Glee Recap: To Schue, With Love

513Glee_Ep513-Sc38_0004This is how the New Directions era ends on Glee, not with a slushie, but a light switch.

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The William McKinley High choir room is closed for business, a victim of budget cuts and Principal Sue Sylvester. And so we say goodbye to Mr. Schuester — or at least his white board, his pep talks and his ripped-from-Wikipedia lessons about various pop stars. We bid adieu to Marley, Jake, Ryder, Unique and Kitty — even though the newbies’ departure really commenced when the show’s writers stopped having them speak six episodes ago. And we (presumably) say adios to Tina, Emma’s pamphlets, Figgins and Coach Beiste, the last of whom I’ll miss most of all. (Surely there’s a place for her as Coach’s new BFF on New Girl, no?)

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Anyhow, if you were too busy trying to rob a bank to pay your ticket to an ocean cruise for gay guys, here’s what you missed on the aptly titled “New Directions”:

ONE LAST WRONG-MINDED ATTEMPT TO SAVE THE SHOW CHOIR | Turns out Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) is BFFs with Sue (!) — so close, in fact, that they made an Amazing Race audition tape together. And so Sue agrees to let Holly and April find a way to integrate music (and Schue) into other McKinley clubs. It all goes horribly awry, though, when Holly dresses up like Temple Grandin, hijacks the animal husbandry club meeting and then slips into American Hustle drag for a sexy, strobe-lit, soap suds-infused rendition of Eddie Murphy’s “Party All the Time.” Shortly thereafter, a flurry of strongly worded complaint letters land on Sue’s desk, and the dream of shoehorning show choir into other clubs screeches to its final halt.

A RACHEL-SANTANA TRUCE | Mercedes and Kurt perform a duet for New Directions members past and present, but it’s clear their “I Am Changing” is an intervention to end Rachel and Santana’s blood feud. Rachel caves first, agreeing to give her Funny Girl understudy 10 performances (of Santana’s choosing) after the show’s first three months, but Santana rejects the offer — demanding Rachel quit and leave her to be the Broadway star. Brittany, apparently a genius at more than math, questions her erstwhile girlfriend about why she’s fighting for a theater dream in which she’s never expressed a desire. Brittany also argues she and Santana should run away to the Isle of Lesbos, and that Santana walking away from her understudy role would be a victory, a message that she’s authentic to herself and unconcerned with other folks’ opinions. And so Santana quits the gig, returns the joy to Rachel’s Broadway dream and even duets with her sometime rival. What’s more, Santana ends the episode by turning the one-way plane tickets to Lesbos into round-trips — the place is really populated by German tourists, she discovers — and invites Brittany to move with her to NYC. It’s all a little abrupt, but I prefer Rachel-Santana as reluctant, catty pals than Thunderdome diva enemies, so alrighty then…

FRIENDS/CHUMS/ROMANCES | In a brutally funny moment, Tina gets knocked out cold by a show-choir trophy — did anybody see that coming? — and winds up hallucinating pretty much everybody who could/should move to NYC working at the Starlight Diner (via a Friends-esque sitcom setup called Chums — complete with opening credits). Tina’s anxiety dream is mostly caused by her rejection from her backup school/her being waitlisted at Brown. In the end, though, her Ivy League dreams come true — even if it means she won’t get to join Artie, Blaine and Sam when they head to the Big Apple. In other news, Blaine gets into NYADA. (I woulda loved to witness Madam Tibideaux’s reaction to Preppy McPrepsterson’s inevitable Katy Perry tune audition, wouldn’t you?) Artie starts composing a breakup text to Kitty the second he thinks he’s got a chance at a relationship with Holly. (Fret not, that prospect gets shut down in about 5 seconds, but it still doesn’t bode well for his romance with the sauciest Cheerio.) Brittany finally gets her degree (thanks to some behind-the-scenes wrangling from Santana.) And Quinn and Puck give the final performance in the rehearsal room — and decide to try to attempt a long-distance relationship. Good luck with that!

PARTING GIFTS | With New Directions all but kaput, Holly approaches soon-to-be film student Artie to cut together a video for Schue’s future child, in which all the New Directions kids offer fond memories and sweet tributes to the man who mentored them. It ends with a final performance of “Don’t Stop Believin'” that even made my cynical heart grow a few sizes by the time it finished. Mike and Brittany dance. Rachel and Kurt and Mercedes harmonize. Tina gets to belt — uninterrupted. And all is right in the world for a few moments. (Maybe I even felt a few teardrops forming in the corner of my eyes. Only my remote control knows for sure.) After that, we get a quickie graduation ceremony — the highlight of which is a Sue-Becky embrace that’s Rated A…for Awww — and finally, it’s just Sue and Schue in the empty rehearsal room. “Here for one last verbal beatdown?” he asks. But Sue doesn’t bite. Instead, she praises him as a worthy adversary — and one of the few people who could go the distance against her insane brand of vitriol. She even admits that he made a lot of kids’ lives better through his work in glee club. “You did what you could do here,” Sue says, finishing the thought, before revealing that she’s used her connections to get him an interview at Carmel High, for a spot as the coach of Vocal Adrenaline. Will he go for it? Time will tell. But with that, Schue imagines the voices of his favorite New Directions members (even Finn!) and their sweetest speeches, hits the light switch, and ends an era.

