American Idol Top 9 Results Recap: 30 Rocks!

MB1_6098But wait, I barely had time to finish my glass of sauv blanc!

Yes, folks, American Idol cut its results-show telecast to 30 minutes, but fret not. Even in a leaner, meaner format, we still had time for Harry Connick Jr. to brutally interrupt the Homespun Wisdom of Our Lady of Lopez, the Top 9 contestants to offer meaningless (and probably producer-directed) chit-chat over Wednesday-night dinner and Randy Jackson to throw a threadbare cliché (“the cream is starting to rise to the top!”) into his 17 seconds of screentime. (Spoiler alert: That’s still too much!)

Janelle Monae — an artist I love, it’s worth noting — was shoehorned into the half hour to perform a so-so song from the conspicuously placed sponsor, Rio 2. And yet Idol grads like Elise Testone, Aloha Mi’Sho, Melinda Doolittle, Matt Giraud, Kris Allen, Adam Lambert and Kellie Pickler have yet to strut their stuff on the results-show stage this season.

[Insert irked side-eye here.]

Let’s get to the results, shall we?

Sent to Safety (in No Particular Order)
Jena Irene
Malaya Watson
Alex Preston
Jessica Meuse
Caleb Johnson
Dexter Roberts

Bottom 3 Vote-Getters
C.J. Harris
Majesty Rose
Sam Woolf

Lowest Vote-Getter
Majesty Rose

“Save-Me Song”
Majesty delivered a slightly unhinged, very wobbly rendition of “Happy” that landed somewhere on the intersection of I Don’t Belong Here! and I’ve Got to Get Out of This Place! The performance itself didn’t warrant a save, but I kinda wanted the judges to use it anyhow, considering Majesty — even in her lowest moments — is more interesting than C.J., Dexter, and Sam (all of whom have fallen into tiresome, predictable and not terribly satisfying patterns over the last few weeks).

But nope, despite what Keith called “the hardest deliberation” at the judges’ table this season, the vote was not unanimous, and Majesty was sent packing.

The woman should’ve sung “Fast Car” when she had the chance!

And with that, I turn it over to you…

What did you think of Season 13 Top 9 results night? Did the right contestant get the boot? If not, who should’ve been cut? And how did you feel sabout Janelle Monae in the performance slot instead of an Idol graduate? Sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gailer says:

    Is this the longest that wild cards have lasted?

  2. tealeaves says:

    A few weeks ago, I thought Majesty could win this. But not after 3 weeks in the bottom. When she was good, she was absolutely delightful. But she was much too inconsistent.

    • LeahKittyS says:


    • Mark says:

      The first time I saw Majesty perform was Top 30 or Top 15 week–whatever they called it–when she did “Happy”. I picked her out as the most interesting contestant on this show in years. Her next performance, “Tightrope,” convinced me that she was the front runner for this season and most likely the eventual winner. She brought a new and fresh sound that AI never had before. But then halfway through her next performance it all started to go wrong. I truly believe that she could have been one of the greatest Idol winners ever. She didn’t fit in one of the the cookie cutter molds that most of the other contestants fall into. Her exit was not undeserved, but it still saddens me. Bad decisions, starting with going big halfway through “Fix You” did her in. She stepped out of her lane and got crushed by the oncoming traffic.

      • syb says:

        Spot on, at least from where I sat. She had a lot of potential. Whether it went off the rails due to bad advice (Randy? tapping foot…), second-guessing herself, trying to be more than what she’d shown before, she has just sounded bad since the wonky note on Fix You. I had her at the top of my list after Tightrope, but it was just down hill thereafter.

  3. Jimmy Bobby says:

    Kind of odd that Keith said that the deliberation or whether to use the save on Majesty was the hardest-to-date. Yet, I did not see any actual deliberating taking place at the judges table. Rather than being the hardest decision to make, this for the first time seemed, at least visually, predetermined. Funny! There was more so called deliberation on Kristen, Emily, and MK.

    • Stormy says:

      Maybe I’m a closet conspiracy theorist, but I had the impression that they told Majesty ahead of time that she was eliminated in fear she’d have a meltdown on camera. It seemed to me she’d already come to terms with it and wanted to get it over with. But, that’s just me.

      • Foxfire says:

        Stormy I think some of her behavior last night was just Majesty trying not to cry and break down on stage. A little bit of bravado perhaps over done. But I agree, it did seem as if the judges and Majesty already knew who was going home.

        • The Orginal Lemon says:

          Yes, I think she was just trying to hold it together. Crying while singing Happy wouldn’t have been good.

