Teen Wolf Season Finale Recap: 'We're All OK'

Teen Wolf Season FinaleAfter a season of chaos, confusion and way too much Japanese terminology, everything finally clicked in Teen Wolf‘s epic finale. And while not everyone lived long enough to celebrate the pack’s victory, there was one mind-blowing surprise guest at the party.

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Season 3’s final hour picked up shortly after Allison’s death — only a few hours, at most, could have passed — but there was no time for mourning, as the Nogitsune was now harder/better/faster/stronger than ever.

I’m not going to lie, the events of the finale were about as confusing as they’ve been all season, so I won’t even attempt to deliver a play-by-play of the last battle with the Nogitsune. What I am aware of, however, is that Stiles is safe and the Void is gone forever — and for that, we can all be thankful.

THANKS, ALLISON | Gone but not forgotten, Allison actually ended up playing a major role in Season 3’s final battle. She had apparently figured out that the Oni spirits could be killed by silver — as we saw, right before she lost her own life — and Isaac and Papa Argent were happy to pick up where she left off.

teen-wolf-finale-twinsTWO BECOME ONE | Though it wasn’t nearly as heartbreaking as watching Allison say goodbye to Scott last week, I’ll admit I got pretty bummed watching Aiden die in his brother’s arms. Of course, that wasn’t half as surprising as Danny’s post-breakup confession to Ethan. Seriously, how long as he known about werewolves?! Has Jackson been sending him extremely informative postcards from London or something?

KATE’S FATE | In true Teen Wolf fashion, the biggest shocker was saved for the episode’s final frame. Not only is Kate Argent alive (!!!) but she’s taken some sort of supernatural form. It turns out she was “La Loba” who that gang was looking for at the beginning of Season 3B, the one Derek wrongfully assumed was Cora. Seriously, though, what was up with her blue face? Girl looked like an Avatar.

MALIA’S BACK | The other big Season 4 tease at the end of the finale was seeing Malia waltzing through the halls of Beacon Hills High School. She and Lydia exchanged a pleasant nod, hinting that they might actually be friends — despite their shared history with Stiles — then Malia launched right into wolf training with Scott. That girl’s got claws, and she’s not afraid to use ’em.

Teen Wolf fans, which finale twist blew your mind the most? Drop a comment with your burning questions below, because we’ll be talking to EP Jeff Davis tomorrow, and we’ll demand some answers!

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  1. Robert says:

    I love the Danny reveal, now I wonder how he fits into next season?

  2. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    I lost count of how many times I screamed “OMG!” but that reveal at the very end got at least seven. Welcome back, Kate Argent…whatever you are.

  3. Christina says:

    Danny knowing about werewolves was the best twist. His statement “it’s Beacon Hills” leads me to believe he has known the town secret for a while. I hope he begins to play a larger role in the storyline next season; the pack needs more humans.

    • Rook says:

      I hope so too, I keep waiting for Danny to have a more prominent storyline hopefully this is the beginning. But for me the best twist was Kate, loved her in the first season and can’t wait to see how crazy she is!!!!!!!

  4. Hipper says:

    With all the cast changes from the last two episodes, Teen Wolf’s landscape is gonna be mighty different than a year ago by the time season 4 begins.

    • Bryce says:

      Agreed. I’m hoping they make Isaac a full-fledged regular because fearing my boyfriend’s death is too much–he need protection and a sexy title card. I know they’re making malia a regular, so hopefully they will for Isaac too. He WAS the reason the Oni were defeated afterall.

      • dude says:

        He’s a boring side character. The show could entirely exist without him.

        • Bryce says:

          The should could entirely exist without everyone but Scott and Stiles, something that was proven in last week’s episode. He’s earned his stripes though. He’s Scott’s right-hand wolf, has fought countless times to protect him, and was the reason the Oni were finally brought down.

          • Nick says:

            He’s also fought an entire season to screw Scott’s first love. And to be honest I feel like the writers had him figuring out that Allison knew how to kill the Onis (rather then some other character) just to give him something useful to do, rather then just being resentful towards the twins.

        • alvana says:

          you are wrong

      • Mikey says:

        To bad Daniel left the show and won’t be in season 4

  5. Dan says:

    I had a hunch that Kate was back after last week’s quick scene with Alyson’s dad. I really hoped I was wrong though. Really.