Episode’s Best Quotes
“If I wanted to watch men in Capri pants slobbering all over each other, I’d watch Monday Night Football.” –Tina, after catching Kurt and Blaine making out in the midst of her Friends-esque daydream

“That’s what I said sophomore year of high school!” –Kurt, responding to Rachel’s cry that she’s “never coming out” of the bathroom

“It looks like we can be expecting another accidental pregnancy sometime soon.” –Mercedes, witnessing Quinn and Puck’s lovey-dovey interaction

“There’s really only 100,000 of them, but each and every one of ’em is an uptight bitch.” –Sue, weighing in on controversial conservative advocacy group One Million Moms

Grades for This Week’s Musical Performances
Kurt and Mercedes: “I Am Changing” — Grade: A-
Holly & Co.: “Party All the Time” — Grade: C
Artie, Tina, Sam and Blaine: “Loser Like Me” — Grade: A (loved this stripped down version!)
Rachel and Santana: “Be Okay” — Grade: B (love these two women, but the camaraderie felt forced — or too soon in the wake of the slap heard ’round the Gleesphere)
Quinn and Puck: “Just Give Me a Reason” — Grade: A-
Will and New Directions: “Don’t Stop Believin'” — Grade: A-

What did you think of this week’s Glee? Which Lima character will you miss most? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. kjmackin says:

    It was better then last week. With the hardest moment hearing Finn’s voice.

    • Chris says:

      I actually came here just to post how much better last weeks was….different strokes different folks I guess…

    • Shazay says:

      I was so confused at the fates of Santana and Brit. Supposedly Naya is leaving, and Heather was just guesting these past two episodes…..but now Brit is moving to NYC with Santana? As much as I would LOVE LOVE LOVE having Heather back, what are the odds that every original-ish New Direction member would move to NYC? And what about Dani? Did Santana dump her somewhere off screen? Having Mercedes come to NY should be fun, but Tina and Mike got raw deals….I wish they could have given them a happy ending together. I still like the show, I’m just worried about being disappointed in the end.
      Also, with 6 episodes left, can we expect New Directions at McKinley to be reestablished? I’m nervous you guys!!!! jk

  2. Linds says:

    I would watch Sue/Holly on The Amazing Race in a heartbeat. That would be awesome. Sue would be so crazy to the other teams. If only wishing made it so. Maybe we should pitch a version of TAR where celebrities come on and play as characters from their shows…

    • Aimee says:

      Actually, that could be a way to work Sue into the New York show. She and Holly really do get on the Amazing Race and all during next season the kids take time out to catch glimpses of her on the TV.

  3. Mike R. says:

    Highlight, Sam is cutting his hair, still don’t like the character, but I hated the long hair more.

  4. Katy says:

    I actually felt like last weeks episode was better but that last scene punched me in the gut especially when Will turned off the lights.

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, that scene really got to me, too. The voices, and the genuinely sweet and touching conversation between Will and Sue (I loved how Sue admired Will for going toe-to-toe with her for so long)…not ashamed to admit I teared up big time.
      The tribute to Will, and the “Don’t Stop Believin'” performance, got to me, too. I thought this episode was the stronger of the last couple weeks myself, but to each their own. Last week’s still had some really good moments in it, too, so I won’t argue its merits.

    • AdamJ says:

      Lets hope the ratings go up again….I’m really concerned that the next few weeks could be Glee’s last if they don’t stay above 2.5 mill. I’m sure the agreed 6th season can be taken away by Fox if ratings decline to far, we better keep watching folks and tell a friend.

  5. Glee’s the worst show on TV… in ten years. Shame it keeps getting renewed by Fox, yet out performed by all their other shows including actual comedy like New Girl.

  6. Sean C. says:

    So, to recap the Rachel/Santana story, an arc that lasted five episodes: In 5.09, Santana auditions to be Rachel’s understudy, prompting Rachel to go berserk, at which point Santana responds pretty much as you would expect. The next three episodes feature the two of them clawing at each other indiscriminately. Now, in 5.13, we learn that apparently this was supposed to be a story about Santana doing something she wasn’t necessarily interested in because she really wanted to succeed (also, Santana had a totally legitimate viewpoint in the first episode, but that’s totally forgotten here, which basically seems to take the position that the entire situation is her fault) — if that was the case, maybe instead of watching Santana and Rachel battle over the affections of Adam Lambert, we might have seen, I don’t know, anything at all relating to that in the intervening episodes? And then, after Santana drops the part, she and Rachel and totally friends again; why, it’s like nothing ever happened!

    It’s pointless to expect accuracy in this show regarding anything, but I enjoy pointing stuff out for my own amusement: Tina, an Ohio resident who is in the top 3 of her high school class, does not get into Ohio State (a public university with an admissions rate generally in the 63-65% range), but is admitted to Brown (a private Ivy League institution with one of the lowest admissions rates in the USA, under 10%).

