The Voice Recap: Sturm Und Drag

The Voice - Season 6Considering how much The Voice‘s coaches have talked this season about contestants “staying in the pocket,” it’s more than a little surprising that the show itself is having a problem in the rhythm department this season.

Two weeks running, for example, the Tuesday-night Battle Rounds episode has fallen into a sluggish and predictable formula: A paltry three full matchups — along with three condensed Battle snippets — ending with a single “Save” that’s telegraphed (aka totally spoiled) well before the final commercial break. (Actually, doesn’t the final Battle always result in a Steal? How come it’s never the penultimate Battle? Urgh.)

It’s like somebody in the editing booth needs a six pack of Red Bull. Or maybe Mark Burnett needs a strongly worded Tweet explaining that, yes, there is suspense to be mined from the fate of the Season 6 contestants — not just from the camaraderie and predilections of the A-list coaching panel.

Maybe next week’s Battle Rounds Part Deux — which replace the short-lived Knockout Rounds — will inject NBC’s buzzy singing competition with something approaching true buzziness. Until then, let me jump to a ranking of each of tonight’s Battles from least- to most-promising winner:

3. Team Adam: Sam Behymer defeats Cary Laine on Ed Sheeran’s “Give Me Love” | Cary definitely blew it — going from #4ChairTurn to #MissedNotesExtravaganza. But Sam, whose “the more quirk there is, the less singing I have to do” comment made me wince, wasn’t all that much better. If she survives Round 2 of Battles, it’ll be a bigger shock than ordering a clown for a child’s birthday and winding up with a Juggalo in your yard.

2. Team Blake: Kaleigh Glanton defeats Noah Lis on Michael Buble’s “Everything” | To my ears, Noah’s voice was as generic as an orange cheese slice with a supermarket label. Kaleigh sounded smoky-cool in rehearsal, but as Usher pointed out, she lost a lot of the character of her tone when she took to the stage/boxing ring. Girlfriend’s gonna have to step it up next time around!

1. Team Shakira: Emily B defeats Cierra Mickens on Sarah Bareilles’ “Brave” (Cierra stolen by Usher) | The two best performances of the night in one compact Battle. Sure, neither woman was flawless, but Emily showcased a brute force and charisma that was hard to deny, while Cierra took some chances with the melody that (occasionally) paid big dividends. I’d have gone with Emily, too, but was stoked to see Usher swoop in and give Cierra another shot at Season 6 glory — maybe he can teach her how better to respect the natural rhythm of a song.

Shown in Montage Form
Team Adam: Christina Grimmie defeats Joshua Howard
Team Blake: Ryan Whyte Maloney defeats Cali Tucker
Team Shakira: Kristen Merlin defeats Lindsay Bruce

And with that, I turn things over to you. What did you think of the fourth set of Season 6 Battle Rounds? Did anyone deserve to get the Save and didn’t? Who gave the best overall vocal of the night? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. OhMy says:

    Well, that show was an episode.

    • Tom22 says:

      An enjoyable one for me.. guess you guys like drama and show stoppers .

      I don’t get the sleepy comments you guys are making but, I guess you guys wouldn’t understand how I’d go to sleep with Celine Dione up there …. Now.. Aretha ?.. yes.. maybe we’d both enjoy Aretha…. but, I don’t want any wanna be aretah that is too loud and misses the minutia of how long to delay between phrases or swing to tempo either.. thats where the payday is for me.

      .. they weren’t really sleepy songs and the way they were done seemed to all have an underlying beat carrying them along.. No grand standing power notes.. but there were powerful notes within the performances.. gracefully mixed in with the harmonies and rhythms.
      .. thankfully, no “hey look at me dad” stuff for the sports center of pop music highlight real I guess.
      …. And there was a Lot of Great time spent watching them work with the vocal coaches and practice and learn more about the music and the choices we hear. The more details I know about any subject.. the richer the world is for me. With all thy getting , get understanding.
      But yes.. I don’t want it all serious either.. it isn’t a documentary.. and they don’t try to be. There was lots of fun banter 3 good performances with 6 performers over an hour.. 3 long practice sessions where we got to hear a fair bit of singing… little time wasted on where they grew up or who was sick in the family or the dog they saved…but a enough to know just enough about the course of their careers to get a clue on what they were bringing to the table. Fun music show with insights into music mixed in with friendliness and performances.