    The scene with Danny was cool. I’d love to see him worked into the storyline more but with only 12 episodes in season 4 that probably won’t happen.

  6. michelle says:

    So, basically this season made no sense and Allison’s death was unnecessary. You can’t kill off a very important character without giving her something to do this season. What was up with her seeing her dead(now undead) aunt? What was with her shutting off her phone & sleeping during important pack stuff? Explain that. They had no idea what to do with Allison so they just killed her off and I think its an injustice.

    Yes, Crystal wanted to leave. But its obvious she saw what was happening. However just because she wanted to go, they had no businesses killing her off. Especially at how so many strange things happen I’m sure they could have figured out a way to do it without it seeming strange. Here’s hoping in a year or two Teen Wolf is still on tv & they revive Allison. I think Mama Argent is an alive werewolf (remember her eyes glowed before she “died”) and somehow has Allison. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it. I refused to accept this fridging of Allison for add her to the list of female characters getting shafted again. Like Deb on Dexter, and Tara on Sons of Anarchy.

    • Rook says:

      With Crystal wanting to leave the show there was no way that they could justifiable get ride of Allison without killing her. It would be out of character for her to randomly move to London. I upset that she didn’t get to do much in her last season but she won’t be revived. They only reason Peter came back was because he was an Alpha, and Kate because she was turning into some kind of supernatural creature.

      • michelle says:

        I disagree. They could have taken her somewhere. Her mother who I still think is alive could have taken her somewhere. Allison herself could of decided she needed a break from everything and everyone in Beacon Hills. There are countless ways she could of left alive without ruining the so called integrity of the show. I refuse to accept this terrible season and bad writing. They saddled her with Issac and kept her away from the pack the whole season and in 1 episode i’m expected to accept her fast and ridiculous death? No. Allison deserved much better. And so did we.

        • Michelle p says:

          Her mom tried to kill Scott and derrick bit her and then she committed suicide before she turned into a werewolf. That is why they broke up

          • michelle says:

            Yes. I know that. But her eyes glowed before she stabbed herself. Therefore shes not dead. She is a werewolf.

          • James says:

            michelle: Mama Argent timed the moment she’s about to get turned just so she could finally perform harakiri on herself and die in her husband’s arms, hence the reason why her eyes glowed.

            So she’s dead dead.

          • Rook says:

            Yeah Mrs. Argent is dead dead. She is not coming back.

        • This season was meant to be a chaotic rush, im sure at the beginning of season 4, which I believe to be the final season (senior year), we will get time to morn all the deaths and adapt to the new changes.

        • Nick says:

          How is Allison’s mother still alive? She killed herself with Chris Argent standing by, and the family buried her. Just because one of the creator of the show once made a joke by saying “Nobody really dies on TW”, it doesn’t mean every single death is actually a fake-out and the character is alive.
          I agree with what most people, and the producers, have said. There’s no way Allison’s character could have just left Beacon Hills. Leaving her friends, her pack, the people she loves and cares about and swore to protect. Of course I was sad that they killed her but hey, they could always bring her back in some supernatural way if she decides to come back, right? What would the difference be in terms of the development of season 4?

        • Sky says:

          You read the interview, she wanted her character to be killed off. Then she realised but it was her initial choice, unlike Jackson and Isaac who asked not to be killed off.

    • Just so you know, Crystal Reed cowrote Allison’s death scene with Jeff Davis because she felf like death was the only way for her character to leave and make a difference. So before you go off on a rant about how Allison got “fridged”, realize it wasn’t the writers’ decision.

      • michelle says:

        I dont care if Barack Obama co-wrote the scene. It was still unnecessary. The writers could of said NO to the death. And there had been no receipts to your claim that she co-wrote it herself. So either way like the rest of the female characters on this show. She was fridged. She was shelved throughout this season. She had no plot. So instead of writing her death they should have wrote her a storyline. There is no justification for killing her. None. Bye.

