Does NCIS: New Orleans Have You Jazzed?

NCIS New Orleans SpinOff recapCBS’ NCIS this Tuesday embarked on a two-part trip to New Orleans. Based on your first impression of the planted spin-off, are you jazzed for a potentially extended stay?

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The murder of a congressman/former mentor of Gibbs’ reunited him with Special Agent Dwayne Cassius Pride (played by Scott Bakula), another member of the “Fed 5” who served alongside Mike Franks and the newly deceased.

At first, there’s the usual jockeying for jurisdiction, when the FBI lays claim to the case. (Turns out, the G-men are leery of it getting out that the congressman appears to have been a victim of The Privileged Killer, who long ago was nabbed by the Fed 5, and has since died.) When an FBI agent turns up as the next victim, Gibbs heads to NOLA, with Bishop in tow, while Tony, McGee and Abby stay behind to work the D.C. angle with Fornell.

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In addition to Pride, we met his No. 1, Special Agent Christopher Lasalle (played by Lucas Black). This character seemed a bit flat/overly brooding at first, though by the end of Part 1 of “Crescent City” he had livened up some. (Short story shorter: Lasalle credits Pride with “saving his life” in the wake of Katrina.)

Lasalle and Pride in turn met Special Agent Meredith “Merri” Brody (Zoe McLellan), who, based out of NCIS’ Great Lakes office, somewhat curiously volunteered to give the NOLA boys an assist. Thus, Pride is left to wonder — which he does, aloud to her — if she is running from something. With Lasalle, meanwhile, Brody “proves her mettle” when she gets rough with a smartass during an interrogation. Also: Brody and Gibbs know each other, but the circumstances of that working (?) relationship are “classified,” Gibbs says. (Visually, I couldn’t tell if I was getting an Eva LaRue vibe from McLellan, or if my deja vu came from watching her on Dirty Sexy Money.)

We only got small snippets of CCH Pounder’s Dr. Wade, and via MTAC, so yeah — we need more CCH Pounder. And always more Paige Turco.

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Filming the pilot on location of course gave the New Orleans scenes a lush, colorful and tactile feel; let’s hope that if it goes to series, they set up shop down there (versus trying to build a mini version in Valencia). At first blush, I was highly disappointed with the actual New Orleans NCIS office (Pride tells Bishop he isn’t a “federal building” type of guy), seeing as it was a darkly lit, ruddy, Mardi Gras beads-littered mess when first we saw it. But once Brody initiated a quick facelift, I warmed up to it and could see spending time there every week.

I’m far from an expert on regional accents, so I will leave that discussion point up to the smarter of y’all.

What was your first impression of NCIS‘ latest (prospective) spin-off? Any retooling (like, I dunno, a Tom Welling recast?) you’d suggest before sending it to series? “Crescent City, Part 2” airs next week.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Joni says:

    Yep. I’m in. That hour went VERY fast – too fast. Really wish CBS had given then a 2-hour slot tonight. I liked all the NOLA guest characters.
    Just a few of the things I loved:
    “Roll play”
    Go Fish
    Fired up Ducky.
    Fornell requesting DiNozzo & McGee – and “TMF”
    I did like the NOLA office – mess and picked up.
    Not being spoon fed who the killer is in this episode.
    DiNozzo having a Friends with Benefits.

    • Joni says:

      And Gibbs & Ellie speaking the same “car” language. LOL

    • daviduter says:

      Can’t believe the results of this poll. Characters were a hot mess. Two is plenty. Enough with the procedural spin offs already. If this gets on the fall schedule, will last a month. Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior part II.

      • Fred G says:

        If the show continues this good it should last several seasons. I gave it an A. Wish it had been a two hour show instead having to wait a week for part two.

      • Gail says:

        Agree – dull, predictable writing. This used to be a snappy show, but now it feels formulaic. And what’s with knocking around the witnesses? NCIS NEVER did that and it cheapens the show.

        • Bubba Tyrone says:

          Gary Glasberg needs to be fired. His direction of NCIS has led to some of the most boring shows in the series history, especially this one about NCIS New Orleans. It was plain boring and very contrived. I sincerely hope that ideas about spin offs, if they are as lame as this one was, stay off the air and please replace Gary Glasberg.

    • Franklin Smith says:

      It was ok. But NCIS: Mobile would have made my day.

    • greysfan says:

      Personally i liked the NCIS: RED spinoff which i was really disappointed that CBS passed on it. I didn’t think the characters of NCIS: New Orleans had any substance at all and to be honest if it goes to full series i won’t be watching based on the spin off episode.

  2. spartan says:

    Scott Bakula isn’t my favorite and it felt like they tried too hard to make him a Gibbs doppelganger. But it was OK. Really liked the Brody character (a female agent who doesn’t look like a glamour girl!) and you can’t go wrong with CCH Pounder in the mix.

    • PPPG says:

      I didn’t see him as a Gibbs-clone, I felt he was like Tony-impishness but the ruggedness of Gibbs. My opinion, anyway

    • Liked Brody, thought CCH Pounder was wasted.

      • Doug H says:

        It looked to me that they only had Pounder for a day to shoot her scenes….. I guess if they show makes it to series that she’ll be there to work with characters directly…

      • Rob says:

        I’d love to see more of CCH Pounder. She’s probably going to be the scene stealer.

    • Kim R says:

      At first I wasn’t buying it but I’m always willing to give things a few episodes to iron out any kinks. However, when Brody entered the mix, it changed everything for me. I really liked how the characters started meshing. I liked her right away and I think her entering the picture just made Pride and LaSalle’s characters the more richer. I will definitely watch this if it becomes a series. And I am really trying to warm up to Bishop. I’m not getting Gibbs right now but maybe they are softening him up with age? :D

      • Bella says:

        THIS! 100%

      • ru says:

        Thank You Kim!. I wish more people would realize that any new show need a few weeks to get it’s footings.

      • JL says:

        I completely agree. The 2 guys are good but add Brody to the team & The 3 NOLA characters improve each other & the show; just like NCIS & NCIS LA! Imagine NCIS without Tony or McGee & NCIS LA without Kensi or Deeks!!!!
        I wish NCIS Red (from NCIS LA). a mobile team made up of Kim Raver, Scott Grimes,Edwin Hodge, Gillian Alexy, & of course John Corbett would have been created.