  4. GuitarBlue says:

    And, as was mentioned by some as the top 13 started – there’s the typical Idol voter formula -….1> Girls are at a disadvantage, especially in the first few rounds – because voters are predominantly female, and they usually will vote for guys they like. ………. ……( I almost always vote for girls myself, so the reverse is also true) I2> vote splitting between 2 or 3 contestants is also very common in early rounds – each elimination creates a new shift in the vote power for some to pick-up a little extra help, …….

    • Foxfire says:

      Right, in the earlier rounds a lot of people are vote splitting but as the contestants are thinned out a choice will have to be made on who to vote for. This might have been what happened to Majesty, the Jena and Malaya fans might have had to cross Majesty off their list. It’s only a matter of time before Dexter and CJ go home as the numbers dwindle and country fans will have to pick one or the other to support.

  5. BobL says:

    I just went back and listened to all of this week’s performances, and I have to say I am not outraged by the decision to send Majesty home. Her singing Wednesday night was dreadful. Yes, she’s still better than CJ, but at least CJ had one very good week: the one when he sang “Can’t You See.” Majesty–my favorite when the finals commenced– has yet to deliver a truly knockout performance. Her song choices have been regrettable, she sounds tentative, her vocals always seem to drift in and out during a song. I know that sounds weird, but that’s the best way I can describe it. Dexter is awful too, but he’s the only country guy left and they always have a huge fan base. Say what you want about Sam and Alex, but they always hit the notes, they can easily carry a melody, and their performances have a cohesiveness to them.

  6. AprilD says:

    I think Majesty has just as much potential as any of the others. However, a few things. 1. Some people can’t take pressure & I think she’s one. As soon as her performance didn’t stack up, it was all downhill. She had to perform better to stay & that shuts some people down. (In 13 years you’d think Idol would be able to spot these people.) thus the carefree twirl at the end of her save me song. Girlfriend was free and she knew it. 2. She just wasn’t ready for a big stage. It takes a much more skilled performer to seem like they’re filling up a stage with presence when their forte is low key songs. 3. Her song choice was horrible the last few weeks. 4. A really good mentor could have helped her with all these things & we could have seen improvement instead of a spiral. She still has one of the prettiest voices of the season.

    • Foxfire says:

      You’ve got that right. Dexter needs some major mentoring as well and quickly. Majesty ought to consider a try at The Voice in the future! I do think she has a future and there is an audience out there who want to listen to her sing.

  7. GuitarBlue says:

    Sam has now been in the bottom 3 twice —CJ and Dexter, once…. Malaya and Jena have both been bottom 3 once, and both are from Michigan. Let the battle rounds begin.

    • Mary says:

      The Southern State take AI more seriously than others. My personal winner would be Jena, but due to where she is from, I don’t think it is happening. My second one is Jessica, I might have hope there cause she is from the South, especially if Dexter and C.J. go away, like the next two weeks.

      • Stormy says:

        ITA The only winner not from the southern half of the country is Lee DeWyze and he’s mid-western. Part of that may be due to the fact that the upper east coast doesn’t watch Idol and neither does the west coast.

        • Foxfire says:

          I didn’t know that Stormy, wonder why they don’t watch?

          • Stormy says:

            This is only my theory. The inhabitants of the big population centers on the east coast [NYC, Boston, DC, Philly] are either too sophisticated for a show like Idol or are into Rap/HipHop/etc. rather than the type of music Idol features. The west coast [Wa., Or., Ca.] is too “cool” to watch Idol. That’s a huge chunk of the US population. Just the fact that only one Idol winner out of 12 has been from the upper half of the US is evidence of where the viewers are. Jordin and Lee are the only two who are from states other than the south.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I don’t know, I went to a Lady Antebellum concert at the TD Garden a while back, and it turns out Boston is a huge spot for country fans. Boston’s Country 102.5 is the most listened-to country station in the United States. And then we have the “northern redneck” populations in New Hampshire and Maine.

          • Foxfire says:

            That makes sense Stormy because population wise a contestant from the east or west coast should win every year, good or bad,if they watched the show. But since Jordan is from the southwest I’ll make her a honorary southerner :).

          • Foxfire says:

            So maybe a lot of Bostonians are voting for Dexter, CJ and Jessica then LeahKittyS. Alabama is not a huge enough of a voting bloc to keep these 3 in the mix for this long so other areas are voting for them too.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            Hey, if Boston is gonna help keep Jessica around, then more power to my city. :)

          • Foxfire says:

            Love Jessica and her new look as well. I will definitely be voting for her.

          • Stormy says:

            @Leah I’m not saying that metro areas don’t have enough country fans to fill an arena. But they will pull people from suburbia and smaller towns for the concert, too. And that isn’t much against the overall population of those areas.

          • LeahKittyS says:

            I was referring more to the fact that they announced Boston’s country station as the most listened-to country radio station in the United States. That’s what I was surprised about.

