam says:

          Race is not the only thing that signifies diversity! What are you talking about?! Santana is still on the show, as a regular. Mercedes is in at least 4 episodes, that we know so far. So there is race diversity as well.

          • ggny says:

            Not in the Males. Being White and Gay/Disabled is not diverse it is the cheapest way of saying you are diverse. Did all of the Men of Color move out of NYC after Glee started shooting there? Is all diverse people in NYC now only Gay/Disabled White Males?

        • ripcorym says:

          do you realize how ignorant this comment is?

          • ggny says:

            you realize how ignorant it is to say you are diverse when you 3 most diverse male characters are all white? that is not diverse that is just trying to say you are diverse

        • veronica says:

          Where is the male of color? Blaine. Darren Criss is a person of color.

          So there you have it. Two women of color (Santana and Mercedes), one man of color (Blaine), one man with a disability, one woman who is Jewish, two men who are gay, one woman who is gay, and one man from a low socio-economic background. All of these things are elements of diversity, not just race.

        • Katy Ballard says:

          seriously,is showing characters that are disabled, have different sexual orientation and religion not diverse enough for you?! That is a fine example of diversity and there are “coloured” people on the show. Also I am really looking forward to the Klaine scenes in this episode…

    • Bee says:

      No kidding! They dump Santana off on vacation and replace her with Sam who’s only use is walking around in his underwear. Really Glee?

      • O-Town says:

        Why are we complaining about this? We should be enjoying this. =)

      • Brock says:

        1) This will pick up AFTER summer and after Santana and Brit go on hols…
        2) They didn’t confirm Santana’s status so we’d be surprised to see her with Brit. Anything else was a dead give away for those episodes!! Brit was off due to Heather’s real-life pregnancy!

    • Hum says:

      I agree about the girls, but honey, Blaine isn’t white, not totally anyway.

      • Andy says:

        Blaine is half asian

      • ggny says:

        Im sorry but Blaine is a white kid. There is no thinking other wise. It is sad that Glee thinks there is no Males of Color in NYC

        • Pam says:

          Blaine is half Asian. It was stated on the show, twice even.

        • Claire says:

          Go watch BET and shaddup.

          • ggny says:

            Wow someone is racist. I hit a nerve? It is a fact Glee act like it is diverse and different but where is the Male Lead of Color? The only Black guy they had they kicked out after season 1

          • abz says:

            @ggny: you’re forgetting that for the past season and a half their was a mixed race male character (Jake Puckerman) on the show. Also, Unique is Black and the show has had several black characters over the seasons (Mercedes, Rachel’s dad, Roz Washington, Azimio, that cheerio that Jake cheated on Marley with, etc.) as well as black guest stars (Eve, Nene Leakes, Tyra Banks, Aisha Tyler, Loretta Devine, etc.). You’re clearly just trying to start problems.

    • Gretchen says:

      Because Tina was never once interesting in five years?

      • O-Town says:

        She was interesting. For those of us who weren’t Puerto Rican, Jewish, Black, White, Lesbian, full-figured raised by two homosexual dads, or female, Tina Cohen-Chang was a nice break from the above female minorities. She was more interesting than the standardized female cheerleader, insert tired bullying because I’m popular, stereotype that they had one too many of.

        • Aries says:

          Tina was boring.

        • ripcorym says:

          i’m glad you liked tina, i liked her a lot too, but the fact is she isn’t one of the show’s popular characters. i wish she was because then she’d still be a regular character but even though i love her i’m not delusional enough to think she has the kind of fanbase lea, naya, chris, darren or chord have.

        • Katie says:

          No, Tina sucked.

      • mo says:

        Tina was boring and Jenna is not a very good actress. I am a woc and I don’t want boring characters on my screen just cause they may look like me.

    • omar says:

      Tina will appear on episode 17 for FG opening night. Santana will be back on episode 17 too!

  2. Ben says:

    Looking forward to follow Blaine and Sam in the big city! And what better way to kick it off than with a fun duet in Times Square in the next episode. Perfect!

  3. Yessika says:

    I can’t wait for Klaine in NYC

  4. Yessika says:

    When will people understand that IT WAS NAYA WHO DECIDED TO LEAVE?!

  5. Gretchen says:

    Sam got his hair cut. Thank God!

  6. Beth says:

    Have my prayers been answered? Did Sam finally get a haircut?

  7. Katy says:

    Santana, Mercedes, and Tina (along with Will/Sue) are now characters like the vets in season 4 they will come and go maybe we will see Mercedes do more (I sure hope so) but they are regular in name only no this isn’t 100% confirmed just like it wasn’t 100% confirmed in season four but its pretty dang obvious.

  8. dcl33 says:

    Yay sausage fest \o/ This should be fun to watch, see how much weight Chris is gonna have to pull in with his superb acting to save the scenes, while Darren and Chord get the spotlight.

    • Jim says:

      Funny, to me Chris always looks disinterested and “not here for this” in all his scenes lately. He’s pulling less weight than any of the others in the sense that Darren, Chord, Lea and Amber at least look as though they’re having fun and enjoying themselves.