        • shawn says:

          wow…seriously… for once a show have the guts to do main character(i don’t see her has a main only for season 1-2) death is something you should be okay with since it’s quite rare. on the other hand its not the writers decision but the actors decisions…. if an actor want to do another show/movie or already have a contract the writers have an obligation to kill off a character or put her out of the way.that’s what they did.

          her part should have been done a longtime ago and give room to other awesome character (Danny for exemple).Her death was in fact okay… or would you want her to die from oni poison but 50 other affected by it dont? or to leave town for wierd reason like jackson when she is in relationship with one of the char and her life is there, it’s not like her character. so in the end it would be even worst if she didn’t die and keep going with no actual storyline worth the time of the show.

          if you didn’t look the twin didn’t have a lot of scenes either and one of them died… i don’t see you saying it was bad writting even if it really was. ( they were alpha but cant avoid a sword after avoiding them like 100 time???). so it’s only your personnal opinion without the character and the show point of view.

          dereck should have died in some way but at the end he is the reason of the season 4 so he had the safe spot.

        • 'A' is Alive says:

          I’m not going to even begin to explain how incredibly naïve you are right now. What else could they have done with her? Ship her off somewhere when that would be totally stupid and out of character? So what if she didn’t get much this season. At least she did appear! Be glad for that! Some creators would have told Crystal not to even return if she said she wanted out. This is the way she wanted HER character to leave so let it be. You can’t change anything and your pointless complaining over it is annoying. No justification for killing her? I can’t even right now. Please get off the internet and stay off. Also, don’t watch TV shows like Teen Wolf because its clearly not for you.

          • michelle says:

            Hahahaaha. Someone with a Pretty Little Liars username is trying to call me naive. I forgot the comment section on these websites are as bad as youtube comments. You guys are young. You dont see the ramifications of killing another female character on this show, nor do you see the crappy writing in which said character was involved in. When you get older and understand life more, you’ll get it. I’m not even going to bother with you. There are MANY ways she could have left the show. Death is not the only option for a character or even when an actor wants to leave. If you cant understand that OR cant see the millions of possibilities they could have written her off with then you my dear, you have problems.

          • Francine says:

            Michelle, I’m not sure your post could be any more condescending. Your points about age are ridiculous and have no bearing to the argument. What a shame that’s what you resorted to.

        • tabularasalocke says:

          What is the justification of NOT killing her? Write her off? To go where? Allison has too many ties to her father. She would never leave him and he wouldn’t have sent her away. If he wanted to, he would’ve done so before now. Allison just packing everything up and leaving would be 100% out of character. Allison would never just leave.

          • Sara says:

            Don’t even get drawn into this person’s delusion. She thinks she’s a tv show writer and knows better than anyone how a show should be written.

        • idiotlol says:

          lol your acting ridiculous, so your suggesting that instead of killing allison off that she randomly in the middle of everything say IM GONNA MOVE TO LONDON or some other crap idea -_-. Why would any of them just up and leave considering they are all part of scotts pack which means they would do anything to save their friends, I don’t think packing up and leaving randomly would have saved styles?

        • Sara says:

          Oh lord…calm down….and grow up

        • enrique says:

          What I think you don’t understand is the ratings of the show would suffer if Alison were to just disappear for no apparent reason. I for one thought her death was beautifully written, and coming from a diehard Alison fan, I wouldn’t continue watching the show if they just made her go to a random country. Yeah, I get it, they did that with Jackson, why not Alison. Well my response to you is, Alison wasn’t a large reptilian beast from South American myths that kills people cause some idiot who’s afraid of water controlled him. If I were Jackson, I’d leave too, but Alison isn’t in that situation. Her father lost almost all his family and he might not show it, but he needs Alison and knowing the type of person she is, she wouldn’t leave him behind. Especially since she needs him too. Alison dying was the only possible way for Crystal’s character to make an exit without making her seem like a heartless person. And for you to say Alison didn’t play a role in this season is false. She discovered the most crucial weakness the Oni have, being silver, and if she hadn’t done that, the Melissa and the Sherif would both be dead. And everyone else. The Oni have bested the pack more than once, only barely surviving. And this was under the control of Kira’s mother. Imagine them under the control of Void!Stiles. The chances of them surviving are slim, honestly. And this idea you have of Alison’s mother being alive is utterly stupid. Yeah, her eyes glowed yellow, but since when are werewolves immortal? You justify saying she’s not dead “just because she’s a werewolf,” but they can die too. Where have you been for the past 3 season?