          • Fallon says:

            Actually the top 5 are:
            KEEY – St. louis Park Mn.
            KNIX – Phoenix Az
            WPOC – Baltimore Md
            WSOC – Charlotte NC
            WYDC – Detroit

    • MAB says:

      Wasn’t CJ in the bottom 3 twice?

  8. Lana says:

    I was shocked that it was Majesty and not CJ or Dexter but I agreed with the not saving thing. Look at Malaya who is only 16 versus Majesty who is 22, Malaya started out very shaky but listened to the judges and started singing better and better. She has improved which is why she is still here, but Majesty would not listen to the judges, and they gave her good critiques, she kept doing the same thing over and over and she did not improve at all so she did deserve to go. Just not before Dexter or CJ. Dexter is good but as a big fan of country he is generic and is not better than anyone in country today. I want someone who can stand out in country, like Scotty whose voice was better than average. Dexter is just average so come on country lovers don’t settle for so-so and quit voting for Dexter.

    • GuitarBlue says:

      I doubt that Dexter will be much of a force in Country Music after the show. To be in the top 8 on Idol does give some cred to booking agents, but only for the mid-level shows, Fairs, City Park Concerts and the like. Even Kris Allen, as a winner, had to be a tag-on with some of the bigger names in Country, to get decent bookings. He did tag-on with Keith Urban once on an Urban Tour.

  9. Adrian A says:

    This is the most devastating live show in a LONG time.

  10. Timmah says:

    Matt Giraud vs. Janelle Monae…. hmmm, that’s a tough one, wow, but yeah, I think they made the right choice.

    • Terry says:

      Janelle Monae is awesome, that song however… not so much… plus the whole performance just felt like an elaborate commercial for whatever that cartoon movie was.

      • Timmah says:

        The former Idol contestants have pretty crap songs too for the most part.

        • marie says:

          Amen! That’s been one of my pet peeves for many seasons now.

          • marie says:

            With a handful of exceptions, I should say.

          • Timmah says:

            Ultimately, it’s songwriting that makes or breaks a career. Either you’ve got to have some natural ability yourself to write great songs, or have a team that can. This is why IMO most Idols fail post-show. They sound great singing other people’s hits, but not so much when they do their own material.

          • Mark says:

            Actually there are hundreds of song writers who sell their songs to whomever will buy them. Whitney Houston never wrote a song. Most of Rhianna’s, Beyonce’s, Kelly Clarkson’s, etc., songs were obtained that way. That’s how people like Kara Dioguardi and Diane Warren stay in the business.

          • Stormy says:

            @Timmah Which could explain why the most successful Idols have been country. The real songwriters are in Nashville these days.

  11. Kate says:

    I don’t think I’m watching the same show some of you are. Majesty has no range. It didn’t stop her from trying, though, which was just painful. The judges were even wincing as she was singing (both in her performance and her save-me song). I had my hands over my ears and was begging for it to stop. She was the right one to go home, IMO.

    I have not been on the CJ bandwagon AT ALL but last night was actually decent. I think he is who JLo was referring to when she said someone sounded better on tv than they did in person. I don’t expect the upward trend to continue, but I’m glad he didn’t go home on a night when Majesty did a worse job.

    I also don’t get the Dexter haters. People keep saying you could hear guys like him in any bar across the country…well I guess I’ve been hanging out in the wrong bars. The guy is completely vocally solid and hardly ever misses a note. I get what the judges are saying about the anthems overpowering him and I want to see him do more, but I’d still rather listen to him than someone who is out of tune (Majesty).

    Alex, Caleb, and Jena are light years ahead of the others both in personal maturity and vocal/musical maturity, and they are easily my final 3.

    • Timmah says:

      +1 on everything you said. Alex/Caleb/Jena are my top 3 as well. They are the most consistent performers. And I also don’t think Dexter is as bad as this forum makes him out to be.

      • marie says:

        Thank you. Someone else who doesn’t think Dexter is all that bad.

        • Mary says:

          Bad no, Generic yes. How do you think he would do in Country?? Doesn’t stand out at all.

          • marie says:

            To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t listen to enough country music to guess how he’d fare. Just saying, he has a solid, even a pretty good voice; I rather enjoy his performances on the show, even though I’m not sure I’d be inclined to follow his career afterwards.

          • Foxfire says:

            I don’t think there is anything wrong with Dexter’s voice, it’s just the song choices he’s making and his karaoke interpretation of them. Who knows what he could do with original material.

        • syb says:

          Dexter has talent, as demonstrated on his Lucky Man performance. Everything else has been competing by numbers though. I can’t think of a less interesting country male contestant in the history of Idol save possibly Michael Sarver.