  2. pdub says:

    Maybe I didn’t give The Voice enough credit. I never really imagined this show would be able to incite rage in me. But putting Christina Grimmie in one of their stupid montages?

    Yea that did it.

    • Kaba says:

      Are you angry because of the montages? Or because you’re another Grimmie fan that wants to see every moment she sings?
      Cause if the fact that they montage isn’t the main problem here…oh well. Grimmie was just another victim who’s just got a big fan base that loves her.

      • gapkwest says:

        Partly the montages. They spend a lot of time showing banter between the coaches, and they spend time doing background pieces on certain of the singing pairs and training sessions. And then other singers they just cut into montages. Basically they have enough fluff that they could have cut out some to get more of the actual singing in. With the number of singers they may have still needed to shorten some, but as it is I’m not sure how they decided to show the ones that they did.

        And while I’m not a huge follower of Grimmie, I have seen her in a few videos over the years, and based on the audtions I was interested in hearing her and Bria’s battle rounds more than the others. At least they showed Bria’s round, but I was also a little mad that Grimmie was one of the singers that got put into a montage.

        • Kaba says:

          See, I don’t see a problem with who got montaged. I’m just upset that they montage to begin with. They put tooooooo much useless stuff into the show to begin with. Montaging is just a huge disservice to the artists, that they “care so much” about.
          Cilla Chan last season was montaged in her audition AND the battle round she lost to Holly Henry. That’s absolute piss.
          I’ve had favorites montaged (Chamuel represent!), but I’m less upset with favorites being montaged and upset with the whole system.

          • Guest says:

            There’s too much redundancy on The Voice. They don’t need to go into commercial by first telling you what will happen when they return, and after they return they don’t need to recap what you just saw before the commercials. They only get three songs in during a one hour show. Three!!!!

          • Griffin says:

            Keaira LaShae and Emily Randolph also got two montages last year, and this year Joshua Howard, Cali Tucker, and Lindsay Pagano got two this year. I think that the montages are dumb because there are people that get into the show but only get maybe a minute of airtime. In the Blinds montages are useless because there are some (Dani, Josh, Tess, Music Box) that end up going farther but remain elusive because we didn’t learn anything about them. In Battles they are so subjective (Cassadee Pope was montaged) and they could end up hurting the artists of they move onto the Live Shows since people are not given the opportunity to become attached to them.

        • Sara says:

          Based on the way Grimmie phrased her little (paraphrased) “I’m glad he is giving me this chance to really prove myself,” I kind of got the feeling that perhaps she didn’t do so well in her Battle and was lucky to get through. Maybe that’s why they put her in a montage, because they don’t really seem to show too many battles that are truly awful.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            That was my impression as well, Sara. The look on her face looked kind of defeated as well.

          • Jobless says:

            This is likely correct. They often montage the battles that don’t go very well for whatever reason. Also, I like that Grimmie got montaged. She has such a large fan base already that it seems only fair to give other people more time in the spotlight to catch up.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            Sorry, in past years maybe I could see that happening, but this has not been a good year for battle rounds, I am not buying the fact that she was worse than some of the people they trotted out for 6 hours. I had never seen a video of hers prior to her blind, so I am not one of those youtube Grimmie groupies, but based on her audition, I wanted to see her battleround and I’m sure I’m not alone. She was one of the two featured videos to promo the start of the show along with Bria, I’m sure at the time of that promo, they had already seen her battleround. I agree with Slezak, the show has no rhythm this year.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            I went onto youtube to see if I could find the Christina Grimmie battle round, and they had an interview with both contestants post battle. Interestingly all scenes from the battle were with no audio. Just a stab in the dark, but maybe the show didn’t have the rights to the song? Dunno. Just throwing it out there.

        • Tom22 says:

          The singing lessons are one of the far and away best parts of the show. They are far far from fluff but very very focused music entertainment where we get to hear professionals talking about their craft!

          Seriously.. maybe you’d like it to be more like a game show ?