    • leia says:

      He’s the opposite of Gibbs, vocal, outgoing, cheerful. Gibbs = functional mute, introvert.

  3. Paul J. Reedy says:

    Has all the makings of a hit

  4. Nicole says:

    Ok but why can no one ever get a Nola accent right! We sound more New York or Boston than anything Scott bakula was doing

    • Peggy says:

      Totally agree! It isn’t that hard.

    • Dale says:

      I agree. It looks interesting but I don’t know if I can spend any length of time listening to Scott Bakula talking like that.

      • leia says:

        I don’t pay attention to the accent, I hear what they are saying and conveying, its’ not that hard. And have you heard Bill Clintons NOLA pal speak, how can you say they don’t have accents in NO. I just was there last fall, and unless things have changed drastically in six months there are accents. Now Atlanta, well that’s another story. Proper Atlantans do not speak with an accent, but that is a class/ status thing, but there are plenty of accents there too. Or maybe we should call them dialects!

    • SVUnCI says:

      Was it me, or did CCH Pounder sound like Miss Cleo when she was live and direct from “Jefferson Parish, LA”?

    • GGDub says:

      Right or wrong accents don’t bother me as much as regional roulette. Scott Bakula’s accent was so all over the place and distracting that I don’t think I’ll watch unless he is more consistent – even if wrong.

    • Znachki says:

      Bakula’s accent and that whole “brutha” thing – just no.

  5. BJG says:

    Absolutely loved #NCIS #NCISNOLA #CrescentCity. How can you go wrong with Mark Harmon & Scott Bakula; two hotties!! I can’t believe how quickly the hour flew by. Tony is the SFA & is in a relationship – finally. Abby’s got a nickname – Boo – & I love it. Ducky’s got his feathers ruffled. Love how both Gibbs & Fornell requested Tony!! NCIS NOLA looks line it can be a hit IMO.

  6. Dean says:

    Cool ep but I’m pretty sure in the next little while the baby boilers/ Ziva crazies are gonna find something to complain about.

    • Dmav says:

      And you are right… Didn’t take the Ziva fanatics long at all.

      • PaulM says:

        I swear, they hover by their computers, salivating for their chance to be the first one to diss anything NCIS, because, their demands aren’t being met. Sad, they don’t comprehend, Cote quit. She left the show for her own reasons. Dragging her back, (probably against her will) is considered kidnapping–but, go ahead, keep up your childish whining, if nothing else it just annoys people.

        • Doug H says:

          At least they didn’t Will Gardner or Kate her!!! Maybe show runners made a mistake not killing her off then the Ziva crazies would have nothing to say.. They should be thanking the producers for not killing off the character so she could come back…

    • 4theloveoffilm says:

      I really don’t understand the antipathy toward those who loved the character of Ziva. It seems there is more against them than there is from them against anyone else. But perhaps I’m not seeing it.

      I LOVED Ziva, and was thoroughly bummed when Cote left the show. But it was her decision and I wish her well. I’ve never expressed anything to the contrary or criticized the show. I rather like Bishop. I warmed to her almost instantly, actually. There are those of us who appreciate both characters, you know. I am a fan of the entire cast of characters, in fact.

      However, I’m sure someone who wasn’t a diehard Ziva fan could still find something in the show or about Ellie Bishop that they dislike. Why assume it is always a Ziva fan?

    • Mr. R says:

      YOU and only YOU, just trying start, some flameware!
      YOU are same idiot, like Tiva/Ziva fans, just from another angle, but same size idiot.

      • Dean posts here and on TV Fanatic, and all he ever does is talk about Ziva fans killing babies. Often he responds to people who are not actual Ziva fans, he just assumes so.

        • Rob says:

          Can someone explain the baby killing thing to the uninitiated. I don’t get it.

          • Braddock says:

            Dean comments that ziva fans or cote depablo fans would “kill newborns if it meant Cote would return to NCIS” while I agree the fandom can be vocal, I doubt anyone fan or person in their sane mind would actually resort to it.

          • Rob says:

            Thanks,Braddock. Hyperbole.

          • leia says:

            I don’t get it either unless he’s going after the nuts who were threatening Michaels wife and unborn child back in the late summer. There was some pretty sick stuff put forth by supposed fans who could have been easily mistaken for Ziva/Cote cultists. Use your imagination on that

          • TullaT says:

            The supposed threats against Michael and his wife were made up by people who hate Cote de Pablo. There has never been any proof that they happened.

          • It’s mostly about Dean. he has issues. I don’t care to discover what exactly they are.

          • Rob says:

            There’s counseling for that, Dean.All is not lost!

          • carolgrover says:

            We have a poster who is obsessed with killing newborn babies. It is his response to everything. I think he is potentially dangerous and that his posts should be flagged. Howver that is not a choice so most of us just don’t respond to him and a few others.

          • Rob says:

            Sounds like a huge personal problem to me!

  7. Jon says:

    Bishop seemed more at home in New Orleans than in DC. Transfer?
    I really liked the episode. Basically I’ll watch anything with Scott Bakula in it.
    And Lucas Black is the icing on the cake.

    • yes please, move her to NOLA. I’m fine with that.

      • PaulM says:

        Who really cares what you are “fine” with? Better yet, why don’t you go to Siberia? I hear the weather is great…….

        • I thought we were supposed to talk about the show, not attack each other?

        • Mike Hammer says:

          Kid— the children’s hour is up. Time to put your crayons away and go to school.

        • Rob says:

          You and Dean are so classless, bud.Keep it to the show and characters, please.

          • Francis Alston says:

            To be honest, there is more than enough “classlessness” on both sides to go around. It certainly would be refreshing to see some civility from both sides–and I’ve seen nasty behavior and ugliness from some of the above people now crying foul to last a lifetime. Being an adult means acting like an adult, perhaps EVERYONE should remember that and act accordingly.