      • Bonnie A. says:


  12. NedPepper says:

    Well, they may as well not even use the save. Who are they going to save? Friggin Dexter? CJ? Ugh. All the girls are going home. I don’t know what who they are holding on to that save for. Probably Sam. Blech. Starting to get annoyed with this season, big time.

    • tealeaves says:

      People don’t need to vote-split anymore. They can vote for all their favorites. Hopefully they won’t need the save. It should probably be used only if someone has one really bad night and is in the bottom for the first time, or if they get to a point where they think they are all equally matched so they just want everyone to move on for another week.

  13. Edye Lane says:

    I’m not watching anymore. Not even going to DVR it anymore since Majesty is gone. This is the worst crop of people ever. They should be a few wildcards and they should start over. Where is Simon? No one left deserves be an IDOL. I wish that Majesty had stayed true to herself. She was so authentic in the beginning. I think that she got too much production advice and fell into the trap. No one is singing any recognizable songs. Where is Jimmy? They dogged him so bad last year about his opinions….I would not have returned either. They did not treat him like the icon that he is and they watered his stock.

  14. wait says:

    I’d love to see Idol graduates be the performers on the results show. I’m not good at googling or following them so it would be great to hear where many of them are now and see how much they have grown and improved.

  15. Rick says:

    They should just have cut CJ, Dexter, Sam, Majesty and Malaya at the same time. Cut the show by 4 weeks it sucks. Jena, Jessica, Alex and Caleb will be top 4 and I’m not sure any of them could have made top 4 of season 11. They finally get a nice blend of judges and then the singers stink. And Randy Jackson is a waste of precious air time. He must have pictures of some Fox executive because I have no idea why that blow hole is still on the show in any capacity!

  16. Simon says:

    Some people think it’s cheesy, but I’m kinda bummed they cut out the video montage. That’s one of the things that made Idol better than the Voice, making the audience actually care about the contestants instead of just watching them get shooed off the stage so abruptly.
    Majesty was my favorite. Her “save me” performance was pretty bad, but Harry said last night that she was so close to having her breakout moment on the show, and it’s such a shame that couldn’t happen.
    A few weeks ago, I was on team “just be patient, the season is gonna get better.” But now I’m starting to think maybe the people saying “worst season ever” could have a point. When you look at last season, everything sucked except the raw talent of the contestants. Now, it’s the opposite. They seemed to have worked out the kinks, from implementing a more fair voting system, to assembling what I consider to be the most competent judging panel on any season of any of these reality shows. The only problem is the contestants. Yeah, they all have potential, as we were saying several weeks ago, but they just haven’t shown any signs of improvement (with the exception of maybe Malaya). My favorites right now are Malaya, Jena, and CJ, because they’re the only ones who really seem to be fighting for it. But even those three are constantly pitchy. The only consistent one is Caleb, but he just gets on my nerves for some reason.

  17. marie says:

    I really prefer the half-hour format. I always thought all the drama resulting from the traditional shtick of Ryan calling three contestants, dragging out who was safe, etc., was a bit much; doing it like this, briskly revealing one after another as safe, is much more efficient AND a lot less painful to watch.
    I for one don’t miss the “this was your Idol journey” exit packages; too many contestants seemed to find them upsetting/painful to watch.
    Janelle Monae’s might be the worst song (song, not performance) I’ve heard this season on Idol.
    Poor Majesty’s Save performance was just not good at all.

    • Kayk says:

      A worse song than “I Luh Ya Papi”? Wow, glad I fast forwarded thru Ms.Monae, then,

      • marie says:

        Oh for heaven’s sake, I FORGOT about “I Luh Ya Papi”! And it was only a week ago. There are times when it PAYS to be a forgetful old fool.
        To be fair, then, I’d call it a tie.

  18. Blank Slate says:

    I miss the video montage of a departing singer’s “journey” accompanied by the good bye song of the season. The show is losing its special qualities that marked American Idol. It feels cold and flat and horribly staged.

  19. Honey Barlett says:

    I only have 1 comment: AMERICA, YOU ARE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Honey Barlett says:

    Couple more comments: When is creepy Jessica leaving? YUK! Alex, YUK too! Majesty was OK and she had a great personality, something this crappy season needed. She was good enough with this horrible bunch to be top 5, for sure.Dexter the ape man and Jessica the castrated cat and Alex, who looks like he has to always go to the bathroom, with his ugly self are still all here! What a crying shame.

  21. Honey Barlett says:

    Also, Majesty sang horribly to save herself. For that reason alone, she should have gone although she should have never had to sing for a save.

    • Timmah says:

      It would have been embarrassing for the judges to save her after that performance. Although if that was the pre-arranged plan, they probably would have stopped her before she started.