          • Nick says:

            Agree with everything you said. Allison would have never left her friends, her family, all the people who love her. The comparison with Jackson just doesn’t work since he was a total jackass and there was nobody really liking him in BH, except perhaps Lydia, who’s much better off without him.

          • Starr says:

            Thank you enrique for being the voice of reason and logic. l am insulted that michelle was using the age card. I’ll state right here that 1) I’m in my 50’s 2) I’m a writer 3) they did right by the “actress” and “actors”. They have other “work” they want to do. This is a logical way for the “character” to leave, since “disappearing” isn’t in this character’s make up. It would go against everything that character is. Every writer knows that there has to be a good reason for a character to do an action. People don’t just do things out of character for no reason. If something like that happens it’s because they snap… or something causes it. But this character was “in the game” so to speak with the other characters.
            I really think that michelle comes across as one of those fan fiction writers that are zealots about their specific characters – it has to be their way, nothing else is acceptable to them but the way they want it to be. They don’t accept any other version, it’s all the way they envision it and they deny and rant at anyone that tries to ruin their obsession.
            I’ve written fan fiction, I’ve collaborated with others and have written my own original stories. They handled these deaths well… I was very shocked at the deaths of these characters, but the best stories have the harshest conflicts and consequences for the characters.

            I can’t really comment on how long this will continue. I don’t really know what grade they are in or the length of time season to season… it’s not really pushed so I don’t notice. They are in HS and that’s about as far as it goes. Also, just because Mellia has lived as a were, doesn’t mean she’s not “learned” as she’s lived. She’d have to know enough about survival, learn to avoid traps and poison, plus to make sure that no one found her. I think her mind aged even though she was in a coyote body. The one thing I am curious about is that if Peter is her father, how did she become a werecoyote instead of a werewolf? How did that happen? Was her mother a were? That’s some things I’d like to find out in the next season.

    • nate says:

      oh get over it. either watch it or dont

    • Scott says:

      The visions of Kate and the phone / sleep stuff were all a result of the hang-overs from the ice bath. It was made perfectly clear in the episodes.

    • niita says:

      Yes I also don’t seem to understand the reason for killing allison*and I really hope she comes back!!

  7. 'A' is Alive says:

    What a finale. Season 3B was really good! So now on to season 4. I just wonder if they meant Malia (Shelley Hennig) would be a regular like main cast or regular as in appears in the entire season but is recurring.. I’m going with the former… So I hope the main cast next season will be:
    Tyler Posey
    Dylan O’Brien
    Arden Cho
    Shelley Hennig
    Daniel Sharman
    Tyler Hoechlin
    Holland Roden

    I would love if Keahu Kahuanui (Danny) could become a regular but sadly, that will never happen. I did not see him knowing about the werewolves coming. Could he possibly be turned into one or just join the pack and be normal (like Stiles was/is)?

    Now on to those three new guys they casted. Are they meant to like add to the story and some time later be incorporated into the pack? Will they end up replacing this cast sometime around season 5 or 6 when these characters will have to graduate? Possibly in season 6 since they are still in the first semester of their Junior year seeing as it was revealed in the first half of 3B that it was around October and only like a month or two went by… So I’m guessing season 4 is the last half of Junior year and Seasons 5 and 6 will be senior year (going by if them doing these 12 episode seasons) but hey, they might do more episodes per season again. -shrugs- But back to the newbies; I can’t stop wondering if they are seriously meant to come in as replacements or something… Or even take on a more main role while Scott & Co. go the route of the adults in their gang. (E.g., Derek, Alan, etc.)

  8. Lauren says:

    Malia is in High School now? Is this a joke? She spent 8 years in the woods alone as a coyote.

    • 'A' is Alive says:

      Well, Malia was like 9 when that happened.. So she’s most likely 17, which means she’s in high school.. Not that shocking.

      • szadekj says:

        But she was a wild animal how does she have knowledge a high schooler should know..you can’t just walk into school you need records and testing is she in remedial classes?

    • Andy Swift says:

      lol yeah, i feel like she’s missing most of the knowledge/social skills required to go to high school.

      • michelle says:

        That’s why her hooking up with Stiles felt icky. She has to have some psychological problems. She was 8 for like 9 years. Just…werid.

        • R. says:

          But she’s also a werecoyote, so…. I don’t know. I think trying to compare her to our understanding of feral children when she’s a supernatural creature on a teen show that is already so deep in the ridiculous is sort of a waste of time.