          I would have liked to hear Christina Grimmie too but, the performance probably wasn’t as good as they liked. I’d prefer not to hear bad performances really

          And I’d much rather hear half as many performances to get the equal time devoted to rehearsals to see the process and learn to appreciate what the singers and professional singers .

          Hearing Shakira sing those examples really was fun, and gives me a better ear to understand how much there is behind some things that sound effortless.

          Now, I also really don’t get what you guys didn’t like about the performances tonight.. they were all really good.

          No entertainer spazzing out like some diva singing long high notes thankfully.. ..

          • Name That Tune says:

            I agree with you Tom that the coaching that is shown on the show is what makes it such a great show. I would rather see fewer singers than more singers without the coaching. 48 singers (or 24 battles) means something gets cut and I doubt any of us wants to spend 4 hours a week on The Voice. So we get montages when maybe we need fewer singers and fewer battles.

        • Adele Dazeem says:

          Same here. Grimmie and Bria was the ones I was waiting for. Grimmie is probably the singer in this contest to have the most relevant resume. She just opened for Selena Gomez on her tour last year. Plus she performed on DWTS and Ellen.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      Man I couldn’t agree more, in my mind the absolute best singer in the blind auditions gets a montage snippet after we sit through 6 hours of mostly boring battle rounds. Used to be my favorite show, not so much anymore.

    • Mikko says:

      Christina was great in the auditions, and I am sure, thay would have shown her, if the performance would have been great. But I think, that they are protecting the artists and themselves in not choosing to show the performances, that were not so spot on (because of various reasons, not necessarily of performers’ talents). They have done that also in earlier seasons. Not sure about this of course, just a guess.

  3. Kaba says:

    Goodness, I hope the battles round deux give me some excitement. None of the judges aside from Usher really brought out anything special in their talents. Even Usher didn’t blow me out of the water, but he did such an outstanding job making his members desirable regardless (hence 4 out of 8 steals being from his team).
    I have hope from the part deux previews though.
    Did not care for anyone tonight, except I’m glad Adam didn’t put through Cary Laine just because she’s a 4-chair. She’s awful if you ask me.

    • Sarah says:

      Not that anyone cares but I really did see this coming. I never thought Cary was awful but I thought she had major breath control issues in her audition and I didn’t understand the 4 chair turn or the big fight over her AT ALL. Man, there were some weird 4 chair turns this year.

  4. Kaba says:

    Sam Behymer made a huge point though about these quirky singers.
    The quirkier your voice is the less you have to sing because people are so into that…overrated style.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      Thus my undying hatred for “quirky singers.” Huge disservice to people who are singing their faces off and took decades of their lives and 10s of thousands of dollars of lessons to perfect their craft. She needs to go away now. Off to library school with you!

      • OhMy says:

        I don’t need a trained voice, but if you are quirky you better bring something else to the table with you. She didn’t.

        • Landon W says:

          Singing with quirk doesn’t make you worse than someone who would sing their face off. It is a stylistic aspect of their music. I may be biased because I am interested mostly in people who have quirky voices, like Adam has said Sam has a voice that truly is unique, and she really is talented. Her indie album Heartmouth is incredible and I urge you to look it up.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Yeah, I’m gonna pass, but I appreciate your enthusiasm. I know what I like, and this girl is not it.

      • will says:

        It isn’t about being quirky or how much money one spends on their craft, it’s about the actual sound. I’d still rather listen to a Dia Frampton album than a Mariah Carey one, in spite of MC’s technical prowess. The real problem is that some quirky voices don’t work or don’t come with enough actual musical backing to support the versatility and overall skill that being on these types of shows typically requires.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Therein lies the subjective element of music. I don’t have a whole lot of respect for the quirky voices, whereas you do. And both are ok.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            I may be wrong, but I don’t think there are a huge amount of classically trained voices in the pop/rock/folk field. You want the three tenors, I want Dylan or Leonard Cohen. And you right, it’s taste and very subjective;.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            You’re right, Bob. I sure as hell would get my butt kicked if I tried out for this show even though I can outsing most of these folks.. popular music is very different from Puccini. The point I’m making is that the technique the best opera singer uses is basically the same exact technique as a Christina Aguilera or a Jennifer Hudson. Tone production wise, there’s very little difference. I am drawn to the ones with good technique, but it’s not to say the ones with crappy technique are bad artists. I love Deborah Harry and Cyndi Lauper and neither of the can sing for poop. That being said Harry or Lauper should never win a show called The Voice!