    While on the subject of Tina, this whole plot (much like all of Tina’s characterization by about midway through the second season) feels like a rather nasty joke at Jenna Ushkowitz’s expense, as we spend the entire episode with Tina desperate not to be the only graduate (read: main castmember) to not go the New York, and even get a musical number devoted to her NYC-bound teammates convincing her to come with them, only to reveal she isn’t going at the last minute. Much like all the jokes about how Tina never gets anything, or her rivalry with Santana (read: the rise of Naya [and Heather] rendered Jenna totally extraneous in the eyes of the writers during its golden years), etc.

    On the topic of things I did like: the old cast chemistry is still there, and it makes their scenes work much better than they have any right to just based on the writing. As dumb as the Rachel/Santana plot was (true to its to the end, I guess), “Be Okay” is wonderful duet. And everything to do with “Chums” was very funny.

    • dude says:

      I love Santana but she WAS always the bad guy. She auditioned to steal the role from Rachel (something she admitted many times) because she was jealous of Rachel’s success even though she knows Funny Girl is Rachel’s dream and she has no interest in being on Broadway and just wanted to do something in the industry. She was just as bad as Rachel if not worse (some of the things she said to Rachel last week crossed a serious line and veered into flat out bully territory) and ultimately her being the lead in Funny Girl would be a total joke considering she is in no way suited for the role of Fanny Bryce while Rachel is perfect for it. The resolution was extremely contrived and rushed but not because Santana was wrong in acknowledging that this wasn’t something she ever really wanted.

      • Sean C. says:

        Nowhere in “Frenemies” does Santana say she auditioned to take the role from Rachel. That’s Rachel’s supposition, seemingly out of paranoia. That the show then decided that Rachel was right removes any sort of depth from the situation. But then, that’s “Glee” for you.

        • Chiquiflakes says:

          When Rachel confronted Santana about going behind her back to audition, Santana told her Rachel was just jelous because she (Santana) was better than her (Rachel) and she (Rachel) was loving having something over her (Santana) and then starts to bring up all the crap from high school and how Rachel has only succeded because of the bullying Santana put her through. If that doesn’t look like she was out to get Rachel and auditioning out of spite, I don’t know what show you watched. Don’t try to justify Santana’s awfulness and try to rewritte reality just cuz you like the character. She admited it from the start, she was just out to get Rachel out of spite.

          • Sean C. says:

            No, that’s not her “auditioning out of spite”. That’s her auditioning to get a chance at success, and reacting as she normally does when anybody challenges her.

          • Chiquiflakes says:

            @Sean C- It is in fact auditioning out of spite, since she’s just interested in any kind of spotlight and did not have to go after the dream Rachel has had since childhood and go for something Rachel had already made clear it got her nervious (getting an understudy). When asked about her motives Santana just starts to babble about how much better she is than her so called friend and how Rachel was just loving having something over her, which was not true. If that doesn’t indicate how she wanted to get even for something existing only in her head, there is nothing you will accept as evidence of awful is Santana. But don’t worry, the rest of us see it as clearly as day.

            Also, “Reacting as she normally does when anybody challenges her” is her bullying people around her. And she was not “challenged” she was the one who started it all.

        • dude says:

          She said multiple times to Rachel that she planned to go all “Showgirls” on her. Anyone who has seen Showgirls (I’m sorry if you’ve had to) knows that the main girl gets rid of her competition by pushing her down the stairs so she can have her spot.

          • Sean C. says:

            She didn’t say that in 5.09. That’s my point. This story was originally a grey one, then three episodes that didn’t really deal with that at all, then this whimper of a conclusion that had no buildup.

    • erica says:

      This couldn’t matter less, but it’s actually not totally insane for Tina to get rejected from Ohio State. A lot of schools have something called yield protection, and if an applicant is insanely overqualified for their school and likely to go somewhere else, then the school won’t waste an admissions spot on them because they want to preserve the percentage of accepted students that choose to go there.

      I know this is a stupid point to make, but I just figured I’d bring it up since I have firsthand experience with admissions offices hahah.

    • LilAngel says:

      Santana made it clear that she was auditioning for FG because it was not normal Rachel had a big break while she had only a TV commercial.

    • Chris says:

      How sad that you go around to site after site, literally copying and pasting the same drivel, and spitting out more of that “poor blameless Santana” bs.

      • Sean C. says:

        Nowhere did I say she was blameless. I said that originally both Rachel and Santana had actual, sympathetic POVs, which the show forgot about as the story went on.

  7. Larry says:

    Yeah, this episode is the last for me. I haven’t got into the NY narrative. The show feels so different this year that is not very entertaining anymore. I just wish Ryan would hurry up and write his ending because I just can’t see this show going much further. The only people happy have to be the hardcore fans. The show is so disappointing on almost every level.

    • Kre says:

      In my mind Glee ended after season 3, everything that came afterwards is some terrible nightmare Rachel is having on her train ride to New York.