        • Britt says:

          Yea but a 8 or 9 year old animal would be considered an adult animal and probably would be reproducing (not saying that she did), but…

    • nate says:

      lol its a tv show!!!!!!! they do things we cant in real life

    • She’s not a full-time student. As the coach said, they would start her slow, a class here and there to ease her in with people of her age while she will catch up.

  9. Mia says:

    I’m still confused about the Derrek saying thinking it was a dream or if it really happened. Thatcwasxsuppiaed to be in the beginning of the season right? But how does it make sense if they did capture him? I’m confused, can someone explain please.

  10. Liz says:

    I’ve pretty much given up on this show – they lost me at the end of 3A and I only casually watched 3B all prepared to give up. BUT NOW KATE IS BACK!??! She’s my favourite TW character – loved her to bits. So now I’m all …UG I have to keep watching.

  11. Michelle p says:

    What did derrick s mom tell him

  12. Pete says:

    The twins! What the heck?! Didn’t see it coming. Their exit shocked me more than Alison’s. #bringbackthetwins I couldn’t care less about whatshername. Didn’t like her then and probably won’t like her now. Hopefully, S4 won’t be as convoluted as this season. I gave up trying to figure it out halfway through the season. Danny’s reveal was amazing. More Danny next season then?

  13. Mike R. says:

    Wow, what a season, I don’t know where I’d rank this episode specifically, but overall I though this half season was much stronger than 3a, but still probably behind season 2. On to this episode, while it had some strong points, I will always believe that Teen Wolf is at its best when it doesn’t focus on fight scenes for the majority of an episode, and I think that resulted in this episode being a bit messy in the fight scene department, but with that in mind there was still some strong scenes filtered throughout, I thought the scenes at the beginning with Scott and Chris, explaining for what may be the first time how they explain these deaths of teens to the Police/Press, and Chris and Isaac. I also thought the death of nogitsune Stiles was wonderfully done, and Scott finally bit someone, which was cool to watch. Also that ending montage was the perfect way to lead up to the awesome cliffhanger, say what you will about Scott, but Posey knows how to show a great range of emotion with little dialogue, and that brief bit with Scott and Mama McCall was adorable

    My only real complaint with this episode was how little it really dealt with the death of Allison, I mean we got the scenes with Isaac and Chris, but other than the brief bit at the beginning and end, we saw little of how Scott was dealing with all this, I know they had to give closure on 3b’s main plot, so I understand, but I just hope they give it some time in season 4. The ending was great however, and the reveal that Kate was alive was believable enough, and since she has remained my favorite villain, I hope they don’t go for another BS redemption arc, and just give us S1 Kate in all her villainous badass glory. Overall not one of the stronger episodes of 3b, but a solid finale.

  14. Sebastian says:

    That cover of bad moon rising was quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever heard. It made me want to kill whoever sang that for having to subject myself to that crap. What’s wrong with the original, and always awesome, CCR?
    Besides that, the episode was pretty good. Go is neat, and I play sometimes, but the discussion of it has gotten annoying. When Stiles fainted, I was really darn close to breaking the TV if he hadn’t woken up. Aidan dying was something, but I didn’t really feel anything about him oneway or the other, because I felt they killed the brothers when they took away their alphaness without explanation. Danny revealing that he knew wasn’t very shocking, of course he knew, he’s not an idiot. Malia took way too long to get there, it’s been how many episodes?

    • Graham B. says:

      They didn’t take away the twins standing as alphas without explanation. When they joined together and their necks were snapped they lost their ability to merge. In turn they lost their standing as alphas.

  15. Katie says:

    …TVLine, I just love when I compose a thoughtful comment of a decent length, and then it doesn’t post….
    If it somehow shows up later, I apologize for repeating myself.

    My main questions/thoughts following the episode:

    -Liked how the episode tied up a lot of things, even things that seemed incidental (triskele box, idea to bite Stiles to force out Nogitsune, Bardo, etc.).

    -Aiden’s death was nicely written, and surprisingly touching.

    -Liked Chris and Isaac teaming up – Isaac could use a good father figure, and I wouldn’t be opposed to seeming them work together again. Also liked how they figured out what Allison was doing when she died – it kind of gave her a way to be a part of the victory as well.