          • Rob says:

            Francis, I’m only going by the personal attacks I’m seeing her levied on Lucy, whom I’ve had several nice conversations with, although we come from different sides of the debate. I don’t know the history, nor the reasons for some of the acrimony.

          • Rob, I appreciate your response. I have no problem with disagreement, as long as everyone is civil.

          • Rob says:

            Me too, Lucy, and we’ve had some nice talks. Appreciate hearing differing views given in a respectful manner.

    • Ashley says:

      THIS!!! I loved Brody, and between her demeanor and her implied history with Gibbs I think she’d make a better addition to the Washington team than the NOLA one. Bishop’s more casual attitude and Pride’s more laid-back nature makes her a much better fit for the NOLA office.

      • L. says:

        I totally agree with you! I’m a huge Ziva/Cote fan, but I think Brody would be a much fit better in DC and Bishop would fit better in NOLA.

      • John NYC says:

        Lasalle’s darkness is better balanced by Brody, at least for me that was evident right from her introduction. I see a whole “cop with a drug addiction past” lurking over him that a tougher more experienced operative such as Brody will be far better able to deal with. Plus she’s got enough quirks (Gibbs and Pride being puzzled by the low angle photo shots and Gibbs surmise she and Bishop shared a “thing” was laugh out loud) to weigh on the other slide if they continue to write him that brooding and frowny (which I’d prefer they lighten up on).

      • Greg says:

        I thought Brody was in J.A.G.? The only character I’m having trouble with is LaSalle. Just a skosh overplayed.

      • Caroline says:

        the only thing that would nix that transfer is – Bishop has expertize in analyzing and terrorism with NSA. TPTB (both on show and in NCIS) would keep that skill set with in the headquarters. Brody would be kept away from Gibbs, lest their classified mission info would leak out.

        • Brody is clearly a seasoned field agent, which is sorely lacking on the team. Bishop would be a fine character working in a cubicle at HQ. I would much prefer to see Brody on the team, and Bishop as a consultant/side character.

    • carolgrover says:

      Jon – I thought the Pride and Brody characters were absolutely great. Something about LaSalle didn’t work for me but I can’t put my finger on it. Throwing a highly paid lobbyist with powerful connections over the car and leaving marks on him was a bit of a stretch. Enjoyed the ME but would like to see more of her.

      I had problems with the underlying disrespect for women. Glasberg must know by now that the sitting on the floor thing bugs many people, so he now pursues it by speculating it is a “woman thing” (as opposed to a glasberg thing). Shortly thereafter the Senior Special Agent who died is referred to as a girl. It feels very 1970s to me and very unnecessary.

      I can’t tell yet whether I would want to watch regularly but I am interested in seeing more.

  8. H says:

    I’m from Louisianan and lived in New Orleans for 20 years. I now live in Texas but know what it means to miss New Orleans so I really loved the scenery. LaSalle’s fake accent was very distracting. Maybe he could just drop it. I’d rather no accent than the wrong one. I’ve never heard so many NOLA cultural references in one hour than I did tonight but overall I really like the new NOLA NCIS.

  9. Lillian says:

    LaSalle is from Alabama who moved to NO as a teen, so he’s got an Alabaman (?) accent. I read he turned down a part in The Horse Whisperer because they asked him to change his accent. (on iMdb). No idea what Scott Bakula’s accent is supposed to be.

    I really enjoyed this episode and suspect we’ll have a lot more action in Part 2. This was the set-up and was a bit slow at first, but still interesting.

  10. Daya says:

    King almost has a little TOO much sugar for me, but I suspect he’ll grow. ;)

    And I now want beignets…BAD! (I can never spell that…good thing Google always knows what I mean when I enter “benights”, so I can get the correct spelling. LMAO) But I’d settle for the beignet’s Italian cousin, zeppole! (Or an elephant ear, in a pinch. xD )

  11. Shanda says:

    My brother played the officer! We had everybody watching!

  12. Shanda says:

    When will this episode come on again?!

  13. TVPeong says:

    I like it so far, especially the cast, Scott Bakula, Lucas Black and CCH Pounder

  14. LEP says:

    I’m not expert on NOLA for sure, but once when I was there for a convention, the speaker had a very strong Northern port accent, but he was raised in NOLA. He said that because it is a port city, accents run the gammut. Whether that’s true or not, don’t know. But unless someone has a talent for adopting another accent, I’d rather they not try.

    • SVUnCI says:

      It’s all about what part of the city you come from, some people sound like they’re from the Bronx, others like their from the heart of hicktown Texas. I’ve had people in Texas say that I sound like I’m from somewhere in Alabama.

  15. John NYC says:

    Worked better than expected: the lineage DNA bred true. Some rough spots, Lasalle overly broody.
    I’d like more exterior shots as well : you shoot there , flaunt it.

    Funny Brody had a bit of Bishop going on. I’ve liked that actress in a couple of her things I’ve seen.

    So, works for me.

  16. Tonyfan Ncis says:

    The episode was ok; the case seemed interesting. I also agree with the accent issue of Bakula’s, he should just drop it. My main complaint continues to be Bishop. What are they trying to accomplish with her characterization? She’s annoying and to me, adds nothing whatsoever to the team. It’s physically impossible for her to get drunk? She drives a pickup truck, her father worked on tractors and so she now wants to be a mechanic? Please.

    • John NYC says:

      When you’re raised around equipment you’ll start off by trying to make do with what you know. Seemed okay to me, shade tree mechanics aren’t that uncommon.

      They’re maybe trying to NOT put a dark assassin back on the team with all the inevitable baggage that would bring. Works for me. More Brody, less Lasslle eh?

      • I thought the Bishop car scene was pointless and stupid.

        • John NYC says:

          Gibbs eyebrows again right? The world goes go all twirley with that crazed mismatch. Probably why Gracie Gold came in 4th at Sochi! How could the judges concentrate?

          OTOH some breaks from relentless dark and split open floaters has a function. So the two guys disdain her car skills and then their superior comes along and buys into it: maybe showing them there are more “right ” ways than the “book” ways. Gibbs suggestion fixed it, even without the tech-speak. Gibbs is comfortable enough in his skin and it shows.

          • I have no idea what you are talking about. I just thought the car scene was dumb.