  8. Mike says:

    What a touching send off. The soundbites at the end absolutely ruined me. As much as Glee has been maligned over the years, it’s hard to deny its cultural relevance, importance, and the journey the show has taken its viewers on… At least that’s what I felt in the final moments tonight.

    I feel torn about what’s next — I’m excited for something new in the hopes that it spices things up, but a part of me feels that with the demise of the club and Mckinley storyline, we’re truly saying goodbye to Cory and Finn.

    • Angela says:

      Well said. I agree with other comments here about how this would’ve made a perfect series finale. But since it obviously isn’t one, I do hope that the shift to New York will reinvigorate the show and we can still get some really good moments and episodes out of the change.

  9. Seb says:

    Anyone else think the last few episodes have been kind of much stronger than it’s been in a while and kind of wish these sentimental last few episodes were the final episodes instead of this New York move which will probably taint these nice episodes and the show as a whole. I think with the declining ratings these last few eps would of been a good ending for the show.

  10. Ed says:

    this felt like (and should have been) a series finale

  11. Louise says:

    I haven’t watched the show regularly in awhile, but it makes be a bit sad that’s there’s no more glee club. I know that the high school storylines got stale a long time ago, but I don’t really see the reason for cancelling the glee club altogether. Couldn’t it just continue on without us having to watch it? It seems like such a depressing turn of events for such a positive show.

    • dan says:

      It really bums me out, too. I’m just reading the recaps, I’m finding it hard to watch, and I really enjoy Glee. Hopefully, I’ll change my mind when I finally cave and watch.

  12. Rachel Scott says:

    An A for Just Give Me a Reason? While Quinn and Puck were very cute together, that song was horrible. It did not deserve an A. I agree with all of the other grades.

    • Katy says:

      The song wasn’t that bad it just feels like people have an instant bias to most of the time Dianna/Quinn’s voice.

      • Eli says:

        That can’t be entirely true, possibly the most popular song ever done on Glee was a duet from her and Rachel (pretty/unpretty).

      • Angela says:

        I like Quinn, and generally enjoy her performances. But that one seemed a little subdued to me-I guess I’m just so used to the original, and the vocals being belted out as they are. It wasn’t horrible or anything like that, no way. Just didn’t quite grab me the way the other performances did.
        But if others here liked it, wonderful :)!

    • dude says:

      I loved it honestly. Loser Like Me was the best though.

  13. Amy says:

    Does anyone else feel s4 and this first half of the season was a total waste of time? They spent a year and half making one school year focusing on Glee Club kids they dump half way through S5? I admit I don’t like the new kids, but why did they waste the talents of Lea, Cory, Chirs and Naya for all of S4 and then extend the torture into half of S5? They really should have ended this show after Cory passed if this is the result. Blam NY Blee…no thanks!

    • Sean C. says:

      It’s pretty explicit that Cory’s death is what prompted the show to completely ditch the Lima setting. The sophomores have been pretty much invisible in the episodes that were written after this death (5.03 onward).

      • TJ says:

        If these kids weren’t good enough to carry Lima without Cory they should have fired them last season and did a hurry up graduation right after The Quarterback because the Lima stuff post S3 has been a waste!

      • tami says:

        Some people think that the ratings are what dictated the ditching of Lima, once the ratings hit 1.5 in the second episode, a change had to be made. Ryan had to repitch the Glee storyline and my guess is that Fox ‘enocouraged’ the move to NY. It seems that they are acting like season 4 did not happen, wishful thinking I guess.

  14. michelle says:

    Puck & Quinn ended up together. That’s all Ive ever wanted. Def an end to an era. It made me super nostalgic. I stopped watching when they graduated. Then came back for Corys memorial ep. Now back for this ep. I’m done though. I’m good. Content. Glee was special. We had a moment.

    • Ail says:

      MTE! Never felt anything since s3 graduation. I’ve tried to watch from time to time but just an empty feeling. The Santana/Rachel thing is stupid and forced not buying Any of that. But, glad that Quinn and Puck finally got their ending. So sad to hear Cory’s voice at the end. It was a real end of a series. This is where I will stop watching Glee.

  15. Andrew Hass says:

    I thought it was a nice episode and an end of an era.However as one chapter ends another begins.So it should be interesting now New York will be the full time setting.

  16. NY Glee says:

    Wish I could be excited or all the NY episodes, but Sam going to NY and so much Blam is about the worst thing that could happen! I used to DVR and FF past Lima & Sam but now Sam will be in NY and I won’t even be able to do that! Thank God S1-S3 are on Netflicks to enjoy!

  17. DSB says:

    I wish they would have left DSB alone. That song belongs to the Originals and doing it without Finn felt so wrong.

    • powerturtle90sdudemon says:


      • DSB says:

        With Finn part of the performance, and well it was Rachel singing with the Original 5, for me that song belongs to the ORIGINALS. That was Cory’s last performance and that song should have stayed that way.