    -I hope the reverberations of Allison’s death will continue to be explored next season. We saw a little grieving time here, but I think really, the effects on those close to her (especially Chris, Scott, Lydia, and even Isaac and Stiles) will be something that still needs to be dealt with.

    -Much as I felt this finale wrapped up the season nicely and as much as I like all the new stuff being teased, I can’t help feeling like we’re still missing stuff. Like, what ever happened after Peter’s big 3A finale moment (“I am The Alpha”) – I guess if Malia’s going to be a continuing presence, Peter will be too, but I’m interested to know if these older events still have significance.

    -Danny is the best person ever. End of story.

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  17. Pix says:

    Wow, 3B was a mess and this episode was a mess, but the ending was definitely a step in the right direction – a simpler storyline, that’s what those writers really know how to do, so let’s stick to it, mmkay? And it’s cool to have Kate as the new big bad, they won’t have to waste a whole episode on boring flashbacks explaining why she’s evil, we already know ;)
    And I join the others in voting Danny for Team Human!

    • EJ386 says:

      I think the fact that the finale tied up all these loose ends which seemed to be dropped during the season so perfectly together means that it wasn’t a mess but a very well thought out plot. They couldn’t have pulled it of otherwise. Give these writers some credits.

      • Pix says:

        It still made for a few really bad, frustrating and pointless episodes, though. They get credit for resolving the mess, but that doesn’t change the fact that the last 5-6 eps (i.e. a HALF of 3B) left me annoyed instead of entertained and, as I said, this episode was still not perfect. The last few minutes were a nice touch, but they were always better with setting things up than with developing the plot further in a sensible manner. I’m still not sure I’ll tune in next season, I think I’ll just read TBL recaps for the first few episodes and see.

    • Scott says:

      I never noticed any mess. You had to pay close attention, and every tiny little detail was not spoon fed to the audience. In that respect its more like a movie than a TV show. And its always been like that.

      • Pix says:

        Wait, what? Were we watching the same show? Because, in fact, my biggest problem with the writing this season was the “tell, not show” style of it all. We WERE spoon fed anything they wanted us to notice, and all the illogical parts were conveniently ignored.
        And yes, the show has always been like this, I’m starting to think my dissatisfaction comes from the fact that, as a summer show, it never before had to compete against any really good writing, while in the middle of the season I get top-shelf storytelling every week (Hannibal, Shameless, etc.) and I started to expect from TW the quality it has, in fact, never delivered before. So, in a way, my heightened expectations were my own fault, if that makes sense? Which is just the more reason to give up and wait until some trusted recapper tells me whether s04 is worth watching…

        • Kelly says:

          Then stop watching!! Problem solved. And don’t say that you will watch hoping it will get better.

          • Pix says:

            Yeah, that’s is something I’ll probably do, just like i wrote in the comment. And if I hear that it got better, I will go back to watching it. And if it gets worse again, I will criticize it. See, you don’t have to solve my problem, I can easily do it myself. Don’t get angry at people just because they’re disappointed with a show they dedicated their time to watch, please.

        • Liz says:

          That’s a really good point! This season has aired while other top notch programming has been on – and really it doesn’t have a chance against The Good Wife (and everything else). Plus, for me, I’ve only ever been a casual TW fan and so this time of year there’s SO much on tv to watch I feel a bit overwhelmed (well my PVR is overwhelmed lol) and so mentally I start to drop a few shows. And the guilty-pleasure summer stuff tends to go first. But had it aired in the summer…..

    • i thought the season was awsome just let them write what they want and stop acting pompous about it like u could do better

  18. bruce says:

    i didnt understand what the hell the winter premier was about where they showed stiles having black eyes and why did peter scream i have always been the alpha :-/

  19. Melvs20 says:

    Am I the only one confused with how Aiden died from being stabbed with the oni sword yet scott didn’t die when he was stabbed by one? Unless I missed something

    • Scott says:

      It wasn’t real…that was all in a fantasy world. They show did say that. Its also why there were too many Oni – one lot in the snow garden and another lot with Derek and the Twins.

    • Pix says:

      If you mean the time in vet’s office then, as far as I remember, Scott wasn’t stabbed with an oni sword then, but with Kira’s non-magical one. But I can remember it wrong.