          • John NYC says:

            Talking about the car scene and what I got from it, sort of like the post of mine you responded to? The show has often appeared to balance their autopsy scenes and closeups of water soaked “floaters” with lighter moments.

            Plus, of course, with that leaning over the radiator closeup the horror of TWO sets of darker eyebrows and lighter hair (a disfigurement Gracie Gold shares with Gibbs and Bishop) must have sent so many recoiling…. Or. Not.

          • carolgrover says:

            Lucyvp-when you make a comment John NYC disagrees with he connects it to all the other responses he disagrees and then starts attributing all kinds of things to all kinds of people. So those who dislike Bishop get labelled Ziva lovers for no reason other than that is how he copes with life. You did not like the car thing so you must be lumped in with all those who don’t like the dark eyebrows. Its not logic, its not debate, it makes no sense. Ignore anyone who doesn’t answer a comment or question with another comment or question and thsose who attack for no reason other than they disagree.

          • John NYC says:

            With the tiny, tiny detail that I haven’t ever actually used the term “Ziva Lovers”.

            And mocking endless echoes of the “dark eyebrows” silliness as a symbol of the endless repeats of what appear to be some semi-secret list of talking points is what that echoing asks for IMHO.

            How the character has been written has had rough spots, but “eyebrows” and other echoes aren’t on the list. I was somewhat amused to see tptb doubled down on “quirkiness” with Brody’s doing crosswords in her head: maybe having decided lighter characters offer more to the show?

        • Greg says:

          It sounded to me as if Gibbs was simply trying to make Bishop feel a little more comfortable. But, as for the entire scene? It probably could have been left out. (However, I don’t know if there might be some sort of “tie-in” in the second installment of the show. Ya never know!)

        • leia says:

          Geez it was just a switch off from the usual bull pen scene, a little show about nothing, at least the girl is willing to get dirty. Actually it was pickup truck language, Gibbs and Bishop drive old pickups, considering her attitude about thrift, actually quite admirable, not surprising that she drives an old pickup. She’s probably owned it back to her days in OKC. What is the big deal?

  17. Sheryl says:

    “Laissez les bon temp rouler”

    • TullaT says:

      Lewis Black was the discovery of the night! Bakula was ok. Bishop needs a new job.

    • Znachki says:

      I rolled my eyes so hard at that whole exchange. First Pride for saying it, and then Gibbs for “translating” it.

      There were a few clunkers like that in the writing, and as others have pointed out, there was heavy-handedness in the – ooh look, it’s New Orleans. However, any show that references a Vieux Carre is OK by me. For those who want to try this at home:

      3/4 oz. rye whiskey
      3/4 oz. Cognac
      3/4 oz. sweet vermouth

      1 barspoon Bénédictine
      2 dashes Peychaud’s bitters
      2 dashes Angostura bitters

      Combine ingredients in a mixing glass and fill with ice. Stir well, strain into an ice-filled Old Fashioned glass and garnish with a cherry.

  18. Sheryl says:

    “Let the good times roll”

  19. Lucas Black was the standout for sure. Perfectly cast! I really liked Scott Bakula in the lead role. He fit right in, totally believable. None of the others were memorable to me, although I liked them in previous series.
    GIbbs was a non-entity in this episode. VERY happy to see that McGee finally had tons to do, and was back to being an actual agent. Tony was regressed back to a pathetic overaged fratboy, which I HATED. Bishop was as annoying as ever, but I managed to avoid shoving ice picks into my eyeballs. She needs to go away.
    Overall I think this show has a chance, if they dump ALL of the mothership actors, and let Lucas Black run with it.

    • Dmav says:

      How many ways and posts can you say the same thing, we got it worship at the alter of Ziva and you hate Bishop. She isn’t going anywhere, the ratings haven’t tanked and the cast really likes her and so does a lot of the viewers, including me. Cote is person non grata with the cast and they are finally starting to let a few things slip out in interviews or in David McCullem’s case he outright stated they didn’t like the way she left and they are really happy with Bishop, you need to let it go.

      • Braddock says:

        Don’t argue, Ziva fans like Lucy here are the living defenitions of ‘Bigotry’. Honestly if they didn’t have Cote Depablo as the reason to justify their hate they’d be alot worse off.

      • Ashley says:

        She didn’t even mention Cote/Ziva. Just because someone doesn’t like Bishop doesn’t mean they’re a rabid Cote/Ziva fan. Let’s debate about Bishop on her own merits and leave past characters out of it – on both sides of the argument.

      • carolgrover says:

        Seems to me that you are the one who brought up Ziva, not Lucy VP. Get over it. Expand your brain. Live a little. Just stop dwelling on Ziva, Ziva, Ziva. You must be missing her desperately but I am sick to death of hearing about her 7 months later.

        That having been said, I have to agree with Lucy that Bishop has to go. For a long time I blamed the writers but in this episode I realized that in scene after scene the actress just can’t act. I thought the Brody character and actress were amazing. Pride was great, LaSalle not so great.

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t cond

    • Andrea says:

      I don’t usually condone self inflicted harm, but why didn’t you ‘shove ice picks into our eyeballs’?

    • Greg says:

      Well, I have to disagree on Black. I just think he played the character waaay to over the top. He’s probably just the male version of eye candy. I wonder if he has lock jaw?

    • leia says:

      I guess you feel that they are responsible for your pain, Lucy, so now you feel they should get dumped. I thought that Gibbs was far more energized in this episode, as for Bishop ,even Gary Glasberg got a rub in on this curfluffle or did the err go over your head. Brody seeking the three letter word for mistake looks at Bishop, and it pops into her head. That was hilarious, at least GG has a sense of humor what’s your excuse?

  20. Pat D. says:

    Like pretty much everybody else, I was LOL’ing at Bakula’s terrible accent, but other than that, show could be pretty decent—I especially liked the “run-down” base they will operate from.

    • John NYC says:

      So, your take?

      Is it air conditioned or not air-conditioned?

      With his opening the side doors wide I’m voting not. Fits with the rattiness-chique to my view.