    • abz says:

      I liked it. That song always makes me nostalgic and I loved how as they sang, you saw them all enter in the order that they joined the Glee club. My favorite moment was Rachel hugging Mr. Schue. The Glee club ended the way it started, with Don’t Stop Believin’.

    • Sara says:

      I actually loved it and I was so annoyed to hear they were going to do it. Loved hearing Kurt take the male lead at the beginning. It gave the proper nod to the true originals from the beginning and with all the “new” members it really dug in the feeling that this is truly the show’s theme. And I didn’t realize that I had been waiting 5 YEARS to hear Will sing this song until he joined in. It really hit me in the heart.

  18. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    It was a beautiful episode. While I feel conflicted about Quinn and Puck, I loved Holly’s video idea. So touching. The Don’t Stop Believing performance was AMAZING. Kurt doing the opening male line was fitting as he steps in for his stepbrother. Him then sharing the part with Artie? I got Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus vibes (that’s the movie where Depp, Farrell, and Law became Heath Ledger’s regenerations after his death; analogy may not equate 100%). Will getting an interview to coach Vocal Adrenaline was such a great twist, Shyamalan can’t top it

  19. Debbie says:

    I came back for The Quarterback and the 100th, I will come back for Rachel’s Broadway debut but that will be it for me! Love you Glee and will always love that Original S1 cast! Thanks for 3 amazing seasons!

  20. Kylie says:

    I thought I was over Klaine, but I realize that when Glee bothers to give them something, I get roped in. The making out was hot, Kurt clutching his chest in modesty was hysterical, and their bit with Quinn in the video about her donating her eggs for Tracey and Hepburn made me want them in a domestic spin off. The promo looked promising for them. Will it last?

  21. Terri says:

    This show hasn’t really been the same since season 3. The episodes from the last 2 weeks felt more like the old Glee. But I’m still not sure how having a show called “Glee”, which is supposed to focus on a high school glee club, is gonna work now that they’ve taken the glee club completely out of it. I haven’t been a big fan of the NY aspect. As a relative newcomer to this show, it almost saddens me that so many of the regulars are getting shoved aside. I don’t know what season 6 may bring, but if it’s all NY, I won’t be watching.

    • Tom says:

      This show has always been about Rachel Berry and Finchel. That was established in S1 and has been repeated by Ryan Murphy in numerous interviews, the HS was just the setting, the story is Rachel’s journey.

      • Katy says:

        Ummm not technically yes it started out that way with Rachel, Finn, Will as the leads but as we have seen the show has changed dramatically from S1 for one thing, when was the last time you saw Teri? The show is an ensemble no matter how many times RM says Rachel is the lead the fact remains she was not the only lead last season or this season.

    • abz says:

      A lot of TV show names become become irrelevant after some time. Look at Weeds for example: she went from selling weed for three seasons to drug smuggling/other stuff for another three and then came back to Weed after that. A lot of shows seem to deviate from their original premise.

  22. Jenny says:

    Third week in a row Glee brought a tear to my eye. I wasn’t excited about DSB being used again, but then it started and just reminded me why I fell in love with this show in the first place. I am looking at tonight’s episode as then end. Next week is a new show.

  23. Doreen Barnes says:

    This episode was special to all us true Gleeks i have been there since day one and i will watch til it ends next season it was heartbreaking to hear Cory Montieth voice at the end of the show because he was a huge part of what made Glee so special i thought it was a great way to bring in his memory i agree it was very tough to hear dont stop believin without him but it was amazing with the entire cast involved brought tears to my eyes im excited to see where Glee is headed Im on this train til the end

  24. Angel says:

    I liked most of the episode. I will say though, I thought the camera panning to Rachel during Puck and Quinn’s performance was sort of heartbreaking. You could see it on her face that she wanted that to be her and Finn….and to be honest…it would’ve been a Rachel/Finn song and done better if Cory was still with us. Makes me sad.
    Holly asking April to get drunk and sail around the world on a gay boy cruise ship was hilarious by the way, and just about everything that Sue said made me laugh through the episode.

  25. Boiler says:

    You all complaining about how could they do this to CoryFinn need to get over it. Granted he was a major part of the soul of the show but life goes on in reality and it is doing it here too. Also although loved his character he may have had the worst voice of the originals. To those complaining about choice of songs, you do know that fans voted on them to be used in the show!

    • Angel says:

      I am not complaining about the song choices at all. I like the song Quinn and Puck did, but the way they filmed that scene, panning to Rachel, you could tell the writers were thinking it would’ve been a Finn/Rachel song. Cory left a huge void and it is felt in the show, and to us Gleeks who have watched from the very first episode. So please don’t tell all of us to “get over it”….that is uncalled for, everyone, including the fans, are entitled to grieve the actor and the character for as long as it takes for them to “get over” his passing. The show is moving forward to finish its run the best way they know how. I give them props for trying to get back on their feet, and push forward to make the rest of the show the best it can be.

      • Boiler says:

        FYI I have watched from the first episode too.