    • nichole says:

      I was wondering the same thing, I don’t get it.

  20. salvadordiazb says:

    One thing for sure is that I don’t like at all that Kate is back! Everyone somehow comes back from the dead in this show, but her, mmm. I was very diasppointed with the twins leaving also.. I would have like that they stayed so they could be a part of Scott’s pack next season.

  21. I liked it.
    I just wonder when does the Derek/Kate revelation fit into the timeline.

    I remember wondering when the huntress asks about the she-wolf if she was talking about Cora or Malia, now i know ^^

  22. bucky72 says:

    What about Lydia? No, really, what about Lydia? Can you please ask Jeff Davis that? Allison came to that fight to save her best friend, Lydia tried so hard to warn her off, but we never got to see Lydia mourn. Was Kira seriously asking LYDIA advice about how to deal with Allison’s sad boyfriends and not acknowledging that LYDIA LOST HER BEST FRIEND? And whatever she considered Aiden, but mostly: Lydia lost her best friend and she was only shown on screen mourning Aiden. Allison was her best friend. So irritating to have Lydia reduced like that.

    • Liz says:

      Excellent point. But having Lydia deal with Allison’s death is a plot line for a female character that doesn’t have to do with a male character….and this show doesn’t seem to want to do anything with it’s women that doesn’t deal with boys. So disappointing.

    • Nick says:

      Well clearly Kira is a jerk too. I’ve never liked her.

  23. Zooey Franny says:

    I found 3B extremely confusing! I do hope Arden Cho sticks around!

  24. Abbie says:

    It’s a tv show …like it’s only there to entertain you. No need to get so touchy as out everything guys! Just watch it and enjoy it (if for nothing else the fact that entire cast is just beautiful) or don’t watch it at all :)
    But once you finish watching it, maybe leave the house and do something instead of starting fights on the internet about TV. It’s fiction :)

  25. Becks says:

    I really hate that people’s first reaction to anyone saying even the smallest non-positive thing is “Well, just don’t watch it then!” The people who legitimately aren’t enjoying the show anymore are saying that they aren’t going to watch anymore, and there is nothing wrong with being critical of things you enjoy. You can still thoroughly enjoy watching something and recognize that it isn’t perfect.

  26. Brenda says:

    I hate that they make Lydia pretty much useless and helpless, she’s my favorite character in the show and I love how she has evolved since season 1 so I want more! I want her to develop her powers and become a bada**! Hopefully they do that in Season 4. Idk how I feel about all of these new character coming in, but hopefully they’ll enhance the show and not make it even more complicated and confusing.

  27. I actually thought the Kate reveal was kind of lame — I liked the Japanese aspect and Darach aspect because it was new and different. I don’t know how I feel about Kate unless they can roll in some great mythology I don’t like it.

  28. samantha says:

    Why???why???why??? Did the twins have 2 leave the show. Seriously they were the ones not afraid of having to put up a fight, they were the ones that would do the bad and leaving scott to keep his morality as well. They really brought some fun and laughter in the show as well. I am sad and will miss them but that won’t keep me from watchin Teen Wolf though.

  29. a fan says:

    3 things: I’m not surprised Kate is back. WW means she’s kept ties with the show, so she probably just kept bugging someone until they let her back on just to get her to stop.

    second: where the heck is Stiles getting this crap from? Extra fingers, seriously? That’s the most ridiculous and random thing I have ever heard. You’d think they would at least use actual old wives tales, like you can’t die in your dream or you can’t feel pain, not make up things that have never been said like you can’t read or you have extra fingers. That was just silly.

    third: When Danny’s response to how he knew about the supernatural was “Dude, it’s Beacon Hills.” Was I the only one who had a Sunnydale flashback?

  30. Ella says:

    Ugh, Kate Argent annoyed the crap out of me so not thrilled she’s back. Plus, the show is sortof bastardizing werewolf lore a LOT. You can get turned by being scratched? CTFO. Looking forward to more Sterek and oddly, though it conflicts with Sterek, Stiles/Malia next season.

  31. Surendra says:

    Oh my god so aweson …. sooo thrilled that kate is back and danny knows abt werewolves …… cant wat for season 4 …. :’)

  32. nichole says:

    I don’t understand how Scott didn’t die when stabbed by the oni sword but Aiden did.