        • bobsaccamanna says:

          lol or my favorite artist Springsteen. You know these shows are funny Angie, although I favor singers like Caroline Pennell or even Melanie Martinez, I also really loved Sasha Allen, (my absolute favorite that year) and Tess last year. My guess is that Sasha was classically trained in some form or another although I am no expert on that. It seems to me though that often times singers like Sasha and Tess get trashed on these shows and I don’t get that, I thought they were both fabulous.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Dude, Sasha Allen was MONEY! Awesome voice and unstoppably beautiful. I remember Slezak didn’t love her, something about her vibrato. Ironically, it was her vibrato that I loved. :) Tess was awesome. Another perfect example of what I was referring to where a pop artist is using the same technique as an opera singer. Caroline wasn’t bad. I didn’t love her voice, but she knew how to use it in a way that felt real, which I fully respect. And unlike that wispy voiced girl from tonight.

          • bobsaccamanna says:

            Yeah I like quirky voices but I also agree you have to be use it in a way that resonates and I don’t feel that from Sam either, she is not my cup of tea. There are some youtube videos of Sasha from when she had the lead role on Broadway in the remake of Hair. Her voice on Aquarius/ Let the Sunshine In is incredible. Her battleround that year with Amber Carrington on the Pink song “Try” remains my favorite “Voice” moment.

          • HTGR says:

            I never understood why Slezak simply despised Sasha so much. I think one week her gave her a chance and otherwise it was like C-, C,C-,C+,C, come on! What?? I actually liked her best of all that season.
            (side note: I don’t think you are giving C.Lauper enough credit.)
            Sometimes I like the quirky types, it depends. Melanie seemed a bit too hipster to be hipster for my tastes and live she missed a LOT of notes and sometimes in uncomfortable ways so she wasn’t one of the quirky ones that I was into much (even though she seemed to be a big hit on this site.)
            I think I liked Bria better in her audition than the battle round.

          • HTGR says:

            I mean Sam haha not Bria hah not sure why I typed that other than there was a Bria as a main character in a book I just finished right before typing this.

        • tvlover44 says:

          @angie_overrated – i love the points you make in all of your posts, but i gotta disagree with you about one thing: cyndi lauper. a few years ago she filmed the concert dvd for her _memphis blues_ album that she’d recorded here in memphis, and i was lucky enough to be an extra. not only was it an extraordinary concert in a large bar – guest musicians included charlie musselwhite, alan toussaint and tracy nelson! – but throughout the whole show, which lasted from 11 p.m. til past 2 in the morning, cyndi sounded fan-freaking-tastic. i was like 20 feet way – it was an amazing experience! she was like 57 at the time, too, so inspiring!

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Really? That’s actually very good to know. Maybe I’m not giving Cyndi Lauper enough credit, and I’m more than happy to give her more credit cuz she’s awesome. I guess my sticking point with her is that her songs are so range bound that I just assumed it’s because she can’t do more. Kind of like Rihanna’s songs or Phillip Phillips where they sound great on the 6-note range of the song but we don’t know what the rest of their voices sound like since the songs don’t showcase them.

  5. Ryan P says:

    The stakes would seem higher if they got rid of the last steal in the FIRST battle. Then every other battle is literally do-or-die. As for the performances, I thought Cierra won her battle, but otherwise I agreed with the selections of winners. I predicted all winners in advance EXCEPT for Sam Behymer, who I seriously thought would be Battle Round fodder even though I kind of liked some of her audition (minus the yips and squeals), but she did well tonight and deserved to win. So maybe (hopefully!) the hiccups from her Blind Audition were nerves.

    • Sara says:

      I also thought Cierra won her battle, but I am glad she went to Usher because I want to see what he will do with her. I think he is a better fit as a coach for her.

  6. Shannon says:

    I am pretty sure that every Tuesday episode in season 4/5 featured six battles with half being montaged and the last battle featuring a steal.