  22. Sandrine says:

    I’m happy with Majesty going home. She may be interesting but her voice isn’t good. Michael is right, her voice wobbles. IMO, she has the weakest voice out of all the contestants left.

  23. In all honesty I think Jena, Jessica, Malaya, Caleb, and Alex are outstanding and if the five of them can make it to the top 5 we’ll be good.

  24. Che says:

    CJ should have gone home. And Sam in the bottom 3, the guy is perfect pitch, all he needs to improve is his connection. But Dexter, he should be at the bottom. He is so karaoke, no atristry at all. Hope they will be given the chance on their originals before top 5 so we’ll who’s a real artist is.

  25. WOW Ok. So Idol just eliminated one of the few remaining interesting contestants they have. Majesty definitely was pretty confused whether to go theatrical or to go janelle monae or to go feist, but even in her confused and developing state, she was waaay musically significant than CJ, Dexter, and even Caleb and Jessica.

    • Jessica says:

      Majesty is so interesting (only one changing it up every week) and Ben was the funny guy but they’re gone. At least we still have Caleb.

  26. Mikko says:

    Not excited about this season hardly at all, but from the Idol history’s point of view, there is one really exciting question: Will this be the first time, that the wild card contestant (Jena) will win the whole thing? That would be historical, and great achievement from Jena.

  27. Mikko says:

    Just recently watched season 11, and although it is not my favorite season at all, I would say that for example the 3rd Joshua Ledet, the 5th Skylar Laine, the 7th Colton Dixon or the 8th Drew Brackensick could have easily won or be frontrunners this year.

    To me, there is quite an amazing dropping in the excitement of the singers compared to seasons 1-11, and that’s why Harry’s comments about this being the best season since season 1, are really surreal to me.

  28. winston says:

    probably the first “shoking” elimination, it’s sad to see her go this early she is lovely. But first, who is voting C.J. and Dexter? Dexter should have gone home but no he is not even in the bottom 3? SAY WHAT. seriously American what are you doing. C.J. and Dexter are the worst and it’s an insult to the eliminated contestants that they are still in. Dexter is too predictable and C.J. screams himself through every week. Send them home. please America. I wished Majesty got saved because I don’t want them to use it on ether C.J. or Dexter which would be a b**ch move.

  29. marie says:

    Calm down, everybody; there is no way the judges would use the save on either CJ or Dexter. Stop worrying about that.
    Can I just say this for Dexter? Yes, he’s maybe nothing special. Yes, maybe he’s a very middle-of-the-road county singer. Maybe he’s not the most exciting contestant ever. But he IS a solid singer who sings in tune. I don’t hate it when he performs; it’s not torture like poor CJ who showed promise early but always goes off pitch. I rather enjoy Dexter’s performances; he’s far from awful and in fact I find him rather soothing.

    • darcy the slutty twin says:

      Not to mention that Dexter became hot to my eyes after that clip of him fixing trucks. I never knew I’d find chubby booties hot.

    • Mark says:

      Dexter is playing a very smart game. He knows that country fans are huge voters. He knows the state of Alabama supports their Idol contestants. What’s the most popular music in Alabama? I’m willing to bet it’s country. Look, Scotty won by singing the exact same song every week. PP won by singing a Dave Matthews song every week. Singers who give the people what they want on a consistent basis week after week go far in this competition. To me, Dexter is just white noise playing in the background, but to Southerners he’s fried chicken, Blake Shelton and a cold beer all rolled up into one package. How do you beat that?

  30. ara says:

    I’ve a question: when do they do the pre-taped videos of the contestants at home doing their stuff? Do they do that for all top 30 or whenever it is before the show goes live (top 13?) and then use the videos of those who make it to the top whatever?

    I miss Ben. I wish it had been CJ who went home instead of him. CJ’s a nice guy but he sings so badly out of tune so often, I can’t stand it.

  31. John says:

    The save should be saved for someone who has a chance and had one bad week. Majesty had been in the bottom three times, and it was time to go. “Slimmest of margins?” There’s only three judges.

  32. DoubleT says:

    Felt a little strange wathching a half hour results show. Hope it isin’t permement.

  33. Jessica says:

    This one made me mad for the 1st time b/c I have NO idea why or how Dexter mostly is getting votes. You can add in CJ and Malaya also. So Malaya acts crazy in the beginning of the show then “calms it down” a bit and gets praised b/c of that and a few high notes? I’m not hearing or seeing how she is a front runner now. Who are they going to use the save on now?? Dexter or CJ? I hate to say it but this season is so bad besides Jena and if Jessica can move away from the mic for a second also maybe have a different expression on her face. I missed the “goodbye” video and also the face panel top of set going dark.