  33. J-J says:

    Why dd you have to kill Allison she was my favorite character that I started crying 😭😭😭

  34. desiree says:

    IM PISSED allison died yeah they killed aiden and a few more people here and there but allison was there from day one that would be like killing scott or styles. i understand she wanted to leave but thats b.s. in my opinion teen wolf has just went downhill. it was really interesting the first 2 seasons and now i just keep getting disappointed.

  35. Dayvhid says:

    The reason why scott didn’t die was because he was stabbed by the nogistune/stiles not by the Oni.

  36. lilleanjone says:

    i really think season 4 teen wolf is goin to be the best now that allison’s dead and aiden, danny knows everything and the bitch of the show is back! Good luck 2 jeff on this!

  37. Miss cellany says:

    I hope they make malia part of the main cast – there’s far too few female werewolves on this show.

    I wonder if malia and stiles will stay together?

    I’m disappointed that Alison died but I guess it means Scott can finally move on to (possibly?) the fox girl (she’s too girly and submissive for my liking though).

    I want to see more of stiles (he’s been my favourite character since season 1) and lets see him with his shirt off please? We’ve seen everyone else :/

    Also what the hell is his real name???

    If they remove stiles or Scott I will stop watching the show; even though I don’t like Scott much, but his relationship with the other characters is integral to the show… If it weren’t for him there would be no show basically.

  38. Sam0111 says:

    Wa it all a dream??

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  47. SamSamSam555 says:

    I can’t deal with the kind of rushed unthought crap writing that Jeff Davis gave out in season 3. So few things in the season seemed unnecessary, and toward the end, I found myself making up excuses as to why I should put off watching it. I’m glad to read the reviews and realize I am not the only one who is disappointed by what the show has become.
    The earlier elements that carried the show such as Stiles’ humor, Scott and Allison’s [underlying] romance, a clear and consistent villain, and an engaging plot line were all totally done away with in this season. It started in season 3A and continued all through season 3B. All of those elements that created perfect harmony with one another were done away with and traded for a dark, confusing, and non-engaging plot.
    I was once Teen Wolf’s biggest supporter, but I’m not sure that I’m willing to stick around for what it’s become. I’m getting really tired of allowing the show to feed me the crap it’s been feeding throughout season 3 starting with the absence of Jackson and ending Gawd-knows-where. I never thought I’d see this day come, but until I hear that Teen Wolf has once again turned down its path of perfection that it once led, I’m canceling my future recordings for the show.

  48. janny says:

    It was so unfair 2 see Allison die just lyk dat. I feel pain and remorse even if I don’t lyk her(bcos she broke up with scott)at least there should be a way 2 bring her back 2 lyf. The movie will just get boring without her~and as 4 Allison’s mom,she iz dead and dead 4 good and she iz not coming back. Aiden iz dead!!!!! I can’t believe it how come it wasn’t in my own season ahhh! I can’t believe Aiden iz really dead,I mean what will Ethan do even if Danny broke up with him. They are both strong 2geda when they team up…..sad mood….the movie just got worse than the part of the oni and the nogitsune.
    Allison mother’s eyes glowed b4 she died and she was buried so there is no hope of her coming 2 life again she is dead and dead 4 good.
    But if u notice something when the oni stabbed Scott’s father(right though the heart) he survived but he was just freezing lyk everyone does so when the oni stabbed Allison(right through her stomach),why then iz she dead. Iz she not meant 2 freeze lyk Scott’s dad. OMG! This movie iz getting more mysterious and painful than ever. I just hope there is a way Allison can come back 2 lyf. God help her.

  49. janet says:

    Wait a minute,why isn’t anyone talking about KIRA…she was nice and cool throughout the movie u know. I can’t believe the twins are no longer in the movie. OMG! I hate TW so much all dis happening iz a tragedy…..crying…..not fair…..

  50. EmmyIVQ says:

    I just cannot wait to see the chemistry between scott McCall and kira,however I really miss Allison and her relationship with McCall,her death in the hands of McCall was pretty romantic,however she pissed me off by flirting with Isaac who was sent to watch over by McCall himself.Allision’s death was emotionally though but it was better than her leaving to some country.Anyway what’s gon be for Kira N scott?