      • Boiler says:

        Also I sort of agree with what you say. I was talking about folks who seem to say that a song Cory did should not be done again

        • Angel says:

          I don’t care if they do a song Cory did. It is nice to have a fresh take on a song. I will say Don’t Stop Believin has been done too many times on the show, and I hope last nights version of it is the last time they do it. We know it rocked, and put the show on the map, but it’s been done…move on from it.

  26. Lia says:

    The character of Rachel is just Lea Michele as herself. I think that this season has shown what a dynamic performer Naya Rivera is. I have no interest in watching Glee NY. I’m glad to see the Originals get together (yay Quinn) again. I’m going to miss Piano Guy.

  27. Allie says:

    2013? Class of?

    • Sean C. says:

      The entire season up until this point has been a continuation of last season’s school year, in one endless late spring. The show is a full year behind when it’s airing, at this point.

  28. Omar says:

    I was expecting to see “Total Eclipse of the Heart” been performed by April and Will, maybe on the DVD? :(

  29. ggny says:

    So Brittany is going to NY and Tina Isnt? Dam Tina getting the end of the stick again. She is the Charlie Brown of Glee and the Writers are Lucy

    • Alex says:

      Would rather have Tina than Brittany, ugh. Would rather have anyone over Brittany, but not really the point. Poor Tina…

    • Ben says:

      Lol!!! Well said. I really wanted to see Tina go to NY too – its the original cast who really make the show, and we are already down 4, why lose another? We are left with only Artie, Kurt, Rachel and Santana (and maybe Brittany).

  30. L says:

    I really wish they had given the younger cast some farewell moments.. the way they were treated this season has just been cruel. Some of us cared.

    • Boiler says:

      Agree totally. Have anyone said what will happen to them or are they just gone?

    • Scott says:

      They did at least get a 30 second scene together. Its better than nothing. I’m guessing they’re gone totally along with Will, Sue, Becky, Beiste etc.

    • wenraz says:

      I agree totally. Marley has a beautiful voice and Jake is very gifted in both singing and dancing. He could have been a great performer for the group (and was, actually, the few times he had the opportunity). Ryder was a good character too. I cared what was happening with him. Unique kind of bothered me from time to time, but is a great singer. Kitty was severely annoying yet interesting when they showed her to be conflicted. They should have graduated the originals and said goodbye at that time instead of dragging their stories on. These kids hardly had a chance.

      • sindi says:

        The problem is not enough people cared. Glee dug itself into a hole, by downgrading Will’s role with the Glee club. In s1, he was a lead character, then his role kept diminishing. That is why they had to keep Finn in Lima for the new kids, because Will was then a figurehead. All last season they gave lots of screentime to Lima and basically had Finn sit in the corner. The split narrative was not working, the last remaining seniors were about to graduate, the newbies did not catch on, therefore they decided to extend the school year hoping to keep things in Lima. Even if Finn were still alive, they would have gone to all NY at some point, the audience was so frustrated in S4, separating all your lead actors was not a smart move. My guess is that Fox looked at the ratings after the second episode and forced Ryan and co. to make the change. Of course that is just my opinion.

  31. DG says:

    I’m really happy to be getting a break from Santana. She was so horribly unbearable the past few that I need a while to remember why I tolerate her.

  32. Mash says:

    Somebody needs to tell naya rivera to step away from the surgeons’ office and eat something. She’s looking a little scary.

  33. Carmen says:

    I enjoyed hearing Kurt sing more than a few bars or the occasional single song in an episode (finally) and loved his duet with Mercedes. I thought that the “Chums” sequence was a riot and found the scene at the club with Holly pretty funny as well. All the scenes with Santana and Brit were really believable and deligtful to me and hearing Finn’s voice at the end of the episode made me shed a few tears. I was really annoyed by Kurt’s and Blaine’s seemingly ongoing, nearly-non-existant interaction. These boys are supposed to be engaged yet Kurt is practically crawling on Mercedes’ lap while Blaine sits on the other side of him visibly ignored; the couple usually sings, dances, sits, stands (fill in the blank) so far away from each other that the engagement storyline is really hard to believe. Even the brief making-out moment within the “Chums” sequence looks fake. At one point in tonight’s episode Blaine looks at Kurt in the loving way that one would expect from a boyfriend; Kurt apparently doesn’t notice and of course doesn’t reciprocate. My God, if the actors dislike each other (or is it just Chris who doesn’t care for Darren; that’s what comes across to me) to the point that they can’t play their roles in a convincing manner, why persist with the engagement storyline or any sort of love relationship between these two characters? As a Klaine fan, I wonder if I might not be better off just reading and enjoying Klaine fan fiction than cringing as I watch these two actors i respect be uncomfortable with each other (Does Chris actively avoid Darren?) even when they appear in group scenes. I’ve watched this dynamic for a long while now (it wasn’t always there, for sure ) and tried my best to hold on to the fictional story-telling and pretend that i am not seeing what I am seeing on the screen. I don’t know what goes on between the actors off screen and have no interest whatsoever in any gossip concerning their private lives. But come on, guys, have respect for your audience and your fans. I don’t want to have to try so hard to hold on to my willing suspension of disbelief.