  7. Bomquisha says:

    Bria Kelly vs. Madylin Paige! This is a weird matchup. Bria has a lounder tone while Madylin has a quiter tone. They were my 2 favorites and I’m so disappointed that they both can’t still be on Team Usher. Bria will probolay get chosen, but I hope Madylin gets stolen.

  8. Name This Tune says:

    IDK but I can’t wrap my head around things until we get to less than 20 singers. Sounds like this is at least 2 weeks away.

    Still, I have heard some damn good singing. I just can’t remember every performance.

  9. Bored says:

    The Tuesday night show sucks. Why not one night per week?

  10. Guest says:

    The montage is a major disservice to the singers they montage, especially the ones that get double montaged and get kicked out, meaning their total time on national TV was probably about 20 seconds. Also, every singer who was double montaged but made it to the live shows were eliminated immediately because no one knew who the hell they even were other than their third round performance.

    This show has so much fat that could be trimmed, like “here’s a recap of what happened two minutes ago before the commercial break.” Also, instead of a Sunday best of show, why not use it to show the artists they were going to montage?

    • Name This Tune says:

      IMHO, nearly all of these shows would benefit by gathering fewer singers and letting us see their journey. 48 is too many. 32 is too many. 24 is probably just about right.

  11. deedee says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Cary Laine looks like a blonde older sister of Skylar Laine?

  12. OhMy says:

    The Brave battle wasn’t good — I mean it is a truly awful song, but they somehow made it worse.

    • bobsaccamanna says:

      There are no Sara Barielles on the show this year, her voice is amazing, Cierra and Emily B…ummm , not so much

    • Terry says:

      Agreed. I don’t like that song either. Not a very good note to end the show on. However I do really like Cierra’s voice so I’m glad Usher stole her.

  13. Kaba says:

    Battle round 2 pairings I can confirm on the spot:
    Bria vs. Madilyn (well…there goes my dream team…)
    Brittnee vs. Jake [Barker]
    Sisaudra vs. Biff
    Cierra vs. Tj
    Brb…eternally upset with Usher and the Bria v. Madilyn crisis.

  14. Bonquisha says:

    There will be blood if:
    or TJ
    don’t make the live shows.
    (I get that Madylin is going against Bria and Sam is going against Christina but the steal is still in play sonI can have some hope can I)

  15. Sarah says:

    Don’t know how the live version went because it was montaged but the studio version of Ryan Whyte Maloney’s battle song sounded pretty great to me. Check it out.

  16. analythinker says:

    From what I’ve seen in the Battle Rounds 2 preview, there’s some awesome battles! For some pairings, I love both singers, so this will be tough.

    Also, I take back what I said about “agreeing on songs” being disastrous. It seems to work well.

  17. kendra wheeler says:

    I think they didn’t show Christina grimme because she has such a following that they have to level the playing field somehow and make it seem like a fair fight. I think she will win with so many followers and they r trying to give others a chance!

  18. analythinker says:

    Complete Pairing:
    1. Sam Behymer vs Christina Grimmie
    2. Audra Mclaughlin vs Megan Ruger
    3. Clarissa Serna vs Dani Moz
    4. Bria Kelly vs Madilyn Paige
    5. Delvin Choice vs Josh Kaufman
    6. Kaleigh Glanton vs Ryan Whyte Maloney
    7. Emily B vs Kristen Merlin
    8. Cierra Mickens vs TJ Wilkins
    9. Kat Perkins vs Dawn & Hawkes
    10. Tess Boyer vs Jake Worthington
    11. Morgan Wallen vs Stevie Jo
    12. Britnee Camelle vs Jake Barker
    13. Sisaundra Lewis vs Biff Gore
    14. Melissa Jimenez vs Music Box
    and possibility of:
    Patrick Thompson vs Josh Murley
    Deja Hall vs Ddendyl

    Sometimes I don’t understand the purpose of the Steals. If coaches pair two steals together, that would mean they don’t actually want the other, no? Then again, if they pair a steal with an original member, if the latter wins, the steal is useless anyway. If the stolen wins, they get rid of their own team. Oh well… *reminds self: this is just a game*.