  21. It was decent. Liked Bakula & Black. Liked the mystery of the Brody character and the history with Gibbs. I’m in. Not sure about CCH Pounder’s role in all this though.

  22. Brenda Walker says:

    I liked it. I didn’t concentrate that much on Bakula’s accent or Black. Liked the way Pride and Gibbs worked together and really enjoy the entire team. I hope it makes it to series. This was way better than the Red fiasco last year. Also enjoyed the regular team interacting with the team from New Orleans and loved seeing Fornell, too. I’ve visited New Orleans many times and loved every authentic shot. Sure, they may have pushed a little hard on the cultural references, but, saying it caused someone to “gag”–wow, what a childish remark. Guess, some people just never grew up…..sad.

  23. Hege says:

    I really liked this! Lucas Black and Scott Bakula was perfect. Too little CHH Pounder but we will see more of her if they make it into a series, which I hope they do. As for Zoe McCellan, she was good too. There is a mystery as to why she is in NO, and I hope we’ll get the answer but it can wait till the series start.

  24. Kendall says:

    While I didn’t love it, I enjoyed it far more than either of the LA pilot episodes they did several years ago.

    But what’s with all the funky headquarters? Regular office buildings too boring for anybody but original recipe? This one was pretty basic, but LA started out in some dark hole and now they’re working out of a bistro.

  25. Jerri says:

    Two of my favourite silver foxes on one screen? YES please! Good to see Scott Bakula back on my screen. Loved him ever since his Quantum Leap days.

    • Doug H says:

      Quantum of course was from the same production company so he’s back home.. He also is an Enterprise Captain which was not that bad a show… just on a bad network which limited viewing..

  26. Rusty says:

    As much as I like Scott, the episode was bomb. Everything in it from the bad accents to the bad writing. Poor storyline dragging out to make a 2 hour show. Of course it was ok to show the agents hitting innocent suspects just because they were rude and condescending. That really was a good way to make the characters likeable, not. I wish CBS would stop trying to make more money off attempted spin offs. This was worse than NCIS: Red they tried a couple of seasons ago. I will continue to say watching the character of Bishop still hurts my eyes and ears. Her wide eyed ‘Oh gosh’ attitude is old already. Finish the 2nd part and let it die the death it deserves. NCIS:NO is a big no in my opinion.

    • TullaT says:

      IMO, it was a huge mistake to send Bishop to NOLA. Putting aside my own opinions (which are well known). The conversation about NOLA has been dominated by two things. The accents, and Bishops. I’m a northerner so I won’t touch the accents. IMO this was just a pilot, the actors are strong enough, and the accents will be worked out. As for Bishop, there are so many strong opinions. It overwhelms discussion of the possible spinoff. You have to filter out comments about the accents AND Bishop. and somehow in the few remaining comments are the real opinions about the spinoff.

  27. Pete says:

    A promising start with hints of depth to be revealed later on.
    Still felt like a reasonable NCIS original episode (which the LA pilot sucked at), whilst introducing all these new characters.
    Overall I kind of hope it gets picked up, whereas the LA pilot left me cold and I didn’t care whether it was picked up or not. (I’ve not seen the ‘Red’ pilot).

    Sadly, as has been the case for the last few months, most of those damning it here and on twitter are the same people who have been bashing everything remotely connected to the show – with the exception of Miss de Pablo – because they are unhappy and believe that no one should be allowed to enjoy NCIS without Ziva.

  28. Margarete says:

    Horrible! What’s next NCIS San Francisco, NCIS Boston, NCIS Hawaii!
    Apart from Bakula and Harmon this episode was a real joke!
    And this “friends with benefits” line from the Weatherly guy! Awful! How old is this guy? About to turn 50? The next cheap storyline would be this Tony character sleeping with the silly blonde Bishop girlie!
    NCIS once was a great show with decent characters and storylines, sadly not anymore!

    • Rob says:

      What was wrong with the friends with benefits line? When I was Tony’s age (early,mid forties) I had several of those, as I was single, mature, career driven man. A lot of men (and women) have friendships with extras. I certainly hope Tony and Bishop (whom I don’t find a silly blonde girlie) won’t get together, as she’s mentioned a husband several times.

      • carolgrover says:

        C’mon Rob, be fair. In my day Bishop would have been referred to as a teeny-bopper and no-one would take her seriously. Surely you can see the difference between a mature woman like Brody and what we are being given with Bishop. Quite honestly, I find Bishop an insult to working women. Girlie is a totally appropriate term for her.

        • tejasjulia says:

          No way is Bishop a teeny-bopper. She’s new at her job but that doesn’t equate to childish or immature. She’s a very good character and brings a nice new vibe to the show. Great chemistry with the rest of the cast, too. I’ve been wanting to see a probie for years now. GG’s is doing a GREAT job with the show.

        • John NYC says:

          A twenty-nine year old woman is no “teeny bopper”, and Zoe, at 39 is pushing middle aged (and doing it quite well I’d opine..) so, sure, they’re different.

          Bishop, having transferred into a new career line, has a learning curve outside her analyst area of professional expertise.

        • Greg says:

          Bishop is a character, just like everyone else on every television show. I’m willing to bet that most everyone posting here has run into more people like her character than Ziva’s.

        • Rob says:

          In your day? Carol, I don’t want to presume an age, but its possible we’re both AARP target demo here ;-) Though I have to admit, being out with my daughter and grandson recently, I was referred to as his dad and her husband, which was amusing. It has never been a bigger compliment to be thought of as more Tony’s rather than Gibbs’ age. Yes, I did see a difference between Brody and Bishop, but I’m quite warm toward both, just as I like and tolerate Abby’s girlishness and quirkiness. I don’t see Bishop as an insult to working women at all, and the term “girlie” never sounds right to me.

          • carolgrover says:

            Rob – I get your ppoints and thumbs up on the youth. I think I may have a few years on you though :-). I also do not call adults girlie. I save it for teens who are not yet adults and don’t wish to be called ladies except on special occasions. That is how I see Bishop behaving – like a teeny-bopper!

            Honestly Rob, can you really put yourself in the middle of the team and having to sit and talk to someone on the floor day after day after day. Do it. Look at the position your head is in – all poked forward. That is why people in groups work sitting at the same level.