    • Jason says:

      Good God, give it a rest. No one even believes you even give a crap beyond trying to start drama. You’re so transparent in what you’re trying to do.

    • bye says:

      lol you’re not a Klaine fan, stop pretending. TRUE Klaine fans are excited for NY and what it means and are looking forward to everything. Pls be gone and go back to your Kurtbastian fanfic.

      • Carmen says:

        What does being a Glee or Klaine fan mean to you? We may have different views or you may have simply judged me on the basis of your own understanding, knowing nothing about me or my life. So here’s my list of what i think makes me (and from my perspective would make anyone) not just a fan but a loyal one: I have watched every episode of Glee including the pilot, have considered and referred to myself as a fan of the show since the beginning and of Klaine since the couple came into fictional existance. I have purchased the dvd’s of all four seasons of the show and all the cd’s that have been released after first buying my favorite songs on I-Tunes. i have supported and continue to support other fans of the show, specially Klaine fans, by reading and commenting on their fiction and enjoying their artwork online. I have also supported both actors’ projects outside of Glee–buying,reading and gifting all of Chris’s books,attending his book-signings, his interview program at the New Yorker Festival, his SBL premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City to which I invited other fans. I also bought and gifted the dvd of the film and participated in livestreams in which Chris was involved. Equally, i went to see Darren on Broadway, attended a large fundraising event in which he was the special guest, took friends who didn’t know him from Glee to see him in “Girl Most Likely” then bought the dvd when it came out. I’ve watched his Harry Potter musical productions online, bought his cd. I have watched both Chris’ and Darren’s numerous appearances on talk shows,respect and love both actors and always wish them well. And on and on. In the end, neither one of us holds final authority to define or determine who is and who is not a Glee or Klaine fan (not that I made any judgement calls ). So why even go there? Why not use the opportunity we have created by sharing our responses to this episode or the show, to have a meaningful,respectful dialogue about 5-13 and/or Glee itself–its characters,the actors who play them and how they play them; the unfolding of the plot and how it might be impacted by a variety of anticipated and unanticipated situations and events ; our own expectations and experiences as members of the television viewing audience and so much more?

    • Axel says:

      Don’t worry, there is enough time for Klaine in New York… Kurtcedes will not last long… Just a nostalgic moment with the original Glee cast and maybe some thoughts from Kurt/Chris towards Kurt’s stepbrother Finn/Cory Monteith who is no longer with Glee…

  34. Ann says:

    Finn / Cory had the last lines before the lights went out.
    ‘DSB’ without him was empty & wrong, for me. Wish they’d have left it alone, as Rachel’s ‘Funny Girl’ audition was the last best way to remember it.
    Rachel (Michele) sitting alone, fingering her necklace was just very sad — as part of the show & as a reflection of reality of het life. Wish her well in future, beyond ‘Glee.’ She’s so talented!

  35. Ann says:

    This felt like a series finale. When Will turned off the lights to the Glee club room, Glee ended. Anything that happens in NYC should have been a spin-off….I don’t know why they didn’t just create another spin-off series rather than introduce new characters to the show only to get rid.

  36. Jillian says:

    The 100th and 101st felt like what would have been the PERFECT and most EPIC series finale for this show. I honestly feel like they should have saved it to the end of season 6. They could have easily just cut Lima out without an explanation and no one would have noticed too much. I seriously hope they have something good planned for the series finale in 2015 because this is going to be hard to top. Everyone had their perfect send off and the perfect amount of nostalgic references to seasons 1-3. The last scene with the quotes (most of which were from the season 1 finale when the kids sang To Sir, With Love) was incredibly beautiful. I did not expect to hear Cory’s voice and it really threw me. Needless to say, there were no dry eyes in our house during this episode.

    The only negative I have with this episode was the Rachel/Santana part. Even when Rachel was extending an olive branch to Santana she rejected it which maybe would have made sense in S1 of Glee, but not after everything those two have been through and the friendship that they have formed. I know eventually they mended their relationship, but this entire arc seemed out of character for both of them considering the growth they both endured since season 3. Otherwise, bravo Glee! It’s amazing what they can create when they have their talented cast back and the writing is on par. Now I want to go back and watch seasons 1-3 again which is something I haven’t wanted to do since season 4 began.

  37. Fernanda says:

    for some people this is the last episode of Glee, many people complained last year about less Ohio more NY but now I feel depressed about how end the McKinley era. Sue wins.
    Seriously, I don’t want BLEE NY, I want GLEE NY, less Blam, more Klaine.
    I blame you writers to create stupid story lines and forget all the amazing episodes for the first season and the first half of second season then there was a lot of stupidity and waste of time of songs that right now I don’t even play anymore on my iphone.
    I blame you for forget the adult characters like Will, Emma and even Teri.
    After Cory’s death the show didn’t create lovable story arcs and they prefer the Katy or Gaga episode, the horrible and unnecessary Christmas episode.
    Finally the few people who continue to believe in this show and their characters will try to find confort seeing them in NY, but this time we need more serious story lines as we saw in the Felicity show (for example) and of course with the joy of singing dancing and sharing moments with these group of kids.
    I hope the element of the Glee Club remains in NY in another high school , music academy or NYADA but without Adam’s Apple.
    If I was a Glee writer I could use the real life experience of Darren Criss and the Starkid people to continue the essence of the original Glee.
    Blaine and Kurt could create a musical like Avenue Q or The Book or Mormon or please please “Pip Pip Hooray, the Pippa Middleton Broadway Musical”

  38. Chris says:

    I really felt like the initial graduation episode felt like the “Real” series finale, and it still was more authentic then this. Now we go to Glee 3.0….or 4.0…or whatever. Ill try to stick with it, but man, its getting tough.