    • Viajero says:

      If this is the line-up, then we’re in for some tough times. A lot of people I like are matched up against each other, beginning with Bria vs. Madilyn.

      I do think it’s interesting that Adam matched up two of his steals in Brittnee vs. Jake B. What this does is assure that at least one of his steals gets through. Personally I hope it’s Brittnee as I think she can sign circles around Jake. But I guess he has the hotness factor going for him.

      Also interesting is who seems to have the easiest battles. I´m glad that both Clarissa and Melissa fall into this category since I like both of them.

      • analythinker says:

        The preview for Clarissa and Dani singing Pink’s Perfect sounds awesome though, so I hope the loser gets the steal.

    • Tom22 says:

      They could actually be interested in how they compare while they are working with them and how they’re able to pull off the advice on stage. ; ) I won’t tell you there isn’t some degree of “casting” involved, but I bet there is some conferencing and there is a lot more “wait and see how it goes” than knowing now who’s going to get through to 2 weeks from now.

      The judges and the producers probably do have a discussion before the performances start about who they really hope gets picked up in a matching with two contestants they really like, and maybe some informal trading of favors… with the producers in the mix certainly to make sure there is broad mix of styles to get into the voting rounds to keep a broad audience interested and able to keep those contestants in if they’re good enough to inspire voting at home.

      Anyway.. I doubt it is entirely scripted — coaching sessions and performances matter but some have the wind at their backs and some in their faces… they can overcome the odds if they’re special enough for if the favorite shows they’re not up to the task. My guess at least.

  19. Timmah says:

    A wicked game.

  20. Mikko says:

    It is true, that The Voice has quite predictable formula. The bigger details do not anyhow disturb me, because the formulas of turning the chair and battle rounds are exciting.

    What ha started to disturb me are the little details, that are also many times in the same formula, especially what people are saying or are put to say, like “I never dreamed to meet this mentor!” or “This is do or die for me, my family’s future is dependent on this moment…” bla bla bla
    Different people are repeating these sentences episode after episode, season after season.

    The bigger formulas are ok, but if you will put formulas to every single minor details, it gets boring. They are right now not very inventive, when doing the show, but lazy.

    All the guest mentors have by the way been quite good, especially Jill Scott.

    • Tom22 says:

      Yeah, too much time spent on that stuff isn’t fun but you do expect to see a “hi, how do you do, and a little show of respect when someone aspiring meets a professional. There is something about seeing a greeting between them before they start that breaks the ice with you the viewer too… its not fun to see a mentor criticizing before they’ve also made a person feel comfortable… shouldn’t need to take more than 15 seconds or so to get it done with.
      I mean, even though I’ve heard it a thousand times, If a quarterback doesn’t give his teammates credit for the win (at least even a couldn’t do it without them) he’s kind of a prick. Part of it is you can read if they’re genuine while they’re saying it….too… you can see which guys mean it , or in what way they mean it even if they all say it. (do they have admiration in their voices, or only gratitude, or only “better recognize them or they’ll think I’m a prick” .)

  21. Mikko says:

    Worried about putting Madelyn against Bria, Madilyn has been my favorite. Also don’t like the pairing of Jake W and Tess – I would like them both to proceed.

  22. Eidi says:

    I am afraid of repeating the Holly Henry’s case with Christina Grimmie: a promising blind audition because of the Youtube’s expectations followed by a deception in the (snippety) battle rounds. I hope that she follows Michelle Chamuel’s way instead.

    • Eidi says:

      And for your information: I also hate the snippets, but the brazilians here complain exactly about the lack of snippets that makes the BR Voice compact, without the rehearsals and sub-stories fully presented.

  23. Sharon says:

    You guys are super entertaining & mostly agree with your opinions. You always leave me with a smile.

  24. Viajero says:

    I generally agreed with the winners, though I could have gone either way with the Sierra vs. Emily battle. Most improved over the blind audition goes to Kaleigh and from what we saw, I put a lot of this down to the coaching.

  25. Lynn says:

    From what I saw of Christine Grimmie’s snippet in the montage, it sounded off tune. Probably why montaged. Bria had a bad ending. Wish Noah Lis stayed. Have you heard his original work? It’s quite impressive. He’s a writer.

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