      • Paige says:

        Couldn’t agree more – if he’s such a great actor (which, I usually actually do think he is), then why doesn’t he make his scenes look more believable? Fans and haters alike have been saying for months now that he isn’t putting in much of an effort. You may not think much of Darren and Chord’s acting ability, but at least they seem fully committed to their roles and are actually doing the job for which they were paid to do.

        • ripcorym says:

          oh please, this trope of chris supposedly being bored and not bothering with his acting is so tired it’s getting ridiculous, you’re so clearly the darren criss stans from tumblr and twitter who like to tout this bs around everywhere you go for over a year now.

          no fans of chris have been saying this about him and nor have the majority of people in most of the other actor’s fandoms except those who, like yourselves, are fuelled by some kind of irrational chris hate. i’m a big lea stan and also spend a lot of time in the cory, naya, heather and jenna fandoms and you see nothing like this rubbish being said there. the only people who have been saying this about chris are people like yourselves who feel the need to put down other actors in an attempt to make the person you stan look better, which is kind of pathetic really. and you twist the word of a few cray nutters in the chris colfer fandom who irrationally hate on darren and project their crap that chris is fed up of carrying him, to try and say that even his fans support your theories.

          chris, naya and lea are still hands down the best young actors on this show, though chord has certainly improved a lot of late and kevin always been reasonably solid. amber & darren make up for their lack of acting skill with their performing skills and charisma..

          darren seems like a nice guy and is a talented and charismatic performer. it’s a shame for him that his fandom is so full of asshats like yourselves. there is a good reason that the majority of glee fandom have a huge problem with his fans and sadly in a lot of cases it’s turning people of darren as well. perhaps instead of trying to put down darren’s fellow actors you should try looking at your own behavior before your fandom turns even more people away from your idol because you’re not doing him any good.

          • Bd211 says:

            Oh look, a long anti-Darren post from a Chris fan in reply to something that had close to nothing to do with Darren. How surprising and revolutionary.

          • ripcorym says:

            i’m not particularly a chris fan, though i do think he’s very talented as are all of the cast in some way or another. it’s just not hard to deduce that you are darren fans because you are generally the only ones who say things like this about him.

            and there is nothing anti-darren in that post, can you not read properly?, i actually like him a lot. i may not think he’s the best actor but he is a wonderful performer and has a lot of charisma. it’s his fans like yourselves that i and so many others in the glee fandom have a problem with. it’s not just chris you put down either, you do it to other actors as well and a lot of people are sick of it. chris just gets the brunt your vitriol i assume because he’s the other half of klaine, iun the same way darren gets the majority of vitriol from that crazy group of chris fans on tumblr. and yes sadly your behavior is turning people off darren, you see a lot of comments on tumblr & twitter from all corners of the glee fandom along the lines of “i’m starting to dislike darren because of his fans”. etc etc. personally it’s not changed my view of darren but i certainly join an awful lot of people in having a very healthy dislike for so called fans like yourselves.

          • josh says:

            Why do you people always assume only Chris fans have a problem with Darren’s fanbase? Because believe me when I say that’s very far from the truth.

          • pollyanna_pocket says:

            They said that they like Darren though, just not his fans, so i;m not sure how you got anti-Darren rant from that? He is a separate entity to his obnoxious fanbase.

  9. roxy says:

    “Things that are white? Things that are polarizing?”
    lol A+
    The only thing that interest me in these pics are Kurt looking to the sky and Artie taking on the city.

  10. Kaycee says:

    It’s gonna be sad to see Kurt thrown further into the back in favour of Blaine and all his “dreams” now that he’s in NYC. Thanks Fox, you have added one final nail into the coffin, poor Glee.

    • Rita says:

      I’ve never understood where people get this idea that Kurt takes a backseat to Blaine. They haven’t even been in the same state for almost two full seasons. If anyone, it’s Rachel who he is always having to defer to. In case people aren’t up on spoilers, let me ease your mind – Blaine will struggle at NYADA, as per Darren. Kurt will continue to prop up Rachel and be her “best gay”. In Episode 17 Kurt’s entire storyline will literally involve complimenting and supporting Rachel because some people on the internet are being mean to her. But yes, tell me more about how Blaine is the one keeping Kurt from having storylines.

      • ripcorym says:

        the people on both sides of this are pathetic and ridiculous. those who say that chris has to carry darren and takes a back seat to him, and those on the other side who throw similar shade at chris. both guys are professionals who turn up and work hard and constantly say that they love what they do. the crap certain parts of fandom project on them says far more aboutt hose saying it than it does about either chris or farren/

      • blee sucks says:

        Oh please at least in his duet with Rachel he gets a more even part. Kurt story about his band he spent most of it on the phone with whiny Blaine. Do not put Kurt not getting story on Rachel. Form now on he is stuck with Blaine at least he sounds good with Rachel.

    • Pam says:

      Yes, it’s not like we watched him carry Rachel’s purse for season 3, 4 and a good part of season 5. Not at all. Start watching the show for a change instead of complaining out of your behind. His entire plot in the seventeenth episode is to pep talk Rachel!