  39. Tracy says:

    Thrilled that Santana quit Funny Girl and Rachel gets her dream back! Still don’t understand the Quinn/Puck supposed great love – it was never there and doesn’t make sense! Wish Tina was coming to NY instead of Mercedes or Santana! So freaking happy that it looks as though Chord is cutting his hair on the show too! Hope Mr. Schue takes the job at Carmel and comes to NY for Rachel’s Broadway debut! Don’t care about Sue but I’ll miss Beiste!

  40. great! says:

    I loved this episode! Quinn and Puck are AMAZING together, Chums was so much fun, I wish Tina was going to NY because her dream sequences are the absolute best. Speaking of NY! Soooo excited. :D Rachel succeeding, Klaine being cute and having scenes together, SAM CUTTING HIS HAIR, Artie being funny and doing stuff…this is so great. Anyways, the most beautiful scene tonight? It’s a tie between Will in the choir room by himself, hearing everyone talking about Glee club and what it meant to them, and Don’t Stop Believin’ is one of my new favorite performances on the show overall. So perfect having Will sing on it. I liked this episode even more than last week’s.

  41. Steve F. says:

    This really did feel like a series finale… although Sue won, it was an empty victory (I like to think that her hating show choir was her raison d’etre, and now that it’s gone, it’s meaningless). I really wish Blaine & Sam did take her down a peg, though…

    Will miss Beiste, Marley’s mom, and Kitty, and am hoping that Burt & Carol show up once in a while.

    And, fitting that the last words out of Lima came from Finn.

  42. Tru says:

    I haven’t watch Glee for awhile. I only tune back in to see the old cast but what was up with this episode? It felt like it should have been the series finale of Glee rather then episode 13. I think.

  43. dcl33 says:

    Sam is turning into a boy again in next episode. YaY he is getting rid of the blonde butch lesbian look. Its a shame I wont see it, am not interested in Rachel and Blam sausage fest.

    Best 2 episodes since S3. Can tell that they were written by RIB and not the other writers who pretty much butchered the show. Still no excuse that it took them 1 and a half season to pull their heads out of the asses to fix it. Shame really, Glee was so damn good, so so damn good and these 2 episodes just reminded me how good it was.

  44. Laura says:

    Thought having Quinn/Puck perform the final song in Glee club was incredibly fitting. From the very beginning of the series, the Quinn/Puck/Finn/Rachel love triangle was a giant hook for fans. Since Finn and Rachel couldn’t perform the final duet in Glee club (as, I’m assuming, it would have been written otherwise), it feels right that it was Quinn and Puck that ended Glee club (with their first ever duet, too). It felt perfect. Honestly, this felt like a series finale and I kinda wish it was. I doubt the actual series finale will reach the levels the 100th and 101st episodes did.

  45. Coal says:

    Parting is such sweet sorrow. For me personally Glee’s last great episode was Season 3 episode 8, Hold on to sixteen. It was the sectionals episode, Rachel had been suspended so she couldn’t compete, Santana, Mercedes and Brittany had started their club the Troubletones. So Tina was the female lead of New Directions, also Sam returned that episode. Everything in that episode came together so well and they closed the episode by singing We are young by Fun. Anyway I’ll be back for the series finale after this one.

  46. anna says:

    they stole Chums from 30 rock..

  47. Charlotte says:

    Amazing- best episode of Glee in so long. As excited as I am for NYC, I felt like I was loosing a friend last night. Loser Like Me- everything I think a Glee song should be. Perfect harmonies, perfect use of the piano and guitar. I started the tears with the video and they continued until the lights went out.

  48. KC says:

    I would totally watch Chums! This was a bitter sweet good-bye to Lima. The show had to move on and show the originals growing up. The High School stories were getting old and repetitive. It will be a breath of fresh air to have the show in NY full time. Can’t wait!

    Loved all the songs except Party All The Time.

  49. Katie says:

    I do have to say I’ll miss Jacob Artist. Dude is fiiiiine.

  50. kd83954 says:

    This episode was the perfect way to close out Glee 1.0 And I love how they treated it like a series finale –a lot of people are going to stop watching and I think for those that DO stop, this was a fitting last episode. However, Glee 2.0 is coming and I canNOT wait!! I also share some of the sentiments about the newbies not getting much this past episode. They cut their scene with Will and April (where they sing Total Eclipse). I hope Fox releases that number.