  34. A says:

    What happened last night? Why is CJ still here and Majesty not? I so badly wanted to see her on next weeks show so we could get her audition song and see the Majesty that people loved. I so wished Harry could have mentored her this season. She would have been show ready every week. Randy is not helping with song choice. I told him son this morning that Majesty was gone because he didn’t see the show last night (he loved her – he’s 9) and he said “Aw Mom – no more songs to buy – at least we have the ones already”. She’s also connected with my 16 year old daughter. My 22 year old son likes her. She has something that connects with various ages. I really hope she makes a career. Our family would buy her music.

    BTW, what happened to James Durbin – wasn’t he supposed to perform on the results show?

    • MamaLis says:

      That’s interesting you say that A, my 11-year old son liked Majesty the best, also. He’s a marketers dream in terms of things he responds to and being an “early adapter.” He’s gonna be bummed she’s gone.

      Oh- and he didn’t get Caleb’s performance at all. Went right past him in terms of being good.

      • A says:

        I sincerely hope she finds her niche and gets a good singing career going. I’ll be watching.

        No one ever said what happened to James Durbin – I read that he was supposed to perform “Parachutes”. Did I miss something?

  35. Blinged Up says:

    Awwww, I liked Majesty — especially at the beginning. I think she left the quit doing the type of performances she was great at and tried to compete with the belters. She was still more interesting than some who are left though…
    Alex is my favorite at this point.
    Even though I am a total Idol loonie, I do like the shortened results show. I would like to see the exit packages — they have 30 seconds in there to include those. I miss the boot songs, and YES!!!! Please put some previous Idol contestants on to perform!!! Don’t the producers realize how much their audience would love that? And old Idol-watchers who have left the show would tune in to see their old favorites. Maybe they’d see something they like and stick around next week? That’s not a crazy concept to grasp….goodness!

  36. Yo says:

    I am sad to see Majesty go. She was one of the more interesting performers I have seen on the Idol stage. She has talent, but needs to find a lane and drive in it. The tour may be great for her development.

  37. Flicker says:

    I am upset about last night’s results. And I am disappointed with some of the comments here. No matter what you might think of Majesty and her singing (and I know many of you here are not fans) – she was a LOT better on the last performance alone AND over her entire body of work – than CJ, Dexter, and Sam. I cannot believe some of the comments here suggesting she has no humility and mocking her personality. Really, you really know a person from clips of a reality show and from twitter? You get that from her trying to keep positive and upbeat when she’s down? Of course we are all anonymous here, maybe this blog is filled with jealous 12 year old girls who bully others at school because they wear something different or they don’t like a flower in someone’s hair. No guy ever gets the harsh and (sorry but also bitchy) treatment women or girls do. You may not like someone’s music or voice (that’s why so many types of music find fans – people like different things!), but why so much hate because you are not a fan. Instead be a fan of what you do like! Majesty was not the best, she was in the middle of the pack, but she did not deserve to be voted off last night, and she CERTAINLY does not deserve the kind of treatment she is getting here. Critique of what a person DOES (which is why I come to this blog) is very different from hateful comments about the PERSON.

    • A says:

      Agree – I never saw mocking in her. She seems just like a very upbeat person. Hope to see her do well after Idol.

  38. Alina says:

    Malaya, when she hits her sweet spot, is amazing, such a shame that she didn’t have more years to refine her taste and skill.
    I like Jessica’s voice but she’s a bit passé style wise.
    Caleb probably has the best voice and ear but I can’t take him seriously. There’s a reason why Meat Loaf is no longer “in” and Jack Black’s known as a musician only because he’s also an actor.
    Dexter, I’m always surprised he’s still in the competition. Why the bloody hell hasn’t he been sent packing already?
    Same with C.J.
    Majesty failed to recapture the magic of her audition and Hollywood performances. She just needed a pretty melody to sing with her guitar. Tackling a Florence song (no matter how amazing that song is) was such a faux-pas.
    Sam, and I’m sorry if this comes across as offensive -it’s not meant to be-, reminds me of a friend that has a mild case of Asperger’s. He seems like a smart and sweet guy, but he just can’t emote anything, and I don’t think it’s shyness.

    That leaves Jena and Alex, whom I both adore. Final between these two would make me a happy camper.

  39. SharpByCoop says:

    For me, it doesn’t much matter whether it’s CJ, or Dexter, or Sam or Majesty–in that order.

    As they stay, they are all climbing a rung higher on the ‘pole of missed dreams’ only to crash that much harder when they get the boot.

    At this point who can’t see Caleb and Jena in the final show? Seems obvious, and all the rest are irrelevant.

  40. C says:

    A few comments….
    1. Who the heck keeps voting for Dexter and CJ?
    2. Half hour results show is a great idea. I liked it back in the “old days” and am very glad to see it again.
    3. What is next week’s theme? I didn’t catch it, if it was even mentioned.
    Sorry if I’m repeating too many other comments, but I have to go out soon and don’t have time to read them right now.