            Working while she rocks to the earbuds – do you know that most studies indicate reduced focus when listening to music. Tuning other people on a team out is not good team building. Staff are required to multi-task sufficiently without these extra distractions. And do you really think the military would condone these quirks for a minute – I think no because they are not quirks, they are undisciplined behaviors carried over from childhood..

            PS I’m retired and loving it. Please respond. Interested in your viewpoint.

          • Rob says:

            Carol, I’ve done some of my best and enduring work while sunbathing in my back yard, or lying down staring at the clouds, in airports and on many a highway. I don’t work, and haven’t since the ’60s, in a business office, but it is entirely possible my creative nature grooves with Bishop’s quirks. Many people have different styles when mentally computing. Abby’s mannerisms contrast with the team standing in front of the flat screen in a neat orderly row, and Ducky’s quirk of talking to bodies is a contrast to Palmer’s more stiff, yet awkward, persona.

            I’m the wrong guy to ask about earbuds. As a career musician I’ve learned to let music be my soundtrack to life, my constant background audio source, and I see that in my kids, who can work their office jobs, one in government, with their own audio soundtracks.

            In our day, there was no ADD diagnosis, nor dyslexia, we didn’t know autism. Children were expected to conform, as were adults.often to those who had differing skills detriment. Now the military, the government and other venues, as society, is more accepting of differences, as long as work goals are met.

            I could retire easily, but I love what I do too much to quit. If BB King can play at 88 yrs old, I can do my thing at my “advanced” years. I credit my fortysomething soulmate with keeping me young and my work colleagues for keeping me fired up.

        • I wouldn’t say I see her as an insult to working women, but I do see her as an insult to law enforcement agents. She’s an analyst, great! so am I. I can buy that. we have been given NO reason why she would WANT to be an agent (which is a MAJOR pay cut for a hot shot analyst), or why an analyst needs to be taken into the field. I think she would be a fine side character, as a consultant. on the team, I don’t get it.

        • tejasjulia says:

          Bishop reminds me of some of the unconventional quirks I saw when I worked in government IT. One guy stood at his computer to code. One woman kept a NERF gun in her office and would shoot her phone (her computers, her bookcase, the occasional select coworker :-) when she was problem solving. I used to put headphones on and blast whatever my music of the moment when I was a DBA, or if I’d left my cd player at home, I’d sing. And yeah, sometimes I’d print stuff out and lay it out on the floor to get a better look at something if there was a workflow problem or when I was doing project management. Every one has their own unique way of working, and smart managers don’t sweat the small stuff like if their staff sit in chairs or on desks or on the floor.

          Bishop is a terrific character and is ably portrayed by Emily Wickersham. We’ve been needing a probie on the team and she fills the bill beautifully. She’s doing just fine and fits in great.

  29. Pat says:

    Well I have to say, that so far I like it. Next week looks pretty good. I really like the Brody character. I cannot wait to hear her background. So I will be watching next week in anticipation for Part 2. Should Bishop had been there, no. Again walking into another office and asking for a floor to sit on? Very unprofessional!

  30. TDXI says:

    Total Fail. The characters seemed false and the fake accents were appaling. I think the show title will sum it up very well NCIS: NO.

  31. Dixie Amazon says:

    I have lived in southern Louisiana most of my life and have come to accept the bad accents as long as they aren’t over the top cartoonish versions. I think the NCIS: NOLA test balloon is much better than NCIS: Red was. I actually am looking forward to more.

  32. Martha says:

    Awful episode! Beating suspects! Really? Loved Bakula and Pounder, that’s all! And this middle aged Tony dating young women again, plain stupid!
    As if Bishop sitting on the floor munching all the time pretending she is the best thing ever is not bad enough she ruins the spin off too! She can’t get drunk! What joke is that!
    If that horrible actress is supposed to be cool I am too old to watch and I am 28! NCIS is coming to an end, cheap storylines and cheap actors are the best way to get there!

  33. jj says:

    Would have given it an A if there was no Bishop. Scott and Lucas were both wonderful. Zoe was good also. All the 3 characters are actually sensible as opposed to Bishop.

  34. LoriG says:

    Really enjoyed this episode. Bakula and Black were great. Still hate Bishop.

  35. SandraM says:

    Not sure about this spinoff. The cast seemed pretty good, especially Lucas Black. The New Orleans cliches came fast and furious. Bishop still is an annoying character who adds nothing to the show. They gave us back fratboy Tony, bragging about his FWB. Sorry, but he’s too old for that nonsense now.

    • Mel says:

      Frat-Boy Tony? He’s dating ONE woman, a secretary. How does that make him a frat boy?! And when was he “bragging”? Bishop didn’t even know about this woman, and Gibbs was the one who brought it up. It’s not like he’ll ever be allowed to have a happy, committed relationship anyway, because any woman they dare to pair him with will be trashed by the haters because she’s not the woman “they” want him to be with. I’m glad he’s dating again and moving on. Maybe eventually the show will have the guts to let him find someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with, despite the threats of those who’d rather see the guy unhappy and alone rather than be with anyone other than their pick.

    • Rob says:

      Oh,Sandra, you would have hated me at Tony’s age, then. I had several friends with that sort of a relationship and I’ve been as far from a frat boy as you could possibly picture. Perhaps you’re just a little out of touch at how early fortysomething urban professional men conduct less serious relationships when they don’t have the time or energy to give to a full on romance.

  36. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a good episode but the second part might be better.However when NCIS:LA first premiered i thought the show changed from what it was originally going to be and there was some cast changes because of even this spinoff gets picked up not all the characters we saw last night might be on it.Finally i’m getting sick of all this Bishop bashing.I have a feeling no matter who they found to replace Ziva fans would have a problem.Yes i wish Ziva was still on the show but it was the actress’s decision to leave and the actress who plays Bishop ddn’t force her out.I think the problem is the show made Bishop a regular before we ever saw her.So it was like whether you like her or not she’s staying.I’m also fine with Bishop not drinking because there could be someone in her family that has an alcohol problem and she doesn’t want the same thing for herself.