      • blee sucks says:

        So his entire plot with his band debut was aobut making Blaine feel better. His plot in the seaosn opener was aobut being tied to Blaine. His bash plot Blaine sings more than Kurt. Klaine duet are always 75% Blaine.

  11. Paige says:

    So close, Slezak, except that Blaine isn’t white. Anyway. Looking forward to a change of scenery for these folks, and hopefully it will lead to a re-invigoration of their writing staff.

    • kd83954 says:

      Darren isn’t white. Blaine isn’t white. Why do people keep forgetting this?

      • blee sucks says:

        Because he has white privilege cause he looks more white and basically identifies as white more than anything else.

        • veronica says:

          Blaine has never made any mention of identifying as white, that’s just you deciding that since he can pass. Erasure of identity is not privilege, it is its own form of racism.

  12. Lo says:

    Excited for Klaine to finally be back together and am also looking forward to Blam, Hummelberry, Samcedes, and I hope that Tina and Santana manage to come back full time. I think it’s a great little group they’ve got there.

  13. abz says:

    So I’m guessing there will be a 3 month time jump, if Blaine is already in class at NYADA…

  14. kd83954 says:

    I AM SO READY!!!

  15. kd83954 says:

    Also that last picture of Blaine from “Bash.” SOBS EVERYWHERE.

    • Aries says:

      I know…that episode is going to be difficult to watch.

    • Ali says:

      It’s the only thing stopping me from being all happy-excited about the episodes. I’m excited, but then I remember what Kurt is going through, and. :( At least he has his dad and Blaine there, and all his friends as well. This episode is gonna make me cry.

    • ripcorym says:

      this episode is going to be so sad, so many tissues ready for it, but also so good i think. chris especially always excels with this kind of meaty storyline and scenes with him and mike o’malley are so powerful so i’m glad he’s coming back for this. and i’m sure darren, lea and the others will step up to the mark and be very good too.

  16. SD says:

    Excited for Kurt and Blaine to finally be in the same city. Hopefully not too many Blaine and Sam scenes.

    • ripcorym says:

      blam can be fun too. personally i want to see them all interacting with each other. as well as the established pairings it would be nice to see rachel/arti or blaine/artie for example, or kurt/sam. or santana/mercedes if naya comes back.

  17. KC says:

    Klaie in NY!! Give it to me now!!!

  18. od'd says:

    as much as I like the NY only stories, Sam, & Blaine have already had way too much screen time, and the thought that we’re in for the rest of the season and their ridiculous stories, sorry, but I’ll be like Naya, I’ll take a break and wait to see what happens when she comes back. Sam/Chord was much better when he was a background character, and hopefully with a hair cut he will look better, b/c there isn’t much else going on with him.
    sorry, not sorry and then there’s Blaine, it’s called overload

    • ripcorym says:

      sam and mercedes have got a big storyline coming up together in new york so chord isn’t going to be sitting in the background but neither are we going to be seeing the kind of blam stuff we have been getting since midway through season four, even though i’m sure they’ll still have scenes together here and there.

      • od'd says:

        let’s hope you’re right, but I won’t believe it till I see it, we are talking Glee after all. Hopefully the story lines will get better with fewer characters, but NOT if it’s just about those 2 .

  19. Pam says:

    Can’t wait for all NYC with Kurt, Blaine, Rachel and Mercedes. I also hope Santana is back for more than just one episode but I understand if Naya wanted to leave. I’ve waited for Klaine in NYC for ages so if it is just 7 episodes, I hope they use them well. Bash is going to be especially difficult to watch. Blaine is NOT white, btw.

  20. Linda says:

    I am very pleased that Glee is now going to focus on my favorite characters in NYC. I have been waiting for over 1.5 years for Kurt and Blaine to at least live in the same state. I hope they will be able to write more developed stories now that they don’t have to write for 20 characters.

  21. Ali says:

    I’m so excited for this!!! Well, as excited as someone can be considering what’s happening in “Bash”. But the “New New York” Klaine stuff looks adorable. This string of episodes is gonna be an emotional roller coaster. And thank god Sam cut his hair, he looks hotter.

  22. Scott says:

    The audience has got the show they demanded. Can’t moan about it now – but of course everyone will.

  23. Jon says:

    Glee has always been The Rachael Berry show, and even more so now that it will be in NYC. Thus, no female costars.

    • learn says:

      Did you miss all of season 4 where she was lucky to get 5 or 6 minutes of screen time? Just goes to show you how dynamic she is that people still think she get the most when she does not.

    • lomie says:

      Funny you say this and there aren’t even any pictures of Rachel. In 14 she is support to Arty, in 15 she has a bit of a story doesn’t seem to have mcuh in 16 and in 17 finally she get a real plot.

  24. Brendan says:

    I hope that we still get some more Unique. I loved that Alex was part of the show.

  25. Shelly says:

    I am torn. I was so elated that NY was going to get to be featured now. But, I have no interest in Darren Criss, Blaine, Klaine, or Sam in NY. I really really enjoyed Kurt with Adam last year. Now, with Starchild. I am so much more interested in Rachel, Mercedes, Kurt, and Artie in NY. This bit of promo is just yuck.