    • Stormy says:

      1. Rednecks are voting for Dexter [he’s the only country singer]. A/A viewers are voting for CJ [he’s the only black male].
      2. I also enjoy the shorter results show, although I’m not crazy about the sit-com that follows it.
      3. Next week each singer will reprise their audition song, but with the band rather than acapella.

      • Jaszy says:

        That’s not exactly true. I am a 19 year old black girl and I have never voted for CJ even though he sings country (but I don’t particularly like country music anyways). In fact, I hardly ever vote for black people. I’m kind of like Majesty in musical taste. I love a variety of musical genres including folk, indie, alternative rock, soft pop, even hardcore rock…. My favorite artists/bands are all white: Alanis Morissette, Fiona Apple, Joss Stone, Regina Spektor, James Morrison, James Blunt, Jamie Cullum, Orianthi, Anberlin, Our Lady Peace, David Gray, Paloma Faith, Blue October, etc. (IN FACT, of the 300+ cds i have in my CD collection, less than 10 are from black artists. The rest are all white.)I don’t really care much for R&B or hip hop music, music that most people would say is just for black people. It’s kind of weird because the rest of my family don’t particularly like the music I listen to but they accept it. It’s part of what makes me different.

        This is what made Majesty unique. She’s not like the typical black girl. That’s good but it can also be foreign to most people because society thinks in terms of race. Rock music, country, folk, etc. is for white people. Rap, hip hop and r&b is for black people. That is SO NOT true. We can listen to whatever we want to listen to and sing whatever we want to sing regardless of our race.

        MY favorite this year is Jessica Meuse. She’s more of a country artist, but it’s weird because I don’t even like country music all that much. I LUV her voice though and her shy personality. I want her to win. If not her, then Jena.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      All the contestants are going to reprise their audition songs next week. Which means we’ll get recorded version of Alex, Caleb, and Jessica’s originals! That will be a first.

    • Grumpy Kitty says:

      Originally it was songs of their auditions songs. But it has been changed to TV show theme songs… The Jeffersons, Dukes of Hazzard, Laverne and Shirley, etc.

      • Leticia Prado says:

        NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Come on, audition songs would have been an AWESOME theme, so many people did originals!!!!
        It would finally show us what to expect after idol.
        Gosh, I am bummed! Me, who on Movies week said they should retire Movies and use TV shows instead.

    • syb says:

      So what, burned out 50 year old stoners are voting for Caleb, People on Ecstasy are putting down their pacifiers to vote for Jena, Mean girls are voting for Jessica. Band geeks with braces are voting for Malaya, and people with giant heads are voting for Alex? Anymore gross generalizations we want to throw out there?

  41. Matt Meaney says:

    One of the things I look for when watching Idol is whether I could watch a 45 minute show by the singer. Dexter would put me to sleep after about the second song.

    I do not understand why they did not use the save on Majesty. Generally you have an idea on who they are saving the save for. This year I thought Majesty was one of the possibilities. Maybe they are concerned that Alex, Jena, or Caleb would be in danger. I would hate to see Majesty go and have them not use the save.

    • LeahKittyS says:

      One of my closest friends is named Matt Meaney! He’s best friends with my boyfriend and one of our clique. But I take it you’re not him, because I’m the only one in my circle who watches Idol.

    • A says:

      But none of those have been in the bottom except Jena and only once. So it’s crazy that they are saving it. I so wanted to hear Majesty since her auction song again – it would have been magic.

  42. Rollo says:

    Keep in mind Jessica, CK, and Dexter are all from Alabama and people from that state vote in droves for their own. With overall viewership down, their votes count more. Plus, since it’s not football season those folks have nothing else to do there but vote repeatedly. Dexter knew exactly what he was doing when he sang Sweet Home Alabama and gave that shout-out to the Crimson Tide. Not to mention his later revelation that his dog (and probably his first child) is named Tide. Tide fans would vote for the devil if he showed up in a Tide jersey. Don’t be surprised if those 3 don’t wind up in the top 5.

  43. J says:

    There used to be a website called “Vote For The Worst.” The thrust of the website was to have people vote for the worst singer on American Idol so they would advance and hopefully to win. I don’t think that website is viable any longer but it was around for many seasons of AI. This season so far has made me think about that website and it’s mean premise. Majesty in no way is the worst singer/performer this season. She’s had some rough moments but this whole season is rough and uneven and even – to me – kinda boring. I can’t explain the phenomenon of CJ. All I can think of this “vote for the worst” type of scenario happening here. I wish CJ the best but my goodness – what is happening?