    • Maggie says:

      Definitely a hit! Everyone was great. Can’t wait until next week. Some of these comments are getting old, Ziva,Ziva Ziva. She’s gone deal with it. FYI, I’m a Ziva fan, not crazy about Bishop. Also, ratings have not gone down. Move on.

    • It is possible to not like the way Bishop was introduced & how the team has been since that introduction and not want Ziva back. The writers/producers have given plenty of room to be frustrated this season. They need to stop making the show a)revolve around Bishop & b)giving her stupid lines/set-ups like “why does your whole city smell like beer” & “you’re standing in vomit”. Ugh.

      Give us something to like. I don’t mind quirky. I get annoyed by moronic.

      • PeggyW. says:

        Well, before you bash Bishop about saying the city smells like beer etc., you might want to actually watch the show again–she didn’t say either line–Brody said it. Just had to bash Bishop either way, eh? Funny, I get annoyed by moronic posts.

        • 100% my bad. I was multitasking while watching & only heard that part and thought it was Bishop. Maybe I thought that because I have come to expect the writers to give Bishop lines like that.

          FWIW, I wanted to like the character. I like the actress and had high hopes. I blame the writers for turning it from Ziva centered to Bishop centered. It needs to go back to being about the team.

          And I’m not giving up. I am trying to have faith that it will come together. But so far this season has not in any way been their strongest. It’s not either actresses fault. Yet watch… someone will likely blame CdP.

      • John NYC says:

        “)giving her stupid lines/set-ups like “why does your whole city smell like beer” & “you’re standing in vomit”. Ugh.”

        Wow, eager to make erroneous statements just to bash a character much?

        Brody and Bishop are rather easy to tell apart: the Brown Hair? The short hair versus long? etc. etc.

        • John NYC says:

          Oh and the “you’re standing in vomit”” line was delivered by a MALE, so that “I only heard” doesn’t really fly.

          • tejasjulia says:

            Sounds like one of the people who don’t actually see it, but come into places like this to bitch based on talking points. It’s very sad.

      • leia says:

        And I hate to say it but Bourbon street does always smell like stale beer. You have people strolling around with plastic cups full of beer and hurricanes all evening how could it not. I was there in the fall with moderate temps and low humidity and it still had the faint odor. It was Halloween and they started early. Fire dept driving around dressed like zombies blasting “Thriller”, it was really fun, but believe me I wore hiking sandals made to get wet and always washed them off in the shower every night. Its’ got that shabby shic grunge old world, south soul fun all rolled into one and the music ‘s great too. And where can you get a tarot card reading in front of a catholic church on a Sunday?

    • carolgrover says:

      Not so Andrew. I would have been perfectly happy to have Brody in Bishop’s place. EW can’t act and I am noticing the vast majority of her admirers are male whilst most of her critics are female. Maybe gentlemen do prefer blondes.

      • Francis Alston says:

        Sorry to disappoint you, I like Bishop, my sister, mother, aunt and grandmother all like her, plus the women I work with, who watch the show, all are enjoying the new “probie”. We are all women, with various different hair colors, blonde included. I don’t believe in the gender preferences–but, there are some very catty people out there who have one favorite and will find any fault to protect that. Frankly, any one who was picked as a replacement for Ziva, would be treated this way by a certain fraction–personally, I hope Emily was given combat pay for accepting this job. She has my heartfelt sympathy, especially after reading some of these comments. Gentlemen may or may not prefer blondes, but they notice when a bitchy attitude is being flung. Frankly, it is getting pretty thick in here.

        • Pete says:

          A certain group of ‘fans’ began hating on Bishop the moment the name was released and long before Emily Wickersham was cast in the part.
          They have made so much noise in the last few months that it is difficult to pick out viewers who genuinely have a problem with the character as cast, written or portrayed – with no ‘bring back cote’ agenda involved.
          Also there are viewers that just don’t like change regardless of who the characters are.
          Most of the viewers that are happy just keep watching without saying anything to anyone – and certainly not posting all over the internet.

        • LoriG says:

          Myself, my husband, and everyone I know who watches the show can’t stand Bishop. Other than my husband, we are all working women, different hair colors (how is that relevant?). we just find her annoying and boring.

      • Caroline says:

        I liked Bishop (female here) from the first moment because she’s so different. Cut the writing staff some slack – they had what two weeks to develop the character? When a new character comes on a show – normally they would be able to develop it and have a game plan on where they would take the story. Give them time.

        • Ashley says:

          A reasonable argument, but there was no reason why they had to rush to include the new female character. It wasn’t like the show was suffering from not having that 4th team member – I for one was enjoying the extra focus on the other characters and the fun string of temporary agents placed in there. While I don’t hate Bishop with a burning passion, I don’t connect with her or really care about her and I think that’s because she’s been painted with broad strokes rather than nuance.

          • LoriG says:

            I REALLY enjoyed the few weeks of Tony/McGee friendship, and loved the rotating agents. Just IMO but they brought in the permanent agent WAY too soon. I expected them to move her in gradually, but it she was shoved down our throats from day one. I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with her, and I REALLY tried to like her.

        • Gary Glasberg invented her. not the writing staff. THere is no good reason why she had to be invented on such a tight deadline. The show was FINE with agents rotating through. She is just simply a badly conceived character. Now the WONDERFUL writers (NOT new writers, the same ones we love) have to struggle to force her to fit, and it’s not working.

      • Rob says:

        I think it has less to do with the gender of the viewer and more to do with the viewer’s investment in ZIva or the Tony and Ziva storylines. Most of the harshest critics are Tiva fans.

  37. Anna says:

    I thought it was ok, and I’ll probably give it a try if it goes to series. It certainly was better than Red or the CM spin off. I agree about Bakula’s accent, but maybe he’ll settle into it better; the supporting cast is a plus, esp CCH Pounder. And I love New Orleans; I hope they do the city justice.

  38. DiverKlein says:

    That “accent” bakula is trying to do has got to go. Lasalles is thick enough, scott just needs to stop

  39. Walrus says:

    Why does this whole part of the city smell like beer? Because you’re standing in a puddle of bachelor party vomit. LOL. Only we New Orleaneans would consider that a compliment (the first part, anyway).