    • Simon says:

      Actually, they would probably be voting for Malaya. She had the worst performance during top 13 week, when they would have picked someone new (their rush week picks obviously would have been Marialle and Emmanuel). And that website always loved voting for people with out-there looks and personalities. Also, they almost always stuck with the same person until they went home, even if they improved the way Malaya did. I actually kinda miss that site… *sigh*

      • J says:

        Thank you for the update of the “Vote For The Worst” website. You are absolutely correct. They even had fun/weird caricatures of the contestant they were supporting. I agree they would have promoted Malaya because although she has improved – she is a quite a character.

  44. syb says:

    I’m fine with 30 minutes. But I did miss the Idol Journey montage.

  45. Jim Welker says:

    This batch stinks on ice! Well, I only have 2 of my Fab 4 left! I picked Caleb and Sam from very beginning! Sam stinks now! I have always picked the winner or runner up every year, starting with first audition! Caleb is my last hope! I sure wish that stuck up pig Meuse would go! Alex also stinks! They are the 2 most overrated singers ever, especially Meuse! She makes me sick to even look at her! I predict the judges will save Meuse one week! She has nothing to offer…Tefrible tone, ugly…a real disaster! What are all of you listening to? I’ve heard better karaoke, for years! As far as CJ and Dexter….They are hear because many people like their type of music! It’s a popularity contest, not a talen show! Majesty was ok, certainly better than Dexter, CJ and Wolf! I tink she was also better than pig face Meuse and UG MUG Alex! She will be missed, Majesty! Again, I feel this group should be in the circus, as a circus act!

    • Fallon says:

      So, inmates in the psych ward have internet access. Who knew?

      • Honey Barlett says:

        I actually agree with Jim. He is harsh but soooo true! You just cannot handle the truth. He is witty and hilarious and I always look forward to his reviews. Thx.

  46. Jim Welker says:

    Sorry for typos on my last comments! Spelled Here, Hear, etc.! I wish talent was better…NOT ONE GREAT SINGER! I blame judges! Anyone who would vote worst singer ever, Briston Maroney into the top 15 boys, needs their heads examined! Shame on those MORONS!

  47. Kayk says:

    To Michael Slezak:
    Absolutely I’d rather watch a beloved Idol alum com back to perform (Adam, Hayley, Elise come to mind!) than watch other current non-Idol peeps like Janelle Monae (apologies for the misspelling.). ..Speaking of Idol alumni, I was lucky enough to see Scotty McCreery in concert in Ft. Myers FL last night and he ROCKED it! What a fun show! And Michael, I immediately thought of you because at one point Scotty activated the SwayBotsTM by started his own arm swaying. It was even more horrifying a sight to experience in person than seeing it in the show! GAAAAH! But it made me laugh recalling all of your hilarious SwayBots comments over the years! Thanks for that!!! :)

  48. Leticia Prado says:

    Wow… do you remember when Idol would put subtitles when Hee Jun was speaking? Why don’t they do the same with Dexter and CJ? I know I am not a native speaker, but I can barely understand half of what they say. In the intro, like, 40 seconds into the show, CJ says something and I can’t get a single word of it.

    • Jaszy says:

      Even though they have accents, I can definitely understand what CJ and Dexter say.
      It’s probably because you aren’t a native speaker that you can’t understand much what they say.

  49. marie says:

    Funny thing. I really enjoyed Caleb’s Zeppelin performance, and so, especially after reading favorable reviews here,

    • marie says:

      Whoops, hit “Post” too soon. Anyway, I purchased the iTunes single of Caleb’s Dazed and Confused, and you know, I’m less than impressed. It’s basically a not-as-good note-for-note copy of the Zeppelin original (which was itself not really original, the band having stolen the song from Jake Holmes – check it out on YouTube some time – but that’s another story). Yes, the Idol band is good, but again, it’s a copy. And when you listen to Caleb back-to-back with Robert Plant…well, I guess I don’t really have to say anything. Disappointed; wish I hadn’t bought it.

  50. Adam Fachry says:

    Very disappointed in Monae’s decision to soundtrack such a trite animated film like Rio 2, and came up with a mediocre song, no less. Oh well, a money’s money. I just wish she performed a song from either ArchAndroid or The Electric Lady, even though the promotion for both has stopped.

    Monae is quite possibly the most fascinating neo-soul talent of recent memory with her genre-bending ability to infuse R&B and soul with psychedelic, pastoral British folk, dance, orchestra, cabaret, doo wop, rap, etc. She’s this generation’s Prince and Funkadelic whose attempt at bouncing between genres never comes off like compromising cohesion or quality.

    Would’ve loved to see her perform Faster, Oh Maker, Locked Inside, We Were Rock & Roll, It’s Code, or Givin’ Em What They Love (though for this particular one, Prince needs to accompany her), instead.