    I also loved the line (might get it wrong) “Boss, did he just call his boss King?”

    When Pride made red beans at Gibbs’ place, I was just a heartbeat ahead of Fornell in commenting that it must be Monday.

    On the accents: Lucas Black isn’t faking an accent, that’s the way he talks. Bakula should either practice more or drop it. He doesn’t have to be from N.O. to be stationed there. That said, his is by no means the worst N.O. accent I’ve heard in television or movies. I think that might go to Dennis Quaid in The Big Easy.

    I’m living in Baton Rouge now, but coincidentally I spent the day yesterday down at NAS New Orleans, then watched the show while visiting my parents.

    Oh… in response to someone’s comment up there about Abby having a new nickname (Boo). It’s not a nickname, it’s a term of endearment.

    • carolgrover says:

      Maybe you can tell me if it is true that many residents of New Orleans are from other states? If so, perhaps they don’t need what a lot of you are calling fake accents. Maybe they just need to be from somewhere else.

      • Walrus says:

        Other states, other cities, other countries. We get a lot of “imports”. That, plus the fact that Agents aren’t necessarily stationed in their home cities, would alleviate the need for bad attempts at the accent, but their investigations are going to have them conversing with locals… so either use local talent or gonna need to find some after all. I can overlook a bad accent if it’s at least trying to get it right. A bad *wrong* accent is simply unacceptable.

    • Greg says:

      I was waiting for someone to mention that about Abs. She is a “Boo!”

  40. Tom says:

    It was okay, but it didn’t grab me. Take away the regular NCIS cast and I’m not convinced there’s a show there. Can’t CBS come up with an original idea for a new series? Sure NCIS has been a successful show, but does that mean there needs to be a separate NCIS show for every city in America? Are we going to be seeing NCIS Steubenville and NCIS Des Moines next season? There has to be a saturation point for this type of show. I’m guessing NOLA will be it.

  41. Susan says:

    If this goes to series, we will be watching – a great cast and cool location!

  42. DCC says:

    As disappointed as I am in NCIS this year, the only thing I would be able to find appealing about this is the location. LOVE New Orleans. Haven’t watched this episode yet, but not expecting much.

  43. Rob says:

    I liked it, by-and-large. Scott fit in well with the cast and I especially loved his scenes with Pauley. Lucas wasn’t memorable, but I liked the FBI agent who died. That reached back to the death of Kate’s boyfriend in the first episode of NCIS. Zoe was good in the role and CCH needs more air-time. The New Orleans vibe was over done and some what cliched, but I went in with the understanding that it would be, and hope it will tone down. I’ve spent some time working in New Orleans, and believed there was a fair enough representation of the city.

  44. L. says:

    The Jury is still out for me on NOLA, but I did really like Brody. Can she be transferred to DC? Bishop might like NOLA…

  45. tejas says:

    Loved Crescent City! This is so much better Legend, which bodes well for this spin off. I find LA boring, but this strikes me as much more interesting – much better characters. My only complaint, other than the things that will settle out as a matter of course like accents, is when Pride opened up the doors and left them open. Um…nope. Not on the Gulf Coast, at least not most of the time. Waaaaay too humid. Remember, folks, NO isn’t LA. 50%+ humidity is probably going to be the norm. — signed, Houstonian. :-)

    • John NYC says:

      That space looked ratty enough to not have AC, which for me explained opening the doors of what looked like a ‘re-purposed’ auto-shop.

      Going to be a climate shock for someone used to Chicago…

      • tejasjulia says:

        No way they wouldn’t have a/c in an office setting. Computers couldn’t handle it.

        • John NYC says:

          New Orleans barely skims 90- modern computers can handle that without any problem.

          • tejasjulia says:

            Ooh, no they can’t. They’ll croak at 90, especially for extended use. Been there crashed that. Not to mention the mold and mildew on any paper that will set up. They really need to change that. If they want to keep the NO flavor they need to keep the climate, too.

          • John NYC says:

            Get a refund, the tech specs, always conservative, give an operating range of 50 to 95 F for any number of systems and it’s not like that’s sustained (and “storage runs up to 135 or so): night time temps are far cooler. Given the electronics would run above ambient there wouldn’t be any condensation (which would hurt them). Plus were the show to track with real time it’s March and NOT at summer highs (and when it actually filmed a few months back even cooler), so he opened the doors to let in some fresh air…

          • Greg says:

            Hu-mid-i-ty would be a greater danger, ya think?

          • tejasjulia says:

            The two together are horrible and likely violate federal office space regulations. OSHA would have a field day. (Yeah, there are rules about that sort of thing – went through them every time we had tropical weather and had to prep for power outages and so forth – we used the fed rules.)

          • have you BEEN to NOLA? it goes well higher.

          • John NYC says:

            In JANUARY? Today the high will be 72…. So I expect when they were filming, in the preceding months it was similarly relatively cool.

            It snows in Death Valley you know.

  46. Ange says:

    I liked it. Thought it was different although in my head I expected it to be more like LA. Yes there are improvements that can be made before it branches out on its own which is exactly what happened to the LA version and LA has improved season over season.

  47. Delena forever says:

    I swear I’m not trying to be a debby downer but I prefer Bishop rather than Ziva

    • John NYC says:

      Yes, so do I. Also I prefer the show this year in preference over recent years: whether that’s attributable to “addition by subtraction”, in having deleted the Ziva character, or the addition of Bishop or simply a refreshing of ideas as the writers dealt with a new cast mix: but in any case it’s welcome.

  48. Delena forever says:

    I just feel like with ziva they were just Retelling the same story but from a different perspective

  49. Bubba Tyrone says:

    I think the show, overall, suffers from Gary Glasberg and his ideas. It has really nothing to do with the characters but with the creative ideas behind the show. Before Gary’s transcendence to the mantle of command the episodes were much more fast paced and intriguing anf the main theme flowed more fluidly. Sadly, the actors can only do what the script tells them to.

  50. Pam says:

    Great job by all! Loved it! Scot B is the best for this…love Zoe M from JAG…I’m all in!